This week has to go down as one of many wildest in present MLM Wi-fi Information historical past. First we broke the story of Greco scamming or making an attempt to rip-off firms similar to Information Community Associates, International Verge aka International Cell 1, WOW Cell, TeleVerus, and Panther Cell.

Then yesterday I acquired a duplicate of a Stop and Desist letter which was delivered to George madiou, CEO of DNA. (Read It Here)
The letter is from the regulation agency of Marquis & Aurbach out of Nevada.
Then right now, we acquired our personal Stop and Desist letter from the identical regulation agency. I shortly known as the brand new lawyer of International Verge Brian Hardy to get a little bit extra particulars, and to provide him my unofficial response: (Read It Here)
1. Mr. Hardy made it clear that he’s within the remaining phases of placing collectively the civil case towards Chris Greco and will likely be forwarding their findings to the FBI inside days.
2. I defined Kevin Thompson will likely be representing me formally on this scenario, however unofficially, I cannot take away something on the positioning, till I’ve acquired legitimate proof that Mr. Brady has the truth is filed the case towards Greco on behalf of his shopper International Verge.
3. We will likely be making some updates over the subsequent few days to the International Verge/Zer01 scenario, making it clear International Verge is asking for a Summery Judgment within the quantity of $350 million {dollars}
And out of equity to the International verge distributors, I may even be inserting the above video on a couple of of the earlier International Verge posts.
Now issues may get very fascinating within the MLM Wi-fi Wars. Among the supporting documentation may be very eye opening and brings in some gamers from different present MLM Wi-fi Firms.
Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Troy, This is the funniest one yet, So me and Kevin Sipes are getting sued, ROTFLOL LOL LOL, Troy you allowed them to sucker you in, In there own legal documents to DNA they say All Wireless Devices LLC
    Who is that? Raymonds Company was All Wireless Services Inc, And no Global Verge did not Contract with All Wireless Services Until Activation King Wireless Officially Cut ties, Do you really think they would have allowed this to go on? You said it yourself, If they would have just spoke up, Guess what, they did not speak up for a reason, They were Wrong, I was moving on as my team and partners told me to do, Now I will pursue them till they are Bankrupt, I am sending you documentation Signed By their other Attorney which acknowledges the agreement between Activation King Wireless and Global Verge, Lets see them respond to that, It was sent by Crocker and Crocker, They saw you Blast me and said wait wait wait, maybe we can deflect the fact that we have been robbing our distributors, We can deflect the fact that Global Talk Smart left for non payment, Oh wait maybe we can make Securities Fraud Mark Look Good, and Child Porn Ted Look good, I do not think So, So here it is, I can not wait to get into a court room with this, Because then WE GET DISCOVERY AND WE CAN BRING ALL OF THE SKELETONS OUT OF THE CLOSET!!!! Then what? Pillani Definitely a scam, But Troy let the Facts come out, I cant wait to really expose the merchant accounts the Trouble tickets, The lack of sending people phones, It should be very Interesting indeed, I am sending you the letter Confirming AKW was contracted not All Wireless Services Period! I hope you do the right thing and post it. Sending it now

    • Chris,
      Not suckered in, just doing exactly what I told them I would do in January. "If they produced the documents, we would publish them."
      As for what a court or the FBI decides, that has nothing to do with me. But, I do stand by my word!
      Who knows why they waited… Might be, they were not waiting but working with other CEOs to gather enough evidence to prove a criminal conspiracy, your guess is as good as mine.
      You send documentation we will publish it. The distributors deserve to see both sides of the equation.
      As for Mark… He paid his dues on the security fraud, I'll not hit him with that. A person sins, and pays the dues, he's clean with me. As for your comments on Ted, I have no knowledge of those facts. Without a conviction from a court of law, I would be very careful what you say. Those words can come back to bite you.
      As for the discovery. Ted and Mark's personal life will not be brought out in discovery.
      Send the documents and we will publish.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

      • Troy,
        I'm wondering about something. You keep talking about having conference calls with CEO's from "wireless companies." Who are those people? DNA? They aren't a wireless or a telecom company. WOW? They aren't a wireless or a telecom company, in fact they really aren't a real company at all. Panther I guess is who you're referring to?
        The problem I see in this entire situation is a bunch of greedy Networkers trying to be a telecom company when they simply lack any possible infrastructure to even make a legit attempt at it. Seems pretty simple to me.

    • Why does "Exhibit 1" from the Cease and Desist letter to Troy have All Wireless Services listed. At the bottom of the agreement, "All Wireless Services Inc." is written in what appears to be the same handwriting as the printed "Chris Greco" and what appears to be your signature? Is this someone committing a blatent forgery and then having a law firm submit this blatent forgery in legal documentation? I don't know an attorney alive that would risk being disbarred or face prosecution by sending out documents that weren't investigated to be factual before sending them out to a public forum and asking them to be published. But if your position is that they are indeed Forgeries. Shout it from the rooftops in the same public forum they wished it to be published.

      • I find it so funny that the most important clauses in this "contract" are HANDWRITTEN.
        Apparently, neither All Wireless /AK nor Global Verge can afford lawyers to make sure the paperwork is OK.
        Mark Petschel vowed to his group that, from now on, his contracts would be scrutinized by lawyers.

    • Chris,
      When they fail to pay their legal team this will evaporate, like the now fabled zer01 superphone. And when asked about their lawsuit against Chris Greco, they will reply, "It's coming. We are so excited about the progress we are making. Our team is working on it night and day. I can't tell you how excited I am that this will be coming soon. So hold on to your horses, as this is almost ready."
      After all these months I got it memorized.
      So let it go and move on.

      • Paul,
        You might want to visit the Global Verge attorney's site, they are known for their Pro-Bono work. I wonder if someone close to the firm has been hurt through all of this and they decided to handle the case for personal reasons?

