This latest civil criticism in opposition to Chris Greco by Ted Robbins, President and Founding father of International Verge raises much more questions surrounding Chris Greco’s future as a viable property to any MLM Wi-fi firm.

The query isn’t what Chris Greco has stated, that may be discovered inside this neighborhood and others across the Web. The query is can Greco again up his private allegations in opposition to Robbins.
If, International Verge wins their case in opposition to Greco, both by Summery Judgement, or by way of trial course of, then they may have a declare in opposition to Greco’s firms and perhaps even his private property if private fraud is confirmed, because it was in opposition to Piilani.
Now, add this new private defamationn case, and I’m not positive Greco might be seen as an asset to any present or future MLM Wi-fi Firm.
Though, solely time will inform what occurs. It could positive be good to listen to from a authorized staff representing Greco in his protection.
This newest authorized transfer by Robbins and International Verge raises as soon as once more the query… Who else is on the brief listing of civil or legal complaints which is able to quickly be made public?
Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly
Global Verge President Ted Robbins Sues Chris Greco Personally for Deformation


  1. Live by the sword…Chris
    Sure Ted is picking the easy battles…
    Lets see Ted take on Steve Lewis…and the facts come out.
    Ted if you are so squeeky clean take on Steve Lewis and Teressa…that's were distributors will find the real facts!
    Until then your still… "Global Verge"

    • Global or E Verge ?
      Dude, are you for real, they were as big of a joke as Greco, well we know thats not true. They did some messed up stuff though. I've been saying it for mos. and mos. "just wait and see" I think you guys are starting to get the picture, but stay tuned there is more. Oh yea guys, GV reps are flooding the market with the new HTC EVO. It Rocks!
      Real Source

      • Real Source,
        Are you hyping things up too? I just found out that GV is hyping up the number of people attending the live meetings. Only 25 or 50 people show up and they are boasting "standing room only."
        At over $500 to get the EVO and the Service Plan that you have to be paying $120 per month (including autoship) and you are not even getting paid residual on this because it's set up with Sprint as a "employee discount" NO THANK YOU.

          • Albert, you don't need meetings to build a business in GV, or any business for that matter. With all the technology, video phones, internet marketing, etc. Meetings are great to pump your hype. As far as your comment about 25-50 people at meetings, you may be referring to the small in home meeting I had last night. I apologize I only set up 49 chairs. As far as the 5 events that had Corporate in attendance the lowest was New York 66 people, Orlando had over 300, SouthCarolina had 100+, Jackson had 100+, and Seattle had 100+, they already have over 100+ pre reg for Phoenix Saturday. Are those numbers big NO, but it only takes 1 to start momentum!
            Albert, your another one that is going to get an F on your homework.
            I don't know what your talking about over $500 on the Evo, and $130 mo. and not getting paid anything.
            WAKE UP IDIOT! the chalk is flying at you.
            GV's Evo is $429
            Monthly service is $89.99 Unlimited Everything!!!
            Every Evo sale- $54 is paid into the Matrix Commission.
            $14 per mo residual is paid into the Matrix Commission off the plan.
            Why would you write anything, that obviously you know nothing about, unless your another GV jumper that went to the next deal, and you can't get your hands on the Evo unless you go directly to that dreaded crowded store that is going to charge you $109.99 + taxes/fees which = $140+ and a 2 year contract, and let's not forget about that credit check, opps you don't qualify, go buy prepaid.
            Real Source

          • Albert,
            Would you go to Sam's Club and pay $40 for a pack of paper towels when you can get it at the local grocery store for $7? Well, you have to take into account the membership fee. Right? It sounds kind of ridiculous when you count the membership fee towards 1 product or service. This is the same for the GM1 phone plan. This is not all that is going on for the $39.99. It's only for access to the savings which there is compared to going to Best Buy or a Sprint store. And they don't pay commissions!
            By the way, if you wanted take advantage of just the phone plan you could join at the intro level and pay $15/ month. Compared to the retail stores, that is still around a $25/month savings. This equals to $600 over the 2 yr contract. Subtract the extra $200 for the phone and you still save $400 vs the retail stores. This is a $400 savings with no contract for the exact same service. And you still need to think about it? On top of that you get the $25 gift certificate to every month for nothing extra. Yes you can go direct and get this certificate for $10. But you don't have to. It's included. That's another $600 over the 2 yr span. I've used them and they are great. This is money that I would have spent anyway at a restaurant. This totals to about $1000 difference in your spending during that 2 yr contract.
            However you want to look at it, or criticize it for that matter, the plan is sound and the savings are there. My EVO is in hand and active with my personal # ported over. I don't understand why you people are trying so hard to make this not real. Just let go of this situation and move on. If you are already in another company, concentrate on IT. Work hard and be successful. And leave all the other companies alone. There is enough customers for everybody. You not believing in Global Verge will make no difference to what they produce. And they are producing. All you're doing is sowing bitterness which is what you will in turn receive.
            Live life like an epic..oops! That's your line Troy. Sorry! Let's just all get along, no matter what company we're associated with, and make the MLM wireless industry the best and most productive business opportunity of all time! Be safe.

      • Sprint cant keep the evo in stock but GV has the EVO! what a bull!
        Real source you are hyping things just a tad. Or i would rather sya you are lying. I have been searching youtube for any GV phone any. Guess what cant find any. I would think at least one of the GV scammer crew would post a video of a working GV phone.
        So Real Source what ur angle? Gotta be a triple diamond vulture just circling and and picking the carcass clean. Losers like you screw peoples heads up and give them false hope. I recon regardless of the out come 99% of people will stay away of GV. Seriously you don't have a product. do you? show me it!

