MLM Wi-fi Wars: WOW Cellular Founder, Randy Jeffers, publicizes the Velocity Venture. It is a 90-day problem Randy has put within the arms of the highest leaders at Liberty Worldwide to draw 100Okay new distributors within the subsequent 90 days.

Query: Is T-Cellular a strategic companion with WOW Cellular?
Reply: Sure, WOW Cellular presents T-Cellular providers, on a WOW Cellular Branded and Flashed Telephone

Liberty Worldwide has slashed the Enterprise Packages they provide. The objective is to draw 100Okay new Liberty Worldwide Impartial Enterprise House owners and WOW Cellular Resellers.
Liberty International


  1. I have been an IR since October and am just now rolling up my sleeves due to what I believe were much needed corrections in the comp plan and licensing agreements with T-Mobile. I now feel confident in attaching my name to this great Home Based Business. I don't know how the reps at Global Verge stomached all the drama and disappointments. I personally know some good people with great integrity that sadly got burned by the GV debacle. And if I may Best Regards Stephan Steinmann
    PS I have some changes of my own coming soon to my site to reflect the Liberty International/WOW Mobile -> T-Mobile relationship as those guidelines are outlined by Liberty and comp plan enhancements………

  2. So Troy, let me ask you some questions.
    1. Liberty International has been around for 6+ years right? Haven't they been saying that VOIP is the future and that they have the best opportunity in the world for years? I mean they've suckered/recruited thousands of people into joining with their VOIP pitch for years – and they've gotten those people to pay $1,700 for it. Now all of a sudden VOIP sucks and what used to cost $1,700 is only $499?????? I'm sorry but if I were a Liberty rep I'd be ticked off.
    2. You keep talking as if you've done your homework on Liberty just because you've had some phone calls with Randy Jeffers. Have you had any answers to legit questions such as:
    -What is the corporate office address?
    -How many employees are on hand to handle rep support?
    -Who handles the billing issues?
    -How many phones are in stock?
    These are just some basic questions that Liberty has never been able to answer without dancing around the issues with smoke and mirrors.
    Come on Troy, you and I both know that no legit MLM company uses this "virtual company" business model. We both know that the only reason a company doesn't have an office is because they can't afford it. Same with employees. Virtual employees are not the same as staffed employees. If they can't afford an office with a legit infrastructure how are they going to be able to keep up with the demand of thousands of phones being ordered? Especially since Randy just gave himself a paycut.

    • Concerned MLMer,
      I love the way you bring forward thought provoking questions for all to think about.
      1. Yes, they have been around over six years, and their base service is a household voip phone service.
      2. No, they have not "sucked" everyone in at $1700. As a matter of fact in talking to close to 100 (Yes I know not a large amount) these folks came in at the $24.95 for the phone service, eventually increased their level of membership to include several, in some cases all of the other "business centers" and used the buy one, sell three, get your free business model to grow their organization.
      3. I talked with Randy personally, he never stated voip sucked. He did state as he has every time we have talked he is continuing to have programmers working on the software to make the phones work better. I have both the traditional T-Mobile cell from WOW, and the voip T-Mobile phone. Although Randy did not say this, my personal opinion based on outside research… I believe with the fact T-Mobile is upgrading all their towers in the USA this year, that by mid to late next year T-Mobile may bring their own voip service out, like they support in some other countries.
      4. As for the $499.00, companies do this all the time. I admit the buy in is not this high at most companies. XanGo for instance only has a $1000.00 top buy in. Ameriplan is the most common to lower of eliminate their buy in several times a year to get folks in. MOnavie may be the most interesting. Dallin lowered the administration fee then the field started promoting to buy additional cases.
      We can debate what Liberty Has openly charged for years, but tell me what is the difference between a company publishing their buy in, and controling the field leaders, than a company who pretends to only push a $100.00 to get involved, then top field leaders pushing the max of buying 10 cases ($1000.00 – XanGo) 10 puppy dog packs ($1000.00-Arbonne) or five cases ($500.00 – BAZI) All pushed by top field leader pumping millions into the compensation plan, and yet in all three cases I just quoted, either the company has left MLM, have reorganization, or has gone outside the USA to buy other direct selling companies to protect their corporat attrition rates. All have seen huge attrition once the top leader changed companies to do it all again.
      I have always questioned the Business Packs, but I have also praised the fact for $24.95 a person can get in the business have a fair marker voip telephone service and market the business.
      5. Yes, we have been very clear on this question. Randy has always been very open and if anyone researches the corporate paperwork they will see the corporation is run out of is home. I have also spoken very clearly on my concern of a company hitting critical mass as a virtual MLM. Although some of the most respected companies in history have started in homes, eventually as the business grows, more employees are needed and I question the business model.
      However, if you look at the trend of outsourcing introduced heavily by Timothy Farriss in the book Four Hour Workweek, and you research what Dell has just done in their own multi-billion dollar company, there is a great possibility, the Liberty Business model may work. Since they have publicly teamed up with T-Mobile, WOW does not have to deal with tech support or customer service calls on the phones themselves. If you research ALL of the other business centers the majority are master affiliates from other companies, a couple of other MLMs specifically, so those companies handle those CS calls. By the time you get right down to it, the calls coming in will be CS calls dealing with typical rep calls. Again, I question how big a company can grow in this manner, and we are watching it. But with history as a basis, it has worked for 10-years and Randy has been paying most of the money back to the field, not keeping it himself.
      So, to lower from $1600 to $499 he must have received buy=in from the top leaders. And in looking at the change, I would say he explained about the law of large numbers to his leaders and they realize if the company can attract 100K new distributors over the next 90-days the incomes will all go up, and the company can keep the lower buy-in. We'll see.
      6. Now lets look at Rep Support – I have not asked this question specifically. Just haven't see the need because of all the concerns we have received since last year, very few were reps concerned about not getting their situations answered. I will write that down to ask, when we do the big report in March.
      7. Billing issues are handled by the corporate staff in Oregon.
      8. The Phones are unlimited because the phone are coming from T-Mobile. The series in March will explain this in more detail. Short answer WOW Mobile is a marketing company not a carrier, but they have never pretended to be anything else.
      Well, I did not dance around the issues… Although, I do have to get back with you on a couple. Plus I have been very straightforward if people want answers to write and I will get them. Everyday I get people writing and we get answers. When a company doesn't respond, we let people know.
      9. I disagree with "Legit MLM", I do agree I question the stability of any company MLM or otherwise which can sustain critical mass running as a virtual MLM. Tim Farriss was running a multi-million dollar virtual health and nutrition with affiliates not distributors, and was able to do it well for several years, until his sold for millions last year and started bankrolling Twitter and other companies. I agree the business model may have to change, however that in and of itself does not mean the company is illegal.
      10. I disagree that a company may not be able to affort an office. Now I will state, when you are paying out $1000 and only keeping $699, that in order to run an outside office you may need to lower the commissions to the field.
      11. Liberty International does have employees, they just outsource massive amounts of the telephone support. This is common. HSN in Tampa is a prime example. They brings their telephone reps into the company to train them, then they go home and run as 1099 contractors answering the phone. West Direct the worlds largest call center hires home based tele-operators for all of their clients. And the biggest of them all Microsoft as we all know uses India boiler room operations to answer the phone.
      12. Again, I full agree on the fact I am concerned about the stability of the infrastructure if they are hit with massive growth. However, nowhere have I seen it written or has Randy ever stated he does not have plans to move to a brick and mortar business model in the future if the number warrant the change.
      Great insight as always, wonderful issues risen and questions asked.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

