My hat is off to Derrick Rodgers for responding in any respect. Nevertheless, I believe in the long term it could have been higher if he had responded via the “Better of the Greatest legislation corporations” he states Folks Serving to Folks Inc, have employed.

Critically, it’s a good factor for Derrick and PHPI to deal with this difficulty. Nevertheless, I’ve to query a number of gadgets in Derrick’s response.
1. Derrick states PHPI has employed the perfect of the perfect authorized corporations to deal with this and different authorized points at Folks Serving to Folks. Effectively, having invested a number of of my grownup years coping with litigation legal professional’s each as a consumer and a respondent in circumstances, I’ve but to search out one, who didn’t inform their consumer to maintain their mouth shut, and let the legal professional do the speaking.
In a number of of the present circumstances and potential circumstances surrounding the MLM Wi-fi Area of interest, now we have been contacted by the shoppers litigation attorneys to reply to each articles I’ve written and different considerations which have been introduced up by different reporters, Watchdogs and Advocates.
There are a few explanation why litigation attorneys do the speaking for his or her shoppers.
1. Nothing stated by the legal professional can be utilized be used towards their consumer.
2. Litigation attorneys need to get their aspect of the difficulty out for the general public to totally perceive, with out the emotional attachment, their shoppers should the state of affairs.
Derrick, makes a number of “private” statements which can be utilized by International Verge on this case. And if Derrick denies he stated them, then International Verge’s legal professional will deliver up Derrick’s response as proof. Which leaves Derrick in an ungainly place. He’ll both should deny he wrote the e-mail beneath beneath oath, or he should defend his response. Both method what he has acknowledged could also be used towards him, particularly, if International Verge has a witness who whereas within the firm of Derrick Rodgers heard him say something about International Verge.
Which brings up an attention-grabbing thought. In my final couple of posts, we are saying that Derrick was requested concerning the International Verge lawsuit. Particularly what had been written on this neighborhood, and he “requested that his responses NOT be made a part of the minutes.”
Which suggests, even when he didn’t use the phrases “International Verge” he nonetheless addressed a part of the International Verge lawsuit.
Perhaps the PHPI distributors can get him to deal with the next elements of the lawsuit which he didn’t deal with:
1. Third Declare For Aid: Misappropriation
2. Fourth Declare For Aid: Conversion
3. Fifth Declare For Aid: Tortuous Interferences with Contractual Relations
4. Six Declare For Aid: Tortuous Interference With Potential Financial Achieve
5. Seventh Declare For Aid: Civil Conspiracy/Live performance Of Motion
6. Eight Declare For Aid: Unfair Competitors/Unjust Enrichment
7. Ninth Declare For Aid: Injunctive Aid
8. Tenth Declare For Aid:
Effectively, hopefully, PHPI attorneys will quickly contact us on behalf of their consumer and provides us their aspect of issues. Perhaps we will get copies of the counter-suit Derrick and PHPI might file. Or copies of a settlement supply. Both method, we are going to publish what we’re given.
Derrick Rodgers CEO of PHPI Responds To Global Verge Lawsuit

Global Verge Files Civil Complaint Against Derrick Rodgers and People Helping People Inc.


  1. Troy,
    Great job staying on top of this never ending drama. I was a Triple Diamond with Global Verge and part of the Global Group team until I left and went to TeleVerus after hearing Global Verge had no accounting in place. Shortly there after I was contacted by Global Group telling me they had secured investors to the tune of 30 million and the contracts with the carriers were signed and the products were ready to go. Thankfully I decline 6 times. They are a persistent bunch and well now that relationship is no longer as you can imagine. To jump 3 times in a year would be ludicrous and said to myself 6 moths ago this is going to get ugly. So hear we are today still battling the Telecom monster with lawsuits, accusations and just flat out unethical business practices and not just these two companies its 7 or 8 of them battling it out. So the common denominator here is volatility. You said it in your video the distributors make the company but the ownership and leadership can close it down. Your last statement said thanks to the distributors this company has a possibility of surviving. Well quite frankly that doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy all over. With so many great MLM companies out the why would you attached your reputation and livelihood on something that has a possibility of surviving. Do you think this litigation is going away? Do you think ownership will change? Most likely not for a long time. It's tough enough to be successful in MLM no less having to deal with this kinda stuff.
    Open July 4th -Quentin Tarantino's blockbuster release of NIGHTMARE ON TELECOM STREET…
    As always deal with a company and leader you can trust. "more info" in subject line to
    Have a Happy 4th of July and don't forget to thank a veteran. Thanks for your service Troy. I know your daughters tell you this but you don't look so tough..LOL SemperFi

  2. As a PHPI rep, after I read this letter, I immediately canceled my autoship. The hype coming from the leadership is exactly what I heard as a GV rep. Guess I got bit twice, shame on me.
    The biggest disappointment I have is the wasted opportunity of successful network marketers. They have an incredible knack for recruiting motivated sales people. Then, they fail miserably as an operational company. PHPI has promised so many good products to sell, none of which are in place. Those product agreements should be in place BEFORE the pyramid building. They claimed to have the financial backing to have the infrastructure in place. It's not there. Such a wasted opportunity.

