Micah Collins, is a private buddy, wonderful investigative reporter and stable community marketer. This inside take a look at WOW could also be eye opening to some, and anticipated by others.
“In case you’ve spent a lot time right here that I had a short expertise with Randy Jeffers and the gang at Liberty Worldwide. AKA WOW Cellular.
All of that ended a while in the past and I believe sufficient time has handed to inform the story from the within.
To begin with, let me say to Randy Jeffers,
Thanks Randy for taking an excellent concept, misrepresenting your relationship with T-Cellular and driving the entire thing over a cliff.
When it got here to due diligance on my half, one of many first issues I needed to know earlier than I began advertising this firm was “Is there an actual contract with tier 1 T-Cellular?” And certainly there was.
Ever heard that Assumption is the mom of all FU’s? Effectively, I although I had that dealt with on the contract entrance till I bought my cellphone and began utilizing it. I observed that lots of the folks I regularaly name weren’t answering their telephones. The reply to this little mystry got here from my mother-in-law.
My Caller ID was exhibiting up as “Liberty Worldwide”. Read More Here!


  1. Dear Troy,!
    Just finding out about this Crap (Edited by Troy) here with WOW!
    Listen, Chris told you guys that WOW was NOT an MVNO!
    When are you guys going to start trusting Chris again?!?
    This is why people don’t trust any one one in the MLM business any more!
    Mr.Randy Jeffers is Nothing but a Liar!
    He tricked you didn’t he?
    He will do it again, soo I gather!
    Next time listen to Chris!
    Thanks Guys!

    • Ergomex,
      I do not believe I was tricked at all.
      I do think Randy got slapped by T-Mobile which caused the distributors to get hit hard.
      As for trusting Chris… Well only time will tell if the distributors will trust him. Personally he has told me both lies and truth. And when that happens, I tend to not trust, until I see if what he states comes to pass.
      I do not believe Randy tricked me at all. I fully believe he told me exactly what he saw it happening. So when situations outside of his control took place, it caused folks to say he lied.
      Now, that does not mean he may not have lied to other people. I can't say that, because I have not been on any calls.
      But my personally experience with Randy has been positive in every way.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

  2. Troy you sure do change as the wind blows, This site is a f_ing (edited by Troy) joke. You are a f_ing joke (Edited by Troy). Randy and Jeff were right about you.
    So now because we are activating phones everyday. That is right every damn day, HTC EVO, HTC HERO, T-Mobile phones. We are high risk. Show me one outside customer that was able to activate at that screwball scam they call ZOOM MOBILE.
    What a f_ing joke(Edited by Troy). I usually don't comment here Mr.Dooly but I wont tolerate this I will gather my Downline if I must and personally file suit against you and MLM Help Desk.
    I am protecting my company. YOU SIR YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!!!
    Said to stay at WOW on this very damn site…. YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU Sir said that the grass wasn't greener anywhere else…. You should be fu_ing(Edited by Troy) ashamed of your self.
    I stayed I listened, We came through the hard times to do this right. I have my HTC EVO I am responding on right here in Virginia. This is BS Troy Dooly and you know it.
    Have you got a position at ZOOM NOW?
    I am so upset and hurt at this blatant attack on WOW Mobile. After you Troy Dooly told us to stay here.
    I am pissed off to say the least.
    What is it now. Is it because Mr.Greco is affiliated with the company you now think we are a scam? HUH?
    So because we get a vendor that makes us a scam.
    For that Sir you should be ashamed.
    One Marine to another. This is bullshit.
    We want Randy Jeffers stance on this now. We want to know what your stance is on the company.
    We deserve to know.
    Make this right

    • This site is a JOKE,
      Well, if the site is a joke, why are you posting here? As a matter of fact, it would seem you would post your frustration on the site where the article came from. But, since you are on a roll, let me address your ambiguous statements.
      1. How have I changed? Tell me one time where my stance has changed on WOW? Let me make it clear for you…
      "Randy Jeffers has always been straightforward and open with me. He has shared inside information, and has asked that I keep it off the record, until he was ready to go public. I have respected his position, and in each situation, what he has said would happen has. Yes, Liberty is a hig-risk MLM because of the situation at hand, and not knowing how the T-Mobile issues may play out. Distributors who join Liberty, need to know all sides of the situation, so they can make a well informed decision when joining the company."
      2. Not sure what Zoom Mobile has to do with anything. Since I am not a part of that company, I can not address anything to do with who their customers are. I can tell you based on talking with Geroge Burton and their corporate attorney Matthew Foreman, that yes, they are activating phones, both in wireless and voip services.
      3. Not sure what the lawsuit might be able, but if you decide I or this site has published anything not protected by our Freedom of Press, then have your attorney file the suit and send it to my attorney or record Kevin Thompson he will handle it from there.
      But, seriously, please explain specifically what I have written which you do not approve? Are you telling folks that you only want one side of this story to come out… The positive one? What happens then when someone in your downline has frustrations, and finds out others have also? It seems if everyone's eyes are open going in to this business venture, then they will fully understand it could be a rough ride, but if everyone pulls together, then everyone wins.
      4. I've never told anyone to leave Liberty. I have told folks, they need to look at their own situations to determine how long they stay at Liberty, if they are not making money and can't handle the heat/ But NEVER have I recommend folks just leave, or go looking for greener pastures.
      Now, I have made it VERY clear, I would not join any company because of wireless. I believe the top companies control the pricing, and Randy's situation with T-Mobile validates my position. And with Wal-Mart announcing yesterday they would be entering the Wireless Wars themselves, with their new Wal-Mart Family Plan powered by T-Mobile, I again rest my case, that MLM companies offering wireless are High Risk for the most part.
      5. As for being ashamed… I really don't see what I have to be ashamed of. But, hey, if you can get specific, and it is valid, I have no problem shooting a video asking for forgiveness.
      6. As for BS, not I do not know it! So far the only person to give us any positive feedback about WOW and Liberty is "Loyal WOW Rep" who is a great contributor to this community and keeps everyone up to date on what is happening inside the company.
      7. As for the comment on Zoom, the short answer is NO! But, why would you even think such a thing? It seems the question you would want to ask, is does the author of the original article have a position in another MLM company offering wireless?
      I've made it clear where I stand on building any company. I retired last year, and that will not change. Although, I do use the products from several Direct Selling companies and own stock in several others.
      And since you brought it up, let me clear the air for you and others. I use Zoom Mobile and GI Connect for cell and wireless VOIP Service. I use Liberty, GIConnect and ACN for landline VOIP services/ My life insurance is through Primierca, my energy drink is Vemma and Revolucion, and my kids take NEXT from Vemma. My wife cooks with Watkins spices and baking mixes, and I brush my teeth and shave with Essente worldwide products. And, when I collect coins, I buy them through Numis Network. I also use 360Central as a focusl point for my online activities.
      But, I do not hold any field or corporate position with these companies, I just support the distributors who market for them.
      8. Sadly this was not a blatant attack on WOW Mobile or its parent company Liberty Freedom Network. It was however an opportunity to share someone else perspective who I respect as a reporter, and who has the right to share their opinion based on what happened to them personally. Just like, not all WOW reps will become financially independent, not all reps will have the same negative experience as the author of the article. But to cover up what has happened to others, will only cause harm to everyone. This is not the 1980s, this si the 21 century where people demand transparency.
      Sure not everything is pretty, but for you or anyone else to think you can hide the facts, cover up the truth and hope people will not find out, will do more harm than good. If you have read through all the posts here and seen what folks have written on WOW or any other high risk MLM you see one common theme… they want information and facts so they can make informed decisions.
      Out of all the comments here, only one WOW family member has been professional. They shared their inside facts and observations and gave folks another side from what they might read in the article. They do not see the need to cover up or ignore the facts. They are transparent and authentic in their contribution to this community.
      9. As for Mr. Greco being affiliated with Liberty, I do not have any official communication from Randy or Liberty that this is indeed fact. Although Greco has commented publicly, I have no personal knowledge of this being true. And if it is true, what does that have to do with any of our reporting. Chris is affiliated with several companies, and we still report based on facts, not supposition. Are you saying you feel if Greco is affiliated that will be seen as a negative?
      10. If you are a Marine, then you of all people should be above this type of subjective propaganda. You should truly understand how important the oath we took, and how important it is for the truth no matter how ugly is to be told with out bias.
      And, if you were a Marine you should also know, that when you question a fellow Marine you take it to them in private first, you never make subjective and emotional statements which are not founded in facts and truth.
      11. As for Randy's stance, I have no clue. I reached out to Randy a few weeks ago, and he has been so busy, he has not responded back to me. However, I did hear from his attorney a a couple of weeks ago, on a different subject, but he did not have anything to say about Liberty.
      So, I am not sure what I have to make right. Especially since I did not write the article. I always welcome a call from Randy to share his side of this situation.
      I do hope this clears up where I stand when it comes to reporting for the distributors and providing the companies a platform to get their story out.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