      • Troy,
        I appreciate you sticking up for WOW/Liberty International. Unfortunately I still believe it's a sketchy situation.
        1. They don't have "staff" in Oregon. Having staff would require a corporate office. All requests for contact to the corporate office leads to a P.O. Box in Oregon – the same one (funny enough) that is listed on Randy Jeffers' PERSONAL Liberty replicated site!
        2. Dell outsources, absolutely! But they also have THOUSANDS of employees at their corporate headquarters dealing with things like shipping, inventory, accounting, etc. Outsourcing customer support is easy. It's the INTERNAL infrastructure that has and is lacking with Liberty.
        3. Thank you for clarifying the fact that WOW is NOT a wireless provider, but a reseller of someone else's product. That means they don't actually control their customer. Another red flag. They aren't buying T-Mobile's network wholesale and then billing their own customer. To this day there is only 1 MLM company that is doing that.
        4. So put yourself in the shoes of a Liberty Rep that paid $1,699 to join Liberty, and then purchased all their product too. What do you say to that person? There were reps in this forum and others touting how "powerful" their comp plan was – because of that $1,699 buy in. And it is not the same as any of the product companies you mentioned. In each of those cases you're getting product for each increase in cost. With Liberty you were getting maybe $40 in product with their $1,699 package. If you look at the escalation in cost the only "additional" products you're getting are basically replicated sites – all free in terms of cost.
        5. Then there is the product. They are charging $89 a month for unlimited everything? And on T-Mobile's network (which we all know is inferior to the rest). You can get the same thing for a lot less in other places.

        • Dear JMO,
          You sound like a disgruntle Light-year rep.
          First off – technically if you are not one of the Big 4 you are a reseller as you are buying time on their networks. if you don't own the towers you are a buyer/seller not just a Seller like the "4"
          Second – WOW controls ALL their own customers, we bill, we supply tech support, we supply everything. Every phone or SIM we sell is link back to Tmobile under Liberty International. So if you call Tmobile and give them your number NONE of your personal information can be retrieved. So it is my understanding that technically speaking WOW is an MVNO.
          Third – Tmobile is NOT inferior. They have spent 2.6 Billion dollars on infrastructure upgrades and expansion. They are owned by the World's Largest Telecomm company – Deutsche Telecomm which has a VERY deep pockets. Tmobile expects to be #3 by the end of the first quarter and has it sites set on #2 after that. THE WOW Army will help them achieve this. (why else would they give us $400 phones for $150)
          Fourth – Less other places. Are you on Crack? First off what is less then FREE. Second of even if you do pay the FULL price of $89 FLAT fee – you have BEST deal in the industry. Unlimited Voice, Unlimited Text and Unlimited DATA – No data cap Cowboy! Let me reap that – NO DATA cap so surf on your computer night and day and you are ONLY billed $89 or in my case FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Last point is if you are looking to become a part of the "Revolution" then join the WOW Mobile Army and enlist at –

          • You did nail this one except the fact that T-Mobile data on cellphones has never had caps since I been a customer of theirs for years. That's the only thing I would disagree on. I been with T-Mobile for years tethering before WOW or any other wireless MLM company became popular. No data caps and my bill is $20 cheaper for unlimited everything on a family plan. The huge selling point that WOW has in my opinion and the reason why they are $10 is because they have that refer 3 and you are free deal. Not to mention if you go to T-Mobile direct and get unlimited everything on an individual plan it's $79.99 plus tax so you are looking at the same cost anyway or maybe even more depending which state you live in. There's advantages and disadvantages of going with a carrier direct versus and MVNO, however WOW Mobile isn't a scam. For anyone to get on here and say that is crazy. People just make my stomach hurt calling everything a scam or assume it's illegitimate. Bottom line if they weren't legit, I don't think they would have been around for 6 years nor have a relationship with T-Mobile. I'm not affiliated with WOW Mobile, but I'm just tired of ignorant people trying to trash legitimate companies and they haven't clearly thought things though. Telecom is huge and there's quite a few MLM companies really going hard at it. The good thing is there's more than enough opportunities and room for everyone regardless of which company you represent. Wow Mobile, Lightyear, FDI, Panther Mobile, etc this is good for the industry as a whole people. For example, in my area Cricket is the cheapest carrier, but everyone doesn't use Cricket or like them but they still have their share. Then you have Net10, Boost, Tracfone, etc. There's always going to be a variety, but the good thing is we all can make some money. I'm just glad that WOW didn't do the stupid crap that Global Verge did. Thus far, I have to give WOW credit. I been following them every since they were in prelaunch and they delivered on every promise. Good Luck to you WOW Reps!!!!

  3. Project Velocity is a "fantastic" new program…the reps are coming in like droves, with the lower fast start pack prices and more bonus money!. None of our reps are ticked off because our downlines are " Exploding! "
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    Now Troy your going to like this…Randy Jeffers is the REAL DEAL and cares for the country and who fought for it, he has extended his kindness and generosity to the Military Veterans of America.
    Vets get the $99 basic business pack FREE (Pays to $4100 a day)…Thats right FREE business for the Veterans…and they can upgrade to the advanced ($5300 a day) if they want to go at it (Vets are the only rep that can upgrade to a bigger payout, besides the customer the position to receive residuals).
    The Veterans just have to buy the Sim Card ($24.95) tell 3 buddies and they have FREE Cell Phone Service forever and are making money…building residual wealth.
    To all those who try and knock Randy Jeffers (other companies with less)…sit back and watch Wow / Liberty become the biggest provider in the wireless industry…Randy Jeffers is the Leader of all Leaders, and we are proud to be Liberty reps.
    Please visit or website for further info on Project Velocity or call for the details on the mechanics. You will be surprised $

  4. Liberty International / Wow Mobile is a huge problem for Light Year Wireless and the likes, (concerned MLMer) sorry lightyear is very uncompetitive at best compared to Wow.
    Slowly the reps know they can't compete on every level…and see the light with Wow's marketing plan
    Other mlm wireless companies will all lose customers and reps who want it FREE Service.
    Think smart join Wow now.
    Your only come back is "guessing" on Wow's number of employees, phone stock, billing…these things you know nothing about.
    The Virtual company is so streamlined a cost efficient that perhaps other companies should cut away the cancer of over haed and offer a better priced product…Like FREE.
    This is the new generation of corporate America…those who don't restructure will be left in the dust. Touting your offices, buildings and overhead is no way to say your product is competitive. Slowly your market share declines, revenue reduced and you will grind to a halt…
    People beware of the other mlm wireless companies that have fees, costs, autoship etc this is their last stand.

