Properly, I assumed I might share a bit replace I acquired this week on the MLM Wi-fi Area of interest.

Listed below are just a few movies from Chris Greco and TechSoft which I discovered very fascinating.
This primary video, Chris broadcasts that He and Kevin Sipe based TechSoft Cellular. Though the official documentation states solely Kevin Sipe, it appears Chris has been there from the very starting. Undecided if this was deliberate whereas Greco and Sipe had been nonetheless with Aston at Panther, but it surely does appear to clear up the possession issue.

Now this second video Greco exhibits documentation the place it appears “His firm” not TechSoft has a wholesale account with Verizon.

On this third video Greco talks about how TechSoft Cellular is now the primary MLM firm to be their very own Telecommunication firm. I believe there could also be a few firms who will disagree.

Let’s change gears to Freedom Communication aka Freedom Marketing Group. This new MLM Wi-fi Participant needs to be very fascinating. One problem I discovered is that they use the phrase “Funding” of their compensation video. This can be a no, no and does concern me, that the leaders could not have consulted with a very good MLM Legal professional earlier than launching.
I am going to hold you posted on what we discover.


  1. Troy THERE ARE BIGGER concerns here.
    Re: CANADA and Wireless Services:
    It's really sad when any one person(s) or group attempts to sell people a " bill of goods " that DOES NOT really exist. We've all seen this happen time and time again in both the past year and years before. When ANYONE tells you they can PRODUCE a service in CANADA __it's simply NOT that easy and HAS NOT YET BEEN ABLE to be accomplished as far as MLM Wireless business and services.
    There have been several MLM Wireless companies CLAIMING to be able to provide Wireless Services in CANADA and OTHER countries. For Example:
    Although it MAY sound great to those distributors who depend solely on the information being provided to them by THOSE making such claims but not viable or workable at this time without 100'S of Thousands of Dollars of cash on hand __
    Here's WHAT SOME ( they know who they are ) ARE CLAIMING to HAVE and ARE offering on their company site:
    Rogers GSM (Canada) Call Support to Activate ( ??? )
    Rogers Unlimited Talk and Text 2 Line Family Plan.
    Call Support to Activate ( ??? )
    WHY would you have to CALL SUPPORT to get Activated IF this service ACTUALLY EXISTED and __IF IT WAS being handled LEGALLY?
    Rogers, Telus, Canada Bell and South Tell __
    Own their own towers and they DO NOT " piggy back " their towers. Their towers are individually owned by each carrier and subject to government regulatory policies in Canada better known as the CRTC ( Canadian Regulatory Trade Commission ).
    The CRTC in CANADA CONTROLS ALL Radio, Television and Wireless Airwaves __
    LAW in Canada regarding Cellular Services DOES NOT allow ANY one person OR ANY one Cellular Wireless Service within the United States or other countries to simply come into Canada and start a Wireless Services Business __period.
    Just a few years back, an American Wireless Company went into Canada and set up a " brick and mortar " store for Wireless Products and Services in Calgary.