  3. To all my loyal WoW mobile distributors who are in this with me. Please do not miss the call tonight.
    As WoW Mobile takes new legal actions to get back what was taken from us.
    New vendors, New alliances, It's a better stronger WoW Mobile.
    Get with your upline. Do Not Listen to any of this nonsense because in less than a week, Justice will be served. And the thieves that have hurt our company will be dealt with.
    stay true, follow the updates.
    We are activating phones daily. See for yourself. Unlike Zoom and other pretenders. We are activating Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile phones daily.
    WoW TV is back on track. I am currently using such on my HTC EVO which I activated through WOW Mobile PCS.
    So don't fall for the lies and traps. You have stayed true. Now reap your reward as all the rest of the deserters, see their companies crumble in the courts.
    Loyal WoW Rep
    Excited about the future

    • Loyal WOW Rep,
      I can always count on you to provide the inside insights we need to know what is happening.
      Please keep the community posted on how you see things, so we can keep this fair and balanced.
      I know Randy has been busy lately and has not had time to reach out to me, so you are our eyes and ears right now.
      Thank you for contributing solid info on behalf of the WOW Family.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

    • Loyal WoW Rep,
      I was just curious how I can listen in on the call. I have been in my back office but have not seen any info on an upcoming call. Can you please provide it or tell me where to look? I also asked my sponsor and they have no idea. I want to stay informed on what is happening with Liberty! Thanks for the info!
      Tracie Marone

    • I am sick of wow and there cult give the reps there money back the plans are over priced i gave these guys alot of time and money and what i get on a saturday call church service oh randy god put you here for us we thank you so much and phones still wasnt getting shipped u say move foward correct the old problem i paid for a biz center to sale wow dont give me that its a hub company gabage yall didnt deliver on your promise but how many lives did you ruin friendships and thats all you can say is that were back loyal wow rep your a joke were is wow tv oh yea its coming pipe right

  4. Let me say that everything comes full circle. Did you boys really not think that Troy Dooly would turn on you? I mean look at his track record. He turns on everyone it suits him to. Enough said.
    But since we are on the subject about WoW having a misstep. Maybe we need to talk about the history of this site in general and its editor.
    One thing I have always learned is to know who your dealing with. See what most of you new readers do not know is Troy Doolys past. Yes his was a Marine, a bounty hunter, all of that. But what about the criminal charges?
    See Troy its not nice to throw stones and try to hurt a company when they are just starting to get back up.
    For that you should be ashamed. But hey if you want to play I am sure there are plenty of WoW mobile distributors that can start their own smear sites against you.
    Look what happened to Phil Piccolo after one little ole site.
    I am not saying not to call us out Troy, But you do it. what you did here was cowardly and not something a real leader or advocate would do.
    If you are posting former distributors as blog posts, whynot post all of those Global Verge affiliates still being charged or still with no refund?
    Oh no wouldn't want to hurt your friends would we? See we were once there as a friend. What happened Troy? Did Randy not want to pay you anymore money? We wouldn't want that out now would we.
    This is a dangerous game. And playing with WoW mobile distributors is something I do not think you want right now.
    Please amend this rag you placed on your site
    Jenny McCarthy
    No not that Jenny I am fat

    • Jenny,
      Please explain how I have turned on WOW aka Liberty? I did not write the article in question. I did share another perspective than my own, which is what fair and balanced reporting is all about.
      Please share my track record. We report the facts young lady. And when the fact change, or we get a fact wrong we report it. Even it it shows our inability to be perfect. Are you trying to say you would rather us report propaganda to those who come to this site for news and reviews?
      Please share who you feel I have turned on?
      ROFLOL… Criminal charges. Young lady you are funny. If you have ever listened to my radio shows or training, then you would know I have been the most vocal about criminal charges. Mine or anyone's.
      I have told everyone that I have been charged with attempted vehicle homicide, and assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill among several smaller charges. The key word is "Charges" I might also add these were during my bounty hunter days when we were running our bail bond company.
      However, Jenny, you will NOT find any convictions. And had I not shared these publicly over the years, you nor anyone else would ever know about them, because the cases were sealed. And, if you really want to stir the pot, you might want to also bring up the fact my oldest son has been charged with Kidnapping, assault, grand theft, wrongful imprisonment, identity theft, credit card fraud, and interstate transportation of a minor without the consent of their parents, and is currently serving time in the Colorado Department of Corrections.
      All of which I have shared many times, again in writing, videos and on radio.
      Jenny, you may not like me, (although I do not think we have ever met) but if you were a true follower then you would already know I do my best to live a very authentic life. I never throw stones, and do my best to report just the facts as we find them.
      Jenny what you will find, is you can throw stones at me all you want, because I do not have anything to hide, nor do I really worry about what others have to say about me.
      Not sure what you mean by Phil. As a matter of fact we just had him live for the first time in history, and NOT ONE of his critics has the anatomy to confront him publicly. Like you they want to throw stones, but when they are given an opportunity to publicly on live radio confront him, run and hide.
      Please share how I have done anything cowardly? I use my real name, I admit when I make mistakes, and in this case, I have not even written anything. Yet, you with your pompous, and judgmental attitude accuse me with an ambiguous statement about "criminal charges" without even offering up the charges you are referring. Instead I share the charges and challenge you to find a conviction.
      As a matter of fact I would challenge you to find a criminal charge in the last 20 years, let alone a conviction.
      And on that note. Please share with me, how I have smeared WOW. I have reached out to Randy on a regular basis, and he has always been very straightforward with me. As have most of the founders and CEOs of wireless companies.
      By the way we have allowed former distributors to post here on the site, who have claimed they are owed money. And, if you have been following you know I interviewed Ted Robbins and asked him specifically about the claim money was owed to former reps. And guess what… GV never charged anyone for phones and did not deliver! And after Ted made this public, we have not seen anyone challenge his claim, here or in court. It is funny, you would think if so many folks were owed from GV an attorney would have already filed a class action lawsuit.
      Jenny, it is not about friendship, it is about what is right and wrong, and how the distributors will be effected. At the end of the day, the news may not be pretty, but if the facts are out there, then ALL distributors and potential distributors can make an informed decision on joining or not joining any company.
      As for Randy passing any money. Randy has never paid me anything. As I have reported he did send me phones that worked and products from Liberty, which are great by the way. And, if you read through all the posts I have done here on Randy, you will find, I have been supporting the distributors and Randy knowing it has been tough for everyone.
      I challenge you to find anything I have written publicly or privately where my stance has changed.
      "I believe Randy Jeffers is a straight shooter, who got into a situation with T-Mobile where they were able to rip the rug out from under him. I believe the distributors got hurt, and if anyone wants to join Liberty Freedom Network, they need to realize it is a risky venture, and there will be some glitches along the way." And if you look it is listed with several other companies under the category "High Risk MLMs"
      By the way, if you think friendship is earned by money, then you really have some issues, and you have once again proven you have no clue who I am, or what I stand for. And what does this say about Randy? You would think a rep promoting WOW would have far more respect for the founder of the company.
      As for a dangerous game… Young lady, you opened the game with your ambiguous attack on me, before you took the time to review my stance.
      By the way you and others are NOT WOW Reps, this is what caused Randy's problems in the first place. You are Liberty Freedom Network reps.
      I do hope this sets the record straight.
      As for your threats… do what you feel you must.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

