This put up just isn’t actually about World Verge, or every other firm. Aside from the actual fact I do point out that PHPI and Derrick Rodgers have each new been formally served by World Verge’s course of servers. Exterior of that that is only a enjoyable put up, displaying the facility of the Dash HTC EVO.

The HTC EVO just isn’t obtainable for retail sale by way of World Verge, however it’s solely obtainable to World Verge members.
If you wish to be taught extra in regards to the HTC EVO and World Verge you possibly can click on the picture under.

Global Verge Sprint HTC EVO Smart Phone
This week I’ll launch a five-part sequence on World Verge, previous, current and future.
You probably have any questions you want to me to ask Ted Robbins, Co-founder and President of World Verge, then please go away a remark under.
Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Troy, I'm glad you got your hands on one of GV's Evo phones, I hope that will silence some of the GV bashers. GV's membership program is awesome. There are Sprint stores across the Country that have not even received an Evo, and so far GV reps have an unlimited supply. You hit it right on the head. GV is a membership based program that has an awesome comp plan attached. I think people are starting to realize the so called leaders that left GV were the same ones pushing the hype, now their followers are getting a taste of it first hand with PHPI. I told you 5 mos ago, they were not the true leaders of GV, just because a couple of them got in first, if you looked at how many they actually personally sponsored, you would be shocked. The thousands of people all came from the average rep bringing in a few each. If you look at the time frame when those few people left, GV started to do things right. I said 5 mos ago when you have a shake up like that in a Company, and the disributors think they know more than the owners, it's a good thing to let the greedy ones leave and let the cream rise to the top. You are just starting to see the beginning of something special from GV.
    Real Source

    • RealSource,
      LOL… You are starting to sound like my mom… "I told you…" Seriously, thank you for standing by me through this, and helping me to see the facts as they came in, and to add an opposite perspective to the facts, evidence and my personal opinions.

    • Real Source (Ted?)
      Your comment: "So called leaders that left GV were the same ones pushing the hype, now their followers are getting a taste of it first hand with PHPI. I told you 5 mos ago, they were not the true leaders of GV, just because a couple of them got in first, if you looked at how many they actually personally sponsored, you would be shocked".
      DUDE, I was in GV 18 months, I never knew how many anyone but my down line sponsored personally.
      How could you be shocked to how many those leaders Frank, Bud, Jim, etc!, and the whole Nation of "Sooners" (those that got in early) personally sponsored. Hummm! maybe you would know that number if they were your down line (Ted).
      I was never privy to information to be able to make such a statement, but I guess you are.
      Troy say's your starting to sound like his Mom. I say your starting to sound like TED, TED, & TED

      • Real Source it appears you are really taking a beating here. Where are all your allies? You know the 3 get 3 get 3 you tell everyone else to do. Surely in your massive organization creating all the checks with comma's you have more than Chick-a- Dee willing to stand behind you.
        Maybe you need to go suck your thumb on another blog.
        I know your butt is really burning now, so bring it on back and dig your hole deeper.

        • Real Source, this is my last post to you as your comments have become old and stale reading.
          I now have you figured out. Your are one of those who believe, " The Holocaust never happened".

        • Wayne,
          Chick-a-Dee? Although I think this is real funny, I hope that you are not refering to me. Hold on. ROFLOL!! All I can do is laugh. It's amazing that people on these blogs are suppose to be mlm professionals. Up to now nobody had ever really called me anything. I thought it was courtesy since I have never name called or bashed anybody on any post. All I have done is state facts from my end. And I am speaking on Global Verge and no one else. I don't know anybody else on this blog but I assure you, Ted is not one of them. I've spoken to him and he does not communicate in this manor. Name calling is so childish. Jr. High all over again. If I was some of you guys I'd hide my name to. It's embarrasing to be acting this way. Come on guys. We get it! You don't like Global Verge! It's your right and that's OK. I'm not here to change anybody's opinion. But I am here for people that are interested in facts and clarification. If you have no interest in GV then why are you here? Just to bash. To crush. No other reason. People can be making $100,000/month and you would still be bashing GV. It's a personal grudge. Let it go and move on. Go be productive somewhere and let us try to be productive here. Everybody step up to the professional level and let's communicate the way our industry deserves. No matter what company you call home. We are all still equals. Professionals looking for a way to be successful. We all deserve the same chance.

          • Oh, I bet you would be singing a different tune if you were in our shoes. I'm glad you can assure us that Ted does not communicate in that manner. I don't think you can assure us about someone's character with a few conversations. I can assure you that you don't have a clue as to where I'm coming from. I'm not here just to bash and it's not a personal grudge. Bottom line it's about right and wrong. I'm sorry that this is not what you want to hear and you want us to forget about the total disregard shown towards us sheep. You say " But I am here for people that are interested in facts and clarification " give me some facts and clarification on 1) what happened to MANDI ? 2) What happened to the voip GTS ( Global Talk Smart ) ? 3) What happened to Page Plus ? 4) What happened to the electric cigarette ? What facts and clarification do you give to people that ask about zero1 ? Do you tell people that maybe Global Verge didn't do their homework on Ben Pilani ? Do you know how long Mark and Ted knew Ben before they signed the agreements ? Do you know how long Mark and Ted knew Chris Greco before they signed those agreements ? Do you tell people that maybe Global Verge didn't do their due diligence on Mr. Greco ? Oscardee, I'm curious as to what facts you really do give to people. Do you tell people about all the vendors that did Global Verge wrong ? Does it look like Global Verge just had a streak of bad luck or that they don't do any research on the vendors they work with ? Oscardee, Just think I'm only scratching the surface with these questions here. It makes you wonder what would be found a couple layers down.

