Over the previous couple of days WOW Cell’s mother or father firm Liberty Worldwide has come to the conclusion, they cannot salvage their relationship with T-Cell, and has determined to guard their model by taking T-Cell to court docket.

Though, that is certain to be bloody for some distributors, who might lose their T-Cell phone quantity. Nevertheless, from the notices under we do see that Liberty Worldwide is speaking with their reps, and offering them with what looks as if the quickest and greatest avenue for reps to guard their private telephone numbers.
The one silver lining in all of this, is the launch of the brand new PCS Platform. For the previous couple of weeks we now have seen rivals coming to MLM Helpdesk telling WOW reps and prospects, that WOW Cell didn’t get their PCS settlement.
This weekend WOW Cell put the critics to relaxation, because the launched the brand new WOW PCS Web site.

WOW Mobile Update: Liberty International aka WOW Mobile Suing T-Mobile


  1. Troy, I know you get answers. I'm a very loyal WOW rep but had to switch my phone today. We were told they were launching the new network and they have put up the phone site but no news on when the service plans will be available. I love the 3 for free concept and have enjoyed my service with them but I have spent untold hours waiting for cust service,etc. Do you have any time commitment on when they are releasing the service plans? There's no need to buy a phone before they have plans available??? I love the company but want straight answers. . . and a launch when they say launch. . .I was just in my back office and there's no service available. .
    PS: I have not "joined" any other company, nor will I. I just want some honesty. . . Thanks

    • Alan Kindall,
      I'll reach out to Randy and/or Jeff tomorrow and see if I can get a definite answer on the launch of the plans. It was my understanding that the plans would be going live today or tomorrow. But this information came to me last Thursday, so I will make sure nothing has changed.
      I fully agree you and all reps need honesty and full disclosure.

  2. Troy, I am a new member but have been on your site for several months now. First I would like to say thank you for your site. You provide alot of insite into a business I am still a rookie at. With that being said I started with WOW mobile in October of '09 and I was stoked I believed in Randy and the WOW product. When the ceiling fell I stayed strong promoting my business. I understand hub marketing but WOW was where my passion lied. To be frank I got tired of hearing next week , right around the corner and be patient, if you know what I mean. I don't know who was wrong honestly either T-Mobile or Liberty. I did leave Liberty and went to a competitor that I feel very comfortable with. Troy, you seem very passionate about Randy Jeffers and Liberty is there a reason for it? I value your insight and would like to know with someone with reputation as being a straight shooter, backs this company so strongly? If I am out of line please accept my appologies. With all do respect.

    • Prmobile,
      First let me say thank you for the kind words. Your comment is well thought out and let me see if I can give some clarity on this end.
      1. I respect your decision to find a competitor you feel confident in. There is never anything wrong with moving to another company when in your heart you have truly lost confidence and faith in the former leadership. My concern is when distributors just jump from company to company thinking it is going to get better, without realizing each MLM wireless company has their own issues right now. Some are the same and some are different, but none are growing free of issues.
      2. As for who is right and who is wrong, Liberty or T-Mobile, like any relationship, somewhere along the line there was a breakdown in communication and trust, and now the relationship is gone.
      3. As for the perceived passion towards Randy and Liberty. It's not so much Randy as it is the reps of Liberty. To many times people just jump at the first sign of trouble or when the hype of competitors sounds easier to deal with. As an outsider I do my best to raise questions and give a differing view from the critics which come here with their opinions. The more information, differing opinions and facts we can present for all companies not just WOW the easier it is for distributors and potential distributors to make informed decisions as to how much risk they are willing to take to grow their MLM Wireless business.
      You are not out of line at all asking these questions. It is through continued communications, differing opinions, reviewing the facts, watching as new evidence becomes and continuing to ask additional questions, that each of us are able to come to a conclusion which is right for us to know in our heart what we should do.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

  3. Here we go phones still getting shut off and no communication.. New liberty pcs website blackberry htc back order… 5 year old razors yea right im not trying to down grade my phone whats wrong with these guys im sure PCS got some phones in stock looks like a cheese website from a CELLPHONE GURU THAT WAS MOVING AROUND

        • Curious,
          ROFLOL… How many times do I have to answer the same question 🙂
          Like many companies, WOW gave me personal access to review their company, and understand their back office. This is common place in my area of experience in MLM. I do not have access to any downline, upline, commissions, and I am not on any type of autoship. I am not using some fictitious name, family member, or corporate shell.
          In other words sport, I am not a rep for WOW or Liberty International marketing any of their products, on their payroll, or earning an direct or indirect commission or any other type of monetary reward.
          Although, I have received a sample of several Liberty products you can review in our video posts, and I have the WOW VOIP phone and two cell phones for testing.
          Now, any other questions you want to ask.
          By the way, had you taken time to do a deep Google check, you would find I also have accounts with several other companies which we have created marketing campaigns for.
          It's the technology age, just how much can anyone hide these days?
          And, in the name of full disclosure, I also went through the sign up process today at Zoom to see how they work.

  4. This is a Great day for Liberty / Wow mobile Reps…Cheering is heard from afar !
    All the troops are still in platoon format, Geared Up ready to go !
    The weaklings joined the Germans with no guarantees
    Now we are taking the Market…with more to offer…not to mention MONEY!!!
    P.S T-Mobile only hurt themselves…
    Hail Randy !