    They were there for a short 3 years and were able to avoid the rules in Canada BEFORE they were caught outright and shut down for a period of time. In the end it ended up costing them a MAJOR $ 50 MILLION to get back up and running in Canada with just ONE (1) company in Calgary that came from the USA and got caught in avoiding Canadian Regulatory Trade Commission Rules.
    THERE IS NO SUCH THING as an " Add-On" of ANY Wireless Service in CANADA coming from the USA or not and especially USING servers to BYPASS the MAJOR TOP carriers within Canada!
    WHAT MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW is that in order to be PART OF an MLM company in the USA when residing in another country and particularly in CANADA they MUST HAVE a USA physical address and / or __ ALSO HAVE a DUAL CITIZENSHIP UNLESS __
    For viable Companies, THEY MUST BE officially LICENSED in CANADA or ANY other country which takes 10's if not 100's of thousands of dollars, TIME, effort, MEDIATION, Attorney's and literally JUMPING through LOTs of LEGAL hoops and REGULATORY Policies.
    Let's LOOK at what the requirements TRUELY are for ANY Wireless Service to come into Canada and SELL Wireless Services:
    1) Rogers, Telus, Canada Bell and South Tell ARE in TOTAL Control and ARE NOT going to lose money to anyone and especially another country. The Wireless Companies in Canada WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE from ANY other country let alone United States to come in and take over THEIR TOWERS OR by use of Specialized Servers STEAL Airtime, Minutes, Access Services etc.
    EVEN IF ANYONE within CANADA says they can __THEY CAN'T. IF they ATTEMPT to do such, THEY WILL BE FOUND OUT and they WILL PROSECUTED to the FULLEST EXTENT of the LAW.
    2) One WOULD NEED to retain a Canadian Lawyer to the tune of $40K FIRST and foremost.
    3) AFTER retaining a CANADIAN Attorney for $40K THEN __there IS another $60K DUE in 90 days involved in getting a Licensing Agreement with EACH company.
    4) Once Licensing is established ( another approximate $100K Filing Fees ) __the Canadian Attorney then files the Licensing Agreement according to Canadian Law regarding registration of a viable MLM type Business ( including any and ALL Wireless type companies ) PLUS the MLM Company MUST BE BONDED in Quebec first and be in BOTH French and English languages.
    5) END RESULT approximately $200K to establish, start and BEGIN doing business as a TRUE Wireless Service Provider in Canada __period.
    BOTTOM LINE: Rogers and the other phone service companies in CANADA WILL NOT GIVE UP THEIR POWER or MONEY __period.
    FOLKS BEFORE YOU GO BELIEVING EVERYTHING you're told by ANYONE ELSE regarding MLM Wireless Availability in Canada __CHECK IT OUT FIRST ___
    CHECK OUT CRCT Rules & Regulations here:
    IF AFTER READING this PDF Document ANYONE has further questions, please feel free to contact us personally as we know someone in this arena in Canada that can explain it to you and help you understand WHY MLM Wireless in Canada can't presently be accomplished WITHOUT a MAJOR INVESTMENT.
    BEFORE joining someone (or an MLM Company) who merely SAYS they can or SAYS they ARE providing Wireless Services in CANADA or for that matter ANY other country REALIZE __YOU ARE permitted by USA LAW to __
    REQUEST the company YOU are considering JOINING to provide LEGAL Documentation as to THEIR CLAIMS.
    * Caution IF they deny your request __RUN as fast as you can!
    Viktoria & Gary Affron