    • Okay, let's compare (since you brought up Lightyear – not me):
      Liberty: $499 to max out income
      Lightyear: $299 to max out income
      Liberty: $89 a month for unlimited everything on T-Mobile Network
      Lightyear: $59 a month for TRUE unlimited (no caps) everything on Sprint Network
      Liberty: Refer 3 and it's free
      Lightyear: Refer 2 and not only is it free but you also have $40 additional wireless credits to apply to another customer's bill!
      Liberty: No home office, no employees in an actual facility, no corporate headquarters to bring other leaders to (and remind you this company is more than 6 years old now so we aren't talking about a start up).
      Lightyear: 80,000 square foot facility, 200+ employees inside that facility, a multi-million dollar data and billing system, accredited member of the BBB.
      Liberty: Owner has already had one telecom MLM shut down by the feds.
      Lightyear: Owner was ranked one of the top 25 most influential people in telecom, was just voted Channel Executive of the Year in 2009 by Phone Plus Magazine.
      Do you really want to go there GetWOWASAP? I don't think you do.
      Nice try though! Good luck with the hype!

    • Are you serious? I appreciate that you love your company, as you should. Nothing wrong with that, but before you go talking "smack" about others, you might want to do your research. Do you have any idea how many MLM programs, specifically telecom MLM's have come and gone since I got involved in LIghtyear 6 years ago? Champion Communications, LPC, mobile, Everge, Biz Buzz, Global Verge, proxy comm, even non telecom deals saying they were going to eclipse Lightyear, such as YTB (haha), even Bioperformance. They all said EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. It's cool to be excited about your deal, and of course you would prefer it over Lightyear or anything else, but have at least some perspective. Lightyear isn't going anywhere. I'm seeing thousands of people join my organization monthly, and as others enter the industry, we just keep getting better. We still offer the most reasonable product to the consumer of all the true MLM wireless companies, and our pay plan can compete with anyone. There are other good deals, I'm not disputing that, I'm simply saying you are dillusional if you think Lightyear isn't driving the ship in this industry.

      • Lightyear don't measure up to Wow Mobile Plan and simple.
        Refer 3 = FREE..your customers are building your downlines for you!
        100 % matching payout to UNLIMITED LEVELS…Way bigger and faster payout
        Get FREE 300 products with 3=FREE
        Lightyear have old phones, low payout, and a worse marketing plan. (you pay lightyear always!)
        NEED WE SAY MORE ??????????????

  5. Wow Mobile is number one right now, and a great service it have given me the chance to help my business associates to have a weekly and a monthly income. Along with a great product , I waited for 3 years with Everge/Global verge and pay monthly in hopes of something great going to happen which never did. So I tip my hat to Mr.Jeffers Go wow Mobile

  6. Hi Troy This is Joshua Drake. I have been involved in a few ventures but never with the results as well as Liberty International and Wow Mobile. This has been an outstanding week for my wife and i. I highly encourage any one interested in getting involved to do so. I am entirely pleased and truly excited about this opportunity with Wow Mobile. My wife set up a nice website for me and it has proven to be a great tool for us. http://www, Thanks for your efforts and support for the networking community.
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  7. With all due respect, Lightyear has absolutely ZERO incentive for RETAIL customers to switch to their service. Everyday I have people that want the FREE T-Mobile service from Wow Mobile, but they don't want the business. Granted, once they see how the biz works, most end up becoming a rep since it's a total no-brainer. I've been in Network Marketing for 9 years, and I've NEVER seen anything like this. PLUS, the Liberty Comp Plan allows our reps to grow their income RIDICULOUSLY fast. One of my newest reps just cancelled his $60/month Aircard since Wow Mobile has a built in wireless tethering app. Finding 3 people who want FREE phone service is CAKE!! And for $99, we can introduce totally awesome people to the wonderful world of network marketing! It's on like Donkey Kong!!
    Thanks for the awesome vehicle you've created Troy!! You're doing a much-needed service for the industry, and the people that support their families through Network Marketing!!

    • Mike,
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Your comment does bring up a couple of questions…
      1. You state LY "has absolutely ZERO incentive for RETAIL customers to switch services." Can you be more specific on LY? It seems to me if you can get your service at a discount or free that would be an incentive. It is my limited understanding preferred customers can buy their service from themselves and get points and commissions off their personal service.
      2. What is the comparison in pricing between the two companies and how do the services line up?
      You make some valid points, I just want to see more clarity for our community readers.

      • Totally misinformed Mike. Lightyear pays an up-front comission on ALL wireless sales. Paid the very next week, and no clawbacks. They also pay 10% residual on the wireless bill every month. The service cost is $59.99 for totally unlimited Talk, Text, and Data. On, it shows that WOW charges $89.99. That's a difference of $30 per month, for the same thing. Sure, if Lightyear charges customers an extra $30 per customer, they could give a customer free service every month for referring 3, since WOW gets and extra $90 from overcharging. Its not difficult to see what's going on there. Nothing wrong with it, that's their right to charge what they want and pay what they want. But don't start making statements about other companies without checking out the facts.
        Seems to me there is a BIG incentive to become a LIghtyear customer… it's simply less expensive and still delivers all the features, yes with Unlimited Data.

        • Well I can say this about Lightyear. They do have the $59.99 first month free deal with is good, but the down fall with them is you can't bring your current phone with is an issue for alot of people. The phones Lightyear have are outdated and over priced. They have the HTC Touch Pro for $594 which is ridiculous. I have the latest version HTC Touch Pro 2 and I didn't pay that much for it. I don't understand how they think they can charge more for a older version of that phone. Who's actually going to buy that. Maybe they got a bad contract with the manufactors or something who knows. However, Lightyear seems to listen to their field leaders and are improving as time goes along. So maybe they'll offer the ability for customers to bring their current phones and cut the prices on the phones they have. As fas as infrastructure, right now Lightyear has to be the most solid out of all the mlm wireless companies.