          • Wayne, Ricky, Andy, my boy Willie, see I didn't call him "sport" and the couple other regulars that are GV bashers, you guys have all grown bored of my comments and you say they are old and stale, it's because the truth is not exciting. Every post I have written has been the exact truth, it has either happened or is happening. You guys have posted so much crap and lies about GV on here it's ridiculous. The only reason someone would bash another company so bad is the fact you are pissed off at yourself for not sticking with the plan. You didn't see the true vision of what GV is about and where they wanted to go. Sure the phone was the sizzle last June, but it didn't even exist when the concept of the company came about 3 years ago. Gv is a membership based company with an awesome comp plan that any product and service can be dropped into the Hub and produce a profit to the rep. Andy your comment about GV never mentioning the other products, where the hell have you been. GV constantly talks about that power saver that saves you on your electric bill up to 30% and that pays a $100 commission for every sale, how about the water machines that create water from thin air, you heard of going green lately, a measley $500 profit for each sale, don't forget about what rolls up in the matrix off all these sales also. How about GV's new Voip service $17.99 flat to the members, $19.99 to the public, and some awesome commercial deals. Let's not forget about the YTB, Traverus, and all the other travel companies that you have to pay $300-$500 to get in, hell that's GV's membership for the entire year, GV reps get their own travel site with the membership to market and get discounts and paid commissions on all travel, hotels, cruises, etc. Oh yea how about the 1000's of brand name stores, walmart, target, sam's club, etc that GV reps get discounts and paid commissions on every purchase from their free website. Sprint has some pretty cool stuff also, that Sprint Overdrive is pretty sweet, I think you can run like 5 computers off it, pretty good commissions coming back to the reps also. The fathom video conferencing is pretty cool, also with great commissions being paid to the reps. Guys, I didn't think GV had anything but a phone that you could make money on, oh yea they do have some pretty nice phones huh! Here we go, saved the best for last, all you bashers have trashed the certificate, I will take that $25 discount off my meal every time. I love it. So any of you boys that are still secretly paying your membership to stay in the matrix, but not telling anyone, please go into your backoffice, if you know how, and send me your certificate # because I would love to go to dinner on you. Guys, it's time you stop living in the past, bashing GV and get on with building your business in the company you left GV for. It's really time to stop shoulding on yourself. Always keeping it real, and this is not Ted.
            Real Source

          • Ricky,
            Thank you for replying like a true professional! This puts you in Troys 2nd category (People that want answers). Those are many questions that have been around for a long time. But I will say that from the field, these questions are not an issue. Moving on doesn't mean forgetting or pretending that it never happened. It means concentrating on the NOW and build for the future. All the people that I've sponsored the last few months are happy with what we have and are taking advantage of the products. Yes, they don't know what happened last year. But what does it matter? The NOW is not the same as the YESTERDAY. And it's not fair to be judging people for past mistakes over and over and over again. I'm sure you wouldn't want to be paying a price over and over again for a mistake that you might have commited in the past. Read all my posts. I've said that GV is not peaches n cream. They have their issues and have made some big mistakes. Why? Could be for many reasons. Yes they need to be more selective about who they partner with. But their plan remains the same. Put out a product or products that allow people to make a living with. Zero1 lied and we were all suckered. Ted and Mark are human just like you and me. To expect any business to be perfect and make all the right decisions is fantasy. They had to look for another solution to give the distributors what they had signed up for. Yes! Another bad decision to go with Greco. At this point I had to choose to be a leader or a follower. I joined the company so I chose to be the leader. Now the followers left with him or PHP. Ricky, if you were with GV before and left, then that is the tune you sing because it's the choice that you made. Don't blame me for singing a different one because I decided to stay.
            Bottom line is we choose what we wish to see. No matter what is proven or said, we'll see what we want. People that jump from church to church because of the flaws that they see are looking for exactly that. Flaws. That is what gets their attention more than anything. I choose to see the advantages and the benefits of the places that I serve. Why? Because we can either help it become better, or allow it to turn bad or worse. This is the same thing with GV. You choose to see lies while I choose to admit to bad decisions. But I see that they have never given up trying to get us what they had promised. I see more benefit to staying and being able to take advantage of their comp plan. I don't see why so many people criticize it other than just to be a basher. I've been in several mlm's and no other has paid out or been willing to pay out as much as GV. My checks line up to their payout claims which tell me that when my matrix is full, I will be getting $100,000+/month. This doesn't include all the other bonuses and residuals. It GV disappears in a couple months, oh well. I still recovered my investment because I stayed and worked. But if GV continues to grow, the future looks bright!
            I'll take a look at all the questions that you posted and see what I can find for you. I know "mandi" is suppose to be coming online soon. It was tied to the VOIP application which is why it's been delayed. GTS I heard left with PHP. I think that was a good thing because they didn't have their act together. They owe me a lot of refunds that I know I will never see. They got all my orders wrong and continued to bill me for services that I never received. GTS was said to have left GV for nonpayment (by the bashers) which can't be true since GTS billed us directly. Not GV. Those are facts and I have the bills to prove it. And I have a long thread of emails with them begging for my refunds and to correct all their mistakes. I don't think we can blame GV for that. Maybe it was a string of bad vendors. We may never know. But I do know that things are looking good right now and that is what's most important.
            Have a great weekend!

          • Real Source, up until this point you thought that I was so pissed off at myself and wouldn't know what to do with product if I had it. I never hear what mobile products you have for your customers. You only bring up the members only EVO that is not even in your name. Have you checked to see if your name is attached to the phone or is your companies name on it ? What if you ever wanted to take that phone to a different company and found out it was locked and going nowhere ? Do you have any unlimited plans that you can offer your customers ? We have a $60 Unlimited Talk/Text/Data + TETHERING that can be offered to our customers. I love it when you bring up the water machines. I bet the customers wouldn't be too happy to find out that it's over priced by about $500 and that measly $500 profit is going in your pocket. Looks like your giving your customers a REAL SCREWING if you ask me.

          • Oscar Dee says: In reference to your comment above "If I was some of you guys I’d hide my name to" (too).
            Surely, your not talking about "Real Source" that way. ROFLOL!!!

          • Ricky, come on dude, I have mentioned GV's Samsung Moment, HTC Hero, Blackberry's, HTC Touch, and all the other smart phones we offer from Sprint, but, it's kind of hard not to mention that GV has a supply of EVO's when a Sprint store has a problem getting 1. I know you have heard me talk about that cool Sprint Overdrive, that thing kicks up like 5 other computers, pretty cool, I don't need my aircard anymore.
            As far as my bill, I could care less who's name is on it, as long as I'm not paying Sprint $140 and in a 2 year contract, I'll take my $89.99 price tag, and hey if I don't pay it then I won't ruin my credit since it's not in my name, Oh that's right there is no contract, it's pre paid, I guess my credit, GV's credit, or whoever's name it's in is good, and as far as me wanting to take it to another company, hello! what company is going to give me the service for this price and still pay me. Sprint isn't.
            Oh yea, I think you need to check your prices again of these water machines out there that are comparable to GV's, spec for spec, I don't want to have to call you the "i" word again.
            Real Source

    OK everybody here is what happened the snakes that went to PHPI it was all there fault we didn't know we didn't have a product and they were hyping it up saying we did. You mean those guys took money from the distributors and we didn't have any products. My gosh I had no idea. The blame game and the I told you so doesn't fly with me Real Source they knowingly deceived us for months and now because they have some damn phone were supposed to forgive and forget? NOT SO FAST SPORT. They knowingly destroyed the lives and reputations of many distributors and that's just the FACTS were not GV bashers its just that sometimes the truth hurts. You can spin it anyway you want bottom line is the state of Telecom as a viable MLM has come and gone and it has failed miserably. Time after time it has failed at the expense of the distributor and MLM as a whole HAS A BIG OL BLACK EYE.
    Troy, thanks again for allowing me to rescue some of the distributors from this nightmare they call MLM Telecom. To date I have rescued 14 people and their families. As always if you are interested in the ethical side of MLM please email at with "more info" in the subject line.

