Gary Calhoun reached out to me mast week and we had a terrific dialog. Throughout our dialog he shared about Southeastern Supply and MPBToday, which stands for “My Premier Enterprise Right this moment.”

Now the one concern I’ve about this enterprise, is the compensation plan. I requested Calhoun, why a 2×2 biking matrix compensation plan? He did not hesitate, “his purpose is to place money within the arms of as many distributors as he can, as quick as he can!”
Though, Gary’s former firm Trim Worldwide aka United Professional Media (UPM) did not make it, I don’t see Gary making an attempt to rip-off anybody.
As a matter of truth, let me ask this query, and see the kind of solutions we get.
Why is it, individuals get upset if an organization founder fails, but everyone knows distributors who needed to undergo as much as 20 corporations earlier than they lastly obtained it proper, and began earning money?
Please maintain us posted, and in case you are a distributor and issues begin to get slightly loopy, then let me know.
Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Hey Troy good info, I am a Assoc with MPB, . My upline has cycled got the walmart gift card in the mail and $300 cash. Every time you cycle you get a choice of a Walmart gift card or $200 in groceries and $300 in cash. If you buy your groceries before you cycle then you pay shipping and handling, if you cycle then order they pay S&H
    So I would say the only risk you take is paying the shipping and handling price if you neve do anything with it. 1 time fee of $200 for that you get a grocery voucher. You can check it out
    Thanks Team FTH

      • My husband and I have been associates with mpbtoday for one month and we have cycled 3 times. This is an awesome opportunity and we tell everyone about the business. Many just don't want to believe it is for real. Especially after receiving our checks and Walmart Gift Card I am a believer. This plan could help so many in this economic crisis if they would just believe. I love this opportunity and love to share with others.

    • The last line in the 2X2 matrix is the pay line and represents four spots or $800 as a cycle is completed. Beginning with the second cycle, the $800 is allocated as follows: $300 is paid as a commission check, $200 is paid as either a Walmart Card or Grocery Voucher with free shipping, and $200 goes to buy you the first available spot under your sponsor where you begin your next cycle. MPB Today's profit is the remaining $100.
      In the very first cycle, MPB today makes the $100 from the pay line plus the $200 intial one time purchase or a total of $300. The MPB Today profit from each 2X2 matrix is over and above the profit the company makes from buying groceries at wholesale and selling at retail. I don't believe every distributor will always opt for the Walmart card versus $200 groceries delivered free of shipping to their front doors. I know I won't.

      • Mike Wade- I'm confused with your comments and the addition or math. Onced cycled that is a total of $1200 that goes up to MPB today of which they then pay out as you stated in you comments above. So if the math is correct then MPB Today clears $500 per cycle.

        • Wade T, you made the mistake many who don't understand matrix's do. The entire matrix
          is not your payline. Only the bottom four are. The two above it are from another members
          payline and do not count towards you. It has already been used to pay the person
          above you.
          There is nothing magic about a matrix, but one does have to understand how they work.
          Mikes math is spot on, your interpretation of it isn't.
          I've been in MPB for over a month and love it. With no monthly fee's or aotoships there
          is no credit card bill eating you up if you aren't a master recruiter. And the follow me
          part of matrix is what makes it a no brainer to me.
          My sponsor has done a set of videos that really explain the whole program.
          It cracks me up that people just love to yell scam without really knowing what is
          going on. Yes, it's a young company and I acknowledge that a new company is
          inherently riskier than one who has been around for years. But it is also a bit
          harder to recruit when it has millions of members. The big rewards go to those
          who stuck their neck out a bit. And for the small risk here, I'm not even worried
          about that one.
          Have a good one.

  2. Thanks for the info Troy. I have been in mpb a couple weeks now and I have cycled twice and have already received two checks for $300 each and two $200 Walmart gift cards. Keep the info coming. I love this program and the fact they are customers of Walmart.

  3. Troy, thanks for the honest evaluation! I believe you might possibley be a little off on the comp plan comparison with TVI Express though. MPB's comp plan is only similar to theirs in that it is a matrix. TVI Express has a coml plan that actually splits up your downline which has hurt a lot of people. MPBToday's comp plan is only a 2×2 matrix that fills from the top down and your team always follows you which helps everyone cycle faster. TVI's is a 2×3 and it fills from the bottom up and because of the way their boards split, it kills momentum and separates team members.
    The other thing that I noticed is that you said that you can opt to get cahs or a gift card with MPB. When you cycle with 6 people in your matrix you get a check for $300 and a $200 Wal-Mart gift, not one or the other.
    I hope you don't mind the corrections but I think we need to be hyper accurate when we are discussing these companies and making comparisons.
    Keep up the excellent work. I'm glad you only agenda is putting out the truth!

    • @Dave Thompson,
      Dave, thank you for commenting. You are 100% correct the MPBToday compensation plan is NOT like the TVIExpresses compensation plan. My comparison is the fact folks cycle fast, and I am concerned there are some who would abuse the compensation plan for fast cash, not caring if they cause the company or others in the compensation plan issues.
      I respect your insight, and do hope you will keep us posted. As I stated the compensation is the only concern I see, and it is small. With the right leadership inside and out, this company can provide a solid answer to folks looking to earn money and cut their food bills.

    • DinDin,
      It's a great plan. You continue to cycle over and over once you have your personally sponsored two people. However, you will cycle a lot faster if you get more, but only two are required. The company even "banks" your commission and allow you to cycle multiple times. However, you will get that banked commission check and Wal-Mart card after you personally sponsor your two.
      I can share a detailed document or video that explains it in more detail.
      Let me know.

