In July I Ted Robbins and I lastly sat all the way down to what grew to become a two hour interview. I requested Ted a number of the questions we’ve got all had. ted shares how he and Mark Petschel joined up lengthy earlier than eVerge and International Verge. As a matter of reality he even shares his reference to XanGo Company within the early days.

Now, the next clips is not going to be so as of the complete interview. Nonetheless, on the finish of the collection I’ll make accessible the complete 2 hour interview.


  1. Troy, Thank you for the Info Personally, I think it is fair and great for both sides to have their voices heard. Though I feel what has been said has been skewed one way is another story, So here is what I am going to do, Myself and Kevin will formulate a Response through our Attorney, As well as an interview we will provide you that is taking place on line. Further Watch Rod Cooks site in the coming days, As I believe kevin is releasing something I call the Posion Letter, By Mark Petschel concerning the E-Verge days, and his Father in Law, And an Email Database to the Missouri Attorney General.
    As for further comment, Ill reserve that Troy, Because what is about to happen, Is going to get messy, and its not going to be pretty, This will most likely shake both companies to their core, But it is necessary and will have to be done. I sincerely hope that when the Documents come down from our side you report the same way. Also again, Make sure you contact page plus, But hey maybe the Carriers are in on it too.
    Lastly I wish you all the Best of luck, Wish I had more time to Post, But I will be very busy tearing some things down, and building TechSoft Mobile, Troy all I can say in closing is this to Ted, You haven't seen any pit bull yet, I sincerely hope your prepared for everything, You don't know me in the least.
    Now you get to see the intelligence not just the Balls or Brute that is Chris Greco.
    What is about to happen will hit main stream media, that I can assure you.
    Again Best of luck. I have a Website to run and things to do.
    Chris Greco

    • Chris,
      Appreciate you keeping the community posted. Hey quick question, and one I asked in the past couple of weeks.
      One thing which might set TechSoft apart is the Gold Service you offer. Will this become an added value at TechSoft or is this completely separate?

    • Chris, why do you have to fabricate things, if you have truly changed and trying to do what's best for the distributors today, then I applaud you. Man up and take responsibility for everything you did this past year, and put it behind you. People will end up and respect you in the long run. There are alot of people that failed or did things in the past and seem to be doing good things today. Randy with WOW Mobile, Gary with MPB Today, and Mark and Ted with GV, and hopefully you and Kevin will do the same. Accept responsibility and move on.
      Real Source

