Phil Piccolo calls and threatens to file a lawsuit in opposition to MLM Assist Desk and Troy Dooly. Yep, you heard me proper, and all of it steams from my final publish titled – Data Network Affiliates and Narc technologies May be Lying to Their Distributors.

See within the video, I said “it has been purported Phil Piccolo has signed an settlement with FTC – NOT to be be related in MLM ever once more.” Effectively, that appears to have been the catalyst for Phil Piccolo.

So Piccolo known as his MLM Legal professional Mr. D. Jack Smith and Jack instructed him “Make an instance of Troy Dooly.” Which I actually discover humorous, as a result of lord is aware of Rod Cook dinner the MLM Watchdog has stated far worse issues than I’ve ever stated or written about Phil Piccolo. However hey, I am the brand new child on the block.
Anyway, after over two hours on the telephone with Phil Piccolo, which by the best way, he was an pleasant man to speak with, I did come to the next conclusions…
1. Phil Piccolo, if he’s not MLMs most infamous scammer, (which by the point I’m performed, I’ll know a technique or one other) must be one of the unfortunate MLM skilled in historical past.
2. Phil Piccolo has NEVER (based on Phil himself) signed or agreed to any type of settlement with the FTC to by no means be affiliated with MLM, Community Advertising, Direct Promoting or some other time period we wish to give our nice occupation.
3. Phil Piccolo has at the least one very nicely revered MLM Skilled as a really shut good friend. This particular person is somebody I respect, admire and have known as on greater than as soon as for recommendation, both straight or by means of the coaching they supply.
4. Phil Piccolo understands I cannot take something off of MLM assist Desk, however I’ll proceed to put in writing weblog posts, and shoot movies sharing the details as they turn out to be accessible.
What I would like from each one who reads this weblog publish, is so that you can write a remark overlaying one of many following…
1. If Phil Piccolo has helped you, your crew or your loved ones in any means, I would like you to put in writing a remark beneath and tell us.
2. If Phil Piccolo has harmed you, your crew, or your loved ones in any means, I would like you to put in writing a remark beneath and tell us.
Then on August 27th, 2010 on Aces Radio Live Jim Gillhouse and myself will interview Phil Piccolo stay in over 100 counties across the globe and we can be utilizing these feedback to formulate the questions we ask Phil.
Effectively, let’s get to the true and cease simply counting on the rumors flying round.

By the best way, in case you are questioning if Phil Piccolo is a part of Knowledge Community Associates or Automated Geek, then you’ll want to watch the weblog for some upcoming posts.
Dwelling An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Troy, I have never crossed paths with Phil Piccolo. But I applaud your willingness to dig up the truth. Now, where there is smoke, there generally is fire…but I also know anyone can write anything on the internet. So it will be refreshing to see what you uncover here and maybe it will set a precedent for accurate reporting in our industry. Reporting based on documented facts, not opinionated bravado.

  2. Troy, great response! I think one of the problems is that alot of people don't know that Phil may be behind the scenes with the company they are involved with. I am involved with Narc That Car, but never heard of Phil Piccolo being involved. This guy seems to always be behind the scenes and not out in the open as an honest person would be. Suspicious behavior to me. Do you have a list of companies that Phil Picolo has been part of? Perhaps a list could help people recall their experiences with that company.
    Also, how do I make a post regarding Paul Birdsall's Plug Into Green Profits new green business. I have some good information that I would like everybody to know about.

  3. Troy,
    Thanks for all the info, I'm fairly new to the industry and didn't even know Phil or you for that matter. After listening to your post I can now say I know you much better and God Bless you for all you have endured. I check this site out almost every day and you are one of the most transparent, objective, much needed industry regulators that I've come across. Keep up the good work and please accept my prayers for you and your family!

  4. I lost about $300. or $400. over two plus years joining programs led and promoted by Phil Piccolo including D1280 gas additive, Lights Out sleeping aid and UBBEE. He would simply convince members to roll over from one company to another in order to maintain positions in a matrix and each time it would cost entry fees. I promoted extensively as did others on teleconferences and I did not make any income but lost my investments. I finally wised up and dropped out a couple of years ago. Based on the teleconferences I am sure there are a lot more investors who were scamed.

  5. I can understand your passion. What I do not understand is the rehashing of all this crap. We know the deal is dirty. We know who is behind the deal. Stop wasting time here and file complaints. That will be far more productive.
    IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO REPORT SCAMS TO SAVE OTHERS FROM BEING RIPPED OFF. DO IT RIGHT NOW. The more of us who file complaints the faster the investigation will culminate in possible charges.
    The place to call is the Broward County Florida Sheriffs Office white collar crime division. 954 321-4255. Ask for John Calabor. He works directly with the State Attorney on this type of white collar crime.
    CALL AND FILE A COMPLAINT!!!!! I bet he cut some kind of deal with the government to avoid prosecution on some other scam and paid big bucks to keep the record sealed. Just a hunch based on his email in the name of John Nocton. Who would a 3 yr contract to stay out of MLM be with? Some company he is working with or the authorities???
    If 20 or more people file that they think DNA is a scam it will be investigated. One executive left in a hurry for good reason. The 2 remaining executives do not have a clue who they are in bed with and will not be the first business men who wish they never met the creep. What they think are leaders in the field are almost as much into scamming as the pic.
    Do what is right! Call right now and file your complaint.
    The Sledge Hammer Scam Buster
    PS> Phil…… I hope you love cold gray steel !!!