    • You start a new matrix of 6 with you on top, help your 2 or more personally sponsored reps cycle and they follow you back in your matrix to help you fill another six whether it comes from you or they sponsor more fill it and get 500 free and clear. Ready to start a new super six. If you need more info email me at Thanks

  4. Troy:
    Aren't businesses like this required to allow people to become distributors without having to buy the product (i.e. no purchase required)? If so, this company doesn't appear to pass the test. Everyone has to purchase grocery vouchers.

    • Mick, you do not have to buy groceries to become a distributor. You can become a distributor by paying the annual website fee of $10.00. I did it. You do have to buy groceries to be put into the matrix and earn money however.

  5. In 5 weeks, I have cycled twice for a total of $600 in cash and 2 $200 Wal-mart gift cards.
    I took my wal-mart gift card and got a Sam's Club membership with it and did my grocery shopping there. I also got gas at Sam's the other day with my gift card. Whenever I use it, it shows the balance left on the card.
    My belief in this company is growing the more I see my team beginning to cycle. Even if they only cycle one time a month, that could change some lives. The only risk or downside I see is, if you decide not to work the business – you redeem your $200 grocery coupon for groceries and you're out S& H and the $10 you paid for the website for the year. That's a lot cheaper than most companies charge for 1 month of autoship.
    Troy, I like your response about this might be a winner. I think you might be right.
    I think the average person could really help reduce or eliminate their grocery bill, gas bill, Rx bill and perhaps a lot of other expenses.
    Keep us posted.
    And, thanks for all you do.

  6. Thanks, Troy. To be honest, when I saw you were commenting on MPB I had to hold my breath for a minute because I have come to love this program and I didn't want to hear anything negative. I was so relieved to hear your mostly positive take on this company. The most asked questions from the naysayers have been, "How can they do that? and Is it a ponzie?" I couldn't answer them other than to say I would guess it has to do with the wholesale/retail equation. I'm so glad to hear that Gary gave you the inside scoop and you understand it. You truly are the BEST "watchdog"…not like that other guy out there that attacks without checking his facts. I really appreciate you!
    As far as the 2×2's. Yes, they can die out if people don't continue to work but so can a binary, unilevel/breakaway or matrix system. If the system is good, the system will not fail…it's people who fail to go to work. I've been doing this for 23 years and it's tough but when it is working, there's nothing better. It beats having an employer and going to a job 9 to 5 (if you can even find one of those these days).
    I am fired up over MPB especially since I cycled for the first time on Friday! This is the most practical program I've ever seen. I just hope it has a long future.

  7. I see that everyone is having such a wonderful experience with them, but I am horrified at the whole thing with MPB. I joined and they have no instructions in their back office as to how everything works. I can deal with that, but the thing that I can't deal with is lack of customer support. I sent them emails and phone calls everyday for 5 days and I got absolutely nothing in return. They say on their voice recording that they do most of their business via email and they will do their best to get back in 24 hrs or less. That is a bunch of crap. I tried to order groceries after I paid my 210 to get in and had no support and NO GROCERIES, and no response from southeaster either. Troy I appreciate you given the facts out here and giving people a second chance when they muff something up, God knows I've needed that second chance several times, but I think you can never go wrong with customer service and communication and they lack that in a major way. Is anyone else having communication issues with them? My advice is to RUN AWAY FAST!!!! ( Just based on my experience). I congratulate those that have cycled but I haven't. I know you have to build it to cycle, but I would never refer this company to anyone in my network because their lack of support.

    • Chris … You have to let a company develop before you roll them under the bus … look at them now and the success they are having I know personally because I have never succeeded in a MLM until now … it is simple and yes the idiots in anything can distroy it … my biggest fear with MPB is not from the corp side but from the associate side …. notice I use the word associate rather than rep … I do because associate has the word ASS at the start and we do have some asses in this because I call this type of net worker a "CHURN AND BURN" networker … they are recruiting monstors … recruit recruit recruit and they never support there people … people get disalousoned sorry no spell check here … and they quite and then rather calling it for what it was …. there up line not supporting them they point finger at the company and yell … scam … I would love to talk with you Chris and I promise it would be an open and honest conversation of discovery … thank you for your honesty and I know that when you came in things were not all in place … If MPB is guilty of anything it is that of to much early success and not having all system working at launch and jumping the gun a bit on launch … they really did not expect the land slide or titalwave that hit them … they have always communicated with me and my wife and we are have cycled twice and are 2 shy of our third and this in 3 weeks. I was presented this oppertunity in the morning and when my wife come home from work that night she tells me she has just lost her job of 15 years … I showed her the site and the 4 min. moving and told her she could do this and I would help her. I have never seen my wife happier and she is on fire. She was the 1st attendent of the 2008 Ms. Sr. Colorado pagent and we just showed this to them as a fundraiser and they are extatic on this program … This is a great gift to those that are willing to work and work the program the way it is set out … Watch out of the pundits out there that want to take anything down which they deam a threat …. Chris you can call me at 720 212-1034

      • I just a couple of days ago got in MPB with my man Jerome above, and so far all the folks saying this is a SCAM ARE TRYING TO GET YOU INTO THERE PROGRAM OR COMPANY.
        Then he BAITS AND SWITCHES THEM TO SH__lee.
        I wasted like 10 days of getting into MPB because of this guy, I am not saying he is a bad guy but he is misinforming people.
        Stuart Brandt

  8. I will have been in MPB 4 weeks on 8/6/2010. I have cycled 1 time july 9, 2010 and still have not received my $300 check or Wal MArt card. I have e-mailed numerous times and have called customer support a number of times since it became available. People tell me they will call me back with an answer about my check. If Gary has been a CEO in the past and has learned from his mistakes, how can he start something and not be prepared. NO EXCUSE!!

