MLM Legal professional, Kevin Thompson went after this firm on behalf of the distributors months in the past, and as a substitute of gaining help from the advocates and watchdogs of MLM, he was attacked for his want to guard the typical eFusjon distributor. In the long run the settlement was sealed.
Then eFusjon filed a lawsuit in opposition to Derek Broes their former Grasp Distributor. As an alternative of taking it laying down, Broes counter sued, and gained. And once more the settlement was sealed from the general public. Nevertheless, Broes did go on to launch a competing firm in the identical area of interest, Revolucion.
Then final week they inform the eFusjon leaders they have been going to depart Community Advertising behind for different retail alternatives.
Immediately, they let the world know with the next announcement. And what I superb so disrespectful, is the actual fact the e-mail just isn’t even signed by the founders of the corporate who promised the sector the world, after which left them excessive and dry.
eFusjon Founders Exit MLM Leaving Distributors Without Incomes


  1. Troy, what a complete shocker this is! I can’t believe for one second why someone would want to have a home based business in the “Super Juice Wars’ it reminds me of the “Cell Phone Wars” If you are in this industry then I would suggest that you sleep with one eye open.
    Troy, People need to get back to the basics of what MLM is all about, everyday products that you are already using! Taking the time to choose the right company. And not getting mixed up in some over rated compensation plan. If you can’t find a product that you are truly passionate about then get the hell out of the business, because you don’t belong here. I truly do not know how someone could be passionate about a super juice or a cell phone. That really is strange to me.
    Keep up the awesome work Troy!

    • Bud,
      I agree! If people would get bact to the basics, do a little due diligence and ask the hard questions before signing on the dotted line. Then even if the company doesn't make it at least they will have joined with their eyes wide open.

        People SHOULD DO their Due Diligence and READ Terms, Policies and Procedures / Conditions BEFORE joining ANY company.
        We'd have to STRONGLY agree with Bud on this one. IF YOU DON'T have a PASSION for the product, service or business with ANY one company __DON'T INVOLVE YOURSELF!
        IF on the other hand you do __then put your knuckles to the ground and GO FOR IT BUT __BE SURE it's what you want. MOST people GET exactly what they ask for and for those who don't it's usually a matter of BUYERS REMORSE OR __INDECISION In the first place!
        Semper Fi

    • Hey Bud,
      Great comment. What is it about MLM that attracts STRANGE products?
      Although it looks like we disagree about the cell phones.. you are spot on! We use cell phones everyday and I think it has great potential in the MLM arena if one company could get it right.
      Thanks again,

  2. I am forever out of the Juice business, I am now in Wireless!!! I have to say Troy that no matter what people are saying about Chris Grecco he produces. I am now a distributor at TechSoft Mobile, I have been for 38 days now, I have now got two checks since joining, wish I could say here, maybe I can tell you off line.
    I will now try and bring all of my fellow Efusion downline in at Tech Soft Mobile.
    It seems like everyone is going there. I am very proud of Chris coming clean on the Global Verge issue and Ted Robbins.
    Maybe this is why people are coming in, I know on the call we had some PHP hot shot saying how proud he was to be here.
    Will there be legal liability Troy if Chris is not an Owner?
    I just think this would hurt many people if that is the case, I have had 14 come in under me today.
    It is growing.
    Thanks Troy for all you do.

    • This is my first post here. I know Chris an his family well. He comes here to Dublin at least twice a year. I am heading up the Tech Soft company here in Ireland. I currently own a O2 Wireless store here and the ideas and products that Tech Soft is brining here is amazing. I just wanted to let you know Janice that you are in the right place at the right time.
      We have recently seen a few ads for TechSoft known as Mobile PC here and is launching an Unlimited Talk and Text plan here and in the UK for only 49.00 Euro a month.
      That's a steal.
      I enjoy the Blog Troy, but please try not to kill my countrymen so much here. People make mistakes.
      Liam O'Connor
      TechSoft Mobile (IRELAND)
      Future Wireless Millionaire

    • Your in the right place, and we welcome all of the heart broken eFusion distributors to come in here to TechSoft Mobile. We have home for you.
      I have to say though I was not in this Juice company I was in another that is failing now.
      This is the first place I have made the money I am making. Personally I do not know how the company is doing it. But I am not complaining. I also despite other posts I have read on this very blog have Rogers Unlimited Talk and Text with 1GB of Data for only $54.95 here at TechSoft Mobile.
      So I can say right now that without a doubt. We are activating phones in Canada. A distributor has given TechSoft a percentage of a Rogers Store. That is how it is legal. And I am building the first Wireless Business in Canada thanks to TechSoft Mobile.
      By the way I waited at Global Verge for almost a year.
      I stayed at Global Pros after Chris left, but came into TechSoft after it became clear no one else was able to give me what I needed in Canada.
      I look forward to seeing all of you walk across that stage in Atlanta in October with the largest checks ever to be seen in mlm wireless.
      Thank You TechSoft Mobile for giving me and my team the opportunity to build Canada.
      P.S. calling all Canadian Distributors.. I have a spot for you!!

