MLM Assist Desk points a Rip-off Alert on “Narc That Automobile” aka Narc Applied sciences aka Nationwide Car Restoration Firm. Now let me say proper up entrance, the underlying firm Narc Applied sciences or Nationwide Car Restoration Firm, laborious to inform if they’re separate or the identical. Both method, the corporate appears to be legit. It is the very fact they’re utilizing an MLM compensation construction which causes the primary difficulty. Nevertheless there are a number of different points I will cowl.

Narc Replace… New, information article and video from NBC Information in Dallas… Glad to see we weren’t the one ones making an attempt to get solutions from the corporate.

Read the whole article here!
You may evaluate the Narc Compensation document here.

Here’s a video which explains what Narc Applied sciences supplies.

The FTC and on this case the Texas legal guidelines all require that the distributors of Community Advertising and marketing corporations provide a services or products to an finish person. Though, it’s clear the reps “can” discover purchasers, most aren’t going to know find out how to discover these varieties of corporations.
Additionally it is clear the true cash on this compensation plan, is to not discover purchasers, it’s to recruit others who pay the $100.00 begin up charge and the $24.95 month-to-month web site charge.
Though every energetic rep should supple 10 license plate numbers per 30 days to be energetic within the compensation plan, the cash comes from the beginning up charges and the month-to-month web site charges.
Listed here are the questions which want solutions.
1. Though writing down license numbers could also be authorized, trespassing is not. What occurs if a Narc That Automobile rep is charged with trespassing on non-public property, like a shopping mall parking zone, gated neighborhood, grocery retailer parking zone, and so on?
2. What occurs if a Narc rep is charged with stalking?
3. How would you’re feeling if, due to a Narc That Automobile rep, your spouse and daughter had been left stranded and not using a car and so they had been raped, kidnapped, or murdered?
4. How would you’re feeling if this occurred to you.
I discover it attention-grabbing that just some years in the past, there was an enormous outrage to the very fact the federal government was wiretapping peoples cell telephones to guard us towards terrorism, but here’s a firm utilizing different American’s to assemble data which can be utilized towards different Individuals.
Now, I count on Narc Expertise reps to rally and say “If these folks cannot pay their automotive funds, then they deserve what occurs”, however what occurred to American’s serving to each other, as a substitute of incomes a buck off of another person’s dangerous luck?
Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


    • this guy is a complete idiot. he has no clue what he is saying. Everyone is getting paid. We have been to Dallas. Met everyone. Everything is going just fine. If Troy spent more time on his own business than putting others down he may not have to be so jealous that other people are making money. Do your own research, have your own thoughts. the 24.99 is optional. Have your own mind.

      • ROFLOL…
        Now let's get down to business.
        1. How do you know I have no clue?
        2. Did I say anything about people NOT getting paid? Why is it naive people always use that excuse? People can be paid for years in pyramid schemes. The two biggest in the world Standford Financial and Madoff Investments were going great for decades.
        3. ROFLOL… Jealous of what exactly? I am pretty sure I never mentioned money, except to point out the money is coming from recruitment into the matrix, which is a red flag.
        4. You are right the $24.99 is optional. Now explain what happens if you are not paying the $24.99?
        I do agree with your last statement. People need to make up their own mine. Which is why having unbiased info from people not involved in the company helps clear the mind.

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  2. Thanks Troy..I looked at the leadership behind Narc that Car and rescinded my affiliation and joined another similar company called DNA "Data Network Affiliates" because they DO NOT have a membership cost and they DO NOT have an auto ship. I think the crusty old marine might be a little paranoid at this point. I understand about protecting you family and all but I tend think it would be a benefit to our safety to catch the pedophile the rapist etc. This could be real time data for Amber alerts etc. Please feel free to compare the two. There is no cost to hold a spot and learn. This company will launch in 10 days.

    • ROFLOL,
      Andy, excellent comment.
      It's not that I am paranoid, I just happen to be very deep into protecting children and women from these situaitons… Check out my perosnal website to learn more ” target=”_blank”>
      And CNBC has been running a great program showing these situations, and two years ago the world's largest pedophile ring was busted right here on my island. If you check you will see sex trafficking in suburban Middle American communities is running rampaged. Atlanta is now #1 as the sex trafficking hub in America behind San Fransisco.
      Tell me what kind of background check is doing on the companies or individuals who are provided this information?
      And as someone who is part of the Amber Alert, can you show documentation where either of these companies are providing their services FREE to the Amber Alert system. See if a company is providing these services for free and they really want to help in an Amber Alert great.
      Now let's look at law enforcement. If these databases are available to law enforcement agencies, then I also have a huge issue. Not because I don't want the bag guys busted. But, because I don't want Bad Cops having access to information showing where a specific car is located several times a day.
      this isn't being period, this is living a live on the streets and knowing what happens. As a bounty hunter and bailbond agent, we used databases all the time. However, we never provided additional information to law enforcement, unless a conviction had been issued.
      Let me ask specific questions.
      1. What kind of background check is provided on the people working for the company who owns the databases?
      2. What kind of background check is done on the companies or individuals who are buying this information?
      3. Who pays the legal fees of the person trying to write down a number in their car or take a picture and causes an accident?
      4. You do not think this smells of socialism or communism where the concept is to turn in your fellow man to get rewarded? At least when I was a bounty hunter a crime had been committed and a had been commanded by a court of law to appear to face their accusers.
      Crusty old Marine – Yes…. And a live one who is always watching out for my family and others.
      I'll review the other company…
      Keep up the great comments they do rock.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

    • Troy I will try to get some answers on the concerns in your reply I'm very curious myself. I have heard rumors on the ownership as well. It's not for me to judge their past but I can choose who I work with and if there's an issue I'm gone been down that road all around the world. Thanks for all you do and I'm very aware of the sinful nature of man. It's very disturbing. From a crusty old retired vet. Andy .. P/S you don't look so tough!!! LOL Later dude and thanks again.

  3. The local Global Verge guys are pushing this, too. Why am I not in shock over that piece of news? Troy, your take is right on. Times are really tough for some people and the idea of snooping around taking plate info is really low.

      • I have posted this elsewhere but after reading the post above by Andy and Comar, how could I resist? These quotes are from DNA reps and their own site:
        RE: DataNetworkAffiliates
        Yes, it seems there is some competition or could it be collusion with regard to data network affiliates and narcthatcar?
        Here are some quotes which I have entitled, FREE OR NOT THAT FREE about DNA and whether it cost money to join and maintain:
        “Yes and no. Depends on if you upgrade for the other services or products but we can make money for free too. Right now just sign up for free. Get in ASAP. It is exploding.”
        “OPTIONAL Business Starter Pack which includes
        the Data Entry Software Website, $1,000 in FREE “real” REWARD $$$,……add to it a FREE* fantastic travel advantage package sold for the past
        20 years for $399 and more. All for $97 + $29.97 monthly which is less
        than a DOLLAR A DAY ??”
        “A Free $350 Independent Travel Consultant Program. You Earn The Same Financial Rewards Travel Agents Earn..”
        “*the free $399 travel advantage package does have a one time $49
        processing fee”
        “FREE INSTANT SALES SYSTEM. The $197 Set Up Fee is waived for all D.N.A. Members and Customers and when you have 3 signups even the $29.95 monthly is waived.”
        “All of the above is a fraction of a fraction
        of what you will receive for FREE when
        you PURCHASE the D.N.A. Package!
        Cost to become a D.N.A. IREP is 100% FREE!”
        ( Did I just see the word, purchase above?)
        “ACTIVE AFFILIATE: In order to qualify for any management or group bonuses you must have a minimum of 20 tags that you have personally entered into your back office in the same month for which management or group bonuses could have been earned.? ”
        ( I wonder if the back office is free?)
        (IMHO)Now here is the best value that one gets for free when he purchases the D.N.A. package:
        “This book is only second to the Bible… When reading it however remember to add GOD to all the
        Think And Grow Rich Principles and you will find REAL SUCCESS…
        Napoleon Hill’s Classic “Think and Grow Rich”

        • So what is the point Charles? Oh my God!!! I get it now!!! ….They have an option to upgrade to a paid status where you could earn more money!!! The nerve of them! Never, ever before in MLM history has any company had the blatant gall to offer a free membership and an upgraded paid membership….it must be a scam then.
          Thank you Charles, for bringing that to our attention. I just was not sure about this company but now that you were smart enough to point that out, I feel so much more informed.
          When you have time can you please give us your "inside information" on what is really behind the drive-thru girl at McDonald's asking me if I would like to make it a "large" combo for 80 cents? Are they really just scamming me?