  9. Troy, I'm curious as to your take on this aspect of MPB's comp plan. One of the things Rod Cook of said in his criticism is that MPB is not attracting customers- people join to make money. Thus a violation, according to Rod, of the FTC's 50% Rule which is what nailed Burn Lounge.
    I spoke with an MPB affiliate who was on a leaders' call with Gary Calhoun a few days ago. He said that Gary plans to add a unilevel backend to create residual income. And from that, it seems customers would become an integral part.
    Like you, I'm not a fan of the 2×2 matrix plan, but adding a unilevel would certainly be a huge improvement.
    In today's economy, what Gary said- "“his goal is to put cash in the hands of as many distributors as he can, as fast as he can!”- is probably what a lot of people need- hard cold cash to pay the bills!
    Love to hear your thoughts!

    • Tricia,
      The compensation plan is my one area of concern as I shared in the video. Gary understands my concern, and the fact this type of compensation does attract the type of people Rod is talking about, who only join for the money.
      However, since MPBToday is just the marketing arm of southestern Delivery, which has been in business for close to two years, and has a plethora of customers outside of the compensation plan. And the fact they are adding more and more daily. I believe they have a chance to stay very clean.
      With that said. If they do not add a customer requirement to the MLM side of things, this could cause an issue.
      Gary and the leaders are watching and I would predict they will tweak the compensation plan pretty quick in order to make sure they stay compliant.
      Rod's main concern on the compensation plan is relevant and should be taken to heart. I do not know anyone who understands compensation plans like Rod.

  10. "Why is it, people get upset if a company founder fails, yet we all know distributors who had to go through up to 20 companies before they finally got it right"
    Troy, that's a great question. Under ordinary circumstances, a founder is often unfairly penalized for failing — and their next venture is held to unfair scrutiny. This is true, even though the majority of successful entrepreneurs started several companies before they got it right. And as you pointed out the same is true of distributors.
    No, the problem with Gary Calhoun is that he is neither an entrepreneur but a sociopath, nor did he fail, but he willfully defrauded people. Gary Calhoun is con artist. Spend 20 minutes reading about all of the people he has defrauded. Just try to google "gary calhoun scam". You don't need to even type the word "scam" because google suggests it for you. The MLM industry already has its stigma, and there's always going to be some degree of backlash among distributors, in even the better companies.
    No, what we are talking about here is a different animal: gary calhoun. We are talking about ALL of the people around him that placed trust in him, that were ultimately separated from their money; the people that he lies, cheats and steals from. He is a con artist. My friend's case was so commonplace, insignificant that the attorney general said that his case was one of a hundred against gary. That he is being actively investigated for much larger schemes that require the agency's attention.

    • Candice,
      Thank you for taking time to comment.
      You have truly given us all something to think about in the perspective you provide.
      Although, I understand the Google search issues. What I am more interested in, is not opinion, but true documented facts. Can you provide the name of the attorney your friend talked with at the AGs office in Florida?
      I am somewhat taken back, that the if the AG has received hundreds of complaints, they are not doing anything. I have faced the Florida AG in the past relating to MLM issues, and out of 55,000 distributors we only had 14 complaints.
      I would love to investigate this deeper, if you can help.

    • Candice and Troy,
      I just phone the Florida Attorney General's office to see if either MPB Today, My Premier Business Today or Southeastern Delivery is being investigated. I was told that they have had people calling in to inquire, but there are no investigations into these companies.
      So far, so good…

      • Also, when I did a search for "Gary Calhoun" on the Florida AG's website, the only thing that came up was an article that listed people who attended an event and a Chief Gary Calhoun from the Maitland Police Department was on the list of attendees.

  11. Troy Thank you for your straight forward documentory,My girl and I joined 3 weeks ago,and we need just 1 more spot to cycle for the 3rd time,we already been compensated….we have been doing mlm for years..
    MPB today is the real deal,we all know those of us in the field that we will attract people with no common sense,well we have common sense what I love about this program is the impact its going to have in the non-profit organizations…we have already made an impact in our community….
    I encourage everyone to get involved and share this program with the upmost confindence….
    I wish evryone Prosperity and Health…

  12. This is a very exciting program! What is even more exciting than me getting paid is that the first two people who I sponsored have also both been paid!!!
    Yesterday, my husband and I went down to Sam's Club and used our $200 Walmart Gift Card to purchase a Sam's Club membership and we also did some shopping. It was great using the card and not having the money come out of our checking account.
    What is really impressive with this company is that they are actually keeping up with the crazy growth they are experiencing!!!
    Oh…..I really want this to last!

  13. Hi Troy,
    Thanks for this mpbtoday video and your views. It is very helpful. I've been eyeing this one for weeks now, though have not jumped in as yet. I'm confused on how the first cycle goes…. Per Mike's post above – am I understanding it correctly that if we wait until we cycle to have the option of the Walmart card (or free shipping) – we would then be out the original, signup fee of $200? Or, if we wait to cycle and choose the card, will we receive 2 Walmart cards?
    Is it then better to keep that first grocery voucher because we would still receive the first cycle payout of $300 plus 2nd grocery voucher OR Walmart card. Otherwise of we wait to cycle for card option, we're out having use of the original voucher?
    Hope that made sense! : )

  14. I have a question? If the gross margin on groceries is 25% which is the norm according to very reliable sources(Albertsons, Kroger, Wal-Mart Supercenters,et al) then how do i pay $500 on $1200 w/o it being a signup game. Troy, how can you say this Florida AG stuff knowing that Bowdin and his scam Ad Surf Daily went on for months in this great state of FL. Of course there is always the possibility that MPB has a better price on their groceries than Super Wal-Mart right? Not a chance…..