        • Thats what I am Screaming LOL, No they do not have the EVO, I did my own research, And I found a Guy named Chris Greco at Sprint, NO BS, Anyway, I also found out that Both Greco's are related but not the same, Then I asked if anyone had heard of GV, GM1, Or Buzzirk, Nope not a one, So I contacted Amy who got her phone in Orlando an HTC HERO, and guess who's name is on that account, MR.TED ROBBINS, Looks like another WOW MOBILE FIASCO, Hey anyone here can verify what I have said do your due diligence, TROY YOU CAN NOT SAY ALL THOSE AUDIOS WITH MARK AND TED (SAYING THEY WERE USING THE PHONES!!!) Is ok It was an OUT AND OUT LIE!!!! Yet you have swept that under the Rug, Maybe I need to open a company and Lie to People COUNTRY CLUB, Then EVERGE, Then have enough money to Start another Global Verge, Lie some more about phones that dont exist, TROY I JUST HEARD THE TAPE FROM 2 MONTHS AGO, WHERE TED SAYS THEY HAVE A WAREHOUSE OF I PHONES, WHERE ARE THEY?
          As for I phones I want to say, It came out today on the Excel site, Which you have to see the New one WOW, (pun Intended) THEY ANNOUNCE THEY START SELLING THE iPhone 4G tonight!!!!! Unlimited Everything I phone 4G tonight 59.00 WOW WOW WOW! I just saw it, Ill be there, If you are tired of these companies not producing please look at us. You can say what you want about Chris Troy, But he has given us a Product, and I am already being paid, Ill let you see my Back office ANY TIME.

          • Wiliam Spivy,
            Yes, there is a guy who works at Sprint who has the name Chris Greco, but that is pretty old news. You mention, you think they are related. I find that questionable. The Chris Greco we know is of Italian decent, and the Chris Greco of Sprint is of Hispanic decent.
            Now, let's look at a couple of other things.
            1. Yes we do have audios where Mark and Ted mention using the phones. However, I can also say that in talking to Ben Piilani, he has also told me, he provided phones to Mark, Ted and a few other people. Although, I am not sure exactly which phone or how many. So, I am not sure I would call it an out and out lie. Especially now that Piilani and Zer01 found no reason to defend their position in court.
            2. I am not sure I understand exactly, what you think I swept under the rug? If I am not mistaken, we have not swept anything off the site. All the recordings are still active for all to listen to, and we have published the legal documents on the summery judgement. Unless, you can prove without a shadow of a doubt, Ben Piilani did not have the phones, did not give some phones to Ted, Mark and others, then you may want to hold off on calling folks liars. Now if I misunderstood your meaning to "sweeping under the rug, let me know!"
            3. I do remember Country Club, and I made it clear to folks I questioned the longevity of the business model. However, when it comes to e-Verge, that is a whole different story. I admit I questioned Ted and Mark on that one, and called them out for not paying commissions to the reps.
            However, as more evidence came to light, we find the Kevin Sipe the former partner of Panther, and the founder of Soft Tech Mobile, has been accused on stealing over $100K which belonged to e-Verge and was earmarked for commissions. Now, I fully understand the court case hasn't been heard yet, but… It seems he may have done the same type of thing at Panther. He ran off and left Harry Aston holding the bag for past commissions of the old Panther Mobile. I would sure like to know Kevin's side of all this, but to date, I have not seen him respond to the Courts.
            4. As for the warehouse of iPhones, since you did not provide the link so the rest of us can here it, I have no comment. Provide the link, let me hear the audio and I will gladly ask Ted about it.
            5. ROFLOL… Well, sport tell me what I have sugar coated? We are preparing for a five part series. We are posting all the Court documents (although, right now those are a bit one sided), and we will gladly talk to any attorney, owner or officer of a company who is willing to provide us their documentation to any pending cases.
            6. Well, I find it interesting that Excel or any wireless company would combine 4G and iPhone, and telling you or anyone they will be selling them "tonight." First the 4G iPhone is only in pre-order through AT&T and those orders were halted when 600K units were pre-sold yesterday and the site crashed. This was the largest pre-sale in history. However, the phones will not start shipping until June 24th, so I find it interesting they are selling anything 4G iPhones.
            Well, you can't say I didn't give you more room to promote your company.

          • yea ok, and william spivey,
            Both of you guys are complete idiots. william "sport" we all know your research is worthless. Gv has been shipping Evo's since last Tuesday, reps started to receive them on Friday, I can't say whether there is a video out there or not, but I can say right now GV has unlimited orders for Evo's. Pay your $39 bucks and you can go in your backoffice and place an order, and you will have it on your doorstep within 7 days. Keep praying, keep spreading your lies, but the truth is the truth. GV has Evo's and other top of the line smart phones flying out the door, and your right the store owners are dying for them, what a great prospect for GV.
            Real Source

          • William Spivy,
            Just looking for some clarification.
            What back office are you referring to that shows you being paid, Excel, AKW, Global Pros or another? As far as I am aware there isn't a back office for GP, Excel doesn't have any tracking currently and there currently doesn't seem to be a way to log into AKW's back office.
            Don't take this the wrong way, I just think that a lot of people in the wireless niche would love to see a program that is actually paying so some additional details in regards to the statement you made would be good news for everyone involved.
            "You can say what you want about Chris Troy, But he has given us a Product, and I am already being paid, Ill let you see my Back office ANY TIME."
            Best regards,
            Rick Weston
            Future Wireless Millionaire

