Effectively, over the previous couple of weeks I’ve seen extra propaganda, half truths, and down proper lies from PURPORTED distributors inside the MLM Wi-fi area of interest, than I feel I all the founders and officers of MLM Wi-fi Firms, may dream up on their very own.

Now do not get me unsuitable, this isn’t the MLM Wi-fi Distributors as an entire. Only a few rouge purported distributors, who in actuality might not even be in an MLM wi-fi firm, however are simply exterior critics making an attempt to drum up discontent.
Effectively, listed here are three nice photos of the EVO cellphone International Verge is transport to of us. I checked with Ted Robbin’s to ensure this data was appropriate, and he verified that “sure we’re transport HTC EVOs and thus far haven’t missed a cargo.
It doesn’t matter what any of us can say about International Verge, previous, current or future, that info stay, at the moment they’re transport some rocking high-end cell telephones on the #1 4G PCS Platform within the USA.

Listed here are two nice critiques by Mark Spoonauer of LapTop Journal:
Hands-on with Sprint’s HTC Evo 4G, the Ultimate Android Phone

Sprint’s killer Android phone sports a huge display, blazing 4G speeds, and HD video recording.


  1. From the wowmobilemall…
    WE ARE NOW OPERATIONAL & READY TO BEGIN PROCESSING ORDERS! We will begin the process of making confirmation calls to those of you who have placed orders, by tomorrow (06/19/2010). The volume of orders has grown considerably, and we will be working tenaciously with Liberty to get your order to you.
    just to remind you flip floppers…and nay sayers…Wow is going to kick a**
    Also when the WowTV broadcasts live on the phone…Troy will hear the stampede in Miramar
    Troy…enough shakin the tree yet ?

    • Hell no this isn't a good deal regardless if it includes the first month service or not because you also have to be a Global Verge member. Not to mention $500 for a phone? WOW! Everybody doesn't have it like that. I'm fortunate enough to be able to drop $500 for a phone, but everyone can't. You'll have to be smoking pot or just plain ignorant to the wireless industry to believe that this is a good deal. I guess it's good that GV is shipping a phone but that's all I see here. Taping a logo on a invoice is unacceptable and unprofessional. I would rather them leave it as is. Anyway, there's another source that I'm no affiliated with that offers the EVO for $199 without a contract. They are the only MLM Wireless company I would buy from because they actually offer competitive pricing, not to mention they are only an hour from where i live.
      Here's corporate site http://freecomusa.com/
      Here's where you can see the EVO for $199
      I might just come out of retirement sooner than later because what I've been seeing from marketers and these other wireless companies is all lame stuff. You have to compete in telecom and have something that sets you apart from the rest. I'm done, I just wanted to prove there's better options available to get the EVO without a contract..
      P.S. Again I'm not affiliated with any MLM wireless company but looking at it on the consumer end, freedom communications it better for the customers

      • Affiliated Marketing Secrets,
        First let me say, the signup fee at My Freedom Network is way to high $99 based on the fact you do not receive anything. Charging high signup fees went out the window in the 90s. Now the $299.00 also seems a little high, based on the fact it does not look like it includes any website, which is another $299, plus $99 per year.
        However, I do like the fact the have customer qualifications and give the reps a 30 day grace period to qualify.
        I also like the fact all the services they are marketing are technology. This is easier for the reps to market, than wireless and juice or travel.
        Ok, now let's take a look at the EVO and service. If I understand the page correctly and did the math right, it costs $526.93 to get the phone and the service established. This seems to be right in line with Global Verge.
        Now, I might have missed something, and if I did, please forgive my mistake, and feel free to call me on it. By the way, to knowledge only Lightyear offers post-paid contracts. The other MLM Wireless companies offer pre-paid contracts. To offer post-paid a company had better have deep pockets, because they are paying commissions on services, which might not get paid. And reps need to be careful of chargebacks.
        I also noticed the only way to get the phone and service is to call an 800 number. This might cause some folks to go somewhere else, where they can just order the phone.
        If you decide to take a run at Freedom, keep me posted, I would love to learn a little more on the company. They do seem to have their act together.

      • AMS,
        Troy did some good research into this company, but he failed to state some interesting facts. The plans are Sprint retail plans ($99.99 + taxes and fees) and require a credit check. It states up to a $200 deposit may be required. GM1 is $79.99 flat rate with no credit check. Yes the EVO adds $10 to all plans and all companies across the board. Also, you must keep the service and phone for at least 12 months or else you must return the phone. Technically not a contract, but prepaid with a catch. Even without a contract, you're still paying @$40 more for the plan per month. Add it up and see the difference.
        Oh, and their Verizon plans aren't any better. They have a $89.99 plan that only includes 1350 peak min. and another $30 for unlimited texts totaling $119.00 for limited minutes and unlimited texts. And there is still taxes and fees on top. GM1 has $49.99 unlimited talk/text (fees included) with many of the same phones. The comp plan isn't as good either. Only pays 5 levels totaling @$6500/month + bonuses. GV pays 9 levels totaling up to $114,440/month + bonuses. I see absolutely no comparison here. I wouldn't come out of retirement for this.

      • AMS, might be a good idea to stay in retirement. It's a good thing Troy and Oscardee reviewed and corrected your homework, because I would've given you an "F" The Evo phone is not $500 it's $429. The total bill is over $500 but includes the 1st mo service at $89.99. That is what you need to look at. GV reps pay $89.99 mo for the service on the Evo. Sprint charges $109.99+taxes roughly $140. Another thing you are forgetting people don't become a member just to buy a phone, they become a member to build a business, and to create a residual income that will last for their families. As far as the invoice, read the post I slapped on "sport" our partner Xennsoft's label is on the invoice because we purchase it thru our backoffice, so GV put their label over it. God!!!!! like it really matters. GV is selling Evo's and other hot phones. Enjoy retirement AMS, I expect to join you soon.
        Real Source

        • It's not all about compensation plans people. I can care less about that because I've made my money and continue to make money on auto pilot during my retirement. However, what is important to me which sets Freedom Comm apart from the rest is the fact their product offering is competitive compared to any other MLM Wireless company out there. Who cares about there Verizon plans? I know I don't. They got screwed on that deal just like Lightyear, and DotCom Wireless did. Their Sprint plans are inline with what Sprint offers directly. The difference is no contracts and no data caps on there MIFI devices, cellphones, and the Sprint Overdrive.
          So if a consumer want the same Sprint service without a contract then Freedom Communications is the answer. There might be a $175 deposit if you have bad credit but that is credited back to you on the 6th month on your bill. If you have good credit then you don't have to worry about that. Yeah I don't like the fact that people have to call into customer service to order, but I tested it several times and they make sure that the referrer gets credit for the sale. Don't get sucked up into compensation plans because I don't care and consumers don't care either. If you can't get appeal to customers which is the key to longevity as far as residuals is concerned then what are you doing this for.
          Freedom Com is more customer friendly because anyone with common sense know that the wireless industry as a whole is all about price wars. Who has the best prices, who has the latest and greatest phone. If what you are offering isn't appealing to consumers then you aren't going to be able to keep up. What you will end up having is a bunch of reps who are there own customers but no true loyal customers. Screw the comp plan, people won't stick around long enough for you to maximize it if you aren't competitive. I'm not trying to bash GV or even really compare. I just want you to see the bigger picture and why this wireless niche can be really dangerous and a big headache to even bother with.