  5. Troy you seem to be full of crap as of late, it seems you must be an ir, is that the case troy, we would love the answer to this question are you a rep of liberty, im sure this wont get posted. Any other company that would be half as bad as what liberty is you would have blasted, im not saying they dont have a good shot or its even a bad product or service, i think randy needs to step away with his con man ways and his slick lies each week, but its time for you to just say to all of us i am a wow rep and i stand behind this.

    • Marco,
      ROFLOL… First let me say, thank you for taking time to voice your frustrations and questions. Let me ask you some questions as I answer your questions, which by the way have been asked and answered several times on this blog.
      1. Why do you feel I am full of crap? Specifically what did I say to cause you to feel this way?
      2. No I am not an IR of WOW. I have been given access to the back office so I can see what is happening at WOW. But, I have back office in several service based companies who do not have products, and with some hub companies who market both products and services.
      3. Why would you feel I would not post your comment? You must be really ew to our community, and my personal belief on the Right of Freedom of Speech!
      4. I have blasted Liberty International several times. WOW is a division, not a company. WOW has not always given us all the information we desire, but they have continued to communicate. We have not needed to post much because the reps are very active, and are addressing concerns from both sides.
      5. What specifically do you feel I have not addressed?
      6. Why do you feel Randy has "con man ways? I have delt with professional con men and grifters in my life, and they do not get caught. Randy, seemingly is continuing to fight. If Randy is a con, why didn't he just take the money and run? There are plenty of countries where he could go. Why has he stuck around for 11 years, if his purpose was to con others?
      7. What has Randy lied about? Yes, I fully understand dates were given, and dates were changed. But was that a lie, or something out of his control? The reason I ask, is based on the fact; if Randy had not said anything you and others would yell, "Randy is not telling us anything." And when he does say something then I hear "Randy is lying to us." I am not sure there is any win, win to this type of a situation.
      8. Let me get this right, you want me to lie to you? You just said, you didn't want Randy lying to you, now you are wanting me to lie. If you would take some time to google and learn who Troy Dooly really is, you will find I am not with any company. My MLM company retired their MLM arm on Dec. 31, 2009, and I left the field. I do host two internet radio shows, a TV show, consult with companies for hire, and coach field reps for free. I do private copy writing for companies and I facilitate a large Blog Network covering several different niches.
      But, I am not an active, building MLMer, Network Marketing for any company. If you take time here to read, you will find I do massive reviews on ALL MLM niches praising some companies and asking some critical questions of others.
      So, based on your personal deduction, because I ask some hard questions about WOW, I am a rep? Seriously, can you tell me, what I think of MLM Wireless in general? If you can't then you really should get your facts straight, so you will not look so ignorant to the facts in public.

  6. New phones? Of course. As usual, grossly overpriced. Between double and triple the actual purchase price.
    Sim cards don't cost that much, and people need a sim card, not an overpriced phone. This is like telling me I have to buy a new car, at double the lot price, in order to get a horn installed.
    Isn't there some kind of consumer law to protect people from this gouging?
    I wrote to Liberty about this very issue in January regarding the HTC G1's he was flogging then, at $400 a pop, and 'notifying reps in the back office that "other HTC G1"s wouldn't work. In the meantime, you COULD just buy the simcard. Huh? Then, some BS about the 'proprietary methods' of flashing/setting apps (which the T-mobile tech – or a twelve year old – can perform for $20.), that can only be achieved with Wow-purchased phones.
    What's the deal with selling over-priced phones when people want to see the PLANS, not new phones!

    • Unanswered Questions,
      Hey I have always wondered about phones. I have an article in the latest issue of Entrepreneur Magazine where Dan Hesse CEO of Sprint, is very clear, they sell $400.00 phones at a loss for $100 just to get the contracts.
      Could it be small resellers, don't get to sell the phones at a loss?
      Maybe I should publish the article so all can read it. It was a very interesting interview.

      • Well, it can't be that big of a loss if smaller wholesalers on Ebay are selling the same phones for under $200.
        I mean, they have to be making some money to bother selling them, so,..how much is Sprint paying wholesale,..and,…
        How long does it really take Sprint to recoup that loss,…..first payment?
        Neither Wow nor Sprint has a deal worth buying into.
        And nobody else (MLM-wise) has the longevity to give anyone the security to feel they're putting their time and money into the right place. If it's cheap enough, and you can live with knowing (in the back of your mind) that you could be shut off at any moment,..I guess it's okay.
        Randy has already had enough of my money for his experiments with wireless,..I want something in return now or I'm not playing.
        Wow is now proven to be "iffy' and there are a lot of cheaper "iffy' wireless companies out there.
        Just depends on how much insecurity and unreliability you're willing to put up with, for the price.
        I find it hard to believe that the big carriers are selling at a loss. They need the latest phones on an exclusive basis to sell the plans, because the plans are intangible. Kids/teenagers/young adults, who are the biggest users of cellphones, don't read the plans, they buy the hottest phones. And whatever plan fills their needs, (usually unlimited everything), and couldn't care less about the cost.

    • You can buy any PCS phone at any price, from any retailer, wholesaler, e-bay…etc you choose
      Please note: Wow Customers do qualify for refer 3 get it free plan
      Customers don't have to pay monthly back office fee's, just the monthly plan price
      This is a major feature that will grow a large customer base, generating residual income to reps

      • Anyone can sell phones at whatever price they want. You simply do not have to buy them. I am buying an HTC EVO on Ebay and having it activated tomorrow. If you do not like the price on wowmobilemall.com then just buy it wherever you like, even at the sprint store.