    • Finally!!! Everyone will know the truth about Greco, We have been saying for a while now, just wait and see. If people respect our industry, we need to kick this idiot to the curb. He is totally bashed, lied, scammed, raped downlines, tried ruining reputations, and anything else you can think of. This one idiot has generated a major cloud over our industry, it's time Greco is laid out to pasture.
      Real Source

  2. I sent the Document, Notice it does not say ALL WIRELESS SERVICE, Do your research, Raymond has the convictions for Drugs, Mark has the Felony for Fraud, Not me, Period, But I like this it make me drive Harder to just go
    Again Listen to the Source,
    I cant wait

    • Chris,
      This whole 'SAGA' is amusing isn't it? Don't you just love it when people try to bring you down out of jealousy, spite or greed?
      I personally can't wait to rub people's faces in this when we officially launch… actually, why wait… we have Sprint unlimited text, talk and data for only $59.95 right now, unlimited packages on T-mobile at $64.99 and data plans too. Not to mention unlimited text, talk and International text and limited talk for $40.00 per month with a free phone on T-Mobile. All information is on our temporary site for people to review and confirm.
      Let's see what else is out there…. Global Verge….. well they say on their site they have Unlimited Individual plans starting at $49.99 per month… without an activation fee… oh and it isn't unlimited and oh yeah there IS a $34.95 activation fee…. This is what you get for $49.99 and the activation fee:
      "575 Min Anytime / 1000 Min Mobile to Mobile / 3000 Min Night and Weekend, and 250 Text (Overage Per Min $0.19 Per Min)" ~ Directly from the site.
      Nice advertising guys… 'Unlimited'… I guess they mean unlimited number of overpriced plans with over priced activation fees, no real minutes and a big fat overage charge for going over the 'unlimited' minutes. These are the guys that are suing you? Seriously? These guys are clowns, when they show up to court are 10 guys going to jump out of a Volkswagen Bug with polka-dots all over it, wearing over-sized shoes, green wigs, painted faces and red noses?
      Their advertising is very misleading… It says on the front page no activation fee and unlimited, however when you go and look at the actual plans neither of those statements appear to be true. So which is it guys?
      Honestly, most of the other companies out there are not even worth mentioning in my opinion… I've looked at them. Peoplezwireless/PHP for instance doesn't even have a site up yet that I could find, but they are launching on the 15th? Really? Well, hopefully they figure out that their website is parked at godaddy before then. LOL. The issues with these other companies go on and on… one the biggest being that they don't have competitive products. I saw one out there that advertised a $249.00 per month phone plan with 5000 nationwide minutes… what the heck? Seriously? is the site for that 'awesome' deal. I don't think they are a network marketing company, but they are 'competition'… for about 5 seconds after we launch. As for Panther… the site sucks, it looks like it was designed by my 10 year old and the plans are hard to decipher exactly what you are getting = company sucks…. just my opinion.
      Chris, I can't wait to just drop the hammer on these guys and help shake up the wireless industry with you! I am assembling my team of heavy hitters right now and the response to this company has been overwhelming, other companies that I have joined in the past have been so difficult to get people interested in… With yours I close 97% of the people that I talk to as a client or as a representative.
      ~Rick Weston
      Global Pros Founding Representative and Future Wireless Millionaire!
      P.S. I will be sending you a marketing idea on the 200 minutes to your Unlimited Wizard email for you to review. If you would rather it went to a different email please let me know.

      • Rick,
        Your comment was well written. A little one sided maybe, but I can understand why 🙂
        I do have a few questions…
        1. If the four tier 1 carriers continue to lower their prices, driving down the prices of everyone under them, how will commissions be paid? Seems as tight as the margins are already, the wireless MLM niche is going the way of the MLM Long Distance niche.
        2. If the trend continues, what product will Global Pros be marketing through the distributor base?
        Since the main marketing message seems to be price, I am not sure Global Pros can sustain its compensation structure in the long run.

        • To Troy
          you dont know how the industry works, if they were all to lower their prices, the big companies would still sale prepaid service for a cheaper rate to prepaid sellers, and therefore whatever they pay now, they would get for a lower price. So prepaid will always be able to adapt to future changes in the wireless industry

          • People,
            You have me laughing. Of course I don't know the wireless industry, why do you think I asked the questions I did? you should go read how Rick responded adding value to this community, instead of getting his name in lights.
            Sport, you need to respond to folks the way you want to people to speak to you.
            Now, as for what you wrote above, you need to realize we are not talking about the discount rate of services sold to the MVNO, this is completely understood. However, if the retail price of ANY service from the big four is cheaper than the services offered by the resellers, then there is an issue.
            And, although I am not an expert on the wireless industry, I do have a fair knowledge of contract law and the MLM profession. So if any reseller is in an long term contract and their profit margins start to close, they will not be able to continue paying commissions, or will have to find other creative ways to add additional fees to pay commissions.
            It is not about prepaid adapting to the wireless industry, it is the prepaid adapting to the MLM profession. And that story is yet to be written.

        • Troy,
          Yeah, maybe I am a little one sided… lol. I like the concept and I like the company… there is a lot of controversy right now, which is to be expected as all the kids in the playground try to figure out who owns the monkey bars so to speak. ;o)
          1. If the four tier 1 carriers lower prices, I don't know really how much that they can lower them and still maintain their own profitability given their current company structures. I think that there is going to be a 'stop loss' point where they will just have to stop lowering prices and then focus on customer service etc. to make their services more appealing.
          2. Personally, even if the prices were the same as the tier one carriers and GP had some markup to share in the compensation plan, they will still get new subscribers and representative that want to build a business to earn income. There will be for sure be some growing pains and adjustments and changes will need to be made moving forward with this company as well as all the others.
          If it did become an issue and I am not saying that it will as that is still up for debate, I think that Global Pros will do like many other companies have with distributor bases…. they will find another product to market in addition to their wireless plans, then make a transition. One of my best friends owns a marketing company with about 2000 affiliates and he often jokes that someday he might be marketing Pampers, if that is the direction his company needs to go.

      • Rick, go check the website out again, seems it has changed. Keep watching for updates, that 1st plan is GM1 Coverage Plan 1 which is Verizon coverage map and that is the retail price of $49.99 unlimited talk and text, Verizon unlimited talk and text is $89.99 plus taxes/fees, contract, credit check. The members have a discounted price plus residual commissions monthly. Stay tuned for GM1 Coverage Plan 2 price plans- Sprint coverage map, and soon Coverage Plan 3 price plans- GSM map.
        And Rick good luck with Greco. ha ha ha ha ha

        • Real Source,
          Well, I checked out the Global Verge site and yup… things have been changed from when I originally made my post. $9.99 is now that activation fee and all the other changes have been made as you described.
          I guess I could go be a member and spend $99.95 to get paid on all levels etc etc. plus my own cell phone plan costs if I wanted. However, maybe it is just me, but I don't see the benefit in all the other packaged products or benefits that are included for that. Also, I kind of am tired of being hit with all these monthly fees for the pleasure of being able to sell a companies products… a small fee is reasonable for helping to cover bandwidth and administration costs, but when you get up into the $100 range and then have to justify it with all these 'benefits' I just get turned off. That is just me personally. Sure I know that if I am making money the $100 bucks isn't a big deal, but my issue is that it just puts a potential road block up for building the business, which I can get around, it is just that shouldn't
          All 'ha ha ha ha ha's' aside, I think that we are both convinced that we have the better mouse trap… let's not rip on each other for being 'believers' as honestly if you had me on the phone right now, I know you would want to recruit me into your business and hey… I might even want to recruit you! Maybe I will end up with egg on my face or maybe you will… who knows. My position is that whoever figures this Wireless MLM out and produces a cost effective system for new reps, a compensation plan that makes sense and competitive prices with all the features etc…. wins and that is where I will build my empire.
          All the best.