    • Jim Lane,
      Great question! Since I do not run the company I can't give any of the company financial strategy. However, I have a few thoughts.
      1. I think the 25% is a high number for profit and respectfully ask where the stat came from. I have never seen a 25% profit margin in the grocery side of retail.
      2. Keeping with this line of thought, and using the 25% as a benchmark here is what I would do. I would have a small team of women (they are better at this) who work 5 to 6 hours a day going through all manufacture coupons for the week, and I would also have them looking at all the local ads so when we are buying the food to deliver we are (we as the company) getting the lowest prices possible. This should be real easy to do on the local delivery side, and on the MLM delivery side all that is shipped is dry goods, so it would be a breeze.
      Now where this could get a little tricky is if the folks on the MLM side continue to get gift cards (where this is NO Profit margin when you are not the issue of the card. If Southeastern Delivery can't continue to grow locally, and they continue to use a 2×2 matrix then we could see issues. Which I have made clear from the first video I shot on this company.
      3. Bowin and his scam was watched by the Florida AG for months, and complaints had been filed. However, there was bigger players watching ASD, which is why a special unit from Washington DC made this bust for the Secret Service, and not the local AG or Florida authorities.There is on still a lot which has not come out on ASD and frankly may never come out.
      But having known both owners ASD and MPBToday, I can say, Gary is not in the same league as the ASD boys when it comes to running scams. Gary has had issues with companies in the past, and some folks have called him a scammer. Although I can't see his heart I know a little about scammers, and I do not see this as a scam. I do question the compensation plan, but not the intent of the business.

      • Troy,
        In regards to the gift cards not having a profit margin, my best guess is that MPB Today is not paying the full $200 for each gift card. Don't you think (or maybe you could find out) that they are getting a discount for buying those cards in bulk? Which is still a great deal for the retailer they are buying the cards from because it is driving traffic back to the retailer.
        Plus, MPB is making $10 a year for the replicated website. At 300-600 people joining each day, that $10 a year per person is adding up quickly.
        So, between profit from the groceries and other products that are being sold, and profit from the replicated website and possible profit from the gift cards, it seems that MPB is positioned to be a sustainable, affordable and viable opportunity for all involved.

        • Just got Paid,
          I had not given it a thought. However since the majority of the cards are from one major store, it does make sense they could buy in bulk. However, Wal-Mart is not usually in the mood to cut deals on their stuff, it is usually the other way around, since they are looking for the best prices possible. I will do some checking on that one.
          I do agree there is plenty of profit for them. The only issue is the fast growth with the 2×2. If they can't hire fast enough to handle the commission payout and customer service calls, it can kill them. Or if their merchant freaks out because of massive growth, which we have seen happen in other companies.

          • Hi Gary – I will disagree with you about Walmart and their willingness to discount the goft card. I was watching CNBC about a month ago talking about Proctor & Gamble and their quarterly numbers. P&G is the manufacturing side; Walmart is the distribution side. The comments went something like this. In this economy, a big company like P&G with very deep pockets can afford to pour extra money into marketing and slash prices in order to gain market share at the expense of their competition – especially smaller companies who are suffering. Now we know that Walmart and MPB have a supplier/customer relationship, but when you think about Walmart discounting the gift card in order to gain 30,000, 50,000, 100,000, or half a million new customers at the expense of their competition, well given Walmart's track record – it makes perfect sense to me. And I've earned several WalMart cards from MPB – let me tell you this also – when you go into Walmart to spend $200 (especially if you earned that $200), you leave having spent $250 or $300. Walmart knows this too and you're getting the lowest prices to boot. On top of that, once you get into the Walmart lowest price mentality, is anyone going to go back to their Safeway or Publix or Albertson's or Piggly Wiggly or Winn Dixie when they don't have the gift card – hell no they are not. The legacy of Sam Walton lives on in the Walmart management. Imagine a strategy meeting in good old Bentonville to figure out how to increase sales and hurt the competition in this economy. One marketing person sitting in the corner says – "Hey, how come we never got into that network marketing thing…" I'll end with this – how many times over the years have we heard egotistical, narcissistic MLM executives spout off about being the next Amway. There's only one company I know with the depth of product offering and the distribution and delivery mechanism already in place that could give Amway a run for their money – hmm – who might that be y'all?

  15. Troy,
    Am I the only one who wonders where the retail customers are? Always thought FTC like to see retail customers.
    Have seen many companies like this go down because they only people joining were people expecting to make money. I seem to remember a lifetime web site company that was shut down as everyone joined tom make money, and no retail customers.
    Only people who would buy the groceries and pay freight would be really out in boonies. Sites don't make buying groceries easy either.

    • Jay,
      That was one of my first thoughts. Then I realized, there is NO residual income at all as of right now. But the parent company is also handling retail customers, including those in the matrix who may want to buy food and have it shipped to them.

    • I just enrolled with MPG 3-days ago and have 2 people who want to be customers using the online grocery service. There are two options for people. They can purchase online groceries or they can receive a $200 Walmart Gift card.
      The company promotes the importance of having customers. There are a lot of people who hate to grocery shop and it is worth it to them to order online and have their groceries delivered to their front door.
      For those, like me who enjoy grocery shopping I prefer the Walmart Gift Card which I can also use at Sams. This is a great program for those with work ethics. You must be willing to network the program with others in order to have success but I like that this is easy to duplicate. It is not hard to ask someone if they would like to look at a way to eliminate their grocery bill or even purchase their grocery's online as a customer.
      I give this company and marketing program two thumbs!!!