        • This won't work. Whoever told you to do this is misinformed. Sprint will NOT allow anyone to activate their branded handset unless it is through Sprint directly. An MVNO or wholesaler is prohibited from doing so. Don't spend your money on that phone until you get something in writing saying it can be done.

          • Michael,
            This is great info you provided, I do have a question, because I am not an expert in wireless.
            1. It is my limited understanding Sprint has contracted with two national MNE's (Mobile Network Enablers) who handle all the little MNVO's (Mobile Network Virtual Operators) who are looking to brand or co-brand the MNO's (Mobile Network Operator) network. If this is the case, then could it be possible, that the MNVO, (in this case WOW Mobile), has been provided an interface through the MNE to provide PCS activated phones, and or provide ability to activate older Sprint phone.

          • Troy, Sprint works like this… They have 2 "buckets" of ESN's that can be activated on their network, and no phone from one bucket can be activated on the other. The buckets represent "wholesale" and "retail." A phone from the wholesale bucket is forbidden to be activated on the retail side, and vice versa. Unless WOW is simply an authorized reseller of Sprint's retail network (like a Sprint store), they cannot activate any of the Sprint branded handsets. Also, someone with a WOW phone could not take it to a retail Sprint location and activate it. What you are implying is correct, however, Sprint determines exactly which phones the MNE's can activate. What the WOW reps are saying is that they can go buy any Sprint phone online or at a store and activate it on WOW's network. This is NOT true and whoever is saying it is misinformed.

          • Michael,
            Thank you for this information. The more info we can get to distributors the better opportunity they will have to make informed decisions.

        • Let me know if the Evo works with Wow. From what I understand, Sprint phones will not work with wholesalers, as of yet.
          A Boost Mobile phone will not work with Sprint
          A Sprint Phone will not work with Boost Mobile
          A Virgin Mobile phone will not work with Sprint
          If it does work, that could be a huge thing for Wow, since Wow would be the only company that is doing it.
          Just my $0.02,
          David C

  7. I am a Liberty Rep since December and what person really knows what is going on? I agree with the masses that the communication is abhorrent, and they, for whatever the reason, don't do what they say they are going to do or meet the deadlines they profess, and I am real tired of the carnival barker, and the promises too. I believe that the future of this company will he determined on how Randy Jeffers 1) treats his current IRs who have had free T-mo service and paid anywhere from $250-350 for phones that tether 2) how he treats his current IR's who have been waiting 3 months for a SIM card and didn't want a new phone 3) how he treats his current IR's who have been waiting 3 months for a $399 phone that tethers.
    It is ridiculous that the ONLY PCS phone that tethers is $100 more and there is an unknown back order wait for that phone. How much longer should any IR have to wait? It's been 3 months. I agree that PCS should not have cheap refurbished phones, they should have inexpensive NEW phones that we can order if we want.
    What I personally think should happen is that 1) all current IR's who had free Tmo service because they found their "3" should continue to have free service with the new PCS company and should be given a new replacement phone for the phone that they already purchased (one that tethers if that is what they already had) and the reps should then send Liberty their old phones Liberty should resell the phones the IR's bought for Tmo-not putting the onus on the reps. 2) The IR's waiting for SIM cards should be given a replacement or loaner phone if they signed up thinking that all they would need is the SIM card. 3) They should immediately locate additional phones that can tether that are NOT back ordered (it is ridiculous that reps should have to continue to wait-again) Tethering through Liberty is a core advantage that I have been selling for months.(well, until we couldn't sell anything) 4) ALL IR's who have paid for phone service and their Gateways-without any plans or services to sell, should not have to go through accounting or customer-no-service to get reimbursed. This should be done automatically and an email should be sent to everyone telling them it is done. 5) Anyone who wants out should not be penalized for any part of this last 3 months and should be given a simple process to get their money back and be gone.
    What they are doing now is only trying to get us, the IR's to bring in new IR's by offering new service plans, with the all everything plan that is $10 more than Tmo, and does not tether (not mentioned on the site), so that we can bring in new IR's. I don't know about anyone else, but I am not comfortable selling anything yet- not the phone plans or the business plans, until I see how they treat the IR's they already have. I have not been happy with the piece-meal info and unbroken dates and promises either. Still waiting…still waiting…still waiting…
    I am not happy that we are treated as the step-children, not as responsible business owners, and I am not happy that "we are all equal, but some are more equal than others" ie, the Pachecos, JR, etc. , and even you are able to beta test products but we, who I believe paid the same price (I paid $1699 in December) are not privy to the same information as others. (If we are all equal IR's, why did I have to find out from Karla Pacheco's facebook site that Tmo was supposed to turn everyone off last night?) (by the way-my Tmo phone is still working fine) Why isn't ALL information posted in our back office for EVERY IR? Why are they/you beta testing the IPTV? This gives all the "Above Equal IR's" the advantage to pre-sell the products through their downline/IR's but not me or my team. Just another one of my beefs.
    As long as I am airing my personal irks and you seem to have the ear of Mr. Jeffers (who does not return my emails or phone calls, and it takes 3+ weeks for customer no-service to respond even to simple requests) I have a few very simple requests that would make his business and mine (and yours) run a bit smoother, once everything shakes out.
    1) Stop doing conference calls and webinars for information. Post to our back office all of the information that we need and are supposed to know, or send us each an email blast. You have all of our information when we signed up. I don't have time to listen to 30-60 minute calls or webinars at inconvenient times. Give me the information I need to run and do business. Give me the tools I need for business, just facts and material (which should all be shared). I don't know why we can't download the powerpoint presentations so that we can all be on the same playing field.
    2) Get a real web site designer. Our back office is pathetic. You can get college students who are very good and very affordable who would like the work. It is June 15th and I think "Happy Mother's Day" is really pathetic for a communications company. Information updates to websites are pretty easy to do and this should be the method of communication.
    3) John Shaw should not be representing you as management. He is rude or non-responsive when you contact him. Find someone who has your best interests and sounds professional- not like a carnival barker.
    4) You have amazing talent in your IR's and you may want to utilize them. All or most of us run other successful businesses. You may want to inquire about the talent you have within.
    5) The biggest complaint from my IR's prior to the Tmo debacle is the customer-no-service. Your online will respond (although I have had to wait more than 1.5 hours) but they are not empowered to give answers. Your phone team is worse, and the emails to cs@liberty or gfp have taken 3 weeks to respond to simple questions. If you had simple instructions posted on our back office websites, your cs people would not have to field the numerous calls I am sure they have. Poor customer service is the downfall of many great companies.
    6) Lastly- proof your work. Those conference calls with the nonsense jabbering should never have been posted. I was humiliated when my newer IR's, who have been waiting patiently for info, had to listen to those unprofessional (there were 2 of them) false starts.
    Mr. Jeffers- you have great ideas, just poor implementation. You may want to hire a business consultant to assist you, quality management personnel, and staff, as you seem to have your hands pretty full. I have no doubt that you have only the good of your company in mind, but learn to delegate authority to those who can properly handle it and represent you they way you should be.
    This all being said-I am not looking to quit Liberty. I really like the business model that brought me into the company. I like the "brilliant compensation" plan and the "Refer 3 and Yours is Free" concept. I am not looking for anything for free that I haven't already earned, and I am very understanding in that any business has it's glitches, and may need to work out the rough spots. be honest with your team and they will stand behind you. However, I can't say the same for my team of friends, collegues, and family who came into this business trusting me, not Liberty, when i can't get them true, honest answers or deadlines from my company. I am still an IR and look forward to growing my business with this company, but until this company gets back on track and becomes the professional company that I expect to affiliate with and represent, I will put everything on hold so as not to endanger my own reputation any further with my collegues, friends, and family members.
    Troy, thanks for giving me this platform. By the way, you were the impetus back in December that gave me the confidence to join Liberty.

