Final month Randy Jeffers the founding father of Liberty Worldwide introduced at an organization sponsored even in Orlando, that some a brand new firm would emerge. Effectively in the present day Liberty Freedom Community launched, and Liberty Worldwide has closed its doorways to the general public.

Liberty Freedom Network

Effectively, I’m not certain how it will impact refunds or the pending lawsuit by Liberty Worldwide, however right here is an tackle the place you possibly can ship for refunds.
Liberty Worldwide at PO Field 438, Woodburn, OR 97071
Dwelling An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Old school is right! Randy has gone from the Internet age back to snail mail. They haven't responded to our numerous e-mail requests for a refund, so they've done away with our ability to continue to e-mail and now we have to go to the post office and get stamps and send a letter through snail mail. I suppose it's worth the effort and the potentially wasted stamp, paper, ink, and envelope to at least try this new way to communicate with the incompetents at Liberty International, but I don't suppose I should hold out much hope that they've suddenly "seen the light" and will do the right thing and refund the money they bilked us out of for a non existent phone and non existent service. I don't know how many thousands of reps were taken to the cleaners by Randy, but I'm beginning to see how Randy lives so high on the hog. $500 here, $500 there, a few thousand times around the country and, hey, pretty soon you're talking real money.
    Thanks for the info Troy.

    • Hey Frustrated,
      I got word yesterday that they are stil refunding money but it' was only one girl handling it (which is why it's taking so long to refund thousands of refunds) and Randy just hired a couple people to help the girl with the refunds. We should all get are refunds over the next few weeks. I was told that if you already emailed then your ok but just in case, maybe you should snail mail them. I know I am. I'm going to print up one of the emails I sent that has a copy and paste of my receipts in it to them. I will let them know that I did email them but this is just in case.
      If you read all the threads that Troy has about LI/WOW you will see that I was just as frustrated and ticked as you and you will see that in earlier ones, I'm staying because my gut tells me to. When I listen to my gut, good things come, rarely they don't. When I don't listen, I always kick myself in the butt.
      My gut is telling me that Randy is learning his lessons. Yes, he probably has many more to learn but at least he's trying. Did you hear the last Sat call? There was no hype and no making Randy out to be a God, and we got some info. Maybe he read the threads here or someone did and told him? Who knows. I would have loved to see his face if he read Neils post on the last thread.
      Why don't you give it a shot and see?
      Many people will say "but what if it doesn't work?" I say But what if it does? You won't know until you try. I've been in other biz opps before just to find out that I'm not into lotions, pills, potions, party plans etc. I don't see them as failures. I've learned many things from them. Things that are helping me in life as well as biz. I wouldn't have found out about Dani Johnson who is one of the best biz trainers out there. I wouldn't have found out about Dr Wayne Dyer either who is one of the best spiritual leaders out there. Trust me when I say how bad I feel for not practicing what those 2 leaders taught me over the last couple of months. I feel that bad things happen to people to teach them lessons they need to learn in order to move on. The faster you learn, the faster you will move on.
      As far as communication, I found out that Randy did ask everyone at one of the events if we wanted better company training and make less money to pay for it or do we want to allow the leaders to do the training so we can make more money and everyone chose to allow the leaders to do it so we can make more money.
      I'm a positive person but the last couple of months I've been negative because of everything. For some reason, my positive energy came back yesterday and it's running strong. I'm going to take it as my cue to run full blast with this.
      Give it shot frustrated, you may be surprised. Don't know and we won't know until we give it a shot.
      No, I'm not making Randy out to be a God, I only have 1 God. I'm just giving him the benifit of the doubt that things will be better with the new company. We may find that Randy and everyone was right when they said that the day will come when we will look back at this and laugh and say "Remember when we when through this?" Again, I won't know until I give it a shot. If it doesn't work, I know I at least learned lessons that will help me in my next venture.
      Good luck to all

      • Hey TS,
        Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm just having trouble finding it in my heart to trust Randy after all he's put us through. Someone earlier in the thread is blasting us for saying there's no communication. Apparently s/he has access to calls that I don't have access to. Neil hit the parody of the calls right on. There is next to no information in the calls. The e-mails are nothing but hoorah from someones little book of motivational quotes, seldom relevant to anything we're facing here.
        I hope Randy is learning from all this. My problem is, what if he isn't? What if I trust him and I stay with Liberty (or whatever the heck they're called now) and I find myself needing to actually recruit people in order to make money. I don't know that I would feel right about asking anyone to put their money on the line, knowing how Randy runs his business. I think he's shown his true colors by refusing to pay our refunds. If he only has one person handling thousands of refunds, uh, does that say something about his business acumen? I believe he has the money to pay a salary or two out of his own pocket (and get that poor woman some help) if that's what it takes to do the right thing by all these thousands of reps who feel they've been cheated.
        Yes, I've heard the stories of MLM companies who've been through the wringer and managed to pull off a miracle and build a great business. The first MLM I ever joined was Primerica, and I"ve read the Art Williams books and heard the stories, and they're truly motivational. But I have to say, Randy Jeffers is no Art Williams!
        I have e-mailed twice since they gave us the address to e-mail accounting requesting a refund, and I haven't received a reply to my e-mail or a refund. Again, one person is supposed to handle all this??? What is Randy thinking?
        I really think the bottom line is this: I don't think my conscience will allow me to recruit into this company. There are lots of good opportunities out there. This looked like the best wireless opportunity, but it seems to be vanishing into thin air, taking our money with it.
        If you stay, good luck to you!

        • Hi Frustrated
          My team is doing calls. I found them and I'm on their lists now. They just did a call last night. I did call one of the leaders and he said that Randy did hire a couple people to help the girl with the refunds. No you won't get a answer but they do have the emails. Answering thousands of emails will just slow her down on refunds. Just in case, print up one of your emails and mail it to them. Go to and the address is there plus Troy has it posted it in his main post above under his video.
          I can't tell you to go full blast because everything will be better, I'm just following my gut which is rarely wrong. It may be wrong this time, who knows, but we won't know until we give it a try.
          If your conscience won't allow you to recruit, then don't. Everyone must follow their gut for what's best for them.
          I know on last Sat call, there was no hype, no LIberty and Randy is the best this and that, Randy is a God, etc. We actually got some info and training. To me thats a step in the right direction. My team leaders also promised to get rid of the hype.
          I don't know how to give you my email address here without everyone seeing it but I know that when I post here, I put my email address in the required field and don't have any problem if Troy emails you to give it to you. I can send you the info to get in on the calls that I get on. I thought my team disappeared on me but they didn't. There was just a hiccup in the email system they used and people where not getting the emails about the training and calls. I'm back on the list again and I am getting the emails now.
          Me, I'm sticking it out to see what happens. I'm not into health products, party plans, etc. I want a biz that I can put in my pocket and take with me everywhere I go. I can do this with the wireless. Biz cards in one pocket, cell phone in the other. No catalogs, samples, etc to carry around. No products to drag into someone's house, set up, break down, drag back to my car. Don't have to worry if my products will go bad from the heat/cold because I left them in the car.
          I prayed for a biz that I can just put in my pocket and after I did, I found Wow. Don't know if I found it to learn lessons or to finally make some money, but I do feel that I was lead to this company. Time will tell me why.
          I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. Just follow your gut and it will lead you to where you need to go.

          • Hi TS,
            Again, I appreciate your encouraging words. I just hate to give up on the wireless business because, like you said, it's something you can have with you everywhere you go. My big thing is, I'm not so great at sales. The MLMs I'm still doing, I don't really "sell." I use them and occasionally I run across someone who can benefit from the same thing, so I sign them up or provide the product or service. I don't "door-to-door" it. (and of course, I don't really make much money. )
            With the cell phones it's just a matter of using the phone and the service and letting folks know what a good deal you have. The big cell phone providers are basically ripping everyone off, so a good deal sells itself.
            The problem is, if you have to have a leader like a Randy Jeffers at the helm, it makes touting the business really problematic. I just can't see recruiting folks into this knowing how Randy treats people.
            Sounds like you're committed to staying and building. I hope for your sake that Randy has learned some lessons from all this and will surround himself with honest people with integrity who will help him stay on the straight and narrow and treat people right. Apparently integrity is something he sorely lacks in his character. But hey, we can all improve ourselves by surrounding ourselves with people who are better than we are. We can only hope Randy will do that.
            Good luck to you!

      • Curious,
        Well stated.
        Lets begin by examming so history involving Mr Jeffers. In 1999 Jeffers leaves Oakland California after being deemed a pryamid scheme so he pays he depts, has a best friend from high school, a friend which was the COO of Destiny take a charge of embezzlement spends 10 yrs in the pen and gets released in 2009 has a talk with Mr Jeffers and Jeffer gives him his job back and tells his friend thanks for doing the time for me. Jeffers leaves all his employees with nothing but the dust on the floor and moves south to Texas, where Jeffers starts Liberty International Inc. In 2004 Jeffers decides it would be better to head back to Oregon. Jeffers launches GFP (Global Freedom Phone) network offering VOIP technology to his Reps. In 2006 Jeffers merchant accounts get frozen. Jeffers decides to pay commisson out of his own pocket by taking up a job driving school bus. In 2007 the GFP starts kicking in and Jeffers stops driving bus and starts focusing his time on his company, and with accounts still frozen Jeffers turns to his father to get him a loan to help pay for things to keep him a float per say or just until his accounts get unfrozen.
        In August 2009 Jeffers has a conflict with an employee for filling unemployment aginst him and things get heated so Jeffers again trying to save his ass changes the name to Liberty International LLC to keep himself from being sued by any other employee. 1 month later Jeffers starts WOW Mobile with a contract with T-Mobile the company starts shipping phones and setting up services for a discounted price. In or around May of 2010 T-Mobile pulls the plug after learning that WOW was giving free services and free phones away, somthing that wasn't in the contract agreement. This leaves Reps without phones being shipped out and services to use on the phone thay already had. propmting them to file chargebacks, and with high amounts of charge backs the merchant accounts get frozen again. T-Mobile learns that Jeffers also owes a bill of 1.8 million dollars for nation wide long distance that wasn't in the contract agreement either so they pull the plug on everything and this makes Jeffers file a lawsuit aginst them when in realality the lawsuit is aginst Jeffer himself.
        So after a few months blowing smoke up his Reps butt Jeffers pulls the plug on Liberty International LLC and the death of WOW mobile will sure to follow. Oh wait!! Jeffers starts Liberty Freedom network or did his mother fly to Las Vegas and start this new company? From looking at this website
        Looks like mommy signed up for every postion too, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director heck mommy going to run everything now? Why does Jeffers do this? So when things don't run smoothly with this company the finger won't be pointed at him and why Las Vegas? it so that Jeffers looks like a fresh company and hey can have fresh merchant accounts.
        See folks Jeffers can't take the fall himself and never admits to any wrong doing he just has his family and friends to do it for him. I have sat down this week with some of the nicest people you could meet, that have been wrong by this guy. Really take a look the leadership of this company please. It leads in a path of darkness and lies. I read on here daily of people that have lost lots of money and time. When the fishing hole dries up and there isn't anymore fish its time to find a different fishing hole. If its the same comp plan and same structure of the company why would you follow? Find someone thats going to hold your hand and make you feel like your a part of a huge family. We all know Jeffes can talk the talk but he can't walk the walk. He rather hide and let other around him crumble. When is it all going to stop when will Jeffers learn. A man with no heart is a man with no passion. Jeffers might have his hand in the cookie jars on this one but if there isnt really any cookies left whats going to happen. People will be hurt, people will be with out jobs, more money lost.
        Just learn from your mistakes, do what I did become an investigator and start looking in to stuff there are endless sites available google didnt get it's name for nothing, there are social websites out there. Read, investigate, research. Research this new name looks like it already belongs to another

          • I am glad he does..Tell me why would they want it for..Have you heard of freedom of speech?? Dumbass that can't revile themselfs…Thats what this form is for..Too talk the truth..and if anything on here isn't the truth Jeffers and his team of butt kissing idiots don't have anything to worry about do they. Like Troy doesn't have your IP address to isn't hard to obtain..If Troy didn't want something on this website he wouldn't have published it Duh !! So go and pucker your lips up and get a big tube of chapstick and kiss Jeffers butt some more..

          • Mr. Woods,
            I fully understand where you are coming from. I also understand the emotions in this situation. However, let's remember none of us are the issue. Each of us in one way or another are just delivering our message.
            Let's try and not attack other community members personally.

          • Frustrated
            No reply button under you, sorry,
            I agree with you totally.
            I really hope Randy learned his lessons and does a better job. I'm not committed yet, I'm proceeding with caution. I'm not going to take other peoples words, I have to see actions.
            I'm not signing anyone up yet, I'm just watching, but also not leaving and I am going to go with it if I see that things are doing better and there's a chance. I honesly don't want to find out that I built a team just to have the same thing happen to them, I was already burned once, so I'm a little caucious at the moment but yet fired up and ready to go.
            I'm listening to the Sat call now as I'm typing this. Hype, Hype, Hype again. Yes there's info, a little more than usual, but still lot's of hype. No Randy. All new people.
            There's still a chance I may go elsewhere or add something to this, but I honestly don't want to jump thet gun yet. Checking out all my options.
            If you come across something that is a biz in the pocket like the wireless, let me know. I would be very interested in checking it out.
            I'm committed to building an honest biz that help people that I can do from my home and put in my pocket when I go anywhere.
            You and I need to team up. You say your not great at sales, I am. How are you at internet marketing??? What are your streagths??? I suck at internet marketing. I hate sitting in front of the computer placing ads, etc. Let me run the twitter and facebook, etc, go out there and knock on doors, do meetings, you take care of the adverting all over the net and pulling people in to meetings from the ads. We share the leads from both our efforts.
            I always teach people to run where your strong and team up with people who are strong where your weak. I suck at internet marketing so I like to team up with people who are good at it while I take care of talking to people, 3 ways, meetings etc.
            That's called networking.
            Do you know of Dani Johnson????

            Fabulous biz trainer. You can join her site for free. She has calls every mon and records them and puts them on her site and you can listen to them for free.
            I suggest you buy her 10 steps to success cd set. I bought it years ago and still listen to the whole set here and there. I also have a few of her other cd sets. One of the things I want to do I go to her weekend biz training seminars.
            Also, check out
            You and I need to talk.
   Put Frustrated in the subject line.
            Pleeeaaaasseeeee people, don't spam me.

          • TSWowMobile,
            If your gut is saying stay, then listen to it. I learned a long a go those gut feelings are the best.
            Doesn't mean the new Liberty will make it, but it does mean you are focused, and that's what is important.

          • I would love to see Randy correct his past mistakes and make it through this whole mess, but the problem I have is when to put my trust back into him and the new company? I mean seriously, Liberty was functioning great in January and February, then bang it all goes to hell in a hand basket! So what constitutes the green light for those of us still willing to give this new company a chance? My reputation is already on shaky ground with many from the first go around! To be honest I'm thinking at least 2011 before starting to promote, but then I put myself behind all the current cool-aide drinkers who couldn't care less about their reputations. I guess that's why you call it a "rock and a hard place"! I would love to hear what others are considering doing as this thing moves foreword.

          • Matt, there are other companies doing it right. Don't let your experience with Liberty taint your experience in MLM, especially the telecom side. Troy has recommended several companies that he sees doing things right, with the track record and history to prove it. Don't join anything unless you see the agreements with carriers in writing and see that the company has positive records with the authorities, BBB, AG's, etc. Do your research, there are more than a few companies out there doing it right and that have rep bases with serious, long-term results.

  2. Randy and his pack of butt kissers are hiding under their desk.
    O wow, there is a new website that is marginally better. Good job Randy. Another example of your great leadership. lol
    Also just so you know it's another exciting week. No communications, but man o man the excitement is building and liberty is on the move. Yes liberty is on the move running from questions their trusting reps have!!!!!
    Also very soon liberty will have wowtv, att and verizon. As a bonus a new product will be announced Aug 1st. It cures the common cold, protects your computer from viruses, improves your gas mileage to 80 mpg and last but not least only liberty will have this product. Now go build your business so Karla, Mike, John, Jeff can pay their cell phone bills and continue sound like fools on the Saturday morning training call.

  3. Troy we are not starting from scratch…same geneology, downlines…comm, pay checks, residuals etc…cashed my check yesterday again…got my new one in the back office under the new co name…
    Randy has a refund policy once accounting can do all the auditing…
    Liberty are shipping phones and providing tracking as we speak
    The new PCS Carrier ordering is now automated…quicker…like no waiting on sim cards…get you own phone if you like… submit the ESN…= activated = happy reps with product fast.
    Take a look at the new site
    With this comp plan (4-5 times more money than zoom, LY is way less money too) I am going No where !
    My whole team is staying put…
    All will be taken care of…those will eventually get refunds…once its worked out, liberty had to do a new entity with t-mobile litigation and others…pending…
    I say get back on the horse…this opp is still better money than others out there
    If those went to meetings and listened to calls the would be well in the loop…like me…or even called their upline…I don't buy gripes about Randy communication or the field leaders.
    p.s people helping people was libery's slogan first…it was in their site.
    I say Randy has done well despite the curve balls thrown at him
    Remember Randy has a 11 year track record of good business before t-mobile gave problems…there is a lot to say about that.

  4. Troy,
    Is there actually a lawsuit (against T-mo)? I'm finding that hard to believe. I'm even wondering if this name /entity change was to protect Jeffers from losing via litigation against the company. (And no, I don't know how that would help them, unless they really didn't have basic incorporation,…)
    Looks like a way to duck out of refunding all those people (including me), and yes, Randy SHOULD be paying commissions out of his own pocket, since that's where the money went when no product was supplied. The comp plan had been cut drastically for the reps, but the 'admin' cut wasn't touched, the baloney named "Project Velocity".
    Looks like Liberty KNOWS it is on it's way out, but Jeffers thinks he can still reel in some suckers on the way.
    Certainly not rippling with integrity.

    • @ Unanswered Questions,
      This is a great question. I do not see how a lawsuit could have been filed yet, since all this other changes are going on.
      As for the change in entity, would help if T-Mobile filed against Jeffers. Unless there is a personal guarantee included, which might allow the company to attach his assets.
      From what I have been told, I do believe T-Mobile does have some of the responsibility in this situation. Only a court of law will determine how much if any. I have not found any lawsuit where T-Mobile has filed against Liberty.
      This situation is not new, and we do see it happen inside and outside of MLM. What hurts is the fact the distributors are caught in the middle. That is what I hate!
      Now, we will have to see if the new Liberty Freedom Network can get back the momentum. If the distributors rally around the company and its leadership then in a few months this will be old news, and reps will be flying high.

      • Troy momentum is picking up good…lots of accumulated points in the back office today…
        All told, my downline autoship stats were down 35-40% off the highs…not too bad…tells you the troops are here and ready to get back to work.
        The new websites look good.
        Team the dream is still here…what you came for right ?…Randy got a new PCS carrier and saved the ship, and paid comm out of pocket too.
        Those of you wanting a refund…submit as per your uplines advise…or listen to the calls !
        You came here for a biz opp…its here!…or for free cell service…order it…get a cheaper phone for the meantime, new semi smart phone are as low as $20…while you wait for accounting to issue refunds…by then the Evo with your refund money will be avail and cheaper.
        Now all you reps please sign in to the new site read the new policies and procedures…
        Troy Liberty made it through…that alone deserves a cheer in the mlm jungle of wireless wars
        No Randy not hiding under the desk…he shows up at Super Saturday events and takes the questions…good or bad…again check your liberty mail or call your upline
        You bet ya T-Mobile are in for a lawsuit…didn't GV just get 43 mill for less ?
        Stay a rep and put your hand out for some of that class action suit money coming !…we all deserve damages !
        P.S you came here for a chance to make it big…like "live your dreams"…they are still here !
        How many people buy options or stocks, to make it big and loose money or even get margin calls wanting more money…to take a shot at the big money…did you not do that with your spec house…perhaps you did not even pay the mortgage company ?, or your last cell phone carrier ?
        Anyway that is a different scenario…all I can say its not game over by any means…stay on the yellow brick road…don't look left or right
        If all you reps would quit whining… and we all banded together and say "lets do it" !!!
        "That's the American Spirit"…its was just 4th July !…you needed Randy…Now We need you!…by quitting not only are you letting yourself down, kicking sand in the face of your dreams…but your also letting your team down…perhaps your own friends or kin.
        How would we ever win a war if the troops gave up?
        I say all be patient…mean while…we keep building the American dream… its the right thing to do!
        Don't listen to the haters…they are just reps from other companies starting propaganda trying to recruit you for their start up that is yet to see growing pains…you would perhaps just be jumping out of the fry pan into the fire…I have seen all sides to this and can fairly say Liberty is worth sticking around…that being said..cheer up…get back involved…listen to the calls…

        • Hey this is great news from a distributor standpoint. I know you are holding steady and your openness and willing to share is fantastic.
          Please keep us posted on how things are going. It is one thing for me to talk with the owners of companies, it is another when distributors stand up and share their insight.

  5. This really stinks for the distributors. This is a huge blow, not so much to Randy Jeffers, but to the field force that has been working so hard and building a name for WOW Mobile. Lets be honest, given Liberty's past, and Jeffer's history at Destiny (not judging, just being realistic about his past definitely being tarnished), it's a miracle that so many really good people ended up on his side in Liberty and made a go of it. Now this! I'm sorry, but it wasn't T-Mobile's fault. To this day, no one has produced the first hint of a real agreement that Liberty had with T-Mobile. Most indications are that there really wasn't even a resale agreement. Troy, you said it best, if you have a lot riding on your Liberty business, you really can't go anywhere and start over. However, for about 90% of the reps, it's probably best to cut bait and find a new home. Unfortunately, although the circumstances are a little different, this is eerily similar to what happened when Jeffers started Liberty after the Destiny issue. How many of the Destiny reps got a refund? Probably about as many that will get one from Liberty now. A Zebra never changes his stripes. Yes, Randy has been open with you Troy, but you have to admit he's the Sultan of Spin, and just because he was willing to talk, doesn't mean he always told the truth.
    Good luck to those that stay. I truly hope things change. The MLM Industry doesn't need people like Jeffers hurting it. Not necessarily ill-intent, just careless.

  6. The below statement is the definition of one having entegrity. In my opinion, this is the first thing that people need to be looking for in a company's management team and in their field leaders.
    (Definition) When someone is said to be a person of integrity, this generally means that he/she is considered to have a strong moral character. Integrity is thought by many to be one of the most important virtues a person can possess. As an ethical concept, integrity depends upon consistency. To have integrity, a person must base his/her actions upon a well-thought out framework of moral principles. What he/she does should be the same as what he/she says.
    Enough said……

  7. Randy is busy hiding under a desk. Randy don't worry about the reps who trusted you. Don't brother keeping them informed. Randy Jeffers is an absolute incompetent!!!!!!!
    Randy is also an absolute liar!!!!. Remember the many times you told us Wowtv, att and verizon would be launching in a few days. Well where are the launches?????????
    Randy jeffers full of promises unfullfilled and BS!!!!!!!

  8. Something just doesn't smell right will this whole situation. I mean, what legit company shuts down their website and displays on its site that it's stopping all operations when they specifically are telling their reps that's not what is happening? Why not just redirect the website to a different domain?
    I'm sorry Troy, but I haven't heard of many legit MLM companies having to change their name for any legal reasons. Maybe a company does a re-branding transition or a re-launch, but changing the name to get around legal and financial hassles? Really? Wow is right!
    Randy's a winner Troy.

    • do re direct to the new site if you click on the link…posted on the site…
      They had to start a new entity to prevent fraudulent charge backs, renegade distributors charged back massive amounts of money on all they could.. back to the beginning… to pay 1k founder fees at a “startup copy company”…this had to stop !… those dist might face fraud
      TeeMobil threw Liberty under the bus…this we know…fact!
      Mearly speculating, with no facts to back up your statements…and using this site and situation to create propaganda…folks this is from leading reps of other Wireless companies…trying to shead bad Light

      • And could you please post documentation and reveal your sources for the "facts" you speak of? Many would suggest that you have just been told untrue things by people at Liberty. If you want to stick to facts, how about posting your sources and documenting those facts. Otherwise, you are simply speculating, like everyone else.

        • Michael,
          Who are you addressing specifically?
          If you are addressing me. Sometimes we post sources and sometimes we don't. And yes we contact and report based on what the founders and leaders inside any company has to tell us. Then we let the field add their facts and opinions.

          • Troy, I was addressing "Stick to facts" My point is, when people come on here and state 'FACTS" they better be willing to back up their sources and document them. We are all just commentators here. No one has any facts in this case. All anyone has is what Randy Jeffers has told them. No one has seen an agreement with T-Mobile or the terms of their deal to prove that they were at fault. No lawsuit has been filed by Liberty, and I don't believe one will be. No one has seen any hint of documented proof to back up anything Jeffers is claiming. There are very few "facts" any of us have seen. We are all at the mercy of what Jeffers tells you or his rep base, and that's pure and simple. Until there is intervention by the AG's, the FTC, FCC or a lawsuit is filed, no one has any idea what's really going on or what the resolution will be. What we do know is that Liberty shut down, and started up a new company. We also know they no longer have a T-Mobile product. We can also be very sure that they have signed an agreement with Telispire to provide their service. That's really all we know. We are free to speculate all we want and shouldn't be questioned for not using "facts" when no one else has them either. How do you attack someone for speculating or commentating and not using "facts" when you yourself do not have any? That was the point.


  10. Troy:
    Basic question–why is it so hard for LI to communicate to the field?
    Regarding the refunds–I've been told be my upline that refunds won't be issues until the suit with T-Mobile was settled. I was then told that they will be issued when the funds in the merchant account were released. I read here that reps are supposed to email someone at
    What distrurbs me is that the only communication we've received from LI is the notice on their old website. Many reps are owed $500+ from products and services they never received and all we're given is one ambiguous statement on their old website? Many people are begging Randy for better communication as all we get are sayings like "Sticks and stones may break my bones." That statement was actually posted in our back offices–I swear to God!
    Troy, if my kids communicated with me the way Liberty does, they would be grounded all summer!
    I am convinced that much of Liberty's issues are either directed related to or were compounded by this company's lack of communication. Because of this, I am strongly considering moving on to different pastures. I'm writing you with the hopes that you address this issue with Randy next time you speak with him.
    I won't hide a moniker and am signing my real name.
    Mick Murray

    • Mick,
      This is a question I keep hearing over and over. I can't speak for Randy. However, from my own thoughts, I would say the main reason it seems hard for LI to communicate, is because they are doing it live at meetings instead of calls or through social media.
      Next week I will be reaching out to address this with Randy and see if we can find a happy medium somewhere.

    • Mick I understand where your coming from thats why us as leaders are stepping up to have communication with out team /family. Just so you know LFN has heard us and if you check your back office you will see this will change and in fact we will have conference calls several times a week for q@a, product lines, leadership, and much more. This will be great for all of us that wanted a company with better communication. I have been a wow rep/ LI REP SINCE SEP and i have made the most money in the shortest time i have ever experienced with any company and i been in a few from jan till now made almost $50k and i have never done that before. So what i tell everyone you do not have to be a superstar in LFN you just have to learn to be duplicatiable and teachable i have less then 12 person reps and making great money and t mobile hit us hard well we will have to just rebuild and stay strong TOUGH TIMES DO NOT LAST TOUGH PEOPLE DO!!
      Get with your upline and anyone u know that wants to work this and all we need is workers nothing more Have a great day or night everyone

  11. To all the WOW reps hang in there if you believe, I did with GV and glad I did. Loving the samsung moment with unlimited everything,sprint tv and a lot more. There is plenty of customers/reps to make everyone money in the wireless nich. The best wireless companies will rise to the top this year!

  12. Troy is Randy Jeffer’s leadership style typical of MLM companys???
    Lets see, he makes lots of promises about new products that never materialize!!!!
    He doesn’t keep his reps informed!!!!
    When things go bad he hides from the truth!!!!
    He keeps a small group of butt kissers around to build himself up!!!!!
    He flat out lies!!!!
    I think as a leader and a person he rates a big F.
    What do you think Troy????????

    • Pissed Off,
      WOW! (no pun intended) great question. I would say some founders and CEOs are like Randy, while others are not. Derek Broes and BK Boreyko both use Social Networker to the fullest to communication with their field families, and Wayne Hillman founder of Life Force International hold several live calls per week. Trey White of Evolv, has an open door policy at the HQ, and invites folks to his home on a regular basis.
      Breos, holds live calls at Rev Radio every other week and asks reps and former reps to feel free to ask him anything.
      Personally, I believe the more transparent and authentic a leader is the stronger their leadership ability.

  13. Randy Jeffers you must be kidding. Your company is in crisis. Reps aren't getting refunds. You have over promised and not even delivered anything except lies. Randy Jeffers instead of being honest and explaining everything to your reps you send out some dopes on the Saturday call to waste time. It is very insulting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Randy Jeffers you are an incredible incompetent fool and liar!!!!!! Randy Jeffers is a joke!!!!!!
    Does anyone know of any case action suits against Randy and companies.

    • Pissed Off,
      I do not know of any suit. Nor do I see a class action suit in the making. With the old Liberty not doing business, and only processing legit refunds, I am not sure what the suit would consist of. Now, I do know there is a team focused on weeding through the refunds and chargebacks, and some folks have received refunds.
      I would also be very careful attacking personally. We do have laws in pace which could get you in a little hot water.
      I do understand the main, and anger. But don't let the emotions get in the way of logic.

      • weeding though the refunds and chargebacks?….
        I emailed this to support@libertyfreedom network,,2 days ago…
        now that you shut down liberty international and started a new site,,,can I please have the money back that you owe me.
        starting with the $775. and 89.95 you charged my acc. but sent no product!
        its been since 3/27/2010 since I joined.I'm done!
        and this what I got back yesterday….
        This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more ofits recipients after 27 hours. The message has not yet been delivered to the following addresses: host[]:connection to mail exchanger failed with timeout No action is required on your part. Delivery attempts will continue forsome time, and this warning may be repeated at intervals if the messageremains undelivered. Eventually the mail delivery software will give up,and when that happens, the message will be returned to you.

