When to say NO to a Prospective Client

Karen Trepte International Business Coach, CEO and Founder of GaijinWorks Business Coaching, wrote a great article at Huffington Post. When do you say no to a prospect? Here are 3 of those very scenarios. They show little respect for your time Their values are not your values They ask for something outside your core competency    […]

Three Pillars of Organic Brand Growth

Jeff Lotman the Founder & CEO of Global Icons wrote a great article over at Huffington Post today on organic business growth. As founder and CEO of Global Icons, a global brand licensing agency, I’ve worked with dozens of brands over the years to help them reach new audiences and additional revenue streams. While every deal […]

7 Questions To Ask Before Pulling the Plug on Your Business

Joanna Malefaki Teacher, Blogger at www.mypinkrambles.com wrote at Huffington Post the following article. A while back I wrote a blog post about a professional failure. I had a business which I had to shut down after seven years (language school). Today, I am going to share with you the questions I asked myself and helped me […]

Ask Cliff Ennico: Nondisclosure Agreements Are Not Boilerplate

Q: I’m starting a consulting business and have been asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement with my first client, a large multinational corporation. There isn’t a noncompete clause in the agreement, which is good, but two sections of the agreement cause me concern: –A clause saying that I cannot solicit business or employment from any […]

How to Build a Company Culture Even if Your Team is Remote

In the daily commotion of managing a business, it can be easy to forget about company culture, especially if your business employs a lot of remote staff. On top of tracking the bottom line, assessing customer satisfaction with services or products, and opening new markets, culture can become, unintentionally, a low priority. That’s if it […]