  16. Hi Troy
    Comment to Tricia on Aug 4 2010 that Southeastern Delivery has been in business for two years.
    William Lindsey Properties was incorperated on Dec 2006. That company had a name change to Southeastern Delivery LLC in Jan of this year 2010. Owner Gary Calhoun.If my math is correct that puts S/D at nine months. I have a brother that lives in Pencacola and told him about MPD. I said look up in the yellow pages S/D and check them out. He could not find a listing of the company. Also looked under food delivery,NO listing. This was a RED flag for me.I was told by a rep for the company,that S/D was a company doing business in Fl for years. Then the marketing arm of MPD joined forces to boost sales. I dont have a problem with that,but say we are brand new at this,are you with us.Great job Troy Keep up the good work. Just joined your newsletter.Retired Underwater Demolition Team-21 Navy Frogman Hats off to you my fellow veteran Randy

    • Randy,
      Great comment, and you bring up some interesting red flags. Let's take a look at those for a second to get a deeper perspective.
      1. S/D could still claim 2 years, if the company is the original company. The question we need to ask is whether William Lindsey Properties was owned by Gary or was it owned by someone else. If the ownership the same, and the business was delivering food. Or if the Southern Delivery was a dba, and they decide to change the name, then the two years would fit. Otherwise, you do show a huge difference, than what the distributors and company are stating.
      2. Whether a company has a yellow page ad or not, is no big deal. Yellow page ads are very expensive, and most have stopped offering free ads. As a matter of fact, even churches have stopped advertising in the Yellow Pages because it does not pay. Most folks look online. Which might be something we can do. See when the Southern Delivery site went online.
      My original concern was the compensation plan, and the fact it can attract known scammers. One of the top Scam watchdog sites (Not who has been known to give good reviews of some MLMs, has hit MPBToday hard because he has seen several scam communities promoting MPBToday as their next fast win.
      I do hope Gary and some of the solid MLM Pros who have joined the company get this compensation issue under control, or it could bring this company down just about as fast as it went up.

      • Troy,
        My family and I have been in this business for 6 weeks. I have seen family getting paid every time they cycle. Everything seems great working with MPB Today. I have figured the numbers and I don't understand what is wrong with the compensation plan what am I missing that concerns you in the compensation plan?

    • I live in Pensacola, and their office is real. It is 8812 Grow Dr. in Ellyson Industrial park, tell your brother to drive by there if you want. You will see their sign out front of the building which is shared by MPB Today and Southeastern Delivery. You can go in there and talk to them if you want, they are a real company with real employees and all really nice. I don't usually comment on things like this, but it seems like a lot of people are intent on spreading rumors about things that they have not carefully checked into.
      It seems like a lot of people have negative opinions about MPBToday, but the negative opinions are not from anyone who has actually joined or even has a clue about it…

  17. Troy,
    I can't understand how this business can be even close to legal. I have had some friends jump in this company and I am very concerned about them. It seems plain to me that the entire compensation plan is based on continuing to recruit distributors and has nothing to do with the sale of products. There is no way that this company can satisfy the FTC customer rule since the retail price of the grocery's includes a 30%-50% shipping charge and can't compete with other grocery stores unless the target market is only nomadic tribes in the Amazon. The only way a company can legitimately market their products through MLM, is if there is value to the end consumer (outside of the network). The only way for the FTC to know if there is value to the end consumer is if the company has a large percentage of their sales coming from outside the distributors. Even Sam Walton couldn't pay 50% commissions on the sale of grocery's! The only reason commissions can be paid is the continuing influx of new suckers spending $200 on grocer's that they will never order unless they first cycle by finding 6 other suckers to spend $200 on grocery's that they will never order. I have enormous respect for you Troy, please help me understand how this could be a legitimate business.

  18. Troy, just got involved with MPB about 3 weeks ago after I heard your video on them and Gary Calhoun. But just yesterday and I had a lady that some of my people in my organization was recruiting contact an Attorney General in Florida she knew and he told her to stay away. Here's a few things she told me: #1 Gary has had 5 companies in 4 years. Red Flag? #2 NorthEastern is listed as Nocal International. Red Flag? #3 MPB is under another name as well to which i did not right down. Red Flag? #4 The Attorney General said Gary had filed several bank ruptcys. Red Flag?
    Gary what is your take on this?

    • Keith,
      Thanks for commenting. Let me share a little on what you heard…
      1. No AG in an official capacity (and maybe not in an un-official) would say anything negative about any company NOT under a current investigation because of this very reason. I would ask the lady, which Asst. AG she talked with.
      2. Gary has run several companies, and still has a few he owns. Owning several companies is NEVER a red flag. If it was Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Donald trump and others would not be in business today. As a matter of fact, most real estate holders, create each property as a separate corporations. Since most small businesses don;t make it 5 years, I am not sure I would see this as a red flag right off the top. If all the businesses are in the same niche, marketing to the same people and it was mismanagement, or illegal conduct which closed the businesses, then we would have an issue.
      3. You wrote Northeastern, However Gary's current company is southeastern. Is this a misprint or different company?
      4. MPBToday is not under any other name. However, Gary has owned two different direct selling companies during the 21 century here in Florida.
      5. As for the bankruptcy, that could be a red flag. However, you can only file once every seven years, so now we have to look at what caused the bankruptcies. If they are personal because he put all his money into the companies he launched, then I would not see that as a negative, he believed in what he was doing and it failed. If they were corporate and he protected his families personal nest egg, then this could go both ways, depending on how many distributors lost money in any of the companies.
      Overall, MBPToday is a high-risk venture, and although I do believe Gary has the best interest of the distributors in mind, there are several factors everyone should look at, and the ones above you wrote about are just a few.

    • Dan,
      I reshot the video and took out a small part which was to remain "off the record". MPBToday will be staying on the high-risk side of things, until they have he compensation under control. Plus there is not an issue of the FDA getting involved because some reps are telling folks on food stamps to use them to join or buy food through MPBToday.
      I still feel Gary is a stand up guy, who is trying to provide a solid business to people. But, as I warned this type of compensation draws some pretty strange people into the company.

        • Just Got Paid,
          From doing a little digging, it seems some companies (not MpBToday) will take the debit card from people using food stamps, for face value or less, and allow people join some programs or buy certain services or products that are not approved.
          In the case of MPBToday, this has not happened, at least not at a corporate level. However, their are some field distributors who have caught the eyes of a few watchdog groups, which feel this may be happening in the field.