    • Andrew, "destroying lives" GV was, and still is today, a Hub Marketing Company, a membership based program, with multiple products and services. They don't claim to be a cell phone company, it happened that the hype of this technology that Zero1 claimed to have motivated thousands of people to join GV's membership program. Andrew, remember it's a business, you are responsible for your own actions. After you pay your initial membership fee, it is totally up to you if you decide to introduce the membership proogram to others and to self consume or market the other products and services. It is also your decision to reup your membership the following month. Andrew if you were one of those guys that got your life destroyed, why didn't you just turn off your autoship, sit in the matrix in the same position, and wait for that damn cell phone to come out. You would've spent a whole $69.99 and got a tax writeoff, or you could've introduced the membership progam to 3 people and they introduce it to 3 people and if that rolled 9 levels for you, you would be collecting between $30,000-$114,000 per mo, and Andrew all without 1 damn phone. destroyed lives, come on man!
      Real Source

      • Real source, since we are not privey to GV's backoffice. Most of us here are non members, so maybe you will share some of the other communication products offered in the backoffice.
        I'm sure you won't mind this, as you have no problem touting the (HTC EVO handset) available for your e-members.
        Post up some deals you can offer to the non-member, dude. A company has to do more with their products than internal consumption.
        You stress, GV is a hub marketing , membership based, and building a 3X9 matrix will provide
        between $30,000-$114,000 per mo. all without 1 damn phone. Why are you such a regular here? The phone , the phone, the phone. Funny you push the concept, but I never see you post how the following products help provide your glorious GV income.
        National ID Recovery
        Aqua Life
        MyGVTravel Site
        GV Savings Mall
        GV Savings Mall Site
        GV Apparel
        Golden Egg (what the hell?
        Could it be they have no residuals and the phone drives your residuals?, So with you, as with us it is the PHONE stupid.
        Come on! We all know,…….. you know, ……….WE KNOW.
        We might all get a good giggle to really see your massive checks & down line you speak of.
        No need to reply we have heard it all from you, over and over.

      • Unreal Source,
        Thats exactly right destroying lives, hopes and dreams. They set expectations and time and time again never met them. You are right they don't claim to be a cell phone company because they could never produce one but they sure hyped it for months and then in a desperate attempt to stay alive they became a "Hub Marketing Company" and offered a bunch of products that were inaffective, over priced and readily available. Not once did they ever promote those products until they knew they didn't have a telecom product.
        I'm well aware it's a business just not one I choice to move forward with so I did execute my option and that was to run and scream from the mountain tops so others don't have to experience what we went through. You see it's not about me it's about the tens of thousands of people that look to me for discernment. As you develop in this field you'll come to learn that it's not always about you.
        We were well aware of our options and how the comp plan works it's nice to know you have the basics down. With the lack of transparency the lies the deceit I would be no better than them if I stayed. It would be like sacrificing my morals to continue to deal with such unscrupulous business practices. The silver lining here with all of us gone you might actually make it to the top by default.
        I'll leave you with one final thought. People are creatures of habit and very rarely will they change this is not an isolated event. Do some research then make an informed decision. Know who your in business with.
        You won't believe this but I wish you and that company your with all this best because in the grand scheme of things it affects us all industry wide. This industry can be tough enough with out all this drama.

        • Hey Andy,
          When I first joined GV I remember the call I heard. They talked about this awesome phone that was coming out. But I also remember them talking about the other products they have. I went back through my old confirmation emails and I signed up for those other services a couple days after I joined. I wouldn't have done this if they weren't pushing them until after the Zero1 issue. The whole point to these posts is to get to the truth and your statements are false. GV has always pushed all the products. I don't think that anybody will argue that the main hype was the phone. That is why I joined.
          As far as you running and screaming away, it is your right and nobody can make that choice for you. But your comments are criticizing the choices of other people to stay. Not very fair. Some of us stayed and are very happy with what we have. Why do you want to crush us for being happy with that. If you have chosen another company, than concentrate on IT and be successful. I believe that you can make money with any company if you work hard at it. No need to cut anybody down in the process.
          Your last statements are very disturbing! We are creatures of habit, but if there is one thing that we have demonstrated over the years is that we have the capacity to change. We've gone from "Leave it to Beaver" to "Nip Tuck". That is a drastic change. And all this is changing our children. And it is not positive. If I were to believe that change rarely happen, than there is no hope for the future. We need big changes! And a lot of them to make this place safer for my kids. It's not fair that you say certain men are incapable of change. The way we see it is it was a change that helped us get to where we are. And that includes a terrific product. We do need to eliminate all the drama in this industry. How about you take that 1st step?

      • It was a year ago today, I sat at my computer, hitting the refresh button, waiting, hoping for the launch that never was. Like thousands of others, I waited, and waited. Nothing ever came of it.
        For 8 long months after this supposed launch, I kept hearing it is coming. We are working night and day to get this out. Everyone here who was a part of the GV launch and subsequent implosion have it it all. Yet stll I defended and supported GV
        Well Ted, I mean Real Source here it is a year later. GV still has nothing for me in Canada as far as phones and phone service. I got tired of waiting. I am sure a lot of others are also tired of waiting. You lost my support.

    • You hit it on head Mr. Andy. To think that Mark and Ted had no idea that these evil distributors were hyping products without their knowledge. Did all you distributors already forget the BIG MEETING in KC where Mark was going to unveil the new phone with Global Verge on the welcome screen and pass it around the room for everyone to touch and feel and use?
      Yep, they had no part in it.

      • Enrico, keep living in the past. Look at your checks each month and you will have the answer to why there is no comma in them.
        How about the old saying "what have you done for me lately" well GV has alot to say today, I can't say that for a ton of these other company's that bashed GV for mos and touted that they had the next best deal. What are any of them producing today, beside vitamins or minerals, oh that's right, I don't think they have even come out yet.
        Real Source

        • Real Source, when did you join GV ? Have you heard any talkshoe or corporate recordings before june 09 ? Because if you had then you would understand there was a pattern and all the so called GV bashers that post on here saw that ( eventually ). I mean week in and week out month in and month out we heard about the new technologies, bigger and better servers, excited, knock the cover off the ball, excited, knock the ball out of the park, excited and on and on. What I see and many many others is you attacking every person that tells there horror story. You are basically calling us liars and if anyone says something negative about what happened to them, you tell them they might get their hiney bit. Real Source, your ridiculous, you can't even use your real name and that speaks volume " sport ". Most people on this blog see right through the smoke you blow.

