In reviewing the feedback we obtain every time we put out a Rip-off Alert, I made a decision to elucidate a little bit on what these MLM Rip-off Alerts imply, and what they do not imply.
I feel to many occasions folks really feel we’re some who being paid to report. We don’t receives a commission interval on any rip-off report, and to this point we’ve not acquired a greenback from an firm assessment we’ve accomplished.
Our purpose is to offer a Eagle’s Eye view of the corporate and alternative. To many occasions folks solely hear the propaganda from the corporate or the particular person recruiting them into the corporate, with out digging to fantastic out strong information.
As have a sequence of benchmarks we use to report on an organization. If the corporate doesn’t hit the benchmarks, we report.
So the subsequent time you see a MLM Rip-off Alret… Bear in mind it’s an Alert! Take the data, use it to make an knowledgeable determination on becoming a member of an organization or not.
Dwelling An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly