As we speak I acquired a name from Matthew Foreman, of The Hogan Legislation Agency, one of the vital revered regulation corporations in Florida. Mr. Foreman represents Zoom Cellular, and had some inquiries to as me, together with responding to allegations made in my final publish WOW Mobile vs Zoom Mobile

Now, based mostly on the very fact there could possibly be pending litigation between WOW Cellular and Zoom Cellular, Mr. Foreman couldn’t reply all my questions. Nonetheless, he did clear up one main subject. One I really feel is helpful to subject reps with each WOW Cellular and Zoom Cellular.
Mr. Foreman was very clear, he had already despatched an official letter to WOW Cellular, with regard to their present allegations, and making it very clear, if the 2 firms cannot deal with issues by simply choosing up the telephone and speaking, then Zoom Cellular was able to take this to full litigation to take care of their repute as an moral MLM wi-fi telecommunication firm.
Now that is big in my e-book. Let’s put apart for a second which firm could also be proper or fallacious and ask a number of questions.
1. What does it acquire the reps if the businesses go to litigation?
2. How a lot will it value these two firms to do this case in a courtroom of regulation?
3. On the finish of the day win or lose, will any reps change firms? Until one firm is bankrupt?
4. What would occur if these two Founders, their attorneys and myself had been to get on a non-public name, and work this out?
I positive do not have the solutions to the above questions, however I can guarantee you, if these firms would come collectively to work out their variations on a non-public name. Then possibly, simply possibly different firms would get up and notice it’s all the time higher to speak freely, than to spend numerous {dollars} on legal professional charges and courtroom prices.
I wish to make a suggestion or two.
1. If you’re a rep of WOW Cellular or Zoom Cellular, take a number of seconds and go away a touch upon this thread. Inform us if you need your organization founder to do a non-public name as I discussed above or if you need them to litigate this subject and spend numerous {dollars} defending their place.
2. Ship an e mail to your respective Founder and inform them to return learn this publish and the feedback left.
It’s time distributors arise and let your founders know the place you need them to take a position their energies. There isn’t any doubt in my thoughts George Burton founding father of Zoom Cellular loves Zoom Cellular and newly fashioned Zoom Subject Household. And, I do know Randy Jeffers loves WOW Cellular, and the Liberty Worldwide Subject Household.
So, since each males love what they’re doing, and all of us absolutely perceive there’s loads of room for a couple of rock stable MLM Wi-fi Firm, let’s not give the critics any extra crap to bathroom about on this state of affairs, let’s repair it.
Let me know what you assume!
Dwelling An Epic Journey,


  1. Reap what you sow…
    The expression started as "As ye sow so shall ye reap", which later became "You reap what you sow".
    This refers to getting back whatever you start, so however you act comes back to you.
    The expression originates with the concept of getting what you sow.
    You sow seeds to grow food, you then harvest it (reap). So whatever you planted is what you get when harvest time arrives. So if you are horrible to people you are sowing ill will which you will later have to reap the consequences of.
    Need we say more ?

    • Eye in the Sky,
      I agree with the basic message of "you sow what you reap", however, there are times when you plant seeds close to other seeds and the dna can get mixed together, and the next thing you know, a geen pepper is as hot as a regular hot pepper.
      So, the question I have to ask is how do we know which seeds are being sown by whom?

  2. I for one know for a fact tha Matt Davis blatantly ripped off Li
    berties program as he was in wow and sent me emails soliciting the wow downline for this joke of a company! Zoom of course being the joke! Matt used some kind of email name lifting software to do this illegally as all of the email groups for certain individuals were kept hidden from thieves like him. I hope this goes to the courts and Zoom gets what theydeserve respectively. I don't care how much this Burton jackass loves anything. He's a shyster too in my book! Go get em liberty, it's high time folks are held accountable for their filthy ways.

    • GMax,
      Can you please provide documented evidence we can investigate? These are very personally and direct allegations, and as Chris Greco has just found out, some folks will do whatever it takes to protect their personal reputation.
      If you can provide the documentation, I will follow the chain of evidence and get to the bottom of this issue.

    • Gmax,
      Do you mean a real company that doesn't deliver phones, is that the one? Or is it the company that says hold on everythings gonna be great? I'm in Zoom and I deliver phones to my reps and activate on the spot. When was the last time you where able to do that?