      • WOWChic …
        THIS IS the kind of INFO that CEO's and Corporate Support teams NEED to hear and PAY ATTENTION TO within ANY company be it health / nutrition, Telcom Wireless or ANY OTHER number of products or services related companies! Although WE personally ARE NOT involved in your company of choice …WE APPLAUD your being UP FRONT and HONEST regarding YOUR personal feelings.
        KEEP ON TALKING and POSTING – SOMEONE SHOULD take the time YOU DESERVE to HEAR and READ what you're saying …THAT WOULD BE GREAT for ALL the IR's in your business and company! WE READ EVERY WORD and as far as that goes …MAYBE OTHERS SHOULD READ MORE, LEARN and GROW their business's by LISTENING to others such as yourself!

    • WOWchic,
      I myself was in Liberty as well had 2 $1699 business centers and no product. HTC hero's for $499, what the hell is that? Did I see a Razor a freakin Razor??? Troy, I'm just dumbfounded at this point, I just don't know what to see anymore. I'm just sorry

    • yea mad as hell The official TEXT DEDICATED CARE subject prevent loss of service Together tmobile & liberty int want to HELP( yea right) you avoid loss of service please call So what happen hard hit on my credit from tmobile CONTRACT but i keep my number and service and guees what its cheeper yea baby but tmobile was so helpful and i keep my 399 dollar phone from liberty SO liberty refund our money back all those months of 29.00 and 89.00 could not refer my three and for a builders pack and pro rate my service cause i prepaid They wont do that there were other products to sell TOOTHPASTE SO GO WOW CHIC

    • Thank you WoWChic for so thoroughly highlighting most of the frustrating issues that us IRs have been encountering. You have been spot on with EVERY point you raised.
      I hope Randy will become privy to you message and take heed of your extremely constructive suggestions.

  8. So let me get this straight…
    First Liberty launches WOW Mobile as a WiFi/VOIP/Wireless product and that flops. Then people forgive them because it's not Randy's fault that he made the decision to launch a product that really doesn't work in this market.
    Then Liberty relaunches WOW Mobile with a sketchy T-Mobile "contract" that leads people to believe that WOW actually owns their customers and is a real wireless player and that flops. Now people are praising Randy for his business savvy to stick with it??????
    Then Liberty relaunches WOW Mobile AGAIN with a Sprint deal? I guess that's who they are reselling? They are charging $99 a month for something you can get directly from Sprint for $69 and $59 through more legit MLM companies. And this is supposed to be a good step for them?
    Come on people. Time to pull your heads out of the sand!