          • william spivy "sport" what is the purpose of writing lies, do you think it's going to discourage someone from their opportunity, dude, you are only stealing someone's dreams. It makes you look like an ass. I hate to do this, but when you flat out lie, you must be called an idiot, in your case you keep repeating the same mistakes, which makes you a flaming idiot. YES! GV does have Evo's, "sport" .
            I saw your post that says your son has the Hero and you have an Evo, sorry for your luck if you got stuck in a 2 year contract paying a much higher price with Sprint, you could've got the Hero from GV's Sprint only members plan for $79.99 and the Evo for $89.99.
            Another lie "sport" is there was no Amy in Orlando that received a Hero, and if she had, the account name was not in Ted's name, every phone that was distributed in Orlando all had 702 area code exchanges from when the phones were given at the vegas show from Sprint, and those numbers all belonged to someone previously that had Sprint, and Sprint had put back in the pool. People have received calls from other people that thought they were calling the previous owner of that number. So again "sport" caught in yet another lie, and by the way, any GV rep that has a Sprint only member phone is asked to call GV's cust service, but they can call Sprint directly, and they have record of the phone number that it's on GV's Sprint members only plan and they will provide customer service for them. "Sport" i'm really getting tired of having to keep calling you an idiot, please stop the madness.
            Real Source

        • yea ok,
          I don't know Real Source personally, but I can verify all his claims have been correct in every post. I'm not one to get into shouting matches and am prepared for you to call me a vulture to. I will not respond to that. But the truth is the truth. I ordered my EVO the first day (June 4th) but GV did not have them in stock. They didn't get them until Tuesday the 8th. I was sent my shipping confirmation # the next day and received my EVO 2 days later on Friday. I don't see how it's so impossible that Global Verge is fulfilling orders. Regardless of the past, they have gotten their things in order and are beginning to supply all products. And by the way, I never stopped receiving my commissions from the matrix and the services we did manage to activate in the past.
          As for your desire to see a video, our success does not depend on your satisfaction or approval. Whomever's information you're choosing to believe and follow is your choice and also your loss. I don't feel the need to make a video to prove anything to anybody. I know what I have and I see my associates benefiting from that. Believe it..or Not!! And you calling Real Source a loser and accusing him of screwing people only makes you sound like Greco. You reap what you sow. And look where he's headed to.
          Just play nice and concentrate on whatever company you are a part of and be successful. Don't worry about anybody else's companies. You be nice and respectful to other people and they will return the favor. We are all americans and on the same side. I can't believe how much time people waist fighting with each other instead of just growing your business. There is plenty of associates and customers for everybody to make a great living!
          Be safe!

          • Oscardee,
            Hey guy. Thanks for responding back. I know Sprint dosent have any Evo so it is quite unimaginable that GV could buy a few thousand and ship them. But Ok. I m not hear to bash anyone or call people liars. Real source talks as if everything in Gv is peaches and cream. We all know its not. Regardless of Gv current status the past is always there. Too many people owned the phantom phone. I had conversation with people who swore they had the phone. I personally spoke to Steven Lewis who told me they the phone in his office! Yep . Straight up Lie.
            What i base my current opinion on is proof. I am a marketer too and know there are some great ways to drive traffic to your site. one way post youtube videos of your product or service. Google partly owns youtube, so you can increase your rankings quite easily by posting weekly or daily videos. I search and try to find a distributor that would post a video of a GV phone in action. Any phone! nothing. do youtube search on GV. Last posted videos are months ago some a year or more. My point where are all marketers with there GV phones? How can it be that not one posted a video of the Gv Evo phone?
            Oscardee you got an Evo on GV? Make a video. It takes a few minutes of your time and you may attract a few new distributors in the process.
            When i hear the positive talk of GV its sounds the same as it did a year ago. All talk no action. No proof.
            Heads on Jun 23 Verizon is announcing the Motorolla Droid X . 4.4" screen it a monster like the Evo. Verizons answer to the Evo. I be getting that while i wait for the iphone to hit Verizon. Now if there a chance i could get unlimited everything on my New droid for $79 i would consider it. But i believe verizon is going to change there rates aswell on the 23.

          • Real Source,
            Apparently you don't know how to add.
            Let me help you out
            $429 + $89.99 = $518.99 Plus Taxes, Plus Shipping (first month)
            But in order to have this plan YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER!
            $39.95 + $89.99 = $129.94 (every month thereafter)
            Oh I"m sorry, I said $130. I was wrong. You right.
            Do I get an "A" for this now?
            You don't even have an Unlimited Plan to offer customers. GV Plans are a JOKE!

          • Albert, not so fast on that "A" Looks like you only got 1 correct.
            1- "But in order to have this plan YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER!"
            Answer: True- you must be a GV member to be able to get the GV Members Only Plan.
            Great job Albert
            2- "$39.95 + $89.99 = $129.94 (every month thereafter)"
            Answer: False- The monthly phone service on the Evo is $89.99 unlimited talk/text/internet.
            The $39.95 you are referring to is 1 of 3 GV's membership pkgs which has nothing to do with any phone service plan. It is your cost of being in business. GV's $39.95 Basic Pkg gives you access to all of GV's membership benefits, and allows you to build a business and participate in GV's Matrix that has a max payout of $114,450 mo.
            -Albert, before you say "well yea but if you combine the $39.95 and the $89.99 I'm right"
            I'll throw in a little extra credit bonus for you.
            GV's Intro Pkg is only $14.95 mo, and yes Albert you can purchase that sweet ass Evo and pay only $89.99 per mo for the phone service.
            Another extra credit bonus for you:
            What happens "IF" GV announces a customer membership program, where a customer is able to participate and take advantage of all GV member benefits. Oh My! Hint! Hint!
            3- "You don’t even have an Unlimited Plan to offer customers. GV Plans are a JOKE!"
            Answer: False- GV offers retail customers Unlimited Talk/Text for $49.99 on the best CDMA network in the country, and are paid a bonus for the sale of the device and $5 per mo residual, with another $3 rolling back into the Matrix.
            *GV members get that plan for only $44.95 per mo.
            Albert, the bottom line is if you go to Sprint for the Evo you are going to pay roughly $140 be stuck in a 2 year contract and you don't make a dime when you are bragging to all your friends that you got one of the hottest phones.
            With GV, you pay $89.99 and whether you pay the $14.95 pkg or $39.95 pkg you are still paying less, and you get paid off every sale in your Matrix.
            Did I mention $54 rolls up in the Matrix for every Evo purchased and another $14 mo residual. WOW! Maybe GV's Plans aren't so bad after all.
            Always keeping it real.
            Real Source