    • Troy…behind the scenes a lot is happening
      Randy is closing deals, setting up new infrastructure right now, about to be launched…
      Randy will deliver a massive product line…all is in the works and will be delivered…"including your refund"
      You guys are impatient…and want instant results…bet you never even earnt 1k+ a week "or more" in mlm…
      You have to have patient in this industry rather than go mouth off…what kind of Leader are you ?
      "Randy's word is good"…11 years good !….your a newbie…
      Randy has the team, the products, money, leaders, innovation, hard work and blessings…
      P.S Your in crisis! , Liberty is gaining momentum , with or without you !
      P.s.s Randy pay's more money than any other comp plan…"by a country mile"
      Troy I say all these blog complainers, haters, green grasses eat crow soon!

      • Loyal Wow Rep,
        This is good to know. Without reps who are sold out on the company no one would know what is happening.
        Emotions are running high, and for some reps time has run out. In this economy when a person puts money into a financial venture based on the propaganda of the upline or the company, and things go south for whatever reason, it is hard to blame them for their anger and disappointment.
        Please keep us informed.

      • Why do you continue to hype the Wow Mobile opportunity and payment plan. Why don't you address the real issues that's troubling all the reps that put up the money to join and never recieved a product, charged for wireless service that was never delivered and ingnored by corporate. You choose to call us complainers and haters.
        Who cares that your getting paid. I'm certain that your commission are being paid at the expense of the reps that didn't get a refund, your getting paid and the refunds are being ignored. Mr. Loyal WOW Rep. Why not offer the money you recieved in commission for reps that signed in your downline that didn't get a product or service.
        You say to the people who mention the FRAUD that is going on over at WOW, they are complainers, haters and such. I say put your money where your mouth is and stand up for the people in your organization who have been SCAMMED.
        It's is YOU and your kind that stink up the industry as a whole.
        Quit hiding behind LOYAL WOW REP and tell everybody who you really are.

      • the lone loyal rep What did you say closing deals about to launch yea right just like wow TV impatient you say its not like its been two weeks hello months you say 11 years right then they should have it together by now you say liberty pays more yea anybody can say that but were are the sim card yall never sent were are the phones were are the refunds nothing

  14. Thanks for your input Troy!!
    In reference to Randy what I say is the truth. For months he has made statements that are untrue. So either he is totally incompetent or a liar or both. People made financial plans and invested money based on his words and he doesn't even have the ethics to at least apologize. Instead he sends out a few of his dopey koolaid drinkers to tell people how wonderful things are.

  15. Embarrassing. That's about the only word that sums up Randy Jeffers and his actions.
    He's embarrassed the MLM industry with the failure of Destiny Telecom.
    He's embarrassed the MLM industry with his failure of Liberty International.
    He's embarrassed the MLM industry with his inability to provide for his reps.
    He's embarrassed the MLM industry with his lack of basic communication.
    He's embarrassed the MLM industry by continuing to use God as his recruiting and retention tool.
    Sometimes I wish you needed a license to practice as an MLMer. That way people like Randy could have their license revoked!
    I am so sorry to all of the WOW reps that have had to endure this. If WOW was your first attempt at MLM I want you to know that not all MLM companies fail to deliver on what they promise. Not all MLM companies have to shut down and change names to get around legal hassles. Not all MLM companies let their reps down because of instability.
    MLM is an amazing profession but like any profession there are some bad apples. I'm sorry Troy but regardless of what Randy has said or done for you, he does not deserve you sticking up for him. He continues to hurt this industry and you continue to give him chances.
    Destiny Telecom
    Liberty International
    WOW Mobile with WiFi
    WOW Mobile with T-Mobile
    Not one of these exist as he promised to his reps.

    • Curious
      This was a solid comment. One item which needs clarification… Please define "Failure" in this context.
      I ask for this clarification because there are some who will not agree, and the clarification will put everyone on the same page.

      • I mean failure to provide what he promised his reps. Someone in another thread made a great comment in reference to the word "integrity" and suggested that Randy lacked integrity. I agree 100% because he never is able to follow-through on his promises.
        I'm sorry Troy, I don't buy the "it's out of my hands" excuse. Any legit MLM owner takes steps to prevent the very things that Randy has led his reps into.
        Business owners make mistakes all the time. But they own up to them, take responsibility (even if it wasn't their fault), they communicate that mistake to the field and they take steps to make the situation better.
        For 3 months Randy blatantly lied to his reps in the field saying that everything was fine with their "provider." He knew full well that activations couldn't happen. But he also knew he needed to buy time until he could find a band-aid for the situation. I'm disgusted with the way he continues to handle these situations.
        I witnessed the exact same type of lack of communication and support with his Destiny Telecom debacle. Thousands of people were left out in the cold with no payment. According to Randy it wasn't his fault. Well okay, who's fault was it? According to him he was never shut down by the feds. So instead he shut Destiny down, stopped paying commissions and low and behold a new company pops up called Liberty International.
        This guy is not someone people should be following into battle (the MLM battle). He's someone you should be running as fast as you can from! And yes, that's just MY opinion. I base my opinions off of the actions I see people take on a daily basis.

      • what are the facts
        were assets transferred > were some liabilities transferred and others not ?? > if the points and commissions liabilities were transferred and are being honored > that show respect to the old guard those who have enjoyed benefit > if liabilities to new reps who are the cash cow that are paying for all earnings are not respected then thats unethical and cant be justified except to the upline that demands checks to address their points and earnings (they have large homes to pay for after all) >> where are the refunds ?? why pay out a premium or benefit or free anything when the outer layer of new comers have been cheated of product service usable web site and viable product with regard to the cell phone generated growth >> many shared in good faith and listened to what appear to be untrue statements by upline that the new ir would not be harmed or cheated shame on mr Jeffers mr read and mr shaw

    • Lol !
      You actually think this is the end of Liberty…your mistaken !!!…its operating right now !!!…name change who cares, we are protected!…distributors are fine !… No failure …lol!…such propaganda you write
      Liberty down lines never changed!, Liberty paying residuals is happening!…we are getting paid!!!
      FYI: We know what is happening !…you don't !.
      Do you know we have a new PCS carrier ?
      Failed…I am still laughing !…all the way to the bank with my check that pays the mtg!

    • Curious,
      You of all people know full well tha the faults of tmobile etc are not Randys! Your malicious lies and rants truly should trouble your soul! Liberty is simply put the kindest, most honest and by far the most generous company ever to grace the networking arena. We are creating wealth in thousands of lives everyday! We have hundreds of products to market including free tier one cell service. We have by far the greatest opportinity in the world! It's to bad your to blind to see it. What a shame…

      • I applaud your passion, but again, put the shoe on the other foot. How do you know it was T-Mobile's fault? Where is the proof? Where is the documentation? Where is the agreement they had with Liberty? Where is the lawsuit they promised to file? Again, none of this exists. Is it so unbelievable that a person with a track record of questionable business practices for over a decade might be at fault again? I suppose it was someone else's fault that Destiny was raided by the feds. I suppose it was someone else's fault that Randy didn't research WiFi Voip before he hyped it. I suppose it was someone else's fault that Liberty charged people for the service even though it was never provided. I respect your opinion of Randy Jeffers as a person. I do not believe he miliciously tried to hurt anyone, but I can't believe that anyone would believe he's got his act together when he really doesn't have a track record of successfully doing what he said he would do in the wireless arena. Not one single product has worked out, not ONE! People didn't sign up in LIberty to sell vitamins, they did it to sell wireless. Wireless has not worked in Liberty, period. What else is there to go by?

      • Love Liberty,
        I appreciate your passion for your business but let's take a step back, take the emotional hype and BS out of the way for a minute and look at this from a logical business perspective. Your owner (Randy) has done nothing but let the reps down. To say otherwise is completely ignorant.
        That's great that you have all those hundreds of products. I'm sure that's why everyone has been joining Liberty in the last 12 months. It's strange how Liberty wasn't even on the radar for 11 years (probably because they were pushing a bunch of crap products at a cost of $1,700 to be a rep) until they got on the wireless bandwagon.
        Randy launched the WOW with the WiFi/VOIP wireless. That didn't work.
        Randy then transitioned WOW with the T-Mobile wireless. That didn't work.
        Randy most recently went to an outside company (3rd party MVNO – NOT the Tier 1 provider directly) to create another transition of WOW. Will that work? Well, you're charging $99 a month for what some other companies are selling for $59. You have no idea who is actually fulfilling your orders (it isn't WOW).
        Each time Randy "transitioned" his company he made promises and claims about being in contract with major providers. Each time he's let the reps down.
        How do you not see that?
        If you want to follow him that's fine but please don't come into forums and try make everything sound okay – it isn't and it hasn't been.

        • Curious,
          As always great comment. I do want to ask a couple of questions for clarity.
          1. When you say "crap products" please be a little more specific. I ask this because the products I have reviewed, are manufactured by a respectable company "ON BEHALF" of Liberty, NOT by Liberty. And the Coupon Book comes from a 3rd party known for helping charities and non-profits around the USA, not just FOR Liberty.
          2. As for the $1700. Should we deduct out the commissions paid to the upline when we compare the fair market value of the products to the cost to join?
          3. Since commissions do play into the equation, should the upline distributors earning part of the money be held responsible for communication or the lack there of?
          4. As for the WiFi network, correct me, if I am wrong, but that was never taken public was it? Only available to the distributors?
          5. The T-Mobile network worked fine. It was only the last 60 to 90 days that an issue came up and it was not on the network NOT working, but on a contract dispute between Liberty and T-Mobile. (It stills hurts the distributors, but not because the network didn't work.)
          Just want to make sure we all stay on the same page. 🙂

          • Troy,
            1. I mean products that carry little to no value at all. A coupon book? Really Troy? Do you honestly think that's why people are joining Liberty? Do me a favor, go Google Liberty International, then go Google WOW Mobile. Which keyword is being marketed more by Liberty Reps? Reps joined Liberty for wireless and that's it. There are a few who are making some money using the "Yes but wireless is only a small part of our business so it doesn't matter if it works or not" excuse. I'm sorry, that is not fair to the THOUSANDS of people that signed up for WiFi/VOIP Wireless and were let down, the THOUSANDS that were hyped into the T-Mobile wireless and were let down.
            2. I really don't think that matters Troy. Because reps are getting today the EXACT same "Fast Start" pack they got back then. The only difference is the price. There wasn't any product included in it. Randy basically told the poor saps that paid $1,700 to join Liberty for the last 10 years that they are suckers and that now it only costs $499 for the same thing.
            3. The upline can only communicate what corporate communicates to them. I think part of Liberty's problem is that they don't communicate with their leadership. They have no leadership council that Randy gives ACCURATE information to. The result? Reps go out and lie to buy time so their teams don't quit. Is that Randy's fault. You bet it is! His leaders are a product of him. To say otherwise is silly. You either control the destiny of your company or you don't.
            4. Does it matter? Weren't reps recruited under the hype that this new WiFi/VOIP wireless was going to revolutionize the industry and they had a chance to make money from it – "just $1,700 and you have this amazing opportunity". And to clarify, Liberty has NEVER had a wireless product that a customer can go and just purchase. You must become a rep to buy wireless. Their $25 fee is a REP FEE! Case and point, go to… and you will see their BUSINESS BUILDER activation packs. You also see the total COMPENSATION that each business builder pack allows the REP to make. I've never seen a company that allowed a CUSTOMER to earn commissions. That would classify them as a REP!
            5. I wasn't referring to the network or T-Mobile's service. I was referring to the shady "contract" that Randy had in place. A legit contract would have never resulted in what happened.

          • Troy:
            Answer to #3 above:
            No. Too much inconsistancy from above. Communication absolutely needs to come from HQ and reinforced by uplines.

      • love liberty
        let me guess you have referred more than three probably 20 that have referred three who have referred three or two or just keeps hoping
        shame on you for standing up for randy jeffers who has not made the people in your outer ring of in network sponsored the people who have phones that dont work or worse have never received the phone they bought for the sim cards or at this is important THEIR MONEY BACK if the old guard did it once they can do it again i perceive you just have confidence in your ability to find another group to be the outer cash cow all you lose is income not outlay
        you are a business person but where is the ethic why are you not joining the new irs that have been harmed and insist that the outer ring of dollar spenders be made right then they will give more and bring in the next layer you dont have to keep replacing that which is shed you can truly grow
        the mlm business minded know the glory is the huge business not just a non money loosing business

    • Curious,
      Tel America
      Liberty International Inc
      Liberty International LLC
      WOW mobile WiFi/ WOW with T-Mobile
      And probably soon to be:
      WOW TV
      Liberty Freedom Network
      All gone. I couldn't agree with you more. Maybe Randy Jeffers needs to move on in life a write a Novel and Call it " Where not to go wrong when operating a MLM business" or "I don't have enough hands for this cookie jar". Maybe he could be the next spokes person for cool Kool Aid….LOL

      • Chris T.L,
        We should be clear that:
        Liberty International LLC (is a employment company, not an MLM company, and unless you can produce new documentation, is still an active business.)
        WOW is a Brand, not a company. Meaning Wow Mobile WiFi, WOW Mobile T-Mobile, WOW TV, etc. are not companies period. All companies have brands which do great and those which don't do so well. And in some cases like GM some brands run the course and they retire them.

        • Well, according to their own website "all operations have been suspended." Doesn't sound like Liberty International still exists to me:
          Due to the multiple issues we experienced with T-Mobile, our Tier 1 Cellular provider, Liberty International, Inc has been forced to suspend all operations and is not accepting any new orders or signups. Anyone that has an ongoing issue with respect to a product order or refund request, please contact Liberty International Refund Department at PO Box 438, Woodburn, OR 97071. Refunds are continuing to be processed in the order that they are received.
          All Liberty International Independent Representatives who wish to conduct business with Liberty Freedom Network should go to

        • Troy, perhaps a better statement would be that Randy's telecom/wireless products and business model has failed the distributor base, even if his companies are technically still in business.

          • Michael,
            Based on the facts as we have seen them to date, I would tend to agree with you! Even if the company feels they were a success, this adventure has turned into a nightmare on elm street for the distributors.

  16. How is it going . Love your work. You are great at what you do. I have been with liberty International for two months. Now Liberty Freedom Network. I Love this company even with all the hickups. The leaders of the company are also very good at what they do. The thing i respect most about Randy Jeffers is how he knows how to stand up for his reps. It is one thing to have succsess as an owner but to ensure the succsess of those that follow is an unknown trait in todays world. We all must keep in mind that succsess does not come easy or over night. Dedication and Loyalty is what will bring you to your dreams. So with the Launch of Liberty Freedom Network brings me a sence of stability and comfort knowing that our leader has us in mind. Keep up your great work Troy and can't wait to hear more on your thoughts of Liberty Freedom Network with the weeks to come. Peace

    • Could this be the type of communication we have all been waiting for??
      Monday – Leadership Training Call… In depth “roundtable” training call focused on developing leadership skills by discussing different topics relevant to leading your organization successfully.
      Tuesday – Liberty News Update Call… Update Call to keep ALL IRs informed with up to the minute information. Review/announce Liberty Updates in detail.
      Wednesday – Q&A Call… LFN Team addresses the week’s most frequently asked questions in detail for the benefit of all IRs.
      Thursday – Product/Service Training Call…
      Friday – Action Call Tip… Quick call to action, sharing a quick tip or idea, focused on productivity.
      Saturday – Leaders Spotlight Call… Call Hosted by Liberty Trainer John Shaw with a guest Liberty Leader co-host spotlighting up and coming IRs on their team.