    • CHRIS.
      We're SURE a LOT OF PEOPLE WANT and NEED QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY YOU. It's HOW you answer them that's going to get you into DEEP TROUBLE.
      You just CAN NOT go around with this BULLY MENTALITY and EXPECT people to RESPECT you Chris. There's been way TOO MUCH OF IT and people are starting to REALLY NOTICE YOU BUT __in the WRONG WAY.
      From the PAST Chris: WHERE IS the Video that was supposedly put up on You Tube by some guy that had access to and recorded ALL these bad statements being made about DIFFERENT people and companies?
      You commented __ " Personally, I think it is fair and great for both sides to have their voices heard."
      NO YOU DON'T Chris, if you really believed everything you typed out here for people to see, THEN __ include what everyone has said about you and your lies __ YOU WOULD MAKE THE EFFORT TO ACT BETTER than a 5th GRADER!
      WHY NOT UTILIZE this opportunity and HAVE a REAL " Heart to Heart" with YOURSELF ? COME CLEAN BEFORE __all the Distributors you've wrangled up in data bases from all these different places that you had access to at one time or another FIND OUT and DITCH YOU and your partners in business!
      THERE IS NO " GHG " ( Greco Holdings Group Inc. ) and IF IT EXISTS __WHY NOT SHOW THE PEOPLE, PROVE IT!
      WE LOOKED FOR ( Greco Holdings Group Inc. ) on an IRISH Company and Business SEARCH SITE __it's NOT THERE! IF this company of yours existed there WOULD BE A RECORD of it Chris! DO YOU EVEN KNOW __ HOW NECK HIGH and KNEE HIGH YOU ARE RIGHT NOW IN ALL OF THIS?
      GO now and look for yourself Chris __
      LOOK UP on This Irish Company and Business Search Site:
      " Greco Holdings Group Inc. of Galway Bay, Ireland "
      CHRIS YOU and your partners in business ARE single-handedly MESSING THINGS UP and DOING HARM by OMISSION __meaning:
      1 ) something neglected or left undone and apathy toward or neglect of duty.
      2) the act of omitting: the state of being omitted.
      NOT TELLING THE TRUTH and NOT VOLINTARILY BEING TRANSPARENT! That's what happens when you don't tell or hold back on telling the WHOLE TRUTH about something having happened past, present or in the future.
      ONE of the SIGNS of a TRUE LEADER is BEING TRANSPARENT at all times.
      WHEN a TRUE LEADER messes up or makes a MISTAKE __they TRY to FIX things and THEY DO NOT CONTINUE to do whatever it is they were doing and DOING HARM to their DISTRIBUTORS . Moreover DOING HARM knowingly IN NOT allowing the Distributor to KNOW exactly what's going on. THIS affects the Distributors ability to MAKE INFORMED decisions about THEIR finances, their position within a company and / or business and THEIR future goals and dreams!
      YOU'RE headed for NO GOOD FAST if you keep this going the way YOU ARE!
      YOU are going to " formulate a Response through our Attorney " and " an interview we will provide you that is taking place on line " ??? Troy has asked you MANY TIMES OVER for the NAME and PHONE NUMBER of YOUR attorney yet __to NO AVAIL and you have AVOIDED giving him or the Distributors ANY information that would CLEAR YOU in all of this to whatever extent possible.
      CHRIS __do you think that OTHERS would like to HEAR THAT INTERVIEW online also? MAYBE ( just maybe ), it would clear up some things for a lot of people and then again __MAYBE it is something that is going to CAUSE YOUR Distributors to QUESTION the validity of what you and your partners are doing FURTHER.
      " Further Watch Rod Cooks site in the coming days, As I believe Kevin is releasing something I call the Posion Letter, By Mark Petschel concerning the E-Verge days __etc. "
      HERE AGAIN CHRIS: ARE YOU speaking FOR Kevin Sipe and HAS HE given you FULL RIGHTS and PASSAGE to SPEAK FOR HIM?
      ARE YOU SURE KEVIN REALLY WANTS TO DO THIS and BRING OUT what happened at eVerge ALL OVER AGAIN __that's like walking through a graveyard only to make the WRONG step and FALL DOWN INTO a FRESH GRAVE . NOW you're in a 6 feet DEEP hole and WHO is going to help you out?
      BUT HEY CHRIS __you two guys know what you're doing, right?
      " Because what is about to happen, Is going to get messy, and its not going to be pretty " __AGAIN MORE THREATS and NO resolve.
      " As for further comment, Ill reserve that __" WHEN HAVE YOU EVER reserved FURTHER COMMENT, CHRIS? One would expect that even if you were wrapped in dynamite and tied to a pole __then told the NEXT WORD out of your mouth will get you blown SKY HIGH __YOU COULD NOT help yourself and YOU WOULD speak in spite of the consequences.
      " I sincerely hope that when the Documents come down from our side you report the same way ".
      CHRIS __TROY HAS NEVER – EVER been UNFAIR to ANYONE __even YOU CHRIS and __you know it.
      " Make sure you contact page plus, But hey maybe the Carriers are in on it too "
      WAIT just a minute CHRIS __ARE YOU SAYING here on MLM Help Desk that YOU ARE ACCUSING the Carriers of CONSPIRACY __THAT COULD get VERY " Messy" for you Chris __It's called SLANDER and LIBEL!
      " You haven’t seen any pit bull yet, I sincerely hope your prepared for everything, You don’t know me in the least ".
      WHO DOESN'T know you Chris and __WHO DOESN'T already KNOW that YOU ARE a PIT BULL or at the very least ACTING LIKE one?
      " Now you get to see the intelligence not just the Balls or Brute that is Chris Greco" ?
      CHRIS __take some good advice for once.
      GET an Attorney – – GET Served – – ACKNOWLEDGE you've been served – – GET your act together – – BE Honest with YOUR Distributors and PLEASE BEFORE it gets you in DEEPER TROUBLE – – LEARN TO KEEP your MOUTH shut and TEMPER your anger and rage over all of this. You'll do MUCH BETTER in court if you LEARN to keep quite MORE than you speak.
      DO ALL these things and YOU MAY get another chance to CHANGE your life and the MANNER in which YOU DO things.
      CHRIS YOU COULD for once THINK about leaving YOUR children a GOOD LEGACY instead of FIGHTING your way into the grave and leaving them THAT memory.
      We personally don't want or like seeing anyone harmed. It's NOT supposed to be that way in life. It becomes a problem for EVERYONE when even ONE person sets out to do harm " intentionally or not " __to BENEFIT themselves and a few of their friends.
      It's NOT RIGHT to rip away another person's LIFE wether its their MONEY or THEIR FAITH and BELIEF in what ANY OTHER person has convinced them they're doing and " everything is going to be okay ". WELL __EVERYTHING IS NOT GOING TO BE OKAY WHEN WHAT IS being done IS DOING HARM to ANOTHER persons life in ANY way, shape, form or fashion.
      REMEMBER: When ACCUSING another of DOING WRONG __YOU and ONLY YOU are SETTING YOURSELF up to BE ACCUSED of the SAME THING's and YOU TOO LOSE ANY credibility! WHY would ANYONE want to do that?
      Let's just GET THIS ALL OVER and GET IT DONE. Distributors HAVE had ENOUGH ALREADY!

      • Victoria Conspiracy? Do what I say? have you been paying attention? What I said was that the carriers have begun their Process for the Fraud GV committed Long after I was gone. The carriers are on our side if anything at all. As for doing what I say, I think that is Moot, I mean we said at the Launch we would be our own communications company, not just a reseller, And well we have reactivated the Verizon and Sprint Licenses, Going Great by the way, Today if you pay attention we are Launching the First 4G GSM Phone, That is right, We have developed the Software for the HD2 to run on WiMax, Nice huh, This is thanks to a friend at Sprint, and Have you heard T-Mobile and Sprint together wow, Look at financial times!
        Anyway, yesterday we launched a FREE program to Unlock Any iPhone or iPad, and do it from your phone 1 push button unlock!
        Today we launch the Software to turn an HTC HD2 Into a GSM EVO!!!
        We have delivered on every promise, Phones, Accessories, Plans, International, So do what I say, I think I have done that, I am no saint, I am not saying that in any way shape or form, I am letting our Counsel decide how we make past wrongs right, We are doing what we said at TechSoft, I am proud that Susan had enough faith and belief to bring me on the Team here and I thank her, I also thank Kevin as Well, NO I DONT SPEAK FOR KEVIN, But I also stick up for my people, If you ever get into a Bar Room Brawl, I Wouldnt be the one under the tables, I will stick up and Fight everyday if I must for our Distributors, I have tried to be Diplomatic and Nice, But I only do so to a Point, People come here and Love me because of what I do, The personality I have and the way things get done, Its like a NEXTEL Commercial BeepBeep "done"
        So I really do wish everyone the best I do, But please don't think I am going to lay down on my distributors, Nope! As for Truth Victoria, Why doesn't Panther put all the Facts out there, I will hold my comment for now, Some of the Support Tickets people have answered there are not Pretty, Daring people to Bring it on, Suing reps, Come on, Ill forward all to Troy if you want to see them, I happened upon these by the way.
        Look I hope panther turns it around I do, I want the Best for them, But again don't throw stones in a Glass House cause you might just Shatter it.
        Thank you all TechSoft Reps for making this a Success, We are really taking off!!
        TechSoft Gold is launching
        TechSoft Wireless, With our own Agreements with Verizon and Sprint
        TechSoft 4G is here, Don't miss the 4pm call today go to our help page for call in info, Also listen to the Packed Opportunity call on that page here the Hundreds that were there, This happens every day.
        Again Build whatever business you are in and focus on that, I am. And look where we are!

        • CHRIS __YOU Wrote:
          " As for Truth Victoria, Why doesn’t Panther put all the Facts out there, I will hold my comment for now, Some of the Support Tickets people have answered there are not Pretty, Daring people to Bring it on, Suing reps, Come on, Ill forward all to Troy if you want to see them, I happened upon these by the way."
          GO BACK and READ " Harry Aston Speaks Out" __Troy's Post on THIS SITE AFTER Harry Aston sent a 4 page letter explaining it ALL __EVERYTHING you claim you DON'T know YOU already DO because of WHO you are associated with.
          What YOU are referring to had to do with one of YOUR friends again! YOU brought EVERYONE out from Global Verge and INSISTED you had something BETTER! YOU CHRIS pulled people from ALL directions in YOUR effort to BENEFIT yourself __So what's new here?
          PLEASE go ahead and SHOW US ALL __what DO you have Chris!

          • CHRIS __
            ONE MORE Question:
            WHAT Wireless Company have YOU EVER been a part of THUS FAR that you LEFT in BETTER shape PRIOR TO YOU being a part of BEFORE you joined and LEFT?
            THUS FAR: there are ONLY people SEEING a HISTORY of ASHES and MORE damage DONE than ANY could've single handedly accompished on their own!
            BUT HEY CHRIS __who knows? MAYBE TsM will be YOUR Trophy of ALL time!

        • CHRIS AGAIN you miss!
          Have WE been paying attention? YES of course we have and guess what Chris? WE ACTUALLY READ each and every WORD __DO YOU?
          NOW YOU are stating:
          " What I said was that the carriers have begun their Process for the Fraud GV committed Long after I was gone."
          READ BACK because here is WHAT YOU ACTUALLY STATED:
          " Also again, Make sure you contact page plus, But hey maybe the Carriers are in on it too. "
          Sorry but we're TIRED of ALL of this. YOU have'nt produced ANYTHING but MORE ASHES for everyone else to CLEAN UP AFTER __SOON to BE again if HISTORY proves itself on YOUR behalf and that of YOUR partnerships in the Wireless Industry!
          What's REALLY the saddest of all is that WE are here talking about things that REALLY don't matter to the extent that they're helping anyone. WE LOVE HELPING THOSE WHO WANT and NEED HELP and WILL CONTINUE to be here for ANYONE who NEEDS us and what we have to offer!
          We would LOVE to help you too Chris BUT __you don't seem to need anyone else's help at all. YOU ARE bent on DOING it YOUR WAY and the ways of OTHERS that have proven themselves to be LESS than HONORABLE in their past dealings in business.
          OH WELL ( my youngest daughter used to say and still does ) WE TRIED!

          • Wrong Victoria, We aren't doing it my way, We are doing it the right way, As for your help we would love to have you on the Team here. As for the Ashes, I have given each company an opportunity, and well frankly they could not handle me as they only wanted to be average and wanted to have massive breakage and not produce for the reps among other things.
            Now please let us know Victoria at Panther what is the Breakage, Please is it 70% 60% 50%, Your right all companies should be transparent. So why don't all companies come forward and really show the breakage, we do thats what is different.
            Are you saying that Debbie, Al, Saul, Steve, Phil, Matt, Victoria, Bob, Leroy, Christy, Linda, James, John, Candice, and the rest of our Wonderful Leadership Team are less than Honorable, Wow that is a low blow, Well I am sure they will respond, Our leadership team first of all is very honorable, and great. Every single one of them are Great in every aspect of this business, and all are Honorable and have integrity. Period.
            Still waiting to hear from you Victoria. If you really want to help call me, Or email, Don't call our leaders or members integrity into question please.
            Again wish everyone the best, From the Fastest growing company in the Industry, Even in August we are seeing massive Growth.