  3. WOW Troy!
    WOW is what we're saying! That's a neat phone with the exception of "Grandpa" getting it sideways and those precious little "Bammies" – how cute are they!!! Just like everything in life Troy …never put too much worry on top of itself. Things that will be, will be (kay sara-sara).
    These MLM Wireless Wars have gotten over the top but WE ALL still need you to make sense of it all for those distributors that can't find it themselves. It IS all somewhat a mystery as to who said and did to whom and who said and did what to whom and when. In the finality of it all, we'll see whose left standing and whose not!
    Have a great day!
    Semper Fi

  4. Real Source you are right, I have stuck it out since June 09. After meeting Ted and Mark a few times I knew this was the right company. My wife is using the Samsung Moment and loving it! Thanks Troy for bringing to light all inside info on GV, as you get to know Ted you will understand what I saw in him as a leader.

  5. Hi Troy, Like I mentioned recently, I too have been one of those who stayed the course and weathered the storm. The "team or group" that left, …had been trying to recruit me to their "NEW" endeavor since last october or so…..Frankly it seems that since their exit, a lot of the issues and hinderances have gone away. I also think that some of the partnerships and alliances that were problematic were also from relationships tied to the group that left.
    The truth is, I dont know…thats for the Ted Robbins and the courts to unravel. What I know is we weathered the storm, the compensation plan is unparalleled and unique. Membership DOES have priveledges.
    I am confident that Global Verge, as a HUB marketing concept, will continue to not only bring us the EVO, terrific cell plans, compensation plans, etc, will also continue to bring us other innovative products.
    This program is NOT dependent on ONE product, but is flexible enough to bring many new products and innovative technologies to our members and reward them with residuals. This means it has STAYING POWER, as new technologies are brought to market by Global Verge!
    Thanks again, and I look forward to watching your series..
    GG at GV

    • GGMatthews
      I am not (bashing) But i just went to GV web site and saw NOTHING new!! except memebers only Sprint service.
      So looks like GV reps are still waitng for them to bring many new products and innovative technologies to the members.
      Sorry just the facts.
      Hey if I'm missing something please let me know.

      • New Hope, alot of the new products,and member benefits are not listed on the retail site, they are in the GV backoffice for reps. GV is more of a membership based program, that gives their reps awesome discounts and free benefits on multiple products and services, and pays commissions to build that membership base.
        Real Source

          • Curious,
            the EVO is not a product of Global Verge, it is a benefit of membership with Global Verge. And yes, over the years several companies have offered special products or services exclusively to their membership base, and not to their customer base.

          • Yes I agree with you Troy on this one. I am also a representative with FDI. FDI reps pay less for services & products then the customers do. Here is an example… cell phone monthly price $69.95(reps) vs $79.95(customer)
            David Agrinsonis
            Insurance/Utility Broker

    • Yes, Global Verge has a plethora of fantastic, cutting edge products. I especially like the dehumidifier that they tout as pure, clean water from air….wow that is going to come in really handy in my house. Then there is the certificate, holy cow! I can't get that just anywhere! With cutting edge products like that, I think it is not out of the question that Global Verge may be able to come up with a loaf of bread….that is already sliced! The possibilities are endless with these guys.

    • Curious,
      I can assure you nothing gets swept under the rug. However, I would ask the following question… Why do you say Mark and Ted allowed the lies?
      This questions is not because I may personally disagree, I just want you to go a little deeper. Although Ted and Mark do own and run the company, it does not mean they allowed anything. There is a possibility that before this is all said and done there will be more to the story. From what I am seeing, the hype that was at Global Verge is now being sounded in other companies.

      • Because I was on conference calls where both Mark and Ted talked about the stability of Global Verge (and Zer01 for that matter) and led everyone to believe that everything was in order. I'm sorry, I'm not just going to buy the excuse of, "Hey we didn't know Zer01 was lying to us, it's not our fault." Why won't I buy it? Because any company that had any serious infrastructure and business mindset would not do business with people like that! They'd do their homework FIRST, do market research, conduct product tests, BEFORE launching a company. Instead Mark and Ted didn't have the money to fund all of that so they held a pre-launch of wireless on something they didn't even know existed. To blame Zer01 completely is ridiculous. Did Zer01 lie to them? Sure, they probably did. But did Mark and Ted have to hype something they weren't sure about, hadn't tested and really had no way to bring to market without the pre-launch? I don't think they should have! And that's what makes them guilty of perpetuating the lies. The added the fuel to the fire. They are guilty too!

        • Lets talk about lies. I'm not in Global Verge but I'm tired of everyone jumping on the Randy Jeffers band wagon and destroying every other company. I got involved in WOW almost at launch September 2009 in Tampa. Then I remember everyone saying what a deal because International calling was included, then Jeffers passes the buck and blames other people for making international calls. I was at a presentation when I heard with my own ears that international calling was included and now thats the reason T-Mobile terminated them, no thats BS. Sorry Troy, the truth needs to be told this is lies and more lies. The presentation was done by someone very big in that company, I will not mention names unless I have to. T-Mobile terminated there deal cause things where done wrong, no MVNO, it was just a business account, period. Any questions e-mail me I'm tired of this and I'm venting but telling the truth

          • Hey prmobile
            I'm not too sure you know what your talking about but if you were with wow back in sept. 2009
            you know as well as all the reps that we were on the moip system when we had international calling.
            Yes we advertised international calls and yes, I made plenty and NEVER got charged. But MOIP was not working everywhere and a decision needed to be made that would work for the entire rep community. that was to get a service everyone could use and it DID NOT include international calling.
            Facts not Lies.
            And yes I am still a Liberty rep and making money and building a Business. we are not 1 dimensional, we have over 300 products and services to sell and build on. However you have not seen anyhting yet. The best is yet to come.

    • Charles,
      We are watching Excel. I do have a few small concerns (nothing huge), and we are watching how they get their launch going. As of date, we have not received any phones to test, but we will be watching, and will do a review of some sort soon.