    Monday – Leadership Training Call.
    Tuesday – Liberty News Update Call… Update Call to keep ALL IRs informed with up to the minute
    Wednesday – Q&A Call…
    Thursday – Product/Service Training Call…
    Friday – Action Call Tip… Quick call to action, sharing a quick tip or idea, focused on productivity.
    Saturday – Leaders Spotlight Call…
    TROY: LFN is moving forward well…tell those complainers to focus on their business, get involved, Sign in and check their back office for News, Calls, Training, Updates etc…Its There!!!
    Troy cashed my check at the bank again today…its a beautiful thing !
    Liberty is on course full steam ahead !

  18. Rob,
    Get real. The wow leader promises alot and delivers nothing.
    What a joke the first call on the schedule didn't even happen. What a bunch of misfit, incompetent dopes. I only pay attention for the comedy!!!!
    I am finished drinking the koolaid. It's way to sour.
    Day 67 in the Wow crisis and where is Randy??? Hiding under his desk!!!
    Rarely have I witnessed more incompetent leadership!!!

    • Pissed off,
      I can understand your current attitude considering the past siduation. What are you working on at this particular moment. In other words….where is your energy going. Are you hanging by the wayside…have you found another MLM that your focusing on, or are you just applying all of your Life-force to bash Randy.
      If you have found something great, I would love to hear about it. Truthfully, I'm open to other opportunities. But, I doubt I would follow someone who only spouts off negative information about what happened yesterday. I'm looking for someone who can tell me something positive and lead by affirmations that tell me I just might get somewhere in the future.
      In Kindness,

      • Hi Rob, I try NOT to pitch on here, but you publicly stated you are open to looking at something else.
        I am with Lightyear Wireless, and while we are not perfect (no one is), they have consistently over my 14 months with them under-promised and over-delivered.
        Feel free to give me a call at 412-475-9551 if you like.
        Best regards,
        Jim Bartlett – Lightyear Wireless
        Sr. Vice President – Natl. Training Dir.
        412.475.9551 – On Skype as P-51Dude

  19. Troy and everyone
    What company would you recommend for a person like me. Frustrated Wow Rep and many others are like me.
    Don't like health products, lotions, makeup.
    Don't like party plans because we hate having to drag everything into someone's house, set up, break down, drag back to the car. I have a bad back. Draging products in and out of peoples houses can be hard on the back especially if they live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building.
    Don't like carrying around catalogs and samples. I'm one of them women who never carries a purse. If it doesn't fit in the pocket of my jeans, I don't take it.
    Don't like having a garage full of soap etc and don't want to worry about products being destroyed from heat/cold because we left them in the car.
    LI/Wow was perfect for people like us because it's what we call a "Biz in the pocket" We just put biz cards in one pocket and our cell in the other.
    Most important, it has to have great leadership and communication
    And I know there are biz's in the pocket out there. We just have to find them.
    I've been in sales since I was a kid. My stepmom had a biz license and we would go to warehouses and find items that where popular at the time and go door to door. (Make sure you hit military housing on payday lol) We made a killing when the rubik's cube was popular.
    I'm the kind of person that has to have a toy and I go up to people and show them that toy and have them play with it and that's how I make sales. The toy has to be something that's for every age group, sex, religion, etc
    So, what's out there that we can put in our pocket and appeals to just about everyone????
    Looks like liberty is improving. They are going to do calls 5 days a week now or at least that's what it says in the back office. All the wireless mlm's are having problems. So for now I will stick with liberty and pray for the best.

  20. Day 68 and Randy is still hiding under his desk.
    Randy where is WowTV?????
    Where is number porting????
    Where is ATT?????
    Where is Verizon?????
    Where is the fourth smaller carrier????
    Where are the refunds?????
    So many promises!!!!! And nothing to show for it!!!!! Randy it really looks like you intentionally lied doesn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pissed off,
      Please share all off your contributions to mankind.
      Do you have any?
      Have you ever attempted to do anything worthwhile????
      Liberty can help millions of people because of Randy's attempts at achieving something no one has ever done before.
      This is only day 68 as you point out, heck we have THE ONE, someone who once claimed to be able to stop the seas from rising, in Washington who hasn't been able to plug a little hole for what, 80 days now??
      You are clearly not aware of this but getting things done actually takes time and resources, someone like you who never tried to accomplish anything bigger than making a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich wouldn't have a clue about business, regulations, laws, resources, etc.
      Luckily Randy and Jeff are in charge and not you.

  21. Just wanted to say I hung on as long as I could. I believe Randy Jeffers and the leadership at Liberty Freedom Network are not Liers, Bad People, ect ect…. But I do believe they are incompetent to a degree. They seem to have the best of intentions and have tried to follow through on their commitments but cannot seem to do so. I decided after much thought to join Lightyear Wireless and so far I am glad I did. I have a couple of hundred people in my downline and over 90% are following me into lightyear we are excited about this refer three and its free concept that has helped us grow our team with WOW in such a short period of time.
    I want to Thank Randy and Liberty for introducing this concept to the cellular industry if nothing else it has now caught on and companies like Lightyear were forced to introduce a similiar product to compete. This has been good for the wireless mlm industry and I wish Randy Jeffers and Liberty Freedom Network the best of luck……….

  22. The Wow comedy continues. This is beautiful. Jeff Bakerink does his first company up date. Here are the 2 points.
    1. All reps are to go in their back and update their payment info so the company can collect money from them.
    2. Coming soon the company will accept credit card payment for the first purchase.
    Thanks so much for that exciting update Jeff. lol HAHAHAHAHA Wow keeps going high speed down the road to no where!!!!!!!
    How can anyone trust Wow????
    Where is WOWTV, ATT, Verizon????? Some of these services have been promised for months. Did you lie about this Randy Jeffers???????
    Randy do you need a pillow while you are hiding under your desk???????? Is it that hard to be honest with the people you misled and most likely lied to?????

    • Pissed off,
      If I were you, and my listening and comprehension skill were as poor as yours I would be pissed off more at the 2nd grade teacher would failed to wake you up during your last year in school.
      For everyone else, the important update from the call is we no longer need swipers to enroll a new person. Which means it is easier to sign up people at a distance and we will get paid faster. This is great news to anyone who does not have their head I'm their

      • wowbob
        either you have a legitimate gripe about people's comprehension skills, or you just don't wanna listen to the real fact that WOW Mobile is in deep doo-doo!
        time to get off the WOW Mobile Merry Go Round because it's broke down for a good while now. LOL!!

  23. Wow crisis day 69 and Randy is no where to be seen!!!!!! But then that's what you would expect from Randy.
    Also another predictable result the scheduled Wednesday call never happened. Just more proof of Wow incompetence.
    Don't worry folks Wow never launched WowTV, ATT, Verizon and the unnamed smaller carrier that was promised for months. Wow doesn't have information on refunds for people who paid for products they never received. But they do promise that exciting things are happening right now and will be launched soon. Hmmm but what is the Wow definition of the word SOON???????
    Wowbob you are right I was sleeping in my 2nd grade class when the teacher explained the definition of soon. With my experience from Wow I have learned soon means; we are misleading people for our financial gain. Telling them things will happen in a short period of time so they will continue paying money into the company for the benefit of corrupt and unethical people.
    I will say this Randy maybe the poster child for incompetence, untruthfullness and bad management, but Wow does have a chance to pull it out. They do have a good concept, although the competion field is filling up fast, and I do hope they make it. One thing is very clear if they are going to make it they need a much, much better manage team. A team that show ethics, truthfulness, intelligent planning and competence!!!!!!
    Good luck to everyone. Even to you Randy where ever you are hiding.

  24. Troy im very glad to see your tone is changing a bit with wow, i have been faithful for some time, and this joke of bizz is just about not funny anymore, im sitting here with one of my reps that has had money come out of there account, and im online with the crappy support that answers nothing and knows nothing, troy right is right and i see you come back with some smart ass responses at times to peoples complaints, but this company is a mess and randy is a joke as a owner. Today is the 15th and wow tv was to launch today and no sign of it, i love what you do troy and as the mlm help desk, please do just that, not sure how many times you have eaten dinner with troy or had him massage your back, but lets call a spade a spade, lies and promoises that are never completed. I like many others have been waiting and hoping and i dont like to walk away from things i started but man o man troy, this is a complete mess, now they have issues acctivating the evo and the htc, your telling me they didnt go through this before the launched and started to sell the phones for 699 and 499, the phones are way over priced and now people who bought the evo as they suggested now they dont even work, they hope by sat, troy troy troy. Did randy ask you to give him some time to get things together, did he send ya a free phone, what is it troy.

    • I said it in one of Troy's earlier posts that no wholesale provider of the Sprint network (That would be Telispire, who WOW is reselling) can activate branded Sprint handsets. They have to be what Sprint allows a wholesaler to activate, and the EVO is not one of them. They have never allowed this in their history, and I that was one thing I asked about when I saw they were advertising that you could activate "any PCS phone." It's simply not true. That explains the problem right there, Sprint doesn't allow it. They may have found away around the system for a few phones, or have found an unauthorized method that will work some of the time, but in the long run, it won't work and it will get them in serious trouble with Telispire, who will be getting in trouble with Sprint.
      Again, there are some companies that tell people the truth and don't play around, and others that just want to tell you what you want to hear and sling the hype.

    • wow joke,
      This is the first time I am hearing the WOW TV was supposed to launch on July 15th, did you just make that up?
      You also did not read the message about the EVO and Hero. Pleas try harder to get you facts and story straight or you risk looking like a joke as well.
      Maybe Troy's tune changed because he reads misinformation like what you are spreading. I am sure Troy will see through it.

  25. Wow Joke,
    Ya, how can the company leadership be so incompetent????????????
    But then I am just stupid for not understanding how difficult it is to do what several other MLM's have done in 1/3 the time. I am just stupid for not understanding how hard Randy and team are working for their reps.
    By the way anyone know where Randy is hiding. Poor guy, God forbid he take any responsibility.
    Don't worry Randy. You don't need to say anything. No smart and informed person would believe you anyway!!!!
    Randy don't worry about the refunds for reps. All that is important is that your having another exciting week. Keep that glass half filled with your BS.

  26. Troy,
    First let me say thank you for doing what you do. I am an avid fan of your work and your site. Thank you for your all great info you provide to all that come here.
    To those who were part of WOW,I am truly sorry for your hardship and headaches. I have been there and done that. I wish you all the best in finding a home.
    Thanks again Troy for everything you do.

    • Hey Pissed Off.
      I have asked you questions in hopes of receiving some kind of positive answer. Instead you ignored them and just kept spouting negative rhetoric about days gone by. I was even open minded hoping you might just say something positive about yourself and a business opportunity. But…it seems your just stuck into a negative rut of some kind. Have you noticed…your whole life probably has gone this way. Well let me be the first to break the news to you. Its not other peoples fault that you are having problems in your life. Sure, there are some companIes out there that may be guilty of bad business practices. But, I'm sure for the most part…the inability in your life to advance past a primordial level is your own personal problem and yours alone. Do us all a favor and find some other Blog with Losers Like yourself where you can just continue to spew negativity and enjoy others that are in the same situation as yourself. You see, some of us on here actually look positively into our future where we can advance to a life we deserve. Whether its with Randy or some other company with leaders we can believe in…Truth be told…we sure won't find our DESTINY while having to weed through the BullS**t of dream stealers like you. GET A LIFE………elsewhere
      In kindness

  27. Bob,
    Do yourself a favor and open your eyes.
    I respect your loyality, but don't confuse loyality with stupidity. Look at the facts concerning wow and Randy and then decide if Randy is honest, competent and has the best interest of reps in mine.
    I looked at the facts and the only possible conclusion is Randy and team are incompetent and not truthful.
    If you think this is not true give 3 examples of Randy's competence and truthfulness, because I can give multiple examples of incompetence and dishonesty.
    Really think about this Bob!!!!! for yourself!!!!!
    Good luck everyone!!!!!!!

    • OK.
      1) Global Freedom Phone has been running for 4 years and bills over one billion minutes per month, that is pretty competent I think.
      2) Pay checks continued to be paid and have been even with the T-Mobile and credit cards issues, that competent and honest.
      3) The PCS service launched I have reps who have service turned on.
      Is everything perfect and happen when Randy expects it to? no we know that. If Randy does get things like WOW TV going this could be good, I will save over $500 per month between my cell bills and Directv, and also will be able to make some money. I am looking forward to it. If these delays are short term it will be much better than everything else I have found for the last 3 years.
      At least Randy didn't offer us a bumper today, can you imagine even Apple is not perfect.

  28. I have a question for WOW reps. When I go to your Wow Mobile website, and click on the "services" tab at the top, it takes me to a page with the package pricing and the coverage map. You guys are selling a "PCS Platform" and we all know that it is Telispire who is wholesaling the Sprint network. When I click on your coverage map, why does it bring up the ATT coverage map, and why would anyone be dumb enough to actually put "GSM Map" on your coverage map, when you've been telling everyone it's a PCS/CDMA platform. This is EXACTLY what people are talking about with incompetence. There is so much of it, it's hard not to question ethics at this point. This is a glaring example. Any one care to explain this?
    Check it out,, click "services" and then click on the coverage map, it will enlarge for you. You can clearly see it's exactly the same as ATT's coverage map, and it even says "GSM Map" on it. This is blatently false, especailly when the top of your website says "Wow PCS."

      • Yes Troy, it matters in a big way for 2 reasons. #1 Telispire (as all Sprint MVNO's) do not have the Sprint extended roaming area. It's not part of their plan, only the Sprint towers. So, showing that map is absolutely not the coverage area, and it's not even close. #2, even if it were similar in coverage, it further demonstrates that they don't have their act together marketing. They took a map off the ATT website and put it up to show Sprint coverage. Even if they didn't know better, that's the real problem. When you are facing issues like they are facing right now, this is just a huge example that they don't pay attention to detail, they don't know their product and service, and they just put up anything to make something look good. It's the little things that matter in telecom, as has been proven time and time again by these MLM Wireless deals (except for a few) that have the same problems over and over. The little things make a huge difference. You don't build a solid business and take care of distributors by not paying attention to what you are posting and how you are marketing your service, especially when you're reps are hanging on by a thread. Same old mentality gets the same old results.

        • Michael,
          The website is actually a demo of a site that reps can purchase through Although you are right in that the map should be a PCS coverage map, it is not run by Liberty but by a consulting firm that is contracted by Liberty. I am not trying to excuse the oversight…just trying to clarify that it is not run by Liberty.
          I do have another question for you though. How do you know that Telispire is the MVNO for Wow Mobile? I ask because I was looking at the Telispire website and it says that it uses a CDMA platform for its resellers.
          Still a Rep…for now.

          • I'm only assuming they are reselling through Telispire, since that is really the only company that anyone can get a private label deal through, and it's the most popular. Sprint is CDMA/PCS. Zoom is also reselling through Telispire, as are others. Almost all of these deals go through Telispire if they have the Sprint network. However, there is another MVNO they could be using, but even if it is the other, it's still the Sprint network, which would make the argument about the coverage map valid. Even if it's contracted out to be built, Liberty still is responsible for the content on their website. That information is false, and considering the huge difference in coverage, it's horribly misleading.