  3. Troy,
    I agree with you. Zoom & Wow management should discuss the situation and move on. Come to an agreement and move forward in a positive way. If there is room for 2000 nutritional companies there is plenty of room for 5 or 6 mlm phone companies in a larger market.
    Yes I have been through the so called wireless wars starting with Buzzirk 4 years ago. Then EDT and a Triple Diaond with Global Verge. When that failed some of my upline ask me to join TeleVerus. I did and when that failed they said to sell Travel. I did not join the phone division to sell travel or their Nutritional products. I even join Wow for a while and could not get phones or sim cards. Ninty five % of the growth in Liberty came from people that wanted to be in the phone business. To ask them to sell soap & vitamins is a bit unfair.
    When Global Verge could not supply phones and service everybody including you thought that was a horible situation. The CEO is responsible for the agreements and contracts he enters into. If they are no good and dont work it is his responsibility. He may have lead distributors down the wrong track.
    How would you like to have a $400 GSM phone that got turned off and now you are supposed to buy a new CDMA phone for the Sprint network.
    After being burnt by 3 MLM wireless phone companies I investigated Zoom Mobile very carefully and found everything I was looking for. A CEO of high integrity. Actual solid wireless MVNO contracts and a great leveraged commission plan.
    I was also attracted to the free cell phone service as a strong marketing tool……that is "Maintain 3 and your's is free"
    George Burton has toured the USA and spent hours with his representatives one on one in a meet and greet atmosphere. He answers every question straight up and with the utmost honesty. He has an open mind regarding distributor ideas and makes changes that will be better for distributors.
    In a market with 282 million phones many MLM companies can do well. It is the matter of selecting the best one for you.

    • Lloyd,
      Excellent input my friend. I fully believe the powers to be will watch this thread and take to heart what their distributors are asking for. I will do all I can to make sure at the end of the day ALL distributors have a fair shake to grow their business.
      I still believe though the Freedom of Speech, we can ALL grow to become better people.

  4. Hey Troy,
    I'd love to see the leaders get together and work things out. On some issues they'll never agree, but taking it to court may not be the best solution. Communication may not solve everything, but it's a great starting point! Maybe they can find some common ground and find a way to move forward. I'm with you. I think there's room out there for several different companies to build a client base so that everyone wins, customers, distributors, and leaders and owners of the companies. Sure will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  5. Troy we know evidence has been collected…
    Is Zoom is running scared ?, they know Liberty can put up a case and get awarded damages.
    Did their attorney contac you, to give some he said she said theory to lead you into thinking this would cost money?…is this the classic old defense ploy when your in big trouble?
    If this is their come back?… do they have nothing to stand on, and fear lawsuit.?
    Who has a possible big black eye ?

    • Staying with WOW,
      ROFLOL… I was waiting for these exact questions. Let's see if I can address these, give some additional food for thought and ask a couple of questions of my own.
      1. Why would Zoom be running scared? I agree there is some questions surrounding when the founders left WOW. However, I have seen several posting across the net, where folks question George Burton's ability to run an MLM because he has no background in MLM, which bring me to the next question.
      2. If George Burton is clueless about MLM as some claim, how can anyone accuse him of wrong doing at WOW by not terminating his phone service, and preferred customer or distributor account? Either he is a smart MLM business owner, who knows what he was doing in every move he has made in MLM, or he is new to MLM and clueless to the protocol and had no clue he should have stopped using the WOW wireless service and resigned. I have no clue which it is, but I do know logically speaking he has to be one or the other.
      3. How do you or I know if WOW has a tight enough to case to take to trial? I admit in a civil case it is easier to present "shadow of a doubt", but is it worth the time, energy and effort, for what it will cost in the long run?
      4. Matthew Foreman, never gave a "he said" "she said". If I had to sum up the whole conversation, it would be this "Zoom through their litigation attorney is ready to take this to a court of law." There was one additional reason why Matthew Foreman reached out to me. George Burton, gave him permission as their litigation attorney to answer any question Mr. Foreman through was relevant to Zoom, and would not harm any potential future litigation. During this conversation, Mr. Foreman agreed to schedule a call between George Burton and myself, so we could start building a friendship built on mutual trust. the same relationship I enjoy with Randy Jeffers and several other CEOs inside of MLM.
      By the end of the call, which was recorded, I believe Mr. Foreman and Mr. Burton realize I am not out to trash MLM companies, but to make sure as many facts as possible can get into the public arena, so distributors can make well informed decisions on which companies they feel will act as solid vehicles for their personal financial objectives.
      5. As for costing money, Well sport, how do you think a case gets filed? First Liberty International, has to file a complaint, which costs money. They have to serve Zoom Mobile, the Zoom leadership, and any outside distributors who will be added to the civil complaint. Next, Zoom will counter file, and the process starts allover again. Now both parties have to start the process of collecting depositions, hiring professional witnesses, and on and on we go. So, if I or anyone else both parties trust, can facilitate a private meeting in some form to handle this outside of a court it seems to me it will benefit all the distributors from both companies?
      6. Although, I am not privy to all the inside info from other company which has been collected. I can say, based on the background of both founders, if they decide to take this to litigation, it will be ugly and at the end of the battle, there will not be any winners. The public trashing of both companies will leave them in shambles, and at the end of the day, distributors may decide to go to a company where there is not near as much, criticism. Unlike days of old, there is just about as much company slamming inside of MLM and the outside critics. I think it is time, distributors start focusing back on the basics, of building their business and stop trying to compare one company to another.
      If these two founders and their legal teams come together, it will send a message to ALL CEOs in the MLM arena, that even though these companies may not be part of the DSA, they can still present themselves as if they were, and treat each other with respect.
      7. Now as for the possible back eye… Seriously we really don;t want to go there right now.