    • Curious,
      I respectfully disagree with the fact WiFi/VOIP/Wireless doesn't work in this market. My GiConnect GiCell is WiFi/VOIP/Wireless and works great. However, I will agree that most distributors do not fully understand how to market this type of product, causing a huge learning curve.
      As for the rest of your comment. You know more about those issues, than I do.

      • Hence the terminology that I used "in this market." Meaning, the consumers in the U.S. need simplicity. WiFi VOIP wireless is not what people are used to. 10 years from now when WiMax is available in 100% of the U.S. then everyone will be using WiFi phones. As we said all along though, in this market anyone trying to do that is going to be fighting an uphill battle. And as FDI, Televerus, and WOW showed – it flopped, in this market.
        In regards to the rest of my comments. I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying you're not aware of the history of WOW Mobile and all that's gone on with them over the last year?

        • Curious,
          Thank you for clarifying that for me. From reading some of the industry rags on telecommunication, and from several of the phones I have in my possession, it seems the wireless world in the US may be moving towards a WiFi/VOIP/Wireless world quickly.
          the rest of your comment was self explanatory, I just needed clarity on the top part.

      • Hey Troy,
        You're absolutely 100% correct regarding the "learning curve" in the wireless industry. That "learning curve' is applicable in ALL industry's. Fact is a lot of people actually FEAR what they don't know about or don't have experience in doing. It's NOT really that wireless technology is so difficult to learn but …LEARNING DOES take a certain amount of time, willingness, patience and effort in wanting to learn!
        This ISN'T about a product that wlll or won't work in the market. Products that are created, manufactured, tested over and over again in multiple and different geographical marketplaces work … thus WHY they're IN the marketplace to begin with. It's MORE the people that DON'T understand or ARE NOT willing to LEARN the technology because it takes time and …EVERYONE is looking for that "overnight" monetary success story!
        Telcom Wireless is a WIDE OPEN industry technology AND …the possibilities for earning a GREAT income are endless. It's more IF and WHEN there will be a Telcom Wireless MLM that will survive all the competition, MULTIPLE numbers of personalities and company's coming onto the scene …or not.
        We feel VERY confident that THERE WILL be such a company that WILL EMERGE when all is said and done AND …accomplish ALL the proper requirements. IT IS POSSIBLE that ALOT of HONEST and ETHICAL DISTRIBUTORS CAN in fact EARN themselves a FINANCIAL STORM of SUCCESS! At least that's WHERE we SEE this going IF EVERYONE CAN get BEYOND these wireless wars, GET BACK to work and HELP in cleaing up THIS industry!

    • The Wifi/VOIP/Wireless did not flop …it was pulled because it did not work in rural areas of USA…due to network signal strength, (Not Liberty's Phone)…in the 3g areas it worked well.
      Liberty was concerned that everyone got great service, as the company expanded nationally.
      T-Mobile broke the agreement with Liberty, not being forth right. Liberty left T-Mobile…I believe Liberty has started litigation against them. They did not like our refer 3 get it free plan.
      No you cannot get this same service from sprint at Wow Mobiles Prices.
      Sprint offers tethering at $130.00 + Tax = Approx $159.90 mo
      Wow Mobile is $99 mo flat rate Taxes Incl….with Wi-Fi tethering to computers
      Now how much is your tethering plan ?.
      Tethering Unlimited data is a Major feature…at this $99 price its the lowest in the industry.
      Add refer 3 get it free to customers…its very attractive
      Do your customers get refer 3 get it free ?

        • Heros are currently in stock and will be fulfilled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
          (its posted…they Are in stock)
          The tethering smart phones are there…
          Again how much is your tethering plan ?
          Do your customers get …buy 1 sell 3 get it free ?
          You omitted answers to these questions…

      • Hello Loyal,
        Just a quick question for you and all the Reps at WOW..When you say you refer 3 and get yours free, how long does that last? From My understanding and reserching this company I find it quite funny that if anyone of of those 3 people miss an autoship then you end up paying for that month correct? So at any time during this refer 3 and yours is free you could end up paying for that month. If one of the 3 below you decide to leave the company then you end up paying the monthly charge till someone take over that sot. So it seems that this is just cligue to get people to buy into the company help build a team so people in their downlines get paid..Nice marketing sceem..Its just like saying that T-Mobile or AT&T are true 4 g carriers just another marketing sceem..Remember measure twice cut once.

        • Chris,
          The only way to "miss an autoship" is to cancel it, quit Liberty, or be terminated by Liberty. 99% of us who joined Liberty did it to be in business and we each know that we will be paying an autoship for our service until we make three referrals. It's pretty doubtful that someone would cancel his autoship if he is getting free phone serivce. If he's not getting his service for free and is just unable to make any referrals, then yes, he will likely quit and cancel his autoship. If that happens, then you need to make another referral.
          So to answer your question, "How long does that last?" it lasts for as long as you have at least three. In case there is any confusion about the refer 3 program, if all 3 of your 3 personal referals each are successful and they too have free cell phone service, yours is still free. Zoom mobile's plan "maintain 3 and it's free" so theirs is not the same as WOW's. If any of your 3 referrals with zoom is successful and gets 3 referrals and free service, that means you must now refer another one to replace the one who is now getting it for free.
          With WOW, your "3 and it's free" lasts a whole lot longer if not indefinitely once you've made 3 referrals. If you are in business, you will continue to make new referrals and losing free service would never become an issue.