    • Viktoria & Gary – BRAVO, well said.
      In a classic case of the CRTC making someone jump through hoops when it comes to doing business up here, look at what happened with Wind mobile.
      Although they are not an MLM, Windmobile spent $442 million in Aug 2008, to purchase wireless spectrum through a CRTC auction.
      Then around the end of Oct 2009, the CRTC turns around & says WIndmobile is not in compliance with "Canadian ownersip & control rules" & said they couldn't do business in Canada
      The federal government had to eventually step in (mid December 2009) & overturn the CRTC decision, thus allowing them to operate.
      Rogers just rolled out their Chat R Wireless Plans – targeted at urban wireless users with unlimited talk and text plans
      Read more:
      ACN is the ONLY networking company I know of in Canada that offers a wireless plan & that is through Telus, you can either get the same plan & pricing through a Telus Brick & Mortar or through an ACN rep – ACN offers no signifcant savings
      Kevin S in Canada

      • Hey Kevin S!
        Thanks so much for the "validation" here. It means alot when someone else KNOWS what it is we're saying and that we're telling the TRUTH based on EXPERIENCE in the industry for some 18 years as my husband Gary has been in Telecommunications and Cable and owned his own company during that 18 years. We don't go around just "saying" things without confirmation or knowledge. NOR SHOULD anyone else as in CHRIS GRECO who seems to think he can BEAT THE SYSTEM and quote UNTRUTH's to distributors in the many companies he's forged a typically unsuccessful "alliance" with in the past year.
        When you KNOW some of the people WE KNOW and are as well CONNECTED to such people that KNOW the Canadian Attorney General – YOU GET what it takes to do business there and especially anything having to do with MLM or Wireless Services!
        Nevermind the FALSE CLAIMS of SOME individuals – obviously YOU and WE KNOW the deal and for the LIES that are being told in the interest of signing people up to a particular MLM Wireless Company – what they really need is a TRUTH MONITOR around one of their ankles!
        TIME WILL TELL and generally ALWAYS DOES! THERE IS a difference between those of us that have no fear in posting our REAL names and contact info as opposed to those who use MANY differerent PIN names to make their points and actually DO and ARE HIDING behind THE CLICK. If they REALLY wanted people to recognize and respect them __THEY WOULD at least list their REAL NAME and contact info but we'd guess they just don't have the time to bother with it OR __THEY REALLY DO HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!
        Thanks again and feel free to connect with us anytime!
        Viktoria & Gary Affron
        Executive Team Concepts

  2. ADDITIONAL * NOTE * – PLEASE READ PAGES 9 thru 50 Regarding CRTC ( Canadian Regulatory Trade Commission ) Rules and Policies Concerning Government Regulated Phone Companies within Canada and Mobile Regulatory Practices and Rulings.
    PAGE 9 Gives a Complete History from 1978 to 2001 (CRTC) Regulatory Rulings.
    FOLKS: This IS Serious Business and CANADA Simply is NOT Going to Allow Every Mark, Ted, Frank, Chris and Kevin to Come INTO CANADA and Make PLANNING ON – ALREADY HAVING or Even HAS HAD BEFORE CLAIMS Regarding Wireless Services __Let Alone MLM Wireless Provisions WITHOUT an ATTORNEY FIRST – REGISTRATIONS – FILINGS – LICENSING and PROPER REGULATORY COMPLAINCE.
    REQUEST and DEMAND to VISUALLY SEE the PROPER and LEGAL DOCUMENTATION BEFORE YOU ( as a Distributor in Any Company or Individual Making Such Claims ) Set YOUR CREDIBILITY as a Marketer / Direct Sales Distributor UP FOR a RUINED REPUTATION.
    Best of Luck and Prosperity to All But __Please Keep it Legal and PROTECT YOUR CREDIBILITY!
    Viktoria & Gary Affron

    • Clarification and Definition of CRTC:
      " Canadian Radio-television and Telecomunications Commission "
      One could easily call CRTC " the " Canadian Regulatory Trade Commission " because that's what they do. Not being beyond making a mistake and while at the same time knowing better __when we posted the above and directly beneath information, MY " brainwaves " were thinking Regulatory – Commission – Trade Center ( also watching news on Mosque issue in Manhattan ) etc., so MY fault I got the definition of CRTC wrong BUT __I was close so we're all okay since both definitions match pretty darned close!
      Everyone have a GREAT WEEK and enjoy your day!

  3. nice comment oh the jealousy lol.
    fact tsm has over 211 customers on our rogers plan we have them call support because we have to call rogers to do it.
    fact we are an authorized dealer for rogers, and have a retail location for rogers,
    so crct nice but we are incompliance.
    now can u tell us whats happening with panther?
    you know its illegal to rebrand a product right victoria
    i mean has no mention of tje real products why is that?
    did you know thats illegal.
    clea up your own house before u try and clean mine.,
    oh and what panther is doing is a page out of the gv book,
    sorry havent been here we have been too busy at techsoft.
    hey victoria whats with the alexa rankings for panther you guys need to address that it is abysmal,

