Inside and outdoors of direct promoting corporations promoting bottle water have been getting hit laborious by critics over recycling and stolen water rights. On this article we present that Evolv has teamed up with some very properly revered strategic companions to ship the best high quality bottled water available on the market in the present day.

Evolv Well being Strategic Companions:

Future Ceuticals
Van Drunen Farms
Alexa Springs
Alexa Springs Water Analysis
Evolv Health Bottled Water Product Brochure


  1. If your one of those people who doesn't like drinking water, this will solve your issue. All I can say is its smoother than water, and not only is it healthy, it could make you wealthy! If your not into pills for nutrition, then you can't resist this water! The management, compensation plans and overall company is top notch. There are very few companies in the MLM space today that have it all together and this is 1 of 2 that come to mind.

    • Yeah right, all we need is another bottle of water on the market, just like we need another health product making ridiculous claims. If these products are so good the creator would be getting a Nobel prize. Another scam where only the ones at the top will profit from recruiting and their monthly auto ship. I know you got one. This area is as crowded as the vitamin and wireless industry.

      • tgw3343,
        I am going to make this real short, since you did not seem to hear my point in the video.
        It's not about the water. As for rediculas claims, not sure what you mean because I made no claims, and neither have the inventors of the formula… Except those proven by 3rd party labs. Well respected labs.
        As for the Nobel prize comment… It is easy to see you have no clue on what that is all about.

      • TGW3343
        I would agree with the fact that there are alot of bottled waters on the market, and most of them are at some super store or your local conveince store. As far as the mlm industry and or direct sales you know nothing about. I would be willing to bet that you have been in this industry and FAILED! YOU ARE A LOOSER! Keep your day job and stay out of this industry because you are a fail if you try again because you don't know what you are talking about! If you where a real person you would of had enough brains to at least put your real name on this post.

  2. Hey Troy,
    All sounds great but __we happen to know someone that went with this company. Their experience was great at first but then crashed for them. To begin with, we were told that the distributor paid a whopping $50 per case and earned $12 per case they purchased. True, they could then sell that $50 case of Bottled Water for $65 or more on retail pricing and profit that but in reality how many people are going to stay on a high priced auto ship for Bottled Water?
    We actually don't drink that much water except in coffee or tea and at night during our sleep time if we wake up thirsty. We drink the new Nestle' Bottled Water that is much cheaper at $4.99 to $6.99 for 12 bottles and is in fact also infused with anti-oxidants and oxgenated. The difference is to us that we wouldn't pay $50 or more for a case of Bottled Water no matter how good someone says it is. It's just that simple and from all appearances and as our friend said, this is a high entry level join fee and very pricey Bottled Water __people won't stay on this auto-ship and the pricing makes it even harder to progress and promote this as a independent distributor.
    All sound great but how easy is it going to be to promote and work one's way to the top in a Bottled Water Company and have any true residual over time when the next best Bottled Water comes out or some other great health & wellness product? Just healthy food for thought!
    Viktoria & Gary Affron
    Executive Team Concepts

    • Viktoria,
      When you say "crash" do you mean the business or the results they got from the Archaea Active? As you noticed in my video, it's not the "water" aka the delivery system I am focused on, as much as it is the formulation inside.
      This is not about bottled water, it is about a breakthrough known as the Archaea Active.
      With over 15 years of research and results, outside of MLM. And the fact the formulation and the men behind it have invented other products which have become the standard in some industries, and the fact major well respected labs are finding new benefits, does show the formulation works.
      Sadly, there has been so much hype on the compensation and Trey White, that the real story is not getting told.
      By the way $12.00 per case is more than most reps in juice companies get per case.

      • Hey Troy,
        By "crash" we meant the distributor / friend we knew. He actually owns a catering truck and sells sandwiches, drinks and other food items as well as healthy products.
        We'd have to agree you're right on your points. This distributor / friend simply and quickly found himself doing great one day with this particular Bottled Water and "crashed" within a few months for lack of being able to keep up with the pricing for which he was paying to purchase the Bottled Water and then resell it.
        We have no issue with the research behind this bottle water nor do we have any issue with healthy alternatives as opposed to pharmaceuticals. In fact, we are strong advocates for all natural and healthy product alternatives as opposed to the big pharma.
        We're not saying this water product is bad and in fact we've tasted it and liked it. It's just too far out of the range of average people being able to afford it at the price of $50 or more per case no matter what the commissions earned by selling it at that price in this already challenged economy.
        Make no mistake, we DO agree with you. It's more what people CAN afford versus what they can't afford. If people CAN'T afford this, they won't buy it, therein lies the problem with becoming a distributor and hoping to earn a lot of money long term. When people don't stay on autoship monthly, it's usually because they can't afford it or something else comes along that is more affordable and just as good. Then we have to compare research and the average person's knowledge and understanding of one research versus another.
        Semper Fi – Keep up the Great Reporting Troy!
        Viktoria & Gary Affron
        Executive Team Concepts