          • AMS,
            I see the sincerity of your comments. This is the way these blogs are suppose to be. There is nothing wrong with open discussions. Why some people resort to name calling is beyond me. Like that makes their company or product any better. I will say that some of your comments contradict a bit.
            1- You mentioned earlier that this company might be worth coming out of retirement. Now you say it's not about the comp plan. It would have to be a comp plan that brings you out of retirement. Why would a phone purchase require that of you. Now comparing phone pricing and plans are completely separate from a comp plan. One is the company and another is the product. 5 levels (@$6500/mo) cannot compare to 9 levels (@$114,440/mo).
            2- You choose Freedom because the pricing is competitive. OK. Let's look at the product. The pricing is exactly the same as retail except for no contract. I don't see this as competitive since you state that it's all about price wars. I don't see a price difference here. Now if we look at GM1, our plan is @ $40-$45/month less depending on the taxes.
            EVO – Sprint $109.99+ taxes and fees = @$130-140/month and a 2 yr. contract
            GM1 $ 89.99 = $ 89.99/month no contract/credit check
            If we do the math, always comparing to retail, the savings during that 2 yr. contract would be @ $960-$1200. Now I know what you're thinking. Membership fees right? You can take advantage of all our products with the intro level costing $14.95/ month. But wait! As a member, you get a $25 gift certificate to restaurants.com every month! Many people like to knock this certificate. I don't see why. I've used them many times and they are great! It's money that I would have spent anyway! The savings are still there and I didn't have to pay anything extra. So instead of subtracting the fee monthly, we actually add another $240 of savings during that 2 yr. period (-$15 mem + $25 cer. = $10/mo). That would put us at @ $1200-$1440. OK. The phone will cost you an extra $200. But subtract it from these savings and you're still at $1,000-$1,240. We're not even talking about the comp plan. This is plane pricing. And you say that Freedom is competitive? I'm trying to understand your comments but they don't add up.
            Please correct me if I'm wrong but I saw Freedom using retail pricing on the Sprint plans which gives GM1 the same savings comparably. I also noticed a note that you had to have the phone for at least 12 months with service or else you are required to return it. Even at 12 months there is still a significant savings between the 2. I see this as the big picture. I do agree with you on one thing. This niche could be dangerous and has been a bit of a headache. But if we take care of our business, then we can all benefit from the different companies and be successful!
            For everybody else, look at my posts. I haven't included any personal website to draw traffic to me. This is all about accurate information and helping marketers get their questions answered. This is what these blogs are suppose to be for. If anybody'd like info on taking advantage of these pricing's, then send me a note. Otherwise I'm here to help everybody understand that the Global Verge that exists today is not the same from 1 yr. ago. The past is the past and this is what we have available to us today.
            Be blessed!!

          • Oscardee,
            Believe me my friend, it's going to take more than a comp plan to bring me out of retirement. There's alot of companies that have excellent comp plans, but the corp staff sucks, and there product offering sucks. Yes telecom is all about price wars and yes freedom as the same retail pricing as Sprint. I expressed that earlier. But there's no contracts and you get the phones very inexpensively. Another thing is their MIFI and Sprint overdrive has unlimited data vs. going to sprint directly and have a 5GB limit.
            I pay $79/mo + taxes with Sprint for the plan I have on a contract and I am cool with that because it gives me the security knowing that if something goes wrong with my phone or if I need to call in to customer service, I know I can get that taken care of.
            You are talking about 9 levels of pay with GV. That's great and looks good on paper but if you been in network marketing for a while you'll know that it's rare that the depth in an organization will get that far because of attrition. Those number don't impress me. I get people calling me everyday about the next big deal or how their comp plan is so great. My friend it's deeper than that to me.
            It's hard to change people's habits, but habits can change people. If you can give people what they are already accustomed too then you'll be successful. In telecom, if you can give people customer service, insurance for their expensive phone, competitive pricing on phones and rate plans, then you have a winner. I know alot of telecom companies out here that just aren't doing it right. Either way I just I would bring this out and I'm glad that I don't have to deal with this wireless headache.
            But from watching from the sidelines, I would still say that Lightyear Wireless is still in the lead among all MLM Wireless companies. We will just have to see which other companies get it together and excel.

          • There's people on this blog and people I know that are involved in this wireless niche that are bouncing from one wireless company to the next. It's crazy and insane. People get with one company and believe in that company. BELIEF is one critical element to your success in network marketing. Oscar it's good to see that you have belief in GV. I hope everything works out for you.

        • Real Source,
          I have the EVO through Sprint directly and I paid $327 and some change. That includes all taxes and fees. Not sure where you are getting your figures from. Also, I went on the GV website and tried to order the EVO and it took me to the associate signup page. It even states that it's a Global Verge members only deal to take advantage of the Sprint offerings. Yeah freedom cost $299 to become a rep but I wasn't presenting it in that manner. I was showing you that if a person just wants to be a customer and get it cheaper, then they can with freedom comm without having to take on an additional membership like it seem you have to with Global Verge.


          • AMS,
            1- How much is your total monthly service all taxes/fees included on the Evo?
            2- Are you in any type of contract or restriction?

          • AMS,
            So your not on Sprints Unlimited Everything plan, you are on the 450 minute plan for $69 plus the $10 for the evo premium pkg for $79 + taxes and contract. No comparison AMS, if you were to match GV's plan of $89 you would be on Sprints Unlimited Everything for $109+ taxes. Would run you roughly $140.
            GV reps can call Sprint directly and get customer service just like any Sprint customer.
            Real Source

          • RealSource,
            No I don't need to be on an unlimited minute plan because I have google voice and make calls that aren't cellphones over my data connection. I wasn't trying to compare my plan to Global Verges. And FYI Sprints unlimited everything plan is $122 not $140. I use to have it. Sprint can cut off GV at any moment. That's the downside of being a reseller in wireless. Good luck to you though

          • Oh yeah you forgot about the $14.95 membership fee Global Verge charges for the minimum membership. You technically you are spending $103.95 if you are on that plan. So are you really saving money? Not to mention $500 to get the phone. I don't car about restaurant coupons so that won't be any saving for me and alot of other people. People shouldn't have to be a membership to take advantage of that is all I was saying.

