Meet Zija Natural Health Revolution Founder: Dennis Roop Jr.

Business For Home Reports: Zija Launches Natural Health Revolution Program

Source: Business For HomeZija International recently launched the Natural Health Revolution Founder Program at their 10-Year Anniversary Event in September.

The company has been focusing on the importance of embracing the Natural Health Revolution—an encouragement to naturally nourish, naturally improve our performance, and naturally restore the body. To celebrate those who are committed to living and sharing this revolution, the company created the Natural Health Revolution Founder Program.

Those who qualify to be a Natural Health Revolution Founder have put in hard work and dedication in spreading the movement. Qualifiers earn a special Founder pin, certificate, bonus, and other exciting perks that are to be announced in early 2017!

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A Look Back at 2016 in the News

Creative business corporate work concept: tablet computer PC, modern black glossy touchscreen smartphone with news internet web site, stack of newspapers, cup or mug of fresh coffee and metal ballpoint pen on wooden office table

This week we feature highlights from the direct sales industry news as they appeared on our newsletter throughout last year. Once again, it was most certainly an interesting year with all the positive and the negative news.


How and Why Amway’s DeVos Family Gives Away Billions
* Morinda Celebrates 20th Year in Business and Second Era of Growth
Layoffs, Lawsuits at Once-Hot Direct-Sales Firm ViSalus
Ava Anderson Non-Toxic to Reopen as New Company Without Founder or Her Family
Melaleuca Marks Three Decades in Business


Amway’s 2015 Revenues Fall to Lowest Level in 5 Years
Direct Selling Dominates the Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market
Stream Announces New President and CEO
Avon Reports 20% Sales Decline in 2015 Q4
70 Years of Tupperware
Mannatech Enters South America with Launch of Colombia Operations
Nu Skin Settles Class Action Suit, Pays $47 Million
Herbalife in Talks with FTC to Resolve Probe


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Sherlock Nation Founder Michael Wiedder Reveals The Trends & Industries He Is Pioneering

In part one of this interview, Wiedder shared what makes Sherlock Nation tick. Why he launched the company and the vision for the future. Today Michael Wiedder will reveal the trends and industries the company is pioneering and what countries are growing.

Many who ask me about Sherlock Nation, do not fully understand the business offering or products they sell. One of their primary product offerings is Travel. Sherlock Nation has created a proprietary travel app, which allows clients to find the best deal for themselves. The cool part is the app is FREE.


Jeff Weisberg Shares About Life After Vemma

Jeff Weisberg isn’t some household name inside of network marketing. Influencers from around the Globe have called on his over the last couple of decades for advice. I want to share a little about my friend and mentor, and why I feel his leadership style is something we all can use to learn and grow in life and business.

Weisberg_DoolyWhen the FTC hit Vemma in August of 2015, it came as a surprise to everyone in the network marketing community. Praised as a company with a solid formulator and quality products, no one could have anticipated that the regulators, would just shut them down with a sealed TRO, instead of opening dialog with the founders.

But, for Weisberg, instead of running for the hills, or jumping into another venture based on emotion, or a lack of liquid assets, Jeff was able to call his good friend and mentor BK Boreyko to provide emotional suppNow for some, it may seem strange that I would bring up the Vemma saga. But, when you look deep inside the issues, you see the loyalty Jeff Weisberg has for his friends. Over the years, Jeff and I have had many talks

Weisberg_BoysOver the years, Jeff and I have had many talks about our mutual friends who have gone through highs and lows, and one of the shared values that solidified our friendship was the fact we both believe friendship is based on mutual respect and trust, not on subjective circumstances and opinions of others.

I challenge you to watch the video above and learn firsthand what makes Jeff Weisberg tick. How he does business and most of all about his love for his boys.



Welcome to the New MLM Helpdesk

I am excited about this re-launch of the MLM Help Desk. In less than a week we have totally redone the web site and added several new resources.

Subscribe to the site and you will be notified of all the new posts and new audio and video training we’re adding in the next several days.

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