          • Hey Reginald, good points. The phones are actually sold at cost. Yes they are a little expensive for phones like the HTC, but that's cost. If you look at Sprint's retail price with no contract, you will see that most of their phones actually cost more than Lightyear. Also, on the keeping your same phone issue, that would be a good luxury. On the post-paid product, LIghtyear can activate any Verizon handset. However, do some comparison to the biggest players in no-contract, prepay services. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile are the biggest. They do not allow you to keep your same phone either, yet they outsell everyone. They are also Sprint MVNO's. Believe it or not, those phones are selling very well, especially the Blackberry Curve. Thanks for the comments.

          • Those phone are sold at who's cost? Every carrier doesn't charge that much for phones. Sprint handset retail cost has alway been more expensive than the rest. T-Mobile retail price on the HTC Touch Pro 2 which is newer model isn't that high. I think Lightyear is trying to make an substantial profit off the phones unless they got a bad deal from the manufactor or something. So I know Lightyear can compromise some more on those pices…..LOL Also, how come Televerus got a better deal on the MiFi product than Lightyear? What is up with that and who is negoiating over there? Lightyear has so much potential, but sometime I wonder if they are paying attention to what's happening in the industry.

          • We don't buy our phones from carriers, we buy them from phone manufacturers. That's why we pay cost.
            All that Televerus is doing is reselling a Sprint service. They aren't billing their own MiFi product.

          • Is this case it doesn't matter who's doing the billing, it's about who's bringing the most value to the customer. And even as a reseller which technically everyone is doing if you don't own your own towers Televerus got the better deal with Sprint is all I was saying.

          • Another point is Televerus has the Mifi for $199 Retail and $57 a month for UNLIMITED DATA and Lightyear is selling it for $324 retail or something like that. SO I know LY is jacking the prices. Not to mention they have a 5GB data limit for $60 a month + taxes. How on earth did LY let Televerus who seems who be delayed on their telecom side get a deal with sprint like that before they did? I was looking into LY but I'm not sure what those guys are doing sometime.

          • Haven't you already been a rep with LY, FDI, Global Verge, and WOW? Looks like you are making the rounds!

          • Have never been with WOW Mobile. I left Global Verge in July 2009 before all this new chaos happened. I left LY because they were in the business to sell cellphones. That's what came out of leaders mouths when I was in. Therefore they weren't competitive with their prices either. So we couldn't get real customers. All they preached was use signing up reps and getting them to become their own customer and duplicate organization wide. The Good News now for LY reps is that this GV saga has helped the telecom industry in network marketing. After Global Verge came out even though it's been a roller coaster ride, it forced LY officials to expedite that deal with Sprint calling plan and they got it done fast.

          • Sorry Reginald, but you're not accurate with your statements at all (except for the part about a solid infrastructure and listening to their leadership – that Lightyear does have for sure). You CAN port your number! Both with Pre-paid and Post-paid!!!!!! And you don't have to pay for it!
            Also, the phone price you are talking about includes the first month of service, the activation fee, and the cost of the phone!!! It's also a PRE-PAID plan so there is no contract and no credit check. The reason you get a discount on a phone through a traditional carrier is because you're signing a 2 year contract. Our pre-paid service obviously carries no contract so you are paying for the phone upfront. It's the same with companies like Boost, MetroPCS, etc.
            Just thought I'd clarify.
            Once again Troy, this is not an attempt to show which company is better, just making sure accurate information is given.

          • Well home come LY states that the first month is free when they are actually including it in the price of the phone? I understand that you will pay more for the phones since it's prepaid but still looking at market value I still believe LY overpriced their phones. I sell phones myself and I can get them cheaper than what LY is selling them brand new. Wow Mobile phones are like $400 and they are newer models than the one's Lightyear offers but Lightyear is charging more for older model phones. Wow Mobile is prepaid too right? I know if Lightyear comes down on their phones or allow people to bring their own on the prepaid side, they'll have more true customers coming in versus a bunch of distributers being their own customers.

          • 1. WOW mobile doesn't sell the phones, T-Mobile does, WOW just resells them.
            2. WOW charges $89 a month for the same service Lightyear charges $59 for (and Lightyear has a better network).
            $300 a month overcharge x 12 months is $360 a year. That's some serious breakage to discount phones.
            Also, Liberty/WOW doesn't appear to be selling any phones directly. When you go to an actual rep's Liberty International replicated site and click to order you can't actually buy the phones from Liberty, you have to go to an outside company. Their own site links you to the main websites of the makers of the phones. From there you're on your own to get the phone.

          • Well I don't know about Sprint network being better than T-Mobile? Sprint has 4G technology right now I give them that credit but I think T-Mobile has broader coverage. Either way it really doesn't matter who is selling the phones my friend. That is besides the point. That still doesn't justify why in the world Lightyear keeps overcharging people for handsets. If WOW is reselling the handsets from T-Mobile and they are still cheaper than LY, that's just makes LY looks even worse since they cut out the middle man. I actually went through the ordering process on Liberty site and I was able to order everything from their site with out going to a third party site.

          • Reginald,
            Is the 4G technology, just wireless with Sprint? I saw their latest ad, and it stated wireless 4G, I thought maybe this had to do with the MIFI… Can you give a little insight?

          • Troy,
            Yes Sprint is the first wireless carrier to launch 4G technology in the USA. Basically all it is is wireless data speeds. 3G has average download speeds of up to 1.4 mbps which is low end dsl speeds. 4G average speeds are up to 6 mbps with a peak of 10 mbps which is broadband speeds. They have certain devices that support this and the Sierra Wireless Mifi device is one of them. They also have certain broadband aircards that are 4G capable as well. The Norvel 2200 that Televerus and Lightyear have isn't 4G capable unfortunately. This wimax that Clear has is considered 4G technology too. The easiest way to explain it is, 4G is alot faster than 3G data or internet speeds.

