Put Your Brand Through Boot Camp with 5 Tough Questions

The landscape of branding and marketing is constantly evolving, and remaining competitive as a brand is dependent upon your ability to roll with the ebb and flow of consumer-determined trends and patterns. Finding innovative ways to appeal to your customer base is becoming increasingly challenging, which makes the need for brand assessment more important than […]

5 Simple Rules Of Negotiation That Build A Strong Partnership

Negotiation does not have to be about winning and losing.  See my take on the key to negotiating a strong and lasting partnership in my latest article at Forbes. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious The post 5 Simple Rules Of Negotiation That Build A Strong Partnership appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall. Originally Published at #DrJeffCornwall

Community Tips for Keeping Up with Business Trends

Trends are constantly changing in the business world. But keeping up with those trends is critical and can help your business really stay competitive and profitable in a very competitive market. Members of the small business community have some advice for keeping your business ahead of the curve. And they’ve shared some tips and input […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Take Calculated Risks

Every decision you make in the business world has some sort of risk attached. The key to being successful in the long run is taking calculated risks that minimize negatives and maximize positive outcomes. Have you mastered taking calculated risks, or are you still working on it? Foolish vs. Calculated Risk Taking Read The Full […]

Is Your SEO On Life Support? Here Are 5 Ways to Check

You likely have at least some sort of SEO strategy in place, but it’s important that you continually revise and check-in on whether or not your processes are still working. While going through a full SEO audit or content audit is necessary for long-term success, it’s important to also have a few tricks up your […]

Sales Management Digest: Get Your Reps to Bring in Bigger Numbers

How do you take reps who are already operating at their limits and get them to produce more? Here are three tips to consider. 1. Zero in on the best targets. To… Your sales process needs to support the goal not just of bringing in new business, but getting more from existing accounts. So where […]

2016 Is the Year Small Businesses Must Develop Mobile Apps

Apps are no longer considered merely a “branding exercise” for small businesses. Business owners are becoming wise to the marketing power a well-designed, intuitive app can bring. From simplifying online purchases to providing easy-to-access information, the benefits are undeniable which is why small businesses must develop mobile apps to stay competitive. Why Small Businesses Must Develop […]

List Of The Worst Business Advice You Can Follow — Ever

There’s plenty of advice out there for how to start and run a business. But not all of it is good. In fact, there are some common sayings that are actually some of the worst business advice out there. The following includes some of the worst business advice you can follow. The Worst Business Advice […]