  6. DEAN WRITES: I am involved with Narc That Car… PHIL WRITES: Now that is being non-prejudice. You are with NARC THAT CAR a company that says it paid out over 3 million dollars. FROM WHAT MAY WE ASK? The sale of $125 Websites… OH YEAH “that’s not a scam” have them open there books and let’s see the revenues from 3rd party sales??? You may ask WHATS THAT… You would be right to ask… BECAUSE THERE IS NO THAT… To Sell
    MATT WRITES: I'm fairly new to the industry and didn't even know Phil or you for that matter. PHIL WRITES: yes and I guess now after reading this crap on the internet you do know me eh…
    BOB WRITES: I lost about $300. or $400. over two plus years joining programs led and promoted by Phil Piccolo including D1280 gas additive, Lights Out sleeping aid and UBBEE. PHIL WRITES: Dear BOB how did you lose your money all we did was sell some D1280x and some Lites Out… Did you BUY SOME… DID YOU USE IT… They both work and were great products and as far as “UBBEE” all I have to say is U B WRONG since I was never directly or indirectly involved…
    “PHIL WRITES”: Wow listen to you tell TROY what his responsibilities are…
    #2 The more of us who file complaints the faster the investigation will culminate in possible charges.
    “PHIL WRITES”: Yes Mr(s) NO NAME… This is the detective and I am listening how did Phil scam you. OH he is alive and is breathing air that you feel belongs to you…
    #3 The place to call is the Broward County Florida Sheriffs Office white collar crime division. 954 321-4255. Ask for John Calabor. He works directly with the State Attorney on this type of white collar crime.
    “PHIL WRITES”: yes and when he get’s these 20 calls what are they going to swear to. Phil is in a program that is FREE and is ripping people off…
    #4 CALL AND FILE A COMPLAINT!!!!! I bet he cut some kind of deal with the government to avoid prosecution on some other scam and paid big bucks to keep the record sealed.
    “PHIL WRITES”: what part of the $10,000 reward don’t you want. In 25 years I have never had a problem with the law… You watch too much T.V.
    #5 If 20 or more people file that they think DNA is a scam it will be investigated. #6 One executive left in a hurry for good reason.
    “PHIL WRITES”: is this some kinda MLM DEAL you are looking for 20 people to file a complaint. Yes and please by all means do so I can sue every one of you for a false complaint or do you not think that is a CRIME…
    #7 The 2 remaining executives do not have a clue who they are in bed with.
    “PHIL WRITES”: That is funny all the management knows me, knows my family, know who I am not for days but for many years…
    #8 PS> Phil…… I hope you love cold gray steel !!!
    “PHIL WRITES”: how do you know it is cold and gray… you been there…

    • Phil… Touchy, touchy… If you read my whole post you would see that I stated that after watching the video I felt I knew Troy much better, and never mentioned knowing you better or worse! I was simply impressed with Troy's transparency and willingness to share his life experiences. My only opinion of you is what I have read on here so far, and I would rate that as very guarded for sure.

  7. Phil Piccolo seems to only look out for his best interest. He was involved in a gas savings program and destroyed for his own good and guess what, he got egg on his face. The other group he was going to do business with, ended up screwing Phi out of money, probably because there was no trust and lies. He ruined the dream and passion of thousands that were using a product that people liked and were making money. Again, all for his own financial reason. I also know of someone who he did business with and did not want to pay a bill and unless he paid his bill he was not going to get what he wants. I also think he is a disgusting individual to claim he is religious yet he wishes bad on people and threatens them. No matter what good maybe said of him he has damaged his own reputation on his own actions and does not deserve good people to be associated with anything that he is involved with. Buyer beware!

    • A Resounding AMEN!
      It's sad in this day and age but it's what our world and industry have come to. People that have no manners, no respect and worse yet no consciousness of what they do to others in their efforts to pick up the fast buck unconcerned about their fellow human beings in the world!
      It's not that any one human being holds the record for being the" scummiest" so much as it is the outright willingness and knowiness about the deeds some in fact do and without any regard as to who they do them to or the results of what happen to others lives as a direct result of their actions.
      Still – two wrongs DON'T make a right. Unless one is always making left turns and continually getting lost in the midst of their own actions – for which they should be open to constructive criticisms, there is no excuse for trading and eye for an eye when all could be easily resolved by simply taking the higher gound! When the mind changes the person to the extent they convince themselves they're better than anyone else …that person tends to change the minds of many and usually in the wrong direction!

      • Partners,
        This is a major concern I also have. I have seen a trend lately where 3rd party individuals and organizations seem to be doing their best to hurt the distributors in the field, by spreading rumors at the very top of the 4 major carriers in the wireless arena.
        They are also, spreading rumors amongst the individual CEOs of the major MLM Wireless players. If this goes much further, I am concerned the major carriers could cancel all MLM Wireless agreements, and tens of thousands of distributors could be without any kind of income from the cell phone industry.

