Effectively it actually has been an attention-grabbing week within the MLM Wi-fi Area of interest. I talked to all of the rules concerned on this strategic alliance, Candice Kealy Smith, CEO of Excel Mobile World, Chris Greco and Kevin Sipe of TechSoft Cellular. Every of them gave me their views on the strategic alliance and what it means for the distributors of each corporations.

I nonetheless have considerations with all of the pending authorized points on the Greco aspect of issues, and the very fact World Verge might amend their civil grievance to incorporate TechSoft and Kevin Sipe.
Distributors want to know ANY firm with authorized points throughout their start-up part had higher have deep pockets, as a result of on the finish of the day it’s the firm with probably the most cash to pay their authorized group which is able to survive.
Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Wish I had a lot of time to do a thorough Comment, But we think Candice Kealy Smith is an Awesome addition to Tech Soft Mobile, And we will be the last one standing, We have have two companies together, Soon to be THREE, Can't talk about it yet but it really will look like a Dallas Episode when that goes down, And we are growing by the Day Alexa.com does not lie, Our Products and services do not lie, And most important our Distributors that are here in this company are here for a reason. These leaders and Well Known People in the Industry are here because they share in our Vision, Now I will say this, You WILL see TechSoft reach out to any company in trouble, NO EGO, NO BS, say what you want, but we really dont want any more Wireless MLM's to fail, And this will shock you, Even Global Verge. I have done a lot of growing in the last 9 months, and have really learned this business.
    Any one of our Distributors can tell you that, People don't Expect F bombs now, They are waiting for us to give them the info on the Next Great Thing!, I have learned to focus more on my business and less on taking over companies and BS, So this together with what Kevin has been able to Accomplish is the Reason that we have Succeeded and built such a great opportunity, We are the Only business that Allows you to Sponsor one Rep and one Customer and Get paid, The Lowest Qualifications, The Best Plans, Phones and Accessories, We are Truly an unstoppable Force, As for Any Legal issues, TechSoft has no Liability, NONE, I currently am in a Paid Position with the Company and haven't Considered an Officers Position, I am over Products, and International Development.
    No BS, if there is a Company, Any company that wants help in the wireless business, We will help them, We no longer want to see anyone else Fail. So again Build your Business, Focus on your Family, and Lets Build something great here at TechSoft Mobile.
    Chris Greco
    Tech Soft Mobile.

    • WOW! So are we to believe that this guy is now a saint, because all of a sudden he has grown up and doesn't drop F bombs. What about everything that has happened over the last 9 mos. You reap what you sow. I would hate to see more innocent distributors work their butts off for this guy and everything get pulled from under them. What will happen to these distributors if these pending charges hanging over these 2 guys heads come down in a not so favorable decision. I wish every hard working and honest distributor in the mlm industry the best of luck, and I hate to see them get lead down a broken path. Like I have said in the past, ultimately it is your own business and responsibe for your own actions. Distributors should have enough knowledge of what this guy has done to other companies over the last 9 mos.
      By the way, the comment of "We are the Only business that Allows you to Sponsor one Rep and one Customer and Get paid, The Lowest Qualifications" Not quite the lowest qualifications GV reps can get 1 customer and get paid, or they can sponsor 1 rep and get paid.
      Real Source

      • Really Real Source? they can get paid down nine levels? See I was in Global Verge forever, And whatever chris has done, Is nothing compared to Country Club, E-verge, or Global Verge, Now its a two way street guy, You keep saying all the shit Mark Petschel did and Ted Robbins did was in the past, So whats the difference here.
        If we follow him then let us.
        As for you, No one knows who you are if your proud of global verge step up.
        Or are you hiding like Mark and Ted did for over a year.
        I still dont see any products GV is selling in wireless that is anything like TechSoft, Further what would you say if you heard TechSoft and Global Verge were talking? What would you say about Greco then? Better think about that.

        • Tony, I didn't say 9 levels, I made the comment that you can get paid from 1 customer or from 1 rep. As far as names, what does that matter? I am only after the truth. Every post I have made has happened and has been the exact truth. That is the only reason I would comment on anything like this, is the truth, not to bash another company. Mark and Ted have not hid from anyone, they have been traveling around the Country doing meetings, and answering every question for hours after every meeting. GV has multiple products they offer, they have never claimed to be only a wireless company. They offer pow-r-savs that reduce your electric bill between 20-30% they offer VOIP service for $17.99 mo. They offer Travel, Shopping, and Dining discounts for people, Video Conferencing, Water Machines, Golden Egg which purifies your tap water, along with Wireless. Tony GV is about helping people save on their monthly expenses thru a membership plan similar to Sams Club or Costco, and yes the biggest benefit for GV reps is their Sprint Members Plan. GV can offer every product model that Sprint offers from smart phones, the overdrive, and yes the HOT EVO which GV has an unlimited supply, and the public can't even get it at Sprint.com, it's on backorder. As far as your comment about Greco, my opinion of any talking will be between the lawyers and settled in court. Tony get real.
          Real Source

          • real source your in for a big big surprise from me and gv more details soon
            . then we will see your opinion

          • Yea right Chris, your just blowing smoke like you have done for the last 9 mos to people. So what are you now making your full circle and going back to GV, where you started all this crap. Are you now saying your a partner or co-owner with GV. Let's hear it Chris.
            Real Source

    • Chris,
      You say above that you don't own any of Tech Soft, but on last night's Excel call you stated that you own the majority of the company so you could decide on how the distributors were paid. You said that this is the first company that you had ownership in.
      Which is true?

      • Hey All In,
        THAT IS a VERY INTERESTING Question! In fact since KEVIN SIPE is supposed to BE THE OWNER of TsM this brings up a whole bunch of questions!
        MAYBE (just maybe), WHAT TROY is saying is true! MAYBE KEVIN SIPE & CHRIS GRECO have been in this all TOGETHER since the beginning 7 or 8 months ago and NEEDED an excuse to accomplish what they have and have anyone else out of the picture???
        Good luck getting a DIFINITIVE answer on that one! The STORY is NOT what anyone thinks and YES the thought in general IS that KEVIN SIPE and CHRIS GRECO have been working hard to put ANYTHING together they could! Just look at HOW EAGER they are and HOW any other MLM Wireless company failures become THEIR FOCUS!
        Look out OTHER companies and Distributors – there's a HUGE SURPRISE coming your way!

        • Just to Clarify …
          Our post is about WORDS being spoken! WORDS have a funny way of coming back and BITING HARD when not put into the proper perspective. EVERYONE SHOULD watch what they say and __WHAT DEGREE of SURENESS they say it to others DOES COUNT at the end of the day!
          IF YOU CAN PROVE IT __ DO IT __DON'T just talk about it!
          FACT: ALL these MLM Wireless Companies are competing to survive. At the end of the day the one with the MOST __WINS! Just because a person THINKS they know what another company or persons are doing __DOES NOT make it so!

  2. Troy,
    When Chris exited Global Verge he put thousands of associates personal information out there on his activation king website- information including names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, even credit card information: card numbers and c v v codes. That's not professional behavior- it's more the behavior of an immature child. He may one day grow up to be a leader- at this time in his professional life he doesn't exhibit the responsibility required.