5 Simple Rules Of Negotiation That Build A Strong Partnership

Negotiation does not have to be about winning and losing.  See my take on the key to negotiating a strong and lasting partnership in my latest article at Forbes. TweetFacebookLinkedInTumblrStumbleDiggDelicious The post 5 Simple Rules Of Negotiation That Build A Strong Partnership appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall. Originally Published at #DrJeffCornwall

Is Your SEO On Life Support? Here Are 5 Ways to Check

You likely have at least some sort of SEO strategy in place, but it’s important that you continually revise and check-in on whether or not your processes are still working. While going through a full SEO audit or content audit is necessary for long-term success, it’s important to also have a few tricks up your […]

6 Essential WordPress Plugins

6 Essential WordPress Plugins written by Alex Boyer read more at Duct Tape Marketing PhotoCredit: PlaceIt WordPress is a great platform for most business owners. It’s flexible, adapting to your needs and desires to make your website perfect for your business. It’s constantly up to date, with regular maintenance that keeps your site running fast. […]

Should You Discount Your Handmade Products?

As an entrepreneur who makes the products you sell, you manage a key cost that your non-handmade entrepreneurial colleagues do not. That cost is the amount of time it takes you to create a product from scratch by hand — with your hands. This cost is one of the many reasons you must be especially […]

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

If you ask the person next to you about the difference between marketing and advertising, there’s a strong possibility you won’t get a clear answer. That’s because for many people, there’s only a subtle difference between marketing and advertising that’s often difficult to explain. To be honest, advertising and marketing are closely related disciplines that […]

MOO Now Lets You Tweet Business Cards Effortlessly

Business cards have been around in some form or another for hundreds of years, so the digitization of this form of communication was inevitable. And the company that is integrating key features that are essential in today’s connected world is MOO. The company recently announced its (Near Field Communications) NFC-enabled business card. You will be […]