    • Jenny,
      Have you really taken the time to read Troy's Bio or his Morning Coffee Reflections and dig deep into this man's dedicated, committed and genuine heart? Don't you know if you had a situation that needed his attention, he would be more than glad to accept the challenge and attempt to help you as well as any other? He is not the mean spirited person you have painted him to be and in fact IS a friend to all who respect him for his dedication and committment in life and in business!
      Troy is not here by himself or for himself but to help others including YOU and to ensure by proper means of communication, research and interviewswith company corporate's and leaders in the field that we ALL have the correct information first hand to make a well informed decision.
      It does NO good to throw spears if you aren't personally involved in the Corporate or legal realm of these issues. It only serves to mark one's personality by their comments made in general or otherwise and in how they direct them. Directing one's anger at others is like a Boomerang __the anger they produce redirects straight back at them. Part of becoming or being a professional requires knowing what to say, to whom and how to say it. If you have any issues with who Troy is or what he represents here __you really should have contacted him in private and not set out to tarnish Troy's or anyone elses principles and character this way in public.
      Being a professional in business requires experience, timing, correct info, hard work, dedication, commttment and knowing when to speak and when to stay silent as a means of protecting one's own credibility or that of another team member. Proper etiquette in this industry and social arena plays an important role in the type of realtionships we are able to create. Professional Courtesy can provide individuals and businesses with the type of protocol and professional etiquette required to perform with confidence and authority or __lack of it can and will ruin all relationships and thus future business with other companies and other individuals. Those are our choices here in how we treat each other either with respect or lack of it.
      Please know that insulting Troy and calling him "cowardly" became an insult you issued to all our troops, servicemen and women in all branches of military service. Yours and anyone else's disrespect and dishonor towards others who are trying their best to help you exercise your right as an individual to own your own business and your right to speak freely in this community is an insult. If you have something of value to say, please remember to say it in a professional manner in reaching out to others with professional courtesy and not insult or reprise.
      We'd have to say that Troy is NOT the coward here but those who forced issues and arguments to benefit themselves without having the correct facts. Also those who accuse others of impropriety while they sit in thier own and do nothing but flounder. It's easy to accuse others and point fingers when one doesn't want to look in the mirror or have others pointing fingers at them personally. What a shame and so unprofessional. It's said "Time is the great healer" and maybe in time SOME here will learn to be MORE professional and rather than downing others lend a helping hand to those who ARE serious about staying focused and building their businesses to success!
      We all need to learn how to better respect each other and that things work much better when worked together and WITHOUT all the argumentative tactics and competitory practices. They only serve to break relationships that otherwise may be useful in future business for everyone involved. We all have a stake in this thing MLM Wireless and to the best of our knowledge currently, not all is good but __NOT all is bad either as it's still a giant "wait and see" for most but we CAN help each other by remaining positive, respectful and at all times professional!
      Viktoria & Gary Affron
      Executive Team Concepts

      • Bag Phone…
        Love your handle, I carried a bag phone for years. 🙂
        As for WOW TV, I talked to me son who is an account manager for a pretty good size tech company out of Atlanta, and he said the technology behind WOW TV has had some issues and they have been working on an upgraded software. The software provider, not WOW.


  5. Please note the New Liberty Freedom Network company has learned hard lessons of putting eggs in one basket.
    Now LFN is rolling out many great products and services. LFN now has four carriers offering cellular service 3/Free (4!)…but expanding to hub marketing, through diversification builds stability.
    Now legal exposure to distributors was protected by a new entity LFN.
    There will be a class action suit to distributors too.
    LFN is concentrating on getting up in running first before legal battles an expenses are taken on, Dist are thought of first
    Randy paid paychecks out of his own money to distributors (me) during the change over to LFN. This is not a bag cash/scam company and none of their actions have proved that at all!.
    T-Mobile was clearly at fault. Now they are in a position to be sued…rightly so.
    T-Mobile said to Liberty we could not make toll calls (FACT). However there were some long distance codes to mexico and canada that worked. No One knew about this other than T-Mobile, who never told Liberty. Reps found these area codes by chance and started using them big time.
    Looking at the facts it was t-mobile fault…who cares who's name the accounts were in, that was never a factor. We all had free service and big paychecks with Liberty's great company…no one was complaining then!
    Remember Liberty previously had a track record of 11 years shipping products and paying comm on time…11 years ! that shows good management.
    The New LFN is is going well and offering more products than other wireless mlm'ers, bigger payouts…in some cases LFN pay 4 times more than copy cat start ups.
    Remember on thing its not how you judge a company in the best of times…its how they fear in the worst of times.
    Liberty could have shut its doors and stopped the Opportunity to distributors, but it did not. It protected its distributors, dumped massive investment capital, hard work, countless man hours, new technology into the new LFN.
    LFN is ten times better than the old Liberty. Distributors have a bigger opportunity and a better home.
    LFN will rise to the top…as the best marketing plan 3/Free and the biggest payout always do. Sit back and watch this happen.
    P.S Liberty have over 300 products…because one failed you don't throw the company in the scrap heap…far from it.
    To other wireless mlm company's just pushing cellular…bumpy roads are ahead for you too. Soon the margins wont be there to pay reps commissions and watch your comp plans get slashed.
    One publicly listed mlm wireless company is still reporting massive losses as they tread water doing telecom. What happens when their Wireless divisions pull plugs on Distributors ?…do they have diversification, cash flow from other products…"NO"
    LFN is on the rise…lessons learned…who is next ?

    • I just wanted to bring something up about the international calling. There were no "toll" codes as you stated. You just called like you would dial international from any ordinary device that had international capability.
      How do I know this? I watched people do it. I am not Hispanic, BUT I live in South Texas and I knew a ton of people who had relatives who "thought" it was included for the very reason of nothing special had to be done to dial into Mexico which was there case.
      Just my 2 cents

    • I guess people will continue to hate on Zoom Mobile… I am loyal to the brand Zoom.. and will continue to be. I wish the best for WOW Mobile… But I know WOW reps in the company (friends, networkers, etc…) and they have given up.. Why is it SOOO many people have given up and are upset because they are still not delivering, yet there are a few on here who say they are????
      Can we get a strait answer here?
      To answer the comment about why Zoom can't take on proprietary Sprint devices such as the Evo. This is because we are setup as an MVNO.. We are our own network that utilizes the Sprint coverage. Do a little bit of research and you will find out what it takes to accomplish this.
      And trust me when I say this… We have some things coming that NOBODY in MLM has EVER EVER done or even thought of. Be ready.
      The term "copy cat" is HILARIOUS anytime someone brings it up. Its like calling pretty much ANY business that has started and is successful in America today a "copy cat". Most businesses originate from an idea or concept that has already been started or established… Guess what though, this IS America and when someone starts a business and the individual has the drive and belief that they can do it better, or in another way that is beneficial.. they are free to pursuit there endeavors.
      Anyway, Good luck as always to Liberty Freedom Network (if you are going to rep a company get the legal name correct as WOW Mobile is NOT your company)
      Nick Schycker
      Zoom Founder – TX State Manager

    • wow yea right what about the reps that were lef hangin that had to switch to tmobile under a contract t mobile still in biz and kickin so i dont think its there fault how you refer three if there was no product just like you you came for wow also so stop it with the other 300 products like tooth paste and shaving gel id rather go to walmart

    • To – The No Spin Zone:
      It is common knowledge that all cell phone carriers allow calls to be made anywhere in the world by dialing the appropriate country code and phone number. Whenever that occurs, the phone company will bill for the out-of-service-area calls accordingly.
      Had Wow Mobile top level executives the business foresight to implement a proper billing/accounting system and simply billed for the out-of-service-area calls as is normal standard operating procedure for a mobile phone company, any phone company for that matter, then there would not be an issue. Even Magic Jack has a system to bill out-of-service-area calls.
      Exactly how is TMobile at fault for WowMobile’s failure to properly bill customers?
      URGENT : Please forward your statement “Liberty could have shut its doors and stopped the Opportunity to distributors, but it did not. It protected its distributors, dumped massive investment capital, hard work, countless man hours, new technology into the new LFN” to Randy Jeffers Liberty International Bankruptcy Trustee: Ronald Sticka – PO Box 10990 – Eugene, OR 97440 – 541-344-0695
      All of that massive investment capital that Liberty dumped into LFN could be used to refund creditors, Distributors.
      Further to your above post:
      1) If Distributors are thought of first, then why weren’t Distributors refunded when they requested to be refunded?
      2) What is TMobile clearly at fault for doing?
      3) Please elaborate on your comment “There will be a class action suit to distributors too”.
      What exactly is meant by that statement?
      4) Why didn’t Randy pay refunds out of his own pocket to Distributors
      5) Other than yourself, who else did Randy pay commissions out of his own pocket?

  6. Troy maybe I can clear the air. Randy hasn't got back because well because we are so busy over here.
    Guy's everyone is entitled to their opinion, I respect you sticking up for WoW but not this way.
    We will show people as we move forward and activate more and more phones.
    As for Chris Greco, I am proud to have that man's insight and help. No doubt about it. You may not like
    him folks, but there is no one else like him. Everything that has been promised has been delivered.
    Now I wont say he is a saint or defend his past actions. But everyone deserves a second chance.
    Personally I am glad he can help us while proving himself here and at other companies.
    So your right Troy. How do I know this. Well when I first activated my phone they got text messages.
    One came from none other than Greco Holding Group GHG. Welcoming me to the wireless family.
    Of course that issue has since been resolved. I called the customer service line I got great service in
    a timely manner and got my galaxy back up and running. So I have a lot of respect for anyone that will
    come in get their hands dirty and help us pick this company back up. Things have been great and we
    are performing under pressure. Lets all sit back and see what happens. I think we are in for a lot of
    success with two new products that no one, not even Wal Mart will have. And I have seen it its real. Its wireless and will be exclusive here and one other company.
    To my fellow WoW reps. Thank you for protecting your company. But it is much better to be respectful and ask questions than lash out. Let's all do better with that.
    Loyal WoW Rep
    Excited About the Future.