    • Chris,
      We believe that you possibly COULD sell customers with no problem that live in Canada on Rogers Platform. The REAL problem is selling it as an MLM and being LEGAL according to Canada's regulations on Multi Level Marketing Companies.
      Re-branding of what @ Panther Mobile? Could you please EXPLAIN what you mean by this statement?
      " you know its illegal to rebrand a product right __"
      Also regarding: __"alexa rankings" ~ We believe Paul Douglas said it right concerning the TRUE meaning of H.I.T.S. but that's really up to any one persons interpretation isn't it? Ratings DO help ANY company but in this case, the Alexa Ratings are NOT a true value of how good a company is doing or not as NOT all functions of any one select company are ALL ONLINE and ON the Internet!
      Bottom Line: Alexa Ratings happen to be attached to something called WEBSITES. Alexa Ratings CAN NOT value or devalue a business such as Telcom Wireless or it's providers and carriers by business happening OFFLINE as such REALLY does and __THOSE rankings are NOT provided by Alexa ONLINE nor do they to bring MORE value to business DONE OFFLINE!
      Anyway, it's another day and tomorrow will be yet ANOTHER DAY! Let's ALL just STICK to doing business and SEE WHERE everyone ends up this time next year __SHALL WE?

      • Panther has none of its products listed, Just panther Mobile, That is misleading and further, Illegal, Please see the Cellular Communications Branding act of 2003.
        As for Alexa. EVEN IF you did business off line it still goes through Internet Next Step, Your Software, So that would affect your alexa ranking no matter what so ALEXA DOES show how much business you are doing plain and simple. NOW IF YOU ARE SAYING PANTHER IS DOING BUSINESS OFF LINE AND NOT THROUGH THE SOFTWARE, THAT MEANS NO COMMISSIONS ARE BEING PAID, IS THIS TRUE? I mean if products are being sold through the company not through the software this could really affect the reps. And that is a NO NO.
        Can you Clarify this. And as for your Software, I know it well I brought them in for Global Pros, So I know how it affects the Alexa Rankings. So if you or Panther can clarify this for the reps that would be great. We would love to see your rankings go up instead of down further.
        Still, I wish you the best of luck it was nice to talk the other day, Again, Hope all is well.
        Have you seen some of the Checks our reps got this week!!
        Man I am excited, We just brought in 2 Huge people from PHP, And a Major guy from AL Williams and EXCEL, Well keep watching as we FLY HIGHER AND HIGHER.
        Looks like it was finally done right, And the reps have finally been paid for all their hard work this last 18 Months.
        Again to all our TechSoft Mobile Affiliates, Thanks, and If you think the Checks were BIG this month We have already Doubled in Size so next month WOW. I hope you guys are ready for the Explosion cause here it comes!!

        • CHRIS,
          Have you REALLY forgotten how to manage a REAL business? Not just online but what about paper applications faxed in and home parties? Oops __maybe you've never done any of those but then again, who knows?
          As for the rest of your post __doesn't matter and there's not a comment worth posting regarding those comments and fingers flipped at Panther. A really good person in business knows there's always going to BE competition BUT __they also know and recognize it's better to compete as friends than enemies.

    • LOL!
      Chris YOU ARE an entertainment for the masses, just onne hoo-ha and rolling wave laugh after another! You posted __
      "fact we are an authorized dealer for rogers, and have a retail location for rogers" __
      PLEASE DO TELL __ we checked you and your so called "Rogers" dealer number with a very well connected person to Rogers in Canada and GUESS WHAT CHRIS?
      NO CIGAR buddy! TRY EXPLAINING THAT ONE to your distribbutors and buddy KEVIN over @ Techsoft Mobile!
      Merely SAYING SO __DOES NOT MAKE IT SO! PLEASE TELL EVERYONE HERE and over @ Techsoft Mobile EXACTLY WHAT you're doing and HOW you're doing it WITHOUT the benefit of HAVING $200K in these few short months since JUNE 1st, 2010 to FILE, LICENSE and GET APPROVAL to do business in CANADA as an MLM __AND__as a WIRELESS PROVIDER for ROGERS let alone ANY of the others there!

