Effectively, because the very starting everybody has assumed Chris Greco was the true energy behind Excel Mobile International. Nonetheless, when he teamed up with Kevin Sipe of TechSoft, and former founding companion of Panther Cellular, some distributors started to marvel if we had gotten out info flawed. Whether or not Greco was only a wi-fi advisor, or 1/Three proprietor because it has been reported, both approach, he now controls the corporate by TechSoft.

Listed below are just a few questions distributors from each firms must be asking.
1. Are the Excel Mobile International Reps exempt from paying the month-to-month TechSoft charge?
2. Did these two firms merge to present the founders more cash to combat the Pending International Verge lawsuits?
3. Will TechSoft be merged into one other firm costing the distributors even greater month-to-month charges?
Effectively, let’s examine if Chris will shed some mild on this problem.
Dwelling An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Hey Troy __
    WHOA! Will be very interesting in lieu of other things going on in the industry and you probably already have your "sensor attenaes" qued into all of that too! The BEST seats in the theatre are always in the middle. SOUND is one thing, VISION is another but __the MOVIE is what people will pay to watch! Once they've SEEN the movie __they either come away from it with a HUGE WOW or they hated it.
    Either way, they REMEMBER what it is or wasn't they liked or didn't love about it!

  2. everything is all good at techsoft mobile. chris and kevin has shown me more by far than any other wireless niche company can even come close to. and i started looking into this business over a year ago with global verge and no one has done anything worth joining until now. chris and kevin will own the wireless niche and no one can even come close if we gave them a 2 year head start and that is the truth. i have sat on the sideline and have sponsored no one until techsoftmobile. and now i am tearing it up because of what we have to offer. we are number 1 in the wireless niche right now and will continue to pull away and collect thousands of distributers and customers along the way. as far as the statements above and questions above they are all false. anyone should be able to use common sense and know that you can not run this industry on free distributerships and grow and pay out squat. we are not running a welfare system. if anyone in excell or any other groups wants to build a large business and make a ton of money then they need to join the best.. there are groups from many other wireless niches that will continue to come to us because we can deliver like no other. i'm just being honest. chris greco knows this industry like no other out there that is trying get a wireless company off the ground. he scares the hell out of people and intimidates people in this industry because he is the best at it and they know it so it has never worked out between him and the wantabees in this industry. and together with kevin sipes it's all over people. everybody is getting in with us now or later. chris has no one to tell him no or do it the wrong way anymore. chris is for the distributer more than any other in this industry and everyone has got the wrong impression about him in this industry. no one will beat chris greco and kevin sipe in this industry and thats why i got in with them and my business is and will continue to explode. i would love to mention names and companies and groups but in no way would i ever do anything like that without chris and kevins permission. AND HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • Chris, I mean Phil, I mean Chris, which name are you going by these days. I guess you couldn't have said it better yourself, unless it was yourself. Global Verge, DNA, Panther, Excel, Global Pros, Tech Soft, have I left any out. Come On Man!!!
        Real Source

        • Amp'd. Zero One, AKW, Hop On, I could say the same thing real source, I mean Mark um Ted, Look, Facts are this, You have NO PRODUCT IN THE WIRELESS ARENA YOU CAN SELL TO THE PUBLIC THAT THE PUBLIC WANTS, NONE, I give you credit Sprint is great but you cant sell it to the public, Sorry, that is just what it is, I Don't See any wireless millionaires being made at Global Verge, But then again things could change so fast Real Source that you could be changing you tune FAST. I mean what would you do if some how we end up working together? Hmmmm. Makes you think huh, Would you stay at Global Verge or Leave?
          Further Phil Rogers the man who posted above, yeah hes a man he uses his real name, He is one of our leaders here at TechSoft Mobile. But hey Nice try. I guess I have 30 Computers with all these I.P. Addresses huh? Wow you guys really are on the koolaide.

          • Chris, what do you mean we have nothing to sell to the public. If you are talking retail and wireless we can sell our retail Coverage A plan to the public for $49.99 instead of them paying Verizon $89.99 plus taxes/fees and contract.
            Chris our big sale to the public is our GV membership plan, like Sam's Club or Costco you pay a membership to get discounted prices, we sell the GV membership program to the public, they can pay as low as $14.95 mo and get all the member benefits GV offers, including that killer Sprint members only plan. Chris it's funny when you say we can't sell to the public when right now Sprint.com is out of stock on the HTC EVO and GV reps can order an unlimited supply. Looks like GV can sell something to the public.
            As far as your comment about working together, not going to happen. If things go the way they probably will go, well enough said. Chris, good luck with your case, I'm glad you have grown up this week, because I heard the judge doesn't care for F bombs.
            Real Source

        • Real Source, there is something about you that really fires me up. Dude You have hid your identity from your first arrogant post here. Be nice to Chris dude, and maybe he will let you guys have access to some of his phones, plans, &etc! since you don't have any with GV.
          Being out of the phone business you don't have much to offer here, maybe you can Google
          high price water machines or, one of your other hub jewels, to help you find a more appropriate blog to vent on.
          OH! JUST WHO ARE YOU?

          • Wayne, "GMF" Awesome, I haven't gotten to say that in a while. Where have you been lately. Chris comes out, and here you come "Greco Maget Follower." Wayne, I burn your ass because every post I have written for the last 9 mos has been the truth and has happened. I guess you haven't been around lately, YEA! GV has phones, I love my HTC EVO "IT ROCKS" $89 bucks mo. GV has unlimited supply, guess what Sprint.com out of stock, go figure. Wayne you might be right about one thing, maybe we should be nice and thank Chris, because if it wasn't for him royally screwing us over, we never would've pulled this awesome Sprint members deal. Wayne don't worry, I think Chris is going to get what he is deserved. Wayne, you bring it out in me.
            Real Source

  3. Troy I will be calling you Today, Would sure like to shed light on the situation.
    Officially I am Welcoming Everyone from EXCEL CELLULAR GLOBAL to TECHSOFT MOBILE.
    There spot is secure with the Company, We are Grandfathering ECG Reps in.
    I will be calling you this Morning, Ill also reach out to Candice to call you as well, Excel has not gone anywhere, The whole company is intact inside of TechSoft.
    Also While I am here want to Congratulate Debbie Holton on being Voted on of the Wireless Distributors of the month at http://www.mlmwirelessnews.com

        • Chris, I think you should wake up! Can't you see all the negative comments about you? I am amazed at what you have created and all the hostility that transpired. Why don't you hang it up and take a break. Your reputation is worth more than creating more mlm companies that has a short life. I would love to come back and see positive responses on you. I am sure you are a honorable guy but I think you should wake up and take a break! Yoy are only making yourself look bad the longer you stay in.

  4. Troy,
    I've been getting calls all day from my team that was still involved with Excel Cellular Global after I left the company June 5th and they are all very disappointed with this latest development and I really don't blame them. However, the thought…. I told you so did run through my head with every new call…
    Although ECG was an interesting concept, a 100% free opportunity to join that payed out 12 levels deep in compensation it simply would be impossible to launch with no budget to properly finance the business through the development stages. Additionally with no income other than from the sales of service plans which only have 10-15% in margin plus or minus depending on the program you are reselling and income from the sale of phones it was really going to be hard to make a significant income with that program.
    I know a lot of people that worked really hard to build their business with ECG only to find a situation where there was no support for them as distributors or for their clients. I had many of my reps complain about how they would order products (sim cards etc) and it would take weeks to receive them and then when these issues were brought up on conference calls they would be told that people were giving the wrong addresses etc and that is why they didn't get their orders… LOL… seriously? ECG was using paypal to process orders, paypal has a very in-depth process to ensure clients have the correct shipping address in their profile for orders. Anyway, this among other issues indicated that the company was not going to be a very long lived venture.
    Well, adieu ECG… adieu…
    Quietly building an empire one rep at a time,
    Rick Weston
    Future Wireless Millionaire

    • Rick, I hope I covered it all above. I had praised you every time you discussed and am shocked how unfair you and your team have been. This was not an easy choice for me and unlike you I did not, hide and I tried to do the best I could. I hope when you get up what you are working on it goes better for you. At least I can say I tried that is more than any of you have done! I can sleep well knowing I have not stole one dime from any one. Everyone has the option refunds or product. No charge backs were necessary here unlike what happened to you at DNA the whole reason you started your blog if I recall correctly.

    I’m amazed at how fast the existing website at Excel Cellular Global has been updated. After weeks of being told that they were too busy working on the new site to spend time on the old site. I guess Chris must have finished the new TECHSOFT MOBILE site he’s been working on for a couple of weeks (remember he announced that he was starting a new venture) and now can spend the time to revise the old Excel site for Candice to get all the Excel reps transferred over to TECHSOFT MOBILE! Wow! Talk about moving quickly! And doing things RIGHT!
    How ‘bout that ACCESSORIES LINK that for weeks has said “Available JULY 10th”. Now it clicks right on in to the TECHSOFT MOBILE’s Accessories tab! INCREDIBLE!
    How ‘bout the new WELCOME STATEMENT.
    “We are one of the Largest Groups inside of TECHSOFT MOBILE, We welcome our Entire team and are ready to make this take off. With TECHSOFT MOBILE, We will have the support, and Fullfilment that we need to succeed, I look Forward to Continue working with you as the Leader of Team EXCEL inside of TECHSOFT MOBILE, You can find us here at http://www.techsoftmobile.com/120201”
    “One of the largest groups” ……….. everyone I’ve talked to is really pissed and has realized they’ve been “Grecoed”. I wonder how many have actually signed up under Candice in TECHSOFT MOBILE.
    “Ready to make this take off!…………. WOW!! We’ve all heard that before!
    “We WILL have the support”! …………OH YEAH! That’s odd! Check this out! http://techsoftmobile.com/about.htm and dial 941-807-4826………………. WHOA! Guess What! You get a recorded message that says.
    “The mailbox belonging to 941-807-4826 is full and cannot accept new messages at this time. Please try again later. Bye.
    “I look Forward to Continue working with you as the Leader of Team EXCEL”…………… So I’m wondering what new Leadership skills she’s developed in the past few days. New ways to LIE and MAKE EXCUSES and BLAME OTHERS and USE PEOPLE! New ways to TAKE OUR MONEY AND NEVER DELIVER THE PRODUCTS!
    “You can find us here at http://www.techsoftmobile.com/120201”…………….. Be sure and sign up under 120201. We wouldn’t you to be placed under anyone but Candice!
    “ECG is Now Part of the TECHSOFT MOBILE Family, We Welcome Everyone at Excel Cellular Global aboard and cannot wait to help you succeed. “………………. I BET That’s right!
    Looks like the old site is still highly monetized! Excellent job Chris. You know… all those Google Ads that are linked to YOUR Adsense Accounts. I remember how you encouraged us to click in to our websites several times a day. You said to give our website information to others so they would click in and to be sure to click on all the ads. Even the ones that sent our prospective customers to sites that would compete with what we were trying to accomplish! You said doing this would boost our ratings. Wow, I don’t recall you telling us how this would affect your bank account! Oh, by the way, who did you say got that whopping $21,000 advertising bonus pay out from the monetization of 600 EXCEL websites. We never got to hear from them! Bonnie and Sal (Mr. Community Organizer) ……….. are you really out there? We’d LOVE to hear from you and see a copy of the EXCEL Bonus Check and the deposit slip where it went into your bank account. Or maybe Candace could post a copy of the cancelled check to the Website.
    And, speaking of monetization. Consider this!
    How many times were we told that Excel would always be a FREE MLM Opportunity. The only one ever!
    Multiply $199.95 times 600 Excel Reps. That’s $119,970.00. Then multiply $39.95 times 600 Excel Reps. That’s $23,970.00 per month and multiply that times 12 months. That’s $287,640.00. Not a bad annual income to split between Kevin, Chris, and Candice! And on top of that is the 50% the company earns from from cell phones, prepaid packages, and accessories. Not bad. I think I need to start my own MLM!
    A lot of promises were made while we poured our blood, sweat, and tears into Excel. We constantly gave Candice the benefit of the doubt because of her inexperience with MLM. And we believed her LIES because we really did want this to work! Gotta give it to her though for finally accepting the fact that she was in WAY OVER HER HEAD! Maybe Chris did take advantage of her situation for his own gain………….. Maybe she got Greckoed too!
    Regarding TECHSOFT MOBILE….. Their shopping cart DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE ON A SECURE SITE! Check out the URL Box. It says “http://” . A secure site says https:// and there is NO CLOSED PADLOCK at the bottom of the Browser indicating a secure site. Only a padlock pasted onto the page itself. HERE WE GO AGAIN! They want use to give our Credit Card Info and SS# on an unsecured site!
    Well, I’ve personally had it Candice and Chris and Kevin! As Gomer Pyle used to say! “Fool me once – shame on you! Fool me twice – SHAME ON ME!”