    • WOW is Back,
      I figured as much, which is why I have not worried to much about it. Those of you who are focused on building the business usually keeps this community up to date on what is going on.
      I do find it interesting that Greco may be a part of the company, that is very interesting. Please keep us posted on things.
      I am glad to see things are rocking for you and your team. Thank you for taking time to give us an update.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

  7. Hi Troy,
    I've been monitoring these wireless phone MLMs for a while. You are right they are ALL HIGH RISK and besides I can get a better deal thru Best Buy with prepaid Virgin Mobiles and more prepaid plans. I just picked up a Virgin Mobile Prepaid MiFi and only pay $40 a month Unlimited with no cap and can cancel and reactivate the unit anytime!
    I have friends that could not get refunds from WOW Mobile and they tried getting me in, glad I waited. They are out $700 with no product to show!
    Show me a good juice MLM that has NO DRAMA….
    Good luck to all who ventures into the MLM Wireless Black Hole!
    No Wireless MLMs For Me! I still want to keep my friends…… See you at Best Buy!

    • Are you saying that all Juice MLM's are the way to go? Are you saying you can't buy fruit juice at Wal Mart or the grocery store? Can I not buy my vitamins and health drinks at GNC?
      As bad as Liberty has been, and some of these other wireless programs, I venture to say that their cell phone service worked at least as good as some of the juice potions and weight loss pills being marketed out there. That's not to say there aren't some great products, but there are plenty that are not. It doesn't mean all juice or vitamin deals don't work.
      Any true believer in the MLM industry knows that telecom, especially wireless, is a viable service to be marketed through MLM. It's quite different than nutritionals, but there are companies that have been ticking for decades now that do telecom MLM and have set many standards, as well as created lots of financially free people… and the same can be said for nutritionals, legal services, and many other products and services.
      You just have to make sure who you are representing has a track record of doing things right. That goes for all MLM companies.

  8. Hello to everyone I want to make a few things clear CHRIS GRECO IS NOT PART OF LIBERTY FREEDOM NETWORK NOR WOW MOBILE he was just speaking his mind he is not a rep YES WE HAVE SERVICE AND THINGS ARE JUST GETTING BETTER as far as refunds for liberty international its a separate company and those funds are tied up in courts due to people doing charge backs and many were fraud charge backs i know reps that made money with the company and then did a charge back that is fraud I have made good money with LIBERTY AND I WILL CONTINUE I will help out anyone else would would like to know how activations will be quick and with very little hassle and much more great products and services not just cell phones and remember you do not have to even buy products like have a phone to make money If you want to earn an extra income its not hard have a great day all

    • The Truth on LFN,
      Thank you for stopping by to share. However, I question… What “Court Case” are you referring, when it comes to the refunds? We have been watching for any legal notices and have not seen anything on behalf of Liberty International which has been filed. Can you provide any legal documentation of website where we can review the court proceedings?
      Again, thank you for keeping us up to date.

      • Ben,
        Although, I would tend to agree with you. In reality it is a different entity all together. Liberty International was and is owned by Randy Jeffers. Liberty Freedom Network is run by Randy, but I do not believe he is listed as an owner. There seems to have been a arms length transaction, where the assets of Liberty International were sold to Liberty Freedom Network. At least this is my understanding of what has taken place. Even the merchant accounts are under a different EIN and corporate bank accounts.

          • Hello Ben,
            Your correct, the companys are the same and has the same person at the helm the only differnets that you will notice is that LFN is under Dora Jeffers name which is Randys own mother. For him to be able to move forward he had to get everything out of his name and into someone else name so that he could get merchant accounts to he could continue to run his crooked business. I have more to come in the following days that will blow people away.

  9. Hi Troy-I strongly believe that the folks jumping on your case are doing this site, you, MLMs in general, and also even Liberty FREEdom Network a disservice. I am a distributor who IS staying with LFN, warts and all. I do hope the refunds get paid, absolutely. No one in my downline is owed anything. I made sure not to put anyone at risk during the uncertain months when many people with Liberty were making very large amounts of money. I lost out on the money but hopefully my credibility stayed intact. There is going to be a very slow recovery curve with the 'new' Liberty, despite the things that are being done well. And it is not really possible to keep people from judging the present company and its future by the mistakes of the past. These were very expensive lessons for Jeffers, Liberty and 1000s of reps. That being said, I trust that you don't take lightly your obligation to show both sides of all MLM related issues, so people have their eyes open about possible future ventures they might choose. I completely commend you for this. People still with Liberty should really embrace your honesty. It's always better to be up front about any hard learned lessons and possible issues. I implore Liberty people to stay above this sort of public and printed bickering. You are a fair moderator and have always been. Thanks from a stubborn Liberty FREEdom Network rep.

    • Thompson Goble,
      It is no big deal. I fully understand reps get excited, and they sometimes feel I fall into the same category as other critics. My goal is not to just go around criticizing the company. My goal is to make sure the company is taking care of the reps. Randy has been on both ends, and although, Liberty has been through some rough spots this year, I do not believe he would go out of his way to screw the reps.
      Although there is a lot of bad blood in some cases between Liberty, Randy and former reps, I do appreciate you and other Liberty reps who come by and keep all of us informed about what is happening.
      Randy has not returned any of my call few calls, and I am sure it is because he is busy. At least I hope that is the only reason.
      Liberty is still a high-risk venture, but with the support of reps like you then I feel there is a chance the company will pull through.
      I will continue to watch and listen and report as needed.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

  10. hey a wow thread.
    I got a couple of email saying a reporter in oregon is doing a story on randy. the emails gave me randys phone number and his email address at liberty international. I called the number and mail box was full. emailed the email address and got a email back from his legal dept saying that libertyinternational is in bankruptcy so I guess that means no on is getting their refunds.
    Copy and paste from repsonse from that email. Troy I can forward all emails to you if you wish
    Hello Ms Griffith,
    As you may know, Liberty International is currently in bankruptcy and all transactions are subject to the US Bankruptcy Court. If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know.
    Thank You,
    Daniel Johnson
    Liberty International Legal Department

    • Pat G,
      Please send to me email TroyDooly@MLMHelPDesk.com.
      As for the short response back, I find it somewhat humorous. If Liberty International is in Bankruptcy, then why didn't they supply the bankruptcy number, court and trustee name and address so you can file a claim?
      I would respond back, and ask for the above information.
      Living An Epic Adventure,

        • Just because some one says there in bankruptcy does not mean they cant sue t-mobile for reps sim/phone money that was held in escrow.
          Actually bankruptcy looks good for a whopping lawsuit…and payout to distributors too.
          If global verge got 48 mill. with no phone on the street…I think Liberty should get 10x that…remember phones were shut off for toll calls…that t-mobile said Liberty reps could never do on the phone/plan, it was domestic only…however they forgot to tell liberty there were certain long distance area codes that t- mobiles software could not block. the rest was history…
          Anyway the new LFN is running well…and I have my phone working, tethering and its FREE!
          The comm checks are good too…I still do Liberty Full Time…Yes living the dream…no 9-5 !, golf in the morning, maybe a afternoon movie, or whatever I like… please remind me why did you leave ?…because t-mobile stole your sim card ? …perhaps re-order a sim…get back building !…LFN pay very well !…Did you not come here for a Opportunity ?.
          The Money is Here !..Again Money ! Don't be a quitter…it sounds and looks bad. Americans don't quit, dust your self off and ride!

  11. Troy LFN keep improving every day…if you took a snapshot of today's new company Vs yesterdays Liberty International (in its prime)…today is way better.
    There have been many improvements in products, carriers, back office, websites, marketing, new product developments, prompt response time in customer chat IM style, tech support answering phones and porting numbers same day, sim cards shipping west coast 2 days, east coast 4-6 days, commission checks every week…good stuff!
    I am feeling very comfortable again and now promoting…they have done a lot in 2 months if they keep this pace there are going to be more people surprised…I hear there was a restructuring or new management…anyway its good, looking at what they have done so far.
    I know there are distributors out there waiting to get back building… there is now more than enough to promote and LFN have now provided a better opportunity, than Liberty International, perhaps learn some lessons on how to deal with gorillas. LFN have shown they are concerned about protecting distributors, providing a opportunity…and did not walk away…that would have been the easy thing to do.
    In business and life they say if you get knocked down get up…well LFN has, this deserves credit.