        • Thank You Troy!
          Not for agreeing with us or any one person but …for taking a high ground that benefits all, warns all and gives the truths to all! THE TRUTH is what most people really want and not what they say they want based on their daily beliefs of any one other persons truths or even their own at times. Human beings are FICKLE! People tend to believe most ANYONE that has confidence, can speak and can speak LOUDER or MORE CONFIDENTLY than MOST can speak on their own or even know how to!
          THEREIN LIES a problem that ROOTS itself in what others say rather than what one FINDS OUT on their own. Thank goodness Troy – YOU ARE HERE and ARE A VOICE in the midst of WHAT people believe and HOW they believe it!
          Keep up the great work you're doing – ALWAYS be an "epic adventure" and keep encouraging thought, premise, research and above all integrity and dignity in networking and marketing!
          Semper Fi

  8. Funny,
    Phil is like the energizer bunny, he just keeps on going, one deal to the next and to the next again, and can anyone even remember one single deal which lasted more than a year, never mind successful? I have followed all these deals since PAP around 1988 as I recall, and since, another dirty dozen, yet I cannot think of a single one which was around for more than a year, in fact, the last few lasted less than six months, so who knows, maybe this latest one will make it to the three month mark? Any bets?

  9. Hello this is Eddy Leon from Ft.Lauderdale, Fl, I have nothing but good things to say about Phil, I've been educated by him, he has helped me, my daughter, and my mother, I know he is a good man and he has my respect, I also beleive in Jesus, but I don't go around saying I'm a good Christian, and thankyou for believing in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, chances I absolutely agree, thankyou for time, goodday, PS Phil don't take any shit from anybody, give them a good kick in the ass!!

  10. HI my name is Linda and I have known Phil about a year or so. I have done business with him, gone to dinner, met his wife and kids and I have nothing but good experiences with Phil. He is a jovial guy, fun loving and a family man, who only wants to make a good life for his family.
    I enjoy his company and he has been very generous and giving to me and my family. I can't understand any of this propaganda because I have had nothing but good experiences and support from Phil! I support Phill all the way and trust him! I respect and love him and his family.

  11. Greetings! My name is Joey Frisicano. I have known Phil Piccolo for about a year now and have been involved in a couple different programs with him. I find him to be a very helpful individual who seems to really care about people. I was physically present at a meeting one night when all of a sudden, some guy gets up and starts yelling scam while trying to pass out literature which few accepted. Instead of trying to stop him or throw him out, Phil kindly invited the guy to sit down and discuss his concerns. Instead, he quickly left the room and a reporter, who happened to be in attendance as well, followed him out and interviewed him. After about twenty minutes, the reporter found him to be uninformed and could not substantiate any of his rediculous acusations. I have also met some of his family members and found them to be, like Phil, kind and gentle people who don't just talk their Christianity, but live it! I pray God will continue to use this man to bless peoples' lives!

  12. You people are a bunch of losers, morons and weasels. Every one of you would hire Phil in a heart beat to be the head distributor of your MLM company. Of course none of you could ever start one because it takes money, brains and hard work. Phil is the best promoter in the MLM world and therefore he gets a lot of offers to be the person out front. They don't always work for a lot of reasons, under finaced, manufacturing problems, software sucks, whatever. When they fail Phil gets hurt just like everyone else he loses his commisions and months of work. But the cry babys who make up this indusrty want to blame Phil. Most of you think you can throw $100 or $200 in a deal do no work and make millions, you are all idiots. It is a job, if you don't work you don't get paid.

    • Bill. That might be part of the problem. If you are going to attach your name to companies that are under funded, bad manufacturing, bad software, or whatever over and over, then you are just promoting for a pay check and not in a sincere belief of the product. When it happens once, ok I can forgive, but if more than that, there might be a problem. Hey it might be bad luck! But where there is smoke there is fire, and many people get resentful after being burnt a couple of times. I don't know Phill, never been burnt by him, I wish him the best. He does sound law suit happy. "I will not sue him because he dose not have any money" (not a direct quote). I would sue all who slander me if they were hurting my name and lively hood. Phill only wants to go after the ones with money. I know it takes time and money.

  13. Phil has promoted a lot of companies that did not make it but never once did he ever get in trouble with any law enforcement for doing so. Becuase he tells the truth, here is the product, here is the commisions, here is what it cost and here is what you have to do. 99% of the MLM companies fail becuase the lazy jerks who sign up don't work not becuase guys like Phil bring you the offer. But lets blame him it can't possibly be my fault. In closing I can say none of you have any idea what business is all about including the idiot who runs this site.

    • Yeah, little problem with your assessment, Bill… Phil doesn't PAY commissions… he takes the commissions due to the field and uses them to pay for his lifestyle. Your own assertions aside, it is clear you don't even remotely know what you're talking about.

