Ask Cliff Ennico: Nondisclosure Agreements Are Not Boilerplate

Q: I’m starting a consulting business and have been asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement with my first client, a large multinational corporation. There isn’t a noncompete clause in the agreement, which is good, but two sections of the agreement cause me concern: –A clause saying that I cannot solicit business or employment from any […]

Kids with this particular trait earn more money later in life

A study looked into the behavior of kids and found that there is a distinct trait that kids who display it will go on to make more money. Watch the video with Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) to find out what it is. Read The Full Report @ #USAToday

The 10 Biggest Fitness Trends Of The Year (So Far)

Wearable fitness is all the rage, but we probably didn’t have to tell you that. There are hundreds of versions of fitness trackers on the market. While some perform as basic pedometers, others follow your every workout, snore, calorie and can even improve your posture. Read The Full Report @ #HuffingtonPost