    • Its been 3 months since i mailed liberty for my refund and still waiting for some type of responce,,and I know I'm not the only one .
      If anybody tries to recruit people for liberty/wow I hope they find this site first and do there research.

        • Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to cause trouble, but I would like to protect our industry.
          It's statements like this that got you guys into trouble over the last year. Creating a bunch of hype and not being able to deliver is Randy Jeffers' downfall. I have no problem with a company that is working hard to make a go of things. But I would advise against coming into forums like this and creating a bunch of hype.

          • Ben sorry your NOT informed…perhaps do you homework…
            We will no doubt see another ben bashing within no time…no matter what we deliver…like tethering!
            LFN have 4 carriers…I say they delivered !…
            Perhaps LY should protect our industry more by offering as realistic comp plan and marketing plan…then your reps would not leave!…hence giving the industry a bad name…every day!

          • Ben,
            I'm tracking down a lead that came in today. If the lead turns out to be true, then the trustee may be taking another look at the filing to make sure there are no reps left out.

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  12. Troy,
    I have written twice on your blog and for some reason my posts don't show up. Can you help? I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. The last time I wrote was yesterday. My purpose is to share my experience and warn people about Liberty International aka Liberty Freedom Network. I have placed my story in many other forums in the hope of helping people from being taken advantage of. I have several friends that paid Liberty $775 (don't know the exact amount) and have not gotten anything for it and no refund. I placed an order (with the new company LFN) on August 8th, 2010, and I didn't received anything either. I've been asking for a refund for the last 7 weeks and nothing. By the way, I ordered the 2 line phone adapter for the Global Freedom Phone, which has nothing to do with cell phones and supposedly they have been marketing for a long time, and still they cannot get it right. A company that really cares for its reps doesn't put them through this. I'm completely convinced that this company will fail. And I will help in any way I can inform people about what this company has done to me and the people I got involved. Thank you for providing this forum so I can share my experience.

    • I'm with you,lets hear from other ex-liberty reps to,,check out my reply below about my refund,,,,keep speading the news about L.I.or who ever they are now.
      maybe the only thing we can do is help others to avoid being ripped-off.
      A leopard never changes his spots!!!!

  13. Randy Jeffers filed Bankruptcy Chapter 7 for Liberty International, LLC on August 20, 2010.
    Case # 10-65095
    The meeting of creditors was on September 17th, 2010
    Only 3 creditors were listed, the same name with 3 different addresses:
    TMobile, TMobile and TMobile
    None of the thousands of Independent Reps that he owes money was listed as a creditor, or even invited to the Meeting of Creditors.
    He filed as a NO ASSET CASE
    His attorney is David Jacobson – tel: 503-588-0556
    (Not Daniel Johnson?)
    You can confirm by contacting:
    Eugene Oregon Bankruptcy Court
    Wayne Lyman Morse Court House
    405 E 8th Av
    Eugene, OR 97401
    541- 431-4000
    The Trustee is:
    Ronald Sticka
    PO Box 10990
    Eugene, OR 97440
    Jeffers filed as a NO ASSET CASE, which means that he is hiding all assets in order to weazel out of paying you your money that he owes you.
    Randy Jeffers is not even righteous enough to mention that he scammed thousands of good people out of thousand and thousands of hard earned dollars.
    If 17'000 people were scammed out of an average $775.00, where is the over $13 Million dollars?
    As you are aware, most were scammed out of nearly $1000.00 each.
    Where is good ol Randy hiding your money?
    What you can do:
    Contact Kima@rsticka.com.
    Kim is Randy Jeffers' Bankruptcy Trustee Ronald Sticka's assistant.
    Send Kim an email.
    Reference Case #10-65095
    Let Kim know that Liberty International, LLC owes you money, and the amount.
    Let Kim know that you did not receive a Creditor's Meeting Notice.
    Request to be put on the list for further notification regarding the case.
    Let Kim know that Randy Jeffers lied to you over and over.
    Let Kim know any information that you have regarding any of Jeffer's assets, Liberty Freedom Network, LibertyKidz, YOUR MONEY, etc., and anything else that you know about.
    They will reinvestigate accordingly.
    Everyone that is owed money is a creditor.
    Jeffers knows that he owes a lot of folks money.
    Jeffers has knowingly withheld important information pertinent to his bankruptcy case.
    Everyone that Randy Jeffers / Liberty International / Wow Mobile owes money should contact kima@rsticka.com and advise the amount you are owed.

    • If this is 100% accurate, then reps should be contacting the Bankruptcy trustee to find out how to be listed on the unsecured creditors list, and to ask why they were left out of the filing.
      I would also ask where the funds are for the sale of the LOS to Liberty Freedom Network. If we use the former Excel Communications as an example, we see they worked out a legit deal with Shaklee, where Shaklee bought the LOS of the company. Courts across the nation have issued rulings proving the LOS is the major asset of the company.

      • Troy,
        There is no need to wonder or guess "If this is 100% accurate", or not.
        You and everyone else should contact the courthouse and the Trustee's office to confirm for yourself so you will know and not question the facts.
        All the contact information and the case number to confirm that Randy Jeffers did in fact file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Liberty International, LLC is provided above.
        Ask who is on the Creditors List.
        Ask where the funds are for the sale of Liberty International to Liberty Freedom Network.
        Ask how this could possibly be a NO ASSET case.

    • I researched a little on this, please correct me if I am wrong but isn’t it the other way around?
      If Randy Jeffers had no plans of paying anyone of us and wanted to make sure we never had any say about it, he would have named everyone of the IRs in the bankruptcy to make sure we never had a legal recourse. If we were not named in the bankruptcy it’s because he has no intention of dismissing our claims as creditors..
      That should translate as good news to everyone not bad news.
      If I do what you are telling me to do, which is to contact the trustee and tell them I didn’t receive a notice they are going to tell me that I didn’t receive it because I was not named and if i ask to be listed as a creditor and they dismiss me, I will voluntarily give up any legal right to be paid.
      Bottomline: I thought it was good news to not be named in the bankruptcy. Am I wrong? Am I missing something here?
      Hi Randy,
      Prediction: There will be a reinvestigation of Bankruptcy Case #10-65096 and it will be discovered that known assets were not revealed. Charges will be filed. People will be refunded in whole or at least in part. Time will be served.
      By listing all the IRs as Creditors in his bankruptcy case, Randy Jeffers would be admitting to the court that he has liquid assets available and he wouldn't be able to file NO ASSETS. All the IRs paid Liberty International to be IRs, right? If he lists the thousands of IRs that paid Liberty International, the court will want to know where all that money is, seize it and pay creditors.
      Filing Chapter 7 means that a Trustee will liquidate any assets and pay your creditors accordingly. When you file NO ASSETS, that means noone gets paid anything.
      Had Randy Jeffers any plans of paying anyone, he has had ample opportunity to do so, or at the very least, indicate a willingness and/or plan to do so accordingly.
      Had Randy Jeffers made any effort to do right by refunding those who requested a refund instead of ignoring those requests and continuously lying to buy more time, there wouldn't be a reason to waste time on this discussion.
      Randy Jeffers has taken advantage of a lot of good people that truely could not afford to get involved with him.
      Randy Jeffers claimed that he was going to sue TMobile. For what? For not paying his phone bill?
      If Randy Jeffers didn't owe TMobile money, why would he list them as creditors in his bankruptcy case, three times?
      Let's see, depend on Randy Jeffers to come through with a refund, or take a chance on the court system to work… You decide.
      Bernie Madoff got away with scamming people out of their money for a while too, where is he now?

      • Scammed by Randy,
        Great comment and excellent questions.
        From personal experience in the 1990s it was made very clear that we had to list all potential creditors, even those who we were not going to bankrupt on.
        To not list a creditor on purpose was considered fraud at the time. Since the 2006 (I think that is the right year) bankruptcy overhaul the rules may have chained concerning unsecured creditors.
        I'm not to concerned about this because most of those who may have a claim are still building the new company and do not seem concerned.
        Of those who are concerned, it is cheaper to write off the financial loss on their tax return.
        I still hold true that Randy did not purposely try and scam anyone. If that were the case he would have bankrupted the original company and left the country.
        Seriously there are far easier ways to purposely scam people. Although I do not have all the details and Randy is no longer communicating with me directly, It is a logical deduction he is not trying to scam anyone.
        With that said, times have changed and he may need to rethink the business model. If YTB and FHTM are the trend it will not be long before the regulators are breathing down his neck based on the sign-up fees and huge commissions paid from those fees.