      • "This is what you get for $49.99 and the activation fee: “575 Min Anytime / 1000 Min Mobile to Mobile / 3000 Min Night and Weekend, and 250 Text”
        What's even funnier, Rick, is that the plans have changed ALREADY.
        The $49.99 plan is now listed as "Unlimited Talk and Text", and the other plans likewise.
        For the love of Beruthiel, I cannot imagine a company that launch a long-expected product, and changes its pricing the very first day.
        I'm not sure where you fount a $34.95 activation fee on the website.
        There FAQ mentions a $9.99 activation fee, can't find any other mention of it elsewhere, not even in BUY NOW.
        The FAQ say that the UNLIMITED DATA plan is capped at 5 Gb, which is strange, because their top plan, at a whopping $119.99, tops at 750Mb, a far, far cry from 5Gb.
        There is a 30% restocking fee if you return the handset within 30 days.

        • _Arthur,
          Yup, they did change the site today after I wrote my original post about it. The 34.95 activation was in the same spot as the $9.99 fee is now. The good news is that the pricing went down, good for distributors and for the clients too.
          I think that one of Global Verge's weakest points is their data plans due to high cost low bandwidth ratio, which makes their plans very unappealing to me. For @119.95 per month plus taxes and fees I can get unlimited EVERYTHING from AT&T.. .sure there is a credit check, sure there is a two year agreement, but it is unlimited. So they do not have the advantage of being less expensive than the tier one providers from what I see, which means that your target market is going to be those that can't get service with a tier one provider due to credit or people that no longer want to have a contract and are willing to sacrifice features or go with a limited bandwidth account to avoid a contract.
          Time will tell…
          I also find it strange that they just made these changes considering all the anticipation people have had with the launching of their products. Maybe they just wanted to keep the
          'cat in the bag'?
          Also, I just tried their 'buy now' and well… not able to buy anything… 10:18pst 5/1/2010.
          I guess they haven't launched yet or there are some bugs in their system? BTW… I will say that Global Verge does have the best looking site out of the ones that I have seen…
          Panther…. sucks
          Peoplezwireless…. doesn't exist
          DNA…. Do I even need to comment?
          Global Pros… landing pages only… company site coming soon and I will review it!
          I am a web designer and developer, currently completing my degree for the same and then getting my Masters in Internet Marketing after that, so maybe I am a little hard on sites in general… BTW… any Network Marketing Companies out there need a Project Manager? ;o)
          Anyway, I love the debates!
          Soon to be a Wireless Millionaire!

        • _Arthur, your right they should've waited til they had everything correct, they were trying to post it May 1st like they said. That plan is the Coverage 1 retail customer "verizon" plan. The initial numbers could've been a post-paid plan that may be coming. They should have the Coverage 2 retail customer "sprint" plan up by Monday, and Coverage 3 GSM soon. Remember the most exciting plans are the member-only plans that's the $79.99 full unlimited everything no data cap.
          Real Source

          • "Remember the most exciting plans are the member-only plans that’s the $79.99 full unlimited everything no data cap."
            I fully remember it, and it makes NO BUSINESS SENSE AT ALL to me.
            Why can they offer an UNLIMITED plan for $79.99 when someone is a "member", but, for the same price, a non-member can get only 50Mb ?
            This is not making any business sense to me.
            My working theory is they might be abusing an "employee discount" clause.
            That'll work until a Sprint lawyer explains to them that E-associates are not Global Verge employees: they're not on the payroll.
            I'm curious to discover what gimmick GV is using this time. The disparity between the "members-only" offer, and the "retail" offer cannot be explained merely as a recruiting trick. It goes deeper.

      • Dear Rick Weston
        Rick it is hard to think anyone after all the 100% proven beyond a shadow of doubt that Mr Chris Greco is a FRAUD that you could have so much faith in his ability. You even write after your name… "Future Wireless Millionaire"
        Let me help you get to your millionaire status sooner. I have $50,000 to your $50,000 that Chris Greco will not be with Global Pros in Six Months. Oh and if you do not have the $50,000 we can do $5,000 to your $5,000.
        Just put your money where your mouth is. In fact if Chris Greco is real then I am sure he will put up the money for you just to prove me wrong and TAKE MY MONEY. In fact since Chris Greco says he got 87 Million Dollars from Team Mobile and is a MOBILE TYCOON… Let's make it interesting let Chris Greco put up $100,000 since he is The GREAT RICH KING KONG OF MOBILE who IS FRIENDS WITH DAN HESSE and ALL THE MOBILE GIANTS… With 211 STORES and since GLOBAL PRO is run by MEGA-MILLIONAIRES this should be a WALK IN THE PARK…
        Let's make it all LEGAL… PHIL PICCOLO puts up $100,000 and CHRIS GRECO puts up $100,000… Let's put it all in writing and have a 3rd party attorney hold the money. I will even pay for the attorney fees. OH and Chris Greco that is $100,000 CASH not in broken phones or trucks with a million miles on them…
        Phil Piccolo

        • Phil Piccolo, HOLY SH** I cant believe you had the BALLS to come on this site!!! WOW I got to give you credit there, Hey how about answering the Questions then Phil! Huh Phil. I was in the AA battery charger Fiasco, What happened with that Phil, I can say this Mr.Greco sent me MY FREE PHONE, and I love the service, How is him sending me a free phone a fraud, Also how is him allowing me to sell all the prepaid services for wholesale a fraud? All I see is a solid service from Mr.Greco and a bunch of Hot Air From DNA And you Phil. You built that entire company on a Fraud, You lied to the reps constantly and said you were Waren Anthony, I got the same bogus sad emails I got at ValueValueValue, AA Battery, and now DNA, So phil you can try to deflect the failure of DNA to Greco, But the facts are its all your fault for not being upfront and honest to the reps in the field. May 1st has come and gone, and now all your reps are leaving that wanted cellular to follow Chris, they aren't believing you because you lied from the start!, So phil keep being Waren, John Nocton, or whoever you are this week, At least when i'm at Global Pros, I know my CEO and Owner is who he is, Not a fake name, You are hiding Phil because you are the Biggest Scam to hit MLM, See and Phil makes the Front page. Phil take the money you have already stole and head off into the sunset, Lies, Fake names, and all.