        • One more thought __
          A distributor pays $50 for a case of bottled water, let's say 24 / 16oz bottles. Now they earn $12 per case they purchase from the company. They go out and try to sell that $50 case of water for let's say $65 __add the $12 they earn from the company they purchased the $50 case of water from and then add the additional $15 they earned in profit by selling that same $50 case of bottled water. That in total equals $12 + $15 = $27.
          The distributor pays $50 per case and when it's all said and done, earns a mere $27 which is exactly $2.00 over half of what that distributor paid for that case of Bottled Water in the first place. Who do you know that wants to give away $23 dollars a pop to sell a $50 case of Bottled Water __not we for sure.
          Troy, this is the problem we see. Now if someone else has a better explanation of Evolv's comp plan and we've been told wrong, we will more than be happy to apologize. However, purchasing to sell at one price + and then only being able to earn less than the original purchase doesn't sound good to us nor do we think it would sound good to anyone.
          The issue here is not the quality and value of the Bottled Water (we know it's all good) so much as it is the comp plan and what a distributor has to do in order to make the big dollars in this specific business.
          Semper Fi
          Viktoria & Gary Affron
          Executive Team Concepts

          • Partners,
            Let me get this right. If you have the ability to earn a 54% profit (based on your numbers above) on a product, you will not market it? Although at $12.00 per case, that is a 24% profit in and of itself. that is far more than Wal-Mart makes on their average product sold at retail.
            Now add in the fact the distributor has several tax benefits for being in business for themselves, it seems to me, if a person is focused on the benefit of the formulation, and understands the delivery today is water, tomorrow will be something different, then I think they have a win.
            But, I could be wrong, I have been wrong before.

        • Partners,
          Now I understand. Based on what you have shared it seems your friend was marketing another "high priced bottled water" to the wrong client base. Since it is not the "Water" but the formulation, I would have talked him out of marketing the product off his truck.
          Keep an eye on the next delivery source, because it might be a better mix.

          • Hey Troy,
            Agreed. This is not something we would've stepped into due to the high entry fee and the marketability to people in area's that would not stay on such a high priced autoship let alone continue to purchase at $50 or more per case. It all comes down to personal preference profit margins or not.
            Our arguement is not an argument at all. We were merely attempting to add more facts as they were given to us by this friend of ours upline. Excitable as an opportunity, yes __but how marketable is this and how many people once approached with the high entry and then the price of an individual case, 24% commission or not in actuallity are going to consider it? Obviously plenty have and are doing well and we have NO argument with that as it's always good to see people in profit rather than not. We'll just have to say this isn't our cup of tea but we DO wish all those involved great success moving forward and especially for the viability of any such company providing healthy alternatives in a day and age where the odds of healthy foods and beverages are against us more than for us.
            The future holds great question when it comes to food shortages etc. Anything of value, healthy and storable is always a good thing!
            Thanks for taking the time to read our posts Troy and of course lend your opinions as we value those also. Keep up the great reporting!
            Semper Fi,
            Viktoria & Gary Affron
            Executive Team Concepts

  3. Is price really an issue?
    The customers who want something different will always spend the extra money on a product they can't buy at a regular store.
    Look at all the price ranges for every product out there?
    You can buy coffee at the dollar store or at Starbucks.
    You can buy a purse at Wall Mart or at Macy's …….
    You can choose to buy a BMW or a Ford car.
    I'm just pointing that there are different price ranges people are willing to spend on products.

    • Hi Lisa, I just did an article on that talks about the pricing of Evolv. I was drinking the formula before evolv when we had to fill it in big 5 gallon containers. Check us out at the blog. We are a group out of Houston who are close friends with the inventors. Our blog is dedicated to providing up to date science and stories about all of the products these men created. Thanks