          • Chris,
            Can you explain what is so important about breakage? And for that matter how transparent is TechSoft? If you are suggesting other companies open their financial books, then are you willing to lead the way.

        • The HD2 will never be the GSM EVO! They have 2 completely different operating systems. They HD2 run Winmo 6.5 and the Evo has Android 2.1 and 2.2. Completely different phone. The HD2 is not 4G compatable. I know you said you launched the software to make it the GSM Evo. Hackers have been working on that for months. When you load android on the HD2 it is very unstable and loses a considerable amount of functionality… 2nd T-Mobile and Sprint will never merge… 2 Completely different technologies. The amount of customers that would be lost thru that merger would make the merger worthless.

  2. I'm Saul from seattle and I like to said,Get over guys global v,everge etc lied and disappoint toomany people,wow mobile same thing ,panthermobile ridiculous price on the phones and didn’t pay comissions ,randy,ted,mark,harry etc all are humans and made mistakes chris is human too ,stop talking of the past an lets talk about the present ,the company that has a better services and a good payment plan will win, do you remember bill clinton ,an the past averithing it was all about lewinsky now he is a good guy ,now chris is doing a great things, i was mad with chris too , but i realized we need a second chance,well techsoftmobile is the fashion company now thanks to chris ,so parner,realsoure,paul,roland etc stop living in the past an start talking the good news techsoft is eliminating the competition ,like the wise men said if you can against your competition joint them , GAME OVER WE WIN YOU ARE WELCOME

    • GameOverTechSoftWin,
      You wrote one thing which should be clarified.
      The original Panther Mobile did not pay commissions. Kevin Sipe was running the company along with Aston. Aston has willingly stated he would do his best to pay the past commissions which were owed while Sipe was his partner.
      Why hasn't Sipe stood up and made good on his 1/2 of the commissions? Seems Sipe ran out of his partner and refuses to give us any type of evidence to refute what Aston has stated publicly.
      Although, Greco and I do not always agree. He is willing to face the public anf his critics. Sipe seems to feel if he doesn't talk people will forget about him.
      This sure looks similar to what Ted Robbins states happened at eVerge. Kevin becomes a partner, takes the money and leaves others to clean up his mess.
      Second, Chris hasn't made any mistakes, so why do you compare him to Ted, Randy, Mark and Harry? Chris is a methodical strategist who has publicly admitted his plan has worked.
      Third, it doesn't matter how good the service or the pay plan is, if the company doesn't have leadership the majority of the field force believes in, it will fail.
      Fourth… How does Chris's partner Kevin Sipe feel, when you state "TechSoft Mobile is the fashion company NOW thanks to Chris?" Are you stating without Chris, Kevin Sipe and TechSoft was dead in the water?
      If you can clarify it will help.
      BTW… The sad thing about this whole sage in the wireless niche is the fact, I've seen all the cease and desist letters which went out prior to the lawsuits being filed. Had these founders and equity partners in ALL the companies just communicated with Global Verge's attorney, the distributors for all the companies might not be going through all this.
      At the end of the day there will not be a winner. Just one company with deeper pockets, and a whole lot of dishearten distributors who once again get hurt, because of the egos of their upline leaders all the way to corporate.
      I always find it funny, how these same folks who did not reach out to GV, are the same ones who yell "Troy is Wrong" yet they nor their companies send me cease and desist or respond to our request for info.

        The VERY LAST post on the TECHSOFT company BLOG " Mobile News Insider " that belonged to and STILL DOES to Kevin Sipe HAS NOT BEEN POSTED ON since AFTER July 4th, 2010.
        THERE ARE NO Comments left there on ANY ONE post and NO Ongoing Posts!
        ARE THEY doing GREAT or NOT? It's up to the PEOPLE and the PEOPLE AREN'T Posting Comments or MAYBE __that TOO is ANOTHER DEAD DOMAIN??
        HOW IN THE WORLD can one have a Company Blog Online and NOT POST Company NEWS and have Distributors NOT Posting Comments in SUPPORT of the Company they LOVE?
        Just ONE MORE Day in a DEAD SAGA of Mysteries and Kevin SIPE in HIDING AGAIN!
        Really ALL of this is SAD BUYERS BEWARE! DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST BEFORE you JOIN ANY company let alone ONE that has nothing but LOUD OUTS, DEBAUCHERY and worse still __ANY TIME a company management has SUCH a " shady history " and past record of improprities __it's BEST NOT to go there because LIKELY THAT HISTORY WILL repeat itself and in some cases ALREADY HAS!

    • One thing Saul if Chris has it all and you guys win then why does he need to come on and trash people. Keep it in the courts and if he is in the right then the courts will see that. Everyone deserves a second chance but come on Chris if you are a leader then stop trashing everyone, stop running your mouth and be a leader. Show us what you can do and people will follow your lead.

