Global Verge shut off by their wireless provider Activation King Wireless because of thousands of unpaid activations and tens of thousands of dollars owed.

If you have watched the video you know I am livid at what is taking place at Global Verge aka Global Mobile 1. For months we have covered this company and at times given them room to correct their issues. However to date the only ones who have become financially independent is the owners Ted Robbins and Mark petschel who have sent millions to offshore bank accounts.
Here is the information we have received over the last few weeks.
1. Global Verge Gateway (Merchant Account) has held funds
2. Activation King has ceased all business dealings
3. Reps/Customers can’t renew their prepaid phones
This is not new info, this is the same crap we have heard over and over. Yet each time Global Verge wants to SPIN the story, and the top paid distributors (Triple Diamonds) keep raping the downline for all the money they can get before this company goes south.
I have, at the request of top distributors backed off a little to give the company room. Well not any longer! We are going to push this issue until one of three things happen.
1. The company is sold to folks who know how to run it.
2. The top distributors buy the company and hires a top rated MLM Team to run it.
3. Some regulatory takes control of the company.
This is 100% wrong, and the Triple Diamonds who are part of this shell game will be held responsible for their greedy, unethical actions to the unknowing distributors who are following their leadership.
Here is a little off of Chris Greco’s site today…
“As of today, Activation King Wireless has officially cut ties with Global Verge, Global Mobile 1, and Buzzirk Mobile. This is due to numerous factors, such as Airtime not being paid for, and risking the agreements we have with other companies. Customers and E-associates, are just not getting what they paid for. We as a company can not could not stand by and let this continue to happen, nor could we afford to support customers who we were not paid for.”
For more information on how to get your phone turned on, or renewed contact Unlimited Wizard.
Living An Epic Adventure,
Troy Dooly