          • AMS, I'm sorry, I thought you were comparing plans, which obviouslly there is no comparison. Let me correct you on a couple things though. The GV Evo phone does not cost $500 the cost of the phone is $429, the monthly service is $89.95 total, and your old plan that your saying use to be $122 that's a big use to. Sprints Evo unlimited plan is $109.99 + taxes/fees which will total roughly $140. Not paying $122 for that phone and plan anymore. As far as Restaurants.com, I enjoy a good meal once a month, and I'm not embarrased to hand my $25 certificate along with my bill and my tip. Maybe you don't eat out, but I would say a few other people do. GV has contracts with Sprint, so as long as they are in place, and they seem to be very secure, GV's not getting cut off anytime soon. AMS the $14.95 is a paid mo membership pkg, for someone that wants to start a business and make money with the Company, yes it is true in order to get the members only deal, you have to be a rep with the company, otherwise you could choose the $49.95 retail unlimited talk/text plan. Let me ask you a question, are you a member of Sams Club, Costco, or any other affiliate that you pay a membership fee to get discounts on any products and services, if not that's okay, but the last time I went in Sams Club, the place was packed. GV reps are paying a membership as low as $14.95 mo to not only build a business, but to be able to benefit from all the free and the wholesale prices GV offers it's members, in fact I can go on my GV shopping mall and purchase all of my products from Sams Club and get paid a % on it. And my membership is all tax deductible, sounds like a good deal to me.
            Real Source

          • Can't compare GV to Sams club my friend….LOL I have a Sams membership, but I use that constant for my offline business. Just like WOW had a deal with TMO and got shut off the same thing can happen to any MLM at any moment as long as they are resellers. I use data my friend so a $49 talk & text plan won't do anything for me. The only thing GV got going for them now is the introduction of the EVO which has helped them turn things around a little bit. Those other phones and plans can't even be talked about because the phones are out dated and secondly the plans are a joke. But I am glad what you have now works for you. At any rate you still have to pay $500 to get the EVO & service through GV and not everybody got it like that my friend in this economy lets be logical here. I spent a couple thousand last year on cellphones just to test them out. How many average people you know can do that? The phone appeals to the masses but what it cost to get it doesn't. That was my point. I know what I am talking about and that's how I was able to make the money I've made in this industry and I'm not even 30 yet. Everything you do in business has to be strategic. I just hope GV do something great because last year when it all started it did look promising.

          • AMS,
            I can see you are not a team player, everything is about you. I'm glad you think highly of yourself, however you are not the only person in this world. How many customers does Verizon have on unlimited talk and text at $89.99+taxes/fees=$100+ GV $49.99 nuf said. How many people just paid Sprint and other stores $300 for the Evo phone yes they will get the $100 rebate back in 10 weeks, but came out of pocket for $300 but now have to pay $140 bucks a month for a minimum of 2 years, I think I would borrow the other $200 from you, since you have it like that, and i'll pay $89.99 and make money by referring 3 other people to do the same. No matter what you say or think we beat the 4 major carriers prices.
            Real Source

    • Hey Paul, it's an excellent price when you take in consideration that price includes the first mos service of $89.99. Go to Best Buy and try and buy the phone without a contract, over $600 alone. All of GV's member only phones have awesome discounts, the Samsung Moment is only $274, as well as the HTC Hero.
      Remember on that Evo price, $54 rolls up into the Matrix in commissions, and $14 mo rolls into commissions every mo on the plan.
      I can't wait til GV gets mobile in Canada, I won't use those infamous words "coming soon" i'll just say when they get there it will be good.
      Real Source

      • You say the price is $429 for the phone. I agree it is better than Best Buy. Definitely better than the links I posted from EBay. It is even $21 less than the no contract price on Sprint's website.
        Now I am kinda curious and I hope you can provide clarification for me. Members that get the Evo do commit to a two year agreement do they not? Again I don't know and hope you will confirm that for me, or advise me otherwise.

        • Paul,
          It is prepaid.
          No contract.
          No credit check.
          No activation fee on members only plans
          $89.99/month flat rate. No extra fees.
          And you can activate the hotspot for the same $30.
          Hope this is helpful.

          • So if I leave GV to go to WOW, PHPI, Panther, AKW, etc, do I give up my phone? Would there be a termination fee? Do I pay the $109? What happens should I no longer qualify for the GV corporate plan?

          • Paul, if you cancel your membership with GV, and no longer pay the minimum $14.95 intro pkg, you will no longer be able to benefit on the $89.95 members plan. The phone will be shut off.
            Real Source

        • Paul,
          I can't speak for corporate, but no company can take away what you paid for except for Freedom if you cancel before completing the 12th month. They require you to return the phone or get charged the remainder of the retail price. GV let's you keep the phone you buy no matter what. In the event that you were to leave GV, you could just finish the month that you paid for. I'd imagine that you would want to take advantage of another wireless product with one of these other companies in which case you would just port the # over anyway. This is prepaid so there is no termination fee. No contract. You can walk away when you'd like. We are close to having our service in Canada. I know that you've heard this in the past and grew tired of waiting. But at least you can now see that they've delivered in the U.S. which means the other countries are not far behind.

  2. Troy my only problem with that invoice is this. U can clearly see that the global verge logo has been cut and pasted on the invoice kind of like a sim card I got from them in december. Did u not see that. Now I'm just pointing out the obvious. Is it possible that is a Sprint invoice with a global verge logo taped to it? I would love to see the shipping label. Hey I am only.stating the obvious here. I have a worthless phone and rebranded sim card. What makes this real? I mean are u telling me global verge can't afford its own invoice. You tell me troy that that document hasnt been altered. That's all I'm saying. On a lighter note Excel launched fully today. With all four carriers direct no mvno sub companies. The new site is up. http://WWW.excelcellularglobal.com you should check it out. Thanks for getting out of negative and moving positive. I admit I have gone there. Well I will wait to see what u say about this document.

    • William Spivy,
      Hence why I went to the top of the company. I wanted to make sure everything was correct. The color logo is so the folks could see the invoice did come from Global Verge.
      You really didn't point out anything. It seems you did not listen to the video, you may have watched. Or else you just like to stir the pot. It is very easy to see the phone is a Sprint phone, and Global Verge is marketing the phone.
      It is also is to use logic to conclude that Ted Robbins fully understands anything he writes to me, may end up in the public eye. So when he writes and states "This is 100% correct", we will be keeping that email on file.
      Ted, has been very open and up front. And I am glad to report global Verge is delivering for their reps.
      I personally do not see the need for a "shipping label." As a matter of fact I would feel 100% better if the phones were being shipped directly from Sprint, then if there is a backlog such as the new iPhones, then Global Verge would be off the hook.
      I understand you purport you have a worthless phone and rebranded sim card. And for you sake I hope everything you state is 100% true. If it is not, then sooner or later Global Verge's legal team will find you and serve you as they have so many others.
      Why, would I tell you the document hasn't been altered? What I will tell you is to listen deeply to the video so you can fully understand that we validated everything with Global Verge's president Ted Robbins, just because I knew you and others, would question the logo. Sport, I may talk slow, but I'm not dumb!
      Why would I tell you Global Verge can't afford their own invoice? What I will tell you is the fact, I just got a phone from another cell phone company, along with a few other items, and the involve did not have the name of the company at all. As a matter of fact, I got a book in the mail just this week, and the invoice didn't have the name of the company on it at all. It was on the outside of the package, but not on the invoice. The company I buy my knives from do not put their name on their invoices either. Seems to me companies are trying to lower costs, and if since I ordered these products, I know which company I bought them from. Maybe Global Verge is just saving ink, and keeping their costs tight. Who cares?
      I talked to Ted, which I am amazed you did not hear, and he verified everything. So since you do not seem to believe anything Ted saids, and hardly anything I say, there is nothing any of us could say to change your mind. So next!
      Well, finally, we see why you posted 🙂 Glad to see you have a company you can market for.

