This video an article will not be what you’ll see usually on a Servant Chief. Nonetheless, after interviewing Corey and seeing what has occurred to him, and what his household has been put by way of, I made a decision to shoot the next video.
WARNING: This video does comprise harsh language. (See Under)

Within the above video I share the story of “To Write Love On Her Arm” you’ll be able to be taught extra by Clicking Here.
Residing An Epic Journey,
Troy Dooly


  1. Smoke it up! I love it when they asked Obama if he smoked pot. He said "yes". Then they asked if he inhaled and he said "of course, that's the point" LOL. The pot law is one of the stupidest laws in existence. Good for you Corey!

  2. Troy nice cover up… This comment will never make it to your site im sure. YOLI has been a sinking ship and with Corey at the wheel it will sink even faster with these charges. A crime and drugs is a crime (PERIOD)… If the founders of my company ever got caught with any drugs big or small I am out the door. Medical reasons, HE NEEDS HELP! that i will give you…

    • John,
      Well sport, I can see you have no clue who I am, or what I stand for or you would not have written this comment.
      But, since you are with XanGo, lets take a second and look at what you wrote.
      1. Yoli is a sinking ship? Don't present subjective statements, back it up with documented evidence? What proof do you have to show this community Yoli is a sinking ship?
      2. If a crime is a crime, then why is Sherman the top earner in your company, and why do you not hold him to the same ethical standard you are Corey? Can you show me an interview where Sherman (who I do respect) talks about his past Felony Charges? Although, not a founder of the company, he has been the voice since almost day one.
      3. By the way, if you watched the video, then you fully understand NO ONE denied the charges. However, just because you are charged doesn't mean you will be convicted. Have you checked to see what the final outcome has or will be, before casting your judgement?
      4. Now, since you want to talk about crimes. In most states it is illegal for two people of the same sex to get married. If a gay couple happen to take a cruise out of the state of Florida, and are caught in a compromising position and announce they are married, how will you address that crime, since the state of California has approved gay marriage, just like that have the medical use of pot?
      Go build XanGo John, and stop focusing on Corey and Yoli. This is a profession where we build relationships, not go around tearing down people.

  3. Troy,
    I've known Corey for years, he's a super marketer, great person and tremendous leader. I've been in the industry for close to 20 years and here's my scoop. I don't understand why these companies (vehicles) we promote don't thank us for what we do… Some feel that they are "thanked" with the compensation paid – hello? NO. That is the company's agreement for compensation – we work – this is how we're paid. It's OUR money, not something the company bestows on us – we work for it. Instead these companies only appreciate us when we're there… Corey did SO much for Xango – is all that forgotten?? He's allowed to do what he wants as a business man, no one owns him. Same for all of us. So the next time a company feels they can hold you hostage, or you feel so much 'loyality' to some company cos they pay you – give your head a shake – you deserve that income cos you earned it based on their agreement to pay their compensation commissions. Those who cannot 'get over' when a major distributor leaves a company – and feel that the distributor owes that company their 'life' – think again. As far as I'm concerned those companies should be kissing our 'you know what' for what we do to build them their sales volumes. I've heard guys say 'oh, but this company has paid me $xxx of dollars' So? YOU earned it. All I am saying is lets admire and learn from the multitude of tremendous individual talents in the industry, like Corey Citron, instead of focusing on past business decisions (that we are all allowed to make!) or focusing on these companies who feel (and indirectly teach) that they OWN us… Let's support each other as independent distributors regardless of who we chose to align with – I want to see all my friends at the beach – regardless of the vehicle they chose to get there….
    Thanks Troy for your great work. It's appreciated! I've watched many of your MLM Help Desk videos and you have the spirit this industry… Zeeda