    • Saul ??? Hey Kevin or Chris OR __is it SUSAN or someone at the Corporate Office in Bradenton, FLorida?
      We * 67ed and DIALED this number (below) and guess WHAT? Oh well, like they say you can't send a DUCK to EAGLE School now can you?
      Enroller: 1 – TechSoft Mobile
      Contact Info: – 941-225-4031
      TechSoft Mobile Affordable Wireless
      IF you'd LEFT WELL ALONE and LEFT the LINK OUT __you may have been safe in saying WHO you really are!
      STOP this B.S. >>> THERE ARE Actually PEOPLE SMARTER than a 5th Grader!!
      Thanks to Jeff Foxworthy!

      • Victoria if you want to say who is Smart Check yourself, If a Rep uses the Main site not to Promote as is OUR RULES on blogs it would go to, Now talk about past, Shady etc, Know what I wont do it Ill let it come out on its own, Sad fact Victoria is you will be looking sooner rather than later.
        Further as Troy has said I have taken over the Marketing of TechSoft Mobile, So you can post on our blog hear the calls, get IM support, Get training videos, all at the TechSoft Help Page, Though is not Dead, We will be relaunching that site soon, Right now we are at
        And we do post, And we welcome people to do the same.
        When was the last time the Panther Blog was updated? Hmmm…
        Again Victoria for someone who says not to bash people and Business you have been Insinuating a lot here. But hey, Please folks do your research, See that Out ranks Lightyearwireless, Global Verge, Wow Mobile, PANTHER, Zoom, Vonumental, and Global Pros.
        So please do your research, Then come join the ONLY MLM Wireless Company with REAL WHOLESALE (MVNO) Agreements with Both Sprint and Verizon, Got questions please see you tube, We put our latest Bill from Verizon for our Wholesale airtime in the Amount of 36,000 out on the Web just youtube TECHSOFT Mobile.
        Also we are the only company paying its reps $10.00 for every new customer, that means get 10 customers a week thats $100.00, Plus you get a residual every month, We are a REAL WIRELESS company that happens to have a Network Marketing Arm, Oh I forgot about Retail, We also give our Reps the Retail System that we were selling to stores for $3500.00, We now give that to our reps to sign other stores and make 100% of that Residual Every Month from what those stores do. Further whatever you charge as a set up fee for that store is also YOURS.
        See at TechSoft Mobile, We are all about our reps, and all about our reps getting PAID.
        Anyone in Houston see the 14 stores set up by a TechSoft Rep yet? What about anyone in Florida? You will see them pop up everywhere, Because we are a REAL WIRELESS COMPANY. Oh and by the Way the rep that closed the deal on the stores in Houston makes over Six Thousand now.
        Victoria, the reason why we are signing up 70 to 100 a day is simple, We have More, We Pay More, and People can make money NOW. I would love to see some checks at these other companies and let them compare to our reps, Victoria how much does your company pay to its reps? 35%? 40%? Just asking I think people want to know, TechSoft pays 70% off all income to its reps, Thats 30% More than any other Wireless MLM, Do your Research, Then you will see why people are coming here. Also we are also actively helping some other companies, and acquiring others. I truly wish you the Best, I hope Panther Makes it. As an industry we really can't afford to see any more of these companies fail.
        I look forward to seeing all of you guys in TEXAS later this month!!!
        I also am taking names now for our Guest list at CES in Las Vegas In January get that to me now! TechSoft or not you are welcome to attend, Oh and TechSoft Mobile will be there with a Booth, We get those numbers assigned soon, I really hope some of these other companies will be there to represent our industry,
        Again Best of Luck, my only advice is this, Build your business, and Focus on that, And you can succeed.
        Oh Oh oh, I forgot TechSoft Gold starts soon, and TechSoft Marketing software, YUP, How would you like to be at a foorball game and you business info shows up as an SMS and or Sync request to all the Wireless Phones and Computers in a 350 feet radius, Thats right, Get it at TechSoft Mobile EXCLUSIVELY!
        Also Anyone can UNLOCK THEIR iPhone by going to and clicking the link on the bottom of the page from the iPhone!!!!! No cables no computer needed!!!
        Just go and your Done ANY OS and iPhone, Lastly We are now PORTING A 4G BUILD to the HD2 for T-Mobile, You heard right, we are Porting ANDROID to the Device and Enabling WiMax, see the Video on You Tube, TechSoft, "SOFTWARE" thats right we have software that is proprietary to us for our smart phones.
        Again that is why we have Exploded in Growth!!
        Thanks Troy and Wish Everyone the Best of Luck

        • Chris maybe it would be better to have the reps with all the new TechSoft stores post pictures and talk about their success, than having you do it.
          Do not get me wrong having a top corporate leader is great, but the field is what builds a company long term