          • Can you earn the same amount of bonus money without paying?
            If not, don't you think the company will anticipate people wanting to earn more, thus paying for an upgrade? As in, here try this cocaine, you'll love it – Don't worry this first ones on me.
            And what are the upgrades for? To help recruit and pay bonuses or to find more clients to
            bring in more outside income?
            And of course the same questions that applied to narc:
            Who are the outside clients?
            What's stops people from plugging in 20 bogus plates?

    • Mike,
      Let me ask you a few questions.
      1. Why didn't you answer any of the questions?
      2. How do you know what I kow or don't know on the company?
      3. Why do you think it is funny and call it just opinion, but, give no substance to promote the company yourself.

  4. This is a very interesting thread. I am a private investigator in Texas and I recently joined Narcthatcar. I am not a MLM person, but when presented with this idea from a friend of mine I thought it had potential. I spoke to one of my private investigator colleagues in California and we did run a background check on the company and its owner, Billy Forrester. We turned up no criminal or civil convictions or pending charges. I contacted the FTC personally and they said they did not have any complaints or class action suits on file in regards to the company. We contacted the #3 earner in the company and asked him several questions regarding the company, the policies, the comp plan, etc.. I am what you would call a skeptic, so I wanted to make sure that I conducted due diligence prior to joining the company. After our research we were satisfied that the company was legitimate and we joined. Here are my thoughts on some of what you have mentioned. First of all, there is virtually no risk to someone by joining the company as far as finances goes. The 100.00 sign up fee is an incentive for you to put in your first set of 10 license plates and find 3 people to help grow the database within your first 30 days. If you do this, you will receive a bonus of 50.00 for putting in your plates, and 25.00 bonus each for your first 3 referrals to the program. So, at the most if you never found anyone else to refer to the company as long as you put in your 10 license plates, you would only be out 50.00 I suggest to people to try and locate three people that are interested prior to even joining, so that they do not have to worry about being out 50.00 if that is a concern for them. The 24.95 fee for the website is optional. So basically, you are not out anything financially after that. I personally chose to pay the 24.95 because I like the backoffice of the website and all the information that it provides to me-marketing tools, downline, payment status, estimated earnings, etc.., but this is for each consultant to decide for themself and it is not a requirement. There are many investigators and police officers that are part of Narc. I see the value of this as investigator and so do many of my colleagues. Now there will always be people that slam MLM for many different reasons and it appears that this one is no different in that regard. As far as privacy issues goes, I do not see writing down someone's license plate as a violation of privacy. It is in plain view for everyone to see. I do not stalk people or trespass on private property to get them. I get them while driving on public roadways or when I visit certain locations for my own reasons, such as the grocery store. I do not get out of my vehicle and no one would have any idea what I am doing or any reason whatsoever to ask me to leave. I simply scan the area with my own eyes and write down the plates. Anyone can look up your address on Google for example and see your house and in many cases your car parked in the driveway with the tag number on it. Privacy and trespassing just does not seem to be an issue as far as I am concerned. The corporate office told me that the information in the database was being provided to any local law enforcement agency and Code Amber free of charge. As far as hurting someone by reporting their tag and their car end up being repossessed well I can understand how some people might view that as negative, but I am a private investigator and many of my friends are bail bondsmen, bounty hunters, repo agents, and skip tracers. This is part of what we already do for a living. I get calls all the time to locate people that have skipped out on their debts, deadbeat parents that owe child support, missing persons, locate witnesses, etc… As an investigator I already have many tools available to me to do this job. However, no tool works 100% of the time. I see this as another tool to put in my toolbox. There are always two sides to a coin and some people will focus on the negative instead of the positive. What if you hire a PI to locate your deadbeat ex spouse that owes child support, or your missing child, or some stolen collateral and this database provides a successful resolution to your case? I think in this case, the good far outweighs the bad, so unless I am provided with some information from a government agency that indicates this company is not legitimate I am sticking with it and the service that it provides.

    • Stacy Flores'
      Thank you for stopping by and writing such a detailed comment. This gives a good look at who might use the service. However, it does not address my main concerns or the fact MLM case law has already been written in detail as to what is a legal MLM and what regulatory agencies see as an MLM Pyramid.
      However, I would like to address a few things you wrote.
      1. I never questioned the validity of the company, nor did I question the founders of the company. However, I did and still do question the long term stability of the compensation plan, and the legality of even having an MLM Compensation Structure. Texas law as well as the FTC and SEC are very clear on their stance and the courts have upheld their stance on what is legal MLM and what is seen as an MLM Pyramid.
      2. You mention the 10 license numbers which must be put in each month. According to the compensation plan, this is just one thing which must be done to qualify to receive commissions. However, the law is very clear, to be an IC in a MLM compensation plan, the distributor must have a product retailed to the end user. In this case the IC is not marketing anything to the end user. The clients which are Narc Technologies, do not in any way belong to the distributor.
      3. As for the $24.95, I think we all understand it is optional. However, if an IC doesn't opt to be on "autoship" of $24.95 they can't receive "Narc Rewards" Again, this is a red flag based on current court rulings, and pending rulings. Several major MLM companies have been hit in the last 12 months for this very action.
      4. I do not question the value to an investigator, as a former professional bail bond agent, bounty hunter, skip tracer, repo agent, and body guard I have used databases for years also. This is about the use of an MLM Compensation Structure in the wrong manner. Above and beyond any other issues, this is the basis of my concern.
      5. Why do you not feel Privacy and Trespassing is not a concern? Unless you are only gathering information off of cars on public streets, public parks etc., then you are collecting the information on private property. You and I both know investigators do not have permission to just enter any location to gather information.
      6. The issue is not collecting information in the line of your career, as a professional, or using the information in a specific case. It is the fact, information is being gathered on innocent people who have not done anything wrong, and they are being tracked by your system. There is no way Narc Technologies can guarantee that the information being collected is not being collected for the wrong purpose, or that the information is not being used for the wrong purpose. These are IC who have not had background checks done on them, nor have they been trained in observation techniques.
      Again, my concerns is the fact untrained people are being recruited to do a professionals job, and second the compensation structure pays based on recruiting new distributors, not on selling a product or service by the distributor to the end user.

    • I'm sure you really want the opportunity to make easy money. Just curious, with all your investigative experience, did you interview and verify any of the big companies that are paying for this wonderful service? These clients are of course critical to providing outside income to make this legal. If you were given any names, did you also verify that these clients were not associated with narc and were a true outside source of income to make this not a ponzi. I ask because in the "terms and conditions" page 2 #8, it clearly states you can become a customer – When they are not giving them away for free as credits!! .
      The 24.95 is optional – BUT you sure are paying it, aren't you? Ever cross your mind that the company is banking on that? Literally!
      Do you know who Jeff Long is? How about Jah?
      How about the fact that someone could collect plate numbers and enter them randomly or start a side business selling numbers to reps so they don't have to work at all?
      Since you have a business, maybe you would like to fill the form out with Code Amber and pay them 900 dollars so you too can say you have "partnered with them" .
      Are you sure you want to continue to brag about your skills as a PI and have your name connected to this? Especially when it's this blatant?