  4. Well, we did some research on this techsoft inc. which is the company for techsoft mobile and find it VERY interesting on two counts:
    1st the company is registered in the state of FL, but not under either Chris Grecco or Kevin Sipe but rather Kevin's wifes name:
    To me this shows that they indeed are aware of pending legal implications from the past otherwise they would have it in their own name. This is a smokescreen.
    Also a home that Kevin Sipe once owned in the state of Florida, (actually 2 homes) have been forclosed on.
    April 12: Transactions, foreclosures, etc. |
    Apr 12, 2010 … Foreclosure Sales. Listed in order are the plaintiff, defendant, …. Sipe, Kevin L. et al, $189756.92, 1676 N. San Mateo Dr., North Port, …
    Sept. 21: Transactions, foreclosures, etc. |
    Sep 21, 2009 … Kevin Sipe et al, $217600.56, 3623 Atwater Dr., North Port, 2008 CA 012098 SC. …. Moore Danielle L. et al, $143565.70, 8387 38th Street Circle …. Foreclosure Cleanouts, Prasse, Caryn Ann, P.O. Box 1113, Holmes Beach. …
    Just Google it!!!
    If he can't even hold on to his home how in the world is he going to hold on to his business??
    These guys have a history of failure all over Google.
    They will never pay commissions if they can't even pay their bills.. BE CAREFUL, BEWARE!!!

      • Absolutely Troy,.. Just have to do a little homework and I am a believer in past behaviors say alot about a person. Especially when they are consistant!
        AND here's MORE:
        Past companies and websites owned by Kevin Sipe all FAILED:
        iglobal inc. Venice Florida, now 'inactive' on had federal assistance
        at one point, which is like 'WELFARE' for a business that can't get its feet off the ground:
        Federal Assistance to Recipient IGLOBAL, INC. in FL, FY 2000-2008 …
        May 3, 2010 … The assistance database is compiled from government data last released on … Assistance to IGLOBAL, INC. in FL (FY 2000-2008). Searching. …
        If you need federal assistance folks, you better bet your bottom dollar these people are horrible at accounting… – GONE – GONE
        Except copy & pasted direct from Google search:
        Trina L.C. Sonnenberg's Blogspot: Another Scam
        Oct 20, 2005 … What this whole thing boils down to is paying Kevin Sipe. But for what? This whole things just screams SCAM! Stay away from this one Ladies … – Cached – Similar
        The more I dig around on Google the more I find. It's never ending and some of these go WAY back to 2002!…

          • Hi Troy,
            Yes, I am aware of that fact and am just looking at the history and reputation that company held while in business during the few years it operated 😉
            Best regards,

          • Wow I was waiting for the wolves to come out, LOL, Here is the funny part Chris Adams, Are you at one of these companies that have fallen on the Sword? I think so, See you can be a "Hater" (someone who is jealous at others Success.) Hey Enjoy it I expect many more haters, Truthfully Behind the scenes, you would be amazed at the companies we are helping.
            Anyway I wish you the Best of luck and we will continue bringing in 70 to 100 a day here at TechSoft and getting better and better rankings on Alexa everyday.
            The only thing that is a SCAM is every other company that pays its reps 35% and less, While we pay 70% to the reps, And 90% to the Executive Directors. 🙂
            And hey WE WILL PUT OUR BOOKS UP AGAINST ANY OTHER COMPANY, Anyone wanna Play?
            Didn't Think so.
            Now as for Business, I am so happy for you guys our reps, that have finally got a check after waiting for over 18 Months!! I have so happy for you guys to FINALLY GET PAID.
            Oh hey everyone else, While other companies sucker you in, and make you pay for international calling we give it to EVERYONE for FREE!!!!
            If you have an ANDROID DEVICE, go to the Android Market and look for REBTEL, It gives you free international calling to 50 Countries!!!
            And we are developing more apps for our phones Daily, Want text to voice, or email, look for Voice Link on the Maket and so many more, Here we go.