          • Hey Troy,
            Some time ago last year, there were people in this community that complained about other people here more or less " spamming " and using this site to promote their business by leaving their links etc. As we've all been going thru these Wireless Wars of sorts, it seems now again we're in a REPEAT cycle.
            Don't get us wrong, we have very high regard and respect for you and all you do Troy and if we didn't we wouldn't be such avid supporters and part of your Ambassador Partners here @ MLM Help Desk. We are so proud to be part of everything you do because you have such HIGH integrity, honesty and ethics in helping ALL distributors in ALL companies MLM or Affiliate and WE thank you personally!
            We've been to your Morning Coffee Reflections and seen your videos about your Uncle George and Aunt Arliss and it's so heartwarming and great to see you talking about your family as important as it was to your family and the SAME holds true in how you PROTECT all us distributors in each and every company just as if we're you're family also and __WE ALL APPRECIATE YOU!
            As far as the " on and on's " lately regarding all the OPEN advertising currently going on, isn't there some way to get around that and keep it all clean and equal for everyone? We don't see ANY other people OPENLY advertising day in and day out. YES __there have been " mentions " but NOT near as flagrant as some!
            In truth Troy __we'd like to see some NEW postings on other NEW companies having nothing to do with the OLD stuff! How about that " Energizer Bunny " Raven Starre giving up $711K+ to joini Agel? HEY we know __ but SHE IS a POWERHOUSE of energy and certainly an INSPIRATION for ANYONE interested in MLM as well!
            Troy, we're SURE there ARE other companies that would LOVE to have you representing their Success Stories! How about it __we KNOW if anyone can, YOU CAN
            for sure!
            Semper Fi
            Viktoria & Gary Affron

        • Umm, did Chris just post that they are the only MLM Wireless with multiple wholesale agreements? From his post : "So please do your research, Then come join the ONLY MLM Wireless Company with REAL WHOLESALE (MVNO) Agreements with Both Sprint and Verizon" <<< They are not.
          And paying $10 for new customers? They are underpaying….

          • Really what is your company paying I would love to know. Also do u have an unlimited talk text and data plan for an I phone with tethering for 59.95?
            what about unlimited sprint with the evo or hero for 64.95
            I would love to know. I love beating and matching the competition so step up

          • Hey thebigfella,
            To answer your question __YES you saw what you saw and so did everyone reading here! Realize that this is merely another case of what appears to be TARZAN type tactics including ALL the CHEST BEATING that goes along with swinging thru trees and leaping over lions!
            WE WATCHED a few of CG's You Tube Video's last evening. He SURE DOES look healthy in EVERY way and he's NOT having any SPEECH problems thus far. Of course, NO one can independently confirm one thing or another with this one!
            We're not going to validate ANY of these type statements as WHO REALLY knows the extent of TRUTH or LACK OF TRUTH as it is in actuality with CG and TsM? It's pretty difficult to really KNOW one way or another due to PAST HALF TRUTHS or NO truths at all.
            One thing we can say is to KEEP READING and WATCHING __we're pretty SURE that the REAL NEWS will be IN THE NEWS sooner than later!
            Oh and maybe we won't have to miss CROCODILE DUNDEE anymore now that we have TARZAN and SUPERFLY back on the scene, or at least maybe someone who thinks they are.

      • What a company. I called the number and it goes to voice mail. I'm sure Chris will say that's because they are simply blown away by the huge response. And let's see, the rest of the excuse will go something like this: We are currently training (magic number) of people to support our massive growth of reps and customers. We are the only wireless company to blah blah blah, and then more lies BS, as always. Did I get it right Chris? Of course not, I'm not a professional BS artist. ROFLOL!!!!

    • Saul, the guy your following is the same guy that back in November made all these promises to Global Verge which were promises to us, and never delivered. Everyone wants to blame GV for that mess, but they can look no further than Greco. I hope the courts can put a stop to him for all the grief and havok he has put on these companies and distributors.
      Real Source

      • Real source if ,I can't understand if you are %100 sure about gv you don't want to said you real name but anyway .I joined gv back on march of last year and I didn't forgot when Jim hellmen said o I got the super phone an is great, the sound is awesome,I called Ruth when She was an Utha ,sorrry to call you this late but I want to travel to the event but before I do that I want to make sure if you really have a zer01 phone and she said or yes you better come because this new phone is great and then we found later on that she was using Tmobile network to do her events,Mar o I'm tasting the phone an works great and don't forgot Ted o yah from stand point we believe that the best technology in our hands and after lies avery months and paying autoships and make lie to my team I said that is it and the last month of october I tried to collect my comision and sent my money from globalwallet to my card, guess what ,not money and i chat every day to asked where is my money sorry is on his way we already send it we will do a research to find out what happened come back next week bla bla same thing avery week until I get tired of it keep my money I hope that money will help you to buy all thoese evo phones that you said you guys have, and I forget do I need to blame Chris for this one too right
        the miracle is not the gv has evos the miracle is after all thoese lies from the corporate and the top leaders theres still people believe on those tale fairy from corporate the number one ? if you still believe on thoese guys why dont believe an Chris

  3. Yes Troy we would, We would Love all companies to do this in this industry, See Breakage, we all understand that the company needs to make money, and that is true, But 70% breakage? I dont think so. And the Sad fact is most of these companies reps are doing all the Building and making the company what they are but not being properly compensated, I hear one person today say that I was Unionizing the industry by doing this, SO BE IT! Reps should be paid fair for their work plain and simple.
    So yes Troy we would love to lead the way and show you that TSM pays at least 30% more than any other company in this niche, Period.
    So yeah we would put our books up against anyone else,
    Also we would put our Qualifications up against anyone else as well.
    Chris Greco
    Unioninzing MLM lol