    • The best way I think to answer is please read above and I am sorry! I did not lie I really did try and I wish I could do more. This was affecting my time as a mother, small business owner, and not being completely fair to you all and I thought I did what was best for you all long term. I am not an owner of tech soft just on the same level as any one else. I am going to try to learn from people who seam to know more about MLM than my self.

      • Hey Candice,
        Well Said __now let's see what happens from here! You say you're going to " I am going to try to learn from people who seam to know more about MLM than my self. " That would be good news! Perhaps you should consider taking a " good break " while hubby is in OTS. That way you could spend more time with your precious children and the activities you're going to be engaging in with hubby at OTS. It's a BIG HUGE 3 months of fun and frolick – enjoy it and __
        Stay away from all this stuff with all these tumultuous issues. When OTS is over and all is said and done, especially and hopefully 3 months from now __you can come back STRONG and have more knowledge in reading and learning than you did before.
        We'll be more than happy to meet you by phone and answer as many questions and help you with understanding MLM as we have 20+ years experience and knowledge of and __provide you with some awesome resources ( NO business promotions or suggestions)!
        Wishing You a Fun Time @ OTS!
        Viktoria & Gary Affron

    • Thomas thank you for the comment, Yes we know, Look FREE is great no doubt, you sponsor 1 rep and 1 customer here thats it you can make 78.00 a month, thats a 38.00 profit after your auto ship, And this isnt on Candice, she did the best she could, The company had its issues, and we offered a solution to keep the team together and keep people paid, Please tell me another wireless MLM you are going to go to with this many products and phones, ………. NO ONE, no to mention our auto ship is the lowest in the industry.
      Further We are not charging EXCEL reps the 199.95 that is waived we are Grandfathering them in, I appreciate Everyone and the comments you add to this community, I will say this, With the launch of new products like the Satellite phone that anyone can go in and purchase now, Over 70 Phones, Accessories, and 17 different carriers!, not plans Carriers, Bring your own Phone to Boost CDMA, yes blackberrys are included, We have done this right Including this acquisition, Would you rather have had Excel collapse? This way you can keep you team intact and have a company that is producing, as for Customer support, WE have NO COMPLAINTS, Nice try, But hey, People will have to see it. Also support is on the home page of the Website, the number you called is Kevins Cell Phone. I welcome everyone to TechSoft Mobile and hope to help you build a great business, You can get in the Game or sit on the side lines, you can even play for another team, its all up to you, you are now in the Big Leagues here, I look forward to watching you grow, whether here or elsewhere.

    • What I find interesting Grecoed is that Chris openly encouraged Click Fraud on his calls. If Google gets wind of that, they will shut down his adsense account, blacklist his websites from Google and eliminate the revenue stream he uses to fund his matrix payouts. That is about as black hat as they come.
      I can't offer you a free home. But if you or any other Excel Wireless rep are like me and are finally fed up with the lies, BS, and the failure to deliver (which I can back up with a false tracking number, a promise to deliver 3 phones that still haven't arrived a month later), I can help you. No it isn't free, but you will find ethics, integrity, and true leadership, and the best paying comp plan in the industry that does not require Click Fraud to fund.

      • Paul again you try and blast me, I am trying so much to be nice here and not tear that company you have down in a blaze, If I release that info paul it may hurt me to but Global Pros will suffer greatly and all that integrity you are talking about goes right out the window, So hey I will say you are shipping phones, It would be great if those phones actually worked when people got them but hey your shipping phone, Why do you think we pulled so many leaders GP sent Platinutel too? Hmmm Maybe because like I said It doesnt work.
        As for adsense, Please provide one call in which that was said? are calls are recorded as were Excel, So again nice try. I could have Global Pros get shut down for selling some specific products on their site, because they do not have authorization to do so, But I haven't hey you guys decide how you want to play it,
        Currently you have Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile for sale on your site, Well Unless you have this in Writing from These Respective companies, that violates the Terms of Service and Both Boost and Virgin can come after Global Pros Legally, See I crossed my t's and Dotted my i's and actually have a real Portal for both and have Written Permission, Does Global Pros?
        I dont think so. I could be wrong and they are more than welcome to produce this, We can.

        • Gee Chris you seem to have the mistaken belief that I speak for Global Pros. Nothing could be further from the truth. The opinions (which you helped forge by the way) are mine and mine alone. They are not necessarily the opinions of GlobalPros or of their officers. I speak for myself and not on anyone's behalf.
          Good I have that cleared up. Let's clear a couple of other things up shall we. In your above response you stated "Nice try, There is no Disguising my Boston Accent,"
          My answer to that, is No Sh*t Sherlock, that was how we all knew Mathew was you.
          As for your suggesting your reps take part in Google Adsense Click Fraud. Chris we both know that there are your official recorded calls. But that all starts 5-15 minutes after you start your calls. And we have all been on your rants where you have been known to say just about anything. (Hey The BS Detector was on the call where your rant took you down the road where you slandered a competitor, calling him a pedophile) Did you forget about that?Hey I was on the call when you also accused this same competitor of having an affair with his secretary. I bet you forgot about that as well.
          For the record I have never heard you instruct anyone to commit Google Adsense Click fraud. I first heard about it from the comment left by Grecoed. So without any proof on my part that you encouraged click fraud, it is strictly hearsay. Not sufficient grounds for me to report it to Google. So no worries there. However if you did suggest adsense click fraud on your calls and people you pissed off heard you suggest it, I would worry about them reporting the click fraud.
          One final thing, for the record, I supported you, defended you, endorsed you, prayed for you when you were diagnosed with cancer, cried for you when your Mamma died. So whyall of a sudden am I throwing you under the bus? What did you do to create such anger and animosity on my part? Simple, I caught you in a lie. Here is an email you sent me on June 26th…
          Sorry man been chasing Inbox X
          Chris Greco to me
          show details Jun 26
          I have been chasing web guys and doctors, Anyway, I am getting ready to ship you a terrestar phone, I also Am sending you some other things, Enjoy, Well as you can see with the new Wizard site it is up and live I am giving you logins for it.
          Now you can activate anyone you want in the us for free point and click, check it out!!
          We can talk tonight if you have time
          Paul Douglas to Chris
          show details Jun 26
          I am home after 8PM your time. I will try you around 7 on my way home, when I get off work. I look forward to checking things out.
          – Show quoted text –

          – Show quoted text –
          On June 29th you asked me for my shipping address again. I sent it to you.
          On your June 30th call you gave me a tracking number for the phones you sent up to me. I tried it it didn't work. So on July 1st I sent you this email…
          What's going on Chris? Inbox X
          Paul Douglas to Chris
          show details Jul 1
          Label/Receipt Number: 2305 0270 0001 6592 5425
          There is no record of this item.
          Why Are You Receiving This Message?
          1. Event information may not be available if your item was mailed recently. Please try again later.
          2. The number was entered incorrectly. Be sure to enter all of the letters and numbers as they appear on your mailing label or receipt.
          – Show quoted text –
          What's going on Chris? Inbox X
          Paul Douglas to Chris
          show details Jul 1
          Label/Receipt Number: 2305 0270 0001 6592 5425
          There is no record of this item.
          Why Are You Receiving This Message?
          1. Event information may not be available if your item was mailed recently. Please try again later.
          2. The number was entered incorrectly. Be sure to enter all of the letters and numbers as they appear on your mailing label or receipt.
          – Show quoted text –
          chris@unlimitedwizard.com to me
          show details Jul 1
          Images are not displayed.
          Display images below – Always display images from chris@unlimitedwizard.com
          Ill check it
          Sent on the Zapp® Network from my BlackBerry® Wireless Wizard
          Then on July 7th we had the following exchange…
          What The F**k? Inbox X
          Paul Douglas to Chris
          show details Jul 7
          Hey Chris,
          It has been a week. It should have shown up on tracking by now.
          Home | Help | Sign In
          Track & Confirm FAQs
          Label/Receipt Number: 2305 0270 0001 6592 5425
          There is no record of this item.
          Why Are You Receiving This Message?
          1. Event information may not be available if your item was mailed recently. Please try again later.
          2. The number was entered incorrectly. Be sure to enter all of the letters and numbers as they appear on your mailing label or receipt.
          Enter Label/Receipt Number.
          I hope to Hell you are not bullshitting.
          – Show quoted text –
          chris@unlimitedwizard.com to me
          show details Jul 7
          I have no explination only an apology, the. Woman at the post office should have known that I couldn't send it that way. So I have to send it registered I got it back yesterday, I will be issuing an apology on my call tomorrow, I have no excuse except my stupidity.
          Sent on the Zapp® Network from my BlackBerry® Wireless Wizard
          From: Paul Douglas
          Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 18:49:28 -0500
          To: Chris Greco
          Subject: What The Fuck?
          – Show quoted text –
          Paul Douglas to chris
          show details Jul 7
          You see Chris, this is the second time you tried to send me something and it was returned because it wasn't registered. So never mind the girls at the post office, you should have known better as this happened twice now.
          It is because of the friendship we have formed that I am coming to you and saying you talk a good, lively fiery talk, but fall flat on follow through. So prove me wrong on that. But I will not publicly discredit you, yet.
          Just cut out the BS.
          PS. When you tell me that you are sending me something and it doesn't arrive, you make me look stupid and cost me credibility, much the same way my credibility was damaged by GlobalVerge last year. I had several people lined up to beta test, that are still waiting.
          Follow me on Facebook.
          Where the PROs go for their MLM_Leads..
          The only training your downline will ever need. http://www.ultimatesuccesscds.com/cmd.asp?Clk=366
          Free Business Advertising – Advertise for Free. Reach 1000s Instantly : http://salespider.com/signup.php?id=2183211
          – Show quoted text –
          chris@unlimitedwizard.com to me
          show details Jul 7
          That's fair
          Sent on the Zapp® Network from my BlackBerry® Wireless Wizard
          So Chris you managed to fool me for several months. But it was at this point that I realized that you had no intention on keeping your promises to me. Brian Holloway once said the cause of all bad attitudes is a broken promise. So Chris you brought this on yourself, when you failed to deliver on what you promised.
          Chris if you continue to do what you have always done as far as breaking your promises, fou will fail to follow through for the people who have continued to follow you blindly. They will also feel betrayed and hurt (the way Grecoed did). Hopefully they will not be hurt financially as well. So learn from this lesson Chris
          My conscience is now clear. I wash my hands of you. We are done here.

          • Hey Paul Douglas,
            Great post! Paul, when we first began reading and commenting here at MLM Help Desk __we read a lot of YOUR comments and replies. Admittedly in the beginning, we weren't entirely sure where you were coming from as all of us are guilty of supporting one company, business, person or another and we change our minds and opinions from time to time.
            NONE of us are " super gurus " or anything near that. EVEN WE after 20+ years and working MLM since the mid to late 70's ARE just " ordinary " people working long and hard hours achieving " extraordinary " things! IF WE CAN DO IT being disabled and many times homebound __SO CAN ANYONE!
            Who we are and what we do has more to do with our personal Principles and Character and helping others to achieve their goals as we have our own. We are however, people who strongly believe in supporting others, helping them learn and educating them on the inner workings, methods and concepts of MLM.
            Someone once said __" if you roll in the mud with the pigs, you're bound to get some on you and the pigs love it when this happens ". In our humble opinion, that person was right on target and as for us, we'd rather steer clear and as far away from the Pig Pens as possible. That doesn't mean from time to time that we don't make comments but we do try to make them in such a way that no one is offended. We may not always be right in our thoughts and opinions, however __we ARE right to stay away from the " mud" slinging and we admire anyone else who does the same.
            TRUTH is truth no matter how it's told. It's nearly impossible for someone caught on the fence in barbed wire to tell a lie about how they got there in the first place. In fact, it is (oh so obvious) that if they never got near it and tried to crawl over it, they might not have gotten caught up and had to create a drama story as to how they ended up there.
            Basically, there will always be those " certain " people who seem to have created their own " self proclaimed " pedestals and stories about how they have the only, the best and they'll be the only ones left standing at the end of the day. IF they understood the psychology of people and social orgainzation unlike " some " here who merely love to hear themselves talk or see their words in print __they might actually see the light and achieve the success they envy others for having. Nothing worth having is achieved overnight and certainly NOT in 9 months of " hopping " from company to company with a master " fantasy " of monopolizing the industry!
            There is NO backbone in anything that someone has to consistently shout out to the world and beg for attention. That sort of behavior is merely an attempt to cover their own insecurity while trying to convince others THEY are the one that should be being paid attention to.
            These types of compulsiive and impulsive personalities rarely if ever look into their own mirrors __choosing instead to defocus and distract while pointing fingers at others so the attention isn't on them personally, while all the time making SURE everyone else IS in fact paying attention to them by any means possible. Their behavior extends to and includes AUDIO replies, sarcasm, insults and overkill comments regarding their own abilities and proclaiming how their not perfect but yet now they know everything.
            Paul __
            Given what's been happening over the past 9 months __we' have to agree with Troy. it's going too be nearly impossible to predict WHO and WHAT company will survive. Having all these mergers, lawsuits, " free willy " biz plans and opporutnities is merely going to result in emotion at play at the end of the day and __not much else if things don't change and at least ONE company rises from the ashes out of all of this. Troy makes a good point in stating the TOP 4 carriers may very well put a stop to all of this in the end .
            We now have 7.7 Million Americans unemployed at the start of this recession and people are desperate for something to earn money. WHY for goodness sakes do we have to engage in all this embattlement amongst companies and " certain " personalities in order to help each other survive?
            WE DON'T and that's WHY we have good, honest and ethical Distributors out here in EACH company like yourself Paul Douglas and we and many others. WE ALL have great ideas to share amongst ourselves and IT's TIME WE START DOING IT and let these OTHER " Disneyland and Star Wars Cartoonists " end up where they may!
            THERE IS GOING TO BE ONE GREAT SEMINAR in Dallas, Texas on August 27th and 28th, 2010 with Gerald P. Nehra's ( world renowned MLM attorney) partner Richard Waak and D. Jack Smith ALONG WITH several other INFLUENTIAL SPEAKERS and sponsored by Co-hosts of the event and the Network Marketing Business Journal, and the selected speakers. In addition __
            The Seminar costs only $99 for two days __a nominal fee to cover the costs of the coffee breaks and the two provided lunches . Personal consulting sessions can be scheduled with the speakers at no additional cost after the event. They will be open to and providing information that otherwise would cost $1,000's of dollars to cover topics anyone in our industry would love to have in their arsenal of information for personal use and sharing with others.
            THIS IS EXACTLY what's needed amongst all these new " start ups " and " launches" is some EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE of HOW TO accomplish what everyone is trying to do. IF anyone doesn't know of or hasn't heard of Gerry Nehra, LOOK HIM UP @

            TOPIC IS:
            " How to Start, Build & Manage a Direct Sales/Network Marketing/M.L.M Company "
            For MORE Info on the August 27th – 28th, 2010 in Dallas, Texas " EX7 Seminar "
            ( EX7, the seminar’s “nickname,” stands for “Excel-erate Your Business.” )
            Visit this site, find the banner beneath the webpage header on the right hand side that says " EX7 Seminar " __click on it and make your reservation or call Linda Bruno at Network Marketing Business Journal @ 815-726-5555.
            More information is at http://www.nmbj.com.
            Please tell Linda Bruno you were referred by the Nehra & Waak firm.
            MOVING ON PAUL __
            WE WOULD LOVE to MEET YOU and have a conversation with you by phone when convenient for you and get to know you better. OUR interest is solely in communicating and building relationships within our industry that are professional, long term and experience and knowledge oriented.
            WE WELCOME YOU and ANYONE ELSE HERE to contact us and let's get to know each other better __just SIMPLE " down to earth hello's " and general exchanges of good ideas and HOW TO HELP EACH OTHER and fellow marketers in the industry. WE CAN BE REACHED between the hours of 11 am and midnight – 7 Days weekly – Eastern Time and our phone number is posted at the bottom of this comment.
            FOLKS __ALL the negative comments and the embattlement that began many, many months ago between Distributors in various companies and those just arriving on the scene has done little if anything to further the education, experience or knowledge of those good, honest, ethical and hard working Marketers who really are " Seriously Seeking S.U.S.A.N. "
            S = Seriously
            U = Unparalleled
            S = Success
            A = And
            N = NO Negatives!
            We personally COMMEND ALL of you who've stuck with your perspective choices and companies. Just because there's a few " hiccups " or some things that need a little more " tweeking " DOES NOT MEAN necessarily that YOUR company is finished for good. IT is the STRENGTH of ANY companies Distributors to HANG WITH __HELP BUILD, SUPPORT and CONTINUE TO MOTIVATE OTHERS that MAKES a company SUCCEED!
            WE ALL CAN DO THIS! ALL any one of us has to do is FIND the ONE company to become involved with that any one of us can be PASSIONATE about and FOCUS on building relationships and business. It's really THAT simple! IF you're a reader here and part of THIS great community __LOOK for the TROY's, the STEVE PRESLEY's, the PAUL DOUGLAS's, the AFFRON's and SEVERAL OTHERS that make sense to you when you read their comments. LOOK FOR and FIND the POSITIVES!
            THEY MAY just have what you're seeking and BE the ONEs that will HELP YOU MOST contrary to THOSE who merely want to RECRUIT you into something that MAY NOT LAST due to personalities invovled, shrewd marketing tactics AND __lawsuits that MAY remove their assets and THEIR company. DON'T get involved if there's already LEGAL issues __LOOK FOR and FIND a company that's ON IT's FEET, MOVING FORWARD and PROVIDING what THEY SAY THEY CAN and in a timely fashion __EVEN IF they're just beginning and ESPECIALLY IF they HAVE good people with INTEGRITY!
            Remember __" It's NOT how good you are, it's HOW BAD you want it! "
            Viktoria & Gary Affron
            Phone: 386-438-8056

          • nice paul again here is what ill do. since everyone wants to knorr the truth., know what happened at global pros. ill give everyone some great insight in the form of minutes. ok. i am glad you were with mer paul. but hey when your promised service etc and gp doesn't follow through we will be here.
            its funny that even though i didn't have any say the last two months its all on me. thats fine.
            hey your right paul im done here. at some point it will all come back together. we are merging another wireless mlm into techsoft mobile. you will see alot of that.
            i wish you the best of luck. watch this week as we again make history and im sure news.

      • Paul, you sure are spending a lot of potential business building time and energy here. I use to do that too when things slowed down, but lately haven't had that much idle time. Later, I have to go.

        • Wayne, in spite you and I going our separate ways, I consider you too good a friend to get involved in a pissing contest with you. You see my issues are not with you, or for that matter even Tech Soft. The issue I have is with Chris alone. Good luck and God Bless.

          • Paul, you and Real Source just got hit with a double 00 buckshot of "Greco and TSM breaking news" with today's announcement. I don't think you guys will survive this one.
            I hear an echo from afar, "Gaameeeee issss oooover
            PS: Real Source, Really who are you ?

          • A Verizon MVNO? Big Deal. That is just an asset to be seized by the courts to satisfy the judgement Global Verge will get. As you predicted the last time we spoke Wayne, you and your team may be back working with Global Verge in the not to distant future. Enjoy.

          • Wayne "GMF" The only breaking news I heard was "Global Verge will never jump back in to bed with Greco, and the only place they would see him is in a court room."
            Great timing for Greco to make an announcement don't ya think.
            Keep following "GMFers"
            Real Source

          • Paul, it' nice to know you are the jury and sentencing Judge in this matter. By the way, where will you be when it's all over?

    • Grecoed,
      With fairness to the question about the security of the shopping cart on Techsoft Mobile. They are using an Iframe to show the cart info from a https address. So technically the portion of the page that is displaying the cart info is actually from a secure page. I'm not a big fan of doing it this way as I am not 100% positive in my mind that it is the best way to secure the site, however I think that it is most likely ok by most standards.
      I too have received numerous calls from reps that are incredibly angry about this latest development and it will be interesting to watch over the next several months what becomes of Techsoft Mobile and crew.
      One of the trends that I see with many of these new network marketing companies is the tendency toward of everything being virtual… P.O. Boxes for company addresses, virtual phone numbers for customer support etc etc.
      Quietly building an empire… one rep at a time,
      Rick Weston
      Future Wireless Millionaire

      • Hey Ricky,
        Good info regarding __" One of the trends that I see with many of these new network marketing companies is the tendency toward of everything being virtual… P.O. Boxes for company addresses, virtual phone numbers for customer support etc etc."
        We have done alot of trainings in the past in MLM companies both for our own involvement in some and as guest hosts and speakers for others. We've always taught that if a company doesn't have a PHYSICAL ADDRESS and REAL SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER listed on their website and where a Distributor CAN CALL and REACH A REAL LIVE PERSON _ RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!
        Our KUDO's to YOU Ricky for reminding EVERYONE here and elsewhere HOW TO STAY SAFE in choosing a SOLID and LEGITIMATE company!
        Viktoria & Gary Affron
        Phone: 386-438-8056

    • Okay Helloooo Grecoed __
      WOW is right on and you posted more than a mouthful, ROFLOL! 🙂
      You posted __"I guess Chris must have finished the new TECHSOFT MOBILE site he’s been working on for a couple of weeks (remember he announced that he was starting a new venture) __"
      ACTUALLY the Techsoft Mobile Site was started and being heavily worked on WAY BACK in March and April, by none other than the infamous KEVIN SIPE __WHILE he was feverishly working extended long hours on while Panther Mobile Distributors were feeling so sorry for him being so tired and not being able to spend time with family. HE (and possibly Chris Greco also) KNEW EXACTLY what he was working on and it WASN'T Panther Mobile but TECHSOFT MOBILE .com .
      You're absolutely 100% CORRECT about Gomer Pyle saying __"Fool me once, shame on you and fool me twice __shame on ME! How one does such as KEVIN SIPE and pretends he was having NOTHING MORE to do with CHRIS GRECO and then SURPRISE (another Gomer Pyle saying) THEY MERGE TOGETHER and become Techsoft Mobile, Excel Cellular Global, Truth Wireless and a number of others. THEN __SURPRISE (again) >>> NOW the hints that Global Verge and they have something going __NEVER would EVER materialize BUT __NOW WOW (in late July) Mobile has XXX amount of new SIM CARDS and according to Chris Greco WOW Mobile is activating their GSM phones through TECHSOFT MOBILE __SURPRISE??? SO NOT given the track record of MONOPOLIZING and strategical acquisitions of other companies in trouble or failing.
      WHO in their right mind would even ADMIT to such with all the controversy iswirling around them? Certainly NOT Chris Greco and Kevin Sipe. When the VOLCANO of ALL Business Volcano's ERUPTS on September 1st and 2nd (already past, this is Septermber 5th posting) we will ALL FIND OUT what's coming down the pike for both these industry self-proclaimed guru's.
      My husband has this saying __"if you want to become a guru __NEVER follow one!" and he's right!
      The problem we see in ALL of this is ONE maybe TWO people who have a TRACK RECORD for doing things ONLY to benefit themselves. YES __they've been caught with their pants down before but __THIS TIME they may NOT have a chance to pull them up in time to RUN again due to prior legal issues, lack of money and HIDDEN assets on a BIGGER run. They've only learned HOW to do it better but in the end BETTER may be the catalyst that gives them exactly what they've been working toward. Who knows for how long but how sad for their families and children let alone ALL the distributors that believed in them. Sure, we could ALL be wrong because __
      NO ONE CAN predict the future NOR do ANY of us know ALL the facts surrounding these issues but for sure they WILL BE TOLD eventually and then EVERYONE (those who joined them and supported them) can and WILL make their decisions short of any integrity or CREDIBILITY they once had and must begin building all over again to gain the respect and honor they once had with other people they've invited into any one business.
      It won't be good enough to simply say __"sorry I made a mistake". At this juncture, with everything that's happened and all the reporting on it __there will be NO excuse or alibi for having MADE any mistake and claiming they didn't know and that's truly SAD for them also.
      One thing we do know is: We must ALL be compassionate and understanding on some level. These are people who might've known and believed anyway out of desperation or some sense of overnight desire and get rich quick dreams. We must ALL as honest and ethical distributors give them a benefit of doubt on some level and do our best to support and hellp them how to do better next time around. They'll eventually want a good home after all of this and we'll ALL be out here waiting for them to call us and we'll be sure to give them that much needed support rather than admonish them for having made such a mistake in the first place because that's what GOOD SPONSORS, Marketiers and Direct Sales People DO is give 2nd and even 3rd chances!
      Helping others through difficult times brings reward just knowing WE as fellow humans, marketers and direct sales individuals take time to care!
      Viktoria & Gary Affron

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for being so fare with this post! I would like to say first of all I am sorry I could not make Excel work the way I had wanted. I Candice Kealy Smith am the mother of the Melanie (10), Corey (7), Erin (2), and the Proud Army Wife of Deric Smith. I have one brother that has the same parents, four others have the same father and three stepsiblings and just to clarify Ricks post none is Chris! This is easy to look up and I would be happy to provide proof. I own cell phone stores and have most of my prior experience from AT&T. I had seen what had taken place over the last few years and thought I could do it better and free. Unfortunately, I had no experience in MLM before and I was taken for a lot of money for software that would have made excel thrive. I am the one who has coast my self a lot of money for salary of support staff, a server, sight, and many legal fees to make sure I tried to do this right. I hired seven people to do customer support in addition to my local stores as support at the request of Thomas. I offered a real product and service. I could not do this on my own and bit off more than I could handle. My husband as every one in Excel knows just left for officer training school after being in for over ten years. I tried to raise my three children, run an established business, launch a company and move to a new home all at once. There is no one to blame but me! I am very sorry and I wish I could have done more. The reason I suggested we go to tech soft was there software was top notch, they have support and there products were the same. I would love to have continued Excel and Chris and Kevin even offered to give me guidance to continue! I did not think it was fair or that I would be keeping my word by doing so. I promised my team I would not promises them some thing and not do it. I am trying to keep my word. The orders were falling behind I was trying to process commissions and orders manually once there were a few errors. It was all over whelming. I failed at trying to do it all by myself and when I was offered help some people let that go to there head. I am sorry that I tried to do too much at once. I definitely got a lesson on MLM. I have offered everyone who did not receive there product a full refund and I have one or two that are not happy and I am doing every thing I can to fix that. Two customers had given incorrect info, the prepaid money was already placed on that sim, and I am working on having that fixed or refunded. I also said I would process orders if they still wanted a product threw my local store. No one has been forced into tech soft I just thought it was a good fit. As for legal issues with GV, Troy I have no idea. I am sorry I was not around for that and only know what I have been told and read. For the Fee at tech soft people have a break on them and from what I understand that if they enroll enough people they are free there also. I might not have understood that completely so I will get back to you on that. I also would like people to know I am going over to tech soft and did say I would like to keep my team together as they are but not every one will go so that will not be possible. I did clarify that on the call Tuesday night. I would love to speak with you any time and know I might not have been fair to you when I heard “o what will Troy say” and I will admit I said, “I did not care.” I was focused on what I was doing and trying to do right by these people. I can only try to fix what I have done learn from my mistakes, and continue to be honest. Thank you all again and from the bottom of my heart I am sorry I failed you!

    • This has got to be a joke. Who would follow this person anywhere. why do people continue to follow Chris after all of the non truths this man has spoken and continues to spout.
      wake up people this man is dangerous.

        • OOPS Chris!
          You're slipping again man. That E.G,O, (edging God Out) has to go! YOU GET NOTHING accomplished by shouting arrogance from the top of your SELF PROCLAIMED pedestal!
          CHRIS YOU NEED A BOOK called "How to Win Friends and Influence People" – Written by Dale Carnegie __ READ THIS NEXT POST!

          • From time to time in our reading and commenting here:
            We find all sorts of personalities, some friendly, some egotistical and some downright sarcastic and angry. The entire marketing industry and Methods of Selling is built on BUILDING relationships. If you're NOT bulding relationships __YOU DON'T HAVE a real business!
            One of the worlds largest legal /auditing firms called " Coopers & Lybrand " became the 6gh largest of it's kind worldwide and built their business on this ONE saying __
            " KNOWLEDGE IS POWER "
            There are some really GREAT words in the book written by Dale Carnegie – Published in 1937 __This book has sold 15 Million copies Globally AND its __
            " How to Win Friends and Influence People "
            The Below is From Wikipedia Written by Dale Carnegie 1937
            Fundamental Techniques in Handling People:
            1. Don't criticize, condemn, or complain.
            2. Give honest and sincere appreciation.
            3. Arouse in the other person an eager want.
            Six Ways to Make People Like You:
            1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
            2. Remember that a man's Name is to him the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
            3. Be a good listener.
            4. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
            5. Talk in the terms of the other man's interest.
            6. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely
            Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking
            1. Avoid arguments.
            2. Show respect for the other person's opinions. Never tell someone they are wrong.
            3. If you're wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically.
            4. Begin in a friendly way.
            5. Start with questions the other person will answer yes to.
            6. Let the other person do the talking.
            7. Let the other person feel the idea is his/hers.
            8. Try honestly to see things from the other person's point of view.
            9. Sympathize with the other person.
            10. Appeal to noble motives.
            11. Dramatize your ideas.
            12. Throw down a challenge & don't talk negative when the person is absent, talk about only positive.
            Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment:
            1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation.
            2. Call attention to other people's mistakes indirectly.
            3. Talk about your own mistakes first.
            4. Ask questions instead of directly giving orders.
            5. Let the other person save face.
            6. Praise every improvement.
            7. Give them a fine reputation to live up to.
            8. Encourage them by making their faults seem easy to correct.
            9. Make the other person happy about doing what you suggest.

            We genuinely and sincerely HOPE that THIS POST will help everyone in Marketing and their business. We're NO magical GURU's of anything but __WE DO READ and LEARN. We're NOT HERE to admonish anyone or insult anyone else's intelligence. We want to SHARE GOOD THINGS that HELP EVERYONE in our day to day business!
            Viktoria & Gary Affron

          • Two excellent posts Victoria. You are definitely the true leader that Chris proclaimed you to be on MLMWirelessNews.com. You do deserve the award of Leader of the month.

          • @Paul,
            Each month I think I will win the award, and you keep beating me out 🙂 And I don't even come close to Victoria. Guess it is a good thing I have my own blog.