    • Stacy,
      Your comments are excellent and I truly believe that Narc is legitimate. I compared both programs recently, and I know that with DNA even though they claim it is FREE, you need to invest money to be fully compensated. My patient who is a Ft Lauderdale detective checked Narc out and said it is legit and the way of the future

        • Please enlighten me on how Narc or DNA do not meet this requirements that you have used as an example: This comes from the site you posted
          What the Law Says
          Under the Texas Business Opportunity Act, a business opportunity is regulated by the law if (1) it requires you, the buyer, to pay $500 or more to start the business, AND (2) the seller promises you will earn or are likely to earn a profit exceeding the initial investment, AND (3) the seller promises any one of the following:
          * the seller will provide locations or help you find locations on property not owned by either you or the seller for the use of or operation of the products, equipment, supplies, or services the seller is leasing or selling;
          * the seller will provide a sales, production, or marketing program; this does not apply if the arrangement is defined as a "franchise" under federal regulation and certain requirements are met;
          * the seller will buy back any products, supplies, or equipment purchased, or any product made, fabricated, grown or bred by the purchaser using equipment or products sold or leased by the seller.
          A business opportunity meeting these criteria must be registered with the Secretary of State before the seller advertises it or offers it for sale. So your first step in evaluating a business opportunity offer is to see if it meets these criteria. If it does, contact the Secretary of State's Office to see if the business is registered as it is required to be under the law.
          The Business Opportunity Act includes a list of eight exceptions which are transactions that do not classify as "business opportunities" under the statute, and are not regulated by the Business Opportunity Act.

          • Reinol,
            First let me say thank you for stopping by to comment and share your side of things.
            Let me see if I can enlighten you and others on how this page covers Narc…
            1. Narc shows on their website that in the first 30 days a person can earn up to $125.00 in bonuses which is covered under (2)
            2. Narc provides replicated websites for the sale of the business opportunity, along with marketing collateral and other training in oder for the IC to market to others the business opportunity which is covered under (#3)
            Now let's take a look at a few other things on the page…
            3. Disclosure Requirements – Under the Texas Business Opportunity Act, the seller must provide you with the following information at least 10 days before you sign a contract or turn over any money to the seller:
            # The names and addresses of all persons affiliated with the seller in this particular business;
            # A copy of a current financial statement of the seller;
            # A complete description of the actual services the seller agrees to perform for the purchaser;
            # If training is promised, a complete description of the training, length of training, and cost of travel or lodging during the training;
            If the seller or his or her representatives have been adjudged bankrupt or have been subject to a judgment in a civil suit involving fraud or embezzlement during the past seven years, he or she must tell you;
            (I have looked for this information on the website and throughout the T&C and did not see any of these items listed.)
            But, just in case Narc does not fall under the "TX Business Opportunity Act" let's take a look a little further down the page…
            4. Multi-Level Marketing vs. Pyramid Schemes: Today, a popular type of sales program is "multi-level marketing" (MLM) or "network marketing." Many of these programs do not fall within the guidelines of the Texas Business Opportunity Act, so the sellers do not have to register with the Secretary of State or comply with the disclosure requirements. Such plans do make claims that people can earn money by signing up and participating, and they should be evaluated just as closely as any other type of business opportunity.
            5. Generally, MLM plans allow you to recruit salespeople for your own sales team, who then recruit additional members. You receive commissions from sales made by your team. Team members down the line also get commissions from members below them.
            Help us out here… What product or service are the Narc ICs selling outside of the business opportunity? Not the company to their clients, but the ICs!
            6. A pyramid scheme is a plan or operation in which a person receives compensation primarily for bringing in additional participants rather than for selling a product. When you join a pyramid scheme, you pay (promoters may call it "investing") to join. The people you recruit pay you to join. People who get in on a pyramid scheme early might make money in the beginning, but the schemes inevitably collapse, victimizing the recruits at the base of the pyramid.
            Agian, help us understand the specific product or service, outside of the opportunity, that the ICs sell to the end user? It seems to me at the very least the ICs are statatory employees providing a service to the company, not the public at large.
            7. For an MLM plan to be legal, you must earn more from sales of products than from introducing others to join. Also, the company marketing the plan must have a refund policy that lets you return unused product within one year of purchasing the product. You should be able to get a refund of not less than 90% of what you paid for unused product that is in resalable condition.
            What, the ICs must earn more from the sales of products/service than from introducing others to join. What exactly, outside of the business opportunity are the ICs selling?
            8. Under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, it is illegal to promote a pyramid scheme. Besides being a civil deceptive trade practice, pyramid promotion is a state jail felony punishable by imprisonment in a state jail for up to two years and by a fine of up to $10,000.
            I guess we'll see what TX has to say about all this soon.
            9. Tips to Help You Evaluate MLMs:
            Be skeptical of programs that can only be successful if new recruits continually join the sales organization. the backbone of every matrix compensation plan. If the recruiting stops, the income is pennies off the residual income from adding license plates
            Before you join, be sure the product offered is something for which there is a market. The ICs don't have a market, only the company. </storng>
            Be wary of a sales pitch that includes promises of high rewards with little effort.
            "All you need to do is add 10 plates and fine 3 people who add 10 plates. No selling, no inventory, you never have to leave your car. Yep, I think this fits.
            Hope this answers your question.

          • Troy
            My question – you wrote: "A pyramid scheme is a plan or operation in which a person receives compensation primarily for bringing in additional participants rather than for selling a product."
            With narc, the fast start pays you for bringing in your first three participants in the first 30 days, which a lot of mlm businesses do. But after that, you are not paid for "bringing in additional participants", you are paid for selling a product (information, license numbers) and for the sales of your team. You could bring in 100s of team members but you are not paid for bringing them in, you are only paid on your narcs and those of your team.

          • Johnson,
            You bring up a great question, not just with Narc but all companies.
            1. The quick commissions paid from most companies comes from the internal sale of a product to the distributor. However, in the case of Narc, there is no product or service the distributor is buying, only a business opportunity.
            2. In the second month on, you are rewarded a lower commission in most companies for staying on autoship, by picking up additional commissions outside of your personal sales. However, at Narc, the distributor is paid their commissions on others who are inside the matric, who like them provide information to the company, not to outside end users. This again is an indication of a sales force being paid to preform work on behalf of the company, not as independent business owners acting as the conduit moving the company products or services to the end user.
            3. you mention the sales of the information. Although a company can both hire a work force to do the field work, when an MLM compensation plan is present, there has to be a sale to an outside end user by the distributor. In this case the sale is being made to the same people who hired the distributor. This means 100% internal consumption. At the very least this looks like the work of a statutory employee relationship, not that of a MLM independent distributor.
            4. You are correct that you are paid only on those on your team. If you take the sponsor position on each new person you attract, then you make the bonuses. I'm not near as concerned about the bonuses as I am the big picture. If the IRS rules the compensation plan is a hedge put into place by the company to eliminate the need to pay payroll taxes, then each distributor can be left with w huge tax liability.
            I just fail to see the outside sales requirement which is a must to be a legitimate MLM structure, which means if I am right, the distributors are the ones who will lose in this deal.
            All the company has to do is change the compensation to a two level affiliate and they come into compliance, at least as MLM is concerned.

          • (cont)
            The company is paying members for the information that they will then turn around and sell. I don't see how the FTC can rule on what a company agrees to pay its suppliers or independent contractors for a product or service that they are buying from that contractor to sell to someone else.
            I've been looking at this, and I'm still on the fence. I agree with your evaluation of the long term stability of the comp plan. But since most companies fail in the first 5 years, this is no different than any other start up company especially in today's economy.