      • William Take a hike… its people like you that post B/S on this forum…
        Guys Keep it Real…Facts
        Please if you are answered a question…answer it …good or bad
        Sweep it under the ruggers…or the paparazzi…please!
        Post TODAY'S News…

    • william "sport" I can't call you an idiot because you didn't lie, this time.
      "sport" you are one negative person. I know your a GV basher, but I also believe your one of those reps that whine about everything, when your sponsors phone rings and they look at the screen they probably are thinking to themselves, damn, it's "sport" calling again I was having a great day too.
      When are you going to accept that GV is pumping out Evo's, and other phones.
      As far as your theory on the label you are wrong again. The invoice is from our Xennsoft backoffice, the sticker with the GV logo and home office address covers Xennsofts Warehouse name and address, "sport" all our purchases come thru our xennsoft backoffice. The shipping label came from GV's home office. To spell it out for you, take notes this time "sport" because you will be quizzed on it. GV reps place their order in the xennsoft GV backoffice, GV places the order to Sprint, Sprint ships to GV the next day, GV pkgs the order puts GV's invoice along with instructions if you are going to port your number and they ship it out to the reps. The phones are in the Sprint packaging, inside of GV's box.
      "sport" the bottomline, it doesn't matter if your negative self is on the label, invoice, or whatever, GV is rolling this hot Evo phone and a ton of other hot smart phones out everyday, and right now we have a unlimited supply, Sprint has opened to us on our member plan, and others cannot get the phone. Also as far as your statement with the worthless phone and the sim card that has the GV sticker over the simple mobile logo, GV has offered refunds for those, so if you haven't followed thru it's your own fault. Like Troy said, "sport" be careful of that hound dog he bites hard.
      Real Source

        • Wayne Askew,
          Easy tiger, I was only calling William Spivy "sport" he called me that a while ago, so no Wayne I'm not trying to copy Troy at all, I was just giving a little back to "willie" how's that tiger, "willie" is that better. wow that did bother you
          Real Source

    • William,
      I guess we know what category you fall in. But just to see if you would be satisfied, I went ahead and looked behind the GV label.
      1- The heading for the invoice was Xennsoft. We all know that they are partnered with Global Verge and it is through their back office that all the member orders are processed through. It makes sense to have them produce a direct invoice when ordering to speed up the whole process.
      2- Notice the SKU #'s on the invoices. They are Global Mobile product #'s and match the ones in our back office. Investigate Sprint and see if you find these #'s anywhere. And if you do, that would just prove their involvement with Global Verge.
      3- The shipping label did read Global Verge in Lee Summit, MO as the sender. My tracking # proves the pickup was from there.
      Now if you follow follow suit, you'll just say that the box was from some other product and not the EVO. Or something negative like that. Well, I did send Troy pics of these items to. Just for you. You should feel special. I hope that maybe now you can move from the 3rd category to another. We need more leaders in this industry that can help focus the efforts of our associates to grow our businesses instead of trying to poison every other persons dreams. I don't see how bashing can attract more business. Remember, no company is perfect. Yours nor mine. They are all run by man. But they will be what we make of them. Positive or negative. Whatever you sow you will reap!

  3. Troy,
    That invoice looks like its done by a 5th grader. Why in gods name would Gv not print there their logo on the invoice? Yes that logo is pasted to an invoice of some sort. from GV? Or maybe the pasted one is covering another company name. How do you not clearly see this?
    Hey maybe it is Gv way of making invoices. I don't know but if this how GV creates invoices i would say we are par for the course. Looks like amateur hour. That sort of thing would piss me off. yea an invoice that looks like crap would piss me off. Why because it just shows how unconcerned they are with there image. Presentation is everything. What is presented to me is a Sprint EVO box and piece of crap invoice.
    Btw i read you comments and watched the video. Yea the Evo is hot! June 23 Verizon is launching the droid X. http://theunlockr.com/2010/06/18/motorola-droid-x
    That will be hot too. will you do a video on it? point is you went on about the phone not GV. I still don't see any proof of a GV phone.
    Nay sayer, negative only guy, call me what ever you want. You telling me this invoice is acceptable is a disappointment.

    • spondy, are you another "sport" come on man! Read the other posts, it's GV's partner Xennsoft that provides the backoffice and invoice which we place the orders, so GV put their sticker logo over top the Xennsoft logo, but again God!!!! who friggin cares, we have Evo's for $89.99 mo, and right now, today we have an unlimited supply from Sprint to order, when their own websites says Sorry, this device is so hot we can’t keep it on our virtual shelves.
      "Sold Out
      Check back later-
      More are on their way
      Sorry, this device is so hot we can’t keep it on our virtual shelves.
      Check back later – more are on their way!"
      I know a place where they are not sold out.
      Real Source

    • spondy,
      Have you ever seen a QVC invoice? Or a Amazon Invoice? Even Ebay usually just prints the order email and ships with it. Most large companies that strictly ship products have very simple invoices. If you are judging a company by their invoices, then I can't see where you would do any of your purchasing. It's kind of silly! This is not about the quality of the invoice, it's about proof of product. It's about proof of delivery. It's about talking about a company with all the information at hand before bashing and criticizing. We are all trying to make a living and the quality of the invoice will not keep me from buying an EVO. "Presentation is everything?" A regular Sprint invoice is nothing but a printout of all the calls and the plan info. Nothing presentable about that. But they have how many millions of subscribers? Invoices? ROFLOL!!!