  29. As I understand it (whats that worth??)
    People in liberty that used a credit card received easy refunds
    If they asked /// if they did not ask right before the change then they will be treated according to the quality of their card account /// some are insured /// but they are all on the wait and see list // I and others that were signed up through electronic check
    Have had a much more difficult task //// before the name change and after // not aware of anyone in my boat that got their money yet /// really hope that there is small team working on this //
    Very difficult to know /// no info from new company // I was told that quality phones bought used have Been activated but all functions are not working /// new refurbished phone bought and activated working well /// was told a hero was bought and working /// feel that was not honest and its not something I can not verify or disprove /// I don’t want to quit for personal reasons /// unless and until any and all below me quit im in for myself and them (it takes onlya part of one hand to count them // they believed in me and I don’t quit /// silly I know /// I am paying back my personally sponsored from my pocket /// because I personally sponsored them /// silly I know // don’t want to quit // /have a crazy idea that the ones that stick will get it back // if and when /// silly I know

  30. Troy, there are MAJOR differences between GSM vs. CDMA, the biggest being that you cannot mulit-task on CDMA…this the allure of an iphone on AT&T's GSM network. CDMA will not allow you to talk and use data (the net) at the same time. So it IS a big deal which map/network you show your service being on.

  31. Well, I gues I'm not TSWowMobile anymore. I left Liberty and joined Lightyear.
    I wish all the Liberty reps that are staying the best of luck. I really do hope they get their act together for you.
    Thanks Troy for your help and thanks for recommending that I get in touch with Jim when I decided to check out Lightyear. He is the best.

  32. Well, after today's training call in the back office I think I am packing up and moving on. I lost money with Liberty and don't expect to get it back, with the REPS dropping like flies I cannot see how Liberty would survive, no reps = no money. My entire upline is gone, downline stopped autoship as well. Sad experience for my first time around with MLM. I was ready to go I'll tell ya, I gave a presentation to a room full of people only after a week into it. I was planning to quit my day job (superintendent in construction) and change everything. Thank GOD I didn't do that, there are people who did though….. sad. I'm not sure where to go out there, or who to trust. But I did have a taste of what it would be like to not work as hard as I do now and actually make more money while really enjoying it. Someday……

  33. What ever happened to Wowtv?????
    Is it another one for the dust pile???
    Is the brilliant and brave leader, Randy, still hiding under his desk???
    His company is imploding and he is nowhere to be seen!!! Has he ran out of exciting weeks????

    • Pissed off —– and all you other disgruntled, frustrated, and negative-minded people…… keep your shorts on. Just because WOW TV Anywhere missed its launch date does not mean it has crashed and burned —- as people here are inferring. Just because Randy refused to acquiesce to T-Mobile's demands to eliminate "Refer 3 and it's free" and refused to agree to give T-Mobile an exclusive, does not mean that WOW Mobile has crashed and burned. Liberty is going after T-Mobile in a civil litigation for harming its operations. Why T-Mobile continuously gets a unanimous free pass for its harmful actions is a mystery to me. Notwithstanding, predicting the demise of Liberty Freedom Network and / or WOW is comically premature, but that obviously hasn't stopped the jackals and the vultures from their wishful thinking. I have no problem with that. Jackals and vultures have been known to just go away in disappointment.
      If WOW does fold up, you can all proclaim all day long, "I told you so," and I will honorably admit you were right. In the meantime, unless you all have some magical crystal ball, just let it play out. As we speak, WOW Mobile is selling, registering, and activating phones. As we speak, Liberty continues its nearly 12 year old business selling its other products and services. If Liberty can't get its WOW division going and pull it off, then the WOW Mobile and WOW TV Anywhere will just die and the jackals and the vultures will have their feast. However, if they manage to pull it off in spite of what's written by the few, yes few poison-penners in here, my, my, my, what a different song that will be sung and how silent those people will become. Regardless of what's written today and tomorrow, only time — and not what you detractors write in here, will reveal the truth about what will happen with Liberty and WOW. That's the great thing about the truth. It usually rises to the surface. If the truth is that Liberty / WOW is some huge rip-off, guess what — it's going down and no doubt about it. It is what it is. However, if Liberty / WOW is the real thing, it's going to flourish. No doubt about that either. It is what it is. Predict all you want but only time will reveal the truth. Just my humble opinion. —- Mark in south Florida

      • Well said Mark!
        It is comical how many in here are so negative minded. So many miss the point of what Liberty is truly about, so many like to spout about Randy as if he could've predicted the T-mobile mess. Once again it is clear that folks mistake Liberty for a wireless company. Randy has always denied this! Wireless is just one of the products we have to market….one of hundreds….Liberty is a network marketing company with hundreds of great products to market. Any and all of Liberties products make their incredible compensation plan work.Many incredible products are on the way as well! For those of you who are looking for a company who only offers only wireless products and with a weak comp plan by all means go join a joke company like ly or zoom and give it heck….lol…Really…We don't mind that you do so………….well? What are you waiting for? Go on and stop your whiney bawl babying! Just so ridiculous and such a waste of time…..boy am I happy that I joined Liberty for the right reasons! Boy it's nice that I did my research and understood the big picture from the beginning! Boy am I glad that I'm not in the same class as these cry baby cubbies who know full well what happened with tmobile. Face it you guys are losers who only think that you could've made real money with the wireless! The truth is are weak minded and willed and would have givin up no matter what…..for those of us with vision and sense….we shall continue to turn money hand over fist with Liberty! I love it! Thank you Randy for this incredible and generous and selfless opportunity….I and so many others are on the way to true wealth and no other company even comes close. By the way Troy….if you haven't already….please try our aloelicous product….not only gbg has a ten in one product….where do you think they got their idea….however I believe ours is still the better product by far…one can see when comparing ingredients what may benefit them better. Go Liberty!

      • Well, looks like a wing just fell off, these guys were rolling pretty good, they know and are friends with Jeff Bakerink and some of the other top dawgs. They didn't bash them but…… if you can't read the writing on this wall then I can't help ya. This was sent to me an hour ago.
        Comma Club Team, where joining the club just got easier!
        Joining the club just got easier!
        A message to all members of Comma Club Team, where joining the club just got easier!
        Hello Everyone,
        I just want to inform all of you that we will be postponing our webinars for Liberty. Jeremy and I
        both feel that the company will be everything that we hoped it would be
        and then some. But for right now, we feel that they need to work
        through some things. If you would like to plug-in to our up-line feel
        free to do so.
        Best of Luck

      • iM PRETTY sure when your ceaser sat down at the table with tmobile he told them about the buy one refer three yours is free so dont blame it on tmobile or he didnt put that in the contract and pop it up later thats why the deal fell yea right and they did crash and burn they didnt show up for the game yea i got my phone 399.00 took two months to get it bought into a biz pack 299.00 auto ship for back office AND 89.00 FREAKING DOLLARS A MONTH BEACUSE I COULD NOT REFER THREE

  34. Hello to all… I was one of those "NEVER HAD A CHANCE TO GET STARTED" wow reps.
    I never received my phone samsung I7500, and this stems from early March
    I just want to know if anyone knows anything about the proper channels to obtain a refund…
    This Co. Li/wow mobile has too many issues to continue with them. Maybe once they can get organized
    then all will be well, but for now I'm outta here…
    So if someone knows anything about getting the refund for the equipment that we never received,
    please contact me ASAP
    Thank you

    • what i was told
      put your full name and tracking number in an e-mail to liberty international (some where you still have an active upline) they will give you the e-address to the accounting dept. // you can also send an e-mail to the new companies customer service (doubt that will help) lastly send same info , full name and tracking id to the address in oregon /// per the old web site ///
      please contact Liberty International Refund Department at PO Box 438, Woodburn, OR 97071. Refunds are continuing to be processed in the order that they are received.
      /// like yourself i continue to hope /// interesting point /// the apple i phone 4 is reported to have a major problem and along with that report there were some allegations of note that never reached the national radar before now // but i am aware of not one or two , or even just dozens , but many who will patiently wait for the company to make it right // i would have prefered to not go through what liberty put me through // but in business especially one that rapidly deploys like the cellular industry // shtuff happens even to the premier companies /// I have stayed honest with current prospects and will sign up another under me in this venture // I waited for confirmations that phones are shipping /// PERSONALLY CONFIRMED // I wish I were certain that liberty freedom network has the financial wherewithal to make it the next 120 plus days and will come out stronger for me, my hopes and dreams and for those who I sell into this concept. TROY said a couple weeks back, WE don’t get to see the books on this one unless law suits or bankruptcies give us a peek

  35. troy
    do you have an opinion or experience to share about whether a private company
    or a publicly held company is best able to make choices
    with the independent rep in mind???
    Where would you send your kids or grand kids if that was the only qualifier?
    Regardless where would you rather see yours involved??

    • Ricky Demarco,
      Great question. Each has their pros and cons. But all in all public companies are more transparent. You can tell if they are growing or dying.
      What you will hear some folks say is "private companies don't have shareholders." This is false. Every company has some form of equity partners, venders, creditors, and distributors.
      At the end of the day it all comes down to the integrity of the founder, majority shareholder, or officers running the company.
      If the only qualifier is private or public… I will go with a public company so the numbers are open for all to see.

      • thanx for the answer /// i was told liberty had no share holders /// but always understood there was someone at the top /// and i dont mind if they get paid /// dont like the thought of them getting a dishonest buck /// i dont think my $1000.00 is going to do much for their life style // but figure it wont hurt them either /// i am out $267.00 for a galaxy phone from samsung that i never received /// i have refunded another $249.00 and took over a business position rather than see someone be hurt /// tomorrow holds a rainbow if i dont get too wet and too miserable in the rain // ya know
        you have mentioned a public company as your pick to be a front runner in the mlm wireless niche /// any comment positive or negative about the financial reports that are puplic over the last 7 months // i have heard it said losses dont matter /// not my personal experience /// profits matter as do losses

        • Ricky
          The only publically traded company in wireless MLM is Lightyear. Their stock has doubled over the last 4 months, and they also just bought out a $37.5 Million competitor. Not to say there aren't other options out there in the wireless MLM world, but Lightyear has so far been the only company to produce a product, and not have major issues. People are making a lot of money (yes I am one of them), and the company always delivers what they promise.
          Hope this helps you.

          • Lightyear wireless lost 73% revenue in wireless for the first quarter…FACT!…Why ?…the company said due to competition… Now there is more comp out there !
            Also the company they just invested their nest egg in a bankrupt telecom company that was making massive losses too.
            LY was loosing revenue hand over fist, as per their reports, investing in loss companies in order to take over accounts to gain cash flow…no ones mentioning how much it will cost to take to run this!, or the net ?
            **Please investigate the second quarter reports…stock LYNS.
            LYNS Ratios & Returns…from Forbes
            Price-to-sales 9.98
            Return on Equity 0.0
            Operating Margin -4.0
            Profit Margin -11.3%
            More LYNS Ratios & Returns >
            LYNS Financials
            Sales 11.267695 mil
            Profits -1.278655 mil
            Assets 7.541428 mil
            Employees 0.0
            You decide if they will make it !!!…more study is needed !!!
            P.S the up tick in stock prices was off the terrible lows…
            And you have no tethering…or 3/free for customers…lousy comp plan…perhaps talk about LY on your own board !

          • Honestly Troy, I was just going to let that jibberish go from Caveat Emptor. As you have said before, everyone wants to attack Lightyear for showing their information to the public, but no one wants to show their own. No one ever comes on here and compares their own numbers, they just go after Lightyear's public filing and spin it in every direction, and hide behind the fact that they don't expose their own information. Again, I would absolutely CHALLENGE anyone to go ahead and expose Liberty's financial statements, Liberty's revenue reports, Liberty's aquisitions, and Liberty's overall financial health, certified copies now, not just something Randy tells you. Come on, please post this information and lets do an apples to apples comparison, if that's what you really want. I simply answered the question of someone that asked Troy what PUBLICALLY TRADED COMPANY WAS DOING MLM WIRELESS, and I also spoke of some of it's recent success. I'm sorry, but where I come from, when your stock doubles, that's always a good thing. How can someone possibly say something negative toward a company's stock doubling? Where I come from, when you buy out the ASSETS of a competitor and add to your revenue, that's also always a good thing. Oh yeah, check the news today, Lightyear just signed on a new $3 Million account as a CUSTOMER!
            Read it here
            I guess the bash will be that the customer's money isn't worth $3 Million or some other spin, or my personal favorite, "do you know who quit Lightyear" lol. Caveat is obviously well versed and in love with his company, and that's fantastic. No one would expect anything less. Yes, I love my company too, but I never ripped Liberty in that post, in fact, I never mentioned Liberty. I simply answered a question that another poster asked. But if you want to open that can of worms Sir, and attack a company for going public and showing their true numbers, be brave enough to expose your own numbers. I wonder how many people would join Liberty if they could see those figures? I wonder if YOU would have joined Liberty if you could have seen those numbers first? The truth is, you can't and you won't. The truth is, you know your numbers are far worse. I would venture to say a company that had to shut down because they owed too much money (for whatever reason) probably does not have the soundest financial statement. But hey, what do I know? Liberty isn't public and doesn't have to expose that information. Here's saying they never will, but you can bet people like Caveat will keep on ripping on those that actually do tell the truth and want people to know what's really going on. So go ahead brother, I won't stop you. Want to talk about revenue loss? About how much revenue do you figure Liberty lost when T-Mobile shut them off? Actually, maybe not as much as one would think, considering reports are coming in that Liberty never bothered to stop charging people even after they couldn't provide the service…
            As for tethering, I tether my LY Blackberry every single day, and I've been getting my service for free for a very long time, even before Liberty launched WOW Mobile. I've also never had my service shut off because my company didn't pay its bill. I've also never been asked to pay $99 for the service LY provides for $59. Again, I'm not judging any of this. Companies can charge what they want and provide what they want. It's not always about price, and yes, all companies have their issues. I'm not judging Liberty for their recent troubles, though I do question many of the things the field is being told by the leadership. I'm not saying that there isn't room for other companies out there to get it right. I want to see that happen. I'm simply saying that, to date, no other MLM wireless PROVIDER has gotten it right except for Lightyear.
            With that said, Caveat or someone else can have the last word as I'm not responding to this or any other post on Liberty again. They can spin whatever I said any way they want, come up with any argument or jibberish they want. At the end of the day, it won't help or hurt either company. It was never intended to compare anything anyway. If it were, someone would be producing their own numbers before throwing stones, which we know will never happen.
            Thanks again Troy for the outlet.

