This has been one loopy week in Direct Promoting. We noticed eFusjon in any case their hype, and frivolous lawsuits, blame the distributors for his or her failure. We additionally noticed the passing of one of many greats Darrell Utterbach of MonaVie. However via all of it, we rallied collectively as a neighborhood and stood by supporting these in ache, as all of us develop collectively.

I need to introduce you to Korey Johnson, Double Diamond at Waiora. I met Korey a couple of 12 months in the past. As our friendship grew, so do my respect for him as an individual. His values are a few of the highest I’ve ever seen, and what’s much more spectacular is his love for his staff. Due to his personal wrestle down the journey of success, he absolutely understands what others undergo.

Ignite360 – This is among the most fun start-up corporations I’ve reviewed shortly. The dad or mum firm is a 13 12 months outdated multi-million greenback media and software program powerhouse out of Texas referred to as Religion Freeway.
I first bumped into Religion Freeway, ten years in the past, once I began attending the Catalyst Convention. Then later as a part of a launch staff in a church plant right here in Destin I noticed first hand their assume capacity to take an concept and create a complete neighborhood round it.
These guys are the true deal, and once I heard they have been going to carry their inventive juices and companies to the Direct Promoting enviornment, I’ve to confess, I used to be really tempted to take a prime Presidential Founders place with the corporate. (I resisted)
You probably have adopted me any size of time, you realize there are solely a handful of corporations I might be part of if I have been constructing within the area, and Ignite360 due to their management, longevity as a profitable firm, and their product combine, is on that record. Plus their compensation may be very distinctive.

Vonumental is one other start-up firm that’s doing issues proper. In contrast to so most of the flash within the pan MLM Wi-fi Corporations, Vonumental took their time to verify they every thing secure, then launched.
One of the distinctive options about Vonumental is their proprietary Public sale Platform
These guys knew they wanted one thing moreover wi-fi service to construct a stable firm, they usually have it. They’re additionally searching for a couple of stable builders who’re excited about discovering a brand new dwelling. If wi-fi is your sport, then contact me, and let’s get you linked with the boys at Vonumental.

We’ve got all watched the P90X or Madness exercise informational on TV by Seashore Physique, however do you know they’re an MLM Firm?
I need to introduce you to a good friend of thoughts Brent Worley. Brent and I linked earlier this 12 months, when he was doing his analysis and deciding which firm would match him finest. Properly, I’m proud to say Brent adopted his coronary heart. He joined Group Seashore Physique, and began the method of remodeling his life. He knew that if P90X labored for him personally he would have the ability to market the product with no sweat. Properly right here is his story.


  1. Hey Troy are you talking about the SAME VONUMENTAL that is a break off of TechSoft who sells nothing but page plus service? You didn't mention in your video that NO ONE is signing up because their complan is second rate and looks like a poor man's copy of techsoft mobile.
    Did you know Verizon just launched their prepaid plans this week, And that PagePlus may be scaling back down to just a minute by minute provider?
    I wish those guys the best of luck but a copied system of EBay and a wireless company that is being stepped on by its parent is no company I would be apart of.
    Lastly with companies like Global Pro's and TechSoft Mobile paying out as much as they are with multiple plans each Vonumental would be a hard sell any day of the week.
    A little disclosure I was at PHP and left for Global Pro's I was their less than a month because the leadership and calls were less than exciting and customer service was dreadful, I then moved over to TechSoft mobile and I couldn't be happier. I got my 4G GSM phone the HTC LEO in 2 days and it does everything. I also got paid every week for the last 5 weeks now. It is no wonder people from PHP and others are coming over to TechSoft. I wish Vonumental luck but if they want to play they have to step their game up.

    • Thats Funny,
      I can see you do not have your facts straight. Vonumental has been in the formation stages long before TechSoft was ever formed. As a matter of fact, the original draft of the business plan goes back to the middle of the GV issues of 2009. I can see you are not a consultant for them, or someone on the inside or you would the correct facts.
      Well, at least by taking your comment public, people will know, you do not know what you are talking about if you post elsewhere.
      As for the compensation, once again, you have missed the facts.
      Well, at least you are happy where you are. However, it's interesting that you feel the need to belittle a competitor, if they are not a threat!!! 🙂

      • Troy,
        Thanks for the knowledge u shared to thats funny. Got a fact to share.Verizon gains mostly through resellers
        Verizon Wireless announced its quarterly results yesterday, and much like AT&T they added more prepaid customers than postpaid. Their overall net adds totaled 1.5 million, about 400,000 fewer than AT&T, but only 423,000 of them were postpaid users. Verizon had another quirk in their results: only 288,000 subscribers came directly through the carrier. The rest of the 1.5 million came from resellers like Page Plus and Straight Talk. This brings Verizon’s indirect connections total to 5 million.
        Posted in Verizon Wireless on April 23rd, 2010
        I would think Vonumental has done their homework. Im not a stone thrower. I wish all well with their investments. I chose Vonumental for their patients and research efforts. Its a well known fact that the earlybird gets the worm. But its also a well known fact that the second mouse gets to enjoy the cheese. wI Which taste better.?