        • yea ok,
          This I will respond to. There is nothing wrong with doubting. It's all the bashing that really drives me away from blogs. I do check in from time to time to see if there is any new EVIDENCE on the current topics. I did send some pics of the phones (EVO included) that I have purchased with invoices to Troy. I guess it's up to him to decide to post or not. But that is the best I can do for now. I will take your advice and see about a video. I'll read our by laws first. I don't want to overstep my boundaries.
          I appreciate you responding in a civil way. This is the way we should all be communicating. I can't say that GV is peaches n cream, but I do admire their commitment to the company and the distributors. Despite everything that has happened, they have stuck the coarse and are doing whatever they can to provide what we all envisioned a year ago. They could have easily shut down last year. But they didn't. And them taking the steps to clear their name is also standing up for their distributors. This is why I choose to stay. There is no perfect company. There can't be. They are all run by man!

          • Oscardee,
            Just got back to my laptop. Excellent Pics. I have verified they are authentic and will be doing a full post tomorrow using the pics you sent to me. Thank you for the evidence to prove Global Verge is shipping EVO phones.
            ROFLOL… I love the peaches and cream. Lord knows I would love to find a company in MLM Wireless which is that sweet, but until then, at least I can post on the fact GV is shipping some rocking phones. I might even find the new Laptop Magazine and share what they think about this phone.
            Thanks for posting and sending me this info.

  2. IM GLADE GLOBAL VERGE won there cases but i want my money back from them to they promised phones to then floped and there hype GIRL names start with an R that sold water machines yea right sold some bull there all working together and srcewing the AMERICAN PEOPLE

  3. Unfortunately it was pretty easy to see that Greco was headed for this the way he was shooting his mouth off. Almost from his very first post that I ever saw it was obvious that the guy was going to do himself in. It is sad to say this but his posts are the perfect lesson of what NOT to do in network marketing.
    Once again the real unfortunate big losers are going to be the distributors. They simply want to go out and buld a business. That is going to be very hard to do with all of these companies tying each other up in court.
    I for one would not be out there bringing people into this mess at this time. why? Well, some really big names have been forever tarnished for recruiting a lot of people into this.
    I agree with Troys thought of not jumping but, even if I really believed in my company I would be standing pat for a bit to see how this all shakes out. At the very least I would be informing them of alll the lawsuits etc.
    In the end, you find out your integrity is worth far more than a fast start bonus. Be careful out there folks, that is all I am saying. The wireless market is a mine field right now and the distributors from ALL the companies are in the middle of that field.

    • Longtimer
      Your exactly right. I've been saying it for a long time after seeing what he did to GV. This guy has hurt so many good people that were honestly trying to build their business. It astonishes me how people will follow someone of his caliber. If you had personally met him, or just listen to his foul mouth unprofessional mannerism, why would anyone be associated with someone like that. I guess so many people got caught up in all the lies and deceit. GV has taken so many hits from what this guy caused, like I've been saying since November just wait and see and the truth will come out. We as distributors need to keep our industry clean, and when these type of people come in it's up to us not to follow.
      Real Source

      • Real Source, speaking of associations with people, when the audios come out about the inner circle of Global Verge not being able to trust Mark Petschel, I guess that's Greco's fault as well. All of this lawsuit fiasco BS is to hide the fact that Mark is caught on tape knowing the Simple Mobile sim cards were being rebranded ( that's illegal real source ), using codes from All Wireless Services Inc ( supposedly raymond knight's company but it's in his sisters name ) HMMMMMMM !! Why is that and did Global Verge know this ? Real Source, with Global Verge being wronged by every vendor that did business with them, you would think that Mark and Ted would do their due diligence on ALL WIRELESS SERVICES INC and ask why Raymond's company would be in his sisters name ( WOW !! SPORT ). You've called a bunch of people idiots on these posts but like you say, " when the truth comes out ", I see you being the only idiot. Real Source, I'm glad you're now giving out grades to your idiots ( Albert, your another one that is going to get an F on your homework ) cause YOUR company Global Verge just got an " F " by the BBB. You can blame Chris Greco for that one as well. You need to practice what you preach " We as distributors need to keep our industry clean, and when these type of people come in it’s up to us not to follow " starting with GLOBAL VERGE and then giving your REAL NAME so your downline will know not to follow you. Real Source, take a look at how the BBB does it's homework and grades. WOW !! You can match up a bunch of these factors with the way Global Verge did business. Click here for an explanation of BBB Ratings As for you Mr. Oscardee " As for your desire to see a video, our success does not depend on your satisfaction or approval. Whomever’s information you’re choosing to believe and follow is your choice and also your loss. I don’t feel the need to make a video to prove anything to anybody. You've got to be kidding me, I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that. You claim to have this bad ass comp plan that pays commissions like clockwork and now your able to order and receive the new EVO phone on time, when Sprint can't keep them in. I THINK I WOULD HAVE A YOU TUBE VIDEO UP !!! Because the way you guys are talking, the BBB has it totally wrong.