    • Hey Bill …
      Be careful WHO and WHAT you believe to be true!
      We're NOT saying we know this Phil person BUT …with ALL the negative that's been reported – it seems MORE reasonable to accept there MAY BE a problem with how this person does business, WHAT and HOW he tells people in order to convince them to do business also. NOT everyone is a "jerk" as you say and certainly NOT everyone is "lazy"!
      This "idiot" you state is running this site HAS alot of experience with people! After ALL …TROY HAS SERVED to PROTECT YOUR LIBERTIES so you can comment here! IF you want to KILL the message fine BUT …DO NOT KILL the messenger!
      Troy is NOT just sitting around plotting up stories to tell AS IF he's making money doing so! Sure …maybe Troy is getting recognition in the online world and publicly, but he's definitely NOT doing what he does to harm anyone. Troy is ONLY serving the industry by reporting things that MAY BE an issue and by SERVING and PROTECTING which IS (in case anyone wonders) something he's done from the get-go in serving his country!

  14. I just have one question for anyone who post this slander. If it is true you have nothing to fear of any lawsuit or legal ramifications. HERE IS THE $64,000 question(s) for ALL OF YOU SO CALLED GOOD PEOPLE…
    MY PHONE # IS: 954-464-5565
    If you do not attach your name and phone # to such your just someone who spreads rumors and does not back it up with documented legal facts that would hold up against a SLANDER CASE. And mark my words I PHIL PICCOLO will no longer allow the ROD COOKS of this world to SLANDER MY NAME… I will be going after ROD COOK because he has some MONEY and we are going to do a lateral transfer from his grand kids to mine…. I never really went after BOB BUTTIS because he was a BROKE MUSICIAN with nothing to gain… My buddy ADAM GILMER went after him and won over 8 million dollar business Judge Ment and a $275,000 personal Judge Ment you know how much he was able to collect ZERO, ZILCH, ZIP because he goes Bankrupt EVERY 7 YEARS… 3 times in a row…
    SO PLEASE IS YOU HAVE SOME MONEY… Leave your name and phone number with the slander… repeat it twice please… or call me if you have any issues you wish to discuss with me… This is my private cell phone leave me a message and I will gladly return your call… but you must leave me a message to do so… I would not want to be accused of calling you and harassing you… leave a message

    • My name is Sam Cleaver and my # is 850 291-0124. Your post above tells much about your character in my opinion. Some people on this post have said great things about you, and some have said bad about you. But you have said so much more bad in your post above then they ever could. You are probably frustrated because of all the misfortune you have endured by putting yourself out there. Its your fault! If you put your self out there, take the good with the bad. I wish you the best, just change your mind set and take some responsibility.

    • NO ONE here that you have harmed with your lies and your deceptions is scared… NOT ONE LITTLE BIT. YOU do NOT scare me!! I would be HAPPY to see you in court… that way I could give the judge all my evidence of what you've done. No one has to be afraid of "SLANDER" who is telling the truth. So you go on ahead and keep threatening :::YAWN::: It means NOTHING. Your day is coming… if not HERE – THERE, And never forget, God is ruthlessly fair. I guess you're willing to sell your soul here for a couple of trinkets…. in exchange for your eternity. What a sad, miserable and totally pitiable individual you are. No matter WHAT you do or WHAT you say, this isn't going away. I think Troy will see this through – I think you made a colossal mistake coming on here, cause you're gonna lose BIG.

    • Hey Phil Piccolo your a "SCUM BUCKET" You have no Shame ha? Don't worry because the LORD forgives YOU TOO! Because your the LIAR by deceiving all your reps in DNA. The LORD Forgives you, go ahead and hid behind the Lords words, because your the one who is going to need them, not Chris.
      Oh yea and also you don't care about anyone! Just Yourself! YOU ALSO DON'T HAVE ANY BALLS TO ADMIT WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE YOUR THE FAKE, NOT CHRIS! Remeber your the one who hides behind fake names, may the Lord Forgive YOU Phil! That's why your the "SCUM OF This Earth"! DNA WILL GO DOWN BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU PIECE OF TRASH!

  15. Having known Phil almost my entire life,… it's heartbreaking to see how such a wonderful human being can get such a bad reputation all because of a couple guys whose lives are so miserable, so defeated, that they have to try to destroy somebody else's. Misery loves company. I've worked several deals with Phil over the years and the bottom line is, hard work reaps great reward. Everybody wants to get rich quick but they are unwilling to roll their sleeves up. I can't tell you how many times I've had guys invest in leads and other tools to build their business, but they were just too lazy or afraid to follow up. They end up doing nothing and still expect to get a check and ultimately, blame the guy at the top who's actually working 24/7 and making money. Phil has been smeared by those that live in fear… those that are afraid to realize their highest potential, by those that don't dream big enough, by those that want to reap the riches without lifting a finger. And the truth is… nothing in life is free. Phil is not a criminal. I find that statement to be so funny! If he were a criminal and all these lies were TRUE then he would be in prison right now!!! Smart, successful businessmen from all walks of life in all types of industries always get criticized for being the best of the best… And that is exactly the case here. Phil has been there for the toughest time in my life and the best… and he's always put everybody else first in his life… Keep spreading the lies people, because the truth will always prevail…
    Phil… you are the best of the best! and this is just the price you have to pay… keep proving them wrong!

