Breaking Direct Promoting Information: XELR8 Broadcasts new BAZI Ambassador Program.

BAZI Launch Call


    • Millionaire in 5 years,
      Can you show me one place on this site which it states I or any of my staff are watchdogs? We are advocates for the profession of direct selling. In the case of XELR8 or any other compan which has a great product or service we will tell the world so people looking for an MLM or Direct Selling company can find one that has solid leadership, product, field leaders ot compensation plan.
      We share both sides of the story. If you look at the first post I did on XELR8 you will see I hit Sandy hard for doing what he did late at night. I also got on the top field leaders for not making sure their team know about this months before it happened.
      And since I am not affiliated with any company, nor when I was did I ever push my company, I do not see any conflict of internet.
      Who knows if you dig deep enough on the site, you might find where I have praised your company.
      So, tell me why are you calling me a watchdog… Sounds like you have me mixed up with Rod Cook, The MLM Watchdog.

        • EXFUSE has been around a couple of years now. There have been some huge groups which joined the company, but soon found the compensation plan would not support the massive influx of their teams and they left.
          I have not looked at it lately to see if they have fixed the compensation plan. Give me until next week to take a look. If you do not see anything, ping me back.

  1. Ok, you are mincing words, advocate or watchdog. Don't tell me you think there is a huge difference. Look it up. And it is good to see both sides of everything, I agree 100%. Having read your stuff for awhile, I am not implying that there is anything underhanded in your writings. What I am suggesting is that when writing "advocacy" pieces, there is at very least, the appearance of possible impropriety when one stands to gain (or lose) from the overall sentiment of the piece. Again, not claiming anything here, just making the case that a bias of any sort could taint the soundness of the assessment.

    • MillionaireIn5years,
      There is absolutely NO biased! We are not actively building any company period, and do not get paid by any company. We do as we have disclosed received products, services and in some cases like wireless companies cell phones to test.
      So, again get specific, show the community where the tainted bias comes in?
      If you have been following my writings then you should know I left actively building in any company on Dec 31, 2009, so please give the community some basis of your unfounded suggestion.