        • Hi Troy,
          On what exactly are you basing your statement "most of those who may have a claim are still building the new company and do not seem concerned" ?
          If you were to take a poll, you may well discover that most all of those who have been scammed by Randy Jeffers are in no way continuing to build on a scheme where they have been scammed.
          That's kinda like "Shooo this stinks. Wanna smell?" – You might sniff it once, but then most people are smart enough to be very reluctant to do it a second time.
          You may find, contrary to your belief, most of those good people are quite concerned for their loss of monies to Randy Jeffers and most certainly would rather have that money owed to them by Randy Jeffers returned rather than "writing it off".
          Please note: Randy Jeffers did in fact Bankrupt the original company, and uhh… where is he now? Over in Thailand saving orphans?
          A lot of people have logically deduced and would disagree with you that Randy Jeffers did in fact scam them.
          Semper Fi Brah

          • Scammed by Randy,
            The basis of my statement comes from the limited amount of folks who have reached out to us via the blog and/or Facebook, phone, attorney and email. It is in no way a scientific approach just one based on our numbers.
            I agree a pool may discover more people. However, a poll would also include people who are competitors trying to stack the numbers.
            Since the Trustee is not posted on this site, and one rumor which came in today stated he may be reopening the case to determine if any fraud was committed or anyone was left out. You may very well be 100% correct in how many folks are concerned.
            By the way, I have never stated "folks didn't think Randy scammed them." However, I did say, I do not think Randy purposely scammed anyone. There is a difference.
            One thing we all can agree, we want facts and justice for those who have been harmed.

        • It never ceases to amaze me how quick people are sometimes to jump to conclusions and begin to jump on the defamation bandwagon without even the slightest attempt to ascertain the true facts first. Before anyone starts defaming people, it probably would be a good idea to get their facts straight first. Anyone who was a rep with Liberty International should be well aware of the fact that the company that they joined was Liberty International, Inc., NOT LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL, LLC.
          A cursory review of all of the recent posts and the actual BK filing papers, will quickly reveal that the entity that filed for BK is Liberty International, LLC NOT LIBERTY INTERNATIONAL, INC.This being the case, there is clearly no reason to have named any Liberty International, Inc. Independent Representatives in the BK of Liberty International, LLC. To the best of my knowledge, Liberty International, Inc, has never filed for BK.
          The banter has consistently been here that Randy Jeffers has defrauded all of the Liberty International, Inc. Reps and has filed a fraudulent bankruptcy petition for the purposes of stealing their money, when in fact, there has never been any Independent Representatives of Liberty International, LLC. While I am no lawyer, it certainly would seem that Mr. Jeffers has the basis of a huge lawsuit against ANYONE who has even remotely suggested that he has filed a false bankruptcy action or committed some crime, I think they call that defamation per se.
          From what I understand, anyone who either makes false statements about somebody, or anyone who repeats those false statements could be held liable for defamation; even if those statements were posted on a blog by those who lack the integrity to state their real identities.

          • Enlightened Networker,
            Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Your comment does add more questions that it answers. Hopefully you can enlighten us just a little more.
            1. Exactly what do you see has been written, that falls under defamation? I have read all that is written and do not see anything that comes close under federal or Oregon laws. Can you give a specific situation you have read?
            2. Now let's look at the structure of the LI LLC .vs LI Inc. If you read through all the threads here you will see where this was brought up months ago. Randy at the time stated he had formed a new entity to cover his butt legally when it came to hiring W2 Employees .vs 1099 Employees. However, in your comment above you did not explain if the LLC was owned by the INC or not, which could play into a possible fraud claim.
            We also have to look at why the LLC would go bankrupt, if as Mr. Jeffers stated, it was just an employee agency hiring out employees to the INC. If that is the case, then maybe there is a case for fraud from the employees who are owed past income the feds or state for employment taxes? Do you know by any chance how all this works and the relationship between the LLC and the INC except the fact they are owned by the same family members? By the way since LLC's and S Corps are just pass-through entities to save double taxation and give the individual owners some protection against specific legal liabilities, there is still a chance that a fraud claim could go through to Mr. Jeffers or others in his family if the Trustee decides to pass this case to the Asst. District Attorney. And, depending on where LI INC. is incorporated, there is a chance it has also filed for Bankruptcy.
            3. Where do you see anyone stating "Randy Jeffers defrauded ALL of the LI Inc. reps? I am pretty sure even the hardest critics are not focused on current reps who are still building LFN. They are focused on former reps who have quit or were terminated, and still owed money. They are also focused on customers who paid for phones and services, which were never delivered. Can you share why you felt all reps were included?
            4. Again where would Randy have any grounds for a lawsuit? The folks who have posted here are asking "IF" Randy filed and was there fraud. It is a Constitutional Right to raise questions regarding legal concerns. If folks set by and said nothing, and a fraud was committed then they can be held morally if not legal liable for the cover-up.
            However, to raise the question, and contact the trustee asking him to investigate and make sure all is above board, is not in any way shape or form grounds for a lawsuit. If after the trustee and the Bankruptcy Judge issues the finding, and the finding comes back vindicating Mr. Jeffers of any wrong doing, and someone still states "Jeffers filed a fraudulent Bankruptcy case." Then he will have grounds for a lawsuit. As for the statement "Committed a crime." That in and of itself would not be grounds for a lawsuit either. It would have to go far deeper than an ambiguous statement. I could easily defend a client against this by stating "My client was referring to the emotional crime or false promises."
            5. By the way repeating a false statement is not a crime or grounds for a lawsuit either. However, if someone "KNOWS" they are repeating a false statement, then it could become a civil issue. As a matter of fact most of what you have brought up falls under civil laws, not criminal laws. The Bankruptcy Judge could see a false claim as a crime. However, based on the months we have been posting on this issue and the whole wireless niche, I think it would be easy for the Judge to see why questions have been raised. Especially since Randy has gone silence on all issues. Global Verge did this, and it cost them both financially and ethically. Silence is not golden in the age of the internet. Transparency and authenticity is what folks are looking for from their leaders.
            6. The 9th circuit has ruled bloggers and those who comment on blogs anonymously can be held liable for some civil issues. However, it would be a high fight if there was no cut and dry civil or criminal basis.
            I for one have learned much over the last 18 months of following the wireless niche. And although, our reporting style has changed the underlying focus as not. The facts must get out so folks can make decisions based on their own risk levels.
            Living An Epic Adventure,
            Troy Dooly

  14. Troy a refund program is being designed right now.
    I think it will be exactly what they ordered, but dont quote me…, i.e phone (samsung), (sim for service), free billing for any time of paid service prorated exactly.
    This in itself is a major job for people to work on, auditing accounts, product purchases, Merchant account audits for charge backs, Banking account audits for returned checks, Audits for auto ships/ billing cycles, Review of requests (written and e-mail). then getting the exact pro rated calender amounts per rep from sign up date till autoship stop dates etc etc…Its a full audit…not easy by any means.
    Troy can you explain how long this may take ?…I think months.
    "Liberty International does not want your money"… you will get your refund.
    Others may get charge back fraud charges…watch out!
    Troy have you talked with LFN lately ?…this blog a sphere is out of control.
    LFN is concerned about providing a opportunity and a Dream. This they ARE doing
    So chill out, be patient.
    Perhaps build your business !

    • Loyal LFN Rep,
      It might be good if Randy and crew were to release a Press Release stating such. This seems to be taking on a life of its own, in this community and several others across the net.
      I would hate to see everything go south, when just some open and transparent communication could calm the fears and most of all the anger of so many.
      As for how long refunds can take, I really can't answer that. Having lived through the BP oil spill of 2010, I watched refunds start pretty quick for some and slow for others. then the government got involved and refunds started coming fast. But I am afraid there may be a boatload of fraud involved now. Doing it right is always better. But at any level communication is the key. BP started the PR campaign within days not months of the situation.
      I have not talked to Randy lately. Last time I left a message he never called me back.

      • Perhaps its legal reasons ?
        LFN is gearing up that I can say
        The new is better than the old. LFN company is going North at good speed.
        A lot of the smack talk is X reps (not making money with other companies)
        And competition…knowing the "big dog" is out of hospital
        They FEAR LFN !
        Remember one thing destiny recruited 1,000,000 people in 18 months with no internet….just off a fax machine !!!…because of this comp plan…its a un-broken record…Ahhh Yes they dont talk about that.
        Troy this is the reason why Jeffers gets slammed…he is Tiger in the market place.
        Competition know LFN can do they same (and will!). In the back of their minds they know LFN is coming and its going to HURT!. History will repeat with vengeance.
        Troy I will bet on this outcome for sure!