          • If that is the case, Troy, I would hope that those watchdog groups would do the right thing and report the distributors in question to Gary Calhoun at MPB Today so he can deal with them.
            It would be a real shame for a few to ruin it for the masses. It would be a bigger shame for those who knew about it to sit by and let it happen.

          • Just got Paid,
            Sadly, I do not think it will happen. They seem more focused on hurting everyone involved instead of cleaning up a specific situation. I have forwarded to Gary what I have seen, and I do hope his legal team can take care of things.
            A company and filed force should be able to make it, or break it on their own, without the help from people with personal agendas.

        • I want to tell you it is NOT possible to get involved with MPB Today by using Food Stamps. The Southeastern Deilvery side does accept the food stamps however to get involved in the business you have to use a credit card only.

      • Hi Troy,
        I was brought into Gary Calhoun's former company, United Pro Media or UPM. From my experience, I can honestly say Mr. Calhoun is definately not a "stand-up guy". That said, I wouldn' t label him a full-fledged scammer. I will briefly recount my experience and then explain why he is not or was not a stand-up guy. My wife were a young just married couple when we invested money in the special "Platinum Ad-program". This program was available for $5000 for each share and would be used by UPM to purchase advertising for its products. Ads were placed in notable mediums such as Oprah magazine. We would then recoup our principle and 30% interest over an indefinate period of time (in UPM meeting it was presented as though it would take a year! Classic too good to be true). A nice idea but highly speculative. I was not very savvy back then but the system was working for close friends and the presentation was given as this is guaranteed. There was obviously no oversight of what was being said in these presentations. We invested $10,000. Checks came initially began to come in irregularly until they just stopped 4-5 months later when we have received about $2500 back. For a while there was not explanation given. We then were told that the company had experienced a software glitch in its payment system and checks would soon resume. This never happened. There was no communication for months until finally some video update began with a smiling Gary telling us how excited he is to get things back on track and cycle checks would soon start up. The only thing is that we now had to sell UPM's ofter sub-standard products. There were several of these updates, sometimes presenting new sales systems and EXCITING news that the products were being sold accross the country to recoup our money. This never happened and it would seem that now they have gone out of business although the website is still active, which seem rediculous to me. I have heard that those ads in Oprah magazine brought little to no sales.
        I have a few big problems with Gary Calhoun. First, communication from top down was abismal. This includes lack of oversite of UPM presentations. There was not even the slightest effort to fully disclose the risks to the Ad Program. There was no honest and specific communication of what was happening as the company was beginning to sputter and colapse. And finally, there was not even a letter saying that the company had failed let alone a letter of apology to hundreds and perhaps thousands of honest people who lost significant ammount of money. The "share holders" were left in the dark. I would have accepted an apology and an honest explanation of what happened this gentleman who consumed and lost my and my wife's hard-earned money. UPM was not an overt scam. Gary never intended to rob people of their money. I'm just disappointed that people money was dealt with so little respect with no honesty or the courage to say "folks, we screwed up and you won't be getting your money back and I apologize for not fairly disclosing the risks."
        These are hard facts. I'm not some ranting internet freak. I actually never comment on blogs. I would just ask that those already in or considering MPB Today know who is running your business. This sound like it could go well for a while before it collapses as did UPM. It may take off long term but why should you risk it when you know the weak personal traits of the leadership. I suggest putting your effort into strong, established and proven direct selling company such as ACN. I have a couple friend who were in UPM with me and are now making 20K a month with ACN. I personally am not involved with any MLM at the moment. All I'm saying is that it would suck to build a real good personal business in MPB only to have the mother company colapse around you. Then you are back at square-one. You say that won't happen: I had a friend in UPM who was the national leader making over 1 million a year. He went from that to nothing in a few months.

        • We joined "Trim" and then the company changed their name to United Pro Media.
          We gave them money and followed their plan exactly as required, purchasing and/or distributing products exactly as required.
          Our experience was similar to Paul F.
          Cheques came to us for some time, suddenly they stopped.
          The explanation coincidentally we received is the same is Paul F, even though we were involved before Paul F from the sound of it……. problems with the software.
          Then the problems were because of hurricane…….then back to excuse of software — then many promises…….never any explanations. We even were naive enough to order product during this time……never did receive the product……even after I had contacted the company numerous times.
          To this day we have never received any explanations. They never contact us. We are a senior couple, and if we paid back this company every commission we ever received, they would still owe us $40,000.
          I met Gary Calhoun personally and had total confidence in him, the company, and his credibility and sincerity.
          Unfortunately we are still owed $40,000, even though we did everything we were supposed to and fulfilled our obligations. My biggest sorrow, however, is for the people we got involved with this company and who also lost their money. I am back working.
          If Gary Calhoun wants to prove me wrong, he can pay us the $40,000 and we can share it with the people we got involved with his company.