          • Reginald…notice, Concerned MLMer… "NEVER STATES"

    • Let's be realistic here folks, how many "customers" are actually going to go out and sell the service to other customers? I've been in the telecom business A LONG time and I see it as a VERY rare occasion. Even if there are incentives for customers to get discounts – 95% won't ever do it.
      The average customer has a GREAT incentive to become my customer in Lightyear: they can get unlimited calling, text, and data for $59.99 a month on a nationwide 3G network! That's $30 less than WOW's service!
      Also, Lightyear customers don't have to pay a $25 fee just to become a customer. They also don't have to pay $25 to port their number. With Lightyear it's free to become a customer and free to port your number.
      Our reps can earn free wireless service (as your reps can because they're the ones out their selling the service, not the customers) and our customers receive a GREAT quality wireless service and an incredibly competitive price!
      And let me clarify, I never said the deal that Liberty is offering (the 3 and free) was bad, I think it's a great concept. What I've been warning people about is the lack of infrastructure. I've seen it happen with LPC Global, EDT International, Buzzirk/Zer01, Global Mobile 1, and others. They all try to get in the wireless game but because they lack the funding and corporate infrastructure all they end up doing is creating A LOT of frustration from their reps.
      There is plenty of room in the wireless industry for all of us. What I can't stand is when people come onto forums and advertise their opportunity and say that their deal beats everyone and they have the best, when in reality they might not. It's you that get defensive when someone challenges your SPAM advertisements with an argument.
      Now, someone please explain to me why when you go to a rep's Liberty Website and click on Liberty Products and then click on WOW Mobile Network and then on the T-Mobile service, that you can't order it. All it does is take you to the WOW advertisement site but there's no way for you to order?????? How can you sell to outside customers when customers can't even order from your site?
      Also, someone please explain to me why when you go to the corporate site and click on the "About Our Founder" that Randy has a link to his personal Liberty site on it????
      Fair questions don't you think?

      • What I find humorous about all the "My business is bettter than your business" is how juvenile it is from all players.
        If a person falls in love the the leadership, products and compensation plan of any legit MLM business, then they should go build a business and stop trying to prove to everyone else how great their business is above everyone else's.
        We see this with over zealous reps, just getting started.
        Share facts and build relationships and keep rocking.
        It doesn't matter what niche inside of MLM, it is this type of action which fuels the flames for the critics who just look for negitive things to write.
        For such a positive focused profession, people sure get off the mark a whole lot of the time.

        • Well Troy when people call out your company you have every right to defend it – whether that's WOW or Lightyear. If you notice above Lightyear isn't mentioned anywhere until Get Wow ASAP decided to take a shot at Lightyear. It was him that brought Lightyear into it. Until then this was a discussion about WOW. It doesn't become a debate until someone makes it one and that wasn't the Lightyear people here.

          • Concerned MLMer,
            We will have to agree to disagree on this issue. I am a firm beleiver when you are with a solid company, any company there is nothing to defend. Unless your attrition is so high, you are trying to stop the blood bath.
            Top leaders, and I do not mean in income, do not seem to be defending anything. They stop by every now and then make a quick comment and move on. In most cases they praise their company, never take a pot shot at anyone else's company.
            I'm not pointing at you specifically, I am stating a fact. Take my post on Vemma… or even Arobnne, solid comments, not backbiting or anyone trying to see who has the biggest…
            I just find it a little childish when people keep focusing on issues which are irrelevant. This is the 21 century, people can find what they are looking for, ask questions, and make intelligent decisions.
            If i were looking for a company these days, I would not be drawn to any company who's top leaders, or any leaders were continuely hitting blogs and forums dissing other companies, instead of just sharing rock solid facts about their own.
            You and I see eye to eye most of the time, and I guess I just expect more from the leader I know you are. People inside of MLM Help Desk and outside follow your lead.

          • Just sick and tired of these so called companies popping up promising the world and never delivering. It reflects poorly on MLM as an industry – especially the telecom side. Notice how I don't link my name to a website. I'm not here to recruit. I'm here to help protect the industry – as you are too Troy, which is what I respect about you.
            The only time I'll even mention Lightyear is if someone brings it up (in a negative way) – as was the case here.
            My simple point is that WOW is not as secure of a business model as their reps make it out to be. BTW, I still don't have any answers to the questions posed above to the WOW reps.

          • Concerned MLMer,
            You have my respect my friend, I fully understand the motive behind the comments and frustration. And like me sometimes you take it as personal as I do 🙂 When you love the profession, you hate to see the scams and pyramids.
            Your post always spur great debate and solid thoughts for those who are listening. However, we both sometimes get caught up in the emotion of issues which have been beaten to death, and sometimes we must face the facts that some folks are just more mixed up than we are and will never get the facts straight.
            Please keep up the great work and dedication.
            Lets see if an answer will soon come forward.

          • Steve,
            Although your comment is short and sweet. I think people need to read it over and over for a very specific reason. You are putting together a criteria you will use from this point forward on finding the right company for you.
            Folks listen, it's not about cutting down other companies, it is about finding the company which works for you, then sharing with others why you love it.
            Jim Bartlett who is a top notch networker and loyal Lightyear SVP seems to always come by the community here and share powerful and positive words for all. He never slams other companies, and when asked shares about Lightyear.
            Today he gave me some advice he lives by and I thought it was worth sharing. "If you want to know about a Ford truck, you don't ask a brand new food truck owner, or worse yet, you never ask a Chevy truck owner about the Ford truck. You go find a long time Ford truck owner and ask them why they love it." Well the same is true here. Find a company you are interested in, and start talking to loyal leaders. By the way LOYAL Leaders do not mean TOP Leaders.

    • Troy,
      I think if you want to greatly legitimize this site and forum you will start publishing the IP Addresses of the posters. I think you will gain a lot of respect from some very serious Network Marketers if you do that!

      • ROFLOL…. Concerned MLMer,
        Either a person believes I run a legit site or they don't. Publishing the private IP Address of people who comment is not going to happen. Talk about a huge security breach, putting families at risk. No on your life!!!
        Respect is earned. If my personal actions does not warrant respect from people, then publishing private IP Addresses sure won't do it either.
        As for the "very serious Network Marketers… I either have their respect or I don't. I guess it all depends on exactly what "serious network marketer" means.
        But hey, I guess you had to try.

        • does it and they don't seem to be putting people's lives at risk.
          All I'm saying is that I have a hunch there are a few people on your forum with multiple personality disorder and they clog up great threads with their nonsense.

          • I am sure the difference is the fact, I have invested the last decade in internet security and identity thief protection. However, we do watch the IP Addresses, and I can tell you that what you and others seem to assume are multiple personalities may every well be. However, they are not coming from the same IP Addresses. Although, we have caught a few over the last year.
            If people don't fall into the trap of he said she said, stick to the facts and move on to the next topic, it will not be an issue. Unlike a forum, our goal is to write articles providing the facts to the public, not trying to keep people on the site for hours at a time debating each other.
            Based on the emails I receive form folks who visit looking for information on a company, they don't worry about the comments, they are more interested in me directing them to a leader in a specific company. Which is why I am very selective on who I refer to who in each company.

  8. The compensation plan is the most important factor to consider..why would you work harder for less money ?…work smart and earn more right ?
    I did the numbers over and over…Wow Mobile has it all the way ..Just the 100% payout to unlimited levels is better by its self, without adding up all the other payouts…
    Wow Mobile pays very very fast but its caped to $4100- $7700 a day…Perfect!.
    No compensation plan out there will work, without reps and customers coming in.
    Wow Mobile has it again… with the refer 3 = FREE Cell phone service forever…Wow Mobile is on a recruiting storm… building battalions fast.
    I like the New program for Veterans to join the business for free
    I am signing nearly everyone who hears about it…the phone is ringing all the time.
    I left my 20 year old business, and my wife quit her office job.. WOW !
    (P.S checks arrive every Monday )
    Wow Mobile is wonderful…I highly recommend it.

