iMarkets Live Dominating In Forex Trading Education

iMarkets Live Founder Christopher Terry Explains Harmonic Scanner

iMarketsLive, is a leading Forex & Equity Education Company. The focus on the company is to provide live training sessions as well as state of the art software to educate and help guide those who are interested in the Forex and Equity Markets. Late in 2016, iMarketsLive launched their Harmonic Scanner to help those who […]

Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea Named USANA Fitness Ambassador

DSN Reports: USANA’s newest Fitness Ambassador, holds the titles of mom, author, former U.S. marine and celebrity trainer.

USANA’s newest Fitness Ambassador, Erin Oprea, also holds the titles of mom, author, former U.S. marine and celebrity trainer. Read The Full Article @ #DirectSellingNews

Network Marketing in 2016: Back to Basics

When Paul O’Neil delivered his first speech as CEO at Alcoa (the aluminum manufacturing giant), he shocked the audience of shareholders when he disclosed his top priority for his tenure as CEO.  Instead of doing the usual dance where the CEO talks about increasing sales, increasing margins and driving down costs, he talked about something […]

Performances From a Profitability Perspective – 2

In this two-part review, we have been looking into industry’s publicly-owned six largest companies’ profits. Last week we covered Avon, Herbalife and Brazil’s cosmetics giant, Natura. This time, we will briefly review Nu Skin’s, Oriflame’s and Tupperware’s figures. Nu Skin Read The Full Article @ #WorldOfDirectSelling