          • Troy YOU Are TOO Funny!
            Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, He, He, He, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm afraid you DO have me beat after all as you have such a great following and YOUR blog certainly is a lot better looking than ours, LOL!
            In any event, thanks for the compliment. There's NO better compliment than one from someone whose GREAT themselves and makes another person look good and refers them to others s a person that has the qualifications, experience and knowledge in their field of interests in all they accomplish!
            Paul Douglas is SURELY a GREAT Leader as is evidenced by his following and all the people he's personally helped in MLM business opportunities as well!
            Semper Fi
            Viktoria & Gary Affron
            Phone: 386-438-8056

          • Don't give up hope Troy. Just like the CTIA rescinded Zer01's award last year, there is now a very good possibility my awards will be rescinded as well now that I have thrown Chris under the bus. If nothing else, I have put myself out of the running for future months, giving you better odds.
            Thanks that was a great cap to an amazing morning.

          • Hey Paul,
            THANK YOU for your compliment and AGAIN Congratulations to YOU for being awarded "Leader of the Month" as well! You ALSO are a great leader ~ we've been reading your blog. If it matters, GO PUT YOUR LINK or send it to Amanda @ MLM Wireless News. They finally POSTED mine as a comment I left there and AM SURE they will ALSO post YOUR LINK as you are the ONLY one "Leader of the Month" that hasn't posted or sent your link in.
            JUST GO DO IT …NEVER keep your business a secret and __give us a call when it's convenient for you. OUR hours are 11am to Midnight – 7 Days Weekly – Eastern Time.
            WOULD LOVE to meet you and get to know you!
            Viktoria & Gary Affron

    • Hey Candice,
      Okay, this is going to be another of my long replies, lol! Hopefully, you can tell by that first sentence that this IS NOT personal and that WE DO have a large sense of humor in life and in business.
      WE APPLAUD YOU being a US ARMY WIFE and your husband going to OTS ( Officers Training School ). You have alot on your plate living the "Military Lifestyle" and running your own cell phone stores __let alone attempting to launch an MLM Wireless Company in the midst of tumultuous MLM Wireless Wars and having little MLM experience or knowledge ( not intended to be offensive ).
      Personally, I totally understand what you're going though and OTS because my X hubby ( and myself and children ) went through that also and as an Officer's and Commander's wife __I lived it proudly for for 20 years. My experience began AFTER I personally served in the US Air Force and then became an "Officers" wife in the mid 1970's. I'm now the proud wife of a US ARMY guy who happens to have 18 years ( after the fact ) in Telecommunications and Cable, we met online and have a marriage totally made in "Internet Heaven" and are the "love" of each others lives!
      If we could tell you ONE thing and a few others Candice:
      DON'T APOLOGIZE __this is not about YOU PERSONALLY. Obviously you've had SOME success with your prior experiences with AT&T and your cell phone stores. THAT is MUCH DIFFERENT than MLM.
      It's MORE probably that YOUR TIMING was off with Excel and probably due to SO MANY new MLM Wireless Companies popping in and OUT of the industry when you set out to create Excel (ECG) as a company and ALL the competition as well as
      SOME predatory personalities and company marketing tactics going on with the with SOME other MLM Wireless companies coming onto the scenes.
      THAT WOULD BE THE ONLY reason WHAT YOU WANTED to achieve wasn't going to happen __TIMING. YOU DID your best at becoming an MLM Wireless Industry CEO of a NEW Company __it just wasn't the RIGHT timing for you personally. There was and STILL IS too much going on currently and everyone really SHOULD take a break, sit back and watch for awhile and SEE what happens __THEN make a decision as to wether they would like to STAY with MLM Wireless or migrate in a different MLM direction and field of interest. Good SOUND advice would be to __
      KNOW WHO people are and THEIR HISTORY BEFORE you ASSUME THEY have your best interest at heart. YOU STATED __" I had no experience in MLM before and I was taken …".
      ANYONE being NEW to MLM __BE VERY CAREFUL WHO you associate yourself with in ANY MLM.
      Pay Attention to WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU ALREADY and LEARN FROM that experience. Pay CLOSER Attention to the people you meet online and in MLM. We're sure you're a " smart cookie " and these things you already know.
      You ALSO stated __" there software was top notch, they have support and there products were the same " __as your REASON FOR MERGING Excel into Techsoft. Please understand, when things get said, a person MUST KNOW what it is their saying, to whom they're saying and WHO is reading it and interpreting their words.
      People WILL read your statements and comments interpret to the best of their understanding and question:
      IF you didn't have any MLM experienced ( your statement ) HOW WOULD you know what is " top notch " software? We're not talking about Software's in general but of the MLM kind. Having had some experience using the software you speak of, WE ARE aware __
      THAT particular software is CUSTOMIZED and is NOT NEW. Perhaps some changes have been made over time. The owner has used that software but it STILL has " glitches " and SECURITY problems within the software that does NOT make it "top notch" in the industry. THAT Software isn't as new as you might think
      or may have been led to believe.
      ALL MLM SOFTWARE SHOULD PROTECT and SECURE an individual Distributors private and personal information including Credit / Debit Card numbers, phone numbers, billing addresses etc.
      REMEMBER __SOFTWARE is either owned and leased by another company OR owned personally by an individual who has purchased it with certain conditions such as an agreement to NOT sell it or lease it for profit OR other conditional agreements included in the sole purchase or lease of the Software.
      IT IS possible for the owner of ANY software ( particularly if they have programming knowledge and experience ) to make changes in Software they own or lease. They CAN TRANSFER individual's personal information to another website, company, MOVE people around within the system or whatever they want to do AND __DO IT in a manner that is not immediately known ( unless someone close to them knows what they're doing and notify's someone else in the company ).
      An individual either owns or leases the Software thus making it EASY for them to DO ANYTHING they choose to do with it. Wether or not they abide by their own agreement with the company they purchased or leased the Software from is an entirely different issue.
      These ARE things MOST Distributors don't think to ask questions about:
      * IS the Company Website SECURE ?
      * IS the SoftwareTHEY are using SECURE ?
      * IS YOUR Replicated Website SECURE?
      * WHO are the Programmers and do they have clean and unscathed credibility, trustworthiness and integrity ?
      * DO YOU or WOULD YOU KNOW IF you have been moved in the system OR even moved to another back office in another company or website ?
      ==> RESEARCH the company and the people AT THE TOP of the company BEFORE you step out and become involved and RALLY for any company or any one person who is influential in that company. KNOW WHO and WHAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH up close and personal. IF YOU DON'T KNOW __ASK first. There ARE plenty of " experienced and knowledgeable " MLMer's and CEO types and DIRECTOR Types that WILL HELP YOU understand how things work in MLM.
      TROY DOOLY & LOU ABBOTT come to mind among MANY others!
      YOUR CREDIBILITY CAN BE LOST as quick as it's GAINED by BEING WITH the WRONG company or personality's in the MLM Industry!
      YOU WON'T KNOW UNTIL __you either learn the HARD WAY or YOU DO the research REQUIRED BEFORE you hook up with some of these companies and personalities.
      DO WHAT YOU CAN __STEER CLEAR OF TROUBLE __WHAT YOU CAN'T DO ( no matter what you're offered by someone else or know for a fact will be too overwhelming time wise for you ) DON'T DO! That's our best advice in your situation currently!
      These things happen ALL THE TIME and truthfully, THIS situation is NO DIFFERENT than being in the middle or at the bottom of ANY one companies business model and pay structure. IT's ALL the SAME and IT IS WHAT YOU DO THAT MATTERS __NOT what position your are in or WHO you necessarily THINK will or won't help you.
      Allow "others" to make those decisions for you or " talk you into something " and your own choices WILL BECOME DIMINISHED BY people who DO things out of your control. They call that BEING " hood winked".
      CHART YOUR OWN PATH __ choose the RIGHT people to rely on and listen to that HAVE experience in MLM ( doesn't matter what other areas they're experienced in ), TRUST you own feelings ( no matter what others are telling you ) and YOU'LL DO GREAT!
      Viktoria & Gary Affron

  7. You know I really wish, I had an email conversation instead of a phone conversation with Chris back in May, after Excel's launch.
    I was on that initial call with Candice and Mathew. Mathew it turned out was in reality Chris Greco, who trying hard to disguise his Boston accent with a hillbilly twang. It didn't work. Candice on the other hand was a complete disaster. She failed to inspire confidence as she projected incompetence. That was the last call I participated in.
    I ask Chris about Excel in a phone call. He said it was his master plan to put a hundred thousand reps under Global Pros. You see he knew that Excel was not going to being to pay out the comp plan, and that it will fold within a few months. But not before attracting thousands of reps away from DNA and giving them a taste of wireless mlm. Once they are hooked he would close down Excel and move everyone over to Global Pros where they would pay to join. Kinda like a drug dealer giving away the first free hit of crack.
    The only difference to this plan was that the management of Global Pros wanted nothing to do with this plan. It violated their integrity and ethics. That is why Excel is getting merged with TechSoft instead.
    As I stated above, it is too bad that this conversation was not by email, as I would have proof that Chris intended to defraud Excel reps. Instead it is going to be a Paul said, Chris said situation. Oh well, take it for what it is worth. I am willing to bet my leader of the month awards will get revoked at MLM Wireless News now.

    • Paul, I totally agree with you 100%. When are people going to realize this guy has been poison to this industry, and every company he has blown thru over the past 9 mos. I can't imagine any true leader that has been around for any length of time would follow this guy into yet another company, even if it is his own. Let's see how long this will stand, before we hear yet another excuse. I hope the courts finally stop the madness on this "IDIOT"
      Real Source

      • Get over guys global v,everge etc lied and disappoint toomany people,wow mobile same thing ,panthermobile ridiculous price on the phones and didn't pay comissions ,randy,ted,mark,harry etc all are humans and made mistakes chris is human too ,stop talking of the past an lets talk about the present ,the company that has a better services and a good payment plan will win, do you remember bill clinton ,an the past averithing it was all about lewinsky now he is a good guy ,now chris is doing a great things, i was mad with chris too , but i realized we need a second chance,well techsoftmobile is the fashion company now thanks to chris ,so parner,realsoure,paul,roland etc stop living in the past an start talking the good news techsoft is eliminating the competition ,like the wise men said if you can against your competition joint them , GAME OVER WE WIN YOU ARE WELCOME

          • Hey Paul.
            Right on __ really neat trick, huh?
            Click on " GameOverTechsoftWin " name in RED and here's what you get redirected to: Kevin Sipe Enroller 1's site! Wouldn't know this except that's been HIS site from the get go in Techsoft Mobile and __that WAS before Chris joined forces!
            Enroller: 1 – TechSoft Mobile
            Contact Info: – ( 941-xxx-xxxx) – (941) is the area code to Bradenton, Florida area.
            TechSoft Mobile Affordable Wireless
            OR …MAYBE (just maybe) That last comment with all the periods and comma's IS KEVIN SIPE finally deciding to comment in a rudementary way?
            SPINNING, Spinning, spinning – AROUND, Around and around we go!
            HELP we're ALL getting DIZZeeeeyyy!