    • $5,000 in "Retail Customer Acquisition Bonuses" equals $100 in wireless credits? Still not sure what that means to a retail customer, or how RETAIL customers can get free wireless service with LY. Not saying it cant happen; just saying I've tried to figure it out and can't. I've watched the comp plan (quite a few versions of it) for LY and I admit I still do not have a full greasp of all the details. Seems kinda complicated for somebody who just wants to be a customer to understand. I've mentioned in previous posts (I believe it was under 'Wowmobilemike'), that I think Lightyear Wireless has a strong backbone and is a well-established company. It seems to be geared a lot more toward bringing on distributors than providing a stand-alone product that has a definitive appeal to the retail prospect. Liberty's marketing model is easy to understand. "Buy 1, Refer 3, it's FREE" I understand that.

    • "The compensation plan is the most important factor to consider.."
      Hmm. So if a company has a great comp plan but shady management (like a company on another post) you would take that, over a company that has a ok comp plan, but great leadership, management etc.?
      To make a decision on a company you have to look at not only the whole company, but your passion, and see if they mix. I never could sell in A nutracutical company. I could recruit people, but couldn't teach them how to do the same, and only had a couple of customers. But long distance, and now wireless, Oh, I love it. I do ok, in my venture last year before GV I brought in 2 reps and 2 customers a week average. I also taught my people to duplicate what I did. Many did and I was building a good income (never leave just because something else looks too good to pass up).

  9. I've been affiliated with other telecom companies in the past few months, and after joining Liberty International / Wow Mobile, I can truly say "I found my HOME"!
    NO AUTOSHIP & FREE CELL SERVICE….I mean come on folks, it doesn't get better than this!
    It's human nature to stir up negative remarks. Keep wasting your time jumping from one network marketing company to another, while we continue to focus on growing our business. You know you can't beat us so join us…it's NOT too late! <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  10. Now let's compare services. WoW – $89.95 Unltd Everything.
    Lightyear – $59.95 Unltd Everything.
    Looks at first glance to be pretty clear, right? What kinds of phones can I get with WoW? The coolest, newest DROID phones, that not only do everything that the coolest new phones do, but ALSO create a wireless hotspot. Now, look at the phones that Lightyear offers on their Prepaid plan. Meh…..Outdated stuff that really doesn't have any zeal, functional or otherwise. (just my opinion; take a look for yourselves.) Had Lightyear been able to come out with some cool smartphones, like I was told they were going to do several months ago, I might have hopped on board with them. But now, I am glad I waited it out for Liberty to really step it up and do what they have been doing with T-Mobile and their "Refer 3, it's FREE!" simple marketing model.

    • Part 1: Those Droid phones are pretty cool. However, that's the least important thing in either program. Blackberry is still the leading seller of and the most popular smart phone, Wow doesn't offer Blackberry. For that matter, most phones people have right now aren't smart phones at all, although the market is moving in that direction. The other reps on here are saying the ability to use your existing phone is the best part of WOW. So, if everyone wants to keep their phone, why does having anything with "zeal" matter? Answer: It doesn't matter at all, either way.
      Remember, Boost and Virgin are well in command of the pre-pay, unlimited everything market. Boost actually outsold Sprint last year in new activations, and Sprint and TMobile did about the same as each other. Boost only has 5 phones in inventory, and none are "big time" smart phones. Neither Boost or Virgin allow you to keep your existing handset. People want lots of different things. Price isn't everything. If it were, no one would be using Verizon or ATT, both of which have around 80% marketshare themselves, and both who charge more than anyone else.

    • Part 2: Comparing services is not an apples to apples comparison. Just watch Verizon and ATT battle it out, with no real difference being made. Do some people want a droid phone, and are willing to pay $360 more per year for the monthly service? Sure, just like IPhone users do the same. However, A LOT of people would rather have a Blackberry, HTC, or another popular smart phone, or maybe even just a basic handset, and spend over $360 less per year than what others are charging. It's preference, and there is a market for both. Don't forget, other companies also offer the refer customers, and get it free too. Some companies don't overcharge their customers to be able to do it either.
      Honestly, I don't think it's really an issue of Lightyear v. WOW v. Panther v. FDI v. ACN v. XYZ Company. It's the MLM business model v. Big Wireless. We sell services differently, and give the customer a better overall experience. Lets go make this industry thrive together! Good luck in your business.

  11. When i left GV last year, I was looking for a solid state-of-the-art product that would attract RETAIL customers. One thing that I was personally in need of was a cool smartphone. Lightyear did not have ANY smartphones for their pre-paid $59.99 plan. 95% of the people I know use smartphones. It looks like Lightyear is offering the same 3-4 year old Nokia phone that Televerus was trying to present as a "revolutionary" piece of technology. I think if Lightyear steps it up on their handset offerings for the prepaid plan, they might able to keep more of their reps from leaving. I assume (and I stress "assume") that Sprint, may have something to do with the lack of modern phones available on the prepaid plan. So, WoW is the only thing that really makes sense for me.
    If anybody can clearly explain in pictures (I like pictures. ;-)) exactly how Lightyear's RETAIL customer will be better off with them, then, for my own edification, please help me to understand. Thanks.
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  12. I have a question for the WOW reps:
    How does someone just become a CUSTOMER (where they have no financial interest in the comp plan) with WOW?
    According to the Liberty Sign Up site if I want to become a "preferred customer" it says that I pay $25 and then I have a maximum commissions/day limit of $3,500. Here's the working copied directly from Liberty's Sign up page:
    Liberty Business Suite (Preferred Customer)
    Maximum possible commissions / day: $3500
    So really, these $25 positions are not customers, they are reps. Customers (in the telecom world at least) are people that subscribe to a product or service that have no financial benefit to be gained by being a part of the opportunity or compensation plan.
    So, how does a customer who just wants to use the service become a customer?
    Simple question, should have a simple answer without any name calling or bringing any other companies into the mix. Afterall, this is a WOW thread, we should focus on that, right?

      • Actually I didn't know that. How do they avoid the pyramid scheme rule then???
        According to the Liberty sign up page the $25/month "preferred customer" can also earn commissions. You are exactly right, they are a REP, not a customer. They just aren't buying the business centers like the higher fees are.
        My question to the WOW reps: Why can't you simply sell to an outside customer?