  4. Oh yeah I watched your video and I own the EVO and it is easy to type on it because of the large display and it does support flash if your phone is rooted. Just thought I would put that out there. I have 4G here and it's faster than my home internet. That's what I am using now. I love the phone

  5. You might want to mention the limits of 4G as they currently stand, if that is what folks are promoting with WOW and the new EVO phone.
    If you are not in one of these cities, you'll get no benefit from having a 4G capable phone….FYI
    As of June 2010, Sprint's 4G service currently is available in the following markets :
    Georgia – Atlanta, Milledgeville
    Hawaii – Honolulu, Maui
    Idaho – Boise
    Illinois – Chicago
    Maryland – Baltimore
    Nevada – Las Vegas
    North Carolina – Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh
    Oregon – Portland, Salem
    Pennsylvania – Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Reading, York
    Texas – Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Killeen/Temple, Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, San Antonio, Waco, Wichita Falls
    Washington – Bellingham, Seattle
    (from about.com)

    • EVO is a 3G/ 4G Phone…really cool with Wow Mobile UNLIMITED Data and TV
      EVO Can work on 3g networks and 4g as well…(.yes it works in rural areas of America)
      EVO works nationwide!.. as well as on the 4G "wi-max" network cities…in counting
      FYI Wi-Max can be turned up to 100+ mbps…approx….currently running 20-30 mbps
      After that is LTE…2-3 years out…200 – 400 mbps
      EVO will broadcast WowTVanywhere nationwide…
      Flip what ?

    • thebigfella,
      You are wrong my friend. Nashville isn't on that list and I have 4G here dude. 4G might not be officially listed on there website as being available however Sprint is getting those towers up and it is working in areas that aren't on the website. I have the proof here. I live outside of Nashville now and I am getting 4G.

  6. Troy i am a global verge rep. have been for 9 months. look i did get my hero it came from Sprint or specifically 6405 103rd st. jacksonville, flash. 32210. i love the phone. i got mine in the begining. now troy i did order the Evo. itsbeen 9:days and no phone. no answer to my support ticket. i will gladly give u my rep id off line. and i want gv to make it. i also want my downline to have the truth.
    also why isn't my name associated with my account?

    • Donald Feer,
      Thanks for reaching out. You gave some great updates, and asked some important questions. Although, I can't answer your questions at this time, I will ask Ted about them when we talk. However, I can give a little direction and it might help you gather some additional info.
      1. The EVO is hot right now, and if Sprint is selling these like AT&T is selling the new iPhone, the maybe 9 days is not a bad thing. I know iPhones have a huge waiting period. And when the amazon Kindle came out it was a six month wait. You might check on the Sprint site to see if this is the case.
      2. As for your name not being associated with your account. There are several reasons for this issue; security, software design, a glitch, or the use of a company name. Shoot me an email offline with more details TroyDooly@MLMHelpDesk.com

    • donald feer, If what you are stating is true and it has really been 9 days you should call cust service, and they will provide the status and tracking info. I received the Evo in 7 days, as well as a ton of other reps. People received phones today that I know ordered them last Friday or Saturday, so definitely call cust service, because you should've received yours as well. There could've been an issue with your order.
      Real Source

      • Hey Real Source …
        This has been one of the ONGOING problems since last June when we joined GV (no longer there). The problem IS that WHEN someone ORDERS a product or service, THERE SHOULD BE a TRACKING # from the get go! People SHOULD have access to FIND OUT when they can expect ANY product or service to be delivered wether it's a online download OR especially a PRODUCT they've PURCHASED onliine!
        We too made that VERY suggestion to GV corporate and Ted to GET TRACKING #'s for the customers and members ordering products or services. It was ignored for the most part with only a comment said: …"good iidea"! Now WHY would it merely be a "good idea" WHEN MOST all other companies NO MATTER WHAT the product or service HAVE TRACKING #'s for their customers and members?
        Who knows but in any event – IT IS PRUDENT TO SUGGEST GV PROVIDE REAL TIME TRACKINNG #'s to their customers and members. Doing so WOULD CUT DOWN on the amount of support tickets and phone calls to support @ the corporate offices!
        ANYONE can surf the internet looking for a product or service and FIND whatever they order in MOST cases (not all) COMES WITH a CONFIRMATION EMAIL and # …as well as a TRACKING ORDER # for convienience!
        In our humble opinion it WOULD BE a GOOD IDEA to HAVE TRACKING ORDER NUMBERS for ANY product or services ordered along WITH CONFIRMATION #'s as well!

      • Affiliate Marketing Secrets …
        Here again the old ONGOING problem – being SOLD OUT! Wouldnt it BE BETTER IF either GV or the source the phones are coming from SEND AN EMAIL or some type of communication like a phone call when SOLD OUT happens? That way at least the customer or member would have SOME IDEA as to WHEN they could expect to GET the product or service THEY PURCHASED!
        NO ONE likes to waiit and wait and NOT have some sort of communication as to WHEN, WHERE and HOW they're PURCHASE is going to be delivered! This WOULD SAVE support ALOT of support tickets AND phone calls to support on these very issues!
        MOST business's KNOW that the CUSTOMER IS MOST IMPORTANT! In this case, it's the CUSTOMER and THE MEMBER's that are NOT being communicated with effectively! WHAT business DO YOU KNOW outside of Internet Marketing DOESN'T at least HAVE AN ANSWER to these types of questions for THEIR customers and / or members / employees ORDERING products or services?
        Business IS BUSINESS and for the most part IF a business DOES NOT provide solutions, they have NO business especially WHEN it comes to THEIR customers! WE MEMBERS of ANY business DESERVE the SAME consideration! After all – HOW can WE as business entrepreneurs and professionals PROVIDE solutions to OUR CUSTOMERS and MEMBERS if we can't GET DFINITIVE ANSWERS from the company we work WITH and FOR in OUR EFFORTS to BETTER SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS and MEMBERS?
        MAKES PERFECT Business Sense to Us and SO Many Others!

  7. Troy I come to your site for info and insight. All I find is…." my wireless company is better than yours". What are these people 3 y/o. If you don't like a company that's ok, but before you bash them or excuse me promote yours do a little research.
    Guys there is many customers and reps to go around in the wireless industry. Believe in your company and go out and grow your org. and be a leader, thats what we need. Thanks Troy for all you do.

    • CK,
      First let me say welcome to the community. Although, there are some childish youngsters who are still learning how to become MLM Pros, if you read the reviews, and sift through the comments, you will find valuable info.
      Remember, when we were young, and starting out, some of our early actions, we're embarrassed of also.
      It is the pros such as yourself, expressing a little slap down in order to get your point across, which makes me proud of this great profession and the top MLM pros we have in it.
      By the way, if there is a specific company you are needing info on shoot me an email offline and I'll see what we have TroyDooly@MLMHelpDesk.com

      • Let me say this for the comments and your last video you say there are some childish youngsters this is true but these companys are the same I respect your website and your info but dont sit in front of the flag and try to sensor people that come to this site this is an open forum that you created and reps are Mad unless we are in china or cuba lets express ourselevs and i say this beacuse i tried to find a ligitimate wireless company global verge no phones now they deliver over priced still not ready for the public fdi giconnect cheap voip phone to hard for the average consumer to set up wow we know that story never shipped sims or phones in a timely fashion and lost the contract televerus dint make the cut panther mobile no data plans over priced page plus SO THESE YOUNGSTERS KNOW WIRELESS AND WANT TO MAKE MONEY so lets get out and find a company that can produce and handle the volume of the public not just selling phones to reps SPEAK YOUR MIND..

