Texas Millionaire Businessman and Serial Entrepreneur, Trey White has come on robust over the previous couple of months as he and his staff began to draw a few of the most acknowledged names in MLM to assist them pre-launch Evolv Well being. Not since MonaVie have I seen so many free brokers leaping into the identical firm.

Over the previous couple of months high MLM leaders like Robert Dean (previously of Noni and MonaVie), Mike Healy (previously of XanGo), Ken Dunn (most just lately of Max Worldwide), Garrett & Sylvia McGrath (most just lately of EXLR8), and plenty of others have joined Evolv Well being to market this class creating Enhanced Water Beverage.
Let’s check out why considered one of these high founding distributors made the transfer to Evolv. Garrett & Sylvia McGrath researched 10 corporations, after their former firm pulled the compensation plan on them and their staff.

Here’s what Founder and CEO trey White has to say about his firm…

Solely time will inform about the place this firm will go. However over the following 4 articles we are going to cowl the management, product, tradition and way forward for Evolv.
Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Wow Troy! You really covered that well. I had a look at a list of MLM Players that had transferred over from one company to another recently and noticed quite a few had gone over to Evolv, particularly from Monavie.
    There’s a saying we use in the business world here in Australia that has proven right again and again, and that is “millionaires get their way!”
    I’ve heard it a couple of times now that when it comes to the decision of whether these top guns want in or not, Trey has made sure they’re sitting in HIS mansion at the time! Somehow, I don’t think he’d have you there if there wasn’t some nice, juicy offer on the menu.
    One more thing…is there ANY company founder that has not come out with “it’s not about the money, I want to change people’s lives.”
    When website copywriters set up an MLM company website, surely this quote is part of the template. No CEO wants to admit he thinks he can make a great income by building an MLM company, so this cliche is drummed out at every opportunity. Look forward to your next video, Troy. Man you provide a great service!

    • There's money to be made by the 20%ers, but the 80%ers will sit at the "bottom", only ever spending….most of which who weren't brought in with the idea that they'd spend tons of money every month on products. What's the end of the story look like? Apply a little logic and it's easy to figure it out.
      1000 people sign up for Evolv (or pretty much fill in the blank there)
      200 of them are the 20%ers…the workers, hitters, etc
      800 of them are "average" – cops, teachers, bar tenders, etc
      draw a picture of a triangle
      the tip makes money
      the rest don't
      70-80% drop out in the first 3-6 months
      likely to see nearly 90% gone within 12 months
      Where's the residual if everyone's leaving?
      I've learned that anytime we (marketers) go trying to change the 80%ers budgets, it hasn't worked and won't work. Figure out a way to serve the 80%ers without changing their budgets much, and you have a shot at a grand slam! (By serve, I don't mean invent the latest greatest high end vitamin drink at $20+ per bottle, or market some ancillary service most would say they don't really need or would ever use).
      Generally I like the MLM distribution method idea, I just don't like or agree with how 99% of it gets implemented. Most "regular" people come away feeling stepped on and taken advantage of in my opinion.

      • Hi Kristian, I would like to hear more of your ideas about creating a "BS" proof MLM biz. You're right. All these companies focus on the 20% and cut sweet deals with them. I'm in the process of putting together some marketing for a start up network company, or as we like to call it, "relationship marketing". I'd like to hear your story.

        • @Bloom,
          I respectfully disagree with you and Kristian. "All of these companies" DO NOT focus on the top 20%. I know of several companies who take the opposite approach and they are growing and the average reps are making money. SOme of these I have reviewed right here at MLM HelpDesk.
          If you are interested in learning more about these companies and the leaders who serve first, then focus on their personal objectives, feel free to connect with me offline at TroyDooly@MLMHelpDesk.com