        • Concerned MLMer,
          This is not out of the norm, and is legal. As a matter of fact lots of companies do this. Look at the "preferred customer" as an affiliate.
          1. You can be a customer and just pay for your service.
          2. You can be a preferred customer for free and offset your monthly service by referring others to buy their service.
          3. You can buy into our MLM compensation structure at $$$$$ and earn money off other others who are in the binary compensation plan.
          The issue is not just Liberty International, it is also any other comapny who has this, but the reps never mention it. That is when the FTC can use the fact… It is a pyramid scheme. Even though there is a free or preferred customer position the reps never knew it was there because they either did not read the P&P or T&C or they just refuse to talk about it, because they do not make enough money just pushing product/service sales.
          It is a fine line, and in the case of companies who use websites as customer point requirements it is even more of a gray area.

          • I understand that many nutritionals use the "preferred customer" language to guy at a discount. However, those "customers" don't have the ability to earn downline commissions.
            A $25 rep in Liberty can earn the exact same type of commissions on downline reps as those paying higher fees. So, therefore everyone who joins has a financial benefit in the comp plan.
            Hey, if the AG's don't mind then let them run with it. I could care less. What I'm wondering about is why on earth can't someone just become a customer of the service?
            Fair question, should have a simple answer don't you agree Troy?

          • Concerned MLMer,
            Fantastic question. I went to the main site, and was able to click on several of the services to buy just products as a "customer" not a preferred customer. But, what we would need to see, is if the shopping portals allow for just customer sales. If so, then they are in the clear. If not, this will need to be answered. It could be a red flag.

          • Troy,
            You can click on everything, but as you'll see there's no place to order.
            For example, go to a rep's replicated site. Click on Liberty Products. Then click on WOW Mobile. If you click on the "$89" plan it will take you to the wowmobile site. But again, on that site there's no place to actually order the service.
            Another example, while you're on the Liberty Products section click on the HTC phone. It takes you to HTC's corporate website. Of course again there is no place to actually order the service. In fact, there's a link on HTC's site that says "Click Here to find a Dealer." And of course Liberty and WOW are not listed.
            I've searched and searched and the only possible way that I've seen to become a customer of the product is to FIRST become a rep. Again, just because they are calling the $25 option a "preferred customer" does not mean it's a customer. If that position can earn bonuses and commissions for recruiting reps then that position is a rep, end of story.

          • Concerned, I think you stopped the posting on WOW.
            I was enjoying the debates. Come on WOW reps someone tell this Lightyear guy why he is wrong.

          • Why would any one not want to be a rep if they could be paid for recommending something that benefits them and others, especially Veterans? People do it every day, it is simply net working, except they don't get compensated for it. i tell joe for example, "hey, i went to see Avatar, it was awesome, you should check it out" people do the same thing every day with cell phone service, why not get paid to do it? it seems to me the real issue is envy and prejudice as well as a lack of being properly informed moreover, a biased opinion. it is next to impossible to get through to such a mentality, especially if the intention is to simply criticize and fault find. mind you, the above is not my intention, it is the mentality i am addressing not the personality, with a little self understanding there is a difference. however, if the intention is to acquire an unbiased understanding, then potentially we could inform others to make an educated decision regarding being a customer or rep with liberty and Wow Mobile. the proof of the pudding is in the tasting folks, it is as simple as that, We welcome and support new members, feel free to get in touch. 800-963-6640
            joshua drake
            liberty rep

          • It's not about being wrong or right, it's about getting an answer to a very simple question.
            With every MLM opportunity I've ever seen there's a way for just a customer to order product retail from a website without paying any rep fees or participating in the compensation plan.
            All I want to know is why can't you do that with WOW Mobile products?????

          • Customers are just customers, they can upgrade later if they want to the choice is theirs. They simply buy product
            You can't see the way the site operates correctly with all the functions unless you are signed up…your comments don't count, you don't have access to the site.
            Also our phone plans include Taxes fees (21-23%) so the $89 plan is realy $69.27 quoted by other companies
            Remember refer 3 get it free forever…no other company has that !!!
            Its all about the NO BILLS EVER!!!!!!!!!!
            American public want FREE Wow Mobile has it for the customer

          • No, you are incorrect. With the WOW product a person MUST pay $25 to be a rep and they are inserted into the comp plan as such (hence the ability for them to earn multiple levels of commissions ("up to $3,500 per day").
            The problem with this will come with legality (something Randy has run into in the past with Destiny Telecom and the purchasing of his Multiple Business Centers). If you can't sell the product to outside customers (people that have no financial interest in the comp plan) then you're running an illegal pyramid scheme. It's as simple as that.
            All I'm trying to figure out is WHY IS IT THIS WAY?????? Not one person has provided an answer. How hard would it be to open up a website to a customer and say, "here – please feel free to order our service, no strings attached."
            And you proved my point perfectly: "You can't see the way the site operates correctly unless you are signed up." And my comments do count because this is a public forum and I'm free to say what I choose to.
            This is not an attempt to say WOW is bad, just trying to get some answers to questions and hopefully help people make an educated decision.

          • I'm with you Sam!!! I don't know why this guy is so scared of competition. I joined WOW Mobile after researching both companies. Now I'm focused on growing my business and could care less about what is going on at LY. There are 277,000,000 active cell phones in the US so I need to get back to marketing with a little less blogging.

          • This has nothing to do with being threatened, trust me! If you had any idea of who I am you'd understand that.
            This has EVERYTHING to do with protecting the MLM industry – specifically the telecom side of it.
            You see WOWMDGUY, I've watched a dozen companies suck millions of dollars out of tens of thousands of people over the last couple of years, all based on the hype of wireless. When these companies over promise and under deliver it hurts the entire MLM industry but it truly hurts the telecom side.
            Yes, wireless is the hottest thing going in MLM right now. Yes, there are plenty of customers out there for everyone. Just don't go out there and promise the world to people and not be able to follow through.
            And unfortunately you can't say that WOW has followed through with what they said they would. Just up until a month ago WOW for almost a full year was hyping the heck out of their WiFi VOIP/Wireless mumbo jumbo. Where's that now? Gone! Why? Because they couldn't deliver on what they were telling people. Guess what, that hurt the industry!
            This is a discussion forum, designed to help get the facts out there (good and bad) about every company. This thread isn't about Lightyear – it's about WOW and if you don't want to participate then don't.

  13. Concerned MLMer …Is first to post…then spends all his day defending his posts, dancing around specifics, delving into any info to he can get to keep his slander fest going, …Sure seems like LY is running scared. Wow will "crush" them in the market place sooner than later…Mark my Words…they are about to BENdover… Keep up the good work guys!

