Regulation fits in opposition to Fortune Hello-Tech Advertising and marketing has been a recurring theme currently. This time it’s a category motion from the distributors!
I can’t say I wasn’t anticipating this one.
After three states confirmed FHTM the door for working an unlawful pyramid scheme it was solely a matter of time till the distributors began to insurgent.
Distributors have filed a Class Motion Regulation Go well with in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the japanese district of Kentucky. Read More Here…


  1. Troy,
    I have no doubt that Paul O. will squash this one quickly. From my inside sources at FHTM these reps never even attempted to build a business and honestly I think it's nothing more than a few people trying to jump on the FHTM lawsuit bandwagon to hopefully squeeze out some cash. I hope Paul fights them on it though, instead of paying them off (like the AG's). I hate to see this stuff happen to the MLM industry. This isn't good for any of the Networkers out there!

    • Ben,
      What gets me is the fact FHTM has ben accused on not answering some of these lawsuits in a speedy manner. In reading over a couple it seems they are in the clear, but because of not responding, they are made to look bad.
      This new one is a little strange because it is from former distributors. It will be interesting to learn if they have gone on to other companies and were afraid of a cross recruiting allegation by FHTM.

      • From what I have read, the plaintiffs in the recent class action against FHTM have NOT got to other MLM's in fear of cross recruiting. They are pissed off because FHTM is a front loaded rip-off. Everything Orberson does is to further enrich himself and his close friends under the aura that he is some sort of Prophet. Can you believe that he supposedly was invited to tell his life story on Oprah. I hope he mentions cheating on his 1st wife with a stewardess (current wife Cheryl) and his loss of most of his assets in the divorce.

  2. FHTM is front loaded with no up front value, products of no real savings at all…basically a pyramid…that's why they promote recruiting, recruiting, recruiting…and they call themselves a quality company!.
    New folk of baby boomer generation they go for… savvy mlmers know their game.
    Now its catching up with them. RUN!

  3. It is my understanding that the difference between a Legitimate MLM and a Pyramid Scheme is the Value that is returned to the participant (rep), as it is related to the Cost to get involved. Therefore, being that FHTM gives it's reps the opportunity to receive a commission on practically everything that they already use (cell phone, television, internet, nuitritional products, travel, etc…), and allows them to save money & make a percentage back on the products that they have been purchasing for years, from the same places they have been shopping for years… There is obviously value in that… Correct?
    So I do not understand where the Pyramid questions are coming from… Someone please explain? FHTM offers the same features and benifits as ACN & 5Linx, plus a more advanced savings and refund percentage than Protect America… I dont understand why those companies are not in question, and they charge more to be a rep than FHTM does…
    Someone please explain???

    • Byron,
      Glad you stopped by and ask this great question.
      The difference is a legit MLM and the legal definition of a pyramid does involve moving a fair market priced product or service to an end user "who is outside of the compensation structure." In other words the company must have products or services, which the distributors are retailing to folks who are not part of their distributor system.
      FHTM in my opinion is a legit MLM. However, over the last few months they have caught the eyes of the regulators and for some reason have not take serious some of the early concerns, causing more issues for themselves.
      Once one AG starts looking at a company, they quickly call their friends who are also AGs in other states and guess what… All of a sudden they have investigations, accusations and civil lawsuits coming from all directions.
      By the way ACN has taken their own hits both at home and internationally over the years. However, these days both ACN and 5Link have also turned to a B2B offering where their reps are selling services to businesses who are not ever going to be a part of the compensation plan.

  4. I read about the class action and was very surprised to see who the lead plantif was. That lady was really big in Fortune. She was featured on the calls and they talked about how she had hundreds join her team the second month she was in. She sold her store she had for many years to work fulltime with Fortune. I hear she was never paid properly and she had been fighting them to get this corrected.
    I also read that all of the people who filed were promoted and the lead plantif was just told she was the fastest growing team in Texas and had made Executive in two months.
    Now that there is a class action being filed in California you have to ask yourself what the future of Fortune really is.
    This is the news reports this weekend.