        • Ricky,
          As always you bring up some interesting points for all to think about. Your comment does raise a few additional questions for me, and I would like to see if you can shed light on any of them.
          1. Do you know for sure GV was relabeling Sims? I do have in my possession some relabeled sims but since they did not come from GV directly I have no way to determine if GV did this or the person who sent them to us.
          2. Do you have a link or copy of the audio you can send me to listen to offline? Also was this audio a corporate call or a private inner-circle call? Feel free to respond offline if need be.
          3. As for the Lawsuits, being a smoke screen for Mark. Can you explain a little more what you mean. I have not seen Mark mentioned in any lawsuit.
          4. I know nothing about All Wireless, but I do know a little about business. Most states do not show the equity holders, just the incorporator and the officers of the company. And if a business is trying to do business with the Government, many will put a female down as the majority stockholder so they can win minority small business contracts. So when you mention "in his sister's name" can you explain a little more exactly what you mean?
          5. As for the BBB rating, no doubt "F" is not good. But, folks should realize, the fact, the BBB is a membership driven business. When a company has paid their dues, they never get the "F" rating. I know this first hand, because of my business dealings with the BBB. It is not the organization we all use to respect and hold up as the protection firm for consumers. Although, I admit "F" is NEVER a good thing.
          Rick, please don't take offense with my questions I just want as much info as we can get into the hands of distributors, past, present and future on every company and surrounding MLM Wireless so folks can make informed decisions.

          • Troy, wait until you and Real Source here the following statement captured on audio soon to be released " Max we got enough money in now off these dumb asses that believed Ben, I knew he was full of shit but hey it built the company, but now I think we can give them some thing with " MR. REAL CLEVERS " ( The name of this company WILL BE COMING SOON ) company that will keep them quiet for now " Real Source I do have to say that I agree with you 100% when you have repeated over and over " Oh Yeah Guys, just wait and see, there's more to come " I can tell you that however this was obtained legal or not ( I'm sure that part will come out as well ) that IT IS WHAT IT IS. Shocking to say the least.

          • Ricky,
            I look forward to hearing the complete audio. And if this statement was said, then I want to see in what context it was stated, and who said it. If Mark or Ted stated this, I will call Brian Hardy personally to ask him about it, and to get an official response.
            And, since you seem to use your real name, I sure hope you have this evidence handy, because if you don't I am afraid we both might be called into court. You for what you stated, and me to provide your IP Address.
            I'll be waiting to learn more.

        • Ricky, every post I have written has been the exact truth, point out one that has not happened or was not the truth. Can you make that statement? If You, Albert, Spivey, or anyone that writes things that are not the truth, and are intended to bash GV or any other company that is a competitor, is an idiot. It's time to let the past go, whether GV was at fault or others were at fault, Mark and Ted didn't jump ship, leave the country, close the doors, and all the other crap that you and others have said. No matter what you or anyone else says, GV is doing good things today, the membership is exploding, they are adding new products, they have all the best smartphones with their members plan with the partnership with Sprint, including the Evo. The comp plan and commissions that are being paid are incredible. Ricky, just build your own business and stop worrying about GV. If your not careful that houndog might sneek up and bite you in the ass, ask a few others about that.
          GV is going to keep rolling no matter what your comments are.
          Real Source.

  4. Distributors wake up already. Why do you continue to deal with the most volatile product and companies in network marketing. Move on it's over. The telecom industry is in such disrepair and their reputations are so tarnished you will be dealing with this crap for years. Enough is enough. While you guys are fighting lawsuits and waiting on products that never seem to materialize I'm building a small army in a company that has proven leadership, products and a comp plan that anyone can be successful. Send me an email with "more info" in the subject line to and I will send you the info on what I believe to have the interest of the distributors and families as it's #1 priority. It's worth 5 minutes to take a look to see how an honest ethical network company is run. Once again thanks for all you do Troy.

    • The answer why, is, wireless service is the one thing that really makes sense. Everyone uses wireless, it pays true residual income, people understand how and why they need it, people buy it every month, month after month. If a company can work the proper deals and have the proper support, it could be the perfect home based business. Selling potions and lotions, one would have show someone why they need the product. They would have to convince them they need that product, and convince someone to spend money on a product that they usually would not spend money on. Wireless does not have that issue.

    • Hey Andy,
      We don't think the TOTAL OF the Telcom Industry is in such "disrepair" as you say (just our opinion based on experience and knowledge of the industry), and our several decades in business and direct sales in various companies along the way. Amway sure was a LONG time ago for us as is NSA Water & Air Filters, CBI and a few others, ha!
      The PROBLEMS people are dealing with CURRENTLY have MORE to do with DISHONESTY, LACK OF ETHICS and GREEDINESS. IF the Telcom Industry was in such "disrepair" the WHOLE of all the TOPS such as AT&T, SPRINT, VERIZON and others would be seeing the SAME ISSUES going on in their neck of the woods and …for all we know could be happening as well (ref. other company's and bailouts + this economy).
      That's what the MEDIA is for is to report such going on's as they're happening . BASED on WHAT's been told and WHAT HASN'T …EACH INDIVIDUAL MUST decide for themselves WHAT THEY believe and IF their resources are WELL INFORMED …or NOT!
      People these days DO NOT believe that EVERYONE can BE trusted. YEARS AGO …a man's word WAS his bond and a SOLID handshake and GOOD STERN LOOK eye to eye WAS the DEAL MAKER. IT WAS ALSO SUCH … that a person COULD trust another UNTIL the other proved to be UNTRUSTWORTHY. Nowadays, it seems everything has been turned UPSIDE DOWN and OUT and that perhaps a person MAY NOT BE TRUSTWORTHY UNTIL THEY EARN IT! Sad but more often true these days than not.
      IF these companies CAN get themselves on a POSITIVE TRACK and LOSE the negative influences, dishonest and unethical people and practices …then THERE IS a POSITIVE possibility things WILL work out BETTER for everyone involved!