    • In the past few months, I've been affiliated with other telecom companies, but after joining Liberty International I can truly say I found my home!
      NO AUTOSHIP & FREE CELL SERVICE…I mean come on folks, it doesn't get better than this!
      It's logical people will take shots at those successful. Keep wasting your time jumping from one network marketing company to another, while we pour all of our energy into growing our business.
      You know you can't beat us, so join us…it's not to late! <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    • While I agree, it looks like WOW is doing some good things right now and has some momentum, I serioiusly doubt that LY is affected in any way. Furthermore, LY has it's own track record of 16 years, and has watched a whole lot of reps from other companies say exactly what you are saying. Champion Communications, LPC Global, Everge, wireless, Global Verge (how'd that work out?) FDI, the list goes on and on. They all said the same thing, "LY is rattled, we are taking alltheir reps, they are scared… blah blah blah. LY has out-lasted them all, and they will continue to do so. I'm not saying that WOW won't do well. I hope they do. MLM needs more than one positive example. I'm pulling for WOW, we are in this together. I'm just saying there is plenty of room for others, and that a company like Lightyear is way too solid and is doing too many things right not win this game, and others canwin, too, but it won't be easy.
      Good luck to you in your business.

  14. There you said it Doc!! Why don't you tell us who you are??? I see about a million of your post under about every topic on this site.. Don't you have anything else to do but sit here day after day after day all day long writing your boring, tired crap? Ly is a crap business ok!!!! Go sign someone up or something……ok Doc?

      • Yes like you answering the question raised ! Please answer it directly and truthfully !
        LY dont have FREE forever like Wow ….Correct?
        Concerned MLMer Answer this !…
        (Not go off on a tangent change subject like… the customer …this that)
        Lets see if LY will finally say they "don't" have 2 is free forever!…I mean FOREVER!
        LY have 2 is free nothing…keep recruiting 2 is what they mean
        Wow Mobile has 3 = FREE Forever…MAJOR MONEY BENEFIT X 12 X FOREVER
        Smoke mirrors and Kool aide @ LY

  15. Wow mobile is still a buyer beware in my opinion! I was in Randy Jeffers old company in the mid 90's and he still owes me money let alone the thousands of others. Does a Leopard ever change his spots? He never made that right with all of us reps! I have been in this industry for 18 years and I can tell you that there are many other concerns that Wow has such as: Where is the corporate address? Answer: The same address that Mr. Jeffers uses as him home address! Usually when a company tries the "virtual" approach it means a lack of capital. Also, The ability to buy multiple positions is frowned upon by the AG so just be ready for another possible shut down but once again Mr. Jeffers will happily take his millions and you will see another picture of him, this time next to his "new jet plane" that you FOOLS will pay for! Wait, there's more! T-Mobiles coverage is the worst out of the big 4. So get ready for many upset customers! And when they call to complain, who will answer their questions and fix their problem? There are already complaints of reps that can't get a hold of cust. svc. so they send an e mail, which is what the "answering machine" tells them to do, and then no one gets back to them! This sounds like so much fun!! There is much more but I think the smart people get the point! Folks do not make a decision based on hype or you will get burned! Make a decision after a thorough investigation and your brain tells you that it's a good business decision! WOW………………. is what you will say later when you are thinking, I almost got sucked into that company!!!

    • The MLM Truth,
      I believe ALL ML Wireless companies should have a buyers beware based on their compensation plans. Each have something which the FTC could use as a reason to investigate the company, causing the company to make changes or shut them down completely.

    • Wow is Solid, getting paid, great phone service, good communication from Randy and the leaders, the company is working very well, customer service have taken care of questions and changes needed to various requests promptly…no problems to report at all.
      I look forward to more Tier 1 providers coming on board, bigger coverage maps, more network variety, larger market and bigger success, as if we are not on fire right now.
      Please understand that the other companies trying to compete are out of ammo. This post from the MLM Truth is typical. They are very upset…have no come back…or product that competes with Wow's…Folks read between the lines…they are loosing market Share/Reps.
      Expect to read negative posts from the others offering less.

      • I agree with MLM Truth. I am a Liberty International representative and the customer service is absolutely horrible. I have emails to customer support for over 10 weeks that have never been responded to. The upline says the solution is to sell more and that is a good thing since the company is going through "growing pains". It took over 5 weeks to have my existing phone number transfer completed. During that time I was paying two cell phone bills. WoW is right my phone bill was double what it used to be. I have a new customer that has been waiting over 3 1/2 weeks for a SIM card. Then after that is delivered we can start down the long road of getting the existing phone number transfer completed.
        This is all being addressed according to Randy Jeffers but I have yet to see any real results.

  16. WOW is a good concept, but someone does need to show me that you can recruit customers, NOT "Preferred Customers". If you can't do this, then all WOW reps (in my opinion) are in an illegal company type. You have to have the ability to recruit customers. If you can't recruit customers, contact Randy and make him change the structure. I should not have to pay $25.00 to be a customer and have a financial involvement in the company, if I just want the service.

    • Sam,
      You bring up a great point. I am going to call Randy Monday since no one has answered about the customer portal. However, if the company allows a person the opportunity to freely promote personal sales by making them a preferred customer, this is legal. If the following are met.
      1. There is no additional autoship outside of the service they were buying in the first place.
      2. There is no mandatory additional autoship requirement.
      3. And there is no mandatory personal requirement that they maintain their personal service to market the business and earn personal commissions.
      It is number three which has me concernered.

  17. Gotta ditto that stuff up there-WoWmobile is going crazy for one reason, and one reason only, its the real deal! Got a great team who actually get weekly checks and don't have a problem showing others how to get FREE cell phone service, simply using the "power of 3' to get it free. The average person can really make money and help others Save $. Take that to the bank! If your in the NY area, we have a team growing daily and offer our hand to show U the real deal. Thanks Rich T. its too easy at <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  18. I'm reading everything I can find in various wireless mlm posts on the Help Desk and I don't seem to see much new information about WOW. I'm ready to get my money back from WOW and go with a reputable company that will actually send me a phone, set up my service, and respond to phone calls and e-mails to answer my questions.
    I don't want to slam any company, but I expect all companies and their leadership/management to be held accountable. WOW has had my money for six weeks and has been unable to deliver a phone or service, and I get little to no response when I try to find out why. I've heard all the information about the Tier 1 carrier pulling out of the deal. I've been told that anothet Tier 1 carrier is onboard (although tech support's latest reply to me says "WHEN another carrier is on board you'll be notified how to go about changing your order" from the first Tier 1 provider to the second.)
    I don't think they know what's going on. I just want reliable, affordable phone service to be provided in a timely manner. That, I can sell! Troy, if you have any insight as to why WOW seems unable or unwilling to reveal the whole truth to us, I'd love to hear it. I have some interesting information I'd like to share with you, with your permission.
    Everyone have a great day, and keep building!