  6. Thank you Troy for the update on Global Verge!!! Just a quick note to let you that Freedom Communications markets Sprint & Verizon products. The HTC EVO sells for $199.95 with NO CONTRACT& NO ACTIVATION FEE. This price is for representatives & CUSTOMERS! For more information please visit
    David Agrinsonis

    • David, this is a lousy deal on the EVO. Why would you pay roughly $140 per mo for service, be subject to a $175 deposit, not own the phone you purchased unless you pay for the mo service for 1 year. That sounds like a contract to me. That is crazy.
      GV members pay a little more for the phone initially, but they own the phone, the mo service is only $89.99 flat, no taxes/fees. No Contrat, No deposit..
      Monthly fee of $99.95 + applicable taxes and fees.
      HTC EVO handset only $199.99 (Brand New!)
      No Contract!
      Shipping Cost: $12.00
      No Activation fees!
      A $10.00 per month Data Premium charge applies
      $29.99 per month Mobile Hotspot Option: Your phone doubles as a 3G or 4G Internet connection for up to 8 Wi-Fi devices.
      The first bill will be due 25 days the service is ordered and the first bill will be for the first 45 days of service.
      Each account is subject to a deposit of up to $175.00. The deposit amount (if any) will be applied to the account as a credit after the 6th month of complete payments.
      In the event service is cancelled prior to their twelve month upgrade time, the handset must be returned to Freedom Marketing Group, or the customer will be charged the full retail price for the handset.
      So far, I haven't seen anyone beat GV's members plan.
      Real Source

      • Please Ted,
        You guys can't even come close to wow mobile. We can get the evo unlimited everything for free. As usual you blow smoke….gv will be gone soon for good…thank goodness! Silly joke of a company. Restaurants.Com. …please. joke…water machines…oh gee wiz…

      • My clients including myself paid $231.50 for the EVO. The plans are still Sprints. No different in cost except No rebate to mail in. I have not had any of my clients pay a deposit for any Verizon or Sprint products as of today's date. What I do like is "Order by 3:00pm shipped the same day for next day delivery. Just remember Sir or Madam, We have the right to choose, that right is first given by God….Freedom of Choice. If you wish to buy from Global Verge then do so.
        David Agrinsonis
        Insurance/Utility Broker

        • David,
          I agree with you 100%!! The right to choose is a God given right. But there should be a certain level of respect and courtesy between us marketers. In this case I believe you are crossing the line. This is a Global Verge post and you come here promoting your company. That's disrespectful. The only way to clean up these blogs and make them benefit the visitors is to concentrate on your company. Wait for the post on Freedom and help people get all the correct info and help them make a wise decision. It's sad that certain people just choose to sow negativity no matter what. I've never posted on any other companies blog but my own. And I never will. Why waist my time with what other companies are saying. Just wait and see. The same people that come here and bash GV will visit your Freedom glogs and bash you. I'm sure that you won't like it. But in a way you just sowed into that. I know that you are not bashing, but you are still crossing a line. And if you want to counter with freedom of speech, go ahead. Yes we all have the right to our opinion. But the point that Troy has been trying to get across is we can be a positive influence with that right, or we can be down right cruel. Remember, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue" Prov 18:21. There is a great responsibility to using that freedom of speech. And a great consequence. We reap what we sow.

          • Hello Oscar Dee…I always say constructive things. Well I try to. Did you make a comment to the guy with WOW MOBILE? I must have missed that thread.
            Thank You very much. Have a pleasant July 4th.
            David Agrinsonis
            Insurance/Utility Broker

          • Oscardee, I've moved on and as you probably noticed I don't talk about the company that I'm with now. I've been letting you and real source go on and on about how we are just bitter and how we wouldn't know what to do if we had a product (real source said that ). Real Source says we are just mad at ourselves ( ROFLOL ) cause we didn't stick it out and now can't capitalize off of your great comp plan (ROFLOL ). Unlike when I was at GV and wouldn't have known what to do, we have product and when our matrix rolls down all levels, it can pay out 400,000 a month just off of the 1,2,3,4,5 dollars per level pay outs. That's 4 times what your matrix pays. I really didn't even want to bring this up but I'm sick and tired of seeing y'all post on here that we are all haters,disgruntled and pissed off at ourselves cause we bring up unscrupulous business practices.
            Let's say someone robbed a bank and you found out about it two years later, would you let them off the hook just because they turned their life around and are moving forward ?

          • Your really stretching it now." Just wait and see. The same people that come here and bash GV will visit your Freedom glogs and bash you ". Show me where the GV bashers on here have gone and just bashed another company for the fun of it, especially me Oscardee.

          • Ricky,
            It's funny how personal you take certain comments. Only the ones you wish to see. I think I made a point on that. Read them. I never said you. My comments are general as I refer to "people". I try to answer your questions but you get hung up on something that catches your eye. Again, no matter what GV does or produces, somebody will criticize it (notice I didn't say you). That is my point. Moving on and letting go are two different things. I hope things go great for you at FDI. But you caon't say the same things to GV reps. Right? You will never max out your matrix no more that I will. There will always be too many holes left behind when you are dealing with tens of thousands of people. But I will have just as much of a chance to make $5,000/month than you. Or $10,000/month. Or even $50,000/month. So I can't see why you laugh at our comp plan. This isn't about "Biggest is Best" since it will never be maxed. It's about opportunity. And we both have it. So who is bashing who here? I haven't talked bad about anybody, or criticized any other company. All I've done is try to answer questions and provide proof. And I do not speak for Real Source! Check your posts and see your points. Are they positive? Are they helpful? Or do they have negativity? You say you've moved on but you are still here. Arguing with GV reps that are trying to clean things up and present facts about where we are TODAY. And you bring up things that happened a year ago. Bank robbery does not compare to bad decisions. And even you have made those yet you still find people to follow you. No different. People follow me for who I am today. Not who I was a year ago. Or 10 years ago. I don't think that I could have had anybody follow me then. But should I have that follow me the rest of my life? You say you've moved on. OK. Now maybe you can let go.

          • Ricky, dude you will never learn, making me call you an "idiot" yet again. You know when anyone lies it has to be said. Show me in any post that I have said the matrix pays 1 2 3 4 5 or $400,000 again Ricky, you "idiot" It's funny how when the truth is being told, people get pissed off and defensive. I'm not posting on this site to be an "idiot" and make up lies, I only print the facts.
            Real Source

          • Chick-a Dee, you still don't get it when you state: "The same people that come here and bash GV will visit your Freedom glogs (blogs) and bash you."
            Freedom hasn't & didn't; lie, cheat or deceive me. Global Verge did! Global Verge allowed me to earn the right to bash them, and anyone who defends them.
            My comments should not bother you, just turn the other cheek.