          • hey mark
            to identify yourself as a L Y rep is polite but not necessary
            you say that some were lied to … that is my experience with both companies reps
            the company L I has not lied to me to date THEY DID frustrated me in the C S online support AND person to person contacts because I WAS NOT ABLE TO corral them into a statement I could hold them to like “we will send you a check today for the phone you have not received” every time a statement like it will be here Monday was made it was couched in “barring any unforeseen issues” and that frustrated me the company L F N has not lied to me and the company employee from L Y as far as I can tell has not lied to me “getting the real skinny took excellent questioning skills” just patting me on the back DECEPTION IS DECEPTION WITH OR WITH OUT INTENT
            I am angry at inferences that were made that have not been borne out by L I and L F N
            and feel they should be more forth coming with refunds to people that paid by electronic check whoever identified this group as receiving refunds… that is not my experience to date
            L Y reps have told me that you can tether that is a lie unless doing so against terms and conditions is excepted (they have a wi mi product available now and its limited)
            I don’t have personal experience with this product
            Your (real person) employee who answers the phone for L Y customer service is much more Honest in their representation of the company and product And will honestly tell you that they are not a truly unlimited plan And have turned off at least one (there was more) reps service for … Lets not call it fraud lets call it over use… They are aware of reps that illegally have apps on phones that allow tethering and at this time do not police those actions but have stated that officially they do not allow it the reason is… It takes an account over the LIMIT on the unlimited plan..there are restrictions on LIMIT
            As a L Y rep on the wow site … Whose only purpose is to sow discord look at yourself and know you will get what you sow
            My upline went with L Y I don’t like that they access to my downline report if I continue to build they were wooed with discounts and concessions That you were possibly not offered and they are significant (300.00 value min) plus a lifetimes greater return (BECAUSE THEY DID NOT PAY FULL PRICE) if L Y survives no true business man excepts your crystal ball assurance that they will survive
            LOSSES MATTER

  36. Pissed off, speaking of coolaid —– There's a much bigger batch of that other flavored coolaid being drank by a host of whiners and quitters. It's amazing to me how you all just let T-Mobile completely off the hook as if it were Mr. Jeffers or the Reps who caused T-Mobile to stop delivering phones, sim cards and service. How do you reconcile that? How is it that nothing is ever said about T-Mobile as if they possessed a form of divine infallibility, and they couldn't possibly have had anything to do with damaging our business? I'm always amazed at the complete free pass you all give to T-Mobile in this and your willingness to assign 100% of the blame elsewhere.
    Since you've all been drinking that other flavored coolaid, and you're all drinking plenty of it, you're absolutely blinded to accepting even the slightest possibility that Liberty got shafted by T-Mobile. Did it not make sense to you that T-Mobile would insist that Mr. Jeffers eliminate the Refer 3 and it's free and insist that he give T-Mobile the exclusive? When he declined, isn't it the least bit obvious to any onlooker that T-Mobile didn't take too kindly to the embarrassment of not being able to offer its own customers what WOW Mobile was offering? Whatever you happen to believe, let the facts play out in the pending lawsuit before you all pre-judge Randy Jeffers and Liberty International as the guity party.
    Those people who jumped ship have been getting their money back either through their credit card charge-backs or in the case of e-check payment, through direct refunds by Liberty. Perhaps Troy can verify this fact for you the next time he speaks with Randy Jeffers.
    When Liberty / WOW folds up and goes away, you can scream I told you so. Until then, we are still open for business, operating, and selling products and services, so reports of our impending demise are extremely premature. If you think we're drinking coolaid, you whiners, quitters, competitors and anti-mlm nut-cases are drinking twice as much of the other flavor. The truth will win out. Just give it time. —— Mark in South Florida

    • This is exactly what I have been telling people.
      When people and companies lie they usually do it because they will benefit in some way. Can you think of any benefit Liberty got out of this situation? People are leaving in droves, posting all kinds of bad news and opinions and basically ruining Liberty's name and business. I could see if they lied, shut down and kept everybody's money, but they didn't. They are still here, sending refunds to everyone and still trying to build a business. The blame should fall on T-Mobile. Liberty had a perfect business relationship with them for the first 6 months of the WOW Mobile business launch. Phones and SIM cards were shipping out within a few days of the order and everything was working perfectly. T-Mobile is the one that stopped shipping the phones and SIM cards, we never had control over them. Liberty is also in the process of suing T-Mobile over the situation and investigating starting a class-action suit for us reps against T-Mobile. Liberty almost lost EVERYTHING because of this. Do you really think Liberty wanted or caused this to happen?
      If I thought this was Liberty's fault I would have left. I also don't blame anybody for leaving, everybody needs to do what is best for them in their situation. I stayed, and so did most of my downline that are previous business owners because they know how things work in business. Most of the people that left have only been employees and have no idea how hard it is to actually run a business and not just show up and collect a check. The situation with T-Mobile completely sucked, no doubt. I have been through bigger down times in my 16 years owning my own business.
      If people do decide to leave I hope they find success in whatever they choose.
      Dennis G

      • Dennis,
        I know many people in my what used to be up and downline that did not receive their money, myself and others have copied and sent, printed and sent our purchase orders from the back office, and no response. I was probably one of the first ones to do this. They say "in order of received" but again, proof right here in front of everyone, no delivery. I am not bashing, I am stating hard true facts. I have yet to hear of anyone proving they are receiving money back, names and contacts, I know I would produce them if it were true…. if I truly stood behind my company to prove what I say is true. Someone prove to me the money was refunded, with a snapshot of the refund, I know I would if I saw people talking smack, just to shut them up! In order for this company to make good, produce hard fact and solid information behind what they say, not a bunch of clouded nonsense spewed out 20 minutes at a time during a "training Call" Did you hear that call the other day about frogs on a log and disney rides? Are you serious?

        • dennis
          i perceive you are miss-informed …or…not being totally honest.
          i have upline and downline and cross line that are very good friends and i believe them all
          when they said they recieved refunds…why is perhaps because they used the credit card swiper when they joined . I did not.
          i have a crossline friend that recieved refund of the nonrefundable cost of starting thier business $249.00. they effected a charge back to the company and may have broken terms and conditions.
          i know 12 people that paid by credit swiper and asked for a refund to accounts@gfp e-address before july 2nd received a refund. that said
          i have not recieved my MONEY. i have 2 other friends one an upline another a crossline that paid by credit card and did not correctly request refund (it does no good to tell the janitor) before july 2nd and to date both are out MONEY.
          a point for the company …they could have charged me for additional dollars by right of my terms and conditions with them but did not charge myself or others further for phone SERVICE even when many of us did not correctly cancel the charge. my first clue was the dollars were not deducted from a business account second was points those charges would have earned were not awarded

          • Ricky,
            I'm not exactly sure what you mean by miss-informed or not being totally honest.
            I think your post proves my point better than mine did. You personally know people that have gotten their refunds. I personally don't know of anyone who has received a refund, but I also don't know anyone that has asked, except for me. I requested a refund for the month of cell phone service that I was billed for but never received. I don't know why yours and my refunds haven't been paid yet. I don't know what order they are sending out the refunds.
            You also mention that had a chance to bill you for more money, but they didn't.
            I don't think July 2nd was any kind of cut-off date for a refund.
            If I hear any news about refunds I will post them here.
            Dennis G
            P.S. Ask one of your friends for a copy of their refund check so Rob can have some peace in his life.

          • to anyone listening
            i am not aware of any checks sent to anyone
            i am aware of charge backs to credit cards requested to
            do not believe it polite to ask for that record but will ask if any one will step up
            most from my upline jumped ship
            i will not at this time and feel good about the choice
            if wow has the funds to keep operating for 120 days
            and i have no crystal ball
            i think i will profit very well
            they have a couple products that excite me alot

    • Mark from Florida
      I commend you for sticking up with Liberty International/WOWMobile (or Liberty freedom Network
      whatever the company is called now), but you need to fact the truth. Looked around you? You had
      management incompetent on the part of Randy Jeffers, and it's going through it's PR nightmare with
      T-Mobile with an $8,000 billing dispute and worse, reps not getting paid, not getting it's refund etc,
      etc…..Look! I can go on with this. You can blame WOW Mobile's problems on people
      being whiners and quitters all you want. The bottom line is WOW Mobile either better get it's act
      together, or the company along with Liberty, won't be in business for long.

  37. Mark,
    You completely missed the point. T_mobile is a small part. The bigger issue is all the lies. Randy told us multiple times that Wowtv, att, verizon and other product would be launched in days. He did this for months!! and still nothing. Either he is a complete incompetent or he is a liar.
    T-Mobile: Once again we were told he had a contract. If Liberty had one then T-mobile would not of shut us off. Once again is Randy completely incompetent for agreeing to a weak contract or he didn't have a contract to begin with.
    This all goes to credibility of which Randy and team has none. If you want to follow the broken promises go ahead. I always wish the best for every one and hope wow gets it together, but with his track record are you really willing to invest time and money with him???????
    Worse yet he company is on the verge on collapse and he is hiding. When he is needed most as a leader he disappears. Is it because he knows he has lied to his reps and he knows there is no excuse??????
    Good luck Mark!!!
    PS. Is telling the truth about Wow whining????

    • Pissed off and GeminiDogg……. I appreciate your comments but I have to respectfully and totally disagree with the opinion that "T-Mobile is a small part." The fact that you consider T-Mobile a small part goes along with the idea that you and everyone else it seems is ready, willing, and able to let T-Mobile completely slide. As for your comment that "if they had a contract T-Mobile wouldn't have shut us off," well that comment is based on your belief again that T-Mobile would never, ever, not in a million years, even think about breaching a contract. Sad to say that it happens with companies all the time every single day and when it does, guess what? Litigation.
      The fact that T-Mobile failed to deliver phones, SIM cards, and service, in my opinion is not just a small part. It's THE MAIN part. For if T-Mobile had honored its obligation to deliver, WOW Mobile / Liberty International could have concentrated so much more effort on its other initiatives to ensure timely results. Remembering that Liberty is not a giant company, I've got to believe that the T-Mobile meltdown absolutely served as a major distraction taking time and effort away from those other initiatives. If that makes sense to anyone, I seriously doubt they consciously lied about anything, rather things were not able to progress as they would have without the occurrence of the T-Mobile debacle.
      You make a comment about the truth and I firmly believe that should be the most important factor when deciding what side of the fence you happen to stand on. Unfortunately all we know is what Liberty has told us all along. The fact that it's memorialized in Saturday calls that I, and many others have recorded, and in Liberty mail in our back office that I and many others have printed out, makes Liberty very vulnerable to any number of adverse civil actions should it be determined that they knowingly lied or engaged in deceptive business practices. In essence they have given us all the evidence needed to hang them with. The fact is, none of us knows what the truth is and this is exactly why I say let this all play out in court. Let T-Mobile be judged as a result of this litigation initiated by Liberty International. When the verdict is in, then and only then will we know who was culpable.
      So unless you or anyone else has inside information privy only to attorneys for both sides, then anything written in here, including my own opinions, is nothing more than pure speculation. So I'm going with what I know as fact for right now. That is, Liberty is alive, operating, selling phones, registering and activating phone service on the PCS platform, and selling its long-standing other products and services as it's done the last 11 plus years.
      GeminiDogg —- You certainly are aware that people have been getting their money back via credit card charge-backs. As for e-checks, according to Liberty, they have been processing refunds. Has anyone gotten their refund? Probably. Has everyone gotten their refund? Probably not yet. Will everyone due a refund get their refund? I absolutely believe so.
      As for Reps being paid, I don't know of a single Rep who has not gotten paid and that has been the overwhelming strength of the company since it began, i.e. they've never missed a payroll. If this is your opinion, perhaps you should reconsider at least until the truth one way or the other is confirmed. If you are representing these comments as factual, please state your sources. I know as a fact that I have been paid every commission check I've been owed.
      With all due respect, GeminiDogg, when making claims for or against, comments like, "I could go on and on" and "etc. etc." don't mean anything. If you are going to make claims, be informative. State your claims and state all of them. It doesn't bother me to read what you have to say. Heck, we might all learn something new, but I never learned anything from etc. etc.
      I am not a stupid man and if I learn that Liberty did wrong, then I want Liberty to suffer the consequences. It should be no different with T-Mobile. Contrary to what some may believe, just because they are an industry giant does not make them divinely infallible. Please don't underestimate or minimize the significance of the T-Mobile fiasco. Let the scenario play itself out. Let the facts be disclosed in court. Let's all keep our heads about us and not go spouting off against each other especially since there can be no winner in these situations before the court hears all the evidence and Lady Justice decides. —– Mark in South Florida

      • “I could go on and on” and “etc. etc.” don’t mean anything. If you are going to make claims, be informative. State your claims and state all of them. It doesn’t bother me to read what you have to say. Heck, we might all learn something new, but I never learned anything from etc. etc.
        Mark, let put this in a different perspective. I been reading these messages on this board from several former WOW Mobile reps like Pat, ricky and others and they all came to a same conclusion that they had been misled and misinformed by Mr. Jeffers and Liberty Management. Therefore, I don't had to explained anything you about why WOW is losing credibility other than this, the proof is in the pudding.
        Personally, you need to get out of WOW Mobile and find a different home to make serious money. I can money that this company will not be in business by year's end.
        That's my 0.2 cents.

      • Frustrated but staying,
        Answer me a simple question:
        Why is it that Randy Jeffers and 3 employees of Liberty International are listed as the account owners of all the WOW mobile customers that were on the T-Mobile service?

  38. I signed up with Liberty back in July 2009 and kept my auto-ship up until last month. But I never tried recruting anybody because I was waiting for a decent reliable service and that never happened so I did lose money but that was no ones fault but my own, that did not break me. I took the chance and it did not work out and I didnt ruin my reputation because I waited and waited and waited and did not try to sign people up until there was relaible service. That never happened. Then the WOWTV announcement, that announcement alone made me pay another auto-ship just in case, mission accomplished Mr Jeffers.
    some questions
    1. What is the lastet on WowTV?
    2. Has anyone heard that if Verizon service does come on board with LI(Thru a MVNO) that it would be around$150.00 a month for unlimited evrything. What a deal!!!
    3. How is that litigation coming with T-Mobile? Has anything been filed yet by LI? If yes can you post the filing.
    4. How is the new PCS service going? are phones being shipped out as we speak? How is the service? Is it worth $99.00 a month? are you having a hard time finding 3 people to sign up for the overpriced service especially given the debacle that happened over the last few months?
    5. How is the recruiting coming? Are there a lot of eager reps ready to sign up? Must be because they like the direction the company is headed.
    6. How is the communication from Corporate? Are those nightly update calls they just started doing informative. all just to keep the few Reps who are still paying their auto-ships to hang on one more month. And just when those Reps have had enough…. a huge annoucement will be coming from Randy and the boys!!! It will change your life. Ah, I can still remember that meeting with JR back in October when he was speaking to a room of over 200 people and the WOW Voip had just launched, if you want to call it that. He said that a lot of us in that room were going to be millionaires by Christmas if we worked at it as we have a once in a lifetime chance here!! Wow what Hype! Now I was not naive enough to buy into that but come on, some people literally believed that would happen to them.
    the only thing LI delivered on in the year that I got sucked into it is the T-Mobile service, they had a good run, what 3 months of great service and selling. I know damn T-Mobile, they are culprit. Randy could tell some of these Reps anything and they would believe it because they want to believe it. Randy talks a hell of a game no doubt about that and they do have products they have been selling for 11 plus years that they still have.
    How many of you Reps that listen to that Saturday training call every week get tired of hearing for 15 minutes how great Randy Jeffers is and how none of you would of gotten ripped off if it were not for Randy Jeffers, oh mean how none of this would of been possible without the great Randy Jeffers. Mr Jeffers is changing lives!!! WE owe so much to the great Randy Jeffers. Listening to John Shaw, Karla and her annoyinglaughing at nothing, enough already!!
    Good luck to all your Reps that are still hanging in, maybe you have just come in the last few months , or maybe you have been there since before WoW, but there is only so much a person can take and hear before they call BS. It is time to call BS. WOW mobile, WOWTV, Oh wait, WOWTV never was launched. one thing I will say LI does a great job of keeping their Reps informed in a trying and troubled time!!! I mean if you are a Rep in LI, you know exactly what is going , you are in the know!!

