Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog Speaks Out!
Send Your Complaints Directly To The Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

Contact Blake Crocker of Crocker & Crocker the World verge Lawyer’s With Your Frustrations If Your Are A Former Distributor, Vender or Accomplice.

Crocker & Crocker appear to be effective legal professional’s, and I’m certain they’re specialists of their area of Telecommunications amongst different issues. Nevertheless, from studying their letter it appears completely clear they didn’t do the due diligence on any publish besides the one titled “Global Verge Shut Off By Their Provider Activation King Wireless Because of Money Owed.
They didn’t appear to dispute “Global Verge Founders Pay Escort Service $150,000 Then Ask For Refund”
And he certain did not learn my final publish the place I made it completely clear the place I stood on on eradicating or limiting entry to former and present distributors who wish to train their Freedom of Speech titled “Global Verge Going After Bloggers For Purported Slander After Chris Greco Contacted MLM Help Desk
Here’s a hyperlink to the letter despatched to us: Demand Letter From Global Verge Attorneys
Listed below are the objects I query, and are why we’ll stand agency. (Nicely until Kevin Thompson tells us in any other case)
1. Now we have not made any defamatory statements. Now we have shared our opinion primarily based on the information we’ve at hand. Now we have additionally made it very clear when the information change we gladly replace our posts for any and all corporations. Within the case of World Verge we at one time reversed our stance and took them out of the MLM Rip-off Alerts. Primarily based on their very own actions, or the shortage there of, we put them again.
2. Now we have not in contrast any of World Verge companies to anybody elses, as a result of they haven’t ever began promoting their companies to the general public, nor have their supplied their telephones or companies to us to check, as so many different corporations have performed.
3. Since we’ve not printed any false comparisons of World Verge, so we’ve nothing to take away.
What I discover perplexing is the very fact the one particular this legal professional mentions is simply “title” of a publish. He doesn’t dispute the information of the publish, nor does he present particular hyperlinks to every other publish which World Verge is whining about.
Right here is my response to his letter.
“Mr. Crocker,
As you may see I’ve cc this to my private legal professional so he might be stored abreast of your communication.
Below the U.S. Code: Title 47 Chapter 5 Subchapter II Half I Part 230, I’ve the appropriate to publish my opinions and to permit others to publish their opinion.
As a matter of reality there are a lot of World Verge advocates which publish in favor of World Verge giving the general public a balanced view of this case.
So, exterior of my legal professional telling me in any other case, these posts will keep, and this letter might be made public.
Troy Dooly”

Nicely, you may determine… Are all the pissed off present and former World Verge distributors loopy, or someplace in all of this craziness is there one thing that’s simply not proper?
Dwelling An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly