Hey I wish to get a bit of replace out on the MLM Wi-fi Area of interest, particularly an replace on Individuals Serving to Individuals, Inc. aka PHPI and the authorized motion involving World Verge.

Final week I shot a video and wrote an article stating… At the moment PHPI nor Derrick Rodgers had, for my part employed any world class regulation agency. I based mostly my opinion on the actual fact a world class regulation agency wouldn’t permit their shopper to place out any kind of promoting e mail assertion, or any assertion so far as that goes, which may damage their case in courtroom.
Effectively it has come to my consideration that the regulation agency Throndal, Armstrong, Delk, Balkenbush & Eisinger of Las Vegas has been retained by Derrick Rodgers to characterize Individuals Serving to Individuals, Inc, and I have to assume Derrick personally towards the civil grievance filed by World Verge.
As extra turns into accessible kind each side by means of the courtroom we’ll get it up so all distributors may be saved updated on this pending concern.
In different areas of the MLM Wi-fi area of interest…
Chris Greco has parted methods with World Professionals, and joined Kevin Sipe to launch TechSoft Cellular. Now from our understanding, and we’re nonetheless digging into all of the information, Chris is an unbiased contractor as of this writing, however may very nicely change into an officer within the firm, and will maintain fairness by means of considered one of his corporations. Agian, this isn’t fully clear, as we’re nonetheless looking for the official documentation that TechSoft Cellular is a legit entity and never a sole proprietor.
Ron Williams CEO of World Professionals, reached out this week, and on account of pending tasks, I’ve not had an opportunity to get with him to see how issues are coming together with their launch. I plan on connecting with Ron nest week.
Panther Cellular (Harry Aston’s) firm continues to be working by means of all of the refund requests, as he and his staff relaunch the corporate after the cut up from Kevin Sipe.
I’ve obtained some considerations from former and present distributors of Zoom Cellular, which has delayed the second article within the sequence. I’m drafting an e mail with inquiries to George Burton, by means of his legal professional Matthew Foreman.
Excel Wi-fi has launched and appears to be the one MLM Wi-fi firm providing 100% free signup. Undecided how a lot overhead they’ve, however based mostly on their compensation plan payouts, I hope they’re working a really financially tight enterprise.
Lightyear Community Options, purchased their first telecommunication firm since going public. We predicted that Sherm Henderson would begin to purchase smaller corporations again in February when he took his firm public. Control this firm, as a result of I’ve a sense Sherman Henderson is beginning to put collectively a run to change into the subsequent billion greenback telecommunication firm.
If in case you have information move it out manner.
Dwelling An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. I never knew there was so many MLM / Network Marketing wireless providers.
    Sounds like as a niche though they are having quite a few problems. I am sure it's not all bad news though.
    I might have to look into these compaines just to help out fellow MLM entreprenuers.
    What are your thoughts about doing that?

    • Michael,
      The issues with the wireless niche is not bad business, as much as it is a lack of understanding what it takes to cut and maintain a deal with a Tier 1 provider, or a MVNO. Well, and the fact a few folks have wrecked havoc on some of the smaller up and coming companies.
      You are right it is not all bad news. Lightyear, ACN, 5Linx, ZurVita, Escape International, and a few companies which will be launching soon are moving right along. All of the companies seeming to have issues, have been off shoots of one sort or another from Global Verge.
      Michael, I can tell you there are some great distributors, who will make great leaders when they fine a solid leader.

          • Hey, Chris come work for Zoom Mobile….NOT! Someone as unethical as Chris should not be affiliated with Zoom Mobile or any company for that matter. Zoom is a company with integrity, morals & has great support for its Associates. Maybe when Chris stops MLM hopping and gets his act together he may have some credibility. By the way, since Chris had to put his "two-cents" on Lib/Wow, let me just say that Liberty International has been shut down after all the mudslinging & charge backs and have resurfaced with a new name Liberty Freedom Network. T-mobile cut ties with Wow leaving ALL the Reps/Customers out to dry with an expensive mobile device that its only best use now is as a paper weight! Now Liberty/Wow expects you dish out another $499 for an overpriced cell phone to use on a new carrier they "supposedly" have? Good luck with that…let me know how many people will buy. If you want to stick with Lib/Wow a company that strings you along…go ahead keep drinking the kool-aid. Like Troy Dooly said, "If you're not happy with the old liberty international, you'll not be happy with liberty freedom network. It's going to be the same leadership, same concept, same comp plan, same products, SAME FRUSTRATIONS!"
            Troy, you forget FDI because there's nothing there to brag about! Sure they have FDI Mobile, but have you read the fine print? It says, "*Available to FDI Members only, which is subject to additional charges! Some restrictions may apply. Plus applicable taxes and one time activation fee." If you call that a deal, then you need to seriously look at Zoom Mobile http://www.JoinZoomNow.com NOTHING beats FREE! And with a service plan of ONLY $59.99 ALL-IN that's something to get excited about! Bring on 3 and Yours is FREE! Join as an Associate (at any level) & you get a FREE cell phone!

    • Exciting news…Zoom Mobile now has a service agreement with one of the largest Tier-1 GSM wireless providers! That means we will have branded SIM cards! Not Lightyear or Wow Mobile have this…ever! Therefore, all Wow Reps/Customers holding a Samsung Galaxy or any unlocked GSM phone can now have a new home! By August 15th, Zoom Mobile will be shipping SIM cards…see you on the other side.
      By the way, whatever happened to Bill Ganz and his Promotional Talk Shows in LA. talking about Liberty International / Wow Mobile??? He just fell off the face of the earth!

  2. Hello Troy! Again we stand to see who comes out of this rat race ha?? Trust me, all these MLM cell phone companies are all going to fail! Every thing is way to over priced, my God!
    Do you really think Lib/Wow is going to survive any longer people?? The only way your going to make it in the cell phone business is you need to get your own MVNO status like AKW!
    And or get your own store front by contacting a master dealer sign up under them and get a business Lic, and you'll make your 8 to 10% commission each month for activations, this is the only way your going to make it in this business!
    Cell Phone MLM's are just a big ripoff !! None of the MLM here have MVNO status, look what happened to GV, Wow & DNA, they were booted out! Why? Because they are NOT MVNOs', That's Why !!
    Your wasting your time People!
    Don't waste any more of your hard earned money for NOTHING! Sign up under a MVNO Mater Dealer and start your own Cell Phone Company, that is what I did, the hell with MLM Guys! Why waste your time with MLM, Gee Guys!!
    Thanks Troy as always my friend.

    • Sorry but you are wrong. Lightyear Wireless has a true reseller agreement with Sprint and Verizon. They are extremely competitive ($59/month unlimited everything). They also have been selling phones, shipping phones, activating phones AND paying commissions since July 29th, 2008!
      I agree with you about the other flops, but Lightyear is legit. Publicly traded telecom company, doing incredible things in the wireless and MLM world!

    • Let's get the record straight sport! Having an MVNO on board a company doesn't mean anything, unless that MVNO has an Active MVNO agreement with one of the four major carriers and has labeled his own white label product like Pageplus or Simple mobile to sell. Your MVNO is basically a useless MVNO with a blind piece of paper, don't be fooled!!!! So all who think MLM's are useless or should run to this company or that company are wrong! You need to find if that company really has agreements with the respective carriers, i.e. Simple Mobile, PagePlus, Airvoice, etc. Telling people you have that capability is one thing, actually having it is another. Like some people saying they have straight AT&T or Verizon products, wow is that really true, a no name company with a BS track record for loyalty, devotion to distributors! I don't even have to say anyone's name here because everyone know what name jumps into their head when they think of "SCAM ALERT"!
      The real truth that should be done is following your facts about a company! If there is too much bad press on the MLM Help Desk about an individual that can't speak the truth or back up their facts then you should have MAJOR caution with dealing with that company! Try ordering their product first, see if you get your phone and service you requested. If their website says they have it and you can't order it! RED FLAG! Make sure the phones your are ordering are not Re-furbished!
      Be careful in choosing a quality company, make sure your owners are devoted to that one company, not trying to start one every other month. Even when they stand in front of a croud and devote themselves with a promise to all their distributors they are here to build a company.
      Troy, If a person tells you that they are a Master Distributor of Simple mobile what would you do to verify that, even if the person tells you they only post the Master Dealers list and the Master Distributor's list is not posted for people to see! Would you call that another "Red Flag". I don't know, maybe you should consult with experts in the field or better yet, why don't you have Simple Mobile on an interview with a list of the approved Master 'what ever" and let the public know who is out there lying to their distributors about having a title they can't prove!