          • Boy a lot of people sure have a lot of free time here huh? Well I hope business picks up for you all, We have been slammed, We just Concluded a massive event in Columbia, and we are on our way to Texas, Hey if its true what they say that event can only be Bigger!'
            SATLINK, DAYSTAR, MELBOURNE PC WIRELESS in Australia, and now the Leaks from DoCoMo, what else could make the company grow any faster? Maybe a few Pro's… In the Football side of things, What a way to "kick" into august, and hey we will probably "catch" a few more people along the way, As for the GOLD COMPANY, Troy you are 100% Correct, It will be integrated into TechSoft, We are doing that now, Will take some time to have all the licenses moved over, But it is being done, Think we are growing fast now, over 1,000 reps Last week, Yup.. I sincerely hope you are all doing well, And at TechSoft mobile we will continue to grow and do these little and BIG things to make each of our Distributors a Success!!
            Here we go into August as the #1Wireless MLM Wireless Company according to Google, Yahoo, Bing, And yes World rankings in Alexa.com, and it will only continue to get better.

          • well hahaha ask Troy about the ip address who is this? well My name is Saul
            and I can see that you guys really hate Chris ,but nice try Paul and Victoria

    • There sure are alot of phone calls with me all of the sudden saying this and that, Wow thats no surprise, What I find funny is if someone says that in my favor its BS, but when its against me its true,
      Nice try, There is no Disguising my Boston Accent, And Candice despite what people say is a great leader and is doing what is best for her people PERRIOD!
      Paul all I can say is there is a reason people are leaving there everyday for here, Why is that, What is not being done or being fufilled for its reps why are so many unhappy that they are leaving Leadership positions to come here?
      Facts are this, GP can throw all the dirt it want, Believe me I have mine, I know Corporate has warned the leaders not to do so, But hey this can go on, and hey My phone calls with the Minutes for Corporate are recorded, Maybe people want to really hear what was said?
      I think it best we focus on our respective businesses, BUT, if you really want to head down this road, We can clear the air, This is all I will say about it. And it is the last shot across the bow I am giving.
      I find it SO SO SO Funny that the company has contacted DEBBIE HOLTON and said "we will hold your position in case you want to come back" Really. Well the people that are here are here because they see what we have and what we can do, The people have moved because of products that didnt work there, (AS I WARNED THEY WOULDNT) We are allowing people to bring their Own sprint phone, AT&T, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, And Verizon Handsets. We have two Big CANNONS i like to call them of products coming out. We just released our satellite plans, and have an international calling plans standard on our new product Debuting today!! So again I wish you the best of luck, Seriously something I had to learn is this, If you focus on your business and what your doing you get more done and what is happening here is a prime example, I am focusing on TechSoft, Oh by the way if another company that is well known comes in tomorrow I guess I owned that company as well huh? Even though they were here long before I was, Cant wait to see those responses.
      Have a great day, Build your businesses and be successful or sit on the sidelines and wonder what could have been.

    • Hey Paul,
      You always have such good sense in statements. It's the way you state things that make them simple for anyone to understand. There are many, many questions that people must have about what's taken place and from all directions!
      As far as "Leader of the Month" awards being taken away – that wouldn't fair well in that by now at least some people have cut and pasted them and sent to themselves in eMail and there are "archived" comments in the blog and on the pages at MLM Wireless News. By clicking on your "avatar" or picture under any statement you may have posted there, you will be redirected to a page within Disqus. By now so many people have seen that you were awarded "Leader of the Month" 2 times, myself once and the Distributor from TsM once as well.
      In addition, I left a "Thank You" for my award and a "Congratulations" for you as well as Debbie Holton. I sent my link to MLM Wireless News via email but to date they have not printed my comment nor put up my link as they promised to do. Perhaps my email didn't reach them but I just now posted another "Thank You" and "Congratulations" and posted my link as well. Will wait to see if that gets posted.
      Bottom line: YOU KNOW you WERE awarded "Leader of the Month" at MLM Wireless News, SO DO I and SO DO MANY OTHER PEOPLE! Wouldn't worry about it – after all, WE KNOW what we're capable of doing and as far as that goes, although public awards are great and all, it's WHAT YOU DO and KNOW YOU DO WELL that matters MOST of ALL!
      CONGRATULATIONS Paul Douglas "Leader of the Month" @ MLM Wireless News July 2010!
      Viktoria Affron
      "Leader of the Month" @ MLM Wireless News July 2010

  8. Hey Troy,
    "Here We Goooooooooooo" + the word "again __ IT IS GROUNDHOG DAY AGAIN! Funny movie and very similar to some peoples lives and in this case ALL these companies. It's like waking up today and then again tomorrow and next week etc., and the SAME things ARE happening NOT AGAIN but STILL!
    All these "nanny, nanny, boo-boos" and "my company is better than yours" __finger pointing etc., doesn't help the Distributors one iota. THE ONLY THING THAT HELPS Distributors is for THEM to HAVE FAITH IN the company THEY CHOOSE to WORK THEIR BUSINESS IN __and BUILD IT!
    Like that saying from the movie starring Kevin Costner "FIELD OF DREAMS" __"Build it and he will come" (often misquoted as "Build it and they will come" The story is unique but it all ends well and perhaps EVERY Distributor SHOULD WATCH IT even if it's for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time. There's a lot of good common sense and moral to the story that would easily MATCH what's going on in the Distributor world currently.
    Everyone can read (in short( about this movie and why "Ray" couldn't believe in his father for lack of his spontaneity and then he built it (the dream) and he came!

    WATCH THE MOVIE Trailer on You Tube __IT's GREAT and has GREAT WORDS that will inspire you!

    THE DREAM LIVES IN ALL OF US as Distributors in our chosen companies. OOHRAH for ALL Distributors that FIND THEIR DREAM! GO after WHAT YOU WANT, BUILD IT and THEY WILL COME. WE KNOW __we're LIVING OUR DREAM daily (from the mountain top in two MLM companies and Comcast company part time)!
    Viktoria & Gary Affron
    (386) 438-8056

  9. Chris Greco is pond scum. He does not belong in our industry. Those who join with him are doomed from the beginning to failure and fraud. Chris published hundreds and hundreds of affiliates names, emails, addresses, and credit card information on the open web for the entire world to see and steal- would you like your credit info out there? Join Chris. Every word that comes out of this clowns mouth is a lie- join with him & kiss your credibility Goodbye.

    • Glenn aka Diesel Down, AKA beats women, Yeah I said it, Nice to hear from you Glenn they finally let you out of Jail huh, This happened in a retail location in Florida, But I welcome the comment Glenn, You are a character, Post your Info so people can get the info on you, Im just saying lets just keep it all in the open, Did you get a trucking job back, Not many people have use for people that beat women, Me I can't stand it, Thats why you get my hard stance here. I am not perfect, But I don't do that.
      And You are no Network Marketer, Name your business, then Glenn.

      • Chris, what happened to you growing up this week, granted you didn't drop an F bomb, but come on, a little harsh on the guy don't you think, beating women, getting out of jail, and be nice to truckers, nothing wrong with that profession, I have a few good reps that are truckers. Chris, it doesn't sound like you grew up too much, and pretty nice words coming from a so called owner of a new company, that is trying to get people to follow you. Chris you attract those that are alike.
        Real Source

      • Chris, your unbelieveable! Literally!! I and others followed and trusted in what you had to say, only to be slapped in the face with your hype and lies.
        You make up more crap than any person i have ever seen. You don’t give a damn about how your actions effect other hard working people. It’s all about Chris Greco.
        In fact you have so little respect for others that you can’t even show up for your own calls on time. I honestly can’t count how many calls you were 15 min. late for or just didn’t show up at all. Wait for it……………..Another Chris Greco excuse, or should i say lie? You have effected so many people with your BS, yet you continue to do the same things you have been doing for months!! I personally can’t remember all the times that I defended you. And now I have been quietly sitting on the back row watching you lie to others. Enough is enough! As for “I’m no fool”, i would disagree. There will always be bumps ahead for you because you tell lie after lie. How about the BIG one you admitted just recently with Ted Robbins. Telling everyone he had a prior child pornography conviction. Then you state that even after you learned of the false accusation you continued with the lie. You haven’t changed, if anything you have become worse! For those who have been burned and are about to be burned by you, I would say speak out. Spread the TRUTH about CHRIS GRECO!!!!!!!!!

  10. I began my involvement in MLM wireless in October of 2009. The names of the companies do not really matter because they all have a few common traits. Not one of any of these companies ever started with a real written business plan. If they did; they didn't stick to it by any stretch of the imagination.
    Every one of them has started on a concept that is littered with breakage from the very first person you place in the program, and continues to make money for the person, or persons who started them. They blow up ( Like that should be a big surprise) money magicly dissapears, and the finger pointing begins. Troy Dooley has been lied to, and deupt by some because he truly thinks they are being honest, and forth with in the information they provide him.
    Unfortunately, the ones that continue to be harmed, are the people that are trying to believe that all of these so called MLM leaders are telling them the truth. This is one thing that NONE OF THEM can even begin to prove in a real way. Verizon, AT&T, T- Mobile, and Sprint havn't got a thing to worry about.
    I'm sure to them,all this looks like is a lemonaid stand that a third grader put up on the corner of their neighborhood street.
    I would suggest that all of you good honest hard working folks that want a chance to really make a true MLM future for yourselves. Ask Troy Dooley what company is a good and honest company to get with; and go there. The wireless craze will only make you broke, and leave you disapointed in your judgement once again.