  19. Interesting,
    I research them all, and I saw more red flags than in China when first introduced. First, the web site was as generic as I have seen using a bunch of pictures of Walmart, Buffet and Trump to try and legitimize deal, never mind the totally generic economic doom and gloom video. But what was worse is the first conference calls, nothing but the money hype, which is what this deal is all about anyhow, just as it was for TVI before it.
    What amazes me is the growth over the past couple months, yet still no talk about grocery delivery aspect, just the cycle, cycle cycle hype. When they started, they used voucher in their decription, a work sure to draw attention from regulators, but at least they listened to a few and changed it, but still, it is an IOU, not permitted without a bond in most states, so this remains one of the biggest red flags to me.
    I registered as an affiliate just to research the history without wasting $200. on a useless grocery IOU I knew I would never use, just as 99% are not using unless you live close enough to pick up groceries at their store faciliator. If one was to order all canned or jar goods, which are the heaviest items, I guarantee you it will cost you $200. to ship via UPS or FedEx, so with that fact, forget it, there will be next to zero people ordering groceries. The prices are only average, so no real savings will be realized as I see it, hence, no retail customers, non distributors, and this deal will not even last as long as TVI IOU voucher deal did.
    Hey, I like to gamble, but having talked to so many who have not cycled verses those few who have, it is obvious this is going to suffer same fait as TVI did, most never recruit enough to cycle, they get hung up in never never land, so I remain amazed after several months why people are throwing money into this one. Cycle, cycle, cycle, that is all anyone has registered for, the money, and all money programs are doomed to fail. There is little profit in groceries, and if you went to purchase Walmart debit cards, believe me, even if you ordered millions in advance, you would see barely a couple percent discount since Walmart prices are already set with very thin margins.
    Simply put, good luck to alll who have dumped $200. into this deal, you will need it. When I read that USDA was investigating, I was really surprised since what does the USDA have to do with MLM pyramids? Evidently, several promoters were telling people to use their food stamps to purchase these IOU vouchers or certificates, so WOW, talk about stupid promotions, I wouldn't want any of the alphabet soup agencies investigating a business I was involved with after only a few month, especially when it is being published all over internet already. Calhoun may not be a scammer, but he certainly is a piss poor company. His dismal track record is understandable having watched this haphazard deal which looks like it had no planning at all go into it, just another 2X2 money grab deal cycler as I see it, so good luck with your gamble folks, but I will hit casino over this one. lol

    • Mike,
      Great comment, thank you for sharing.
      As for the delivery part of things. If I were marketing for this company, I would not be marketing the delivery aspect either. Based on the shipping costs, it makes more since to get folks to opt for the gift card.

      • Exactly, and that is my issue, it is purely and simply a rob from Peter to pay Paul deal, illegal, so I have to ask, is this OK with you? If one is only involved for the debit card, it is not a retail program with a retail product, it is a pyramid ponzi whereby the only reason one would pay the $200, is to earn commissions from cycle, so how can anyone find this legal or acceptable? No retail customers, no legal business, even without the issue of no bond being posted in each state which is required when pre-selling IOU vouchers or certificates, whatever they want to call them, so again, more red flags than China on this one.

        • They are not IOUs, they are real Wal-Mart gift cards. I know, I've gotten three of them and this is my first MLM company. All you have to do is cycle once and you got your WHOLE investment back. Then, if you don't like it, you are not out any money and you don't have to do anything again… Or, you can try to earn more money by ordering groceries — a real product you actually need. Not a real big risk in my opinion…

    • Dear Mike,
      I have never replied to any posts before. I had to on this one. You are so misinformed I feel sorry for you. I have been with MPB today for 2 weeks and have made 1000.00 I am a RN. I am not stupid I research what I get involved in. Believe me there is a big need for home del groc. I not only have made 1000.00 I also had groceries del. to my homebound parents. Which was wonderful and was worth every penny of the shipping from Fl. to TX. I suggest you go and visit Southeast Del and really check things out before you badmouth something that can be very useful to alot of people.

  20. Troy, thanks for this overview. Between this and what you report at the 4:18 mark here
    I think wisdom dictates caution. It has been my experience that once a company starts to generate controversy, if you wait and watch 6 months from the time the controversy gets viral, you will see the truth emerge.
    In 6 months MPB will either be a household name amongst MLMers…or it will be gone.
    Can anyone remember what happened to LocalAdLink?

  21. Troy, I appreciate very much your report on MPB. This is my first introduction to the 2×2 matriz hirarchy structure. You mentioned you are nervous about this structure….
    Have yoo visited MPB yet? Can you go into the details of your concern? This could be a winner forr for me. I do not understand the 2×2 matrix marketing plan yet. Do you have any additional information you can share yet. I am counthing on you..
    From Webster Greoves, MO.

    • David,
      Gary called last week to get me over to see the new offices and talk deeper. Timing have played a part because of all that is going on. Should connect with him soon.
      As for the compensation structure, this form of compensation attracts manipulators. In other words I can track several known promotors of money games, those business opportunities which fall into the class of scams and pyramids in which these folks have been promoting for years. Each time they jump on the band wagon knowing there is no real product, just fast recruiting money has long has the hype continues to flow and folks keep spreading the word.
      Ad surfing, gifting, gift certificates, and lotteries are the big ones. However, lately we have seen more legit looking opportunities like, travel, social networking sites, online local ads, and link exchange using this type of compensation to hide the fact they are just a shell game.
      In Gary's case I do not believe he set out to create a shell game. However, in using this type of compensation plan, it does promote recruiting over the sale of a product or service, and for the majority of distributors, there is more money made from recruiting, or manipulating the compensation structure by buying additional spots, so that when the hype and recruiting stops, the system implodes and Gary or anyone else will not have enough customers to sustain the compensation.

  22. I can't believe the negative comments of many of you folks about MPB. We're talking about a ONE TIME investment of $200. Come on, ITS NOT $2,000 or more. After your first cycle not only do you get your money back, but PLUS an additional $300. That's a 250% return on your money and from then on your running on house money (like they say in Vegas). From the 2nd cycle on…every time you cycle, your earning a whopping 500% return on your money! If you were to invest $100,000 in a money market certificate today in your credit union or bank, what interest rate would they give you…a whopping 1%-2%. If anything is a scam, its what our financial institutions are offering us today and everyday. I don't hear any of you gripping about that? Lets get real and stop gripping about a measely ONE TIME INVESTMENT of $200. If you're that skeptical about MPB and that massive $200 investment…DON'T JOIN, sit back and watch what happens over the next couple of years. Those of you that are being so wise and cautious with that measily $200, remind me of the parable of the Ten Talents. You are the one who dug a hole and hid his measley 1-talent, because he was afraid to invest it, take a chance and possibly win. When his master came back, what was his response to him? He took his measley 1-talent away from him and kicked him out of his kingdom, because of his slothfulness and fear. If you're afraid to loose that whopping $200, DON'T JOIN!!! Its that easy…and let those of us who want at least a chance to win, show you if it'll work or not. If it doesn't you still have your $200 and if it does, you still have that whopping $200. It's a no loose for you and for us…I guess you can figure the rest.