  9. All I can say is WOW (Pun Intended) Hey I can say we started lighting up T-Mobile last night at Excel, and all for 59.00 Talk Text Data and Tethering, 19.00 of that goes directly to the Rep I sold 4 so far today and I see a 76.00 commission already, So I paid 0.00 top be in Excel, They bring The Bad Boy in as a Consultant and Bam we have T-Mobile, and Account Executives on the call, That I called and verified TROY, I am no dummy, Maybe the Wireless Renegade had WOW cut off, I don't care, I know we have Verizon for 27.95 a month and T-Mobile for 59.00 a month all unlimited and OUR OWN PRODUCT BRANDED EXCEL, Unlimited Talk Text Data, International calling, Texting, Tethering, 59.00 WOW, Pun intended, Oh by the way Troy, I DIDN'T pay 800.00 to get in, It was FREE, Yup, And I get paid on my downline, I cant't believe it, But it is True, Troy say what you want about The Bad Boy, but he is involved with a Hit at Excel. Any WOW Rep tired of the BS, Join the call tonight, you too Troy. Why dont you TRY the EXCEL BRAND Products and Give us a Fair Shake?

  10. Not sure if this was cleared up or not…
    On one of WOW's recorded calls it was explained that all Sprint phones (wholesale and retail) could be activated through Liberty International/WOW mobile.
    Details: If a retail phone has a CLEAN ESN. That means any contract it was previously on has been satisfied. Either contract ran out or was paid off. If this is the case the phone can be registered on the PLBL database and CAN be activated.
    Now I'm sure plenty of people will step up and say this is just another lie. I guess we will find out soon though won't we. If this is in fact the case… Well then, I guess "Good Ol' Boy" Randy has pulled another rabbit out of his hat!!!
    I just can just hear the competition roar on this one…LOL

    • Let us know when and if you are able to do this. I know Sprint inside and out and this is crystal clear, they will bring the hammer down on a company that tries to do what you are saying. But, if it works, that's great. Just remember, when you bend the rules on these providers, you cause yourself problems. Perhaps that's why they are in the mess they are in now… Anyway, hope it works out for you.

  11. Let me clear the air here!!! I am with Excel not WOW, But Troy these Reps are Right, Chris Greco has an agreement and my Blackberry Tour 9630 is Activated on BOOST MOBILE as we speak, I am sending you this response on My Blackberry, Now if you ask sprint or boost they will say PUBLICLY that this cannot be done!! But I know for 100% Fact it can be, I have had this service with Chris for 2 months, I pay 49.95 For unlimited Everything including Tethering, Yes we can Activate the HERO, and the EVO, I just saw it on a webinar lastnight, and We activate our own phones!! No need to ask the company, we do it ourselves!
    Anyway, Yes this can be done, Even a Verizon phone if it is Flashed with the correct PRL it can be done!
    I have attended Chris Training and Learned how to Flash Phones, If anyone needs to have that done I will gladly help any rep, WOW, Excel or not, Get that done. Just post here and ill contact you.
    So yes WOW may be able to do this, With BOOST, Platinumtel, or Xtreme Mobile, Even TOTAL CALL, those are the Major Sprint MVNO's.
    SO yes it can be done, We are doing it daily!
    William Spivy
    Rank : Regional Manager
    Excel Cellular Commuications
    Oh and we have the MINI Sim on G-Mobile Unlimited Ipad and Iphone 59.00
    G-Mobile an Excel Exclusive, Works in any AT&T and or T-Mobile phone NO UNLOCKING NEEDED

  12. Newsflash –
    I just left the Saturday Training event in Orlando with all the big shots with Liberty International present. I was pleased and enjoyed most of the day. Until the end, Randy and Jeff (his attorney) get up and give us this big story about how they are entering into litigation against T-mobile for how T-mobile has damaged their and our businesses.
    Okay I can deal with this. But they then proceed to tell us that as a merchant they are required to post reserves to cover charges in case of charge backs. They said these reserves are really low until a company reaches 1% of transactions becoming a charge back. They said then a merchant is required to greatly increase these reserves. Next they say once a merchant reaches 2.5% charge backs that the processors take 100% of their incoming charges and apply them to reserves indefinitely until the charge backs fall back down. They then blamed T-mobile for causing this terrible mess. They said this T-mobile fiasco has caused several reps to file charge back disputes for their liberty startup expense and this has pushed the companies charge back threshold to more than 2.5% as of 3 weeks ago and 100% of all monies coming in via credit cards over the last 3 weeks is being held in reserves by the credit card companies. Furthermore, they said Randy has been personally paying reps paychecks out of his own pocket for the last 3 weeks. The credit card processors will continue keeping 100% of charges at this time to cover reserves for future and current charge back disputes.
    Randy then proceeded to explain that he and all of his management team were going to create a new corporate entity and move all the genealogy intact to this entity so we wouldn't be bogged down with the Liberty International Company, its litigation with T-Mobile and all charges being retained by the processors for reserves against charge backs.
    They then said that those of us who paid for our PHONE, SERVICE we have still never got, that our funds will be tied up in this litigation process until this is resolved.
    My jaw about hit the floor. I just got an email a few days earlier that said we would be told by the weekend how to get a refund for our phone and/or service if we never received it. Mike Storms left a recored phone call in back office saying we would be getting our money back. And now we are getting told our money is in limbo till this litigation mess is over. So not only have I paid $499 for a business plan I am worried to sell others. I am now just suppose to be happy being out $249 +27 shipping for a phone they never gave me. (Let alone when I signed up they never said I was getting a $150 rebate for i7500 galaxy phone it said I was getting a $150 instant rebate for Wow Mobile Phone Equipment. They are not giving us this either. (I printed this out)
    This seems extremely shady to me. When I signed up my charge for my service was not by liberty international. but by global freedom phone. So why then do they need to change Liberty's name? If they have taken my money for a phone, have never given me a phone. and now can't pay me back, it seems to be they have some serious financial problems.
    I have had merchant accounts and have never had to put up reserves to cover charge back disputes. This to me seems like the problem is either the level of charge back disputes is greater than new charges and the balance of these charge backs is non existent in Liberty's bank account. So the credit card companies are retaining all incoming charges to cover future charge backs.
    Liberty can't afford the charge backs and still pay IR's so they now have to become a newly protected business entity to try and shield themselves from further hemorrhaging from these charge back disputes.
    While I have stayed the course for now. This is getting to crazy for even me to hang much longer..
    Troy, Please give us your insight to this matter. Would this be a red flag to you that maybe its time to jump ship and get what you can back before there is nothing left to get or would you still hang in there?

