Three Pillars of Organic Brand Growth

Jeff Lotman the Founder & CEO of Global Icons wrote a great article over at Huffington Post today on organic business growth.

As founder and CEO of Global Icons, a global brand licensing agency, I’ve worked with dozens of brands over the years to help them reach new audiences and additional revenue streams. While every deal is different, there are core elements that remain constant in helping brands grow in organic ways. It occurs to me that these lessons aren’t just applicable to brand extensions–it’s even bigger than that. These lessons shape how we as consumers buy products, and all the factors that go into that decision making process. These are the core components that hold the key to you to building a strong future for your company and a successful career for yourself. These lessons make up the whole package, so to speak.

1. Packaging Matters

2. Know the Playing Field

3. Cultivate Brand Loyalty


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