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Beneath is an investigative report displaying expressing the identical points I’ve raised for over a 12 months.

High Waiora Chief Korey Johnson shot what he calls the Chava Minute, and after reviewing it, I believed it was a good way to coach your group. It would not matter what firm you marketplace for, this can be a quick and easy technique to assist your group.

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Read this short investigative report on how Mazu Global may just be Sea Silver repackaged for a new decade.

Birch Acquires Assets of Freedom Communications USA


  1. Super Reporting – SO Impressive __LOVE the Meaning of DaVita!
    The ONE thing missing in all Marketers and Direct Sales Individuals business experience! There's literally NOTHING any one person can do and do with such PASSION as to help oneself and another person. There's nothing like the feeling and reward of seeing someone you've helped along the way have the success and joy in life they deserve as well as your own and ALL those you help daily!
    TROY – Oh man did you hit this one on the head or what? WE JUST LOVE THIS and what great attitude for EVERYONE to take on the challenge and do something TOTALLY GREAT! More of each and everyone of us could use such INSPIRATION!
    The very MEANING of what humans are here on earth FOR! This is the ONE thing that's been MISSING over the past year as we read and comment here and anywhere else online. We ALL NEED to ENCOURAGE each other and STOP the insanity of poking fun, pointing fingers and all the other nonsense
    that's been going on in this industry.
    THANK YOU TROY for REMINDING US ALL that what were doing in life DOES in fact MATTER! Such love, such caring, giving and sharing MAKES a TOTAL DIFFERENCE in how we ALL help ourselves and EACH OTHER!
    CHANGE the way you DO THINGS FOLKS – and CHANGE our world for EVERYONE! Troy, this is absolutely one of the very BEST reports you're putting out here now. So much gratitude, recognition and FAITH at work in our world and we LOVE IT!
    Great Stuff Troy – THANKS FRIEND!
    Semper Fi
    Viktoria & Gary Affron
    Executive Team Concepts

  2. Does Freedom Communication USA has a similar business model as Lightyear Wireless?…are they Ch11 next ?. Old Wireless company's full of overhead and used to yesterdays revenue are toast!
    Any Wireless company charging for cellular as well as back office fees…is a "Scam" over market prices.
    Distributors/Reps if they continually charge back office fees…RUN, its way over priced.
    MLM Wireless plus back office fees is a bad business model, that will fell the tallest mlm wireless trees.
    Troy can you say and quote the whole company name…not to confuse with our wireless company's

    • Wireless Insolvency,
      Freedom Communication USA and LightYear Network Solutions are not run in the same manner, and it seems Freedom was more focused on individual phone service, while LY has focused on small to mid-size businesses.
      As for the rest of your comment, you bring up some good points, but from what I have seen LightYear gives the distributors the option to pay for the websites or not.

      • Troy its not just Lightyear that charge back office fees, but Global Verge, Zoom, FDI, Panther, PHP, Tech Soft, Vonumental, WWW, ACN, Freedom Comm, …and the list goes on and on…
        New Reps please!, consider this:
        In order to grow successful BIG team and prevent attrition (reps leaving)…the back office fees you pay to operate your business "Need to be Free!"
        Troy THIS IS A MAJOR FACTOR !!!!…
        You have accepted the back office fees over the years as NORMAL expense of Mlm programs costs or revenue… really its been a brain washing, of a monthly cost/office fee in order to be "in for a dream"…but its these very costs that stop the dream !!!.
        Look at GV charging month in month out last year…with NOT one dial tone !…back office fees of $39.95 these ARE the Scam!
        Troy…were in 2010….don't you think the old ways of charging for product then slapping back office fees needs to stop ???…its "so" un-competitive to market pricing…your reps leave to Costco, Sams or family mobile…TRUE!!!
        What would you think of a company offering them all FREE ?…Free product. Free back office fees ! Wow…Now we are talking!…how big of a down line could you grow if they were all free ?…a massive down line…for sure. Who quits Free ???
        Who can afford to offer a great product and get it all FREE ?… Not Lightyear ($49.95) or the others listed above.
        Troy these points are MAJOR!!!

        • Wireless Insolvency,
          Excellent comment. I do want to ask a few questions, because you as an outsider may give a different answer than I would, since I have been focusing on this niche so much.
          1. Isn't these back office fees, providing value, and are really part of the business, not the wireless service? The end users do not have to pay these same fees do they?
          2. Since these fees are a business expense, doesn't this help the distributors at the end of the year?
          3. In at least the case of GV, this is a membership fee where they include several benefits. Doesn't this make it somewhat different, than just back office fees?
          Again, I just want to cover all sides of this debate.
          Living An Epic Adventure,

