Performances From a Profitability Perspective – 2

In this two-part review, we have been looking into industry’s publicly-owned six largest companies’ profits. Last week we covered Avon, Herbalife and Brazil’s cosmetics giant, Natura. This time, we will briefly review Nu Skin’s, Oriflame’s and Tupperware’s figures. Nu Skin Read The Full Article @ #WorldOfDirectSelling

Compensation Plans in 10 Questions

The compensation plan is a strategically significant element of a direct selling business yet it remains as a mystery to many. While it can boost the business when designed and implemented well, it can also have disastrous impacts if this aspect of the operation is taken for granted. In this article, we will briefly go […]

A Review of Last Year Performances

As we now have their last year’s Q4 reports, it is the time for us to take a brief look at how the giants did last year. The group we will cover consists of the six largest publicly-owned direct selling companies, plus the industry leader Amway. As you will see, these companies came with very […]

Amway’s 2015

Since it took over the leadership from Avon in 2012, Amway has been the world’s largest direct selling enterprise. That year, Amway’s global sales reached $11.3 billion. However, this has kept falling down since then, down to $9.5 billion at the end of 2015. Even after this last 12% year-over-year decline, Amway is still at the […]

2016 Readership Survey Results

With its reader base of over 26,000 people now, The World of Direct Selling has become one of the most reputable publications in the industry. This week, I would like to share with you our readers’ responses to the readership survey we had two weeks ago. Before doing that, I would like to extend my […]

Issues That Require Immediate Attention

Managements at direct selling companies as well as network marketing leaders on the field have a common goal: Maximize productivity and business volume. On the road, there are some signs and symptoms that show things are not going in the right direction. Some of the issues might be transient and do not hurt much, but […]