    • I just wished I had investigated more before I jumped in on the promise of $1500 a month bonus income for joining before the company hit 15,000 reps. Of course that has not materialized and no eship yet. I deactivated my eship also because I was not going to allow them to debit my account 2 or 3 times as some folks have, and not receive any product. I am puzzled about this hype to Orlando offering these large bonuses to people who sign up with an eship and they can't ship to the reps they already have. Not only that, commissions are not even being paid in a timely fashion so i wonder how are they going to honor these new promises of bonuses.I am sure they will have another good excuse in a few weeks. It's just a matter of time before the FTC and the Atty Gen come knocking.

  3. Hey Troy!
    Apparently PHPI is having MORE difficulties with memberships. Several people have told us there is NO way to cancel their membership in the back office! You'd think at least they'd follow the old Global Verges system and have a TERMINATION button somewhere in the back office!
    This is one of those things that burns distributors hind ends! NOT knowing what's going on, NO explanations, NO autoship products for the monies paid yet delivered, NOT being "in the loop" and then having to jump through hoops and loops to cancel and terminate their membership. WHY is the big question when the they could simply include a "cancel" or "terminate" button within their back office!
    In order to process a cancelation at PHPI, they demand the member has to fax in a statement saying they wish to resign their position within the company, including the members ID #, the last four digits of the credit card in which they used and a copy of their Photo ID! This is absolutely NUTS!!!
    One wonders IS this a crude attempt on PHPI's part to prevent members from leaving the company? HOW can they demand such when in fact EVERYONE knows so long as they're NOT paying monthly membership fees or autoships, the company IS NOT making a dime off them!
    In our humble opinion, this is CRAZY and only PROVES that these people at PHPI DO NOT HAVE their act together and in fact MAY BE RUNNING DESPERATELY from what THEY KNOW they DID back in September of 2009 in PLANNING their escape from Global Verge. It seems they're doing the SAME thing Global Verge did for the past year and the distributors AGAIN are going to be the ones who suffer!
    Odd they claimed to have $30 million in backing to start this company People Helping People, Inc., and yet they ARE NOT providing products as promised in the BIG AUTOSHIP PUSH on JUNE 6th thru 8th!!!
    We would strongly CAUTION anyone even considering this company to steer clear until all the bugs and tweeks are ironed out IF AT ALL!
    Semper Fi

  4. Troy call GV and ask them if there is a doc…(for reps sake)
    P.S No one hires a attorney pays money, files a law suit on lies…GV have a axe to grind on all that wronged them…chris…your next!
    PHP are dodging getting served papers…Red Flag!
    PHP sweep it under the rugg…Red Flag !
    PHP Reps are not told anything…Red Flag !
    I think PHP are buying time collecting money

    • Truth, how would you know if PHP is dodging getting served papers? Unless you are involved you would not know the details so your point of view however your right is invalid. The reps are actually updated via a news section which is included in everyones backoffice. They even sent out an email with a legal update. Besides, its really nobody's business when they are being litigated, its between 2 parties. If one side wants to air their laundry publicly to shoot the first volley then that's up to them, if the receipient doesn't play the game that way its their choice. I certainly would not be wanting to be judged in the public forum, that's what courts are for. Clearly you are involved with either Panther, or Wow or you stayed on the ship with GV and their "member" club. Take away their precious EVO and what else is there to talk about? Nothing. They can't even power up their phones to say GM1, I certainly could never get my phone "flashed". After shipping the phone out to them, it was returned with a slip that said unable to perform request and did not charge me for that portion of the service fee.
      At least PHP had phones (new ones not refurb) available within the first 15 days, with full branding! I can't say the record for any of the others was as stellar. Hey, they are a startup and we will all continue to watch and see. I'm sure you remember how Lightyear had many troubles in the beginning as well, or maybe you don't.

