Breaking MLM News: Troy Dooly publicly apologizes to Rod Cook aka MLM Watchdog and Len Clements

Tonight I received an email from Rod Cook, someone who I call a friend and personal mentor, which I have edited and listed below.
In Rod’s email it is very clear he has received several phone calls from folks telling him I have slammed him in some form or another. He also alludes to the fact he has talked to Len Clements who also feels something I have said was disrespectful.
I am making it clear right now I do not have anything but the utmost respect for these two MLM leaders.
Rod Cook Len Clements
Rod Cook and Len Clements are true advocates to this profession, and two gentlemen I respect and learn from. As a matter of fact they may have forgotten more about this great profession that I will ever know.
Rod and Len I am truly sorry for whatever I said, and if you will direct me to where it is posted, I will gladly removed it. It was not, nor is it today my intention to have anyone think of you two as anything but men of uncompromising integrity.

Here is the edited email Rod sent to me.

Words I have said to you…. More than once WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP YOU…to make more money… Now I find out that you think I am another MLM Flake… thanks… You illiterate (edited by Troy) jarhead
(using (Edited by Troy) language that you understand)
Not Crap (Edited by Troy).. What do you need? I included you in a deal to take give a 3rd voice with a difficult client…
NOT BECAUSE I ABSOLUTELY NEEDED YOU…. Just to give me breathing space…. And you have seen PART of my grueling 3 days out of the 44…days total…. So now I get bit in the Ass.
So I get upteen calls Troy Dooly just bashed ROD COOK to the world…. Len is not happy either…. If you were a scumbag like Dr. John Taylor….. There would be a counter attack to no end…
It takes money to fight for good in this world…. But there is only one goal…. Contribute to the good of people that want to work.
So thanks… I am so happy that I know you are in the camp with the Anti-MLMers – Taylor, Fitzpatrick,
Go to About Rod Cook

I have no clue what I said, but again I completely apologize for whatever it was!
Living An Epic Adventure,