        • WOW is a JOKE,
          An interesting comment to say the least. Now let me ask a few questions.
          1. When have I censored ANYONE? Please tell me just one time this has taken place? I served so you can have this Right, so sport please tell this community exactly what you are referring?
          2. By the way, I am not talking about reps who are MAD at what is happening, I am talking about propaganda smearing people who in some cases have not been a part of any company, but HATE MLM!
          3. So the next time you feel your toes are stepped on, you might want to read ALL the comments, and make sure you know what is happening, and not just spout off half cocked.
          Ok, now that we have acted light family, let's get down to business. This week I will do a new review on Zoom, maybe it can deliver. Also, there is Lightyear. Although, some folks are still worried about their financials, and their compensation plan (for me at least) is a little confusing. And, there are a couple new wireless companies (which have NOT been mentioned here) that will be launching soon.
          By the way, thanks for adding huge value to this community!

      • Hey Troy!
        Your points are well worded indeed! The level of professionality in some is still a work in progress! Some DO unfortunately comment on the attack in order to promote themselves and THEIR business. However, they DO more harm than good to their credibility in that they lack the level of experience and knowledge in communicating with others.
        There's a saying: "You can get more bees with honey than vinegar"! Not bad advice if only poeple could simply set aside their anger and dissapointment long enough to realize we ALL need friends in business and treating others unkindly is NOT the way to achieve and build long lasting friendships!
        NONE of us are children anymore, although one could question some on that fact. Point being as adults, we SHOULD all be acting as such but that too comes along with experience and knowledge of the industry and how to communicate with others in the MOST positive way and not the contrary!
        Keep up the GREAT work Troy – YOU ARE an Epic Adventure NEVER giving up!
        Semper Fi

  8. Troy, another awesome feature the Evo has is you can voice to text, so all of us who do not know how to type but certainly can run our mouths, we can just speak the truth, i mean speak the text. WOW! and GV reps have this cool gadget.
    Real Source

  9. troy i have a friend in excel who just got the htc hd2 i ave asked him to send u the info. is this true. 229.00 no contract 59.00 a month unlimited everything. what do you know of this company? i also called gv customer service. i should have my Evo on monday ill let u know.

    • Donald Feer,
      I do not know much about Excel, except they run a private domain, which is a huge red flag, and the fact, I have not seen any type of policies and procedures or compensation plan. To date except for a really close friend of Greco's I can't tell you much.
      We are trying to reach the legal department of the original Excel to see if they are going to ask the company to change the name.
      If I had to decide between GV and Excel at this stage of the game, I would stay with Global Verge.

        • Donald Feer,
          Yes, that is correct, GlobalVerge.com is now private. However, all the other domains are listed to Ted Robbins, as was Global Verge until just recently. The different is we all no who owns Global Verge, just like we know who is running DNA. It is still a red flag, and from a business side, makes no sense whatsoever.
          By the way, while I have you for a second, I have a question… In researching your specific situation of not receiving your EVO, I have found there is no record of a Donald feer, as a distributor of Global Verge, or having ordered a phone period.
          Can you provide me the specific name your Global Verge account is under, or the name you used to order the phone? Feel free to contact me offline if need be TroyDooly@MLMHelpDesk.com

  10. thanks for the insight on excel. and gv. i will ask joe to email you from excel maybe he can answer all our questions. he is a rep there that got the phone. he was also in the old company with a similar name.
    again thanks for the insight and ill let u knowif i get myevo or not.

  11. Real Source, having trouble getting this posted under your "Sport 9 times response", so I'll try it here.
    Real Source, “SPORT” I believe was coined by Troy. But since you appear to be the biggest mouth on the post,I think maybe you are a “A Little Troy Wanna Be” COOL it with SPORT, Dude!

    • Wayne Askew,
      Easy tiger, I was only calling William Spivy "sport" he called me that a while ago, so no Wayne I'm not trying to copy Troy at all, I was just giving a little back to "willie" how's that tiger, "willie" is that better.
      Real Source

      • Real Source, if every thing is so wonderful @ GV, tell me why you and oscardee are the only two staunch supporters ? I mean if GV is the only company that has and shipping the evo ( your words ) then you should be able to get more reps to come on here and tell their story. With all those phones going out daily, you should get some of your downline to share their success as well.

        • Ricky,
          Unfortunately, these blogs have had a history of being very unprofessional with all the name calling and bashing. I can't believe how much hatred is spilled here. I came here a while back but even I stopped commenting because no matter what you tried to communicate, somebody was there to rip your heart out. Even Troy seemed a bit one-sided at times but he is a man of his word and I respect that. He has done everything that he said he would. Read all my comments and you will see that I've never claimed that everything is wonderful. All I've come with lately is facts. Regardless of what happened in the past (which people can't seem to let go), this is what GV is offering now.
          I keep saying that there will never be a perfect company. There can't be. They are all run by man and man makes mistakes. What I can't stand is people that keep denying GV's progress out of plain hatred. Turn the table just a bit and look back to when you made a big mistake. Hopefully you learned from it and moved on. Well would you like it if everybody around you continued to bash you for that mistake even though you had moved on and it was in the past. There is great power in forgiveness! It puts a mind at ease and brings peace. Otherwise all you continue to have in your heart is hatred and you grow to be a bitter person. And for what? What everybody is saying about GV doesn't change what they have become or what they are providing now. The sad thing is that a lot of these people are leaders, or could be leaders that are giving a terrible example to their downline.
          I'm hoping that as professionals we are all turning the corner and can be more respectful of other peoples decisions. I read down this blog and at least see people asking questions and addressing concerns. This is great!! No need for name calling or making up lies just to hurt a company. This only brings down the level of professionalism of this niche. And if this niche is to succeed, we need to be building great leaders. This is why there aren't more people with positive messages on these blogs. Up to now, they have ALL been beheaded. How can you expect more? Treat them nice and maybe they will come. Be righteous, lead by example, and your success will last a lifetime!
          Be blessed!!

          • Oscardee, this could have all been prevented at the end of July 09 if this would have been said to the 40,000+ reps that signed up " From the desk of the president, it seems that zero1 will not be providing our wireless service due to them not having the technology that was presented to us. So, if you don't want to sell the water machines,power savers etc. then you can get off autoship until we have the wireless service." I like how you just want to let the past go and brush it under the rug. I won't let that happen cause thousands of people lost major credibility and money to say the least.
            Oscardee, that simple statement would have taken 2 minutes to type

          • Hey Oscardee ..
            We couldn't agree more about the lack of being professional in comments and discussions. This has been a very heated discussion for a very long time now. People are hurt, dissapointed, disgusted and exhibiting all kinds of emotions publicly.
            It doesn't fair well when people can't have a discussion without the name calling, insults and in general disrespect of others. Nor does it show a capacity to maintain any kind of professionality. Especially the kind that with any J.O.B. would normally get one fired for attacking others at work or in a public work situation!
            We would personally like to see MORE positive discussions and emotions displayed as well but …we also recognize people's right to voice their opinions. We just hope that in the future MORE people willl maintain a decent level of professionality in these discussions. It does no one any good to be on the attack of others in any fashion and in fact …it does THEIR credibility MORE harm than good and shows a definite lack of willingness to be kind and respectful towards their fellow marketers both men and women!
            We find often enough that SILENCE IS the last best word! Just like MOST of our grannies would say …"If you can't say something nice to someone – DON'T say anything at all! That way NO one's feelings get hurt and hopefully friendships and relationshps business or personal have a chance to grow and grow strong for the long term!