        • Phil,
          I guess I should subscribe to this site so that I know when people respond to my posts easier… I miss some of them like this one for a day or two.
          I really find it amusing that you felt the need to write such a 'tongue in cheek' reply to my postings and to put up such a ridiculous bet that first of all has some real legal issues in and of itself unless the transaction is done in a State that allows gambling of this sort… and then to in a way single out a lowly distributor such as myself seems to lack any class at all on your part. Most of us distributors are not rolling in money, so even a $5,000 bet is out of reach for us yet alone $50,000 or $100,000, which is why we join companies in the MLM Industry in the first place… Our way out of 'poverty'. It is just SAD that so many owners of these companies have forgotten what it is like to be poor…
          An Incredible trainer and motivator once told me this… "If you forget where you came from… you are on your way back." Great words to live by.
          "Just put your money where your mouth is." That is the only quote from you that I ever need to hear again as it really shows your level of class and is indicative of your feelings towards your distributor base if they question or comment on your actions.
          Rick Weston
          Future Wireless Millionaire
          PS If anyone wants to donate a buck or two for my pending bet with Phil Piccolo or for site development please visit my site and find the donation button in my posting about this comment from Mr. Piccolo.

          • Rick,
            What I loved about your comment the best is your sig line… "Future Wireless Millionaire" I love the focus my friend.

        • Phil,
          Being that you are so rich and sure of yourself… How about my $1.00 to your $50,000? If you are so sure it should be the same to you… you don’t need my money do you? Besides.. you really want to help me get to my millionaire status quicker right?
          Instead of trying to ‘Punk’ me… Put up or shut up… period.
          “Just put your money where your mouth is.”
          What is your phone number so I can contact you about this bet? Send it to my email
          Let’s ink that deal big shot… Prove me wrong… If you are right you get all kinds of bragging rights. If not.. well it really won’t hurt you will it?
          Rick Weston
          Future Wireless Millionaire
          .-= Rick Weston´s last blog ..Phillip (Phil) Piccolo AKA Warren Anthony Takes A Shot At Yours Truly… =-.

          • Phil,
            Did George put a muzzle on you? Probably a good idea… maybe he should have attorneys review your marketing and cellular plans too before you offer them to the general public or to your 'Pro Affiliates'.
            Rick Weston
            Future Wireless Millionaire

  3. Wow Troy. Thank you for posting this. Finally there is real documentation from a credible source to shed light on this mess. I had posted earlier on a different story that Global Pros or Chris Greco should post links or provide documentation as to which company held the MVNO or where Unlimited Wizard Inc. was formed before Feb. 2 in South Carolina. I almost never wish harm or ill-fate to anyone so I hope everyone that has been effected negatively by this whole scenario will take time to regroup, center their thoughts, and choose the path that will ultimately lead to their own sense of satisfaction. It doesn't sound good for Chris, yet I always know that there are two sides to every story. I'm actually looking forward to his response to this. I would like to see something solid in writing, or from a government website, ie. SOS for corporate filings. I think everyone would like to see this, not just myself. Finally getting somewhere with this whole mess. It is a real shame that so many people and so many companies had to have their names dragged through the mud during the turmoil. Hopefully people will be smart and patient enough to get the facts before making hasty decisions, and companies will be wise and forgiving enough to allow individuals who were unpatient to resume their faith in the company. Also, I think we will see the best leaders appear from this unfortunate situation. If a company that has been pulled into this can still produce, sponsor, grow, and pay, it will truly show that the company has the right leaders at the helm. Thanks again Troy.

  4. Troy,
    After watching your video you state after you see a court filing will you only correct some of the GV filings. I think this is kind of backwards, the posting on the GV site about GV owing money…..what facts did you have to post it in the first place, just a call from Greco. Seems like the standards are not being applied fairly to all people on your site. If you say you post only the truth and are fair, how is this fair or correct. Please post the proof getting you to post that GV owes a dime to Greco.
    You say that you have not hurt GV. I would think posting up information without any facts to begin with is harm to the GV Distributors. Isn't it time to just admit you posted some of the Greco posts without one lick of proof.
    Your video also states that if GV had come forward in January that a lot of the scams might have been prevented………Troy, read your own post they did sent you a letter form their attorney in January telling you that it was false, don't you think this might have spured you to check the source that had no evidence in the first place on any owed funds or for that fact that Greco was even a provider of anything?
    I think you are not giving GV a fair shake and it is time to set the record straight, not by hiding it in a video on the page, why not create a seperate post and stop saying it was GV who could have prevented things, you too could have checked your facts before any post but didn't.

    • GV Promoter,
      Let me clarify for you my comments. If you have questions I am sure others must also.
      1. The cease and desist is focused ONLY on two specific articles and threads. Those are the two which will be corrected as needed when the time comes. In most cases blogs will not change ANYTHING until a final disposition of a case. However, out of the fairness to the distributors and seeing what has come public in other areas of Greco's life, it is only right to add Global Verge's side of things.
      Had Global verge followed through in January, their side of things would have already been posted. Sadly they saw fit to wait until April to provide the supporting documentation. And when you think about it, until a Court decides, their side of things could also be false. This si why we have a judicial system.
      Our goal is to provide as much documentation and insight from all directions, including the input from the field, for past, current and future reps to may up their mind as to joining any company or not.
      By the way… Your statement "a call from Greco, does show you have not been following this very long, or have not read our original Cease and Desist threads. Otherwise you would be well aware of this situation.
      I am not sure we have ever stated "well own post the Truth." We have stated we will post the facts. When facts are one sided and the other side will not produce any facts, then the truth can be one sided at best. We do our best to be fair and balanced, even when offering opinions based on our own life experiences.
      When the case is decided, if Greco wins, we'll once again update the posts. If Global verge wins, then we will update in that direction. Hope that helps on the first questions.
      2. The courts have yet to determine if Greco or Global Verge is right. And since a Court of law is the only place where the final determination will be determined, how can you or anyone else determine if the information from Greco or Global Verge is the correct evidence? As for posting without a lack of proof, the answer is NO! Greco at the time did produce proof, we turned that proof over to our attorney. When Global Verge sent their original Cease and Desist, we in turn demanded documentation from Global Verge to disprove the evidence Greco had provided. It never came… At least until now!
      Seems the question you should be asking is "why did Global Verge wait this long?
      3. ROFLOL… They sent a Cease and Desist letter. In that letter it stated "Greco is lying" Seriously, read the post, read the letter we sent to the Global Verge attorney and get on the same page as everyone else. Global Verge yesterday provided over 82 pages of supporting documentation, which they plan to use in filing a civil suit. We are not here to determine who is right and who is wrong. We are here to present both sides of an argument. From day one Global Verge has determined it was NOT in the best interest to communicate with us. However, other CEOs and founders who have been listed under the MLM Scam category never had an issue contacting us. I have no problem with you pointing at me, however, I am one small player. I would say and others including major wireless and tech investigative reporters have covered this story far better than I, so it's not like I am the ONLY one who asked the hard questions, posted the facts as we were given them, and held the supporting documentation for evidence.
      Funny, I am also the one who followed through as I said I would and when Global verge came forward through their attorney posted ALL the documentation, even the letter from the attorney which is truly derogatory towards me personally.
      4. Greco enter into this picture in the fourth quarter of 2009. Can you explain how it is his fault what has happened to Global Verge and their predecessor E-Verge? Can you explain how Mark and Ted could be taken not once but three times by wireless carriers? Exactly how can the recorded conference calls from the Global Verge founders and officers making outlandish statements have anything to do with me being unfair to Global Verge?
      Well, I hope this does clear up where we stand!

