This final week I had the chance to speak with GBG founder Stuart Finger to have him share with me about their product 10-In-One Liquid Multi Components. Stuart calls this tonic (it’s far thicker than a juice), “The World’s Best Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Complement.

Over the following week or so, we’ll do a few extra articles on GBG and Stuart Finger.
Now earlier than a few of you begin yelling concerning the outdated ITI firm based by Stuart Finger and his brother Steve Finger, we’ll cowl that sooner or later.
Right here is Stuart’s story as to why GBG is right here in the present day.

Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


    • I also knew of a Stuart Finger connected with Linden Wood's company World Connect.
      They closed down after trying to open up a Nutritional line and a chain of Women's
      Health Clubs and before that it was a Telecom Co.

  1. Thanks Troy for your comments about GBG
    This product has really changed my life. I am 62 years old and I have tried a lot of great nutritional products over the past 20 years but the 10-in-one formulais by far the most effective for my wife and me. We are at an age where we need all the help we can get physically and we are getting results. We are like the energizer bunny, we just keep going. More energy, more alertness, thinking clearer and with the stress we are under we could not do without the 10-in-one formula.
    And there is a GBG team out there that will give you your first month of product absolutely FREE 100%
    If anyone has any doubt about how well this product works, they can't go wrong with this deal.
    That website is:
    Joey Lunsford

  2. Thanks for the unbiased and informative expose, Troy. As an extremely happy distributor, your positive feedback means a lot to me and others in the field. I know I have found a home with GBG. I look forward to the upcoming shows.
    Best Regards,

  3. Troy, I just wanted to let you know what GBG has meant to me. When I found GBG, I was not looking for a network marketing opportunity. I tried network marketing before and it was not that I had a hard time getting people to sign up. I was having a hard time getting people to stick. I went to GBG for the product at the direction of my chiropractor. To make a long story short, the PRODUCT IS AWESOME. Since GBG has a compensation plan built for the average person, I decided to promote it. Now, three years later, I have thousands of distributors on my team all over the USA. This is definitely a company I recommend for people to check out. If nothing else, people need to at least try the GBG 10 in One. Thank you Troy for everything you do for the network marketing industry.
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  4. I showed GBG to one guy and he admitted that "the comp plan is very impressive, very impressive". Those were his words. But apparently he thought it was too good to be true because he made the final assumption that it was a money game. And he also thought that GBG was a fly by night operation.
    If he delved a little deeper, he would have found that the company is over 10 years old and while the pay is impressive, it's not too good to be true.
    Thanks Troy Dooly!
    A lot of people simply misunderstand what GBG's got going on. Glad to see someone with your "juice" give a perspective on it.
    (juice? …just another word for expertise, influence, or respect)

  5. Troy,
    Thanks for the kind words about GBG.
    I first heard about GBG about 2 1/2 years ago from one of my distributors in a MAJOR network marketing company. What piqued my interest was that the 10-In-One Formula was a liquid multi-vitamin AND it contained Mangosteen.
    At first I was not interested in building a business with GBG because I was committed to my company. However, things started to turn south in the other company. The poor economy was forcing my team members to cancel their 2 case, $200 autoships. My team eventually disappeared.
    I'm finding that it's easier to build a prosperous team with GBG. I'm now focused on rebuilding with GBG. Low, $39.97 autoship, easy qualifications and a stable company. What's not to love?
    GBG WAS the best kept secret — not any more. The secret has been revealed and GBG is EXPLODING!

  6. Hello Troy,
    Thanks for your honest words about GBG. I have been using the product for over six month and I can tell you I feel 100% better than when I Started. As you know everyone will feel different after they drink the vitamin. If you really think about it, why do the Drug store sell so many different kind of prescription for cholesterol? It Is because each drug has a different effect on each person.
    I have met stuart and I can tell you that he is an honest man, Stuart's heart is in the right place.
    The company is getting momentum and as we all know, it is hard to stop a run away train.
    There will be people that you can't ever pleased, no mater what you do.
    God bless Stuart and the rest of the GBG team.
    Wishing everyone much success
    Juan Sanchez

  7. GBG has been an awesome find. I originally started with the company when it was ITI. Made
    great money. Saw the WorldCom fiasco unfold, do to no fault of ITI's.
    Thousands of distributors left but I stuck around because I saw the sincerity in Stuart Finger. And the compensation plan that he had developed was unlike any other I had seen in the industry and is still to this day unlike any you will see.
    The 10 In One is just a great product that I take daily. The quality of the product the great price and the low order qualifications to be a distributor are just win win for the Network Marketing Industry.
    Thanks Troy for your honest and open reviews of GBG.

  8. Approached with this a few months back…I run whenever someone tells me "it's not about the product, it's about the opportunity"….not in this economy!! If the product sucks, people won't fork over money for it, and if they are embarrassed to show it to people, they will not succeed.
    Yes, it really IS about the product.

  9. Troy,
    I love your video on GBG.
    In it you promise to explore more about GBG, but it has been 4 months.
    Are we going to see more about Stuart Finger's vision, the 10-in-One, and the new enhancements to the Pay Plan?
    Are you aware that GBG now has 10 profit sharing pools, and is going INTERNATIONAL the first quarter of 2011?
    Seems it would qualify for at least a mention on the News Feed… this is big.

  10. GBG and Stuart Finger have been a blessing to myself and my church. Our church as well has joined up with GBG to raise money for our building fund since in this downturned economy many families are suffering. Through this endeavour, my family has been blessed in both health and in our finances. I can't speak for everybody who has taken the product but just using the 10-in-1 my wifes migraines have left her, both our health has improved, one lady who has signed up is no longer being diagnosed for MS. This product truly has been a blessing.
    Troy you should definantly look into contacting Stuart again. Especially with the new Willpower in a Bottle product that has been released. I believe this will take the company to the next level. Please give the people further updates, because this company truly is the real deal and can be a blessing to many more families.
    As a side note, if your looking for a company where payment plan is simple. Look no further. If you understand the systems seriously look into GBG. I've looked at many companies and this company has made it possible for anyone to succeed. I look forward to many others joining the GBG Family.

  11. I have call Mr. Finger in reference to an rep he has named Mr. Hacker. I wanted him to know that it sucks that a company would keep someone on staff after being informed that that rep owes more than $45,000.00 in child support and doesn’t pay a penny towards it even though GBG pays him. His reply? Well he didn’t. The receptionist called me and pretty much said it wasn’t their problem! Way to go!

    • It is always a bad thing to learn an independent rep of any kind is not taking care of their children.
      The best thing to do is contact your attorney, and or depending on which state you live in, the child welfare people and let them know them know that a parent through, through corporate, partnership, LLC or sole proprietor is withholding money due their child though a Court Order.