        • Haven't seen any law suit. We launched with four pre-paid wireless carriers. The company you are(were?) acting as a consultant for, only has four as well. Wait, there is a page with logos and prices… butttt you can't purchase them. You resigned from Global Pros as CEO and ownership because of the law suits filed against you. We ended our relationship with you after you stated that you started excel wireless communications just to lure DNA reps away with free business in Wireless. You stated that you would let it go for a couple of months and close it down and send them to Global Pros. We stated that we wanted nothing to do with it, that was fraud. You stated that you would close it and walk away, but you came back and stated that you sold some of it to (I don't know his name) as well as your sister Candice in Daytona, and had a direct association as an owner and consultant. At that point you were competing against us and we could no longer have direct association with you.

          • Wow really SAM, are you sure thats is how it went? Are you absolutely sure, I mean we had the minutes and calls recorded, And I have my copies, concerning my consulting with Excel and you all voted and it was approved, As for me starting the company, Nice Try, Further, I never got a termination letter from Global Pros, because of Excel and I have the Recorded call stating it was approved, Since we are bringing everything to light, Why don't we also release the calls I have recorded of Robert worried about lying to Troy here about hiding my ownership even though I was really only suppose to be a consultant, If you really want to clear the air we can do so. I have no problem with that at all Sam, No disrespect, But I am sure that where this company is trying to build off this integrity reputation that it would not want that out there. So I will say this, I would definitely be worried about Global Verge and them Filing, Hey I didn't want to put this out there I Wanted to just move on and build my business, And so you know sam your wrong, We are activating, Virgin, Boost, AT&T, Simple, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Page Plus, and AirVoice right now, Thats 9, Any rep can activate a pending product on the techsoft Help Page at http://www.techsofthelppage.yolasite.com, As we are moving them into the system, We are also adding Total Call, and h20 this week, Total of 11, We also sell Post Paid Products, All four Carriers.
            So before all the spin comes out Ill kill it with the Minutes Sam, Your Choice, I think Troy and other would love to see if they were lied too, Not by me I will add. And since we are going there, I would worry about Global Verge, When you have your CEO who was ACTIVE during the Construction and Building of the Company and is Jan Johnson's Upline, What do you think They Will do? Hmmmm…..
            Now this is all I will say on this, As for the Legality of the audio Sam it was during Corporate Meeting aka Minutes, Which I have, I would like to just move on and Build our respective Businesses.
            As for Candice Smith, She is no relation to myself, You are more than welcome to look at her and myself, Last time I checked I was Italian and Irish, She is neither and her Madien name is not associated by me, As for ECG why attack a company that has done nothing to you?
            So you know I have addressed this with Clint your President and Asked that we move forward. If not the Mud Slinging can happen we will damage both our companies, and Hey thats a decision for both of us to make, But Ill leave the ball in your court.

          • I must apologize. The statement above is not exactly correct. To the best of my knowledge Candice had no ownership at the time I referenced above. I am sorry for the mistake in my memory.

          • Wow Sam did you get quit. Chris must have the goods on Sam. Chris it must feel good to have the facts. Go get them all Chris the TRUTH will set us FREE.

          • No, when I posted, Chris's post had not been put on the blog. I did not see the post above when I did mine. I was incorrect about Candice at the time mentioned. I will admit when I make a mistake. As far as a termination letter, by competing against us he (Chris) voided all agreements and privileges. The ownership he had, while performing as a consultant, was supposed to be a trust fund for his children with no voting rights. Yes we did want to hide it for his legal reasons and ANYONE, even bloggers who might have an ax to grind and suits to file, to protect his family. Chris was a consultant, with a proposed trust for his family. Chris never filed the trust and we parted ways, so it was a moot point.
            Next subject. There also is a difference between having the customer activating on the replicated site, and just reps activating on a different site where commission may or may not be applied. I believe you will get them up eventually. We added a couple more services, and could add five or six more, but why, we have the ones with the best prices and service. No use to have that, just confuses's customers and reps.
            You and I both know if any suit comes out it is baseless, Ron left GV before Global Pros Inc. was formed.
            I agree, I want to move forward. I didn't start this, but I will defend what is right concerning my reps and company.

      • I left GP, I have found some interesting posts on craigslist concerning Global pros, and this Walter character. Just putting the information out there.
        Stong rebuke, I originally Joined GP because of the Compensation Plan that was promised, that Changed to a Binary type point system, and really is impossible for people to qualify, Also I have a group in Canada, and now they can't sell service there, This is why I went to WOW Mobile, because of Chris Leaving because of the info put out that the CEO is Still ACTIVE with Global Verge, Really? I mean you want us to build your business, but your not 100% in.
        Is this why John and his Group left? Is it why Chris left?
        Why promise like 15 wireless products and then do 2?
        Well I am excited about WOW Mobile, I only came here because a leader told me some key inside info I wont share here, But it will come out I am sure.
        I hope my Upline at GP can make it, But if Global Verge Sues, then what happens?