        • Ricky,
          I am an e-Associate with Global Verge. The EVO came out on June 4th and I received mine on June 9th from Global. Don't tell me that they are anything be true to their word, and honest people. I am personally sponsored by Jan Johnson and I have a down-line of several hundred associates. We are ALL tired of the bashing going on and just want to get on with business. By the way, most MLM folks don't care to look at the Blogs because of all the inaccurate information posted. Troy is the best in the business and I have begun to respect his information.

          • Kip. there is a very valuable lesson here that I hope everyone sees. That lesson is that in the end everyone had better value their credibility and be true to it. It is worth a lot more than a fast start bonus.
            Once you have lost it, most people will not give you another chance. I have posted many times I would like to see people move on but, there was a lot of mis-information that went on and neither GV nor their loyal reps can expect people to just forget that. It does not work that way in the real world. There were tens of thousands of reps who could not get a straight answer from anyone for months.
            We have all heard the old saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". A stupid cliche to many but the fact is Most people live by that and are not open to being fooled twice, plain and simple. GV is going to have to work long and hard to regain their reputation and for the most part, they put themselves in that position
            I am very much looking forward to Troy's series with GV. if they are open and honest, admit their mistakes and say how they are going to avoid them in the future they will move forward but it wil take time, and maybe a lot of it.

          • Longtimer,
            You are right, that people don't forget, and trust has to be earned back. I will be the first to judge GV on many things they did wrong over the last year, all the promises, the coming soons, etc. On the other hand I will support them just as equal on everything they have done over the last year as well. Think about this, GV thought they had the best technology in Zer01, we find out later GV is not at fault, proven in a court of law. How huge is that. You have to think now and say wow, these guys were getting the same promises from Zer01 that GV was giving the reps. They went a different direction, we know where that ended up, the Greco fiasco, do we need to comment on that any further, another bad deal gone really bad, and not just for GV. Again no excuses, but if you look close enough you may be able to find a few there, not all GV'S fault. Bottomline, these guys did not blow out of the country, they have stayed the course, taken as much abuse this year, than most people could take in a lifetime, continued to pay the hard working loyal reps every month, let the other reps sit in the matrix off autoship, have secured one of the best members plan in the industry from Sprint, and are adding new phones, plans, products and services all the time. The biggest thing about these 2 guys, they will die for us before they let anyone or anything happen to our opportunity. I totally respect that.
            Real Source

          • Lol,
            Dude….are you even serious? Jan Johnson is guilty of spreading just as many lies as Mark and Ted. She isn't anyone to be proud of that's for sure. You people act as if GV has anything at all. Really they don't and soon enough they will be shutting off your service again because of unethical business practices. Listen they got no deal with any provider. Their not stable and never will be. Their sue happy lieing scam artist who in due time will have to pay the piper. You suckers who support them are in my opinion just as blind as bats. You simply ignore the facts and schemes totally blinded by that over hyped crappy comp plan that will never work worth dill. Please tell the truth….you got 700 people? My bet. That over 600 of them don't pay their autoship so your meager buck a person translates to about a hundred bucks a month and I'd be surprised if you even see that. Don't make us laugh…..please it's too funny how a couple of blind dreamers can have hope vin this joke of a company. Wowsa!

          • exgvfool, just when I thought the site was cleaning up, and people were starting to realize, the answer is to not bash other companies, but to show the facts and clean up our industry, then comes along this fool. I'm sorry but I do have to call you an "idiot" on this one. Jan Johnson is one of the strongest leaders this industry has had for the last 15 years, she believed in something and has stayed the course, when other peers and good friends jumped to start a new company, she stayed because of her belief in GV and it's owners. "Fool" where have you been lately, GV has been shipping the hottest phones in the marketplace including the Sprint Evo. Recruiting is way up, alot of those people that GV let turn their autoship off, well when the phones came the memberships came. "Fool" if you want to write crap, go to a crap site like that mlmwirelesslies site.
            Real Source

          • Kip,
            Thank you for your positive comments. It has been very difficult to be a part of these blogs in the past, but the truth will always come to light. I remained silent for many months after being bashed around at the beginning of the year. Namecalling! Hatred! Bitterness! All over every post. I think it's time the tide turns and we start presenting facts and answer genuine concerns. These blogs can be an asset to every company if used properly. I've been trying to answer all the questions and doubts on this blog with proof. With facts. And let people make their own decision from there. I hope that this trend continues even though we still have a couple of haters. But it is a lot less than before.
            We are here for all Global Verge questions and concerns. If you belong to another company, than go to your own blog and help associates there. Be positive and you will produce positive leaders. No need to go to others and criticize. All companies can be very successful if you concentrate on them. You reap what you sow.
            On another note, let me know if you have any meetings to the south. I have a sister-in-law that I'd like to get to a meeting. She's in Hilton Head.
            Keep up the great work Kip! We'll see you at the top!

          • Hi everyone,
            Kip, I agree 100%. I also ordered an EVO, don't recall the date, but got it in less than 5 working days, and customer service, getting my # ported etc.. was excellent, The realtor in my downline also ordered an Evo, got it in a matter of days, and had a glitch with porting the number over, she wanted to blame it on GV, and come to find out she owed Verizon $, and as soon as she resolved that, got her phone activated right away. My kids have been on their service since January, and my husband since April. I was paying AT&T $140mo for my iphone, now I'm saving $50/mo, my husband's saving $50/mo also.
            Yes, they've had their faults, I've stuck around because I believe in the heart of these two men, and lesser men would have given up a long time ago. I was told (not by them) One of them sold one of their houses to get their reps paid. Their mistake was trusting the wrong people, and not communicating fully with their reps. Believe me I've been angry about things more than once, and at that time, lack of communication was the issue. They've made good on the original promise to offer unlimited everything for $79/mo. There are so many more new products and services, along with exclusive products that can't be found anywhere else coming in the very near future, along with phone insurance. You can't get insurance on an iphone, but you will be able to on the EVO.
            All this incessant bashing about the past doesn't help anyone, but only hurts your peers
            that probably like you are just trying to support their family, or obtain financial freedom which is why we all are in this line of work. Bashing GV about the past, is not protecting potential new reps from making a mistake by joining this company, it's hurting the reps that are here now trying to build a business, and if/when their potentials come here, they do some research and read about a past that is no longer relevant. If you have a current issue, or recent issue, great, that's what potential people need to know. All this bashing is not hurting GV, it's hurting US, that are trying to change our lives and the lives of others. I have ZERO problem telling my potentials about the struggles of the last year, because I was there, and I know the truth. BTW, they offered all the reps the opportunity to stop their autoship until they could make good on the products and services that were promised, and not lose their position in the matrix. If people didn't do that, that was their fault. This company has a very bright future, and the leaders heart is in the right place, and that's getting money in our pockets, or saving us money. That's refreshing