    • So proud of Phil that you used your full name, I see? I have news for you, "RJM"… I'm someone who Phil lied to, deceived, and left financially destitute – and I worked my butt off. What IS it about people who view the time, talents and resources of others as their own personal property? How is it that, when Phil needs to pay his bills that his need, in his mind, gives him he right to take the resources of others for his personal use – and to HELL with everyone else? WHY is that, RJM?. Phil had another human being kidnapped, duct taped to a chair and beat up… PHIL IS A CRIMINAL!! And you can laugh all you want – just don't choke on your freaking ignorance! He's never put anyone first but himself.

  16. I have personally met Phil Piccolo, he might not remember me, but I met him several times. He was directing a kids against hunger program. He really seemed like he wanted to help others make money and help them create the life style that they wanted. There was one time in which a guy was recording the presentation that Phil was doing. This happened in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
    My recent post Crossing the Line of Fear

    • REALLY? Phil directing a Kids Against Hunger Program? I would like to SEE, Hyrum, and I think everyone else involved in exposing this man for who he is would like to SEE the financial records from the Kids Against Hunger Program that support that Phil Piccolo gave those funds to them?? I happen to have an ADMISSION from him, IN WRITING, that NO funds were given to those kids!! Everytime he runs a program, he uses 'starving kids' as a prop! The man is a parasite – a social pariah of the worst kind – and he's very good at schmoozing and charming people. Kids Against Hunger my BACKSIDE!!

  17. The guy continued to pass out the flyers (I got one but threw it away) and then Phil said that he wanted to address all the rumors. The guy that was passing out the flyers was screaming things like "he is a scammer". After he was done passing out the flyers he was packing up his camera to leave. Phil asked him to stay to hear what he had to say, the gentlemen then said that he would stay if Phil allowed him to recored what he was going to say.

  18. I have had a chance to observe Phil Piccolo over the years and all my observations indicate he is a sincere man, a man of his word, a good family man and fine father of exceptionally good children, a man who literally has "lived "at his Church for years ,and lives his religious faith daily as well. I have personally never known him to be in any MLM or any other legal difficulties and am willing to take him at his word that he has never even been questioned by any MLM authorities, much less in trouble with any. from my observations he isn't treated fairly.

    • Hi Doyle. Pardon me if I question your reasons for coming here. I have a friend of mine who was recently approached by Phil Piccolo and asked to come over here to THIS site and post comments in favor of Phil, and basically told what to say. You wouldn't, by any chance, happened to have the same experience? I'm curious, Doyle, how long you've known Phil exactly? Because I've known Phil since about 2006 and my experience has been that he lies compulsively, talks a good game of religion but does NOT live it except when beneficial to him. And THIS SITE just might be custer's last stand for him… I think you need to take off your rose colored glasses and get some that actually allow you to SEE.

  19. "…I never really went after BOB BUTTIS because he was a BROKE MUSICIAN with nothing to gain… My buddy ADAM GILMER went after him and won over 8 million dollar business Judge Ment and a $275,000 personal Judge Ment,…"
    Well, now you know this is a LIE. Phil. NEVER HAPPENED.
    Gilmer spent $100,000 supposedly TRYING to do so, but, as you well KNOW, (and have known for some time) Gilmer did NOT win. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Got that?
    Now, SINCE IT IS DOCUMENTED, online, that you have known this fact FOR SOME TIME, what kind of a position does that put you in, trying to re-iterate, what YOU KNOW is a LIBELOUS comment, as recently as 2 days ago?
    That leaves us with Burtis being "some BROKE musician'. Wow, Big deal! The guy files BK. So did Trump, and a host of other people. Did you call Trump names? There's a lot of people out here, Phil, who are broke,…AND/OR have filed. So what?
    If you're going to try and make a point, try using the truth.
    What? You got nuthin'?
    (Anyone wishing to check this out, Google "Adam Gilmer Bob Burtis" (or vice-versa) N.B. It's BuRtis, NOT Buttis as Piccolo likes to PLAY with names (like in grade school)
    Sam Cleaver: After you seem the 'slamming' he has been putting on Burtis for years with FAKE FACTS, you'll see why people do NOT give Phil their names and numbers.

    Do you want the full BK File I will send it to you
    send me an e-mail
    And please do not compare DONALD TRUMP with MR BUTTIS
    Trump did not list OLD NAVY for $20 or get over $200,000 in credit card credit on $1,000 a month income… look at the whole BK and decide who has more credibility…
    Burtis, Robert J. Name of Debtor (if individual, enter Last, First, Middle): Name of Joint Debtor (Spouse)(Last, First, Middle): Burtis, Judy Ann United States Bankruptcy Court Voluntary Petition District of Minnesota
    $8,000,000.00, Inc.
    c/o Wellman & Warren, LLP
    24411 Bridge Route, #200
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    Adam Gilmer
    c/o Wellman & Warren LLP
    24411 Bridge Route, #200
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    money judgment
    $ 22.00
    Old Navy
    PO Box 530993
    Atlanta, GA 30353-0993

    • I don't see any facts here, I don't see anything but stuff you typed.
      You forgot tp put a '$' sign in front of your 275,000 , and, court documents do NOT use 'money judgment' as a term. For all we know, you pulled the addresses off these links (which prove the dismissal)
      If you have facts,…post them, although I really fail to see what your obsession with Burtis has to do with Troy Dooly. If you can't post whatever you seem eager to send via email, then, you're as ambiguous as those you call 'cowards' because they won't give you their names.
      Now, having posted the links to the actual court documents, you are certainly NOW (as previously) aware of the outcomes (to a case that does not concern you), one might hope you could stick to the subject rather than posting the personal misfortunes of other people with such obvious relish .
      Just amazed that you could post such trivial, gossipy, small-minded crap on Good Friday.