        • Ogetreal,
          Let me get this right. Are you announcing to this community that "Partners" are owners of Panther Mobile?
          Now, I am not sure if they are or not, can't say that has ever come up here in the community. But when it comes to paying reps. I want to interject a thought.
          If you have read through the Global Verge complaint against Kevin Sipe, you will see Kevin Sipe is accused of taking $100K from e-Verge, leaving the company unable to pay commissions.
          Well, now we see what seems to be the same type of actions have taken place at the old Panther Mobile. Kevin Sipe leaves the company, where he has been called the software guru, and now Harry Aston is having issues paying commissions. Could it be Kevin once again will soon be accused of taking the cash ans leaving his former partner holding the bag?
          Makes you wonder who his next partners may be and what will happen to them?

          • Ogetreal …
            Very interesting comment. Were YOU @ Panther Mobile? Can YOU honestly and with integrity and ethics SAY that ANY distibrutor in ANY one company knows EVERY thing that happens on any given day? We certainly don't and …we don't pretend to either!
            Since you DID NOT post a LINK of your own, one could be led to believe perhaps YOU are someone who doesn't want to be known while publicly commentng. Is there something we can do to help you? If so please feel free to call us @ 386-438-8056 . We're NOT here to do harm to anyone …ONLY to read, comment and help where help is needed.
            Oh and by the way …we are NOT owners AT or OF ANY company – ONLY our own business with companies we've CHOSEN to work with while trying to supplement our income as two disabled veterans!

    • ROFLOL Paul!
      Good catch! Troy probably DID mean DEFAMATION instead of "deformation". LONG hours working, researching, talking to people and keeping up with family could cause anyone to occasionally have a typo or mispelled word. Not to mention how stressful SOME of this stuff could get when it's all said and done at the end of the day, MORE emotions get strung out as distributors realize they have some serious decisions to make for themselves also.
      LOVE the part about the "ugly stick" though, LOL! Soon enough there's probably going to be a HUGE DEMAND for a LOT of those with all the Lawsuit Saga's going on currently!
      Keep Up the Good Fight – HONESTY + ETHICS + POSITIVE ALWAYS WINS!

          • Hey Droy Tooley. Here are my two cents. But you may ask for a refund.
            It is a safe bet that the MLM Wireless wars are heating up. At this point, I will suggest that all participants choose their comments carefully. Flame wars tend to be unproductuve, and expend a lot of energy on a lost cause. Kind of like teaching a pig to sing. A pig will never carry a tune and will become annoyed by your efforts.
            Secondly what is written on the internet stays there for a very long time. By choosing your comments carefully, you will never worry about it coming back to bite you in the ass.
            And finally I discovered some time ago that when you argue with a fool, you end up with two fools.
            I will address all leaders here that have be burned, frustrated, and disappointed by one or several Wireless MLMs. I feel your pain. Grow beyond that, and focus on what you have in your hands now.

          • You took the words right out of my mouth Paul! This is what I've been saying all along. If this continues to get out of hand, then the big 4 will simply switch MLM off and we are all out of an opportunity. Just concentrate on the company that you are currently at and forget everyone else! Be successful!!

  5. See here is what I dont get, I bet they dont have the balls to go after steve lewis, He is the key and holds the Evidence that will SINK GLOBAL VERGE, I will say that I have been Privy to some information, And it will be interesting to see how Global Verge Spins what is about to happen, You too Troy, I can't Wait, But hey everyone will Try and Blame it all on Chris Greco when this happens, If you are smart People go to Eagle Research associates, and see it, I dont want to let the cat out of the bag, Lets Just say, some key people at GV, Not Mark and Ted, Are going to Jail, But hey can't wait to see the Spin on this one, Again read the story their and do the math, 1 plus 1 equals 2, and I guess all these wireless guys are no good, Especially if this goes down as reported.

    • William.Spivy,
      I did read that today, and found it interesting about Greco's involvement in WOW's situation. If it is found he was involved, might cause more issues for his estate in the future if his health is truly failing.
      Yes, I did get an email from "Johnathan Morgan" who purports to be the in-house counsel for Activation King, Inc. However, I have never seen "Jonathan" spelled with an "h" and could not locate an attorney by this name in a Google search. So, I have no comment on anything I can't verify.
      I do find it interesting all of a sudden Chris Greco is rushed to the hospital, and will not be available publicly, the day after we publish that Ted Robbins has sued him personally.

  6. 7. International Global Mobile1 – We are in the process of reviewing final agreements for mobile in Canada. Once this has been done we will set up replicated sites for our Canadian e-Associates to sell the Global Mobile1 service. We are very close. Australia is our next mobile focus point and we are in the process of developing agreements there.
    We have been concentrating on getting all the bugs worked out in the US so that we can feel confident in our international roll out.
    As always thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through these very exciting times.
    Ted Robbins, President

  7. Hey Troy …
    We just MUST SAY that without ANY DOUBT …YOU ARE a "Stand Up" man and ARE doing the RIGHT thing on ALL fronts. It's interesting to us and has been throughout life HOW ANY one person can sleep at night KNOWING they've DONE things, SAID things and in fact STOLEN from other people!
    WE THANK YOU for YOUR BEST EFFORTS and work involved in KEEPING the FAITH as well as KEEPING ALL distributors from ALL companies WELL INFORMED!
    It's GREAT to SEE, HEAR and READ – THERE ARE STILL people in THIS world that ARE willing to STAND UP and even IF they are wrong from time to time as WE ALL CAN BE and IF SO …BEING HONORABLE ENOUGH TO SAY SO, no matter what others think! Our RESPECT shouts out TO YOU and ALL you're doing to PROTECT, HONOR and VALIDATE the people/distributors TRYING THEIR BEST to LIVE a GOOD LIFE and EARN a GOOD INCOME!
    Semper Fi

    • William Spivy,
      Most of the time I fully understand where you are coming from. However, I am not sure I get the clear picture on this statement. We will fully report any and all events which are fully documented with public info we can research and investigate.