          • Johnson,
            You are 100% correct and make my case. The information is gathered on behalf of the company for the company's clients. The company is not providing information to the distributors to sell to companies directly.
            Yes, I understand the distributors can attract clients to the company, but there is not any real money in that, unless they bring them into the compensation structure.
            You make a valid point on the FTC where it comes to regular business relationships as in direct sales. However, when you place a compensation plan which goes past three levels (two in most states) there are new rules which apply and have been in place since the 1970s. The MLM attorneys fully understand this issue, but are always willing to roll the dice, because they will make money if the FTC decides to challenge the company.

  5. Right on, right on, right on! How do you feel when you go to a grocery store and magically the coupons they hand you with your receipt are for all the sutff you buy? Is that spying? No, that is the credit card and grocery store tracking everything you buy, everything. Information is being collected by companies on us every minute of everyday, so Troy, I think you are a little paranoid here. You drive around all day with your license plate exposed, what do you care if someone writes it down if you haven't done anything wrong?
    Do you ever get junkmail at your house? That's because there are databases of everything you do, everywhere you go. Are you outraged and concerned about that? Point is, in this electronic age, data collection is a huge business. If you think you walk through life being completely invisible and anonomous, you are sorely mistaken. Maybe I should be outraged when someone records my IP address of my computer. C'mon Troydog, wake up to reality, this has all been taking place for years. And, if you could have a hand in catching or stopping even one rapist or pedophile, would you do it? Or would say that you don't want to infringe on that person's right to stay hidden? I look at it totally opposite, no disrespect Troy, but if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about. I firmly believe that the good that will come from DNA far outweighs the bad.
    Yes I said DNA, Data Network Affiliates, it is absolutely free to join and has no autoship or purchase requirements ever. We are growing by leaps and bounds for a reason, over 10,000 reps in less than 6 days. Go to my link and get signed up for free, that means you too, Troy.

    • Enrico,
      I want to thank you for stopping by. I can see you did not take time to read my bio or visit my personal site, because if you had, you might have written your comment in a little different manner.
      I owned a very successful bail-bond agency in the Midwest for years, and acted as the general agent in five states. I also had a very successful record as a bounty hunter starting first in the Marine's and later moving in the civilian world.
      Today, I am very active in fighting for the boys and girls effected by the sex trafficking trade in the US, and have worked very closely if fighting pedophile rings like the the world's largest which was head quartered here on my island until it was busted in a few years ago.
      So, paranoid…. Not at all!
      Now, let's get back to what is important, and see if we can keep this thread on track.
      1. No one is questioning the legitimacy of the parent company. I do question their marketing such as eing a part of the Amber Alert system and acting as if Amber Alert uses their services. But that will be between them and the Justice department.
      2. I fully understand the use of databases. Wal-Mart has the largest database of private information on US citizens than any other company out there. The issue is not the use of the database. I do question using untrained people to do the collecting.
      3. I am not outraged about anything. This is America, and everyone has freedom of choice. However, when there are black and white laws in place governing the use of a Multi-Level Compensation structure.
      4. The concept of "if you haven't done anything wrong what do you care?" is truly one of the most over uneducated statements I have ever heard. Based on Constitutional Rights, a persons privacy has nothing to do with right or wrong. In this case, yes you can write down the license number. Then someone else writes it down, this happens several times a day. Now you have violated my privacy, because inside of narc technologies client's back office, they can see "WHERE" the car was parked. Now it is beyond you or anyone else "JUST" writing down and providing a license number. Now you are tracking the movement of people inside of a vehicle.
      5. Just because it is the electronic age, does not negate a person's constitutional right to privacy. Which the courts continue to uphold on a monthly basis.
      6. By the way, you are mistaken if you think a person can't go through life today completely invisible and anonymous. That comment made me laugh.
      7. Yes, you should be concerned when someone records your I.P Address if you are using a Static I.P. If you are using a dynamic I.P. then it doesn't matter because it changes each time you log on to the net. To stop the concern, you can use several proxy devices to eliminate the naked eye from seeing who you are.
      8. When a person commits a criminal act, and are convicted, and have run before sentencing or are an escaped felon they give up their right to privacy. However, until a person is convicted, or it is a civil case, then, yes they are entitled to their privacy.
      9. I have no problem if you respectfully disagree, I respect your right to Freedom of Speech. But again I state, the Right to privacy has nothing to do with "IF" I have done anything wrong. It is the right to make sure others are not abusing my Right to Privacy. And providing the locations of where the license number was taken is far different than "JUST" providing the license information as being on a drivable vehicle.
      Now for all of you who are scratching your head, wondering why I would respond to someone so mixed up they have no clue what company the article was written about. It is because the debate and issues I raise are the same we will raise when we do a Scam Alert on DNA.

  6. Hey Troy,
    I'm getting bombarded with calls and emails concerning DNA (Data Network Affiliates)… it looks like Narc That Car with a little twist here and a little twist there… Have you seen this yet? What's your take? They signed up 15,000 reps in their first 3 or 4 weeks or something like that…

  7. Sounds like Narc that car is going bye bye from what I read here. Competition isn't charging a penny to rep for them. Tell the truth people does getting into something that empowers the police state our world is turning into need to happen on our watch? Wouldn't you rather make more money selling a real product that actually provides a useful benefit to society instead of helps us tear the fabric of society down by empowering big brother. .

    • DNA is free if you put in 20 plates each month. It's $197 if you are not a good recruiter – keep in mind the industry average for recruiting is 2 people. The old 80/20 rule applies to any opportunity. That means that 80% will have to pay $197 and $29.95 a month to stay active – they will probably drop out. It's FREE on the surface – but you have 30 days to get 3 people enrolled. If you don't you will pay their fees. High probability that 80% won't get 3 people.
      The website fee for DNA is $29.95 (if you don't get 3 people enrolled) NARC is $24.95 (this is optional) you don't have to pay a website fee to make money. NARC pays $55 when you put in your 1st 10 plates. 25 cents – $2.36 per plate on your down line plates each month. DNA's compensation plan is a hybrid binary – you get paid on your "weaker leg". Most people can't get momentum going in their "weaker leg" so they drop out. NARC is a "coded model" comp plan.

  8. Network marketing is for making the world a better place instead of trying to police our brothers and sisters we should be sharing the good news about what great ways to make a living there are were we can help our fellow man lift himself up by his boot straps and achieve greatness. Build up not tear down. The world is what we make it and we bear responsibility for our fellow man. We are all brothers and sisters of each other with one father. Above all else cause no harm. This program harms people from what it looks to me the only ones it seems to help is the evil banking empire trying to find the property. I thought they had stolen plenty from we the people and now they want more. How about we take blood from those who owe the banks and sell it to repay their debt I guess that is justified too and then we can start a network marketing plan that pays you a % of everyone we get a pint of blood from.

  9. You really have to look at the differences between NARC and DNA…. You have to look more closley at DNA as the projected money you can earn is not when you sign-up for free. To make the real money in DNA there is a $97 fee and $30 month…. Sounds similiar to Narc….Also, lay the compensation plans on residual income down next to each other and where DNA advises $222,000 per month using the 10 getting 10 theory on your 5th level would be over 2.1 million with the NARC plan……. – Compensation comparison
    Okay this may sound outrageous but again do your homwwork and really study the residual comp plan. I posted a viedo link above comparing the two plans so you can see for yourself. Also, stats will tell you that must people in MLM only sposor 2.5 people each and very rarely will you get 10 get 10 get 10…

  10. Troy, I read a lot of your blogs and view many of your videos, but you're dead wrong on this one. and I will point out a few RED FLAGS on your comments. You did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this Narc is an illegal operation. You suggested that you will shoot over the info to your buddies at the AGs office as to imply that they were doing something illegal. As for your SCARE TACTICS for anyone interested in this program about privacy issues, I'm surprised a so called MARINE would be afraid of someone writing down your license plates. As a prior poster wrote, if you did nothing wrong, nothing to worry about. But you are implying of doing wrong yourself by confronting someone. If you did that, you would be charged with threats because writing down TROY'S plate on a public street is no illegal act, but confronting someone and engaging in a silly altercation will surely will escalate to it. Writing a license plate on a public street is as a AMERICAN LIBERTY as FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Don't assume about NARC legitimacy, unless you have the FACTS.