  21. Hey Troy …
    There's hardly anything good said about this Phi Picccolo online. Evidently, anyone can sit down to dinner (probably being paid for by another) and assume anything is true. There ARE people who attempt to impress others by SHOWING them what they can do and knowingly talk them into something they'd probably not do if fully informed.
    If a person is doing their business honest, ethically and professionally – NO one would say anything bad about them unless it is out of sheer jealosy or they've been harmed by their own affiliation with such a person. Doing business IS PUBLIC and people who have been scammed by anyone WILL always TALK about it NO MATTER how confidential or embarrassing it is!
    It's people that DO HARM to others by "whatever means necessary" in order to earn money off the backs of hard working honest people, that gets them in the "pigs trough" and …it's tough to get out of the "pigs pen" and the "pigs mud" once you've landed squarely in the middle of it!

    • SO MR NO NAME that states:
      "There's hardly anything good said about this Phi Picccolo online."
      My question to you is… Did you actually say something in the above statement…
      Or do I need "stupid glasses to translate it"
      If you have a problem with me personally or if you know me personally than say something. Otherwise you should shut your mouth and at least spell the name correctly…
      Phillip Piccolo 954-464-5565 just in case you or any of your really successful MLM friends need to call me… or e-mail me and i will call you

      • Hey Phil Piccolo your a "SCUM BUCKET" You have no Shame ha? Oh yea you don't care about anyone! Just Yourself! YOU ALSO DON'T HAVE ANY BALLS TO ADMIT WHO YOU ARE BECAUSE YOUR A FAKE! That's why your the "SCUM OF This Earth"! DNA WILL GO DOWN BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU PIECE OF TRASH!

  22. Praise God! The Bible proves correct once again, and I quote: 2 Timothy 3 1-3
    Godlessness in the Last Days
    "1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of MONEY, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,."
    I've been reading this with interest, not knowing Troy or Phil. But just investigating DNA thinking about joining. That's how I stumbled upon Troy's mlmhelpdesk.
    Does that scripture ring true with anyone reading all these comments? Or am I just a nut case?
    I will watch with interest but I think I'm leaning towards NARC because I phone a rep and she promises me she is making money plus getting paid.
    Lastly, I pray you folks can work this out. One of my favorite books taught me that we are the reason MLM & network marketing has such a black eye and this right here proves it.
    Be Well and God's Best.
    Stephen Fryer (Canadian)
    701-520-4697 ( USA cell when I trucking in the USA.)
    PS I support the Troops

      • Hi Troy;
        My response is just MY general thoughts on the thread on your site with pro & con replies toward this Phil guy & the state of the world in general. Long story short. Can't we all just get along?
        Forgive this guy if he's a scammer, but that doesn't mean you have to work with him any longer.
        After reading and posting to this thread last night, I googled his name (Phil) and this guy has bad press all over the web.
        There's a saying that goes something like this. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's a duck.
        Troy, the scripture I referenced speaks to me as the shape we as a race currently find ourselves. It also leads into the more quoted scripture that goes something like this: "Money is the root of ALL kinds of evil."
        I'm from the Zig Ziglar school of thought when it comes to money. "Money isn't everything, but I rank it right up there with oxygen."
        The book I referenced is John Milton Foggs book The Greatest Network Marketer. In it he tells of the revelation he had about realizing the we a independent Net workers are responsible for how the NON-Networking world views this industry and we are all guilty of give this industry a black eye.
        MLM, Network marketing doesn't need to prove itself any longer. It's truly the last best hope for anyone with a dream and few bucks in their slacks, heck they can be flat broke, but if they have a dream, I want to help them become one of the great stories of the company.
        Troy if there is something more you wish I cover, please ask. I'm fairly new to this industry with little success but I see it as a ticket to get my rear off the highway and I'm taking every moment I have to spare to educate and learn from those who have gone on ahead of me.
        Be Well and God Bless.
        Stephen F.

        • Now I get it.
          The reality is Phil and I are talking on a regular basis, and I am going to have him on Aces Radio Live in August of this year.
          As I stated in the video, I want proof that he is a scammer. To date not one person has provided any evidence he has ever done anything illegal. Now I do have to say he may be the most unlucky MLM Professional I have ever read about, but not one validated piece of evidence he is a crook. So your point is well taken.
          Thank you for writing back, it sure helped me to understand, and I fully agree.