  8. I have Canceled My Auto Ship Effective NOW, I have heard the Audio Troy, its on youtube, With a picture of the Global Verge Logo, To hear Ted Robbins and Mark Laugh about how we were all Dumb asses and Lambs, Wow, I see a whole different Global Verge, I am done, The Audio with Ruth and Greco, says it all to me, If Ruth Thinks Mark is a Scammer I want nothing I mean Nothing to do with it, Integrity? I don't Think so, Troy I stayed at Global Verge through the Zero1 Fiasco, the Greco BS, And No I still think that Chris Greco is a Horrible individual, BUT.. If these are his recordings, Wow I would have left too.
    This is not the only reason I am Leaving, Troy the Pictures of the EVO could have come from anyone. I want to Hear Brian Hardys response to this.
    This is very damning and I will no longer no matter what spin is on it Continue to be apart of a company where the Officers think we are Lambs, or Dumb Asses for following them.
    Nor will I condone, Adultry or any of the other things in this tape, And Troy you have MY I.P. Address and Email I am done, I am Moving on, But your right Troy not sure where the Grass will be greener, But I am going to find a company with Integrity, Good luck Real Source, and others, I can't be apart of anything like this, I refused to be played.

    • Erin Brown, or Eric Collins, or Josh Turner,
      ROFLOL… The same IP Address, but three different names. If you listened to any type of audio on YouTube, then why didn't you post a link in your comment, instead of spouting off your propaganda?
      Seriously, post the link, or go away, and spout your crap at

      • Troy that was harsh why don't u post the ip address. Where I assume they are from Canada with Eric Collins there hey troy you ever check to see if they are tethering off a blackberry or other phone. The ip address can be the same. Do your research. Or they could be using a proxy server. Troy do your research before you blast someone for coming out and saying enough. You owe them an apology. And why don't u find the audio troy? That is what real iveatigators do.
        I find it funny three or four of us have heard it yet you do not have it.
        Do you investigate everything like this.
        Oh Im on my sons hero HTC. Totally different from my evo. What's the ip troy. I bet they mat h. If you want to report on wireless learn the business.

        • William Spivy,
          Using names and aliases is one thing. Publicly providing a private IP Address, is a no, no. If a court sends a subpoena, that is another story. But we will NEVER (at least on purpose) provide private IP Addresses.
          Each IP Address is unique to the appliance connecting to the internet. Some of static and some are dynamic.
          And, yes anyone could use a proxy server. Why don't you explain to the community, why you bring up a proxy server, and how it would be used to comment on a blog?
          Let, me ask a quick question. Why do you feel I did not research anything?
          In your opinion, why do I owe anyone an apology?
          ROFLOL… If the audio was public, the audio would have been posted already on this site. However, when a person throws out propaganda, they need to include (as we do) where the info came from.
          Again, what makes you think, we did not look for the audio, before posting?
          I find it funny, three or four of you, purport, you have heard an audio, yet NONE of you have produced online or offline the evidence. And, without the original audio, neither I, nor a court of law will use the audio, because the chain of evidence is not secured. If the original can be produced on a public conference call bridge (like all the ones we post), or the Courts of Clark County or a federal court accepts it as authentic, then we will gladly post the audio. This is what real investigators do!
          ROFLOL… If I wanted to report on wireless, sport, I would work for a tech magazine like eWorld, Phone+, Laptop Magazine or Networking World. I think I'll stick to MLM, I know a little about it.
          By the way, as for your IP Address, out of all the posting you have done here in the community, only two are listed at this IP Address.

          • Troy,
            I have also looked for this audio on youtube where it is supposed to be hosted according to mlmwirelessnews' previous posts and I could not find it. I could not find the one with John Gopaul even looking up 'john gopaul' for a search… so I wonder if it exists. Youtube lets you keyword tag videos so I would think that these audio clips would be fairly easy to find on there if they existed and if someone wanted you to find them… but they don't as far as I can tell.
            If someone has found these audios on youtube, please post the links here for the community rather than just talking about them with no validation.
            Best regards,
            Rick Weston
            Future Wireless Millionaire.

          • "Each IP Address is unique to the appliance connecting to the internet."
            Troy, are you talking IP, or MAC address ?
            Every network card or, network adapter or similar device is issued an unique manufacturer MAC identification number.
            IP addresses are generally allowed to a IP provider; some IP providers assign customers an unique IP, or the customer gets a new random IP (within a range) every connection.
            Usually, the MAC address stays the same.
            If several individuals happen to share the same IP, it is likely that they are in the same building, using the same connection or a common proxy.
            The MPAA had some difficulty to track down MP3 downloaders, because of ever-changing IP addresses, they had to subpoena the Internet Provider every time.

        • william spivy "sport"
          your son has the Hero and you have an Evo, sorry for your luck if you got stuck in a 2 year contract paying a much higher price with Sprint, you could’ve got the same Hero from GV’s Sprint only members plan for $79.99 and the Evo for $89.99. Yes! "sport" GV has the Evo.
          Real Source

  9. Well Troy your mistaken, I never use any name but my own, Troy I have nothing to Hide, I do Tether off of my Cell Phone though, Blackberry Specifically, And I haven't been on this Rag of a Site, I go to, At least Rod doesnt bow to pressure.
    Troy Nice try, You don't Know me, Do not mention me on your site anymore, I don't have time for your childish games Troy. Do your research, I am willing to bet the IP is the same maybe they tether off Blackberrys too? Hmmm, Well as for the Audio, I havent heard it and DONT CARE, Global Verge has been proven to one LIE TO ITS REPS, There is no way to clean it up, And I find it interesting that You are now dumping on Kevin Sipe, I guess you will Give Mark and Ted a Pass about E-Verge too!
    Troy again don't use my name here anymore, I want nothing to do with a site that is leading distributors to slaughter at WOW and Global Verge.