        • Ahhh yes, wasn't Destiny (Telecom) Randy Jeffers' Pyramid Scam that got BUSTED by several States Attorneys General and fined 'the big dog" a million six?
          The big dog may be headed to the pound, the Tiger put in a cage.
          Truth is, nobody appreciates being ripped-off.
          Jeffers gets slammed for ripping people off, it has absolutely nothing to do with your competitors.
          Not being a competitor to LFN in any way whatsoever, it is still clearly evident to see that LFN is no threat to anyone except LFN.
          Same old customer No service complaints.
          Poor communication.
          Poor infrastructure.
          Poor management.
          Cheezy websites
          Nothing to be proud of
          Just the Same Ol Same Ol.
          Study up on mlm wireless, where it's been, where it is and where it's headed.
          You may decide a more stable vocation holds a brighter future.
          Look at what Google is bringing to the table – FREE Cellular Service.
          You don't have to buy anything or sell anything, you will be subject to cell phone adverts.
          Don't forget Google is behind the Android Smart Phone.
          Google's strongest Profit Center is Advertising.
          MicroSoft is chasing after Google and bellying up a plan soon too.
          Think Cloud Computing…
          How about WalMart? – $45 Nationwide UNLIMITED Talk & Text with NO CONTRACT.
          Data /Internet soon to follow.
          What's the latest on WowTV, still waiting on Liberty Carl to deficate that integral piece of proprietary equipment that doesn't exist? Let's see June 1st, July, August, September, October 21st, four, almost five months already since Randy Jeffers, The Big Dog, Tiger himself, PROMISED to Roll-Out WowTV, and still, the same ol worn-out, lame excuses keep getting doled out.
          WAKE UP PEOPLE!

          • Scammed By Randy,
            Just to set the record straight. I do not think Destiny was ever shut down as a scam or pyramid. Although, like many direct selling companies they were subpoenaed, and paid some fines. At the end of the day, Randy closed the company down after the company was raided and distributors went and joined Excel and a couple of other new MLM telecommunication companies at the time.
            Just a small correction, to make sure the record stays straight. Being charged is not the same as being convicted.
            Now, I do need to say I fully agree with the context of your comment.

    • Wow – A refund program is being designed right now.
      Interesting timing to make such an announcement.
      It takes thirty seconds tops to write a check.
      Randy knows who he owes.
      He knows exactly how much everyone is owed and why.
      He has accounting software that keeps track of who paid what when and what got shipped or didn't get shipped.
      To pretend that he needs massive amounts of time for an audit to try and figure it all out is just more scheme of the scam.
      What loyal LFNer's may want to consider is:
      Perhaps Randy may be hashing a plan to recoup all that commission paid out to Distributors to cover all the refunds.
      That would be justified, wouldn't it?
      Just like Randy, a lot of people got paid something for nothing.

  15. This thread starts out with some comments from you Troy and from Micah Collins. You say "Micah Collins, is a personal friend, excellent investigative reporter and solid network marketer." He may be a personal friend and a network marketer but he certainly isn't an excellent investigative reporter. His information is untrue. I have commented on his blog and had no idea you were posting his untruths as if they were truths and giving them credibility like you have. I thought I was the only one that had any common sense on this subject but I was happy to see "Enlightened Networker" make his comments. As he mentioned, when I signed up with Liberty International , I signed up with Liberty International Inc and not Liberty Linternational LLC. Troy, obviously, you do the same things Micah does by allowing anyone to anonymously post something and then you give it the credibility by posting it without checkign the facts, so your readers accept it as fact. You might want to analyze the ethics of that practice. I agree with Enlightened Networker that you may have some personal liability by doing that, but my interest is more personal beause your allowing untrue things to be posted as fact, hurts my team and my business. I think a "real" reporter would report facts and not junk that someone posts on a blog. As you probably know, there are a lot of people that will say or do anything to further their vested interest. As a host of a blog, I would certainly expect you to monitor posts and only allow factual ones. Otherwise, how can you call yourself a reporter? If you allow something that is untrue to post, there are a certain number of people that will accept the info as fact even though there is no basis for it. It’s a question of integrity and since you are in control of what gets posted, it’s up to you to verify info for accuracy. otherwise, there is no integrity on your part and why should anyone ever listen to anything on your blog? If you are truly a reporter then you will only allow facts and not lies. Obviously you failed in this one, which means you didn’t do any real reporting. Your thread has suggested that Mr Jeffers or Liberty has done something that is either illegal or unethical and furthermore gives specific suggestions of what someone should do based on the untrue things. You now know the truth so it’s up to you to research it and then set the matter straight. If you don’t then you are an accomplice in your blogger’s untruths. It seems that you are mostly posting the comments of 1 anonymous poster that goes by the name of "Scammed by Randy." Who is this guy? Is there someone out there that has any info on who this guy is. I would certainly like to know so I can send this on so someone can file a lawsuit, if they so choose. Troy, as a matter of ethics, why not let us know who he is, if you do know? If you don't know who it is, why would you let him post untrue statements and hurt people? Like Micah, why are you allowing legal advice in your thread that doesn't even make any sense? Why would I want to contact a trustee to have my claim discharged? That doesn’t make any sense. Besides, why would I want to involve myself in a bankruptcy of a company that I have no legitimate claim with? The way you started this thread leads anyone to believe that Micah is an expert and credible enough for you to believe him, even though his facts are most certainly wrong. He doesn't even know the correct name of the MLM company he signed up with. You must have egg on your face. Besides that, why would I want someone I care about to get a claim discharged from a company they weren’t even a part of? No, I will wait for Liberty to finish what they are doing. I love what I am seeing with LFN and their new products and are excited to see them moving forward in a big way even with all the junk being thrown at them. I appreciate a lot of the things you are doing with your website, but on this one you have definately jeopardized your credibility.

    • Tory,
      Sadly you did exactly what Mr. Enlighten did, you gave nothing in supportive evidence on what Micah got wrong. Nor have you taken time to read through the complete Liberty thread. Had you taken time to read you would know where I stand on Wow aka Liberyy and Randy personally.
      As a matter of in my response to enlightened I presented even a deeper set of questions on this situation, including how each company is connected to the others.
      So before passing judgement on what has been written it might be worth the time for you get the complete background on this situation and why some folks are concerned that nothing slips through the cracks.
      I closing let me say, I find it interesting you feel I might in someway be held liabal for allowing hard questions to be ask, especially since I have made it very public that I do not think Randy has purposely done anything to scam anyone.
      Please enlighten me on why you feel this way. But before you answer, read my comment back to enlightened.

  16. Troy,
    I haven't posted before but thought I would on this issue since LFN is a company I love and expect to help make some great things happen for my family. There isn't anything like it's compensation plan and it's Buy 1, Sell 3, Get it free program. Anything that hurts my networking business is not good and things that are said that are untrue that hurts my business is especially bad. If something that is untrue comes from a blog that is supposed to be committed to the truth, then I can see why you would be questioned as the blog owner. I read through the posts and although you seem to be pretty fair, you still allow bad information to be listed. Shouldn't something be deleted if it's inaccurate since someone new might see it and not know the context. I see the leading story on this particular post is very provocative. You gave it a lot of credibility when you say the author is an excellent investigative reporter. And an insider? Because he probably paid a signup fee and became an Independent Representative. I wonder if any of the leaders even know his name? At any rate, that doesn't make him an "insider" and an expert on the facts. If I believe you, Troy, are a fair person then I would have a tendacy to give more weight to someone you endorse. He says his mother-in-law gave him the answer regarding Liberty's contract? She must be some mother-in-law. And, real investigative reporting on that one. He says Mr John Shaw is the "legal and compliance guy?" I never heard him characterized that way by anyone but your friend. I think he's always been identified as a corporate trainer. Your friend says that "Mr Jeffers couldn't pay the massive phone bills and T-Mobile pulled the plug." How could he possibly know that when Mr Jeffers said otherwise. Did your friend get that from his mother-in-law as well? When he talks about international calling, he is making statements intended for someone to believe as a fact. He doesn't give an opinion, he is making blatant statements that is different from what I've heard from the company. At any rate, as bad as this guy is in misrepresenting facts, I find the most fault with the blogger known as "Scammed by Randy." He certainly mistated facts and didn't even know the name of the company he signed up with. Neither did your friend Micah who posted another so called fact on 10-23-10 that "Liberty International IS in bankruptcy." Only problem is, he got the wrong Liberty International. I know the MLM company I signed up in had an "INC" on the end of it and not a "LLC." Your friend Micah just doesn't give up making false statements. He said he "confirmed" his information on his 10-23 post. If he really did, then he would know he has the wrong company. I think he is a wannabe Troy but doesn't have the right stuff. Come on Troy, you can do better than encourage and endorse people that aren't accurate in their information. It's stuff like this that gives the industry a bad name.