    • Edwin,
      Thank you for standing up and commenting on where you stand. I respect that my friend. However I need to set the record straight on a couple of things to make sure we're on the same page.
      1. I was very specific, that I did NOT think Narc Technologies was running an illicit business. And, just for further clarification, this is not a criminal situation, it would be a civil one, unless the courts did find illegal activity. In a civil action, the burden of proof does not have to be, "beyond a reasonable doubt."
      2. I did NOT imply "I would send info over to the AGs office." I did say I would have Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog talk to the AG since he is also located in TX. And not because Narc is doing any illegal business, but to get clarification on the compensation structure they are using.
      3. As a former Marine, I fought for the right of innocent people to have their privacy. If you take time to read one of the comments I left here you would fully understand. As for me being afraid of anything… I do have one fear in life… Going through life without my wife or daughters, like others who have lost their's to human sex trafficking or other violent crimes.
      4. What I find interesting is your use of "public street" However, when you read the T&C of Narc you quickly realize even they are concerned like I am and have placed a stipulation in the T&C stating they can't be held responsible for any of the actions of the ICs, or repercussions of such actions.
      So I hope this clears up your red flags a little more. Now I have one question…
      1. In the T&Cs for Narc it states the ICs go through some type of formal training. Can you give some insight as to the type of training it is?

    • DNA is free if you put in 20 plates each month. It's $197 if you are not a good recruiter – keep in mind the industry average for recruiting is 2 people. The old 80/20 rule applies to any opportunity. That means that 80% will have to pay $197 and $29.95 a month to stay active – they will probably drop out. It's FREE on the surface – but you have 30 days to get 3 people enrolled. If you don't you will pay their fees. High probability that 80% won't get 3 people.

  11. I guess it is all how you look at. If you think it is an invasion of ones privacy, then you may not like the business. But having been a detective in the violent crimes unit for CPD for 30+ years when I retired, I can tell you that something like this could be invaluable to law enforcement. Knowing where a car is registered and where the car is actually located are two different things. Nobody likes to see anyone's privacy invaded, unfortunately that is not the case in the society we live in, and in my area of law enforcement privacy protection was our last concern. My guess is that if people saw what I saw on a daily basis, the last thing they would be concerned about is someone's right to privacy. Especially when their family is the one affected by a brutal tragedy.

    • Bill,
      First I want to say thank you for your years of service. I, for one fully understand where you are coming from, having worked way outside what most folks know as normal. Which is why I bring up this concern.
      I am not concerned about those who are dead beat parents, owe money to creditors, or are wanted in questioning of a crime. I am talking about those people who's information is collected, who have never done anything wrong – period. Each time their info is collected the Narc puts the license number into the system and the location where it was spotted.
      Now, let's say a local company who runs a legitimate front, but who is a player in a local human sex trafficking operation learns of Narc. They decide to do two things. First they have some of their members join as an IC to input information into the system. Now each time a car is spotted it is entered and with the use of google maps the company can track the person they want to grab, without the worry of trailing the car in, let's say my small town, located on a small island, which happens to be the second most traveled destination in Florida. Which also happens to have a human sex trafficking situation happening because of our closeness to Atlanta the #2 hub in the USA for the child sex trafficking.
      Now this legitimate business going to Narc Technology to become a Client, they can now track their victim and you or some other IC who recruited these folks have inadvertently just became a party to a crime. CNBC did a series of documentaries last year show casing our area and other high-end communities where human trafficking was taking place. In our case one teenage girl who escaped with the help of her brothers, had already been sold on the Internet for 300K.
      So, with your background, you of all people should understand that using untrained people to gather this type of information on a mass scale will cause issues. I am personally aware of brutal tragedy. And because of this personal experience I value the privacy of the innocent.

  12. Oh just Frigging Lovely!! I have all my $$$ Hopes + Wet Dreamz staked on DNA which seems Identical to this!! The concept is Brilliant + could be the Game Changer the Entire Network Marketing MLM Biz Needs!!
    I Hope this Proves to be Wrong + that next Month DNA will have Everybody in the World Flashing $2000 or $2 Million Buckeroos for 10 Minutes EZ work + the Best Part it's FREE!!!

  13. Under the "Terms and Conditions" you have to agree to, in order to join DNA, it states you have to purchase a monthly product to remain an active agent. Could you explain that Enrico? I am also suspect to put in my SSN. They have an empty page when you click on "support". It smells like an Identity Theft scam. Can you prove it is not?

  14. Troy, I can appreciate what you're "trying" to do, however, I think you're pushing the envelope a bit by dispensing legal advise or theory, which is okay if you have you're law degree. Look, you and I both have been in this industry a long time, we also know that people love negative reporting. Negative reporting has a huge draw over positive reporting. Hey Troy, the media makes good money reporting that way, I can't say I blame you.
    NARC That Car does provide a service that can be extremely helpful and your video's just gloss over that. Imagine how a person would feel if the plate they entered into the database found a child. Go ahead and explain that a way to those parents.
    I don't mind you reporting the negative, I just don't think you're fair and balanced. You have a vested interest in baring biased against a company – a HUGE interest!
    I just got done reading the info. on the Texas AG's web site and NARC's service does not violate there warning of what constitutes a MLM Pyramid. They are paying people to enter info into a database. Database entry is a legitimate job description. Reps are not paid for recruiting, they are paid for training other people in data collection and client gathering. If I put together a team of data entry personnel and I receive a percentage of those entries, that is legitimate. It's much like the Financial Planning industry I come from. As a senior planner I get paid a commission on other planners I bring into my unit. Every life policy, retirement policy, business plan or annual business fee, I received a portion of all of it. The more planners I had in my unit the more money I made. Sounds like NARC to me. The more data entry people I have in my unit, the more I can earn. It's my obligation to teach and train them and I'm compensated for helping them to start their own data entry business.
    Troy, I think you're off base on this one.
    Stephan McCarroll
    Murrieta, CA

    • Stephen,
      Great comment. you do bring up some valid concerns. However, you also bring up some of the same old statements which cause me to smile.
      1. We do not dispense ant legal advice. However, we do have a very well respected MLM attorney we send folks to, who is also part of the Distributor's Rights Association.
      2. I do state my opinions and theories which are based on three decades in this great profession and reviewing hundreds of court cases, along with current rules and regulations.
      3. I am sorry you find the reporting negative. If raising the tough questions saves distributors from financial issues, and gives them the ability to get all sides of the story, then so be it.
      4. We have not questioned the service Narc provides its clients.
      5. Explain how a person will use the Narc service to find their child? We already know Amber Alert does not use Narc, and the National Center For Exploited Children doesn't use it either. As a matter of fact, it seems that public law enforcement agencies in most jurisdictions are not allowed to use private data based on the questionable means in which the data is collected.
      6. As for fair and balanced, we both know that is subjective depending on which side of the issue one stands. I our case our goal is to raise the same questions the regulators will raise if and when they go after a company. When a company takes to heart our concerns, then they respond in an open and positive manner. However, when they don't it raises even more questions. There are some great folks who for the last nine months have said I was not fair and balanced with Global Verge. Yet, today, they realized the questions I raised have never been addressed. Same rings true with TVI Express.
      If the questions help one distributor to think through all the consequences of their actions, and they still decide to join a company we have issued a Scam Alert on, then we know they did it knowing they were taking a calculated risk, not going in eyes wide shut.
      7. Please explain what ,strong>HUGE vested interest I have on being negative to any company? I am not building a company, nor do I have any hidden position in any company. I do own stock in some of the publicly traded companies, but to date we have not written about those companies. Although, when we do report, we will follow the laws and disclose our positions. So again what is this HUGE interest I have?
      8. I do not believe I ever mentioned Narc's service violating any law. However, I do stand by my opinion, that the use of a MLM compensation plan violates TX law, which very well cause it to fall under the TX and FTC rules for a MLM pyramid, based on the fact the distributor does not sell anything to the public. All they do is collect data for the company to sell to the company clients. As a matter of fact, if the IRS sees this as an employer/employee relationship it may even cause some tax issues.
      9. Thank you for validating my concerns… :Entering data is a valid "Job description."
      10. As for your explanation of what reps are paid to do… training people in data collection and client gathering. Again, this validates my concern of the fact there is not any product or service being offered to the general public by the distributor, making the compensation plan questionable under all current laws in place.
      11. You are 100% correct. If you own a company and you contract your services to Narc, you get paid. If you want to hire people to work for you, it is legal. However, when you use a MLM compensation plan (anything over two levels) then it raises huge red flags based on current laws.
      12. It is nothing like Financial Services. In financial services products are moved to the end users 100% of the time.
      I fully respect your opinion of me being off base. That is one of the Rights I fought for in the Marines. And at the end of the day, all that will matter is what a Court of Law will say about it.
      Until then, we will report and raise the tough questions.
      By the way, if you think I was tough on Narc, then you should read what I am about to publish on DNA.
      Stephen, with out a doubt, if people are looking to join Narc you are a leader they should be talking with. Having watched you over the years, your teams do grow and succeed at all levels.