  23. I beleave that the plan for the company is to build distibution sites around the US as the customer base grows. I for one will love to get home delivery groceries for about $13 . It cost me more in time and gas than that to go shopping. As this happens more and more people will become grocery purchasers than walmart card / voucher exchangers. The customer base created by this program would then fuel this type of business as more and more baby boomers will want home delivery to buy groceries.

  24. eFoodsGlobal is precisely what MPBtoday was TRYING to do. We are now GROWING as fast as MPBToday is DECLINING. BECAUSE WE HAVE FOOD, they only have Walmart's name.
    REAL FOOD. We're the Manufacturers no need for Walmart.
    I'll say it again. We are growing as fast as MpbToday is in Decline. Most of the Heavy Hitters are switching to us because we have NO credibility or reputation problems AND we PAY on EVERY PERSON you ENROLL, not just every six. Getting SIX is hard. GETTING ONE at a TIME IS EASY.

  25. Greetings,
    I think that this is a wonderful opportunity and I'm honoured to promote it. I encourage people I enroll to consider their $200 grocery purchase a donation to charity. I'm hoping that people will utilise this vehicle to bless those who really need help. I tell them that the worst case scenario is that they will not cycle and choose to donate their $200 worth of groceries to a food bank in Pennsacola, Florida or some other place. The best that can happen is that they cycle many times and have many resources to share with their family and others.
    For more on this idea, please check out the following site. It forwards to a Facebook page I made. Please, check out the note I wrote on that page.

  26. The Matrix is a failed system and payout of $1700 on total earnings of $1470 which leaves a MINUS $230 per Cycle. The Matrix will fail by the Level 8 Scam unless he has a more profitable other source of income with a higher markup! They must have a 50% or greater profit margin which is in the MLM 2 X 2 FTC site called Illegal. As for Gary's reputation, it shows his ability and track record. I won't be buying this scam.

    • 1/7/11 TROY I am looking for your update from your July 20010 video on MPB Today ! Please follow up with an updated reporty ! I would even be willing to pay a fee for your audit of MPB to save me the time of driving over 1000 miles for the "possibility" of meeting of meeting the principals and get an in depth answer to my questions. I love the MBP concept, but I need to know more.
      From St, Louis, MO. Dave Oswald (prior wma rr too)

      • You better hurry and get your information. Troy may want to look very closely into them again and see how things are going. Two major voices of MPB have left. There is fighting within the company. The amount of hubs opened to the amount of dollars brought in. I would ask him to check out the fact that they had a video on no autoship and how it was killing the industry but now in order to receive the top bonuses you must be in the gateway program at I think $35 a month. If you want the max out of MPB you want the video, autoresponse service at $30 a month I believe. Now I am southern and my math is bad. Now they have what 85k affiliates at $200 a piece by say just 10k of those in those two mentioned program would that be $17 million in affiliate fee's and somewhere are $650,000 a month there based on 10k participants. You would think with those kind of numbers a nationwide home grocery delivery company would have for than 4 to 6 hubs open. I am not that smart you must understand and my math is not good. So I need someone like Troy to help me out on this. To my understanding Pete Kwanko and William Portillo the Spanish voice have left the company and others are following. I need advise please?
        Thanks, David

    • I love MPB. No disrespect intended but anybody who does not join immediately is losing out. This is a true no brainer. Those that have made comments on here prior to Dec. 1, 2010…need to review again. Things have changed and improved. Someone just told me today that they know people who were getting paid at first but have not received anything since. This is a lie…..I know people who have been in since the old pay plan was in place and they are receiving many checks. I have seen them…I go to th weekly presentations. They keep me inspired. I have received checks as well and I have only been in for a month. If anybody wants to hear or learn more…..go to my website.

      • I am still owed $40,000. This company just quit paying as I stated previously (after various excuses), and then they quit communicating. We were never informed of "another" new plan — no apologies — no offer to pay us back.
        We were not even aware the company was still going in another form. We have trusted associates/friends who initially went down and met Gary, saw the building, and even went on a few of the trips. Gary even came to the city we live in on a speaking tour.
        When we are paid back our $40,000, then we will then perhaps have another look at this company. Until then, being a senior couple and having our little nest egg taken from us, it is hard to beleive anything.
        Feel free to pass this on to Gary Calhoun, Troy — we were under Luke Denis and Fred Sloan.

  27. Curious,
    Been several months since I first visited, and as one who has always liked the concept of groceries direct, tell me, has anyone ordered groceries yet? Or is is all about the money? Any updates good or bad?

  28. Hey Troy,would love very much for you to do another update and yes go down and deliver some groceries with him and put it on video and put that on your next segment.I would love it if you go down and visit with him and that will make you decide to change this from a high risk to a low or medium risk.When do you think you will go down and visit?Thanks for everything you do Troy.

  29. Troy,
    I too would love to get an update on MPB Today. Do you have any plans to update? Thanks!

    Troy's Response
    – Yes we do plan on updating the review. Time has kept us pretty business the last few months. I will get with Gary.

  30. Really NEED some new Updates on MpbToday, as WE bought into the program in 2010 and now we can NOT find a thing to get any information as to how we collect our groceries OR the Walmart Gift Card? Troy can You PLEASE bring us all up to date.
    Thanks Tom
    June 17, 2013