          • Wayne,
            Thank you for your confession. It is good for the soul. You admit to being a GV hater/basher. It is personal to you and that is good for people to see. Your posts aren't based on what GV is providing today. They are based on your personal feelings and opinion with no facts. A bad choice is not cheating. A partnership gone bad is not deceiving. Lies is what you choose to see. That is OK. It is your right. But does it give you the right to bash others when they didn't have anything to do with what you went through? Did I somehow cause GV to do this to you? Why must you attack that reps that have something good to say about the GV of today? I went through the exact thing you did. I was there through it all. But it is all in the choices that we make. I chose to stay an am rewarded with what I was looking for. You left and I hope that you find what you're looking for. But to keep this grudge and hurtful attitude. Bashing peoples dreams. Would you bash the German Soccer Team because of what Hitler did? Oh right. Hitler didn't hurt you. My point is it isn't fair for them. And it isn't fair for us. I'm not defending what GV has done in the past. Truth is I really don't know what happened any more than you do. And I mean facts, not personal feelings/opinions. We do see that GV was victimized to some degree with the lawsuits. Doesn't excuse all. But has to be considered. Ultimately, we choose to see what we want to see. I respect what you saw back then. There was even times when I might have felt as you did. But it's still not fair that you take it out on people for what they see today.
            And their isn't anything that you can say that will bother me. My cheek is turned and you can take your best shot. If you read all my posts, you'll see that they aren't to take shots at anybody. But go ahead. If it eases you pain. Just remember, by whatever measure you judge other, you shall also be judged.

          • Real Source,
            I believe Ricky was talking about the company he's in right now and was not quoting you there. That is his comp plan he was describing. I said it was FDI but I was confusing him with another statement. Sorry Ricky. Sounds great!! Hope you max it out!

          • GV Sucks says:
            November 3, 2009 at 7:06 am
            Here Here to Brian,
            You are so correct. So many of us invested our trust in GV and they lied through their teeth to us. Every single deal that Mark Petchels has bin involved with ended with someone losing money or a lawsuit. We had him investigated by the FBI and he does not have ONE legit deal to his name. The guy is a Mini Michael Milken without the brains and about enough Charisma to dazzle the below 90 IQ crowd.
            Jim Hellman is a person that gives this industry the reputation it does not deserve. He and several other leaders where left to run freely with both Mark and Ted knowing all to well they where using 5G, 6 way video, 180 Meg download speeds and all the other crap. They didn't care as it created the frenzy that brought in 50,000 reps. Dust settles, they take some heat, and there will still be enough "unknowing" to stay in the system.
            If you Troy would allow us to post documents I could show exactly what these scum bags have been up to. The whole story from Everge, investors, no payment on commissions to distributors and on it goes. It is insane how deceitful these guys have been and still manage to keep a following. If you where truly a Voice for the people you would enable us to share these docs with your loyalists!
            And so it is………….

          • Wayne, my bad, I misread Ricky's comment, I apologize to him for that, it was an HONEST and TRUTHFUL mistake, therefore "idiot" does not come into play, that is intended to the people that come on this site and flat out lie, and try to bash someone's company. I don't bash anyone's company. I reply with facts and the truth to those "idiots"
            My point again speaks for itself. Ricky, why would you post something, from it looks like 8 mos ago. GV Sucks says: November 3, 2009 at 7:06 am Is that not intent to bash, dude something from 8 mos ago.
            I hope i'm not misreading again, but it seems as if "GV Sucks" says "Every single deal that Mark Petchels has bin involved with ended with someone losing money or a lawsuit. We had him investigated by the FBI and he does not have ONE legit deal to his name."
            Again, if I'm reading it correctly then "GV Sucks" you are an "idiot" because in my book
            every 15th of the month, when a nice paycheck falls into my bank account from GV, then I consider that legit.
            Ricky, if I'm not misreading again and i'm thinking the last comment on the post was part of the original message from "GV Sucks" which states,
            "The whole story from Everge, investors, no payment on commissions to distributors and on it goes. It is insane how deceitful these guys have been and still manage to keep a following." my comment on that is whether "GV Sucks" said it, and Ricky for you posting it, you both are "idiots" you may want to look a little deeper into the Everge situation and point your finger in another direction. As always time well time.
            Live in today Rick, and get over your vendetta against GV, they are not going anywhere, but forward.
            Real Source.

        • David,
          I appologize for making you feel singled out. That wasn't my intension but I see how I might have come across. Many of the followers here have been around for a while now. And a lot of them are just plain hardcore haters. Their purpose is to bash, slam, namecall, and crush peoples dreams. That is why I choose not to comment to them. There is no reaching them. It's a personal grudge and they have to poison everything or they are not happy. Bashing makes them happy. I did state that you were not bashing which does separate you from the bunch. But a lot of this all started with the separation of the company and the introduction of the other companies that followed. Again, this being a general statement and not directed to you, it's incredible how many people seem to live in the past. The problem lies with the bashing and name calling that we get for choosing to move on. GV is not the same company from a year ago. Not even 6 months ago. Things have changed for the better and we have a product. Why some people continue to wear platform shoes and bellbottoms is completely their decision. But don't judge me for staying and now benefiting. Criticizing doesn't change what we have or where we are going. This months bonus pool puts me over what I have invested through the year. You only loose if you walk away. Where would some people be if they had stayed and built their network instead of paying attention to upset individuals and believe everything they say jumping from company to company starting over every time? We all have a choice and I will not bash you for making yours so please don't bash us for making ours.
          Anyway, good luck with Freedom. Me personally, I like the long term savings (89.99) we can give people over the retail priced plans. But there are many that would rather save upfront (on the phone). That is why all companies can be successful. People are different and can be catered to in many different ways.
          Have a great weekend!

          • Hello Oscar Dee…Thank you Sir for updating. I did feel single out. I have made 8 post in the last 18 months on any blog/forum. I have looked over Global Verge. At this time I would like info on the "POWER SAVER" If that product is REAL I think I could make a lot of money marketing it. Please contact me!
            David Agrinsonis
            Insurance/Utility Broker

          • Real Source, even the "village idiot" could tell by reading Ricky Wright's post he was referring to the company he is with now not your beloved GV
            "Show me in any post that I have said the matrix pays 1 2 3 4 5 or $400,000 again Ricky, you “idiot”"
            "I’m not posting on this site to be an “idiot” and make up lies, I only print the facts".
            Sure don't look that way, but again I guess It's true, most idiot's don't comprehend very well.
            Congratulations you are now qualified to be the "blog idiot" .
            Dude you will never learn, making me call you an “idiot”
            Real Source please don't make me call you an “idiot” again.
            By the way,who are you really?