          • Hi Troy,
            I agree that he may be the most unlucky MLM'er in the History of MLM. I was also thinking about the industry fail rate that is always thrown around at about 92-97% rate. Maybe these are the folks that are slandering Phil, and as you say, no one is offering any proof.
            Lord knows I've been in a few companies that I haven't earned a penny. But when I decide to move on I examine my actions and why I failed, not point the finger at the company, comp plan or products because I will NOT promote a single thing until I see or feel the results in my own life 1st.
            All my MLM failings have been my own damn fault. So now I'm in education mode. As the late great Jim Rohn said, "FOR THINGS TO GET BETTER, YOU (ME) HAVE TO GET BETTER.:
            Where do I pick up Aces Radio Live so I can tune in if possible?
            Be Well.

  23. I am a member of DNA and I must say that I'm starting to see the con game.
    I'm one of the free affiliates who get bombarded with request to go pro for $197 with a 29.99 monthly fee everytime I sign in. For that price you become a Pro Affiliate and the different between a free affiliate and a Pro Affiliate is that a Pro can input unlimited numbers of license plate numbers a day, while free affiliates can only input 5 plates a day with a 5 minute delay between each input (25 minutes spent entering 5 plates).
    Now I chalked that up to salesmenship until I looked at the commission page which wasn't visible until 4/20/10. I signed up 5 people in March, who added 3 other people and all of them entered in 20 plates, yet I was only paid $2! I was suppose to be paid $2 for each person but I got nothing from the other members and I know they entered in their numbers because I checked with them and one of them was a relative. So where is my commission for plates the 8 people entered in March??? You can't contact DNA directly, you can only email them and all they do is send you a Q&A responder back as soon as you hit "send". I can't get answers to my questions because there's no telephone number to call them, it's like they are running a cloak and dagger business.
    And I read somewhere about this Phil guy peddling some kind of debt card (for a fee) and low in behold on the virtue bank page, you have to get this debt card in order to withdraw your commission and it's $.99 per transaction and you have to buy the freaking card!!! If I'm only making $2 for 20 plates, how am I going to pay for that transaction fee and the cost to buy the card? Out of my own pocket of course!
    Furthermore, this company will allow you to transfer the commission to a checking account through a direct deposit…….FOR A $35 FEE!!!!
    It's becoming clear the company is looking to make money by luring people in with a free program and charging them up every which way to Sunday, while paying out next to nothing.
    I would like the great Phil Piccolo to response to this because he comes off little a greedy executive that doesn't care how he makes his millions and who he hurts in the process….based on his responses on this site. A guy with integrity would not respond the way he does on this site and I wouldn't be surprised if this company (DNA) is just a scam to make millions off of hardworking unsuspecting affiliates who blindly sign up for the Pro Affiliate program and then have to pay through the nose to withdraw the commissions.
    His constant demands for everyone to post their personal info so that he can sue them is a sign that something is not right about Mr. Phil Piccolo. He wants people with money to slander him so he can sue them. It seems like the great Phil Piccolo only cares about making money off others by any means necessary.
    Your response Mr. Piccolo…..

  24. Hi, I'm Lou Puca and have done business with Phil over the last 12 months. Phil has introduced me to and worked with me in several MLM businesses. I have found Phil to be honest, helpful and supportive while imparting to me his knowledge of the MLM business. I find him to be a leader with integrity and one who truly cares and helps others. On several meeting occasions, I witnessed his generosity while he was giving money to people who needed gas for their vehicle or for public transportation, to get home. Because of Phil, I am on my way to achieving my goals as a MLM marketer and I am very thankful to him. I have also had the privilege to meet some of his family. They too are wonderful people who help and support others. Phil is a Christian and does not hide that. On rear occasion, he may mention some Christian principal proceeded with a statement as not to offend anyone. Thus, he does not make anyone feel uncomfortable wit his Christian beliefs.

    • "I have found Phil to be honest, helpful and supportive while imparting to me his knowledge of the MLM business. I find him to be a leader with integrity and one who truly cares and helps others. On several meeting occasions, I witnessed his generosity while he was giving money to people who needed gas for their vehicle or for public transportation, to get home."
      This is nothing more than lipservice by a friend of Phil or Phil himself. As of today 6/6/10, I still haven't received commission from the reps I signed up and the reps my reps signed up. I've made a grand total of $4 since my sign up 3/3/10. I can't withdraw it because it requires a minimum of $25 to withdraw and a $35 transfer fee, so it's just best to leave it there until I get over a hundred so that I don't have to pay out of my own pocket to withdraw my own commissions, unless I have to have $35 in my account for them to take before I get my commissions that is.
      Now I was finally informed by DNA that due to the small amount of money obtained from the advertisement pool, the payout would be less than $.15, so now we have to wait until 6/20/10 for all commissions made from our reps and then wait until 9/20/10 for the next payout. Because it wouldn't be fair to the reps to only pay them .15, so they want to build it up and pay out the full amount quarterly not monthly….or at least that's what they said.
      The lastest email said that the quarterly payouts were moved to 7/20/10 and 10/20/10!!! What the (Edited by Troy) is going on here!!! Are they going to pay us or not??? This is why I didn't want to sign up for the Pro Level because I didn't want to pay 29.99 a month and not get my commissions! They are getting paid while the reps are not!
      Even the phone plan keeps getting delayed due to partner disputes within the company. I emailed them about that and all I get is…."Continue to read your email". This is bull-crap (edited by Troy)!!!
      Why hasn't Troy talked about this yet??? I posted a valid comment about DNA in my previous post and got no response. I see that he posted a message after me, yet he never acknowledge my complains against the company.
      Troy, are you too friendly with some of the DNA executives to comment about my legitimate concerns about this company? I notice that you removed them from your scam list and stated that George (the new CEO) was a personal friend of yours.
      You are suppose to be a watchdog for MLM groups, yet you made no attempt to investigate the commission payout practices I addressed in my previous post. Are you a watchdog or not??? I'm a little concerned about your relationship with members of a company that's not paying it's reps and you removing them from a scam status too damn quick. If you are an advocate of the company and not a watchdog than please state it, so that I don't waste my time posting on what I thought was a watchdog blog.
      Thank you.