      • John,
        Thanks for sharing your insights. Now let's see if I can set the record straight and answer your questions.
        1. The reason I know about the dodging of the process service is because the process servers had to file it in their report to the Global Verge attorneys who hired them. As for the last part of your sentence I just don't get what you are stating.
        2. I have read most if not all of what the reps get in their back office, and I have yet to see the full truth. Reps are given nothing but HYPE to keep the money rolling in.
        3. Derrick did not put out any legal update. That was a marketing piece. Litigation attorneys when they are hired make it very clear, "from this point forward we do the talking for you." As of Friday July 8th, 2010 no attorney had filed any paperwork with the District Court of Clark County.
        4. As for your opinion of litigation, you might want to review history and our Constitution. The reason litigation is public is so no one living in the USA can be railroaded through the legal process.
        5. Public option is what judges ALL companies. This is why companies from Starbucks to Citi group, to BP have PR firms working for them. They fully understand their Brand is priceless and what the public thinks their brand stands for, is the reality. Make me wonder who PHP hired a Chief Information Officer and PR person. Maybe they want to get their message out. I would gladly speak to their Chief Information Officer to get their side.
        6. ROFLOL… Well sport your ignorance of who I am and what I stand for has come through. Up to this point you were staying on topic, and making some solid points for your debate. But to state "Clearly you are with Panther or WOW or you stayed on the ship with GV" truly shows you have no clue period of what is going on in this community, or any of the companies you mention. And you sure have no clue about me personally. If you want folks to take what you write as something of value, then take some time and get the back story correct.
        7. As for what there is to talk about with GV? If you really want to know stay tune for the up coming series.
        8. I am glad you publicly made it clear you were not charged for something GV could not perform.
        9. PHP like so many of the others are NOT providing phones to the public. This means ALL funds collected, and commissions paid were through the compensation plan. This is 100% illegal. It does not matter what the excuse is for not offering any products to the public, those folks NOT a part of the compensation plan, the FTC and State AGs will close them down. And sadly all the reps who are listed as top reps may get charged and fined also. By the way ACN, ZurVita, Escape and Lightyear ALL have phones right out of the shoot and for years have been providing wireless services.
        10. This myth about "Start Ups" is getting old. All companies start ups or not will have issues. However this is no excuse for doing things unethical.
        11. Lightyear never did anything illegal or unethical, that is the difference.

        • I hate to bust your bubble, but payments were made based as well on the internet tool system and the vitamins being sent out. This covers them legaly. PHPI DID give product for service and even gave a bonus product as a thank you for being patient for the back order. So you now show that you are not as all knowing as you claim. You would be correct about it being illegal if they had not supplied those products. However, they did and you're therefore wrong.

          • Rescue, have you received your vitamins, I know several people that have said they still have not received anything.
            Real Source

          • Rescue3,
            What bubble? I stand by what I have written 100%.
            1. Money was taken in May – No products or services to ANYONE inside or outside the compensation plan. Classified a legal pyramid by the FTC & SEC
            2. Money was taken in June – No Product or services to anyone outside of the compensation plan.
            3. Money paid from ALL internal consumption – FTC definition of a MLM Scam
            Sport, you really need to read the case law, and not listen to propaganda. This is not about PHP, it is about ANY company who launches with massive HYPE and screws their distributors. Form all we have seen these folks are doing exactly what they did at GV… Over hyping and sending old fashion marketing emails which lack any authenticity and transparency.

      • John how can you say there is nothing besides the EVO. GV members can get any phone Sprint offers, Samsung Moment, HTC Hero, Touch Pro II, etc., along with the Sprint Overdrive and a Sprint aircard. Don't forget about all the other products and services they have from Voip, Video Conferencing, Travel, Shopping Mall, Dining certificate, and more. John the EVO doesn't make the company. John have you received your vitamins yet, and have you sold a phone to anyone.
        Real Source

        • Real Source
          Get REAL you can't sale a phone to the public as a GV Rep. LMAO
          And you are slaming John with the question ( have you sold a phone to anyone).
          Please stop
          Travel, Shopping Mall, Dining certificate these thing are nothing to even talk about.
          New Hope

          • New Hope, I guess your the latest "idiot" GV reps have been selling phones to the public consistently since May 1st. GV offers their Coverage A plan which is on the largest CDMA network in the Country, the featured plan is the $49.99 Unlimited Talk/Text No Contract, No Credit Check, Taxes/Fees Incl. Same plan on Verizon $89.99 plus taxes/fees w 2 year contract and credit check. Oh yea and GV pays us per phone sold retail and $5 commission monthly and another $3 monthly back to the Matrix. And New Hope last time I checked when myself or someone went on my site and purchased airline tickets, hotel, and rental car, I got paid, also any shopping online done from my site more cash added to my check, and as I always say, my restaurant certificate is worth $25 per mo to talk about. New Hope, your just another basher that doesn't know what GV offers. Get Real.
            Real Source

          • Real Source
            Just went to GV corp. web site can not find anywhere on there about Reps.
            or members able to sale phones or wireless service to the public.
            It still says MEMBERS ONLY !!!!!!
            Anyway it don't really matter , Wish you the best with your GV buisness
            New Hope

          • New Hope, Obviouslly you didn't go to the correct site, or look very closely. You can go to any GV reps personal replicated site and click on Global Mobile1 and purchase a phone, or go to scroll down and click on the GlobalMobile1 tab, or go directly to click on phones, from the company sites you would need the reps id#.
            Real Source