      • troy thanks for all you do
        the issues i had with zoom is they are going after all wow reps and doing it in an unethical way saying this person is in zoom and saying this wow leader is going to zoom they are lying to get people into zoom i had an email from a wow mobile rep saying a few things they discovered can u look into this for me and let me know whats true and not
        Owner: George Burton is basically a ghost in network marketing. May have been a music video producer
        at one time and came into some pretty good income.
        Vice Pres: Matt Davis was quite likely his marketing partner in the music business and is responsible for
        Zoom's web site, and nation wide bus tour.
        They do not have a contract or any relationships with Sprint or any of the top Tier 1 providers.
        They have signed on as a reseller for a company called Telispire, and are simply a reseller/reseller…
        "Telispire is our Cell Phone Network provider, and they are leaders in the industry of Pre-pay and post
        pay cell phone network implementation and helped Zoom mobile build a world class nationwide Tier 1 network."
        Telispire is a company that will allow anyone to set up with. You you have some money you can make
        a big splash, with a lot of flash and very little substance. Look here
        The owner George Burton started the business model as a binary with the first position belonging to
        his wife Rebecca. Pretty unethical to say the least in network marketing when your the owner building
        something for your organization.
        Also they have signed somewhere, (who really knows) in the neighborhood of 300 founding members
        at $999. each. With a road show like that going on, I wouldn't be surprised if had they signed a thousand
        or more and Rebecca is at the top of that pyramid raking in the cash.
        In a nut shell:
        1. "Sell 3 yours is free" is cheap copy cat and non creative business.
        2. Obscure owner with a flashy marketer… "You can catch fish with shiny lures"
        3. Your wife at the top says, "We're double dipping while it lasts"
        4. No real network and a pre-paid phone service at best
        Thanks for all you do Troy and have a good day

        • WOWNow,
          Thank you for your comment. You do bring up some interesting issues, and a few of them I have already addressed with George Burton, and Zoom's legal counsel as I prepare for the up coming series with will start no later than next Monday.
          However, I do not want you to feel I am blowing off your concerns, so I am going to give a few short answers for you here, based on information I have found to date. I would also like to ask a few questions to you, so I can get a clearer understanding on some things. Please understand, everything I ask is to help us in reporting and to give me specific information which I can address with George or Matthew Foreman Zoom's corporate attorney.
          1. When you state "zoom is going after wow reps and doing it in an unethical way" are you referring specifically to emails sent from Zoom Mobile corporate emails i.e. Officers and employees of the company, or are you referring to reps for Zoom? Understanding this will help me in getting to the bottom of the issue. If you can send me the email to review it would help.
          2. George has been and may still have equity in an Indie record label. I have personally verified that information, and it is available all over the Internet, and can be found on official entertainment industry websites. As for George not having MLM Experience, I agree 100% he is fresh as a CEO. However, so was Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins, and my personal friend and former movie producer Derek Broes. What each of these folks do have in common is their extensive background in business.
          Also, we both know of companies which have been launched and ran by folks who have never been active distributors. Some of those companies grow and do well. However, we also know of companies launched by former top earning distributors, and when they get inside the company, it fails.
          At the end of the day, there has to be a balance. I do believe a company launched with someone on the team who can empathize with the field and give some balance between the proforma numbers and the heart of the field is best. To date, I do not know if this has happened at Zoom, but before our series is complete I will know the answer and will report.
          In researching George's background, I do see where he knows how to find great talent, get them the best contracts, which at the end of the day, created the potential for great residual income. However, with all that said, at the end of the day, it was up to the artist to continue to grow personally and develop their talent. Although MLM is a little different in the business model, it is close. If George and his team can create a company which can deliver a solid service/phones to the field. Design a rewarding compensation plan. Is willing to recognize the field force at all levels, and is willing to listen to outside influence from the field and others. Then at the end of the day, it will be up to the distributors to develop their talent and the talent of their teams to create long term residual income.
          I don't know yet, if all this is in place, but one way or another we will find out, and report.
          3. I am looking forward to meeting Matt Davis in the near future to get a better understanding of his background. As for the Zoom Website, I doubt if Matt had much to do iwth it period. The MLM Software company that Zoom contracted with, will have created the sites. Although, I am sure George, Matt and others did play a roll in the storyboarding of the marketing campaigns.
          4. From my limited understanding, and I will be digging deeper before our main article on this next subject. But from what I have learned, unless someone can guarantee millions of dollars in volume i.e. Wal_mart, Best Buy or some other huge company, Sprint does not deal one-on-one with resellers, they have to go through a MVNO, such as Telispire, and I believe there are only a couple Sprint deals with.
          And, although I am not going to dive to deep in this comment because it may get lost. I can say, that based on what information I do have at hand, Zoom Mobile entered into a "Pre-Paid" Reseller Agreement with Telispire, meaning ALL distributors and retail Subscribers, should not have to worry about their service being shut down at a moments notice. In my upcoming series we will cover this type of agreement in more detail. By the way NOT everyone can do business with Telispire. If you dig deep you will find, there is a major amount of personal guarantees, network and liquidly which also plays into, and determines which type of agreement is offered to the Master Agent, Agent, or Reseller agreement.
          5. First of all let's set the record straight. The Zoom compensation plan is a hybrid, not a binary. Which means, if the purported statement you and others have stated is true, and George's wife has the top position in the binary tree, and sits at the type of the unilevel tree, then so what?
          I can name several billion dollar companies where the founders held the top postions… Amway, Primerica, PrePaid Legal, World Marketing Alliance, World Leadership Group, Herbalife and Mary Kay to name a few. Even after some of these companies went public, the founders still held on to part or all of the top position. In the case of Primerica, Art Williams, ended up selling his position for millions to Citi Group, then Primerica after the sale of the marketing arm. Guess what… Citi then owned the position aka Agency.
          It is not unethical or out of regular business practice for the founders to hold positions. From what you wrote, it is easy to see, you, like most do not realize how many owners have the top positions. I have only signed with two companies who's owners did not hold the top positions. One of those companies is no longer in MLM, the other has lost it's drive, and is moving backwards. I believe it is because, the founders, were not willing to stake part if not all of their income on the rise or fall of the field force.
          What I find admirable, is the fact George's wife is willing to have her name on this position. From the little I have learn to date, (and I am looking forward to meeting Mrs. Burton personally), is the fact, she is very independent. Unlike so many in the field and even in the corporate offices, who wish their spouses would support them. In this case it seems, at least on the surface, that George's wife is willing to give him 100% of her support. By the way, exactly what do you see as unethical, if the owner or their direct family holds the top position? I just want to understand your view.
          6. As for the "Sell 3 yours is free" Did you know that Liberty did not coin that phrase? As a matter of fact, if you dig deep, you will find ProSTEP coined that phrase back in 1994 when the company launched. Today, we see several wireless companies using it. Lightyear has just launched their own 3 and free marketing campaign. Yes, Liberty was using it before any of the current companies, but they were not the first.
          7. I agree 100% it looks like the ownership of Zoom is obscure. However, we need to remember the company is in pre-launch. Watch for the upcoming series and I think you will see the ownership is not as obscure as you might think.
          8. I disagree 100% that having "your wife" in the top position is double dipping, and here is why. First, what proof do we have at the time of this comment, that Mrs. Burton is taking any money from the position? Maybe the money is being banked until a future time. Second, based on what I know about start-up companies, there is no double dipping. Most founders don't take out any money in any niche, they are putting all the money back in. So to state it is double dipping, without seeing their financials is subjective at best. Third, your statement could lean one to believe, the Burton's are unethical people, and to date, I have found no evidence inside or outside of MLM which causes me to believe the Burton's would purposely do anything unethical. If you know of a specific issue and can provide me with valid, documented evidence I will surely post the information.
          9. Respectfully I again have to disagree 100% that Zoom doesn't offer a real network or pre-paid service. I base my disagreement on the fact Telespire is a viable, legit MVNO which does offer under long term agreements, pre-apid and post-paid services to their Master Agents, Agents, and Resellers. This is no different than any other MLM Wireless company, and most of the name brand wireless companies we see sold in Wal-Mart and Best Buy.
          WOWNow, truly an excellent comment, and please do not be offended at my comments and questions. My goal is to provoke deeper thoughts by all of us as we weed through the maze of MLM Wireless companies.
          Living An Epic Adventure,