      • FooledNoLonger,
        Well, before I can answer some of your questions you need to clarify one specific point. In your comment you state:
        “As of today 6/6/10, I still haven’t received commission from the reps I signed up and the reps my reps signed up.” Does this mean you believe DNA is paying you recruiting commissions? If that is the case, then DNA would be an illegal operation at both a state and federal level. This would be seen as a ponzi scheme.
        Please clarify.
        Now let’s look at a couple of your concerns.
        1. The company made it clear the advertising pool is lower than expected, and they will not pay out $15 per rep. This is not out of the norm for companies. Most have a $25 minimum for payout.
        2. Since you are NOT a pro member, please explain what you have lost? From my limited understanding most of the huge money is going to the Pro Members. Now, although, I do have concerns regarding DNA, this is also a normal practice for companies that offer a free position and a paid position inside the compensation plan.
        3. The reason I have not talked about the cell phone division, is because there is not much to talk about. From what I have read in the rep emails, phone service is active and phones are being shipped. I also read where DNA upgraded referbed phone to brand new phones. What is there to say?
        4. Of course we published your comment, why wouldn’t we? I guess you are new to our community. We post both sides of the issue, and give reps plenty of room to make public their frustrations or praise from the inside of any organization.
        5. Sure we moved them out of the Scam Alerts. All this means is based on communication with ownership we have seen changes, or have been given validated answers to our red flag alerts. I also moved DNA because I do have a long term friendship with George and we have been business associates for years.
        6. You are 100% incorrect when you call me a “watchdog” That is Rod Cook and Ted Nuyten. My goal is to be an advocate for distributors, and a liaison between distributors and companies.
        7. You state “yet you made no attempt to investigate the commission payout practices” based on what information do you make this statement? I’m pretty sure you are not part of our investigative team, and don’t have a clue what we are investigating.
        8. NO! I am not a watchdog!
        9. As for your concern about my relationship with member of a company, that is not paying its reps” I really don’t care about your concern. I talk to George on a regular basis and when concerns are raised we call to find out what is up.
        In the case of DNA they may communicate with their reps more than any other company out there right now. I was on a DNA webinar this last week and from what I saw, this company, at least at the Pro level is moving forward in good order and people are getting paid.
        From what you have written here, you have put little or no skin in the game, and I find it interesting you are wanting to attack me, when you won’t even use your real name so I could ask George Specifically about your situation.
        So, I look forward to getting clarity on your understanding of being paid for recruiting into DNA.
        Living An Epic Adventure,

        • I responded on the most recent thread on the first page and it was pretty lengthy so I'm not going to copy it here. I just hope you answer the issue and not dodge them like you did in your statement above.

  25. I wonder how many times Phil P has created fake names of folks to reply to this forum. He has been recorded and was one of the reasons why 4-E Corp took a hard fall several years ago, if he wasn't involved in that company may people including myself would have made thousands of dollars. He ruined that chance because he was concerned with himself and began cross recruiting 4-E reps inton another company. He stole or hijacked the representatives names and email addresses from the companies database. He will curse you out in a second, but professes God. This man is evil and cares for no one but himself and the money that he can get from people that doesn't know better.

  26. DNA-Date Network Affiliates ~ Just to let everyone Know are not one in the same!…see Video!
    George Madiou is the CEO of Data Network Affiliates and The Network Marketing Magazine ~ Network Marketing Training and Business Magazine . Alvin S Harrison Jr is the Owner of I like George Madiou, but DNA needs to work on Giving Network Marketers the Money Back that do NOT want to be in DNA. Some friends of mine had to close their Bank Accounts. They also sent Letters asking nicely Please do not charge my Bank Account and they called. Still DNA charged the Bank Accounts of many that i Know. I want you to know i opened a Social Network after that. So we as networks could have a safe place. And start a Union with Attorneys to stand up for our rights. And not be used by Network Marketing programs… That change pay plans,Not pay reps. You can become a {free member} NO Charge Ever. In this Network of Good friends at {Together we can change Network Marketing for the Good!} ~

  27. I was introduced to Phil Piccolo two years ago by a mutual friend. When I knew who I would be meeting I was HIGHLY skeptical because of all the bad press I had read.
    When I met Phil (and subsequently did business with him) I was pleasantly surprised to find a man who seems genuinely to have been given an unfair shake and a person who has always kept his word in our dealings.
    I have nothing bad to say about him from my personal (close) dealings with him.