Since June 8th of 2010, Google’s new search indexing system has been indexing net content material quickest than ever earlier than. For these of you who watch your Alexa or Compete rating and have puzzled why the autumn, greater than probably it’s as a result of you aren’t placing contemporary content material up as quick as your rivals, and you’ve got misplaced your coveted SERP location (Search Engine end result Web page).

That is nice information for these of us who’re continually placing up contemporary content material. And it’s priceless for these folks looking for contemporary updated content material. In accordance with Google the natural listings are actually a minimum of 50% more energizing than within the final. This implies more energizing movies, pictures, audios and sure, critiques on services and products.
It will change the advertising panorama for individuals who use subterfuge advertising, and provides legit up entrance rivals their rightful natural SERP itemizing again.
Watch the video under to be taught extra.
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Troy Dooly


  1. I personally like the video by Google.
    Before they said that keywords in the URL had no bearing on the serach results. However, after testing, many SEO experts have determined that it really does.
    Now in this video, he even mentions having the keywords in the URL. So there you have it. They have finally come out and stated that keywords in the URL are part of the weighting for their results!
    Another great post Troy!