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  1. Can we ask tonight how to get the ladys money back from Panther owner Harry Aston — or is he going to take the money and close up like some people think,
    Or is this just about other MLM's

    • Phil, Thanks for responding I never met you so I really dont know you and it really does not matter. Sometimes in this life people make mistakes I've been guilty of that myself. I also am a
      Christian and I also know that Troy is, so are people that serve in the armed forces. ( God Bless Those People) But sometimes you must throw the fear of god into people to get your point accross. With that being said I will not place any jugement on hearsay. You really never know Phil, in this crazy bussiness of network marketing it is possible that you and I may work together some day. I wish you the best of luck and I think you showed some integredy by been on the radio show. Have a great day.

  2. Troy, Great Radio Show! I did call in however Jim had to inturpet my question and he did in a manner that was ethical I guess. Here is the question I asked (just to set the record straight) If this guy that posted all this stuff about Phil why did he not hunt him down and beat the living hell out of him?? That is what I would have done if someone distroyed my name. Phil seems like a nice guy. He sure articulates well. I thought he answered every question as fairly as possible. With that being said I just can't get behind magnets and all that other stuff that just does not make any sense too me. I don't know if he is the most unlucky guy in network marketing or not. I think maybe Phil saw dollars instead of what this bussines is really about. I also think that he crossed both lines in network marketing the good the bad and the ugly of this crazy bussiness that we are in. Keep up the awesome work Troy, and remember this " It Takes People Like You To Make People Like Me!

    • Bud,
      Phil did answer this on the show. But fully agree with you. I hit Phil with the question in several ways myself. Knowing the laws regarding what can and can't be said under our Constitutional Right (First Amendment) of Freedom of Speech, I do not see any reason why Phil would not nail him.
      However, it does take tens of thousands of dollars to push a federal lawsuit, and that might be the issue.

    • Dear Bud
      Being Italian the 1st thing I would love to do to these people is what you say and if they are bigger than me just pay someone else to do it… but being a Christian and having a great GOD on my side HE has been more than sufficient to fight my battles… I know you are going to think this is crazy but sometimes I think that the bad news has given me a world wide status unequal to none in the world of MLM… People in every language know Phil Piccolo from China to India… from N.Y.C. to L.A….
      I thank Troy for giving people a chance to confront me directly but as you yourself heard… no one not a one had anything to say…
      By the way I am going to from this point on go after people who print lies… Even Mr Know it all MLM Consultant who has not done one thing in 10 years… The Crazy Person who falls off chairs because he had to much to drink or maybe he was on medication… He should answer that question… WHY ROD COOK DID YOU FALL OFF THE CHAIR AT THE LAST JEFF BABNER MEETING IN VEGAS…
      Phil Piccolo

  3. Troy!! I can't believe that you still put this Garbage on your web site! Phil Piccolo is the LOWEST SCUMMM Of This Earth! Troy don't even give this guy the time of day!
    Phil Piccolo, if your here reading this, Go To Hell ! Your The Worst Smelling Piece Of Crap On This Earth and Walking On This Earth !! Your a Two Face Ripoff !! Your No Human, You Come From The deepest outhouse Hole On This Earth!
    Thanks Troy for letting me VENT At This Guy!

    • Ergomex,
      Sadly, you decided not to show up on the show we have been advertising for months. As a matter of fact, NOT ONE critic of Piccolo showed up on the call to accuse the one person so many say is scum.
      Instead folks continue to hide behind anonymous blog posts.
      Why didn't you join the call and ask to talk with Phil and present your case?
      Now I am not directing this at you personally, just the fact NO ONE was willing to confront Piccolo. And even Piccolo has the right under the US Constitution to confront his accusers.
      I just don't understand why people would not come on the show. Instead we got one hour of Piccolo validating all the bad things which have happened to him over the last 20 years, and how he is just a victim of circumstances.
      As it stands right now, he seems to have a point.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

      • Dear Troy, I found out last night about the radio show, msybe you should have let us know months ago that your going to have a live talk show with Mr. Picolo!
        And please trust me I would have been there! Its ok, and I went to the web site and listen to the recording. Honestly I think I might owe Mr.Picolo an apology. Why? Because I went along with all the bad hype that I hear on this web site by other people about this person.
        Now, I am an honest person and sincere, this was the first time I ever been that mad at a person that I did not know. I thought he was ripping off lots of people at DNA and I'm still mad because I did not get my $125.00 Back from Mr. Picolo, he got involved with Chris in the cell phone business, and what pissed me off the most was that he was hiding behind that fake name "Mr.Warren Anthony, that fake name he was hiding behind! An Honest person does not hide behind a fake name, common guys!
        But listen Mr. Picolo, You sound like a decent person and I honestly got caught up in all the hype but YOU, YOU owe me the first Apology before I give you mine! You lied to me at DNA and you deceived ME and many of us here at DNA!
        I can see now why you did what you did but there is still no excuse for what you did. I honestly think that your a very nice person after hearing the talk show last night. And I want my MONEY BACK AND AN Apology FROM YOU, THEN I WILL HONESTLY GIVE YOU MINE! FOR DECEIVING ME AND TAKING MY MONEY!!
        I AM James Garcia and I live in San Jose, Ca. and I'm the First and Only "Ergomex" here.
        When I hear your talking last night I honestly wanted to feel sorry for all the pain you went through and all the bad people that took advantage of you, but you know in this life we all meet people like that, we all get hurt. I am confident now that I can say that you have been a victim of Chris, as I have at DNA because he was going to do all this great stuff for us but look what happend?.
        I was taken by YOU and Chris. You see!? I just want my money back and I will never get into a MLM ever again!
        Troy your a great person and I want to thank you for all you have done here at MLM Help Desk. And when Mr. Picolo gives me my money back. I will personally say Thank YOU Mr. Picolo for keeping YOUR Integrity to me.
        James Garcia
        AKA "Ergomex"
        San Jose, Ca.