  3. I just got off the phone with some people at another company, seems Walter, aka team united, aka Wireless Rep Alert, AKA Thief, stole money from a group from inside the company, Wow. It is no wonder as all the facts are coming out on this Walter guy.
    For all companies sake I will refrain from putting the personal info out here but, This guy has some serious Character issues. And I would love to hear his response as far as STEALING from his own Team.

    • Concerned,
      What does this accusation have to do with this post?
      Are you just trying to start something or spread roomers?
      Maybe we should look into what you’re doing…
      You Become Who You Hang Out With And What You Read.

    • Just want to hear from one person who has received their product from PHPI. I signed up, and last I was told it was being shipped "this week" which was almost 2 weeks ago. Has anyone, anyone at all, received their nutritional product? As many of us has done, I have deactivated my eShipZ monthly fee until I receive my first shipment as well as having ceased recruiting until the company becomes more stable. Yes I know this is a startup, but some basic things should be in place before a launch. Many have paid for at least 3 shippings and have not received anything yet. I am not going to be a victim of anyone else's greed. I am cutting my loses now!!!

      • TGW3343,
        PHPI is listed as a High-Risk MLM and is listed under that category. In the last several weeks we have started to upgrade and make changes to the Help Desk as we move into the last quarter. We have eliminated the category "Scam Alert" as we do not feel that correctly describes most of the companies which are launching in the Direct Sales Industry. Most companies are launched are launched on a shoestring budget and are now classified High-Risk MLMs.
        This change is to provide distributors a better shot of understanding the risk involved, and getting away with the abuse on this site of the word "Scam".
        We have not moved all companies yet, but by the first of the year, the site will be fully upgraded, and changed.

      • .Roger I understand what you are going through because I had the same problem with their customer service. There Customer Service Dept. is not first class, they do not understand anything at all. But I still feel that PHPI has a good product. Because of their mishap, This is why I haven't got anyone else involved. I am the one who is sacrificing everything. Before I will not get anyone else involved they have to prove to me that they have their stuff together.
        So I took a lose the first 3 months, I got involved in June right when they open it up I was one of the first, I think that I was the 1300 person to sign up. I agree they should had all of their stuff together before they started it up. I was one of the people who had left Global Verge. I am a business man I do under business and the risk that comes with it. I have a Non-Profit Organization as well as a C. Corp. I will give people the benefit of doubt. That’s why I stop my Eshipz in August. Its okay that I lost out on the money cause I went in knowing that this was a low risk investment. Now if they were asking for $500 to $600 to join I wouldn’t have done it because I was aware they did not have everything together so I was giving them time to get it together. So I gave them 3 months, I thought that this was enough time but it wasn’t
        This is why I am happy that I didn’t get anyone else involved. People today just can’t afford to take even a little risk. But I will say this watch out for these individuals who jump from MLM to MLM and want you to follow them and be under their organization because this is how they make their money. They have this large group who will follow them wherever they go and that person who you are following is the one reaping all the benefits, not you.

      • TGW3343,
        PHPI is listed as a High-Risk MLM and is listed under that category. In the last several weeks we have started to upgrade and make changes to the Help Desk as we move into the last quarter. We have eliminated the category “Scam Alert” as we do not feel that correctly describes most of the companies which are launching in the Direct Sales Industry. Most companies are launched are launched on a shoestring budget and are now classified High-Risk MLMs.
        This change is to provide distributors a better shot of understanding the risk involved, and getting away with the abuse on this site of the word “Scam”.
        We have not moved all companies yet, but by the first of the year, the site will be fully upgraded, and changed.

          • Roger,
            Thank you for the update. It is always great news when a company resolves issues for current and former distributors.
            Please double check and make sure we found all your former comments and removed them.
            Living An Epic Adventure,

  4. Wow PHPI still screwing people over, and they have the nerve to talk about a "official launch." I cut my losses and got out the moment when it was time to pay for a 2nd eship and I hadn't received my first. Stopping recruiting at that moment also, because I didn't want people to come looking for me when this ship sinks –and it will. Just a matter of time before they get an order to cease and desist. They are trying to rake in as much money as they can before that happens, because as you know, lawsuits take time. And with Walmart getting into the prepaid cell phone business, and the price wars between the big 4 not to mention Cricket, it's done deal-a buss for PHPI, and you know I never wish anyone any harm, but with these people, I can't wait to see their demise!!!