  4. Troy, One of the things Chris loves to talk about is that TSM is doing so great. Let's get the facts out there. When Chris talks about ranking in the Alexa rating he loves to tell everyone that TSM is ranked higher than Global Pros, well he is true about because Global Pros is now using as the main website. Which he knows that! We are currently ranked at 34,984 and the only reason Techsoftmobile is ranked is becaused Chris has linked in Activation King Wireless into Techsoftmobile. So if you want to know which company is ranked over Techsoftmobile in the Wireless industry it is where the owners there stand behind their product and this is one company that Chris Greco did not leave any ashes, we are stronger than ever because of getting rid of someone who know nothing about MLM, someone who has continued to tell everyone he has the ticket but can't never come through with what he says he's got.
    Point in case: TeraStar had nothing to do with Chris Greco, never heard of him or his company. No beta testing was ever preformed. No rep ever got a TeraStar. So how does Chris cover his tracks, " He says, TeraStar was a piece of Crap and didn't test very well" Image that. Yes there is a satellite phone out there and Global Pros will have the same capabilities as TSM will have.
    Point in case: Chris told reps about Able Mobile coming to market, they would be on the Sprint Backbone with free Verizon roaming. An unlimited talk / text plan that will be available on the 15th of July. Where is that plan you got all the Global Pros reps excited about that never came about?
    People need to due there research, hype is what Chris lives on, he tells everyone he is doing it over at where every he is at the moment. But which one will run out of the company first Kevin Sipe or Chris Greco! who knows! All I know is TSM was filed on the 18th of May, this was during the time Chris was standing in front of Globla Pros reps promising all these exciting plans that were coming available because of him, but never came about.
    Just know this, none of these wireless companies will be able to provide any different price from the real MVNO's, yes I said that! If you sell Simple Mobile, you sell it at the same price, nothing different. Oh! Chris Greco does not hold the contract with Global Pros products! If he has the power to shut Global Pros down, he would do so, that's his charactor! He doesn't have the connections in the Wireless industry that everyone thinks that he has! He knows the industry but doesn't know MLM,
    Case in point: Any real MLM person will see that their compensation plan will not work once distributor's get to a higher level in the company, so for the first of many who will work out how your compensation plan works will find out there is no way to pay $7 a rep for 9 levels deep when reps are only paying $39.95 a month. The math doesn't add up! Be cautious!
    I agree with you Troy and many others on this site, if Chris is so busy building a company, why is he on this site so much? Got to wonder!

    • Wow, nice to see I am not the only one who has realized the emperor is naked.
      What I find interesting is that the day TSM was incorporated was also the day Chris got into his car accident. Was it a coincidence? Or maybe, he needed an excuse to be away for 24 hours so he can get things set up with Kevin. Kinda makes me wonder.
      The other thing I wonder about. No one, not even Chris has mentioned his health since the launch of TSM. Kinda makes me wonder if the brain cancer is as real as the Terrestar phones.

  5. “This is a really good blog and I thank you for making this information available to novices like me!” Althought I would never choose a wireless company for a home based business because history has told us already that they just cant compete. Keep up the good work Troy.

  6. C.H.R.I.S.G.R.E.C.O.I.S.P.R.O.M.O.T.I.N.G.A.N.E.W.C.O.M.P.A.N.Y.E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E.I.C.O.M.E.T.O.T.H.I.S.W.E.B.S.I.T.E!!!!!!
    OH BROTHER!!! I've been wanting this whole MLM wireless thing to come to fruition since the pre-launch of Buzzirk Mobile (which I eagerly jumped into. Doh!). What the heck though?!?! I hop onto MLMHELPDESK.COM about once a month now, just to peek in on the MLM Wireless Wars, and it seems everytime I do there are a few things that remain the same. 1. Nobody has really deliverd ANYTHING of substance that has even the slightest promise of being a legitimate MLM Wireless Company. 2. Chris Greco's name is "involved" in it one way or another (with the exception of Wow and Lightyear, respectfully). 3. People are actually still getting EXCITED about their "pre-launch" Super Fantabulous, Rock the world, knock-one-out-of-the-park, "GAME OVER-WE WIN", company.
    Chris, really? Still? Watching your comments and listening to you since you first started being involved in this community and this website, I honestly don't know how people can still take you seriously.
    Troy, you've most likely seen and heard more from this guy than I have. In all due respect, what positive contributions has he made to the community and the industry that have compelled you to continue to allow him to pitch himself to your viewers that look to your website as a trusted resource within the MLM realm? He has used, and continues to use, this website, as a tool to rake in tens of thousands – probably HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, and yet, he has produced NOTHING but a copious amount of claims and stories, and excuses as to WHY his claims and promises have done nothing but take money from people he has delivered nothing to.
    The worst thing anybody new to MLM could possibly do is get involved with an MLM wireless company. Unfortunately, THEY do not know that.
    Psshh! *shakes head in disgust, disappointment, and disbelief*

    • This is all interesting and new to me. To think that most of these MLM's have greed and corruption as its basis opened my eyes. Run by inspiring wanna-be entrepreneurs, with not quite enough money, depending on the meaningless autoships to pay their bills and shield them from the FTC, to think that anyone could get involved with any of these companies with all this mud-slinging, and lawsuits going on makes you wonder. Because of the comments on this website made by reps, so-called owners and so-called investors alike, I will never ever touch a MLM again! Anything/anyone motivated by hatred and greed will never go very far. No wonder so many failures!!