          • You know Troy, I agree with you 100% regarding the holding of the top position issue. There is noting unethical about it in my opinion.
            As a matter of fact, I think it would be great if all company owners did and that was the ONLY way they got paid. That way, if the distributors failed they would fail.
            Talk about having incentives aligned. Now how cool would THAT be. It sure would give them a little more motivation to do the right thing for the distributors.
            It will never be that way but I can dream can't I…lol

          • not offended at all you do a great job Troy i sent you a few emails and then i came across something interesting to me and i was wondering was you think too me looks like another company is zoom mobile already and doing commercials but could be same
            what do you think ??

            i was wondering what do u think there commercial or another company they took name from ? just wondering i was wondering also can zoom mobile activate any cdma clean esn phone or only can use they phones they have?
            troy keep up great work and thanks for all you do put a WOW in your day everyday

          • And when you hit the contact button, it has you contact liberty and not the rep that sent the person to the site. It should say contact your local wow rep or contact the person who sent you to this site or something to that nature

  6. I think both companies and their respective representatives need to be professional and adult. The back and forth name calling and negative bantering does nothing to foster the true goal and objective, which was supposed to be “Provide a viable solution to make money while providing a very “real" solution to the rising cost of cell service and assist the "people" with a viable means and ability to do so. I have found that people are too quick to "play the game" by jumping on the band wagon out of passion rather than logic and reason. People will always look at an idea and think that there is something they can do better or equally, it's called "competition", it's a part of business, politics and everyday life. What both companies need to do is stop "PLAYING THE GAME" and FOCUS on their respective companies. Improve and increase their communication, training and products. The product(s) and delivery will speak for themselves, people will go with who they want to go with, regardless of who came up with an idea or who started it first. FOCUS on your business and what your objective is rather than playing the game and putting out fires that you are fostering and playing into. “ACTION” speaks for itself and if you give a person or company enough rope, they will hang themselves, so it’s better to handle your business before someone else does it for you because you are too busy dangling and trying to cut yourself loose.