  5. Troy,
    It's amazing how things turn around so quickly. I always said (and the bible does as well), "You reap what you sow". You throw mud in the air and it will fall on your face. At this point I would say to all the distributors that were mislead, now is not the time for pride. Go back to whatever company you were with and work hard to achieve your goals. Every company has it's issues. No company is perfect. Stop looking for it. Some of the largest, most successful companies had some type of drawback at some point in their growth. I don't see any of these companies that were affected closing their doors and running off over seas. This means that they are committed to making things work for their distributors. Go back and be a positive contribution to the company. Don't complain and add negativity. This is also what you will reap.
    As for Chris's statements, they are so funny. He falsified a legal court document filing a lawsuit and he expects you to post some other document that he can easily falsify as well. This is hilarious!! You won't make the same mistake twice. Have a legal law firm send it and then it can be posted. You cried wolf too many times Chris. And as for bringing the open tickets to court, that will play against you. My name was on there and that was a violation of my privacy. My personal information, as well as some of my other associates, was posted and everybody started spamming us and trying to recruit us to other companies. I would be willing to join any lawsuit against you in violation of privacy. My phone # was a business only # and I was receiving all types of call. Needless to say, all those tickets of mine and my associates were resolved. Those documents only prove that they didn't have enough personnel to handle the volume. We received all our phones and cleared any other issue. Lately, I've had any questions answered the same day. Many by Mark himself.
    You are an honorable man Troy for keeping your word. Thanks for helping to restore the order that was dishonestly disrupted by Chris Greco.
    God bless

    • Oscardee …
      Very well said: …"It’s amazing how things turn around so quickly. I always said (and the bible does as well), “You reap what you sow”. You throw mud in the air and it will fall on your face. At this point I would say to all the distributors that were mislead, now is not the time for pride. Go back to whatever company you were with and work hard to achieve your goals. Every company has it’s issues. No company is perfect. Stop looking for it. Some of the largest, most successful companies had some type of drawback at some point in their growth. I don’t see any of these companies that were affected closing their doors and running off over seas. This means that they are committed to making things work for their distributors. Go back and be a positive contribution to the company. Don’t complain and add negativity. This is also what you will reap."
      Bottom Line: Folks if you're happy WHERE your at and WHO you're working with and for …STAY PUT and BUILD YOUR business! If you're NOT happy WHERE your at and WHO you're working with and for …FIND SOMETHING ELSE to do!
      People who sow bad seed ALWAYS end up doing MORE weeding than harvesting! If YOU yourself are someone who HAS VALUES – CHARACTER and PRINCIPLE – OTHER people WILL NOTICE! On the other hand IF you are someone whose ALWAYS looking for an "overnight" solution – the QUICK and EASY way …you probably NEED MORE personal growth and MORE POSITIVE people around you!
      DO WHAT you can and FOCUS on YOUR BUSINESS and NOT anyone elses! BELIEVE what YOU believe and if it's RIGHT and TRUE – YOU will have NO problem. THOSE WHO SUCCEED are well known and respected IF they succeed with HONESTY, ETHICS and INTEGRITY.
      THOSE WHO DON'T SUCCEED …it's a pretty sure bet that THEIR BELIEFS and VALUES ARE flawed in some capacity. We ALL have flaws but to set out ON PURPOSE to DEFY, DESTROY and DIVIDE other people is a flaw NONE of us respect or honor in ANY way! GREED has long been a vessel for FAILURE and IT STILL IS!
      IF you're one of THOSE people – DON'T LOOK for others to follow you for very long if at all. MOST PEOPLE ARE looking to BE RESPECTED and that means in ALL WAYS and …SOME PEOPLE WILL always strive for what's BEST for THEM and NOT necesarrily for others if THEIR hearts ARE NOT in the right place! DON'T THINK that people WON'T find you out – THEY ALWAYS WILL!

  6. Troy,
    What a mess!! These crooks in Telecom have set the networking industry back ten years. Unfortunately the distributors are the ones who get hurt by these guys.They don't care about distributors just themselves and the ol mighty dollar. Calling all distributors to stop the madness. Quit wasting your time and jeopardizing your reputation. When you align yourself with these crooks its a direct reflection of you. When companies are motivated by greed bad things happen. Hopefully with all this negative attention the big four will finally come to their senses and shut these chuckle-berries down (all of them). The silver lining to all of this is that I have met and continue to work with some great honest ethical people who finally came to the realization that telecom is dead and they can't continue to support less than ethical companies/ownership which seems to be the majority in this industry they call telecom. I know the principles and beliefs with our owner and our company. Do you know who your doing business with. If your looking for a long term relationship with a company that truly does it right email with more info in the subject line. Thanks again Troy for all you do and if you need any donations for legal fees feel free to call. Thanks again,

    • I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you at all. Telecom MLM is not dead as I am part of one that has allowed me to double my income and team in 6 months (and no I'm not average newbie). Our company launched July of 2008 and has been shipping phones and paying commissions on these phones since then! They have continued to do everything they said they would and are constantly striving to offer a better company for their reps.
      I don't believe you've given good advice at all to the MLMers here and quite frankly Troy I'm a little surprised that you call this guy's "advice" good. Perhaps you're referring to the Global Verge, WOW's, etc that are NOT telecom companies and are pretending to be? The only telecom companies that I know of in MLM are Lightyear, ACN, and 5Linx. Those are true MLM telecom companies and all three are doing just fine. The handful of pretenders that have attempted to jump on the wireless bandwagon have failed miserably because they are not in the telecom business. It's plain and simple. They are greedy Network Marketers looking for the path of least resistance.
      Good advice would be to stop making decisions based on emotion and look at the big picture. Look at the infrastructure, the corporate leadership, the product, etc. It's the emotion that is leading people to the slaughter. We've been here trying to help prevent the slaughter but we continue to get called haters. And no, I'm not here to recruit. If I were I'd be linking my name to a website for you to join with me.