    • Steve,
      WOW! (no pun) this is an interesting move, and I can only speculate as to the reason. However, let me give a few things for reps to think about moving forward.
      1. Since several courts have rules the LOS (line of Sponsorship) belongs to the company, it seems Randy, through his legal team is doing an arms length transaction and moving the main asset of the company to a debt free, litigation free company.
      2. If I were to guess, I would say this company has been around for a while, has built up some respect with its merchant processors and is the corporate shell which signed the agreements with the new PCS carrier. This is a normal move that is done by some companies in different niches. Although, it is not used much in MLM, it is not in and of itself unethical. However, if the move is made, so the original company has no assets to speak of, then it may be questionable, since it is the original company that reps or venders would sue for their money back, or money owed.
      3. If in the new company reps start to receive phones, service and support, then this will be seen as a great move. If the same thing starts to happen again, then distributors may need to call Kevin Thompson for legal advice.
      4. In direct sales, specially certain niches within Direct Sales, merchants will ask for reserves, and if the chargebacks reach a certain threshold the merchant will hold 100% of the fund in reserves to guarantee there is no fraud going on. Another time this can happen is when daily, weekly or monthly charges start to roll in above the monthly average. Global Verge experienced this last year. I would assume Liberty made it though the first reserve situation, but when the chargebacks started rolling in, ALL for the same reason No Phones, No Service, it set off the internal alarms with the fraud division of the merchant account, and they clamped down, until a full investigation can take place.
      From researching Randy for the last few months, and digging all the way back to Destiny, I can tell you he is a business man who lands on his feet. He has personally told me, he never wants another Destiny, so I figure he has been making strategic moves since he first saw things going sideways.
      I reached out last week, and he was to busy to get back with me. I hope he or Jeff will connect this week, so we can get official info out to the field.
      To answer your last question. Yes, I would see this as a red flag. I would not suggest jumping ship since they have been open with this information and have signed with a new carrier. However, I would be asking corporate and my upline the following questions.
      1. What has Randy aka "New Company" done to protect reps from having this same situation happen again with the new carrier?
      2. What can Randy do to show ALL distributors he really cares for the field, not just those getting paychecks? There must be a win, win for all.
      3. What happens if in the litigation T-Mobile decides to come after the new company and or Randy personally, will this effect the new PCS carrier agreement.
      4. Will reps need to sign new distributor agreements with the new company?
      5. Does the new company have key man life insurance for Randy, in case anything happens to him physically? This is a new question we have started to ask all small one man companies.
      6. What is the succession plan if something happens to Randy and he is mentally or physically not able to run the company?
      Now some of you may think of additional questions, but based on this comment I do believe it is time to make sure the Liberty reps have answers to these questions, so they can determine just how safe it is to stake their financial future on Liberty.

      • Hello.
        Questions for Troy or any others
        1. If Liberty International LLC is already a debt free company why would they moves its assets to another. I have heard you say it and I found it on Libertys website, I have heard it at training meetings. Liberty International Dept free company. Seems to me that this will be a new thing for himt to do, anytime the company gets into litigation Mr Jeffers is going to run and change the name to protect him.
        2. This is a RED flag for all Reps. Mr Jeffers is waving the white flag, by changing the name of the comapny to once again become a debt free, litigation free comapny. But this won't change Mr Jeffers he will continue to do business as normal. Why would one wait till this new company Mr Jeffers is starting to ask Kevin Thompson legal advise why not start now? Why would you want to drain more money into a comapny that has lost the hopes and dreams of alot of Reps. All Mr Jeffers is duing in my opinion is stealing thousands of dollars from us Reps in order to full his depts.
        3. I understand by talking to my downline and reading post on here that Mr Jeffers has let go of 40 employees in attemps to gain ground is there any truth to this?
        4. Can you show us that Mr Jeffers is using his own money to pay us Reps.
        5. I just made contact with BBB and have ask for documants pretaining to Liberty International/WOW mobile and was told by one person that there were over 200 complaints aginst the comapny as of this date, and talking to a person in Liberty accounting dept. there ia over 300 complaints they have received from the attorney generals office. Can you shed any light on any of this?
        After this weekends event and hearing the news on whats going on I cant believe there is a company left. No Product, New Services, No Chargebacks, No Hope but yet Mr Jeffers promises change, sounds like he needs to belong to the OBAMA administration. If I were still a Rep I would say it is time to jump ship reserch and discover new herizons in comapny not made of promises but by doing what they say is going to be done..From one of the post I read on here from a Chris couldnt have said it better..Measure twice cut once..
        Thanks for you time
        God Bless