        • Paul I am afraid you are just crying over spilled milk. I am in Montreal and Chris has provided everything and more for me at TechSoft Mobile. I get unlimited talk text and 1GB of data on Rogers for only $54.95 a month.
          I have done my research and see you are upset because Chris didn't give you some $500.00 phone? Are you 100% sure that it was his fault. I mean I too was being recruited by Global Pros and sad to say looks like their nose is growing as you say. Global Pros is droping massively in the rankings every single day.
          At 100,000 what happened? And if Chris was so bad why did leaders that even said they were going to stay eventually come over? I have my 4G phone from Chris. I have been paid more here (every week I might add) than I have ever. And if Chris was so bad why have I heard on multiple calls when someone else from here gets on and asks about you he says he has nothing but respect for you and your position is secure when you decide to come over. I don't know about you Paul but I have over 390 people in my Downline and I have only been here 36 days.
          I think Paul that the people who stayed are upset and that is because you bet on the wrong horse.
          Lastly word is getting out that your Master distributor Walter is quiting? Why? Is the compensation plan that bad?
          Also it came out on the call yesterday that we will have exclusivity to Balls Wireless.
          And our distributors will be able to offer it with the retail package.
          Paul I have seen you say a lot about tech soft and chris here. All I can say is this, I have been paid, I have been paid more than any other company has paid me, He met his promises to me and my team to come over from ACN. I have an unlimited plan with data that I can't get at a regular rogers store.
          I think that is pretty damn good. Oh by the way I hear Global Pros is saying they wont be getting into Canada at all now. So how are you going to work that business Paul?
          I wish you the Best of Luck. I just hope you don't stay with a dying company the way you did with Global Verge.
          Eric Deamarini
          TechSoft Mobile
          Canada Lead Distributor
          Rogers Talk Text and 1GB
          of Data only $54.95

          • Eric,
            I can see you have no clue who Paul is. If you did, the last thing you would say is "I'm afraid you are crying in spilled milk."

        • Paul I can say I have got my phone and my service my friend, I will admit I was skeptical.
          I am in London and Chris is allowing me to beta test the new MVNO here called Mobile PC.
          This is unlimited talk and text, right now its free for me. But eventually I will be paying about 49.00 Euro a month for it.
          All I can say is he has produced and I am building a nice business here in the UK for TechSoft Mobile.
          I wish you luck, I have no worries about credibility, he has followed through on everything for me here. And having this phone in hand is helping me build a big business here.

  3. Joe I agree wireless is great. I am with TechSoft Mobile and am having a blast here!
    I too was in eFusion and that is the last JUICE/NUTRITIONAL company I will ever be apart of. What just happened here was dirty and foul all the way.
    As for the wireless business I could not be happier. I just got a nice group in from PHP and they are building.
    I got my phone on time. 4G GSM I may add.
    With the companies software on it, for half what I can buy it for at Walmart. I can say this as a fact. I have been paid at techsoftmobile. I got my phone. I love what I see here.
    If you think its for you check us out. I will say that don't put stock into everything you hear. I respect you Troy but you have really given Grecco a bad wrap.
    Look at the compensation, look at the products then contact me. I am welcoming all my former eFusion friends in here.
    B. Moore

  4. Troy, this sure is sad to see. At a time when people need hope, one more black eye for the industry 🙁
    But, for those who have their eyes and minds open, network marketing still offers the little guy the best hope of financial freedom out there.
    Keep up the honest reporting Troy.

  5. If the eFusjon distributors want to blame someone they don't need to look any further than Derek Broes. (Troy, that's the guy who keeps sending you shirts and Ipods)… Derek Broes told so many lies and hurt so many people that it was impossible for the comapny to survive. I amazed that it lasted as long as it did….

    • David,
      Thanks for stopping by. First the distributors are great folks and they are not looking for anyone to blame. Sadly, the company blamed the distributors for the failure of the MLM marketing channel. But let's look at what you specifically wrote regarding Broes.
      I am not sure if you have read the eFusjon .vs Broes lawsuit or the counter lawsuit. But, I can tell by your comment, you have not been informed of the settlement. I have a few questions if you have time to answer, which might help the members of this community.
      1. What lies did Broes tell, and how could those effect the success of the company since he was never an owner?
      2. Did you hear him state these lies, and can you provide documentation or recordings? I ask for this because I have listened to hours of Broes with eFusjon and have never heard him tell a lie. At least not based on what I have read on the net, or from those who have sent me emails before I interviewed him live on Radio.
      3. If Broes was the cause of the failure, why didn't eFusjon fight to protect their brand, and why did they not file a lawsuit when he launched Revolucion?
      This will help all who are interested to get more details.

  6. Troy,
    No real surpise this happened, I can recall recieving calls from several of the former top leaders in the company, telling of this remarkable comp plan that is patented and if I recall correctly many of the distributors were proclaiming that you can sign up 3 people and "sit on the beach" and you will make a lot of money!! You and I know that does not happen in this industry and that is nothing more than a reciepe for disaster. Troy you know it takes a long time to create and launch a product and a company that does not happen overnight, hopefully some of the leaders who were working behind the scenes creating their new company, had already left Efusjon before they started to create their new company, that in its self will destroy a company. I would like to hear the whole truth. Just a bias comment