          • Yes they provide some value…mainly to operate your genealogy placements, form submissions, auto responders, or internally e-mail up/down lines…this feature should be free, after all its used to help promote the company.
            Back office websites that act as a autoship and contribute to the monthly residuals are a different story, but the billing is still a monthly killer to distributors starting out
            Now the BEST programs are offering monthly residuals on back office's/websites…"and you can get them free"…while they pay residuals monthly are AWESOME!!! , combine that on top of Free wireless products with a little recruiting (normally 3)…now the whole program is free.
            NB: there is a double residual payout 1.)on the product to customers… 2.) the back office fees as well.
            Troy saying the back office fee's are a tax deduction at the end of the year is true, however 80% of reps have already left the program from FRUSTRATION PAYING BACK OFFICE FEES.
            All back office fees should include every avail modern service…in order to promote & market…if they don't its a garbage program.
            My research has found wireless company's offering awesome back offices / marketing platforms …all FREE and paying residuals on it too !!!…Whooo Hoooo!!!
            This is a massive new dynamic in the industry, the mechanics of these totally free programs are way more advanced and superior by exponential proportions over other back office fleasing programs…others are still looking in amazement saying " how do they afford to do that ????…meanwhile down lines are building strong through NO Attrition.
            Finally end users…like customers should have a option not to pay for these…but its a cop out…offering them less. Meanwhile they charge reps $40-$50 a month for this revenue grabber…which KILLS Down lines in their tracks!
            Troy…this is the single biggest break through in mlm costs to distributors…and a very important one!…No more debits to distributors accounts, bounced checks, bank fees…and the stuff that make distributor irate over mlm scam programs.
            Back Office fees are the scam giving the industry and bad reputation. Don't join a company who continually bills back office fees…

          • Wireless Insolvency,
            Again an excellent comment and one people should think about when they are evaluating wireless MLM companies. And as for end users, they should NEVER be charged for anything but a phone and the service.
            True food for thought.

          • Troy,
            Perhaps I can shed some light on the subject. While I can't speak for all the telecom based MLM companies I think I'm qualified to be able to speak for Lightyear Wireless.
            Our $49/month is NOT a back office fee. Lightyear's back office is completely free. A rep is NOT required to pay $49/month in order to be an active rep or to earn bonuses and residuals on their downline's wireless volume.
            The $49/month is an OPTIONAL service called our Web Marketing Suite. It provides:
            3 websites: mylightyear.com, mylightyear.net, lightyearwireless.com
            Multiple lead capture pages
            Customizable lead capture pages (like Carl Sorensen's EZ Lead capture where our reps can design their own custom pages)
            An email auto responder system (such as Aweber)
            A contact management system
            A free lightyearwireless.com email address
            25 free auto responder leads EVERY month
            And more.
            Now, I don't know about you but I see a tremendous value here! I was paying $50 a month for web hosting and an auto responder before this. Some other reps were paying Carl $25 a month for custom lead capture pages.
            We have a complete web marketing system all rolled into one at an affordable price!
            Hope this clarifies things for you!
            Ben Sturtevant

          • Ben,
            Thank you for taking time to comment. As an outsider who is not part of the MLM Wireless niche, I did not want to dive to far into this issue. As an insider, I feel you are very well qualified to discus this is detail.

    • Freedom Representatives,
      I am sorry to have to share this news with everyone, but Freedom Marketing will no longer be in the direct sales business effective immediately.
      Freedom Communications has funded the marketing group from the start and has invested over $1.5 million dollars to make the company grow. Over the last three months our disputes with AT&T have had too large an impact for us to continue supporting the growth of Freedom Marketing.
      Many of you have devoted a great deal of time and effort to grow your business and we greatly appreciate it and are sorry that we will be unable to continue to support your dream.
      Commission checks have been processed through September 24th and will go out the week of October 11th.
      If you have questions about your Sprint service, please wait u ntil the middle of next week and we will have more information to share with you on that subject.
      I want to assure everyone that you are not in jeopardy of losing your service.
      Matt Davis, CEO

      • Is this the same Matt Davis with Zoom? This #@## sold the company last week and didn't send out a letter of notification of the business being sold. Reps investing money and time & he KNEW he was going to pull the plug!!! Anything doing with Matt Davis I would run from!!~OH Yeah sue me for showing corp email…oh yeah… Freedom Market no longer exists….

      • Freedom-Died,
        This does suck! I reached out to corporate for an answer, and they remained silence. This is the reach, we sometimes post before talking to corporate… We want the story out so reps are not surprised.
        Listen, there are still some good wireless companies out there. Do your research, find one that fits your needs and move your team over.

        • Troy,
          This is very sad. Yet another example of why it's so important to have a solid, legitimate company behind a wireless MLM launch. Global Verge didn't get it, Panther didn't get it, Liberty didn't get it, the list goes on and on.
          I will tell you one thing, it sure does seem like Lightyear was on to something when they launched their wireless MLM division back in 2008. We lit a fire in the industry. It's unfortunate that being a wireless MLM is so hard, it would be beneficial to all of us if we had some strong companies helping Lightyear out. I am very excited about ACN jumping on the wireless bandwagon too. They will bring a ton of credibility to the wireless MLM niche!