  7. Hello Troy
    I would like to say I enjoy what you are doing here, the information you are providing is priceless and I really appreciate it.
    I am a WOW mobile rep and have tried to keep positive over the last several months, we have had a lot of announcements and breaking news that has turned out to be pretty useless. I have built a team of about 120+ reps and have about 40 or so that I am waiting to bring in. I am not a big MLM recruiter but I really believed in this opportunity and have worked hard to build a team. I now have a team that is looking to me for leadership and direction. We were just told that our new provider was now ready to start activating phones but that was this weekend and now halfway through the week this looks as though it is nothing but more smoke and mirrors. I am really losing faith in the leadership of this company and am considering going with Zoom who looks as though they are better organized than liberty.
    These people are looking to me for direction and on our last conference call I spent about an hour giving all of the reasons why we should stay the course, but I am beginning to have doubts myself and am really looking forward to your review of Zoom Mobile.
    Also where could I find info about the background of George Burton ? I am really going to do more due dilligence before I go recommending another MLM opportunity.

    • Losing Faith,
      I fully understand where you are coming from, and I fully support your desire to make sure you know who and where you may end up next.
      In researching and digging to find out more about George I have come across some pretty amazing items. First let me say I can't tell you everything, because we will be doing the upcoming series. But here is a little we have uncovered and a little he has shared.
      1. George Burton really is a Record Producer. Goerge is the CEO is Primoris Music Group aka Primoris Records. Primoris is still actively producing records and have artists and bands currently touring. Like all record labels Primris covers just about every genre you can think of, from country music, to hard rock, grunge and even punk. However, what most folks do not understand is how tightly tied the music industry is to wireless communications. Our review will open the eyes of many critics as to George's background, and how it may have prepared him to run a wireless MLM.
      2. If you type into any search engine the following you can find out more about George Burton… "George Burton, Zoom Mobile" and you will start to find solid information about George. Later this week if all goes right, we will start a new Series on Zoom, and George Burton. You can also type in "George Burton, Primoris Music Group" to find our more. Unlike some leaders in MLM, George's background is pretty much out in the open.
      If all goes right we will share some things about George that you will not find publicly, and maybe even get some personal insight from some of his closest friends, people we have all heard of it I can continue to build trust with him and his team.
      If you have an specific questions about George or Zoom and you don't want to do it publicly, feel free to contact me at

    • Losing faith,
      I myself was a WOW rep, I just couldn't swallow the kool aid anymore if you know what I mean. Please feel to contact me with any questions or concerns, I'm know in zoom and activating phones on the spot. When something goes wrong here they are honest and they fix it period.

  8. Troy,
    One thing is certain and that is both attorneys know what they're doing. I wouldn't be surprised if they both agree to sit down if for no other reason than to see what kind of hand the other is holding. I spent 30 years in law enforcement and there are times when it's best to reach a pre-trial plea agreement to save a ton of time and tax payer money, and to ensure that justice is meted out swiftly. However there are other times when one side or the other has been so wronged and has such a strong case that no amount of pre-trial negotiations would even be considered. I've been the investigator on cases where the government says to the defense that the only plea agreement we will enter into is 25 to life without the possibility of parole; otherwise don't miss your court date. It all depends on the cards each side is holding. If this goes to litigation the way that Liberty is taking T-Mobile to court, I've got to think somebody is holding a very good hand.
    We have two hardball attorneys with issues in dispute. Only they know the specifics, but I have also been personally contacted via email by a zoom Rep who claims to have been with both GV and WOW Mobile and that he got my email address as he stated in his email, "from one of my scraper programs or lead generation programs." I immediately forwarded his email to Jeff Bakerink. I personally know of two other zoom reps who are still with WOW Mobile who are both actively recruiting their WOW Mobile down lines into zoom. I have also forwarded that information through to the Liberty leadership.
    You're right, Troy. This could get ugly but if my personal experiences with the practices of some zoom Reps is any indication of what’s going on nationwide, I kind of like the looks of things from where I'm sitting. Perhaps Mr. Foreman is not yet aware of a few things. Like I said, only they know the specifics.
    More importantly, I appreciate what you're trying to do by facilitating a sit-down between the parties and I do hope that there can be some resolution. But I'll be perfectly frank with you, Troy, the problem may not be between the parties at the top, but with the parties here in the Representative ranks. Unscrupulous Reps on both sides need to be either suspended or outright terminated for cause. With the cooperation of folks like you who have the ear of the general public, this could possibly send a clear message across the industry that egregious conduct will not be tolerated by the management of any company. I believe ethical companies would have no problem with going along with something like that. In fact, I would have no problem whatsoever if the attorneys drew up an industry-wide code of ethics or code of conduct that each Rep would have to agree to and sign before he/she is permitted to sign up with an MLM company. Then what reasonable person could claim ignorance? Why hasn't anyone in the industry tried to take the bull by the horns and make some sweeping changes to industry rules if they're needed or start holding peoples' feet to the fire if rules already in existence are simply ignored? Perhaps this is just wishful thinking.
    The challenging question is how vigilant companies’ management would be to enforce sanctions against their unethical Reps. I'm not saying there are any "shady" companies in the industry, but if there were, expecting them to police themselves would have the obvious outcome. It just wouldn't happen.
    Hence, the birth of another litigation.
    Thanks for your continuing contributions to the industry.

  9. Troy…lets cut the crap and get to the meat of the matter…PRODUCTS after 4 months of waiting and promises. With jeffers reputation of bailing on his reps in the past…wel…Bernie Madoff made a lot of promises too and people are skeptical to get into the same situation …again, with Randy.
    Wow Mobile has NO PRODUCT for their reps to sell… and "WE THE REPS" are not going to stake our reputation on Randy…no way no how.
    If Randy really cared about the Reps and Wow Mobile of his Liberty Business, he would have made a deal with a carrier by now. ACTIONS speak louder than words!
    Zoom has Products NOW and WE THE REPS have a Product to sell and we can stake our reputation on this fact with new reps.
    In my opinion Wow has no leg to stand on as they have NO PRODUCTS for their reps to sell and, since this is America, people have a choice as to what company they want to continue doing business with.
    Thanks for the Epic Adventure here…and WOW Mobile, get your act together already, your reputation is sinking lower than the Congress. it's time to LEAD and Products speak louder than Promises.

    • Kurac,
      Thanks for posting, I fully respect your position and your insight. You do raise a few additional questions we should all think about.
      1. Did Randy bail on Destiny reps, or did Destiny reps bail on Randy?
      2. I was under the understanding WOW now has PCS phones and services.
      3. Are you saying WOW still does NOT have phones or carriers?
      Please do not take offense, I just want to make sure I fully understand and we get all the info we can to the reps.

        This is what is on the page at WOWMOBILEMALL this sounds just like the promises we have been getting for the past couple of months. They have no product, they still seem to be just trying to buy time I am beginning to doubt if they really do have a contract with this PCS provider. I hope I am wrong but this is getting to be ridiculous. I went to a meeting last night and heard JR Read give the same hype and then berate anyone who dared to question the company, this is starting to get crazy to say the least. I am not planning to go anywhere right now but how long can they keep this up.

  10. I have had a front row seat now watching several freinds struggle trying to hang on to the promises their leaders have made to them in two separate cell phone companies. I'm sure if we had a Q&A sessions with each of them as to why they couldn't deliver, they would have their "good reasons". The fact is, I see industry leaders and management teams want so desperately to be "First to market" that they don't do their due diligence and end up hurting a lot of people. Just because you have a good idea, some seed money, and a group of industry leaders that are looking for a new home, doesn't guarantee a successful launch. It starts with studying the industry, that specific "space" that you are attempting to gain market share in. Just because you have a strong MLM background doesn't mean you are going to automatically be successful in this technology space. I would recommend for any of these companies to seek out a good technology person who understand the ins and outs of this industry and have them on their board. Health companies in the MLM sector figured this out years ago by bringing on medical professionals and dieticians. in closing, I just think there needs to be better thought and due diliegence before a company comes to market. These are tough times and people are looking for real answers and not empty promises. I challenge everyone to do their home work from the entreprenuer wanting to start a new company, to the newest person looking at joining one of these startups. In the end , there would be a lot less heart ace and frustration, not to mention the lost money and time.

  11. i will like to know if it is ok to charge for
    a service and don,t delivere?
    deverianlosclientes pagar porservicio
    y no resivir nada y estar felices?
    existe en este pais lalibertad de elejir con quien
    aser negocios? esta vien que me roven/?
    if a need a fhone service is it ok to wait for 3 or 4 meces?
    like there is no one also that ican get service from?

    • Confuse,
      Great question. If a company charges for a specific service on a monthly basis and does not deliver the service for whatever reason, you are entitled to request a refund (chargeback) from your credit card company or bank.

  12. I once listened a conference call by JR and yes HE WAS JUST FULL OF CRAP!
    I don't care how much money JR makes but I DID NOT SIGN INTO LIBERTY TO SELL VITAMINS AND COUPON BOOKS.
    Anyways I am still waiting patiently to see how I am gonna get my phone. The unfortunate thing is, it seems like I will be paying an additional $250 for the Spring phone (vs. the T-Mobile) and $10 more for the month service (now $99 with Sprint.)
    What good is a law suit to the distributors? Stop wasting time on self-destruction of the industry and start spending more time on building what is possible.
    I don't care who is suing who… I JUST WANT WHAT I PAID FOR–the phone and the business.

  13. Man all this Mobile Network Marketing Crap is giving me a headache. I'm thinking in the end we are going to find out everybody is in bed with everybody and they are just pitting against each other to get all the money they can. Probably not, but hey what the heck else can all these fools do to turn everybody and they're Grandmas off to the idea of MLM in the Cell Phone industry. Just One Freakin Honest company that doesn't have issues right off the bat thats what I need. GEESH!!!

  14. Iam not a Zoom Rep,but a Liberty Rep. leave Zoom along if they are producing a better product and filling the needs of the reps. with a real money making opportunity and are honest in helping people to change their lives God bless them,who cares if Zoom Admin. were former Wow Reps and took ideas with them and started zoom they must of seen the writing on the wall,as Donald Trump was quoted "it not personal it business",in the business world this has happen since the start of the world. so be it. Read about Ford Motor history and the Dodge brothers, business is cut throat. Lets focus on the small mom & pop folks who sign up into these mlm's and get screw by the mafia crooks at the top with their plans to rape the honest small working America people and make millions and never deliver this is criminal.
    Liberty before rolling out their Wow divsion should have researched this deeper when they partnered up with T-Mobile they were not clear with the field and allowed reps to place international calling,only at the end did they advise the field about international calling, was not part of the plan, they allowed this to go on and kept silence, if you study Wow's early marketing this fact is revealed, they allowed reps to rack up thousands in fees with T-Mobile and currently everyone is being deactivate. The small mom & pop mlms get screw again people now have a GSM I7500 Samsung phone rep cost $249-$399 and no service unless they now sign up with Wow PCS service which is not GSM and spend another $499 for a phone and pay more for service $99 a month.
    The Leadership failed at Liberty in doing so failed their reps. T-Mobile had enough and took action to protect their brand and break away from a MLM nightmare they involved themselfs with.
    I if any reps are thinking of starting a class action suit I myself have lost thousands in time ,resources, money, friends and Iam sure other have too. Please contact me
    Liberty Admin. continues to keep the reps in the dark.

    • Hello to ALL WOW mobile REPS,
      I don’t know if this is true or not but I have just received news that Liberty International/Wow mobile located in Hubbard Oregon President Randy Jeffers has just fired or let go 40 of his employees from which I understand no one had a clue that ths was coming. So listen for announcement coming from Mr Jeffers while he is in Orlando Florida, of the future of these 2 companies..Remember measure twice cut once.

  15. Troy, thank you for always attempting to be objective when others are ranting.
    I hope they work things out without going to court. And if you can help to facilitate that, THANK YOU again for keeping some money in our pockets.
    I was in Buzzirk/Global Verge which went nowhere.
    A year later I found Wow and I saw the writing on the wall very quickly.
    Everyone was incredibly secretive from my up line to the top. Whenever I asked a challenging question of ANY kind I was told to not rock the boat, that I should have FAITH, etc. Well, I got the impression that John Shaw as a bit evangelical when he introduced Mr. Jeffers on the calls. But, the whole "feel" of the company felt more and more like a cult every day – a cult where you don't question the spiritual leaders.
    I'm sorry this is business, and Wow lied every time they had the opportunity to come clean and refused to be transparent.
    I started looking for an honest alternative.
    I found Zoom and I feel like I found a family. I'm amazed every day when I chat with other Zoom reps.
    Everyone shares their ideas, no one ever asks "Who's your up line?" when you ask them a question in the Skype room. The Skype room where there are daily updates and discussions about strategies, marketing ideas, and an open and free exchange of all sorts of tools for growing one's business.
    Every Wow call was closed with an Ivory Tower feeling. Nearly every Zoom call is open – ask away!
    Zoom has some growing to do. But, it doesn't launch until Aug. 1, 2010 and people have phones already. As Ray Kroc, one of the worlds most famous entrepreneurs said, "When you're green you're growing – when you ripen you rot."
    Zoom seems to be able to offer what Wow can not. I don't think there's anything unethical about offering a Wow rep a hand UP when their ship seems to be sinking. If I have a chance to open someone's eyes to the fact that there's poison in the KoolAid, I see that as an honest gesture of goodwill.

    • Talkin Free,
      Thank you for the kind words. We are digging deep into Zoom, and to date have found them to be very open and willing to talk on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, their Legal counsel, with whom I am still building trust with, gave me his personal cell so I can text him any questions I may have, even after work hours.
      I have a few concerns regarding Zoom, but each one I have presented, they have listened, and either gave me their direct feedback, or told me they would talk to their MLM attorney.
      I will start our review later this week on Zoom to share what we have found. So far so good. I received a phone over the weekend and service is great.

    • Hello,
      Talkinfree- I hear ya loud and clear. I was too a WOW Rep. and after this weekend hearing that Liberty is changing their name just tells me and my group that Mr Jeffer has decided to run away with his tail between his legs. When a company has to change their name, its either to hide behind something or your running away from someone. Either way doesn't matter what name they come up with, its the leader, it will still be Mr Jeffers. After studying and reading about Mr Jeffers these last couple of weeks it seems to be a trend that follows him in what ever company he fixes up. Every time he starts getting big in the pocket his company fails and alot of people get hurt. How many times can be people get hurt from let downs from this guy. From reading about Destiny he crushed 300 plus families, movies start, sports players etc. where are they now sure not standing behind Mr Jeffers any longer they are long gone. We have decided to as a group of 123 people to remove ourselfs from WOW and go with a company that has promises and not a company that has to change its name to disguse itself or from A president of a company that has lots of failures under his arm. We want to stay a float, not sink to the bottom. From the words of Zig Zigar, "You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure". I have read on here earlier that Jeffers has decided to let go of 40 employees last friday is there any truth too this can someone shed light to this.