      • "Stephen, with out a doubt, if people are looking to join Narc you are a leader they should be talking with. Having watched you over the years, your teams do grow and succeed at all levels."
        I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. I would expect a leader to be able to sniff out the dubious ones and that's being kind. With all the red flags out there, I find it remarkable that anyone could simply defend this without also stating that they have at least some concerns. That to me raises a huge question about that leader's intention or dare I say, intelligence.

  15. Not sure if you guys have seen the latest. As of 2-19-10, Narc Technologies Inc. has merged out of Texas and is now incorporated in Nevada under the name National Automotive Record Centre Inc.. BTW, the Texas Corp Narc was formed in July 2008. They seem to be using a registered agent service which may be the norm, but William Forester now provides a business address in Utah (not Nevada) which has been confirmed as a "virtual office".
    Josh Truitt is now named on the Dallas BBB report as management personnel. Josh has been listed as one of the top earners for the month of December. Also, the owner of the Dallas Narc Technologies building is Norman Pearah. I have not confirmed yet if this is the same person, but there seems to be on old MLM court case in Louisiana regarding the same name.

  16. Troy, what I find very interesting is that has consistently been going higher and higher to the top on the rankings. In late December when I first started watching it, the ranking was over 20,000 in the US. This morning it is 4,140! I have no idea how many reps there are in the company right now, but the site is definitely getting a lot of traffic. MLMhelpdesk may be contributing to that, however there was a lot of traffic prior to your post on Narc.
    Any idea on how that works?

    • Hmmm… Many times the traffic on a site will go up. Once a conversation is started on the net, it does ot take long to gain attention. Plus there are several large internet marketers, some who have left GV to join this company who truly know how to market.

  17. Stacy Flores, thank you for your input! I just heard about this company yesterday. I believe in the law of attraction. I feel like if people dont have anything to hide they should really have nothing to worry about if their lic. plate is entered in a system. Maybe all the negative posts here should take a big look at their lives and see what the real reason is that they dont want their lic. plate in the system!! I have 5 boys, if something happened to one of them I would want all the help I could get to find them!! Sounds like a winner to me, even if I dont make a lot doing it. Their intentions are good!

    • Amie,
      It's never about "if a person has anything to hid" It is about a person's "Right to Privacy." Just because you do not have anything to hide, does that mean I have the right to pry into your background?
      And as for my background… I'm an open book, anyone who has followed me for any length of time fully know I have one of the most colorful pasts of anyone you may meet. It's not about hiding ones background. It is 100% about protecting peoples privacy.
      Look at it this way… (and this will be raw) Let's say you decide not to wear panties today under the dress you wear to work. Does that give those around you the right to sneak a peek as you walk around and the light or sun shines through your dress? Maybe they decide to take a picture and place it on YouTube (they do not show your face, but talk about the gal at their work.) Has your Right to privacy been violated even if your face is not shown?
      By the way, if something happens to your boys, the law enforcement agencies are not allowed to use private databases who can't prove their data was obtained legally. In the case of Narc and DNA the data will not be used.

    • I'll tell you what Amie. Since you have five boys and believe so strongly that this is such a wonderful service, why don't you just do it for free – You said you don't care if you make much. And, instead of entering only 6 plates per month, why not enter 100 and increase the odds of finding a missing child. Perhaps you should ask all of your friends to do the same for free. And ask all of your upline to donate 50% of what they are making to buy signs to post Amber Alerts as there can never be enough.
      I was going to say you are being taken advantage of until I reread the part where you said what the real reason might be for the people trying to expose this scam.
      You know what, you need to make a copy of every word that you wrote here and keep it. This scam will end and when you read it later, I hope you feel not only stupid but ashamed for the accusation you made about people that are trying to help.
      Here's a little tidbit from the BBB to motivate you to start looking for that big white coned shaped hat. You know I'm usually quite respectful with my posts but not when you make such an accusation. Shame on you. And btw, I have two daughters so do go pulling the parent card on me.
      UPDATED as of February 26, 2010:
      On January 18, 2010, the BBB contacted Narc Technologies to request that it substantiate some claims made in its advertising. The BBB also requested that the company describe key aspects of its business model.
      Specifically, the BBB has asked the company to provide information regarding its compensation plan in order to determine that it's not functioning as a pyramid promotional scheme.
      The BBB is trying to determine if the independent consultant's primary source of compensation is through recruitment of additional program participants.
      The BBB has received some information regarding the company's compensation practices. However, the BBB remains concerned as to whether the business model, in practice, truly provides any significant method of compensation which would not require sponsorship of additional program participants.
      According to the company, only 1% of total commissions paid out to independent consultants are for the sale of license plate information to third parties, referred to as "client share."
      It is important to note that the company's "client share" income is the only repeatable form of compensation which does not involve the recruitment of others into the opportunity.
      The BBB warns consumers to be wary of participating in business opportunities that primarily derive compensation through the recruitment of other participants rather than through the sale of a product or service.

  18. Hey Troy…I have an idea for the perfect Narc business!
    Since every person is a potential crook we should start selling tiny RFID tracking chips that could be easily placed under the skin (so it won’t get lost or stolen). On the hand or the forehead would be best. Who knows maybe you could even use it to buy or sell? Just thinking outside the box…ya know? We could be filthy rich….or is it filthy and rich….
    Anyway, now you can find your lost child, keep tabs on the local perverts and felons, track your spouse (see how much time they spend at Wally World) or whatever. Besides, it is our patriotic duty as Americans to help Big Brother keep tabs on every one. I am confident that if George Orwell can dream it up, then we can make it happen.
    Man, this is exciting….the sky is the limit. No, on second thought you could track them in the sky, too! Hurray!!
    Just think of how easy it would be for the law or the repo man to find the dirty rotten scoundrel that is hiding the car because of a few missed payments. Those people really tick me off. They deserve to be out on the street. Who cares if they just got laid off and are struggling to make ends meet and feed the kids? Besides with this booming economy there is no excuse, right?
    The only problem though is that those evil cell phone companies might give us a little competition since they already have the tracking capabilities in place.
    This may sound like a joke but I suspect it is going to happen someday soon because there are just too many selfish and greedy people out there that are willing to sacrifice their own integrity and the well being of others just to make a buck and justify it by claiming it will make us more secure even if they have to break the law to do it.
    Benjamin Franklin wisely said:
    Ambition has its disappointments to sour us, but never the good fortune to satisfy us.
    Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power.
    People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.
    Enough said…

