Troy Dooly and MLM Assist Desk welcomes Sue Seward as a brand new common contributor to the group.

“After networking and making connections, constructing relationships on-line for over twelve years it’s come to my consideration that electronic mail is type of lifeless do not you assume? How a lot actual connection electronic mail do you obtain now days? How many individuals are literally connecting and constructing relationships on-line utilizing electronic mail? Most of what we obtain is spam would not you agree?
Geez, how a lot Viagra can an individual use anyway?!! hahaha!
I nonetheless bear in mind again when beginning on-line in 1996 all we had was electronic mail and some chat rooms and discussion board message boards and naturally the tried and true phone which is at all times certainly one of our greatest instruments for networking proper?
Lots of people come to me and ask my opinion on having a private web site and what’s extra vital – having a private web site or a replicated advertising and marketing system?” Read the rest of the story…