        • Ricky,
          I know it's easy for you to make that statement but it's still not that simple. What I do remember is that as soon as that fell apart they immediately pursued other options to give the associates what they signed up for. And they didn't lie about it. I remember getting that notification announcing the Zero1 partnership terminating. And they allowed everybody to go off autoship without being removed from the matrix. And even up to this past month, people that had been off autoship all these 6-8 months could have returned to their spot. No company is going to encourage the loss of business. I can see AT&T stating, "To everybody experiencing data problems, we will allow you to stay off contracts until our LTE network is ready and all our problems are solved. Thank you." Maybe the comparison is not equal, but I am referring to the company communicating every little bit of drawback that they are going through. And even though their quest to give the associates what they signed up for led them to another failed partnership, they never quit trying to make the vision a reality. Whatever the case may be, it's not that I choose to sweep things under the rug, it's that I signed on to have a product. And right now we have a product. Again, what good does it do you to be crying about the past when you could be making money today? The money from the bonus pools has been going up every month. And that is just 1 of 5 or 6 ways we get paid. Don't let pride get the best of you. This is the only thing keeping you from forgetting the past (or sweeping it under the rug) and working towards the future. It is the only way to move on. You can't live in a companies past any more that you can live in your own past. 1 month of the bonus pools is enough to cover what you had invested all this time and it keeps growing. Was it worth waiting for? Definitely!!

        • Ricky, like Oscardee said, alot of people don't like coming out to these blogs, there is so much written that is not the truth. People bash other companies for self gain. I had never been to this site until all the stuff about GV was flying all over the internet. This site if used properly can be an asset for reps in all different companies. Troy, is now doing a great job trying to make that happen, but 6 mos ago he was making statements and comments that were so far from the truth, but understanding now, he was only getting information from one side. We know who that was, Greco.
          I decided to comment to everyone that was not printing the truth. Ricky, you can go back to my first few comments telling Troy, about Zer01, Greco, etc, and that GV was not out to screw people. I'm not saying forget about the past, but you need to move forward. Everything I have posted over the last 6 months has happened and/or is the truth. GV allowed people to turn off their autoship, sit for months in the matrix, and not lose their position, while at the same time others recruited 3 who recruited 3 and were promoted, and got paid every mo. All the people that didn't take responsibility of their own business and go in and terminate, or turn their autoship off, and wait til a phone came out, that is their own fault. At the end of the day, this is your business. GV has come a long way, they are doing good things for their reps, they have traveled all over the country, fielding tons of questions from reps, they are on daily calls answering every question thrown at them. It's been a year, Zer01 is gone, Greco is gone, some of the Global Group are gone, it's old news, the new GV is here.
          Real Source

  12. Been gone from Global Verge for months now but still get e-mails.
    Here is my latest:,Sent: Tue, June 22, 2010 7:36:33 PM
    Why do you guys keep reminding me of a very unpleasant experience that cost me what I value more than money, lost credibility and relationships (money can't buy that).
    "From The Desk Of The President"
    Hello Associates,
    We wanted to inform you that due to a provider outage, the phones in the office are not working. They are aware of this and are working quickly to restore service.
    I have received this message before . Last time I received this message rumor was GV had disconnection for an unpaid phone bill. I wonder why I'm still receiving e-mails from them.
    I think maybe they might be trying to get me back on auto ship as I was such a good affiliate, Uh! I mean "dumb ass". I'm still waiting for them to disclose where the millions $$ from previous auto ships (a year plus of mine) went as they promoted "coming soon" and "we are excited"
    With all the praise from some of the current members of GV on this site. With the summary judgments being handed down, and pleas to forget the past and move forward with the new GV.
    I still have a hard time wondering where all the old $$ from the old GV went?
    40,000 affiliates paying auto ships from ($49-$99 each) that's a lot of bread, Ted.
    For those wishing us to move forward from the past, I think maybe we could, if some how we could get our own "summary judgement" handed down.

    • Wayne, you probably only turned off your autoship, but didn't terminate your position, if you had terminated your position you would not be receiving any emails from GV. It would be my pleasure to help you with that if it hasn't already been done. By the way, the phones are back up and working just fine. No, just like last time they did not get cut off, another "idiot" lying again. Wayne, if you had worked the business you would know where the money went, that's right all of us that continued to build the membership have been getting paid matrix money, Global bonus pool money, and those tremendous matching bonuses, not to mention the huge commissions rolling back in the matrix for all the sales from the various products and services. Wayne it only takes 3 members who get 3. In this industry it's hard to get paid if you don't do anything to deserve to get paid.
      Real Source

      • Sorry Ted. I too received the same email last night. I logged into my back office two weeks ago, went to My Account, Clicked on Terminate at the top right hand corner of the page. I was immediately logged out, and was unable to log back in. This was done 4 months after I cancelled my autoship and removed all credit card info from the back office.
        You know I have had my VoIP service from my local ISP for 18 months. Never had an outage. Are you using your provider's service? Not too reliable is it.

      • Lol,
        Dude pull your nose out Jans lieing butt an get real. You are really something special aren't you? Simple to say the least! I had to listen to Jans crap the whole time I was in that lousy no good farce of a business. Lie after lie to try and keep her tiny little meager checks coming. Hey it's understandable….she like the test of the hangers on got caught up in that joke of a comp plan….lol get real dude! I was in the crappy company….so don't you think you know more tjen I do. Your company sucks plain and simple. jan by the way ain't squat and never has been….she talks a good game though but I had her pegged from day one! Just like I got you pegged buddy. Soon enough you and the rest of your cronies there at GV will have to close the doors. Mark my words!

        • exgvfool, it's obvious you know nothing about this industry,
          "fool" you are the major idiot. Keep bashing buddy, and we will continue to do what we're doing, collecting those meager checks.
          Real Source

      • Hey Wayne!
        Also along with logging into your GV back office and TERMINATING your position – you might ALSO WANT to TERMINATE and unsubscribe your TeamGG letters. Don't knonw IF you're STILL getting those but we are and ARE going to UNSUBSCRIBE so we don't receive those anymore either!
        Hang tough guy! The only thing that can harm you are those things you allow to! Keep the Faith and you'll FIND that ONE thing that makes you happy and EARNS you the money you desire (if you haven't already)!
        Like Troy always says: Live Life Like it's an Epic Adventure and NEVER GIVE UP!