iMarkets Live Dominating In Forex Trading Education

iMarkets Live Founder Christopher Terry Explains Harmonic Scanner

iMarketsLive, is a leading Forex & Equity Education Company. The focus on the company is to provide live training sessions as well as state of the art software to educate and help guide those who are interested in the Forex and Equity Markets. Late in 2016, iMarketsLive launched their Harmonic Scanner to help those who […]

Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea Named USANA Fitness Ambassador

DSN Reports: USANA’s newest Fitness Ambassador, holds the titles of mom, author, former U.S. marine and celebrity trainer.

USANA’s newest Fitness Ambassador, Erin Oprea, also holds the titles of mom, author, former U.S. marine and celebrity trainer. Read The Full Article @ #DirectSellingNews

Leading the Revoilution: Young Living Unites Essential Oil Education and Life-Changing Philanthropy

On Jan. 5, Gary Young stood amidst the extreme devastation in Nepal, brought about by a massive earthquake a little over nine months earlier. Read The Full Article @ #DirectSellingNews

A Review of Last Year Performances

As we now have their last year’s Q4 reports, it is the time for us to take a brief look at how the giants did last year. The group we will cover consists of the six largest publicly-owned direct selling companies, plus the industry leader Amway. As you will see, these companies came with very […]

Q&A with Al Bala, President and CEO of Mannatech

Mannatech is a direct selling company founded in November 1993 in the U.S. The company had not been without challenges, mainly under its founder Sam Caster’s management as its CEO. In 2005 a class-action lawsuit was filed against Mannatech for alleged violations of the Securities Exchange Act. Mannatech settled this lawsuit by agreeing to pay […]

70 Years of Tupperware

Tupperware is definitely an iconic name that emerged from the global direct selling industry. For one thing, “Tupperware parties” have become synonymous with direct sellers’ product demonstrations made at homes. Secondly, Tupperware has become a generic name for plastic food containers. This week we will look into how this company was founded and has evolved […]

Avon’s Strategies and Outlook

Avon’s long-awaited “Investor Day” was finally held on January 21. It was an important meeting for two reasons: First, Avon management cancelled this meeting twice last year. The meeting was initially scheduled to be held in May 2015, then it was postponed to Fall 2015, and then, that was postponed, too. Secondly, this was management’s […]