      • Curious,
        MLM Telcom is not dead at all. However MLM wireless field leaders need to get on the same page and start working together to clean up their niche, instead of closing a blind eye to the issues. If the big four see enough negative press where reps from different companies are trying to hurt each other, or the FCC find a boatload of over hyping, then they could all pull the plug.

  7. Global Verge is re-launching Global Mobile One for the third time today.
    Plans go for $49 for 575 minutes of talk, 250 text messages, no data
    to $119 for 900 minutes of voice, 250 texts, 750Mb data
    They have changed their plans already. Talk and text is now unlimited.
    Data is $69.99 for 50Mb
    $89.99 for 150Mb
    $119.99 for 750Mb
    That's a far, far cry from the UNLIMITED EVERYTHING FOR $69.99 they used to offer 3 short months ago.

    • _Arthur, keep watching for updates, that 1st plan is GM1 Coverage Plan 1 which is Verizon coverage map and that is the retail price of $49.99 unlimited talk and text, Verizon unlimited talk and text is $89.99 plus taxes/fees, contrat, credit check. The members have a discounted price plus residual commissions monthly. Stay tuned for GM1 Coverage Plan 2 price plans- Sprint coverage map, and soon Coverage Plan 3 price plans- GSM map.
      Real Source

    • This is "Crap" all over again! Who wants to get ripped off again by GV? Any One here want 2nds??? I done with all this s@$T, I'm going to just wait and see what happens next!

  8. Troy thank you for your information, but i think this is it for the wireless mlm industry, I don't know if is GV, DNA etc, but I think people are tired of hearing a lot of problems in this industry, is it my fault? is it your your fault? who cares? people wants to have a real legit mlm telecomm business! people wants solutions, thousands of people have been hurt thank to you Chris, you can not jerk people around any more, people do not believe in you any more, for you game is over, i am sorry it is what it is, have you really think about your distributors or was just you? have you realize what you have done to the average people? thousands of dreams have been crushed! thanks to who? who cares any more. Mlm builds with ethics, leadership, integrity and most of all TRUST, and people don't trust the mlm wireless any more thanks to you boss. There is a new legit telecomm mlm that is coming and is around the corner, that is going to be the home of people pursuing dreams, pretty soon every one will know, with that been said thank you it is what it is and have a nice day. Use some or I should say a lot of personal growth if you want to be

      • Hey Troy and Anonymous …
        Sad to know but some people just can't help who they truly are. In this case, alot has been said and done but only on the behalf of a few individuals profiting for themselves and no one else. When the real story comes out – everyone will know and the evidence will prove that to obtain a monopoly on any one industry …the attempts by any one individual or others to destroy and conquer didn't work out as planned and should be a clear and present lesson to anyone that thinks this is the way to go.
        Being and having a pompous "better than thou" attitude in this industry doesn't help anyone let alone the millions of people trying to earn a living or supplement their income. There ARE still good, honest, ethical people in the industry that are committed to integrity and dignity of all people. Focus on those because they're truly the "marketing warriors" who fight for what's right and not only for themselves but that of each and every marketer that wants to succeed in a good wholesome business while staying honest and helping others to do the same.
        When a person has what it takes they work hard, put in alot of time and effort but the most important thing is to put "principles and character" before personal gain. Wiping out thousands of marketers and a few companies isn't going to create fame or fortune and for those who still believe that's the way to go – good luck. Being of good character, valuing other people, helping wherever possible and proving that honesty, integrity and ethics do pay the right way is the MOST important trait we can know in any marketer.
        Treasure the people who trust you, give them the respect you'd want for yourself and never try to out do the competition in a way that's destructive to everyone involved. THESE ARE the rules we live by in marketing and …THEY DO WORK!

    • Sheesh – another one around the corner? Only one RIGHT NOW has verifiable products and wholesale agreements (not reseller pages from Wirefly). Why chase the nest pipe dream when you can grab on to the one that does what it says it will?

  9. Its too bad some folks still want to lump all MLM telecom companies in together when garbage like this comes down. There's at least one that has been above board in their wireless offerings from the get go, and it continues to grow in spite of all the late joiners and "me too's" that keep hyping things they can't deliver…

  10. Troy,
    Can you expand on the connection to TeamGG/PHP with Global Verge/Global Group.
    Frank Varon and others? May 15-16 Prelaunch Raleigh? Do they yet have a carrier contract
    or is this another delay tactic? We look forward to your responce.

    • Virgil,
      Frank and Global group (not to be confused with Chris Greco's Global Pros) was the largest leg with the most Triple Diamond's in Global Verge until just a few months ago.
      The leadership in this organization is truly rock solid when it comes to growing organizations. Although, I do not see eye-to-eye with Frank and some of his leaders on every subject, or method they use to build their organizations, I can say they are die hard loyalist when the decide to join a company (or in this case launch a new company.)
      I hit them hard for sticking it out as long as they did at GV, because they are such professionals. However, I also respect their decision to do all they could before finally deciding to leave.
      I do not know if they have a carrier or not, but I can say their leaders do have longevity in the telecommunication industry. I will put a call out this week to the leadership and see if we can get an official update on things.

  11. Troy have you seen the new blog post at they posted on GV and site all verifiable facts, That raymond dude is robbing social security, they lost sprint, they are selling page plus, you were not kidding, this is worse than Dallas, How can they come out On Greco when they have all of this against them, And troy did they ever refute the evidence, You said chris sent you evidence? Was this ever said to be not true? I have to say if this is true what was posted Global Verge might as well close its doors.