    • TO WOW
      i percieve you are full of it
      if you were on board since last july
      YOU HAD SERVICE AS GOOD AS THE AREA YOU WERE IN AND COMPARABLE TO MOST PHONES BEING USED to not build is a choice that some make if you have been in since last july and have not had you back office suspended you are very aware of much from what is posted there YOU SIR ARE A FRAUD

  39. Disturbing conversation with CS @ Liberty whatever they are this week.
    You are now chatting with Customer Service
    Customer Service: Hello Rob How may I help you?
    Rob B: You ready?
    Customer Service: Yes!
    Rob B: I joined Liberty back in feb i think, I ended up signing 3 people, and went on to the accelerated package
    Customer Service: Ok do you have a tracking ID
    Rob B: I then purchased the samsung, and sims, phone number transfers
    Rob B: So around a grand or so……
    Rob B: Never got the phone, or any merchandise.
    Rob B: And never got the money back
    Rob B: I have two tracking id's
    Rob B: 33357 and 41082
    Rob B: I am certain you have been in a conversation like this one before
    Rob B: At this point, I am waiting….. not signing anyone up
    Rob B: I am on the verge of stopping all autoship
    Rob B: 60 bucks a month
    Rob B: since may
    Rob B: I sent in snapshots of all transactions
    Rob B: So what is going to happen to me
    Rob B: If Liberty makes good on the refund, and this new platform performs, without a hitch. Then I will consider working again.
    Customer Service: Ok so how can I help you?
    Rob B: and i will tell you, I was giving presentaions a week after signing up
    Customer Service: Ok I do apologize But here at Liberty Freedom Network we do not sale any Sim cards or phones.
    Rob B: LOL ok
    Rob B: so let me get this straight, my purchases are null and void?
    Rob B: That response is seriously scary
    Rob B: Did they tell you to say that to us?
    Customer Service: I do apologize but if you want to purchased a phone from us you will have to visit our Also I see the you want to request a refund from a phone did you purchased this phone on the
    Rob B: So you never worked for Liberty international?
    Rob B: When they sold phones and sims?
    Rob B: Like I did?
    Rob B: Have you been reading all what I have said?
    Customer Service: I do not work for that company I work For Liberty Freedom Network.
    Rob B: WOW
    Customer Service: Yes! I been reading your messages.
    Rob B: em # Quantity Description Cost
    – – "Accelerated Progression" Pack –
    900 1 Liberty Business Suite $24.95
    2 1 ''Personal Gateway'' Website – Monthly Subscription $29.95
    915 1 Super Savers Website – No Monthly Subscription $699.95
    919 1 Website – No Monthly Subscription $699.95
    923 1 Website – No Monthly Subscription $699.95
    902 1 ART – Auto-Response Terminal – No Monthly Subscription $699.95
    8003 1 GSM ''Network B'' Monthly Cell Service w/ Unlimited Anytime Calling, Text & Data
    Phone#: PENDING… City: brookville State: FL – US Area Code: 352 $0.00
    8206 1 Samsung Galaxy I7500 Smartphone (SIM Included) $249.95
    Total Points Subtotal Tax S&H Total
    3500 $748.95 $0.00 $27.00 $775.95
    Rob B: read that !!
    Customer Service: I did but you did the purchased trough Liberty International You will need to contact them.
    Rob B: Uhm ok I think I have seen enough, it becomes more transparent every day
    Rob B: That company does not exist anymore….. remember?
    Rob B: I have tried to contact them, thats why I am here now
    Rob B: with you
    Rob B: No go ahead, you were going to say something
    Customer Service: Ok but here at Liberty Freedom Network you have the opportunity to continue your business.
    Rob B: OMG
    Rob B: Did you take the blue or the red one?
    Rob B: Are you a bot?
    Customer Service: Ok Sir am just trying to help you. But honestly I do not have any info regarding that company.
    Rob B: Seriously….. you are trying to help me, with a clear conceince?
    Customer Service: Do you have any costumer service questions sir!
    Rob B: This conversation, has been copied, and will be used.
    Customer Service: Ok sir may I ask for what reason?
    Rob B: Just go back and review how you as customer service "tried" to help me, full knowing what my needs were, offering absolutely no assistance, there are many like me…. thousands….
    Customer Service: Ok sir I do apologize but I try to help you but like I told before I do not have any info regarding that company.
    Rob B: Unbelievable, how do you seriously expect us to build a business when things like this go on.
    Customer Service: Is anything else I can help you with?
    Rob B: No you were a wonderful help, I don't think there is a better customer service help center out there
    Rob B: really appreciate all of your thoughtful and compassionate help
    Customer Service: No problem have a nice day!
    Customer Service has left the conversation
    Click here to leave a message

    • is it fair to treat a person who has a job with the new company through this?
      they make what $8 $10 !$12 tops per hr and will be in trouble if they take any position other than "we are a new company LFN and know you went through problems have refunds that have not been recieved to date but that company is LI and you must take it up with them. they are people and if you understand it disrespects them to treat them unkindly. they are their to help you understand how to move on in building the business. you may decide not to do that but when you were given little choice but to switch when you were required to enter a business suite with LFN you agreed that you are now with a new company DONT BEAT UP SOME ONE FOR FUN ITS NOT HONORABLE
      now to put the issue more correctly as i see it is to say
      i dont think you will hear this publically but believe you will someday get your refund
      the old company is not closed completely it has stopped operations and does not ship any products do what you have been instructed send the request into the address in Oregon its at the top of this page posted by troy than come back in a reasonable period of time say 15 business days and tell the story

      • I have asked a dozen times for a refund via email – I've mailed them requests and Now I'm filing a lawsuit in small claims court. Since you believe your company exists and will pay it – do you have any ideas to whom I would serve the paper – or at what address? I can't afford to have lost $750 with no phone – no business no nothing and now my bank says I should close the account because the criminals at WOW or Liberty or whatever scam they are currently running have all my acocunt info and could continue to charge it at will any time. My only recoruse is to file in small claims court. Police can't even help because it's considered internet fraud. I need the money back now. I really wanted the phone – but obviously that's out. The biggest financial mistake I've ever made was talking to the scammers that got me involved in this company. And lay off the guy above – he didn't swear at the customer service people – he's frustrated as I am at a compnay that refuses to speak or answer any questions or refund our money.

  40. And the LI comedy continues!!!!!
    Everyone I love my invisable Wowtv.
    Randy thanks for all the great leadership. You always kept us informed. Always told us the truth. And of course you never missed a launch date.
    What I can't understand, with that impressive record why are you hiding under your desk?????
    I vote randy man of the year!!!

  41. Troy Liberty is looking like the best deal out there with what is unfolding…
    Others…we know your cry's…frustrations…paparazzi posts…what ever !
    Liberty is operating and gaining massive deals right now
    Fools open your mouth and remove all doubt!
    Guys… I know what I am Talking about !
    Gallop Time is here (Phar Lap)
    Act Now!

    • I paid $750 on April 20th – to get a phone & join the company WOW Mobile I never received ANYTHING. The company effectively STOLE the money from me. No phone – no refund – no business anything – not even an explanation of what happened. They continued to charge a monthly fee one month even after repeated emails requesting to get a refund or a phone or that I didn't want to do business with them. I've received NOTHING – no explanation – no phone – I was in NO position to lose this money & the police say I have to file a law suite – which I do intend to do today. This company is the BIGGEST SCAM AND HAS NO ETHICS NO VALUES AND PREYS UPON PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO WANTED TO BELIEVE THAT THERE WAS AN OPPORTUNITY OUT THERE. I'll never get within 10 feet of an MLM again!!!!!! Anyone considering doing so should contact me. I'll be happy to give my story to help prevent others from making the same EXPENSIVE mistake. I'm told they shut down wow mobile & Liberty INternational & have now started another business name liberty freedom network – so they stole everyone's money & change names so they don't have to refund my money – GREEEAAATT. That's the american way – buyer be ware & dont' trust pushy sales people who try to lie to you so that they can recoup their costs from scamming you out of your money since the company won't pay them or refund your money. LIBERTY PEOPLE you should all be ashamed of yourselves – how do you sleep at night scamming people all the time? I"ll spend $750 of my time to spread the word & let innocent people know what a rotton group of people you all are!!!!!

      • I got screwed out of $485 for a phone that I never received. I did however get AMEX to stop them from billing me for a monthly service I was not receiving. I signed up as a favor to help a friend out who was starting with Liberty. I have emailed, called , they don’t care. I am not in the position to lose the money either. I wonder if Clark Howard has something to say about this? I am done with this!

  42. Ricky Demarco
    With all due respect how I am a fraud? Are you saying I was not in Liberty with active auto-ship and active service since July 2009? Is it because everthing that is aid from Corporate is the truth. When the leaders tell you that 90% of the poeple that had WowVOIP had reliable service, we are just to believe that a face value.
    I am in Tampa, is that a big enough area? I bought a Mytouch and signed up for WowVOIP , I ordered both on 9-1-10 when the MyTouch was selling for $299.00 not $399.00 and the cell service only worked 20% of the time, if that and everyone else I knew that had the service, it did not work for them either. So where are these mysterious Reps who had reliable service? T-mobile service was reliable but they only activated phones for what three months and I chose not to actively recruit because I wanted to have the service and know first hand it was reliable before I started risking my reputation, that makes me a Fraud huh? Ironically enough I said once I had reliable service for 90 days I would feel good enough about recruiting others,but the problem was once I had service for 90 days by that time no phones were being shipped out so I waited and waited until the wheels fell off. thank goodness I waited otherwise I would of recruited people into a company that is no longer in business and does not communicate with their Reps unless you call John Shaws introduction ever Saturday of the great Randy Jeffers communication. And why would a company announce and hype another service such as WowTV when they are right the middle of this giant fiasco with T-Mobile? why? Because it was designed to keep reps from jumping ship. If they kept 1000 freps from cancelling their auto-ship for a even a month that would be $30,000 in auto-ship fees assuming everyone of those 1000 did not have their auto-ship free, because the ones that did have it free would not of cancelled because they had nothing to lose in waiting to see if WOWTV did come fruition.
    When I had the VOIP service I was in several large cities like Las Vegas, Tampa, Miami and service was not reliable, hey I had a GPS though, for $79.95 a month. Wow what a deal! And I knew of dozens of Reps who never had reliable service with Wow VOIP as a matter fact I never came across anyone who had reliable cell service with VOIP, only the people like Karla, Danny, JR, John Shaw claimed their service worked most of the time. Yeah I beleive those people!!
    Also isnt it funny that some of the big Team leaders in my area are not so gung ho on Liberty now, they are actually looking at other MLM's. If you have such a promising future Ricky with Liberty would you go pursue another MLM oppurtunity and bring your whole downline and say it compliments Liberty. That sir sounds like abandon ship to me? The writing is on the wall and I bet you by the end of the year Liberty will not be around or hanging on by a thread! And as for Wow TV? where is it?
    Ricky, from reading your posts, you do not seem to be that much of a kool-aid drinker as far as defending Liberty so I am suprised you dismissed my post as a fraud? I would like to know why you think I am lying or making this stuff up. I had an active auto-ship from July 2009 thru June 2010. Why in the hell would I lie about that? If anything I should be ashamed to admit it. And I do not beleibe everything I read in the back office, that is deisgned to keep moral up and auto-ships active.
    But what specifically are you referring to?
    Liberty Freedom Network has Dora Jeffers listed as 100% shareholder and it was inc in January 2008, this is fact and it was posted in here on another thread. Seems like Randy knew what would happen and prepared himself to protect himself and his assets. I Believe there will be more to come on this matter. Good luck to all who stick with it!
    Any LI, ur, I mean LIberty Freedom Network Reps, please kindly answer my questions from first post, I truly would like to know, this is your chance to shut up all of us naysers.
    Bring it!!

    • dear wow
      fisrt let me say I was wrong to jump to the conclusion i did without more back and forth with you
      i have no experience with cell on voip i have experience with wow cell on t-mobile (it was very good in the tampa area and up and down the east coast except rural virginia)
      colorado Kansas chicago and many markets where just t-mobile did not stand out unless you paid for roaming on t-mobiles partner agreements, wow did well and has no roaming charge it was part of the service
      i understood your complaint to say wow mobile on the t-mobile system was minimal if that is what you intended to imply then i believe you to be misinformed or purposefully inaccurate and there is a lot of that happening on this site for different reasons
      please forgive me if I have made the error
      you ask questions that I think can be answered in your back office even if you have not paid for an auto ship you are allowed to access the site through the business suite portal with your business id and passcode there is no loosing this if im correct
      4 out of 10 cell phone users are more than a little angry at the provider they are currently using… the biggest reason is one that the public does not except and that is problems with the handset 90 % of the time if the handset is turned off or if the battery is removed for a few moments the issues will correct themselves many handsets are not able to tolerate continuous use say 2 hrs nonstop and will manifest problems that are across the board until allowed to cool down
      The service we enjoy is in relationship to the towers we are permitted access no matter who you use as a provider the market is quickly moving to a seamless continuity where all towers will work in concert even though there is different technologies being developed
      This is already true for the 911 system by law in the USA power up an old phone with out service for years and dial 911 in an emergency and even if you are as far from the system that phone is connected to as possible you will get connected if a signal can be found (do not dial 911 to test this ask any provider)
      so one question a business man might ask is what provider will give a portal to its customers that has the least hurdles to accessing this seamless possibility at the best price lets not be misinformed of what unlimited means be it for $59.00 or $69.00 or $99.00
      the chance that LFN will fail is very real I believe they will succeed because they offer an unmanned service the reason no one gets someone to listen to the frustrating side of the problems is LI did not spend dollars to create that for its reps and it seems LFN will not invest in it either lets just look at a thousand users of a service 400 of them want an ear to complain to Many just want $$$ because they have been improperly trained to expect $$$s be gifted to them and you know of friends and acquaintances that have milked this provision
      I want the $$$s that I spent for the galaxy phone offered I would gladly except the phone if a gsm provider is to be onboard say within the next 30 days because there is the chance of it being a superior phone (it has good reviews by some) just food for thought again I have gotten to wordy I did not mean to insult you or any other wrongly to those that use this site to misinform and sow unjustified resentment shame the truth is bad enough so lets talk the truth as much as is possible
      BE WELL