          • Hey Troy,
            You're absolutely correct. It's just a shame all of this has come down. However, it it's deserved the person already knows what it is they did or didn't do correctly!
            BRAVO to Chris Adams for his research! He's virtually uncovered the iceburg that's out there if anyone else chooses to look for it also. It's mostly ALL there and to be sure only a matter of time before everyone knows who or what companies will be left standing.
            Your advice on having the 7 figures to launch ANY company wether it be here in the United States or in ANY other company which may be even MORE than 7 figures __is 100% on the mark so ANYONE wanting to start a new company had better have the funding to accomplish it.
            STARTING a business is NOT as easy as simply building a website or purchasing MLM Software __there's a TON MORE facets and additions that go into creating, building, managing and maintaining a really GOOD Marketing and Direct Sales business!
            Semper Fi
            Viktoria & Gary Affron

    • Really better ask our reps, People were just paid Thousands, Infact I am willing to bet it is the highest anyone has ever been paid in MLM Wireless, Dont take my word for it ask the reps, and ask why one of the Largest Teams in MLM just joined the Company, Troy he was your Upline in AL williams aint that funny?

      • Waoo this is awesome Chris I just got my first check for $297, an the best of all this is just for fast start bonus I'm wating for my residual check and bad away Chris the costumers are really happy with the services definitely we will dominate this industrie, remebered excell Did you know that they started in a garage in texas waooo we have a real office in florida ,my team is groiwing so fast thanks Chris. atte GLOBALVISIONTEAM-206-462-8456

      • bla, bla, bla Grecco.. I just LOVE how you go around my research by more hoo ra that has nothing to do with what I've uncovered. FYI, that has NOTHING to do with jealousy (maybe that's a problem you have cause you keep referring to it in your posts)
        Why don't you try answering my findings DIRECTLY without the bla, bla bla smokescreen comments; OR better yet have Kevin Sipe come out and defend it if its not all true.
        Forget two peas in a pod, its more like two morons in a pod.

        • Moron. Wow no we result to name calling.hey proves my point. Oh thanks and by the way you forgot to mention the other 9 houses kevin still owns. The porsche. Beemer. Hummer not to mention the largest matrix pay checks thos industry has seen in wireless. Bit since we are on ghe playground with name calling na na mna na naaa naaa

          • No, THANK YOU Greco… You just proved my point yet again on how you beat around the bush with MORE lies and not directly answering my previous posts with your buddy Kevin Sipe hidden in the shadows. It's ok, I certainly didn't expect a 'REAL' answer anyways.
            9 houses when he's in foreclosure procedings on two cheap ones is funny… I didn't realize you had such a great sense of humour. That's real talent when you can lie and be funny at the same time!

          • Chris, your unbelieveable! Literally!! I and others followed and trusted in what you had to say, only to be slapped in the face with your hype and lies.
            You make up more crap than any person i have ever seen. You don’t give a damn about how your actions effect other hard working people. It’s all about Chris Greco.
            In fact you have so little respect for others that you can’t even show up for your own calls on time. I honestly can’t count how many calls you were 15 min. late for or just didn’t show up at all. Wait for it……………..Another Chris Greco excuse, or should i say lie? You have effected so many people with your BS, yet you continue to do the same things you have been doing for months!! I personally can’t remember all the times that I defended you. And now I have been quietly sitting on the back row watching you lie to others. Enough is enough! As for “I’m no fool”, i would disagree. There will always be bumps ahead for you because you tell lie after lie. How about the BIG one you admitted just recently with Ted Robbins. Telling everyone he had a prior child pornography conviction. Then you state that even after you learned of the false accusation you continued with the lie. You haven’t changed, if anything you have become worse! For those who have been burned and are about to be burned by you, I would say speak out. Spread the TRUTH about CHRIS GRECO!!!!!!!!!