        • Mr. Woods,
          I see you and Chris use the same IP Address 🙂
          1. the reason to move the assets (Downline) to another company, is to continue operations. A typical move for some companies who get themselves into large litigation issues, or any other reason I guess they feel it is important to leave one corporate shell behind. The only asset I have heard is moving is the downline to a new company. However, Randy has yet to contact me on this issue. By the way, Debt Free, usually means Long Term Debt, not short term liabilities.
          2. I agree this may be seen as a red flag. I personally see it as a red flag, and would like answers. However, I would not agree that it is "waving a white flag." I do question if this move will hold up under litigation, if the original Liberty is found liable for any outstanding bills. If I were a distributor for any wireless company who has not fulfilled their promises, I would be contacting Kevin with questions.
          3. Chris, I have yet to post the termination of the employees. We have not been able to verify this statement. However, I may take those comments live, since I have yet to hear from Randy.
          4. I have not proof, maybe someone else does.
          5. If you contacted the BBB, then provide the link to the specific office.

          • Hello Troy
            Yes Troy me and Chris do share the same IP address since she is my wife. I contacted the BBB in the great chicago area and soon as I find the number I will post it here. I understand that usually people dont get to talk to the BBB other then thru an email but I looked hard and found it and I will find it again..Liberty/WOW REPs are waiting for answer and I think we will continue to wait till Mr Jeffers has another brilliant plan in tack but like Mr Jeffers or John Shaw says just hang in there for a few more days maybe weeks heck maybe months and we will get answers from him or maybe just another way to lead us further in the dark…

          • Mr. Woods,
            I'll be connecting with Randy Jeffers today, and will do my best to get some straightforward answers for all the reps and community members.
            Not, sure if you can provide a website for the specific BBB office, but if you an it will help also, because most times a person can pull the report online.

    • Would it be a red flag? Uh, yeah it would!
      Let's see a 11 year old "company" having trouble with a merchant account, hmm, really folks?
      I don't know Troy I think even you have to admit that this is a little ridiculous.

        • Ridiculous, is that a company that is debt free can't refund monies they charged for phones and service they never provided people. Randy says he the reason they always tell us dates and times that come and go is they want to be as transparent as possible. If this is so why was there a 3 week delay in telling us about the financial issue they were having as a merchant.
          June first was suppose to be the much anticipated launch of wow tv anywhere. June 1st comes and no Wow tv. Randy tells us that they were waiting on a piece of software to be installed, that would tie this system into our backoffice and geneology system, we are assured other than this the system was ready to go. On the Saturday the 19th as Randy did a Live call with Liberty Carl, Carl stated this software they are still waiting on. And 80% of the network components are now installed and tested. Now in looking at the timeline Wow tv was suppose to launch a couple of days prior to mechant account processors holding all new charges as reserves.
          My guess is Liberty is in financial doo doo and doesn't have the finances to bring it to fruition at this time. With all new charges be confiscated by the processors to cover charge back disputes they are not getting money anytime soon.
          Then the rumor that Randy never had a re-seller account and was merely reselling phones and services under a business account, well this now seems even more likely based on liberty mail in your back office where they explain how they have given permission to T-Mobile to allow people to port their number out of liberty's business account to your own account. They say flat out in this statement it was a business account.
          I have called customer support no answer, emails no answers, I have called accounting no answer, no return to messages either. I am now to the point where the koolaid drinking stops for me and I will be contacting my credit card company to also file a chargeback dispute in hopes of getting some of my money back before even this hope is lost. For those of you hanging in the best of luck to you and I hope it works out, but if Randy is truely paying you your checks it's just a matter of time before the entire thing implodes.

          • Steve,
            Some very solid points. However, debt doesn't mean, they run tight margins. If the chargebacks have caused the merchant to freeze funds, they have the additional funds available through profits to pay anything.
            Great questions and insight.

    • James,
      Great Questions.
      1. From what I have been told by the top corporate folks at WOW aka Liberty, T-Mobile is claiming somewhere between $1 and $1.5 million, as of the May billing.
      2. I will ask Randy Jeffers this question.

      • If there is litigation being filed, it should be public record, unless it's arbitration. Troy, have you seen a suit filed by either party? It would be interesting to see what T-Mobile is claiming and how they arrived at their figure. Is it unpaid taxes, overage fees, possibly early termination agreements on lines that were disconnected? It could also be overages in data use. I think whatever suit is filed will reveal a whole lot and answer many questions.
        Again folks, if you want to make sure your wireless MLM is legit and has legit agreements with providers, they should be able to easily produce a press release announcing the relationship or at least show you the written agreement. If they cannot do either of those 2 things, you shouldn't trust that there is any relationship at all. To date, there is STILL only one company that has a legitimate wireless MLM offering.

        • Michael,
          you are correct, when a civil complaint is filed it will be made public record. In talking with the Liberty attorney, he is in the discovery stage of the litigation process. As soon as he files I will be receiving a stamped copy of the complaint to publish.