    • Josh,
      I.P. Addresses are very unique to each device which connects to the Internet. Since you are tethering, then you could be in a room where others are also using your bandwidth. But, based on the IP Address connected to your's and the other names, it has nothing to do with using a Blackberry.
      And if you had not been on this site, then your IP Address would never have been used, not would your name be attached to the IP Address.
      Rod is a great friend and mentor, I am glad you review his site.
      I am not sure what you mean by "nice try", but you are correct I do not know you, which really proves a point… I have nothing against you. I report based on the evidence, and in this case all the names use the same IP Address.
      I do find it interesting, if you never come here, that you would respond. Since the odds of someone who knows you, would see a small comment in the middle of a long thread.
      Please tell us how you came to find one mention of your name out of millions of websites and comments across the net?
      By the way the IP Address is not connected to Blackberry servers at all.
      Exactly, what childish games are you referring? If you are not connected to the other names, what does this matter? Seems you would have sent a short email stating you have been hacked, never been here, someone is using your name. What make a big deal out of a comment which started with "Whatever your name is"?
      ROFLOL… As for dumping on Kevin Sipe, I haven't dumped at all. I did bring up what may be a track record, and asked a serious question. And, what you will not find on Rod's site is the long track record of e-Verge and beyond. You will also not find the court documents, which Kevin has yet to respond and defend his position. So sport, with only official documentation from one source I guess that is what we will share.
      Well, if you don't want to see your name used in this community, then do not comment under any name with this IP Address.

      • Troy I know Josh and sent him an email saying he was three people, Sorry, And I know Josh He too is now in Excel, Look I can't speak for Josh, But I seriously Doubt Troy that a 74 year old man is Using Three aliases to make posts on your site. Ok. Thats All I can say on that, As for Kevin Sipes, Has he even been Served yet? That may be the Problem.
        Well Troy I cant wait for your Review on the Excel Cellular Products and Services, When is that coming? Or is it? Also when are you or have you talked to the CEO Candice Smith?
        I am proud of this company Troy,, It is the only company that has not asked me for a thing except my Time, and I am watching this Grow Daily.
        william spivy
        Excel Cellular Rep

        • William,Spivy,
          The only think I have to ask, is what does age have to do with anything?
          As for Excel… We have contacted the real Excel's legal department asking them if the new Excel is violating any of their trademarks or copywrites, so we have already started our research.
          By the way Candice has contacted us personally.

  10. Troy, I think you had the correct spelling when you used deformation. How deformed all this has become. Now lets get real serious, (no pun intended).
    What if after all the law suits, legal filings, summary judgements, and zillions of $$$ paid, we find out the following:
    1. Chris is really, Raymond, or Mr P, or Eric, or all three, or maybe not even Chris G. at all.
    2. Ruth, Jan, Teresa,and Susan are all the same, but which is which?
    3. Ted is really John, or is that Mark? Might he really be Chris in Mark's clothes? Nah! can't be Chris, cause he's using a Buzzark Mobile Global1 space age tech 10 way phone tethered to his ear from Global Verge.
    4. We find out Ben and TED are the same. That would mean Ben won $44 million against himself. No wonder he didn't show in court to answer his own charges.
    5.What if Global Verge, Global Pros, Global Mobile1, Panther, PHP, Activation King Wireless, All Wireless Services, Unlimited Wizard, Excel, ( would throw the new phone by Gopaul, but name hasn't surfaced yet) are found to be subsidiaries under the holding Co AZ & Z, owned by Mr. P. MR P. ?? Are you kidding me? You are kidding. Mr. P
    6. AND LAST OF ALL ……We find out Troy, Partners and Real Source and Chic A Dee are the same.
    How does it go? Facts stranger than fiction?

    • Hey Wayne!
      Your comments are comical! Before you go accusing people of impersonating or actually being the same person as someone else …YOU MIGHT WANT to check your sources! There's certainly enough proof out here as to who's who in all of this!
      For those that actually DO post their comments here @ MLM Help Desk (we do) and PUT their LINK behind their tag name – it's easy enough to FIND OUT WHO they are and certainly WHO they're NOT! Just CLICK on their name in RED and you'll FIND OUT exactly WHO THEY ARE OR …moreover ARE NOT!
      WHAT IF we found out that YOU are actually NOT Wayne Askew BUT …???

      • By the Way Wayne …
        We noticed that YOU DO NOT post YOUR link behind YOUR name – WHY is that? If you're proud of the business and company YOU represent (no doubt you are, as we are of ours) WHY NOT post YOUR link so people can visit YOUR site and business / company YOU represent?
        LIsten, it's not too far a stretch to poke fun at all of this even though most of it IS indeed serious business as far as things happening to distributors as a result of corporate actions. We personally WOULD like to see MORE poeple making reasonable, logical and professional comments rather than all this name calling, accusations and outright disrespect for other marketers / people simply trying to find out the correct information so they can have a successful business they can be proud of being part of! We wish everyone all the best of luck and would like to see everyone succeed in their business of choice – doesn't really matter if we like or approve of what they've chosen, that's up to them and what they decide to do and not for ANY of us to judge one way or another!
        Maybe if we all support each other and try our best to help each other – ALL could succeed and this debacle and argument over who's right and who's wrong could end in something better for everyone!

  11. So many characters, so many companies, so much to say, so much to remember, so many opinions, and so little time for it all. Which reminds me, I'm sure Steve Lewis fits in here somewhere , now if I could just figure where.