    • GV is DEAD,
      ROFLOL… Let me get this right. There has been a court hearing to prove which side is right with their documents? I don't think so! See it's not about JUST posting documents and facts. It is about both sided getting the information out, and a court of law making a final decision. In this case, I can pretty much assure you, Global Verge has some documents they have not shared yet, because they do not have to disclose them until the case is filed.
      As a matter of fact, once the case is filed, there are plenty of additional documents which will be made public. This is truly going to get very interesting.

    • GV Is Dead,
      What I find so funny about MLM WIreless News is the fact it has a hidden registry, and ALL and I mean ALL of the information they post is based on opinion, NOT one post has valid documentation to back it up.
      I predict two things will take place…
      1. The hosting company will or maybe has already been notified by legal counsel from one of more of the companies informing them of this illegal act (someone doesn't understand the law)
      2. This alter ego of Greco and crew will be the best evidence for Global Verge and other companies filing suits.

      • Troy why does everyone that contests what you say or gives a different opinion or cites another site, its always Greco.
        I am sorry Troy it sounds like you have a greco complex. I mean really troy how many times have you asked is this greco. Wayne Askew, Concerned MLMer, and others, its like your standing and credibility are going down and down, I have been watching the alexa ratings, troy you are steadily losing traffic, so let's cause controversy that isn't there. Its amazing isn't it. But instead Troy this has backfired on you. I sure hope you move on and get back to being Troy before its to late. As for facts, they posted on I was able to call and confirm with page plus. I also was able to research the corporation in florida, I was able to confirm all they said. And again Troy you are allowing the reps to be scammed. Just like you allowed with phillip piccolo and DNA. The difference is you be called on it now, Troy verify it. Then let the rest of the industry know. At least they do that at, maybe you are striking out at collins and team because they are reporting the truth and its making dooly look bad. Or maybe you are envious of what they have. Either way. Troy fix it before you lose your readers.

        • Wow is the Best,
          Are you serious, or joking?
          I'll answer your questions, so folks can fully understand my comments. Then you can get back with us on if you are serious or not.
          1. The site MLM Wireless News went live the day after we took public the recording on Greco.
          2. The reason I ask if this is Greco, is because of all the different names used on this site, where the IP Address goes back to Greco.
          3. As for my standing and Credibility… that has never been a concern. Publishing both sides of an issue, and providing all the facts we can get to provide the distributors with all they need to make a decision, now that is important. It I focused on "standing or credibility" then I would do like so many others who run blogs, I would never comment past the original post.
          4. As for Alexa ranking, who cares? It's not about ranking sport, it is about targeted traffic coming to the site who find value. We get more targeted traffic from positive reviews than we do from the soap opera surrounding the MLM Wireless niche. By the way this blog is just one of several where we focus on the MLM profession, not counting our social profiles. By the way, our Alexa ranking and compete ranking are lower (which is a good thing) and to get that, the traffic is up.
          5. Since you confirmed something, why didn't you post it. See one thing I have learned is that private transactions between businesses is not public knowledge. Until a company issues a press release, they will not put themselves in a legal position to be sued. So please give the name and number of the person you talked with or the documents you have received. I was on the site and did not see any documents posted. Now I could have missed them, for sure, but if there are there please send us the link.
          6. What reps are being scammed? Please be very specific, so we fully understand. Ambiguous statements are of no value. As for Piccolo we have covered that one.
          You are a true advocate for MLM Wireless news, and linking them to our site will help them grow. isn't funny how one of my red flags with DNA is private registry, yet you love to quote how Piccolo and DNA are scamming reps. Talk about hypocritical.
          Hey, I love the debate, and wish you well. I gues at the end of the day we will see if the court of public opinion or a court of law wins out.

          • Thanks for that reply Troy. You saved me the typing of pointing out the facts that you have presented. How can site less than a week old have much credibility. That is laughable.

  12. Chris and Phil need to give their heads a shake.
    While they are busy playing Who's Got the Biggest Ego, real people are being hurt either financially or in their reputations.
    It's nice that Phil can go around placing $100,000 bets and that Chris is the King Kong of wireless, but I would like to see is the King Kong of Integrity and $100,000 going towards a non-profit organization for mlm reps that have lots their shirts following non-legal mlm companies (no I don't mean you joined an organization and didn't work it and now you are crying over the couple of hundred dollars you invested, I mean non-legal "opportunities").
    I think it's time for all mlm companies to be licenced before they can even open thier doors to the public.
    I worked in the financial sector and had to be tested and licenced before I could sell anything. This meant; taking a financial sector course, obtaining a licence to sell financial products, being fingerprinted, criminal records check, credit check, etc.
    If MLM companies were required to take courses on what is legal and non-legal in the mlm world, submit payplans for proof of legality, proof of financial stability, criminal records check of officers and management of the company etc. this could save a lot of heartache down the road. No, it would not solve all the problems that any company can run into – mlm or not, but it would at least even the playing field for people looking at different business opportunities.
    Every MLM company would have a licence number that would have to be displayed on websites, brochures etc. This licence number could then be verified by anyone looking at a particular company. Transparency is the key in what has become the "wild west" of mlm.
    I think it's time for the regulatory authorities to get pro-active instead of re-active.
    The non-sense in this industry is out of control and some basic regulations could "cure" part of that.

    • Sherry,
      In your comment where you talk about MLM’s being being licensed. In reality they are. MLM are businesses and as such, they are to be licensed to operate in each state where they have reps. What has happened lately is the fact Internet based companies with no real offices have launched and hurt it for all companies.
      This is not to say there are not legit virtual companies, it is just to say, it is harder to protect the consumers and the distributors when the companies have no real office.
      What might be good, is for MLM companies to do like insurance companies do, and put up a cash reserve with the State where they are incorporated. If they knew they could lose a six figure deposit, then maybe they would think twice before messing with distributors and the consumers.

      • Hi Troy,
        Thank for your response. I realize that legit companies are licenced and I don’t like extra red tape anymore than anyone else, but the industry is doing a poor job of policing itself. I think a regulatory body that issues a special mlm licence as I outlined above would weed out many of the problems.
        And yes, hit them in the pocket-book before they launch if need be.
        Thanks for all you do for us little guys.

        • Sherry,
          You truly make a valid point. If we could get all the companies to join the Professional Association of Network Marketers, along with the distributors, and they we would all abide by the Standards already in place, our great profession would weed out the hoodlums.
          You are a true value to this community. Thank you for caring so much!!!!