  7. True Transparency in Leadership would involve a name change From "Tech Soft" To
    "Weasel Mobile" Even the blind followers get consumed .
    Etymology: from the weasel's reputed habit of sucking the contents out of an egg while leaving the shell superficially intact
    : a word used in order to evade or retreat from a direct or forthright statement or position
    3 : a sneaky, untrustworthy, or insincere person

  8. Funny how Kevin Sipe & Swipe always goes into hiding after his scams fall apart. He's all over Google with home foreclosures & old corps left in the dust and I guess his new front man is Chris Greco who'll be left holding the bag next; although it looks like grecco will get what he has coming since these two appear to be two peas in a pod they can fall down in the mud and get even more dirty TOGETHER. Isn't that special! I wonder if they can sell cell phones from prison?? .. Well if not at least Kevin was smart and put his wife's name on TechSoft Inc. so she can keep the company going while he's away in CellTech Mobile, lol!!!

  9. Heads up.
    GV new product is a fuel additive. Mark promises a 22% fuel economy.
    A bottle (must be installed on the fuel intake) is expected to last 8000 miles.
    Phil Piccolo has been involved in fuel additives before.
    "Phil Piccolo, a former Ethos distributor, had been conducting a campaign against 4-E, making a number of serious (though generally unproveable) allegations. For the avoidance of doubt, I am not associated with Phil – and I certainly would not advise anyone reading this to leave 4-E and join with his businesses instead, since these seem no more credible than Ethos. A critical point is that most of the sceptics' concerns about Ethos FR arose long before Phil Piccolo appeared on the scene, and doubting Phil's allegations is not a reason to automatically believe the claims of 4-E Corporation. For most "Ethos sceptics", Phil Piccolo and his claims are simply an irrelevance – and indeed the site making those claims has now apparently been shut down."

    • _Arthur, I believe you are mistaken on your statement. I think you are confused with the fuel saver and the electrical management system. The 22% guaranteed savings is on electrical management system on the electric bill. Mark quoted the fuel saver's they have been testing is adding between 3-4 mpg.
      Real Source

      • Mark (8/12/10)
        "Our Fuel Saver is a very simple product
        It requires only 2 minutes to install in your car, no tools required
        The savings are a guaranteed 22% on average, and even possibly more than that
        It's even approved by the EPA!
        It's like getting a free quarter tank of gas everytime you fill up !"
        Mark (8/17/10)
        "It's been awarded the Truth In Advertising Highest Award, because it really does what it sayz. What it says, it'll save 22%, it really does."
        He repeated it twice, on 2 different conference calls.
        So it must be true.

        • _Arthur
          Your right, I went back and listened to the recording, it was the fuel saver, Mark did say however it took him 10 minutes on one car and 15 minutes on the other car, and did say the Company guarantees a minimum 22% savings. I'm anxious to see if it's true, it could be another great product to help people.
          Real Source

          • He repeated that extravagant claim again yesterday:
            Mark (8/24/10 call):
            "We will launch our Fuel Economizer product after our Little Rock meeting: it's gonna be a great retail product, at $100 retail; there gonna be a great commission
            We're selling it a HUNDRED dollars less than others sell it.
            It's the only product that has been tested and awarded by the EPA. It won approval by the EPA and by all the other -uh- committees
            It's a great product, it works, they see an average of 22% decrease on any vehicle, ah, and I think you guys are gonna be very happy.
            It's very easy to install; it comes with a very nice instruction manual.
            We have so many people excited about this product.
            Just imagine a trucking company that saves 22% on each truck !!! My gosh !!!"

          • _Arthur just got the email that said it's live in the back office, the email said $60 commission instead of $100.
            Real Source

    • GV Fuel Optimizer
      Increases Gas Mileage an average of 22% to 28%
      Excellent for deisel (sic) or gas engines,
      Very easy to install, installs in minutes
      No mechanical parts, patented mixture helps a engine burn more efficiently.
      The average engine burns only 68% efficiently with Globalverge's Fuel optimizer engine burns average 96% efficient.
      Helps rid on carbon deposits that fowl (sic) plugs
      Helps the environment by burning cleaner exhaust


    • ROFLOL!!!! LEADERS! Oh my! If Chris Greco is a leader, then why are so many people coming forward stating otherwise. This guy is definitely "one of a kind", but a leader? Wait for it………..Yes, he is a leader in the sense that he will lead you to deposits in his bank account. Join whatever opportunity he is currently with and his bank account grows. Go to one of his many websites and click on his google ads, and again he is paid. Now I don't know if you are just unaware of his history or are a participant in his schemes/plans that negatively effect other hard working honest people, but a leader in network marketing he is not.
      As for not calling him anything but a WINNER, I would strongly disagree! He is a liar. He makes up more crap than anyone I've ever seen. Now that's fine if your a kid playing make believe, but Chris Greco has and continues to show us all that nothing he says can be trusted to be the truth!!
      It's no wonder that people are sick of his BS.
      I can think of lot's of things to call him and I'm sure others could as well. I will just say that he is not a good person. That is my opinion.