The Most Effective Ways for Small Businesses to Break Away from the Competition

Standing out in the crowd By Emma Sturgis Businesses need to be different in order to succeed. No one will really pay attention to a business which offers the same services or products as another company. Breaking out of the look-alike mold requires you to take some unique steps, such as the following: Choose to […]

What Are Top Performing Customer Service Companies Doing?

How well does your company’s customer service measure up? recently released a survey of nearly 2,000 global companies that are leaders in customer service. The study looked at common service benchmarks, service trends for the year ahead, and the factors that define high-performing customer service teams. Here’s what the survey uncovered about top-performing customer […]

Shippo Finds the Cheapest Way to Ship Ecommerce Products

One of the more important aspects of an ecommerce business is shipping. If a company doesn’t have the right platform in place, getting the item a customer has ordered to them can be a problem, which can translate to high customer attrition rates. Shippo was established to provide a new level of efficiency when shipping while […]

21 Clever Spring Marketing Campaigns and Tips

Spring is in the air. And with it comes a whole host of exciting Spring marketing ideas that your business can capitalize on. To get some fun ideas for Spring marketing campaigns, take a look at the tips from marketing experts below. Spring Marketing Campaigns and Tips Read The Whole Article @ #SmallBusinessTrends

The Venture Capital Industry is Still Rightsizing

A few years back, I made a presentation on “Trends in Venture Capital” at a Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland event. Every few months or so, I receive an email from someone asking me if I have updated the tables and charts in that presentation. Even though much of the data I used for that […]

Doing this with your family can save your family business

Given that a small percent of family businesses survive two generations, owners need to train their heirs in financial literacy early on. The old adage “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” plays out all too often, but with some planning, families can boost the chance of avoiding a similar fate. In many cases, an older […]