    • Your comment that T-Mobile cellular service, worked only 20% of the time in a city as large as Tampa is laughable. But of course I'm sure you can tell us what math you used to come up with that figure.
      Sir, I can respect anyone voicing their opinion when they at least acknowledge there are both pros and cons in play. However, I have little respect for people posting the totally one-sided poison I'm seeing all over the place that completely dismisses any wrong-doing on the part of T-Mobile. From what I've read so far from you, you're one of those people who assign 100% blame to Liberty and 0% to T-Mobile. I'm not making excuses for Liberty's shortcomings, but I'm not blind to the damage T-Mobile did to Liberty the way you and the rest of that whiny crew are. Post after post after post after post it's Randy is incompetent, Randy lied, Liberty is a scam, it's a pyramid scheme, it's bait and switch, Randy is this and Liberty is that. That’s just a tad one-sided and one would think Randy and Liberty were the MLM equivalent to Bernard Madoff; and not a whisper from any of you about T-Mobile's part. That's damned interesting.
      And my, my, you almost said that Liberty was doing something good for three months and then you were intending to start recruiting when — right at that moment it all came to a screeching halt. You’re telling us that you had T-Mobile cellular service for 90 days that worked only 20% of the time. Well, why on God's green Earth would you intend to recruit anyone if T-Mobile's service was good only 20% of the time? Wouldn't recruiting other Tampa residents to a service that works only 20% of the time kind of not be good for your reputation? But that’s exactly what you intended if T-Mobile didn’t turn off the phones. I don’t follow your logic, but I do see what you’re doing.
      What did you all think of Randy and Liberty when T-Mobile was delivering and activating and people were getting their phones within a week and getting free cell phone service, and earning bonuses and commissions? Pretty darn good !! That’s right. People were getting free cell phone service, making money and everything was rolling along. Then all of a sudden, —– (and this is probably what is being seen through the eyes of all the anti-WOW Mobile people) —— Randy Jeffers must have lost his mind and he decided to just screw everyone in WOW Mobile. Imagine that. Randy Jeffers nuked his own business. I mean, isn’t that the most logical explanation? It had to be Randy Jeffers who sabotaged his own company. Yes, that must be it. That’s got to be it. That's the most believable explanation imaginable. FACT: It was working one day and then it crashed and burned the next day. It couldn't possibly have had anything at all to do with T-Mobile. That would just be absurd. Heavens no. After all, T-Mobile is a corporate giant. They wouldn't dream of breaking the terms of any agreement or contract for any reason at all, and especially not with a company as insignificant by comparison as Liberty International. I'm sure that's never ever happened in the past. That’s just impossible. So it had to be something Randy Jeffers did. And just to prove how Randy Jeffers completely lost his mind, with all his own wrong-doing in tow, he must have held a gun to Jeff Bakerink’s head and forced him to initiate a frivolous law suit against T-Mobile without a leg to stand on. Yes, that’s got to be it.
      Nobody's said it quite that way before, but that's what you're all saying and it's pretty silly to leave out T-Mobile's role in all of this.
      People like Mr. unhappy WOW here must think that a meltdown such as that involving T-Mobile is nothing at all to deal with and recover from; that all other operations and other initiatives would be completely unaffected. That might be the case for T-Mobile, but certainly not for any of the new MLM companies struggling to survive.
      If any of you are that unhappy with the choices you make for yourself in any endeavor, by all means move on, but do so only after you examine all the facts, and not just the one-sided picture being painted by those who are jaded and disgruntled and don't have the stomach to work through some tough times. As people like Mr. unhappy WOW continue to whine and piss and moan about WOW Mobile and their own decision to quit, all you need to do is take a look and see that WOW Mobile is still here; still standing; still moving forward; still improving; still selling phones; still registering and activating phones; still paying bonuses and commissions; and still employing the same exact compensation plan that delighted so many people in the first place. People like Mr. unhappy WOW are trying to justify their decision to quit with the "misery loves company" mentality. You quit so just forget about WOW Mobile and move on. You're not doing yourself any favors by continuing to look over your shoulder to see what's happening behind you. I've known people like that before. They quit a company and then try to persuade others to do the same while secretly or openly hoping the company fails so they can justify their decision to quit. I believe that you are posting here for no other reason.
      No, I am not making excuses for Liberty's shortcomings, but if Mr. unhappy WOW and his friends believe they are going to find any other company out there without their own shortcomings, they are going to be looking for a very, very, very long time. WOW Mobile has a long way to go, that's true, but they have also survived a blow that not many other small companies would have survived. I subscribe to the idea that tough times don't last, but tough people do. I'm referring to Randy Jeffers.
      This is not as black and white as our detractors would have you believe, but they will try to make you believe all day long that T-Mobile’s hands are virgin clean. That’s just plain irresponsible. Well, to everyone with any interest in this at all, I say just let it play itself out. Let’s see what the outcome will be after all the evidence is heard and a judge decides T-Mobile’s fate. You all can offer your opinions in these forums and you might even succeed in influencing someone’s decision. However, the truth has a habit of rising to the surface and I’m content to continue working my business through tough times until the truth surfaces and shows me that I’ve made a mistake to put my trust in this company. I don’t believe that will happen.
      Thanks for your comments sir, and for giving me an opportunity to bring it right back to you and your one-sided view of things.

  43. Frusrtated but staying
    What is laughable is you dont understand what you are reading.
    When Wow Voip launched on 9-01-10 cell service only worked for maybe 20% of that time. Why is that laugable? At that time cell service was not provided by T-Mobile it was VOIP. So, No Sir that is not laughable. T-Mobile cell service, which came on in November 2009 worked 100% and I never stated it didnt..
    And what you do not get is in regards to not placing any blame with T-Mobile is: There were patterns of over promise and under deliver and hyping going on months before T-Mobile cell service came on board. So now your saying T-mobile was to blame for the Wow Voip that launched on 9-01-10?? Okay whatever you say! You must of come on board this year. Give it a few months and then lets see if your still so eager to defend this Company. I am speaking from over 12 months of hearing Liberty's rheteric and hype.
    I could say the same about you, you are saying it is 100% T-Mobile's fault and 0% Liberty?? How do you know the issue wasnt Liberty breaching their business/Corporate contract with T-Mobile? I know, because Randy said so!!! Your intelligence is shining through! Good luck to you sir and believe me I am not one who jumps from one MLM to the next. This was my first and my last!!
    I commented on my personal experiences in Liberty since July 2009(which is when the Wow VOIP was launched, not T-mobile cell service.
    and by the way, what you call pissing and moaning and whining, I call warning people based on personal experience. To be quite honest, I do not know the exact truth what exactly went on between T-Mobile and Liberty, and neither do you. Just because Randy said something does not make it true. The facts will come out sir! If a lawsuit was filed by Liberty please post it.

    • For what its worth I got my sim card in two days, then I called the technical support phone number…I was on hold for about 6-7 min wait (in the busy time of the day), they got me connected and the following day my number was ported.
      Overall I am happy, I have recruited only one person so far, that has gone well also.
      I can honestly say I am excited about the future here.

  44. Rickey Demarco
    Good luck to you and I hope you get your money back and make some money, I really do!
    I was not saying there was ever an issue with T-Mobile cell service, that worked great. But that did not come on until November 2009.
    I was one of the ones who signed up for the WoW VOIP on 9-1-09, the internet was provided by T-Mobile then as a data only contract that Liberty had with T-Mobile. That is the cell service I was referring to that only worked 20% of the time.
    When Liberty finally scrapped Wow VOIP they started offering T-Mobile cell service, which was not until November 2009. I had zero complaints with that service.
    The only reason Liberty started offering T-Mobile cell service is their Wow VOIP cell service that they hyped for a year was no where close to reliable so they had to scramble to come up with something else and that is when Liberty started offering T-Mobile cell service.
    you do know that Liberty had a corporate account with T-Mobile just as any other business would. Everybody that signed up for service under Wow, their number was under Liberty/Randy Jeffers, under his corp account. Maybe he violated his terms of the corp. account or maybe T-Mobile did screw over Liberty. It could be either way. Based on my experiences with Liberty over the last 12 months I am just not willing to take that chance and roll the dice. I have already crapped out.
    All I am doing is posting my personal experiences. Why is it that people want to call you a whiner when you post on your experiences. If you are not on Liberty's side you are a whiner? that makes a lot of sense. Instead of calling people whiners why dont you politley rebut. is it because it is impossible for anyone to have a negative opinion of Liberty and if they do they are just out to complain, whine and moan. Saying those comments about the people posting negatively about WoW is not right because people are posting on their personal experience of what happened to them.
    I am not referring to you Rickey DeMarco personally but others in general like Frustrated but Staying.

  45. Will wow miss another launch???
    It's my understand a new carrier will be available Aug 1st and another one Aug 15th.
    Is that true???
    Where is wowtv?
    O I forgot randy, the brilliant leader, is hiding!!!!! But then do you blame him for hiding????

  46. The only comment I have to make is why would anyone sign up for WOW with all the complaints etc on the net about them? Seems to me that you all can blame yourselves for partnering up with a company with a blemished record. Randy is a putz and a fake.
    Word to the wise: if a company has this many complaints then shame on all of you for joining…
    There are plenty of opportunities out there with real, ethical legitmate companies. Good grief step out of the WOW world for a minute and realize there is so much better out there. I am not here to promote my company, but when I joined, I was able to speak directly to the CEO. I researched and found NOT ONE complaint, I talked to other reps for over 3 months, I saw proof of who the company banked with, I spoke to some old seasoned reps to see how they were doing….hmmmmm what else could I have done….it's not rocket science people

  47. What is the latest with Wow? Any news on WOW TV? How is the PCS service? I hear they are activating phones but I do not know anyone first hand who actually is using the phone service.
    How are the refunds coming?
    I figured it is about time for Liberty to announce some new exciting product or service? This company will be all but an afterthought by the end of the year in regards to the telecom industry.
    Has any legal papers been filed against T-Mobile yet? If yes please post!! And I do not mean a class action lawsuit filed by Reps, i mean a suit filed by Liberty international against T-Mobile.

  48. Wow have 3 carriers NOW!!! and another next week…Reps get back to work !!!!
    PCS-M…like metropcs…connect the EVO Unlimited everything + tether …flat rate…$69.95 !!! WOW!!!
    GSM next week….put the sim in your old t-mobile phone…now all is well.
    Troy…check out the back office orders menu…its avail NOW!!!
    Perhaps do a Liberty Update…

  49. Liberty brought back T-Mobile ? So classic…… some huge gonads man. Randy is the biggest hypocrite on the planet, as he hides somewhere in Thailand. Words can't even cover this one. Anyone defending this is even further beneath him.

  50. First and foremost.. I want to say I am a MLM/Network Marketing advocate.
    For all you on how Liberty International took your money and didn't deliver.. I say-Are your really that surprised? If a guy pulled up out of the blue in a van and tried to sell you a deal on some stereo equipment .. I suppose you would be the type that would buy.. Or you would be so gullible to buy into those e-mails where someone has lost a family member in Nigeria and they have loads of money just waiting for you? Does the name PT Barnum ring a bell with you?
    The point is this.. I was invited to a Wow Mobile meeting by a very dear friend.. Back when the sign up for the accelerated package was $1700.00.. And right off the bat I saw more red flags with this organization than you’d see at a communist convention… And I must put a little of the blame at the feet or Troy here.. I remember listening to his critique of Liberty International earlier this year, and he had nothing but positive things to say about Randy and Liberty International.. "Shoot me to the moon" So here is some of the red flags that I saw and for the most part are still true today..
    1. $1700.00 accelerated package .. opened all three levels of business centers.. $1000.00 went straight to the sponsors pocket and was not based upon any actual product…. (this is called front loading and is technically Illegal.).. They quickly changed this within weeks of my first learning of LI… to 499.00 for the same accelerated package.. Don't know for sure if this was in anyway a result in my query to the AG about Liberty or not.. and some have said the 499.00 price was simply keeping the deal under the $500.00 limit keeps it off the AG radar. And still $100.00 of the signup goes to the rep. It was also telling to me that you HAD to buy in up front to be able to fully realize the full potential of the Comp plan.. You couldn't earn your way to full compensation.. Another red flag
    2. The company has no proprietary products other than perhaps an over priced obsolete website for which they charged 29.95 a month to be hosted on the "Planet"..As if the "Planet" was anything special. You can get web hosting for a fraction of that price.. If you were paying attention to the LI Product lineup. If any of you did your due diligence you would come to realize that all the Liberty International products can be found elsewhere for less.. Even the cell service and cell phones.. I noticed that many of their products were last years model close out specials. You would notice that web site is where they made their money and for which the gave the greatest points per dollar spent by the consumer…
    3.The company had no "Bricks and Mortar" Headquarters..Randy's PO Box in Oregon? A lot of hype about a "Virtual" company, but as some of you now see when things go south as they did.. Who do you call? Ghost busters?
    4. The WOW mobile service with T-Mobile was flawed from the start.. First clue should have been that you can get cell service with no – contracts, no-credit, etc.. Hey I have an alligator farm on swamp land in Pheonix for sale..
    5. Tethering.. This was a hot button for me..It was the ONE real value add that Liberty International was doing to the phones..Tethering Apps are avaialbe for free for Android phones, but iIts a relatively complex process , not for the amature phone user, to "Root" an android phone and install a tethering app.. T-Mobile had led a campaign against Google tethering apps in that they were removed from the Google market space in the US because of T-mobile pressure. I couldn't get JR to come clean but .. Randy Jeffers called me personally and after a little cajoling in my phone call with him admitted despite all the hype and promises that JR was making that they had no specific service agreement with T-Mobile to guarantee tethering.. In fact Randy basically spelled out how the t-mobile thing was working.. He was buying phone service from t-Mobile at a corporate group rate.. Like big corps do with cell companies.. and then reselling the use of those accounts to reps.. The problem is that there is no guarantee of service as some of you have now learned. As soon as the relationship with T-Mobile and Randy goes south.. So does your business.. And it can go south for any reason.. and you have little remedy, since as a rep you had NO contract for service with T-Mobile.. Just a rep agreement with a PO Box based virtual company. Do any of you REALLY think things are going to be different now with SPRINT PCS?
    6. The comp plan. Despite the hype, it really doesn't pay all that much. Just look at the math. Most of the income is derived from sign up bonus.. Very lucrative when I first saw the program.. $1700… with $1000 going to the sponsors pocket.. That was my first clue something was wrong.. You see my friend held a party at his home, JR came and made his pitch on how this was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And my buddy actually got five of his friends to buy into the hype and plunk down 1700… to be fully activated..(fortunately I wasn't one of them) my buddy made $5000+ that evening.. The whole affair reminded me of those parties where a persons sponsors a party and every one comes with $1000.00 and puts it on the table..
    Two weeks later they change the comp plan.. to that 499.00 with 100.00 bonus to the sponsor.. Effectively all those who signed up under the $1700 plan could not duplicate their sponsors success.. They would have to sign up 50 at 499.00 to get the same $5000.00. Good for liberty, bad for those who signed up under the $1700/deal.
    Now if you look closely at the recurring commission ratios you might see that they really don't pay very much.. Except for the website because of it's over inflated points/dollar ratio. Really it's only a 1% per level of volume.. If you have all three levels activated you can get 3%.
    7. Then there is History.. and some of the history is now in the making.. Randy Jeffers was involved in Network Marketting telcom business before.. It got shut down, and although Randy has avoided any specific blame for wrong doings.. The business he was leading was shut down by the trade commission.. 10 years later.. Liberty international resurrects.. and within a year is no more..Is it for different reasons?? or is it just the same reason just in a different day with different players. One irrefutable fact exists in both cases.. Randy Jeffers was at the helm when the ship went a ground..
    So now there is Liberty Freedom Network.. Third times a charm?? Are you ready for another boat ride with Randy Jeffers and JR? Before you set sail.. I have some junk bonds to sell you.. Interested? Just send me a check for $1000.00 to Dewy Cheatm and How, PO Box 5555. Geoge Town , Caymen Islands

  51. does anyone know how to contact liberty international or randy jeffers personally in order to obtain status on requested refund? – i have been waiting since april for a refund and can't get any answers or reply from mr. jeffers or his company. now it seems he has closed liberty with no accessible forwarding address in which to contact him for information about how/when to expect a refund. randy jeffers owes me almost a thousand dollars, money that my family could really use right now. please, anyone with any information on how to contact randy jeffers directly or whomever is in charge of refunds, please post it here as it looks like i am not the only one that randy jeffers has burned with his wowmobile fiasco.

  52. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The text in your content seem
    to be running off the screen in Firefox. I'm not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I'd post
    to let you know. The design and style look great though!
    Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Thanks