        • Sorry I've been out of town and offline for awhile…just seeing your comment now bloom. Happy to talk anytime – reach me on my cell at 512-903-1759.
          @Troy – I wasn't trying to imply that the companies focus on the top 20%, I was just spelling out my observations of how things actually pan out. I know that failure isn't unique to the MLM world…people quit life, marriages, jobs…and yep…MLMs.
          Over the years I have taken some offense to what happens so often to the "little guy" ..the 80%er. He gets hyped up, his emotions played on (usually by well intentioned 20%ers), drops his $200 or $500 or whatever to become a distributor (do people still really distribute stuff?)…and then sits at the "bottom" of the organization and loses money.
          Now if the little guy got solid value in exchange for his fee, and continues to receive real value for his monthly expense, then wouldn't he stick around, regardless of financial profit or loss? In so many MLMs, it's the giant revolving door at the base of everyone's "business".
          Obviously value is in the eye of the beholder…it's all about their perception. If the guy at the bottom feels like his money is well spent, then why would he quit so fast? If the answer is because the economy is bad and he needed to pay his utility bill instead of his autoship, I would argue that the value isn't real high and definitely not conducive to long term, consistent residual income.
          So why do any of us do these things? Don't we all want to have more freedom and control in our schedules and lives? And don't we all want long term residual income?
          That seems to be the constant pitch from all MLMs…and my point is that about 80% churn at the bottom of the organization…coming and going…creating a treadmill for most of the 20%ers. How many producers reading this right now don't spend most of the first part of every single month of every single year replacing everyone that left last month…so that you can start growing again? …just in time to lose a bunch more the next month.
          Treadmill doesn't = residual income
          Sounds more like carrying buckets to me (vs. pipeline income)
          The 80%ers MUST be well served and treated primarily as consumers in my opinion. If they aren't, they'll leave. If they are, they may stick around and you just might have some residual for awhile!
          Does high end designer nutrition make any sense in an MLM model (for the little guy)?
          I'm rambling now…off to bed!

          • Vemma treats the little guy very well. There is no sign-up fee, you just order the product, and you are signed up. there is a no questions asked empty bottle return. You tell two who tell two who tell two and yours is free.( each is a two person monthly supply $120/month volume costing around $150 after taxes and shipping) and you make approx $150 every four weeks as long as everyone stayes on autoship, which is forever as long as you help your two get theirs free.

  2. Troy you rock on keeping us up to date. Evolv has a good concept but why add more plastic bottles to the overwhelming supply already? Amega Global with their AMWater Actify System already provides the purest water possible and it alkalizes your body… You'll feel great! Actify also produces AFT™ ENERGIZED water, affecting you at the energetic level to "reorganize" your bio-energetic field.
    Best part is it hooks up to your kitchen sink and you just use your stainless steel refillable bottle. The testimonials say it all!

  3. Thanks Troy, but I'm with Connie O on this one.. The product sounds cool.. delivering it in water..ok, but bottled water!!! The last thing we need is for someone else to jump on the bottled water scam train that we are all working so hard to get off of. It looks like "Revolve" would be more appropriate name for this one.
    Tapped is a film that examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72MCumz5lq4
    We need to become part of the solution, not part of the problem!!

  4. Why are all these "Top Producers" jumping to Evolv? Because the owner is paying them. I know Robert Dean, "MR TOP GUN" got payed to join MonaVie and bailed out within a year. Dallin Larsen is kicking himself everyday for that. Big mistake. There team isn't making money but Dean is. It's a shame people aren't ethical anymore. He got his Mercedes and then said c ya. That hurts the Industry and the integrity of the people. As you know I am in MonaVie and I met Dallin Larsen. He has integrity, he is ethical and I think he learned from that mistake.
    Troy, you do a good job at keeping people straight in this Networking Industry. Thank you.

  5. Magical water? Why don't we just say what it is a money pyramid with an over priced hyped product "bottled water". These so called leaders went there for the money upfront they received to bring their teams there. I'm sure it wasn't for the residual income that would have to come from people that have to pay $4 a bottle for water. When the MASSES can't make money selling expensive water they will cancel their orders and there will be no residual to be made. But these leaders understand the money will be in the recruitment and the upfront orders. Another serious step back for our industry unfortunately.

    • Jimmy,
      I do not think I used the word "Magical." The two cancer research labs behind the product are very highly respected. Although, I have not finished the research in the product, I do know of both labs.
      Do you have documented evidence of money paid to top leaders? If so please send it my way, I will ask corporate about it.
      I have not looked at the cost of the water yet, but will be covering that in the article on the product.

  6. WOW, people are so closed minded and ignorant to facts. The product has done wonders for my wife and I and we look forward to building the biz as well. But, you name me one industry where the best of the best don't earn more than anyone else?? The 80-20 rule applies in every aspect of economics !!! I was in Monavie with Rob Dean and have met Dallen Larsen, flew on his jet and been in his home and on his yacht. Personally I feel that Monavie is a good company, but their comp plan is ONLY set up for big fish to thrive there. The comp plan caters to them, but the average person won't make much money there!! Evolv has the best of a binary and mixed some major payouts in their plan which filled all of the major holes in Monavie's comp plan. Will look forward to more of your postings about us!! Keep up the great work Troy..

  7. I have mixed feelings like everyone else. One of my concerns is where are all these bottles ending up. This company talks about community, well lets see it! There are companies that make their bottles out of corn, that is completely biodegradable. You can put them in your garden when your done. So lets really do something for the community instead of donating to cause's that only try to make the company look good. This directed to all companies selling products in bottles. They all talk about healthy and natural, it's about time they walk the walk instead of talk the talk!