    • Hey Ray __
      Sorry, we didn't reply to your post in kind earlier. This summer has been very devasting for our family in many ways but mostly the loss of my dearest brother and several other friends and marketing sales individuals we've knowm for several years that passed away this summer and then too, elderly family members on the brink and facing another plane of life also.
      One can't truly account for all the actions or inactions of others in this marketing and direct sales industry let alone the MLM Wireless industry neither individuals seeking a better way to earn income from home in a questionable at best economy. With the impending if not already present recession looming over each of us we all have decisions to make in earning income large enough to sustain ourselves and our families survival.
      It's true there's been alot of changes from A to Z in the MLM Wireless Industry and MORE coming on board daily as new companies and /or new distributors in each of several businesses. YES __the Top 4 Carriers have nothing to worry about but __each of them began also as a small company and grew LARGE as they are presently. Some used a Network Marketing Arm to build their customer and distributor bases very successfully, while others have accomplished becoming fortune 500 and 1000 type companies without the help of Multi Level Marketing. In some way ALL companies are the same in the way the begin, build and succeed in business.
      The biggest disappointment in our humble opinion are those that obviously have never owned or been a part of the corporate structure in any one company. Those would be ordinary and extraordinary people, distributors and marketers that are seeking to make their lives better and live a dream lifestyle which for some would merely be comfortable and not necessarily wealthy like the Donald Trumps and Hiltons or wealthy Shieks of the world.
      Point being that ALL distibutors are looking for a solid company with leadership with integrity, honest, ethical and moral business dealings who make their customers and distributors their #1 priority. Those ARE the companies and business we should all be focusing ion. FIND the one that suits your passion and then DO your DUE DILIGENCE on the company profiles, business accomplishments over time and the individuals involved BEFORE becoming involved and imaging an overnight wealth success story!
      It's GREAT for ALL OF US to DREAM and DREAM BIG BUT __it's even GREATER when WE OURSELVES find the ONE Mountain we want to climb, ENJOY the journey and REACH for the stars atop the mountain once we ARRIVE!
      For those SEEKING __LOOK and you shal find. For those ALREADY in a company and maybe NOT so happy __LOOK elsewhere and YOU also shall find with the RIGHT attitude, the RIGHT research and the RIGHT guiding light above you. Never EVER think that just because a friend recommends somthing that it's the BE ALL of ALL things __FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF FIRST and then GO MAKE IT HAPPEN!
      Viktoria & Gary Affron
      Executive Team Concepts

      • OkayThat's It __
        Going to bed this Saturday before Labor Day. Enough Labor late at night – typo's are getting more and more between, ROFLOL! 🙂
        God Bless us all and everyone look forward to a new week and seasons! School is back in session and this IS the absolute BEST time of year to market your brand, company and business products and services. Take advantage of the extra time in between helping with homework and getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Soon the weather will cool down and for a time we will all be seeing the change of seasons. Get ready for fall leaves falling and lots of cooler weather cookouts and fun. Don't forget to have some fun because all work grows dull with no play!
        Can't wait for Octoberfest, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas __Yes it's all coming sooner than we think and then another NEW Year of business!
        Good Luck and Many Blessings of Prosperity to You All and Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day!
        Viktoria & Gary Affron

  11. Troy,
    This is hilarious in a way but it accomplishes nothing. Is this what mlmhelpdesk has become? This is like a soap opera with very little content. I think you need to regulate the content a bit. This bickering back in forth like children has no place here lets get back to helping the distributors. I think it should be mandatory people identify who they are and grow a pair. It never ceases to amaze me how brave people are in emails blogs etc. It would interesting to see what some of these folks have to say face to face. I bet not much. I would never allow such comments to be made to me in my wife and these are the so called leaders in this industry no wonder MLM telecom has self imploded. Hopefully in the near future at a convention or something I get to introduce myself to some of these folks and then we'll see who's runnin their mouth. I'm really sick of this Troy clean it up.
    Andy Morbitzer

      • Hey Troy,
        We realize this is an older post. However, we also know that people who haven't kept up with or maybe even never saw some of your posts are always re-reading and finding out "new to them" information. It's all well and good and no problem.
        We merely wanted to note that Chris Greco stated yesterday, Sunday, September 12, 2010 on MLM Wireless News.com that he would not contest any lawsuit waged against him by Ted Robbins and Global Verge. What does this mean for the industry? In truth not much except for Gloval Verge and their company. Of course, Chris Greco already knew he'd avoided being served and that eventually and especially if he didn't show up in chambers a motion for judgement and dissolution by defualt would occur. Thus why Chirs Greco had no say in the 1st place had he been served or not.
        Chris Greco now claims that he closed down AKW and the big Gold Rush and Precious Metals 2 months ago and the basic assets went to charity and the rest to some company he's in keen with in Ireland. Could that possibly be the infamous "Greco Holdings Group, Inc.) in Ireland?
        Yes and being one of Lady Diana's distant cousins, I too own a castle in a small borough of Ireland, actually Wales. You see being a distant cousin of the Spencer Family and Lady Diana's a lot of us older members and cousins were put up in very nicely and lavishly decorated castles. We have maids, butlers, lady's in waiting and all sorts of otherwise unknown amenities to the outside world. We also own the part of London Bridge that's now located in Arizona.. Could it be do you suppose that because of my personal background of privilege and being connected to Lady Diana, Prince Charles ex and deceased wife (God Bless Her Genuinely from our hearts), that we too would deserve special amenities in Techsoft Mobile?
        This is about as silly as it gets Troy. Of course the part about being a part of the Royal Family of England on Lady Diana's side of the princesshood is a true and varifiable statement as far as my family's personal history on my mothers side but so is Thomas English Muffins, and on my fathers side Bailey's Irish Creme, ha! At this point in time none of that truly matters unless we're attempting to sway interests or get peope beind us and supporting us wh in an effort to accomplish something we couldn't possibly realize without the help and assistance of the Royal family, ha!
        All is well and good but our truest message to ALL FOLKS is to watch your OWN backside and STOP worrying about the others who by right of speech on calls have managed to exercise anything but truths and real originnal comments regarding Irish Holding companies coming from TRUE Irish people and NOT rarelu those who want to be involved. Call me tomorrow dad or have Gary comehome.

  12. Tony Gurrano and Reades:
    Tony, you stated __" …now the Leaks from DoCoMo, " Exactly HOW do you think this has anything to do with success or failure of TsM? Did you bother looking ELSEWHERE than MLM Wireless News for the REAL NEWS on DoCoMo? Normally when something is reported, it's reported in MORE than just one place and to get ASSURED RELIABILITY on ANY reports coming out of the Wireless Industry, one SHOULD LOOK and RESEARCH ALL FACETS of the Wireless News BEFORE quoting just ONE report as BEING the real thing! This is an example of RESEARCH DONE yesterday: give you an example

    It has been rumored that it would enter a strategic partnership with a company that has an In-Active MVNO.
    There have been lots of rumors, concerning DoCoMo, There have been filings with X-Mobility in the UK with DoCoMo and GHG on the Application, Now here is where it gets interesting, GHG is none other than Greco Holdings Group Inc. of Galway Bay, Ireland.
    I reached out to Chris via Phone and was told " I am not at liberty to comment." Really? This makes me wonder if the UK MVNO and DoCoMo are connected here to the Bid in the US.
    I asked if this was being offered at TechSoft Mobile " We have lots of great things to come at TSM, and a strategic partnership with a foreign telecom is not out of the question, but this is all I can say on this subject at this time ".
    Original Article Posted Above vs. REAL NEWS regarding DoCoMo
    And we dont see anything in THIS report regarding TsM and ANY
    kind of merger or acquisition:
    DoCoMo to Pay $111M for PacketVideo Stake
    By Maisie Ramsay Monday, August 2, 2010
    Japan's largest wireless carrier, NTT DoCoMo, is buying the remaining shares of mobile multimedia compannyPacketVideo it doesn't already own in a deal valued at $111.6 million
    NTT DoCoMo plans to use the acquisition to offer enhanced mobile media to its subscribers, including a service that will allow users to link their handsets to home electronic devices. The deal is expected to close by the end of September, pending shareholder and regulatory approval.
    NTT DoCoMo paid $45.5 million for a 35 percent stake in PacketVideo in July 2009 in an effort to make its mobile music and video offerings more competitive. The carrier is now buying the remaining 65 percent stake in PacketVideo from NextWave Wireless.
    Based in San Diego, PacketVideo will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT DoCoMo and have its own board of directors under the leadership of founder and longtime President and CEO James Brailean. The company will continue providing mobile multimedia software and services to its worldwide customers, including Verizon Wireless and AT&T domestically. The majority of its customers come from outside of Japan.
    The company also has a platform that allows media sharing between computers, phones and consumer electronics, the technology that will power NTT DoCoMo's new consumer offering.
    PacketVideo and NTT DoCoMo have been working together since 1998 on multimedia apps for the carrier's 3G network. As of last year, PacketVideo's pvPlayer multimedia player had been installed in more than 90 of the carrier's handset models. NTT DoCoMo has more than 56 million subscribers.
    Greco Holdings Group Inc. of Galway Bay, Ireland

    When doing a search on the Irish Company Search Site, the following was the results:
    Company Name Search Results
    Sorry, your search returned no results.
    Business Name Search Results
    No business names matched your search query.
    These Companies by the Specific Name "Greco" are what
    showed up under the alphabetical listing in the " G's ".
    Greco Plant Services Limted Enfield, Co Meath
    Greco Supermarket Limited Carrigreg Carrick On Suir
    BOTTOM LINE: Folks, DO NOT accept just ONE report about the Wireless Industry News! CHECK THEM ALL OUT and FIND OUT if what's being reported MATCHES what you've read or heard from someone else or from anyone telling you!
    WE'VE ALL HEARD over and over about DOING "Due Diligence" and in the WIRELESS Industry, WE MUST DO DUE DILIGENCE today and EVERY day. WHY? Because the Wireless Industry CHANGES DAILY in the REAL World and IT'S CHANGING DAILY in the INTERNET World too!
    Viktoria & Gary Affron

    • Thank You Partners, aka Victoria for the Comment, Your right, Also due your due Diligence as well, We didnt want any of this info out, When I started the MVNO papers in the UK I emailed Troy concerning this, And will continue to do so on our progress, We are still 6 to 8 months away from pushing out a product of our own there using X-Mobility.
      How are things going at Panther Victoria? Good I hope.
      Well I wish people the best of luck, Also look up prepaid reviews, and also look up, Industry Beat, and maybe that will help

      • Well Duh Chris __
        So you didn't want THAT info coming out because YOU didn't want anyone to know? Then WHY was it posted on MLM Wireless News AS IF it were FACT?
        You underestimate the POWER of TRUE LEADERS that DO know HOW to do DUE Diligence and YOU understimate that PEOPLE are NOT going to FIND OUT eventually WHAT your deal truly is!
        Granted YOU DO have a FOLLOWING for now BUT __what happens when ALL these new distributors from DEFUNCT companies realize what's happening and what they're NOT going to get and feel secure about?
        CHRIS __you DO have a knack and talent for SELLING people. YOUR problem is what happens AFTER the fact. You can acquisition and "play the beat" all you want to but IN TRUTH the END RESULTS WILL BE what they're going to be and there is NOTHING you or anyone else can do about that. It's up to YOU to CHANGE how you do things. In doing things RIGHT, YOU MUST satisfy the people and NOT only your own beneift or that of anyone else you promise things you can't deliver even IF you think you can!
        We ALL WANT to live better __we ALL want to have money __we ALL want to be treated with respect __FIRST YOU MUST EARN ALL OF THAT and GIVE IT to achieve what YOU want!
        KEEP TRYING CHRIS __there IS potential for you but at least DO IT RIGHT and with INTEGRITY!