  19. Firstable let me tell you Troy, you have not joined narc technologies, 2 stalking and invasion of property is not an issue when is on a public place. Also you are just assume and being very negative about this company without showing us a proof. I have not joing narc technologies but I will join soon because I think this is serious and good business.
    And Troy next time you want to advice on scam alert please showing us evidence about whatever company your talking about not just asume

    • Steve,
      You have me laughing… I am pretty sure everyone is very clear I am not part of Narc. However, you bring up some great points. I am not sure if you watched the video, because I actually covered these points in the video.
      1. The only public property is the roads, highways, and any public property aka City hall, federal property, state or federal parks. But if you are referring to a Church, Wal-Mart parking lot, or any other private property, where people drive and park their car while doing business, then you do not understand the laws in your own state. Is this what you are referring?
      2. Steve, I am not sure where you have been or if you have read through the complete thread. I am not being negitive at all. All I have done is ask some very hard questions, and referred to current rules and regulations which govern the use of MLM compensation structures. At no time have I questions the core business of Narc. Why do you feel I am being negative? Exactly what did I say that was negative?
      3. Steve we live in America you have every right to join any company you desire. My goal is not to stop anyone from joining any company. My goal is to make sure they join with their eyes wide open. So unless you want to get specific and tell me exactly what you feel I got wrong, then there is nothing I can say. We have written plenty on both Narc and DNA and in each case the concerns for the welfare of the distributors are the same. Let me ask you, how well do you know the rules and regulations which govern MLM compensation structures? Have you ever run a company which uses an MLM compensation structure? Have you ever been called to appear before the State AG to defend your companies compensation structure?
      These questions will help us get on the same page.

  20. this guy is a tool! stop being so paranoid. Do ALL of you r research before you pass judgement. people are getting paid here. Why are there law enforcement employees working it and swearing by it.? Don't be a hater. We are in teh information age now. Times are changing. New concepts and new ideas. I am part of this company and have zero complaints. Stalking issues? Please.

    • Dean,
      You have me rolling on the floor laughing.
      How about answering the concerns raised? This has nothing to do with people getting paid, nor did I bring up the issue of getting paid. Bernie Madoff was paying people also.
      So, let's see if you can take time to read the article and provide some intelligent answers.

  21. what i dont like about the deal is the up front cost. if its a ligitamate bussiness then why charge? why not just pay for work put in? thats funny to me. i do agree though the marine is a bit paranoid. your plates are already visable for who ever wants it. so privacy isnt an issue.

    • How would a "bad guy" get access to the data in our data base? First of all, there is NO personal data in the data base. Second, it is linked to the DMV in ALL 50 STATES. Common sense tells you that it has to be overwhelming secure or all 50 state DVM's would not have approved the link-up. Hope that helps.

      • Kay, please define your definition of "bad guy." there is no way to answer this question intelligently until I know we are on the same page.
        You care correct on "no personal data" this is the issue. the company is tracking a license number on a vehicle which may be driven by someone who is not the owner. The second issue is the fact, a client is contacting the company "stating" they have a legit reason to have this information, what standards does the company use to validate this claim? Third how can you or the company protect innocent people from your clients using the information for illegal activities? How can you protect the public who's information you are entering into a database, from having that data used against their by a Governmental agency for profiling or other questionable activities?
        Please provide us proof from all 50 states to show these states HAVE officially approved Narc as an authorized users of their database? Not a statement from the company, but official public records from the states.

        • Mr. Dooly,
          You stated that, how can you or the company protect innocent people from your clients using the information for illegal activities? So, basically what you are saying is perhaps they could be using the information from the plate numbers for illegal activities. How would they benefit from doing that it is just a plate number. I truly believe they are using the information for tracking purposes and to locate people and many other things. I think the end result here is to see what the Better Business Bureau has on their file system as far as complaints.(Yet that will not justify whether they are legitimate either)I think we should just sit back and give it some time. In my opinion, plate numbers are public information for people to see. What is your take on this Mr. Dooly?

    • 1. What business can you really open & make significant income with NO INVESTMENT & NO OPERATING EXPENSES?
      2. Who should pay for the large building occupied by the company to run the business?
      3. Who should pay for the customer service reps that are being hired on a daily basis to support the 45,000 reps that enrolled in the last 90 days?
      4. Who should pay for the $1.5 MILLION training program that is being developed?
      5. Who should pay for the top-notch web site that is being developed?
      6. Who should pay for the salaries of corporate execs to run the business?
      7. Who should pay for the utilities for the corporate office?
      I have toured the office & talk to corporate personnell, as well as customer service personnell on a regular basis. These are the things provided for you so that you pay only the fraction of $100 initial investment & $24.95 per month. Try to rent even a small building with a small staff & a small inventory for $124.95.

      • Kay,
        1. There are several businesses where a person can have NO INVESTMENT & NO OPERATING COSTS – Running an Affiliate business online is one, that comes to mind. Ghost writing is another. Free Lance work is yet another. All available online and does not cost the person a dime to get started.
        2. Liberty International aka WOW Mobile is a 10 year old viral company who does not have all this high overhead. Why does a database company need all this overhead?
        3. Why not use CS reps from a company who use home based business workers like West Direct (the world's largest) instead of paying all the employment taxes and the additional liability for the company, and place the savings in the hands of the distributors? Validate for us proof 45K have joined the company. What 3rd party accounting firm have audited the numbers?
        4. Show us the $1.5 million dollar training program? To date, we have not seen any training. If the company invested $1.5 million for training that is a 100% write off on their taxes so they should be find. However, it does bring up a question… Why would the company invest $1.5 million after the fact, and bring on untrained distributors, and allow their reps to post such questionable videos about how to collect data on the web?
        5. ROFLOL… What company launched with a under-developed website knowing their first impression may be their last impression?
        6. The company had better generate a profit from their customers to pay for these salaries. If they are expecting their distributors to pay their salaries, then they need to get out of the MLM business period. But this is great and may show distributors why they are being recruited in the first place.
        7. Again, the customers of the company (if they have any) should pay for this. If the owners are looking for handouts from recruiting distributors, then they will pay a huge price.
        Please keep us posted. But, why have you not answered our concerns on the compensation plan, or the laws governing MLM?

    • John,
      I am glad you are "lmao" however, I can see you have not studied what NARC promotes to their clients.
      Stalking may be "stupid" to you, however, what is even more funny is you were not able to answer any of the concerns, and I found it interesting you did not even get into the privacy issue.
      Good luck Sport.

  22. I suppose that collectors and repo people are evil, too, since they are hurting one fellow American to help another. NO WAY! That's crazy! How would you like it if you owned a bank and people wouldn't pay you back. Would you just say, "Oh, well, they need their car, I better not send a repo man b/c then I'd be responsible if my non-paying customer gets raped."
    Nope. Defaulting on a loan is not a constitutional right. Now, if people start tattling to the government about things you have a constitutional right to do, then there's a problem. But defaulting on loan payments is not one of those things. Defaulting is immoral, dishonest, and theft. Helping the banks to track them down saves the rest of us money. When the banks save their money, they can pass that savings on to us. Theft always causes prices to rise. Think about it.
    This is not a scam. I'm a member and the signup cost for this was way less than it took to get started in Mary Kay, which I am no longer working for. At least with this company you don't have to manipulate people by pretending to be their friend in order to sell some makeup.