        • David,
          I have 7 tons of a/c in my house and my last electric bill was @$250. My sister has a 5 ton a/c and her bill was close to $400. We live in a region where we spend June thru August over 100 degrees every day so you know that the a/c is cranking nonstop. Needless to say she is ordering her Power Savers. This product is UL certified which means that it's claims have been tested and proven. Send me your email and I will forward you some information. We are about to release some new models for 3 and 4 phase applications that guarantee a percentage of savings. These would be great for restaurants, large office buildings, or factories. If you don't want your email sent publicly, ask Troy to forward it to me. He should be able to at your request.
          Have a great one!!

      • Here is an update for you "Real Source" My monthly cell phone bill is $00.00, yours with Global Verge is $89? If you want to know how to paid nothing just ask.
        David Agrinsonis
        Insurance/Utility Broker

        • Dave, if your slogan is refer 3 and your phone service is free, forget it, I refer 3 and I set myself and family free. Big difference. and unless you can pay $54 for every EVO phone sold to the upline and $14 every mo off everyone's service, then I guess i'm not interested.
          Real Source Real Residual

          • No "Real Source" I am NOT an agent,broker or independent representative wit LIBERT INTERNATIONAL/WOW MOBILE

          • I will never INFLATE A PRODUCT PRICE to make a commission.A lot of MLM companies that market products do just that so they can pay the representatives. I believe that a person or company does that, then they have NO HONOR!. But then that is just my thoughts.
            David Agrinsonis
            Insurance/Utility Broker

    • The lack of information from corporate, so the checks would keep rolling in
      Lesley says:
      August 16, 2009 at 8:20 pm
      Yes, reps replicating sites still have reference to Zer0 1, one would think or hope if it was that big of deal people would be pulling double shifts to clear EVERYTHING off the GV sites in reference to Zer0 1 ASAP
      Secondly, WHY didn’t corp release this information?
      Why has there been NO follow up information?
      Did a number of TD’s conspire, knowing that cheques were rolling out, and want to keep people hanging on so their group numbers are kept up so they can get their 2nd cheque…???
      I’m sure the “entertainment” level will increase throughout the week
      Stay tuned for the next episode of “As the Buzzird Spins …”

        Fell for it says:
        August 16, 2009 at 11:40 am
        Well, Ive been dealing with Global Verge and zero1 for the past 2 months. I love how they decided to blame all fo the reps for the break in the merger. My only question is this…How can any of the reps have been out of compliance with info in a website, when we were never given any specific info? How can u be out of compliance on a product, that no one has? You need soething to compare against to be compliant or out of compliance..right? If I made a website for buzzirk mobile and said that it has an internet speed of 100,000 mbps and it works all over the world, and it comes with 1500 cable channels programmed in it, and can do video conference calls with 25 different people…prove me wrong. You cant. Cause the product isnt there.
        Point is this. you cant be out of compliance with something that doesnt exsist. If they were giving us all specific info on services, reps actually had phones in their hands, and then there was false info being put out there, I could understand it. Total hoax. Can anyone say Attorney General and class action lawsuit?? Think Bernie Madoff is gonna have a couple new cell mates-

          GV update some hope? :~ says:
          August 17, 2009 at 9:14 am
          Dear e-Associates:
          As we stated in our email to you last Friday, we are committed to keeping you informed. Therefore, we want to give you a brief update:
          Because of the relationships that Buzzirk Mobile has with a multitude of providers of many technologies, we will be able to very quickly roll out a mobile phone product that will have many of the same features that you have been expecting; unlimited voice, unlimited data, unlimited web access, etc. Plus our new products will have additional state of the art services that we are sure you will be thrilled about. Also, some of the aspects that so many of you were concerned about with our previous product (e.g. family plan and customer support) will be available with our new product. Our desire is do this at a similar price point and with great commissions, which we will detail shortly for you.
          We are anxious to get this information to you because we understand your anxiety based on the announcements of last week. We also want you to know that we are expecting to have this rolled out in a very short time giving you availability dates within days, not weeks. AND, it will NOT be a controlled roll out to e-Associates only. You will be able to provide service to your mobile phone customers as well. This is something we know is very important to you.
          However, please allow us the next few days to get all of the details aligned. We cannot afford to have well meaning associates outline our upcoming product with what “they think” they know. The only information you should be sharing is what is coming directly from Global Verge. Again, we are committed to keeping you informed. We have been working diligently this weekend and will continue to move forward at a rapid rate.
          Additionally, commissions have started to be paid for June. Once everyone has been paid for June through this week, then we will start rolling out July commissions to everyone. On another note, new additional Customer Service Representatives have been hired and we will continue to hire over the next couple of weeks.
          We know that so many of you have joined our team in just the last 8 weeks; but we are actually approaching our one year anniversary. In looking back we have come such a long way with our products and services with Buzzirk Mobile being only one of many products we have been wanting to make available to you. We have also had great additions to the senior management team, implemented a world class back office and devised a compensation plan that we know is second to none. This is just the beginning folks. There will be so much more to come!
          Thank you for your continued support.
          Ted Robbins, President
          Global Verge

            MLM Detective says:
            August 13, 2009 at 4:14 pm
            Great article Casper,
            It think it’s because they are ALL IN ON IT!
            GV/Buzzirk Mobile/UTG/Zer01
            Time lines are very important.
            Ben and Mark did in fact know each other Before the CITA show in LV.
            As the saying goes…it takes two!

    • Real Soar,
      You will be happy to know that this will be my last post cause you IDIOTS don't get it. Thousands signed up for the damn phones you IDIOT. Does Ted Robbins talk about your friggin power saver or your water machines in the email on August 17th 2009 ? NO IDIOT, he says that very quickly we will have a mobile product VERY SOON IDIOT. All this CRAP about getting off autoship for thousands and thousands of reps that wanted mobile is BS. Why would we get off autoship if a mobile product is coming out very shortly and we are going to have the same technologies we were pushing a couple months prior. YOU AND OSCARDEE ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT DON'T SEE THE BIG PICTURE HERE AND OSCARDEE YES IT WOULD HAVE BEEN THAT SIMPLE JUST TO SAY THEY DIDN'T HAVE A WIRELESS PRODUCT.

      • Ricky,
        You doing ok? This is a little more personal than you usually get when you are frustrated. Lord knows I have frustrated you more than once, and you have always taken the time to get your point across my hard head.

