Nicely over the previous few weeks now we have seen litigation launched between International Verge and Folks Serving to Folks, Inc. And thus far neither Derrick Rodgers nor Rick Presley the company leaders of PHPI have reached out personally or by means of their authorized counsel to provide us any kind of official response. Nevertheless, over the weekend a number of of their area leaders have reached out to provide us some inside information…

Over 30 leaders from company and the sector had been on the assembly held on June 16, 2010. This assembly could utterly set the stage for the way forward for this firm primarily based on the actual fact Rodgers and Presley, had been prepared to sit down down with these MLM Execs, who’re within the trenches every day doing their finest to unfold the message of Folks Serving to Folks.
Now, I’ve no clue the place all of the litigation will find yourself, and I’m nonetheless very involved for distributors from all the firms. Nevertheless, if the company officers and fairness companions are prepared to maintain their area pressure glad, and the two-way communication flowing, then perhaps, simply perhaps the authorized groups from each firms can hash out all of the variations and get on down the highway.
If, not, then it’s going to nonetheless be a bumpy journey.
Listed below are a number of of the excessive factors from the PHPI assembly final week.
MINUTES PHPI Corporate and Leadership Meeting 06-16-2010

PHPI Compensation Plan Presentation

PHPI Compensation Plan Details


  1. Troy
    Thank you for this update/report on PHPI
    I have been coming too your site for almost a year now and value the information you gather and share with all of us.
    Yes I was in GV last year along with alot of my family members and we all lost money 🙁
    and I am now in PHPI and so far things are looking very good.
    Tonights webinar Derrk R. said all reps can order phones and service starting tomorrow!!!
    And comission will be in our back office also tomorrow!!!
    I have been reading all your post on wireless mlm companys for sometime now and i feel good about where i'm at with PHPI
    I know they have a ways too go, But like you said in this post they seem to be doing things right !!
    Good luck to ALL of us mlm wireless Reps. out there.
    Please feel free to share my web site address with your readers. You never know they might be some that would like to know more about PHPI
    Thanks again

    • Commissions were there one day, gone the next from the members' back office. Corporate promoted as a payment vehicle, but didn't disclose the fees involved. Paid for the first autoship of product and tools, but nothing has appeared. There's a smell coming from this…

      • John,
        I am sorry to hear this. I have used ProPay for years, and it is a new standard in the MLM profession. Although fees can fluctuate. The most I have ever been charged was through a company which also provided a private label debit card, and the transfer fee was $.75 cents. I have never been charged for the funds transfered to me from the companies master account, just for transferring to my bank, which is far cheaper than a few bucks most companies use to charge for cutting the check.
        Please keep us posted.
        By the way. Are you telling us the commissions showed in the backoffice, then when you went to collect, they were gone?

      • John
        The Commission link in our back office was down for a few days for updating !
        The links are back and commissions are there and can be transfered to the ProPay
        Also phone are being shipped and are working great !!
        I'm feeling good about PHPI so far .
        ( IF ) GV is going to go after the CEO and some Leaders then i wish it would happen soon,
        That is the only thing that might hold this Company back from being a awsome opportunity.
        Good luck All

    • My concern is that people have been charged for 3 months autoship of products ( I stopped my autoship after paying for 2 months) – I have not received a product ( minerals) yet.
      the "diamond pool" bonuses for May supposedly just got paid- June's are "still being calculated"-it's the end of July.
      I hope this will be a good company- but they have tried to do too much too fast- including rushing in a May autoship charge- in what to me seems like a blatant attempt to get a May paycheck into the "leaders' " hands.
      I entered this company with a lot of excitement and optimism- I am now very much " on hold until they get their act together and start delivering some of what has been for too long promised.

      • I am on hold also. PHPI took one autoship from me when I signed up and the day before my 2nd one was to come out, I deactivated it. Not another penny, nor will I recruit another person until I see Derrick and his leaders follow through on their promises, and until these phones are released to the public. Furthermore I have not heard one feedback about how well the phones are working with the reps who already bought them. I don't care how big the bonuses get nor does all the hype about going to Orlando excite me. I was very excited in the beginning ready to go out and do what it took to build my matrix, even had some great people lined up who were coming aboard with 3 or 4 people. I am glad I saw this happen before they signed up, otherwise they would have been coming back to me thinking I had misled them. I just sit back and watch–how are they going to pay these new bonuses? When I can't even get my first eship product? I am doing all I can to keep from reporting to the FTC, the BBB and the US Atty Gen. I am extremely upset about this and with all of us being spread out all over the country, it's difficult to know what's really going on with everybody. Derrick said in a conference call recently that "most people had received their product and the feedback was very positive, and that were was a 'few' people who had not received their product, but it would be coming soon. The conference calls are mostly for recruiting and more hype. What boggles my mind is that people still have faith that something is going to happen, and making excuses. Well I hope it does, but the folks who have been de-motivated by this I would think is not just me or a few people, and when I come on this site I get some idea of what's going on. If I had taken my time to research before I joined I would not be in this situation right now. But I jumped because I like MLM and it sounded so good.

  2. Great video!
    The phones are so expensive though! The phone on the video is $650 that's the main reason why I didn't feel like I could promote this opportunity. I also thought it was funny that a guy tried to offer this to me and he said he had already made $26,000 last month…then i see you guys have not even been paid your first check yet…Sounds like he just lied to me. that's the type of stuff that cripples the industry. Don't lie just be honest and tell me what you like about YOUR opportunity. Don't lie…it will catch up with you.