    • I Luv LFN,
      First let say thank you for taking time to provide a solid, well thought out opinion to this situation, specifically the post Micah wrote.
      Now the original article is two months old (Micah's) but much of the content is still reliant to current situations facing distributors, so let's dive into what you feel are concerns with the article in the first place.
      1. Micah's article was not focused at LFN, and to my knowledge he has never been a part of, or wrote on that specific company. So I do not believe, nor do I want you to think I believe he has any inside knowledge of what is happening at that company.
      2. I respect your passion for LFN, as I do other distributors who post here in our community of their great success and the success of their teams. From what you all write there are some great things happening.
      3. As for the compensation plan, there are at least two other companies in the MLM wireless niche now offering the same compensation model of "Buy one, sell three get yours free" and at least one company who now rewards their "Customers" with free service as well if they refer five customers to subscribe to wireless services.
      4. I fully agree with you that biased information used or propagated to just hurt a company or individual is 100% wrong and unethical.
      5. When information is proven to be bad or inaccurate, then we do not delete the original info. Instead I will shoot a video and write an article linking and explaining what is in accurate. In some cases if the information is flowing though the comment threads, instead of posting a whole article on something most folks will not read, I link my personal response to the comment that is not accurate asking deeper questions, or providing correct info and links to 3rd party resources.
      6. I do give Micah credit for his ability to dig for information. Having sen and read through some of his supporting documentation on a few articles where I am going to link, I stand by my support. However, like me, he can get some things wrong and have to correct them, which he has always been willing to do.
      7. Micah is very clear in his article that he DID pay a fee and joined to market the business. As a matter of fact he called me first and asked if I thought Randy Jeffers was a straight shooter, which I say yes! So on my personal recommendation he joined Liberty International. As a matter of fact Micah joined right before the membership packages dropped from thousands to hundreds of dollars. He was upset and I personally on his behalf called Randy to see if there was some way to help ease the pain for those distributors who has paid huge membership fees just a few days prior.
      8. Respectfully, I am missing your point on "I wonder if any leaders know his name." Micah at no time, nor have I ever stated that Micah was a "Leader" in Liberty International. If you look at his post and the use of "Inside View" he is very specific on the fact he was on the inside as a rep, not an outsider, such as myself who has never bought a product from Liberty International, or had reason to call customer support. I reported on, and used services from Liberty and never had an issue. However, I never ported a number to the service. I did have access to the back office and could listen to calls, but Micah was a paying distributor which all the privileges of such.
      As for the terms "Expert" or "Insider" those are terms you used to describe Micah and Liberty International. At no time in the article has Micah claimed such titles. The use of "An Inside View" is far different than the use of "An Insiders View."
      9. As for the "Mother-in-law quote you refer, let's look at it, in the context of the original article "The answer to this little mystery came from my mother-in-law. My Caller ID was showing up as “Liberty International".
      Based on the context of the use of his mother-in-law as his reference point, I am completely missing your train of thought on this. Investigating any situation and looking for the logical conclusion, is brought about by the process of elimination. Micah is very clear in his article, that his mother-in-law provided a missing piece of evidence he was looking for. Please give me some insight as to what is wrong with this?
      10. As for the John Shaw statements Micah made, those were in reference to Liberty International, not LFN. I have no clue what John might do with the new company. However, if you ask Micah or others, they just might be able to provide you documentation or recordings from John. I do know he was on most of the calls in the old days.
      11. As for Micah's statement on "Randy not paying the T-Mobile bill", I have already covered that issue, as has Randy. Randy disputed well over $1 million in international long distance charges on the master accounts. In doing so, and the legal teams not being able to work out an agreement, T-Mobile pulled the plug, and Randy did what any CEO would do, implemented a Plan-B to protect his company and those distributors who believed in him and the future.
      So, although, Micah may have written it different that I would, it is still true, as I am Randy's statement is also true. Spinning a statement in two different directions, will not change the facts that T-Mobile pulled the plug, because bills were not paid. I do not believe Randy didn't pay them because he didn't have the money. I think he made a strategic play, and knew the cost. Who knows in his position, I might have felt the same way.
      12. You are right he is stating fact on the International Calling. I support those facts 100%. They are public, sent from Liberty International and talked about by Randy in public meetings. Sadly, I think both parties should have worked this situation out. However, T-Mobile is having their own issues, which has caused for a change in leadership from the top down, and during this craziness, they decided not to work with Randy. Randy, on the other hand, decided after what seemed like an eternity, to refuse to pay when the final due date came.
      13. I linked a small reference to Micah's article published on October 10th, 2010 titled "Liberty International LLC has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a “no asset” case." Micah was once again very clear as to which Liberty International had filed for bankruptcy. And I personally addressed this issue in the comments when folks wanted to talk about the LLC .vs Inc. I have also addressed it several months ago when Randy formed the LLC as an exclusive employment for Liberty International Inc., after the state employment agency questioned some of the 1099 employees he had hired.
      The issue is not which Liberty International went bankrupt, it is why? If the LLC, doesn't have assets, then why filed for bankruptcy at all? All LLCs are pass-through entities, meaning the members are the ones which are held liable for taxes, profits, and in the case of a lack of fiduciary responsibility. If the bankruptcy courts rule that everything is in order and there is no intended fraud (which I do not believe there was), then justice has been served.
      At that time we will report on the findings, and make sure all interested parties know Randy and LFN were cleared.
      Again, I respect where you are coming from, and I am proud to see your love for the company and the leader. Please understand there are others who have legitimate concerns, "who's dreams and in some cases financial hopes were dashed, because certain products and services did not work out. Others are upset because they paid for phones and/or services which were never delivered. And yet others are upset because they lost phone numbers they had for years."
      All of these claims must be addressed and people should have a place to vent where it is safe, and rebuttal from others can flourish.
      By, the way, if you can provide documented evidence, that anything Micah wrote as fact is in fact, now false I will gladly publish it.

      • Micah can go kiss my *ss
        that dude never made a dime in mlm…he is a hater thru and thru
        how in the hell can be a blogger posting stuff about mlm and he is a loser !
        this is like a boxer posting a blog on boxing and he got his *ss beat in every fight and quit
        I say micah is NOT qualified to write dack !
        Micah take a hike some where else for hits…fricken loser!

        • Real Deal,
          Why are you posting on this old post, instead of the post with the bankruptcy filing?
          But you bring up some interesting questions…
          1. Why do you think Micah hasn't made a dime? Are you his upline in a past or current company?
          2. Why do you think he is a hater?
          3. Why are you going after him with such personal hate?
          4. Why should anyone listen to you more than Micah?

      • Micah does not know the difference between INC and LLC
        Micah does not know that distributors belonged to INC not LLC
        INC is NOT Bankrupt
        LLC is and will NOT pay the Gorilla 1.9mill…rightly so
        LLC protected distributors
        Micah spouted off upsetting distributors…without facts or the whole picture
        Troy you know this too.

        • Truth Be Told,
          I guess you just don't seem to get it. I have read everything he wrote. I have read everything I wrote. I have read all the bankruptcy filing and not one time does Micah or I state Liberty International Inc. was ever bankrupt.
          However, since Liberty International LLC. was the agent providing T-Mobile services to the customers of Liberty International Inc. and the bankruptcy filing does not show any type of relationship between the two, there is a legitimate question about whether Liberty International LLC has a liability to the customers of Liberty International Inc., since Liberty International LLC was the providing agent, and did not deliver. Then add in the fact both companies have the same common equity owner, and you have grounds for questions.
          I find it interesting you want to blame Micah for bringing these questions to the surface. If the bankruptcy trustee fines there is nothing out of the norm, and this is just a sad situation where everyone but T-Mobile gets hit, then so be it. But, if it is found that Liberty International LLC does have some form of liability, then Micah's article may have played a role.
          Why are you so mad at Micah? Is there a personal reason you don't like him? And why are you posting on this older article instead of the most current with the bankruptcy filing?

    November 18, 2010
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    Creditor Help Page
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    Because of the Automatic Stay you are not allowed to begin or continue any efforts to collect the debt owed to you by the person or entity who has filed bankruptcy, and you should contact an attorney for advice on how to proceed.
    If you believe the debtor is hiding money or property or is being untruthful in a bankruptcy case, call or write the U.S. Trustee (503-326-4000 for Portland cases; 541-465-6330 for Eugene cases) or the case trustee. You can also send an email to the U.S. Trustee's
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