2016 Readership Survey Results

With its reader base of over 26,000 people now, The World of Direct Selling has become one of the most reputable publications in the industry. This week, I would like to share with you our readers’ responses to the readership survey we had two weeks ago. Before doing that, I would like to extend my […]

Legitimate MLM Company or an Illegal Pyramid Scheme

By:  Scott Warren, David Van Sambeek, Scott Wellman* There has been a recent surge of enforcement actions by governmental agencies claiming that that certain network marketing companies are illegal pyramid schemes.  The most notorious of these recent actions is the action filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Vemma.  But this is just […]

Amended DSA Code of Ethics: Are the modifications meaningful?

Beyond just ringing in a new year, January 1, 2016, also signified the enactment of the Direct Selling Association’s (“DSA”) latest Code of Ethics. Before breaking down the differences that exist between the new and previous versions, my commentary on the subject remains the same: the DSA has a long way to go before providing a Code […]

Issues That Require Immediate Attention

Managements at direct selling companies as well as network marketing leaders on the field have a common goal: Maximize productivity and business volume. On the road, there are some signs and symptoms that show things are not going in the right direction. Some of the issues might be transient and do not hurt much, but […]

DSA of Spain

The DSA of Spain recently held a General Assembly meeting in Madrid. The event was attended by Carmen Cassero , the General Director of the Independent Work at the Spanish Ministry of Labor who deals with entrepreneurship. Her presence at the meeting allowed member companies to check the strong commitment of the Spanish public administration […]

2015: A Year in The News

This week I will be featuring highlights from the industry news as they appeared on our newsletter throughout last year. I hope you will agree with me that it was most certainly an exciting year with all the positives and the negatives. This is a compilation of news pieces from last year that I personally […]