    • Sarah,
      Thank for stopping by and making your voice heard.
      1. As a the former owner of a repo company, I see no problem with them. Or the fact they use specific type of data to find the cars they are looking for.
      2. As for collectors, I am not sure what you are referring. If you are referring to debt collectors, then I am not sure why the car tags are important. Except maybe to locate where a person works. Which in that case, the car tag may not do any good, and could cause the collector to contact the wrong place of business.
      3. As for the "hurting one fellow American, your statement doesn't come to a logical conclusion. When a person has been found by a court of law to owe the money on a debt, or the contract they signed calls for the car to be reprocessed then I have no issues period.
      The issue is when untrained people, or wrongly trained people collect data from folks who have never done anything wrong, and this private data is entered into a data base, to be used by all types of organizations. Did you not read all of our articles?
      5. As for the bank issue, there are processes in place for this not to happen. And when a bank does default because of bad loans, they are on unsecured loans, not secured loans. Or when the Feds change the accounting rules.
      6. By the way, if your repo man entered the property and was told to leave and did not. Or they decided to rape someone while they were there. Then yes, Sport you would be liable. What's your point?
      I can see, you did not read the current article or the follow up articles. So why don't you take some time and fully understand the major concerns, then come back and answer our questions, instead of trying to come up with non-issues to talk about.


  23. To the person who mentioned the "what if's" regarding if your family was left stranded,etc Hello- if you do not make your car payment for 3 months, then you do not deserve to drive the vehicle any longer, and it belongs to the bank anyway until you " free & clear" it- Don't bad mouth a company you know nothing about. Do you really think a person should be allowed to use something they have not paid for? Why don't we all just pull up to our dream home and start moving are stuff in because we want to…even though we have not paid to buy it, nor make payments on the mortgage. I think anyone who is against this type of business really has something to hide…if you're a good person who does not break the law, then you should have nothing to worry about. If you are a good person with nothing to hide and are still against this…then you are just paranoid. It's a license plate number, not a social security number-geez….how many people drive behind you in a day and "see" your license plate?…it's really nothing to hide….stop being paranoid.

    • Tiff,
      I think you need to go back and see what your own company is promoting. This is not about someone who is behind on their car payment. This is about information being entered into a database by untrained people. Information which may or may not be obtained legally.
      Now as to your question. If a mom leaves an abusive relationship and takes the car. Then her former husband decides not to pay the payment, and she and her daughters are in the car, when it is repo'd from information obtained by Narc databases, are you telling me it is the mom's fault?
      I can tell you have never been an advocate working with these types of situations.
      And, what about legitimate fronts which operate car theft rings in the background? If they are using NARC and steal the cars, you telling me it is still cool?
      By the way it seems I know more about the database industry, the MLM industry and the company itself than you do.
      And, even if we put this aside. The compensation plan does not work. If you call yourself an MLM then you have to have a product or service the DISTRIBUTOR'S sell to the end user.
      In this case the majority of the income is from recruiting – Period.
      Seeing the license number is different than writing it down several times and entering it into a data base.
      By the way, I can tell by your comments you have no clue what your Rights are, and what the Constitution states. So before you write about "If you don't have anything to hide" again, I would strongly suggest you get a copy and read it.
      Let me ask you a really important question… "Are you a good person?" If you answer yes, tell me who made the decision you are a "good person." And if you still don't get it, then I guess you may find it interesting that many good people during the history of our country have been placed on "black lists" as communist, terrorists, known associates of organized crime figures, and the list goes on.
      Private is very important, young lady.

    1. What happens if TROY DOOLY is charged with trespassing on private property, like a shopping center parking lot, gated community, grocery store parking lot, etc?
    2. What happens if TROY DOOLY is charged with stalking?
    3. How would you feel if, because of TROY DOOLY, you did not join NARC TECHNOLOGIES and thereby did not make enough income to pay your rent and keep your Car and your wife and daughter were left stranded without a vehicle, were raped, kidnapped, or murdered as a result?
    4. How would you feel if an EX-MARINE or an EX-BOUNTY HUNTER was charged with STALKING? Should we then FEAR ALL MARINES & BOUNTY HUNTERS
    I find it very strange that another AMERICAN such as TROY used to track down other Americans who had minor Traffic warrants out for their arrests for NOT PAYING TRAFFIC FINES and/or SURCHARGES, because Troy was a WANNA BE COP.
    TROY? your above Article and LOGIC against joining Narc Technology is asinine, absurd and unfounded as you can see in MY TURNING OF THE TABLES on you as I substituted NARC's Name with YOUR NAME.
    Get a real job jackass and come join NARC TECHNOLOGY and see how many people have been helped as a result……..the AMBER ALERT SYSTEM where kids have been found due to this Technology, and STOLEN VEHICLES were recovered and DEAD-BEAT DADS were apprehended for their irresponsibility to support their own kids, such as yourself……need I say more?

    • This is funny.
      Let's do this, since you can't answer the questions directly, and have no clue what a Bounty Hunter does or the fact Marines are never "Ex-Marines", when you fully understand the basics we can get into why your comment is clueless.
      Just like you people will join whatever company they decide to join. It is not my place or the place of MLM Help Desk to decide for anyone what is right for them. However, since the questions we asked must have hit a nerve, then at least you and others will join with your eyes wide open.
      But you have proven my point with your comment. See it doesn't matter who's name you put in the question, the end result is the same… A Crime is committed!
      Living An Epic Adventure,
      p.s. Just so you are clear, we're not watchdogs…

    • ROFLOL…
      Well, let's see, if you are a registered member of the community, your posts go live as soon as you post them. If you have posted more than 5 comments your comments go live. If you are a registered member of "Intense Debate" they go live as soon as they are written.
      But, when you're new to the community, and do not know the code of conduct, then we hold the comments until we have read them. By the way, since you are new, I am not the only administrator.
      But, you are correct, I do approve or disapprove ALL comments. I also "EDIT" some comments. As a matter of fact once a comment has been written it becomes our property also.
      Seriously, it is easy to see we hit a nerve in our report. The funny thing is we only reported on what other investigative reporters and news agencies have already reported on.
      I wonder why so many people keep asking the same questions, and yet, NARC refuses to answer?

  25. Troy, Where's the harm? I see EVERY business as some kind of game for adults. That includes Walmart and Microsoft and every company out there. In states that allow lotteries, millions of people pay their money for the multi-million dollar jackpot but only a very few people win. Were the rest losers? No. They paid a dollar or two for a few days of HOPE!
    When congress passes new legislation to keep banks from stealing from their customers, the banks just create a whole new game that none of the smaller players understand. Networking companies are always hoping that they can stay inside the government guidelines for the MLM industry. I see NARC as a company trying to cozy up to the regulators by providing a resource that may actually assist with law enforcement. Are a few people going to get hurt while we do this? Probably! However, if one person trips over a loaf or bread and falls and sprains their ankle, should we ask all bakeries to stop making bread? Life is full of uncertainties. Life is full of difficulties. If a business comes along that is a little easier to operate than the others, should we look for some reason to criticize it just to even up the playing field?
    Some people love playing the slots. Other people love back jack. Still others love the roulette table. Business enterprises that offer us these games of "hope", have no legitimate purpose accept to earn money for their owners. At least the NARC business can give people some fun and some hope while we participate in producing a product that may do some good for our society. Our "product" has the capacity to help reduce crime and property loss. It's a worthy cause that we should support rather than criticize. Will the NARC business survive for only a couple of years or will it go on for decades? I don't know. 50 Years ago there were plenty of people saying that Amway would never last. All I can tell is that right now, I paid my money, I earned it back very quickly. I am having fun, and I am getting paid while doing it.

    • Narc has never paid me. I'm sure there are thousands out there like me. Narc checks have been interrupted (because 1,000 people in Atlanta wrote hot checks I was told). Many check cashing places no longer will cash Narc checks. (Narc says counterfitters were involved. I say if that was the case Narc shouldn't have let them take the fall.) It is probable Narc checks themselves were bad. If 1,000 people not paying can stop the system; where are the client revenues? Where are the investors? Seems that neither really exist.
      I suggest this blog begin a window where Narc reps who are owed money can 'sign up'. When a sufficient number is registered a class action suit can be brought against Narc and they can be stopped.