Dave Rutz, the Founder and CEO of Escape Worldwide, the dad or mum firm of Aisle 19, simply despatched me a textual content on my cellular phone to tell me, he and Steve Wallach the GIC (Man In Cost) of Youngevity have simply cast a robust strategic partnership.


  1. I'm With Escape Inernational and have been since July of Last year.
    Escape DID partner up with YTB, to help keep them in business. YTB basically charges people to use Our Aisle19 Mall – which is FREE —- and We've been telling people how GREAT this company is, but it's up to Them to take the time, to Listen.
    I'm excited about the NEW announcement as it will only improve what is already one of the BEST opportunities in this industry today.
    I'm Al King, with CEO's Unlimited – and we've broken down Escape's compensation plan so well, and compared it to so many other companies out there, that I can say without a doubt, it's one of the most Lucrative Plans in the industry; there are Tons of great companies, and people can make lots of money with a lot of companies out there – but the income potential with Escape, has been unmatched, long term – by anything we've seen – and we've looked at every company you can name.
    I'm the web designer and internet marketing coach with CEO's – i recommend checking out our entire company via http://seekingahomebusiness.com/19 ::: this is a website I designed for my team, with special training videos I created – along with videos filmed by my Partner Brandon Ivey with CEO's Unlimited, and also Company videos from Mr. Rutz himself, and Travis Baggett.

  2. I submitted a response earlier; along with a link to share more info on escape.
    Please do not publish my comment; Now that more information has come out, I am extremely disappointed in Escape.
    They "Had" the best comp plan in the industry ………. but now?
    They're not even in the Top 10 – taking on youngevity's comp plan = the worst decision ever made.