    • Dear Mr CRAP aka Eromex
      What kind of hidden agenda do you have hiding behind no-name… Please give out your name so that I can sue you for slander and whatever else… You see my family will not take any more crap from people like you… if you have proof of what you say… you will have nothing to worry about… it fact you will be able to counter sue… but you like others hide behind fake names… so again I dare you list your name and address and let's see who the courts thinks is scum… The slanderer or the person being slandered… You sound like a person who when trying mlm came up with the CRAP problem… CRAP meaning Can't Recruit Any Prospects… So you have to find fault in others to blame the world for your failures…
      Phil Piccolo (Mr Phillip Piccolo to you… )

      • Mr. Picolo,
        I am NOT going to get mad with you any more.
        I hope you read my letter because I want to be nice. When you read what I say I hope and pray that you understand me? I will do my best to say nice things because I hear the talk show last night. I was not able to make it to your talk show and I will give you the benefit of doubt here, some thing I'm guilty of not doing first.
        I hope you understand me, and who I am and why I did and said bad things to you. Understand my point of view Mr. Picolo. If you agree with me then I'm sure we can start being more friendly towards each other.
        I am an Honest and Sincere person and I really hate to be bad towards anyone, but when some one deceives me and lies to me, I change into a defferant person, and I'm not nice.
        I hope to hear two things from you tomorrow Mr. Picolo, 1, is I'm sorry, 2, you want my address so you can send me my refund i paid you at DNA and you want my home address?
        You say your a sincere and Honest person and that you have "Integrity" ? Then here is your chance to make it good with me because I'm YOUR VICTIM. Start with me and I Pray that I'm not the only one you did good things with at DNA.
        I look forward to your reply Mr. Picolo.
        May The Lord continue to Bless you and your family and that this hole thing blows away forever! And that you continue to do good business choices in the future.
        Troy thanks for this Opportunity to say what I'v been wanting to say to Mr. Picolo, I feel much better as a person to make things better with a person that I honestly think was taken advantage of in his career, and having to explain things to his down line, it must have been "Devastating" for Mr. Picolo to tell people.
        I know now that he is a good person now and I hope he will understand me.
        James Garcia
        AKA "Ergomex"

        • DNA is a free opportunity. From your comments it sounds like you lost several thousand dollars. What did you spend, $97.00 to be a Pro and then did nothing and expected to become rich. It does not work that way. I wish you the best, but nothing should be so bad that you would call Phil all those false names.

      • Dear Troy, I'm here talking to Mr. Picolo, is he lost now?
        Mr. Picolo,
        Whats up?? Why haven't you replied to my letters here ? I told you I want to be your friend.
        I told you who I am, now you talk to me and tell me what you think about me now?
        I'm waiting for an Honest Apology from YOU FIRST Mr. Picolo?
        Because I deserve it for your lying and deceiving me at DNA, and I want all my money back.
        Lets talk and see what happens Mr. Picolo. I'm willing to get to know you. And I'm an Honest person and I can forgive too. But you need to come here and tell me.
        So you see Troy, I'v done my part and I'm willing to tell Mr. Picolo I'm very sorry for the bad things I told him. But he need to make the next move now.
        God Bless Troy & Mr. Picolo.
        Lets talk soon.
        James Garcia
        AKA "Ergomex"

  4. Amazing,
    This goes back a couple years, so Phil, you remember your $125.00 start up launch under the Gotta Have It Products name below. This is the trransaction ID through Paypal, I paid $125. and never got a thing for it, and all I got was excuses, but no proof of delivery and no refund, and like so many of your past deals, they never materialized, shall I name a few? So where is my refund? I know, you are still working on it. lol
    Funny thing was, I bought this deal just to see if anything you promoted would ever last more than during pre-launch, and out of several, not a single one materialized or lasted more than a year. Maybe you can list all your deals and how long they ran so that we can better evaluate your track record.
    Good luck, Mike
    Web Accept Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #41J3104847905374P)
    Business Name:
    Gotta Have It Products (The recipient of this payment is Verified)
    Payment Sent to:
    Total Amount:
    -$125.00 USD
    $0.00 USD
    -$125.00 USD
    Item Amount:
    $125.00 USD
    $0.00 USD
    $0.00 USD

    • Mike what did you order for $125… Because we shipped out millions of dollars in products… and we have 3 warehouses full of product… the last thing we need is your money with no product shipped…

      • You mean you don't remember that deal, after all, it was only a little over a year ago, and you were pushing the same magnetic deal, plus trying to unload the fuel enhancer, does that ring a bell yet? You said you would check on shipping, then you never responded again, so does that tickle your memory? You owe me $125.00, so are you going to pay up finally now that you are trying to validate your honesty and integrity?

  5. Troy Where is Mr. Picolo? Hmmmm?
    So much for his wanting to be an honest person?
    How can he be that if he won't even reply to me here?
    Mr. Picolo, don't you want to clear your name here with me? You stated to be an honest person ?
    I have with you, Its your turn now, where are you Mr. Picolo?
    Lots of people are waiting if your going to do the right thing here with me?
    Troy have you seen Mr. Picolo?
    James Garcia