Amazon heads deeper into brick and mortar with books

USAToday Reports: Amazon has three bookstores open and says five more are coming soon.

SAN FRANCISCO — For a company that long eschewed the brick-and-mortar world, Amazon is opening a lot of bookstores these days. It’s got three up and running, in Seattle, San Diego and Portland, and says five more are coming. The profits from eight or even 80 bookstores are hardly a rounding error for the Seattle behemoth. So […]

USA Today Reports: Google Home to debut at I/O

USA Today reports… SAN FRANCISCO — Google will introduce its version of Amazon’s Echo at its annual developers’ conference on Wednesday, according to a published report. Google Home, whose voice-activated personal assistant will answer questions and perform tasks, will be on the market in the fall, the New York Times reported.   Read The Full Report […]

USAToday Reports: Amazon’s Bezos now fourth-richest in world

SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon stock rose $23 a share Tuesday, making founder Jeff Bezos worth $2 billion more dollars and hiking his total worth up to $61.2 billion.

SAN FRANCISCO — Amazon stock rose $23 a share Tuesday, making founder Jeff Bezos worth $2 billion more dollars and hiking his total worth up to $61.2 billion. That put him in fourth place as the world’s richest person, according to Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Billionaires list. Amazon stock (AMZN) closed at $703.07 Tuesday. It also narrows the gap between Bezos, 52, […]

FBI paid $1.3 million Or MOre To Hack Terrorist’s iPhone

SAN FRANCISCO – James Comey of the FBI states the agency paid at least $1.3 million dollars for the tool that allowed it to break into the iPhone 5 used by San Bernardino terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook. Apple and the Department of Justice spent 43 days locked in a legal and very public battle over an order from a federal […]

Ford Reports Mustang Now World’s Top Sports Coupe

The Mustang, until just a few months ago, had only been sold directly from Ford Dealers in the USA. Ford, which revamped the current Mustang with foreign sales in mind, says the pony car was the world’s best-selling sports coupe last year, based on new sales numbers. Ford, revamped the current Mustang specifically to go […]

5 Ways to save while paying off your student loans

Missing a payment isn’t like turning in a term paper late; debt collectors aren’t forgiving. USAToday shared a great article for college students needing to pinch their pennies while paying off the student loans. CHOOSE THE RIGHT STUDENT LOAN REPAYMENT PLAN PRIORITIZE YOUR MONTHLY CASHFLOW CARPOOL OR PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION OVER OWNING A CAR RIP MONTHLY […]

Panama Papers read like Who’s Who of world power

USAToday Reports: The exhaustive list of foreign leaders and famous people exposed in a massive leak of confidential documents held by a Panamanian law firm illuminates a sprawling network of offshore investment accounts often used to make secretive investments and pad luxury lifestyles. Expensive yachts, luxury homes in London, ownership of a candy company, investments in construction companies […]

5 great gadget deals for this weekend

This weekend there are some great gadget deals we have located for you. We found these located over on, while reading USAToday. Samsung Galaxy S6 – $479 at LG G4 – $290 at via eBay 10-inch Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet – $449 at Best Buy Sigma 17-50mm lens – $219 at Sandisk 64 GB MicroSDXC card […]

New Sony camera may be best point-and-shoot ever

But who is going to buy one? Sony announced a new top-of-the-line point-and-shoot today: the flagship Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III (MSRP $1,500). The RX10 III follows up on both the originalSony Cyber-shot RX10 as well as the Cyber-shot RX10 II with a brand-new lens that offers nearly three times as much optical zoom. Built around […]