          • Agree with everything, Sherry and Troy. That would put almost all due diligence in the hands of the administrating body.
            SOOOO much easier and safer.
            But, is it possible? I have a feeling the gov't would just as soon shut down all online MLM as regulate it.

          • Unanswered Questions,
            If you look st the type of cases the Government have filed over the last few years, you can see a pattern. They never go after companies who police their own distributors and who have viable products and services to offer the end user.
            Now I will say John McCain's new bill he is trying to get passed could cause some health and wellness MLM as issue, but I believe Orrin Hatch will get it killed.

          • DSHEA?
            I also rec’d an email about killing that bill because it somewhat ‘sweeping’ in it’s selection of programs that would be affected.
            On the other hand, it’s not so much the products that are a problem, it’s the existence a viable product and ‘set’ comp plan, before the company opens. Getting people in, then changing the plans or completely switching products, (I’m not talking about companies that start in one REAL product and ADD other products),..changing comp plans excessively without offering an ‘out’, or some form of refund compensation for those who don’t agree with serious changes to comp plans, that kind of thing.
            Example: Liberty Int suddenly changing the Wowmobile comp plan, (called it Project Velocity) dropping commissions by 75% and up in many cases, then only allowing NEW reps to receive G1 phones at $150 (the rest had to pay $400.) and not entertaining any refunds to members who had JUST joined at full whack. This was supposed to last 90 days. Then, they said, ….maybe they would keep it that way. That’s a complete change from the previously offered plan, and there should have been some recompense offered for those who found that was unacceptable to them, especially if they would NOT have sunk their cash into the plan they chose, (or maybe not at all) if they had been aware of the coming variance in the plan.

  13. Breaking News, I just heard on a Global Pros call that Jeff Long of DNA has Left because Piccolo Lied to Him and George was called into question HE IS A BIG PLAYER TROY!!!! WOW looks as if Greco has caused a Major COOP. Its reported also on the home based Business network as well as
    Troy what do you know about this, And is this the end of DNA with its leaders going over to Mr.Greco's side?
    I have to disclose I am using one of the GLOBAL PROS Blackberrys while making this post and that I have signed up as a member there.
    What the info Troy, We also have heard rumblings of Joe Reid leaving for Global Pros as well.

          • Troy what does Global Verge's Attorney have to do with Jeff Long Leaving DNA.
            Also what is the Story with him and Global Pros, I am a member there and think he would be great for the company. Is there any truth to this rumor, and I got an email saying he is on the call today at 4PM talking about the Piccolo Deception. Have you heard anything?
            Also I keep hearing this Ron Williams on the calls and John, Do you know the Management team there, I believe in the Product I am using one of the Sprint Blackberrys,
            Troy are they for real, Did Jeff Long go there?

          • A. Benitez,
            Honestly, I am not sure about the first question. I must assume I answered a comment which I thought had to do with an email question referring to GV.
            As for the Jeff Long story, I am not following that story Ted Nuyten is on top of it.
            I do not know all the management team. Ron Williams runs some form of real easte or resort company, and is listed as the register of the Global Pro website.
            the John, name you hear, according to Greco is one of the owners, and if I remember correctly, Chris said he is the #1 earner on Wall Street for the last six years.
            Global Pros, is not really our main focus, we're still trying to find out of they are a real company. If you have documentation showing where they are incorporated, this will allow us to move forward.
            Right now we're watching to see how many of these companies get tied up in what may be one of the largest class action lawsuits ever filed on behalf of distributors in MLM history. If that happens, along with Global Verge possibility filing their own lawsuit against officers and equity partners in Global Pros and Panther, I'm not sure where this will leave the distributors. Guess it depends on if Panther and Global Pros counter file.
            Personally, if I were looking at MLM wireless I think I would go to Lightyear which is a real telecommunication company. 5Linx or ACN are also good bets. If someone is looking for a hub type company, I would review Zurvita or Escape International.

    • Troy, you might be interested to learn (or you probably already know) that I received this in my in-box today, May 5, 2010 from D.N.A. to all affiliates:
      "Let's make it 100% very clear… D.N.A. terminated the relationship with Mr Greco not the other way around. We are one of many companies standing in line to legally go after this person both in a civil court and also will be turning over all evidence to the FBI."
      This should speak volumes about whose "side" D.N.A. is on.

      • A D.N.A. Affiliate,
        I did receive this early this early this morning. I also talked with DNA corporate to get some insight as to the "Piccolo phone" Greco has been stating was given to him by Phil. WOrd has it, that the phone was stolen, and a complaint will be filed with the local authorities if the phone is not returned.
        Things are heating up from all sides.

  14. Troy I find this interesting as on a recorded DNA call I remember they said Chris broke his phone and Warren,Phil or whatever his name is gave him a phone, I assume it was that Phone, I honestly dont believe someone who owns cellular stores would take Phils Phone, LOL, what does phil have to hide, WOW come on Chris Publish the contents Please!! I cant wait to see what Phil has to hide, Maybe its something bad on DNA, Woah, Well Troy I am willing to bet that this info will get posted somewhere, Word has it LOL that Ted is doing a Post on it. Also If Greco really stole the phone It would have been reported stolen already, Troy I was also on the call where Chris Described where he discovered piccolo with that phone, They Both apparently called sprint to have the phone put on Greco's Account, But realized the phone was not in the name Warren Anthony but Phil Piccolo and that there was an Outstanding Balance of over 4,000 or more dollars, This is all documented Troy, So I think Mr.Piccolo is posturing, I will disclose I am a Global Pros Member, But If they did call Sprint then that call was recorded. As for the phone Chris said the Phone would be Turned over to the Attorney General In Florida, Would Piccolo not want that to happen I wonder why, NO DOUBT I am pulling for Chris here, But there is more Circumstantial Evidence in Greco;s Favor here, Also Why would Phil not want the Phone turned over to the AG, unless those Damning ValueValueValue emails are True! Wow no matter what happens with Greco it looks as though the Mighty Phil Piccolo may have been caught with his pants down, Troy why dont you volunteer to get the phone from Greco and if there is anything Damaging to the Distributors you would post the truth right Troy?

  15. It seems that DNA is going down the path to scam, they are doing too much all at once and with these different commission payouts and qualification ranks is too much of an overload and can make things crash………………I have even heard that DNA is under investigation by the FBI for fraud.

    • Michael,
      Just one small correction. When the FBI is investigating a company, you me, nor the company will know until the FBI feels they have enough information for a conviction. Having worked for two companies who not only came under investigation, they owners were charged and convicted, I can tell you those investigations took years, and were far larger than DNA.