  16. WOW…Well one thing I must say about WOW is when ever I had money owed to myself I was paid and paid on time everytime. Now as far as service we are still trying to get a refund as we never recieved our sim cards ect. I was sponsered into wow by Mr Matthew Davis and then was sponsered into ZOOM MOBILE by him also. I wish no ill fate on either company as common people have money invested into these companies. Now here comes my standing I like other people believe one has two choices in life either you lead or you follow. I have chosen to lead as its been stated there is room for around 2000 nutritional mlms so even 50 wireless mlms would leave plent of room. There are alot of great people in both WOW and ZOOM MOBILE and I am a better person having met alot of them. I wish all the companies well (at least the honest ones) and Ihope that they figure out that making 1 dollar from 200 people pays more than 100 from 1. I have been told by Matthew Davis that if I do start my own company he wishes me well we will see how sincere that statement is as soon as the mud starts slinging. I do not wish to participate in any mud slinging and I hope all the companies that are doing it soon realise its a waste of energy and a waste of everyones time. I will be doing my best to put together a company thats run on honesty, true residule obtainable income, with morals and ethics. I have sent a letter to WOW mobile letting them know due to the fact I never recieved my sim card and service I feel I can not be a dedicated rep for them and I have requested my money back from ZOOM MOBILE as no one in my down line to include myself has had service due to roaming issues and their are some personal issues as well. No one in my entire downline has a signed contract with ZOOM MOBILE and we do not agree to what the contract says. I have been told that if someone doesnt sign the new contract that they will be refunded thier money and kicked out of ZOOM MOBILE. Why use the term kicked out? Wouldnt it be nicer to say…..If you dont agree to the new contract we will refund your money and wish you well? Again why make it personal keep it business when it comes to peoples money. I wish everyone luck and lets all try to get along…Life is way to short and everyone gets the same result in the end so why be miserable getting there? Not everyone is a fit for every company, and the last time I checked I lived in one of the FREE countries of the world. If someone thinks they can do it better then go for it start your own its a free country. Terry Anders CEO/FOUNDER ZRT WIRELESS KEEP IT CLEAN AND REAL AND GOD BLESS

    • Hey TJ,
      Very well said and your points are well taken. It IS the respect, honor, integrity, honesty and ethics in any one person or business that allows a business to flourish first and foremost. Without those KEY Principles and Character there isn't one person or one business that can succeed.
      We've all heard the saying that " it takes a villiage " and the same is true in any business. It takes a villiage in a team and a company FAMILY to achieve success not only for the business but for the individuals within that business. This is yet another reason for people to DO their Due Diligence.
      Due Diligence isn't about merely checking out a company and finding out if it's legitimate and legally sound. It's also about checking out individuals within that company from the top to the upline and even individuals in a downline before becoming involved. For the most part we personally WANT to believe that each and every individual is basically a good person. However, that isn't always the case as we find some that are not as honest or ethical. From that major standpoint, there are some individuals that DO care more about the numbers and the money than they do other individuals and their success also. It's more or less an unpreventable truth.
      What does count big in our opinion are those persons who maybe have little if any knowledge but one who shows a desire to be willing, learn, are coachable and try harder than some who assume because they know someone else or alot of someone elses they have the upper hand in businesss. Just because a person is well connected in the industry doesn't always mean they are the most honest or ethical individual to do business with or along side of.
      Finding a group of people who are willing to help each other and work together as a team family in any business is definitely a plus. That said, whatever you do __as long as you create respect, honor and have integrity in your business and hold your distributors and teams to a higher standard as well, there's little if any doubt that you'll have a great business and we wish you all the best!
      Viktoria & Gary Affron
      Panther Mobiles Duo' Primero

  17. Hey Troy,
    I personally do not know anybody that works for WOW Mobile or ZOOM Mobile, but I will tell you this, that the guy that goes by T.J Anders is a fake, a liar and someone that tried to sell me 3 years ago on a company that he said he was the # 2 person in a company that sold themselves on health and nutrition field. Why can't people just work this business and sell respectfully as well as being honest about who you are, but go about in a respectful way. I have no problem giving you my name as well as where I live, Duluth, MN. You might want to check out ZRT wireless, are you kidding me? I have been involved with Amway for over 20 years and I love their training programs and the way they do business, some of you may not like the health and wellness industry, and that's ok, but I am proud of the company that I represent. Just my personal dealings with T.J. Anders, there is no way in hell I would ever follow a simpleton. Troy love all you do, you truly are a "Great American". Thanks again for all you do.
    Brad Larson
    Duluth, MN


  18. I have no intention of starting any rumors but would a Zoom Mobile Rep be so kind as to inform us if Verizon either temporarily or permanently shut off Zoom Mobile? If not, then great. If so, please explain why?
    What are the carriers that power Zoom Mobile's phone service?
    What model phones are being activated for Zoom Mobile service?
    Is everything in Zoom progressing without any hitches or are there a few bumps in the road that go with the territory of new startup MLM? Is anyone willing to disclose what those bumps in the road might be? Thank you. — Mark

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