        • Hey Chris Adams,
          Nice to know that someone else NOTICED how simply questions ARE NOT EVER answered and HOW some people almost NEVER answers the REAL questions WHEN asked!
          This is NOT abnormal for certain people. It's ALL about BUSINESS and PROMOTING here on this site as well as others. Sometimes it's allowed for specific reasons.
          Maybe one of the reasons is to show ( just our humble opinion ) ALL the " skirting around " going on. HOPEFULLY and EVENTUALLY such person's INEVITABLY end up posting SOMETHING in words they CAN'T take back and THEN it becomes a matter of RECORD!
          YOU ARE CORRECT in statements regarding houses etc. If you know the current address near Bradenton or in Northport, Florida and look it up on Google Maps __you'll see there is a SILVER Mini-Van in a very MESSY garage but NO Beamer, NO Porsche and NO Hummer. Maybe they're in storage, ha!
          NO OFFENSE __at one time or another we've all had an OLD car. Heck, I can clearly remember owning a brand spanking new Grand Prix ( fully loaded with all the goodies ) in 1978 and a little orange OLD mini sports car too, LOL! That doesn't mean a person is necessarily poorer for it, just maybe they like little OLD cars.
          STILL, with ALL the foreclosures listed, it would seem IMPOSSIBLE to still own 9 homes and 3 very high priced vehicles ( even if older models and the Hummer hasn't been around long enough outside the military to be considered antique ) now wouldn't it? Stands to reason IF THAT WERE TRUE __then one would expect at least SOME intelligent decision to claim bankruptcy in order to clear the foreclosures which WOULD involve sacrificing ownership to such expensive vehicles and especially a Hummer plus giving up the homes even at continued payoff expenses after the fact or not __don't you think? Guess it would depend on what level of bankruptcy, chapter 7, 11 or 13 wouldn't it?
          Consider the " source " on this one and take it for what it's worth. You WILL NOT probably or even remotely GET the answers YOU WANT from this person or the other one either. READ BACK to the beginning in all of this ( if you haven't already ) and you'll begin to realize the GAMES and the PLAYERS and ALL for the sake of PROMOTING a business and __NOT much else other than back -n- forth " tete -a- tete".
          SAD BUT TRUE! Thanks meanwhile for your comments and research as you and we ARE on the SAME page there friend. It's ONLY a matter of time and we'll ALL KNOW the TRUE story That's ONE thing we can all be grateful to Global Verge for. This is ALL coming down the pike on September 1st and 2nd, 2010 @ 9pm in Chambers. WHAT happens after that is up for grabs and certainly WILL be made public one way or another.
          Have a Great, Happy, Wonderful, Safe and Blessed Day!
          Viktoria & Gary Affron

          • Hey Viktoria & Gary,
            Nice to meet you guys here on the forum and yes you are correct. Very messy garage indeed and I'll bet that's how they run their business too! 😉 Almost looks like they are on the run already. You'd 'think' with a supposed 9 other houses they could afford housekeeping, lol.
            You know what they say "Sipe & Greco Talk & Bullsh!* walks, maybe even RUNS.
            No sense commenting back and forth further with these clowns as there will NEVER be a real direct answer anyhow. We' be better off painting our wifes nails and grooming the dog with that time.
            Have a good weekend guys,

      • CHRIS __
        THINGS just keep getting funnier and funnier __don't they?
        CAN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW exactly YOU'RE managing to OPEN SERVICE to CANADA WHEN MOST everyone KNOWS what a nightmare it is even GETTING INTO Canada to DO BUSINESS and especially an MLM type business? MAYBE (just maybe) YOU could help others to understand the process YOU went through in getting licensed in Canada and with Rogers in order to provide your services there? We're SURE it would be appreciated by ALL if YOU could simply explain the PROCESS YOU WENT THROUGH __Getting INTO Canada?
        VERY BEST of LUCK TO ALL Distributors in ALL Companies!
        Viktoria & Gary Affron