What’s A Girl to Do? Rise Above Bias

Coauthored by blogger’s daughter Harvard University Freshman Amelia Miller

Every few years there’s a new crop of theories that purport to explain why women aren’t as professionally successful as men. In the seventies it was psychologist (and Radcliffe dean) Matina Horner and the “fear of success,” which held that women stopped themselves from advancing out of terror that successful women ended up miserable and alone. More recently, Sheryl Sandberg took us to task us for not “leaning in” and Katty Kay and Claire Shipman told us we have a “confidence gap.”

If these self-inflicted shortcomings aren’t worrying enough, a seemingly endless stream of studies — that always climb to the top of the most read and most emailed lists— claims that we also face unconscious bias everywhere. Peopledon’t like women’s voices, don’t like when we’re aggressive, don’t think we’re creative, and even view women as less competent than men with identical credentials. So it turns out, even if we’re aiming high and leaning in, we’re apparently still doomed.

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