        • Thank you Victoria, I dont know if that was a slam or a compliment,
          But here are the Facts, How many wireless opportunities are selling their own product?,…….
          Wait for it,,,,,,,,………… NONE Except TechSoft Mobile, We have Unlimited Platforms on Verizon and Sprint, And customers are buying TechSoft Mobile Service, Feel free to do your due diligence on this one, contact the wholesale divisions of both sprint and verizon.
          Also how many MLM companies are selling an Unlimited Satellite phone…. None, Except TechSoft Mobile. And we are producing ask our reps, why do you think we bring in so many every day, have you seen alexa lately?
          Now I am not saying anyone else can do it, it just hasn't happened.
          Also I don't think I can produce I already have here, No one is here that is telling me no to this product or that, and people are loving it, We are the ONLY company in the US period activating Android Phones on Sprint CDMA without a Contract, Period, Thats right we have the Hero in our Back Office now.
          See people tried to buy our service just to see if we can produce and we did so fast, that they told their friends, and their friends and now people who lost faith in wireless in MLM are back, I have done this with 100% integrity, and honesty, I havent had to Bash, talk frankly Shit, or anything else for us to do this, this happened just off the sweat and hard work of us and our distributors.
          We will continue to grow, and get bigger everyday, Ill let you come in Victoria on a Glance and see how many we have in in just the last 30 days, Its more than some of these other Wireless MLM companies combined!
          Im no fool and know there may be bumps ahead, but people stay with a winner, and I have yet to be Knocked out and frankly the opponents are tired, I have some good Jabs and Haymakers left. We will continue to build TechSoft Mobile, No matter what, I havent been here as much cause frankly I dont have the time! Too busy were slammed here!
          Anyway, I challenge everyone, go to http://www.alexa.com type in techsoftmobile.com then everyone else, NO ONE comes close, Not tooting a Horn Just stating the facts, our growth is so massive because of the masses that come in everyday.
          Again Best of luck to everyone, Build you business, and have fun, We will be here at the top

          • Chris, your unbelieveable! Literally!! I and others followed and trusted in what you had to say, only to be slapped in the face with your hype and lies.
            You make up more crap than any person i have ever seen. You don't give a damn about how your actions effect other hard working people. It's all about Chris Greco.
            In fact you have so little respect for others that you can't even show up for your own calls on time. I honestly can't count how many calls you were 15 min. late for or just didn't show up at all. Wait for it……………..Another Chris Greco excuse, or should i say lie? You have effected so many people with your BS, yet you continue to do the same things you have been doing for months!! I personally can't remember all the times that I defended you. And now I have been quietly sitting on the back row watching you lie to others. Enough is enough! As for "I'm no fool", i would disagree. There will always be bumps ahead for you because you tell lie after lie. How about the BIG one you admitted just recently with Ted Robbins. Telling everyone he had a prior child pornography conviction. Then you state that even after you learned of the false accusation you continued with the lie. You haven't changed, if anything you have become worse! For those who have been burned and are about to be burned by you, I would say speak out. Spread the TRUTH about CHRIS GRECO!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh and Chris,
        The NEW PANTHER MOBILE is doing great! and __thanks for asking! One thing we've always taught is NEVER keep your business a secret. THAT includes being TRANSPARENT in ALL your dealings business wise. You DON'T keep ANYTHING under wraps WHEN YOU are doing your best to RECRUIT others into your business!
        NETWORKERS and MARKETERS are smarter than a 5th grader these days. THEY HAVE LEARNED what to look for and HOW to do their DUE Diligence! Just be aware and advised that sometime in the near future WHAT you're doing may come back to haunt you IF you DON'T do it right and AREN'T Transparent in HOW you're doing it with YOUR Distributors!
        Enough Said!

      • CHRIS __
        VERY VAGUE " __Also look up prepaid reviews, and also look up, Industry Beat __" ??? We did and guess what Chris? Neither of those sites are specific in the Search Engine RESULTS as to WHAT you may be referring to. In fact, could you please be MORE specific as to exactly WHAT it is you're wanting people to see on those two sites? Perhaps if you provide the EXACT links to both those sites and the info YOU WANT others to see in order to justify your points __MAYBE (just maybe) people could get a better idea of what it is you're trying to say here.
        Otherwise, it's all MUDDLE and WAX Chris! People that actually WORK THEIR BUSINESS don't have time to look through item after item or report after report to FIND WHAT YOU want them to see exactly. MOST of us highly professional marketers and direct sales people DON'T have time to research ALL your referral sites that supposedly validate your points nor do most care. SOME CARE if only out of curiosity but not much more.
        Thanks and Good Luck!
        Partners aka Viktoria & Gary Affron

    • You know Victoria I couldn't agree more about doing due diligence, and checking things out. On my last blog post, there was a comment about a possible alignment between Global Verge, Wow Mobile, and Techsoft Mobile.
      Now I for one find it very hard to believe that Global Verge would ever want to get back into bed with Chris Greco again. So I asked Troy for his opinion, and he offered his comment on my blog (Thank you Troy).
      Then I sent Ted Robbins an email, and to my surprise he responded (Of course the subject line, Are you getting back into bed with Chris Greco surely helped get his attention). This was the first sentence of his email to me…
      "I can say 100% that Global Verge will NEVER and I repeat NEVER do business with Chris Greco again."
      He then provided me with two PDFs…
      2010-07-28 Application for Order Directing Service by Publication and Enlarging the Time for Service.PDF
      2010-07-28 Application for Order to Serve Greco by Publication.PDF
      For my money I am willing to bet Global Verge is still trying to sue Chris Greco. September 2nd should prove to be an interesting day.

      • Funny, Being I am at the same place everyday, Except today because we launched something big today, Anyway, Hey once they really serve me I can respond, So anyway, I will continue to build my business, and Hey paul you may be surprised at what happens after today.

  13. Hello Everyone! My name is Stavros, 23, and Ive pretty much read this post. Regardless of the past, Im not quite sure why you are all on chris for this move to techsoft mobile. I understand some complaints some people may have. But honestly this bickering between business owners is just down right bad business for both parties. I am a new "recruit" as I call myself and still am skeptical on a few different things within TechSoft Mobile.

  14. Hello Everyone! My name is Stavros, 23, and Ive pretty much read this post. Regardless of the past, I'm not quite sure why you are all on Chris for this move to TechSoft mobile. I understand some complaints some people may have. But honestly this bickering between business owners is just down right bad business for both parties. I am a new "recruit" as I call myself and still am skeptical on a few different things within TechSoft Mobile.
    The only way for someone to prove themselves is by giving them a chance. I have an outsiders perspective here unlike the rest of you who are actually involved. I think that if a business claims Bankruptcy, and creates a new business name, If he learned from his/her mistakes or try's something new, he shouldn't be penalized for prior issues. If Chris has something that will revolutionize the world, let him prove it. If you have problems with Chris or his OWN business practices, I think its childish to bring it up in a public debate as it is your own personal opinion.
    I don't meant to create enemies or friends here, but I do hope that negative comments on all parties produces only negative results. The Internet is fast growing and the information put on it is always being seen. How should I feel as an outsider seeing multiple MLM companies like this? I wish everyone a good weekend and I hope everyone is successful in everything they do!

    • Stavros,
      You make a great point "Giving People a Second Chance" is huge. The frustration you are seeing is the face Chris has gone through several companies methodically so he could cause instability, take over the companies and at the end of the day merge them or cause the distributors to follow him as the Saddam Husein of Wireless.
      And, the reality is, he did exactly what he set out to do. And, although I am totally against this type of business model, Chris is the best I have ever seen at it.
      So, folks are now very frustrated at Chris, while at the same time, others see him as a folk hero of sort, kind of like John Dillinger (Public Enemy #1)

    • Greetings & Welcome Stavros!
      No offense toward you and especially being new to this community of marketers and direct sales people in this industry. WE welcome you and your opinions with open arms and understanding. Being part of any online blog or forum community is a good way to meet and make new friends in business. It's also a way of discussing and / or debating the issues surrounding companies, businesses and individuals ways of doing things wether honest, ethical or moral or not. Kind of a way to "weed out" the good from the bad so to spea and LEARN at the same time!
      Chris Greco happens to be an individual who by defualt has had more than many 1st and 2nd chances. He's the sort of individual that prides himself in coming from a background of doing things BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. That would include moving from company to company in an effort to educate himself on the corporate structures and business models used and then using that business and it's distributors against them in order for him to monopolize the industry when the fall down and go out of business or at best are left stugging like a fish on the beach that can't breath out of water.
      That's been his plan from the start with little if any MLM experience aside from his owning and managing a few stores in a quad area of small towns in central Florida. That's NOT to say Chris hasn't had SOME success in business, HE HAS. It's only to distinguish between Multi Level Marketing (not yet his forte') and what he did with his business stores providing Cellular Products and Services in Central Florida.
      Marketing and Direct Sales like any other busines on Main Street in any country takes a special type of personality, educational and people skills and managerial talent to accomplich successfully. People don't appreciate being "taken", spending their money and compromising their budgets to benifit other individuals that may care less about them as a customer let alone a distributor in the same company, business or industry.
      Troy is correct in saying that Chris Greco is considered " Public Enemy #1 " amongst most distributors in this industry. Chris Greco although he's tried is in fact his own worst enemy and can't help but brag and use promises undelivered and possible but not probable situations to get his points across. Our advice would be hang back and observe. Read EVERYTHING here at Troy's site from the beginning of the Global Verge Saga's and ALL the others. You will begin to understand WHY there is so much resistance to one named Chris Greco.
      We'd also have to say that all in all, Chris is not the baddest guy in the world. He just needs to knuckle under, be more humble and learn more about being professional (using appropriate language), respecting others opinions and advice and managing a business as a distributor FIRST in this industry __BEFORE attempting to do TAKE OVER's of company's and business from other distributors.
      Chris actually HAS the mind to do great things and is good at what he does do (at some level) __he simply needs MORE time to figure out the "How To's" – the "Not to Do's" and LEARN to do things the RIGHT way. NOTHING happens overnight like Rome wasn't built in a day. Just because someone SAYS it's happeniing doesn't mean it is or that it's happening in the RIGHT way. T
      here are NEVER any short cuts to the top of the mountain. One only needs to start climbing step by step until they reach the top. Of course you could take an airplane or a helicopter to the top of the mountain but then __YOU MISS ALL the fun of the journey and reaching that destination all on your own, don't you?
      ALWAYS DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE AND __RESEARCH Companies, Business's and PEOPLE Involved BEFORE You Say YES to ANY One Company, Business or Individual.
      We Wish Him All the Best and in Welcoming You __We Wish You All the Best Also!
      Viktoria & Gary Affron
      Executive Team Concepts

      • Oops Sorry!
        Another late night online, LOL! The one paragraph before the end ( I hate making typo's, ha!) was meant to have read:
        " There are NEVER any short cuts to the top of the mountain. One only needs to start climbing step by step until they reach the top. Of course you could take an airplane or a helicopter to the top of the mountain but then __YOU MISS ALL the fun of the journey and reaching that destination all on your own, don’t you? "
        You'll see a capital " T" and the next line starts with the word " here". That was actually intended to be the word " There" at the beginning of the sentence but I made a mistake and left the " T " at the end of the last line of that paragraph. My apologies to readers, we all make mistakes and typo's __I just have a pet peeve about my spelling, one of my own insecurities, LOL!
        God Bless Us All and Our Spelling Mistakes Too!
        Partners aka Viktoria & Gary Affron