      • Ricky, Oh my god dude, I just said a prayer for you. Obviously this is so personal to you. Maybe it's because YOU didn't see the big picture, because your not collecting a check and offering phones today from GV like Oscardee and myself, and all the other people that stayed the course and believed in these guys and didn't jump ship. Good luck to you Ricky, that explains alot of why you have bashed GV and told so many lies on these blogs.
        Real Source

        • Real Source,
          I usually stay out of the conversations between two people. However in this case, I want to add a couple of things.
          1. It would be personal to me, if I had built a team, surrounding Buzzirk aka Global Mobile 1, and not Global Verge. the wireless division is the only division with its own name! As I wrote for months, people did not join Global Verge for identity theft, water filters, computers, or restaurant discounts. When the deal fell through, it hurt a boatload of people.
          2. As for "LIES", that's calling the kettle black. Although Ted and I are building our relationship, I can point to pages of what seems like lies from Global Verge for months!
          I know Ricky and although we butt heads more than most on issues, I have yet to see him write a lie. If you can produce evidence that Ricky has lied about something please do. Otherwise be very careful attacking anyone here personally.

          • Point taken Troy
            I also signed up on the hype of the phone, but when I understood the hub marketing concept and GV's comp plan, I elected to stay and build my business. I told my entire downline, if they were in this only for a phone, then turn off their autoship, and wait until phones are released. GV allowed everyone to do that, and not lose their position in the Matrix. I had a ton of people that turned off, and I had a ton that stayed on, but it was their decision. The bottomline even with GV saying we have phones coming, which was wrong if they knew for a fact they didn't, or if the vendors were telling them that. It is still our business and it is up to us if we wanted to keep paying the $39.95 membership, and work the GV business plan, otherwise turn off the autoship and wait until phones were available.
            It's obvious Ricky has taken this very personal, however he is not the only one that went thru everything with GV for the last year, we all took it very personal as well. I never have said they didn't tell lies, or we're telling us things that the vendors we're telling them. It has been proven in a court of law that it was not entirely GV's fault. The difference is we elected to stay and believe in the leadership that they did have good intentions, and really wanted to help their reps. Time is starting to tell the story, GV is moving forward everyday. The wireless division is not the only division with it's own name, there is My GV Travel, GV Savings Mall, Global Verge Voip, Fathom Worldwide Video Conferencing. Global Mobile 1 is just 1 entity of Global Verge's hub, there are many new products and services to be introduced moving forward.
            My point to Ricky, and the other guys that have been a little harsh on GV is yes they have made mistakes, like many other company's but they didn't close the doors, leave the country, etc like everyone thought. There are alot of stories behind this and you are seeing alot of things come out. GV has a ways to go but they are making good on their word, they are producing phones, producing other products and services, and paying their reps commissions.
            Real Source

      • Ricky,
        I think it will do you some good to take a step back and let go of GV. We know you have already moved on, but this display is concerning. I even admitted to signing up for the phones dispite the other products. But it's those other products that have made this company legit. And the fact that I don't have to sell anything just makes it that much better, mobile or not. I know there are many people that are against not requiring customers (selling) including Troy. This is the one thing that makes recruiting for MLM's difficult. Most people don't like to sell. I will say that when I was in a company that requires 20 customers to recieve commissions, I qualified for 17 of those all by myself. I got 2 videophones (office,home), 4 cell phones (2 personal,2 busness), directv, and a voip fax line. I added 2 family members to complete my 20. How is this selling? And this is what most people try to do. What is the difference between this and me taking advantage of the members program that GV has. The other company paid me pennies for those services where here I get paid dollars. The income is still being genereated even without requiring mobile customers. You as much as I join a company to make money. Bottom line! Not to second guess the decisions of corporate. And the statements of that August email were true. Not lies. Unfortunately that deal took us to Greco and ended up bad. But the fact that we ended up without a mobile product again does not make it a lie. There have been many email that are sent out and only talk about our VOIP of about back office advancements and have no mention of the mobile product. So I don't see why an email that just mentions mobile says anything different about the company. Look at every company in every industry. They all advertise what is coming. None of them wait until the product is available. For how many months have we been seeing the EVO being advertised? There is a big difference between lies and bad deals. Yes, they need to be more careful with who they commit to. I think it would be hard for this company to go through another one. But I see them taking things into their own hands now and not have to rely on someone else. This is great and seems to be working out. Time will tell to what extect GV is able to grow. But for now I have what I signed up for (no matter how long it took) and am making money. I never said anywhere that I expected you to wait this long the way you posted. All I said is that you are singing the tunes to the decisions you made. If you would have stuck with it, then you would be singing my tune.
        I hope you can let go and continue to blog in a more subjective manner. Allowing business to get personal only makes all your statements lose validity. They become purely opinionated. I believe all I have presented is facts (not opinions) of what we have today. That was what a lot of people were asking for. Proof. Good luck to you Ricky. And please don't quit posting!

  7. I just thought I'd throw in my 2cents.. I too am one who weathered the changes at Global Verge, and glad I did. When you do the SIMPLE MATH…what ever you might pay upfront for the phones, is quickly equalized by the low monthly service fees, which include taxes and are all inclusive. For myself I ordered the samsung moment. Yes, I am in the 4g network, but the samsung moment is on the google O/S. There are a few features on the htc evo, that I might have liked, but I have lots to learn about using the features I have.
    Now…as far as the company and the compensation plan. For those of you who dont understand it, the 3×9 forced matrix doesnt get holes, it compresses. the identity theft and coupons are value added FREE benefits to offer value to the monthly membership..who else does that?
    Unlike many companies who find a way NOT to pay you…global verge pays whether you or your downline produce something "this month". The nature or culture of their pricing is meant to be competitive and more likely less than what you would pay for a similar product outside the HUB. I am saving 30% on my utility bill every month. and I am saving appx $90.00/mo ( x24 months for a 2 year contract) over what I was paying on my cell phone service and can turn it off anytime I like.
    I just booked a flight to hawaii for my daughters birthday present, got as good a price as any of the online travel services, and will get "cash back". A dear friend was buying some diet/food products online, was paying 185.00/week…and joined, because now she will save $33.00 week on those same products.
    This is about buying what you might purchase anyway, at discounts and getting cash back, as well as profit sharing through the membership matrix.
    So…anyone that wants to know what your membership covers, how you can save, what you can buy and is willing to share this program with others…..dont hesitate to contact me, or any Global Verge representative. You see, the way the matrix works, and the compensation plan works, WE ALL benefit through the 5 different ways we get paid.
    There was a slogan used in advertisments a few years back……and im going to quote them here..because "membership has its benefits"…is true.