        • Miles,
          I agree! Prepaid is on the rise and Verizon truly seems to be leading. Not when the overall economy turns we may see postpaid come back, but in the mean time the trend is moving in Vonumental's favor.
          I also just read an interview with the CEO of Sprint and he also stated Sprint is moving their focus to prepaid with individuals, and looking at long term postpaid contracts with their business clients.
          Maybe the furure of wireless will be selling business contracts, as if it were just another utility.

          • Troy you are right at Techsoft I can sell a business contract right now on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T, and can make from $200.00 to $2,000.00 a month residually!
            I am working on this now and trying to secure an account with a hospital here in Seagoville, TX. If I secure that well I will be instantly financially independent.
            So just wanted to let you know Troy.
            I am in Wayne Askew's group and we are killing it here in Texas

          • Stop it your killing me,
            I want to make sure I am clear in what you are saying. When you say you can sell a business contract on "Sprint, Verizon and AT&T" are you talking about directly on these networks or through a reseller like Boost, PagePlus etc?
            The reason I ask, is because if you are referring to the top tier companies themselves, then it would seem TechSoft is not a MVNO, but just a reseller.
            By the way, if you are in Wayne's organization, you are with a STUD!!! Although, we don;t always agree on companies, I have the highest respect of Wayne as a leader.

    • Will the REAL "That's Funny says" Please Stand Up and Introduce Yourself?
      WE MUST agree with Troy's comment below: It's NOT necessary to THROW DOWN another company IF they're NOT a threat to you. Since it appears you're a Distributor and NOT one of the principle corporate officers, ASK yourself __IS it possible you may NOT know all the details and IS it possible YOU also may be being led astray WITHOUT your knowledge? Perhaps it's NOT best to brag so LOUDLY quite yet.
      For more insight into what Battles and Wars create, you might want to revisit some history:
      CLICK on the link (below) and READ about the 1876 BATTLE of LITTLE BIG HORN better known as CUSTER's LAST STAND. In fact the move "Dances with Wolves" depicts a piece of this battle and carnage left behind, you might want to RE-Watch that movie.
      The United States Army's 7th Calvary wanted to control the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Araphao Indians and FORCE them back to THEIR reservations.
      Much the SAME as a particular person ( well known here in this community ) wants to MONOPOLIZE the Wireless Industry. YUP he was going to become the "Saddam Hussein" of Wireless. Monopolize the industry and it would all be his.
      The 7th Calvary and General Custer thought they could accomplish the same thing with the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne, and Araphao Indians. They were going to take their land no matter what it took to do it and BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY and __they TOO had a plan.
      The 7th Calvary's intense drive to FORCE the Indians back onto reservations and MONOPOLIZE Government land __BACK-FIRED on them and instead, a force of 700 men led by George Armstrong Custer, suffered severe defeat. Five of the Seventh's companies were annihilated; Custer was killed, as were two of his brothers, a nephew, and a brother-in-law. Total U.S. death's were 268, including scouts, and 55 were left wounded.
      SO THIS is what's been happening to the Distributors with ALL these MLM Wireless Wars and yet __ONLY the best of the best are FOCUSED on their business and NOT THROWING STONES and CREATING more Battles and Wars amongst other Distributors and Companies.
      THAT IS what a PROFESSIONAL Marketers and Direct Sales individuals DO daily and NOT all this other nonsense going on. THOSE THAT WANT to succeed WILL and __those who sit around QUACKING all day long WON'T EVER grow wings to fly and fly high. THAT is the difference between an EAGLE and a DUCK.
      You CAN'T Send a Duck to Eagle School __
      NOT EVERY battle or war is a WIN-WIN. It is ALWAYS the carnage left behind that hurts the most. With all the recent lawsuits and those yet to come, it will most likely BE ALL the Distributors that will be harmed and left behind yet again in the process and again __DUE to THOSE who are KNOWINGLY dishonest, unethical and have WRECKLESS DISREGARD for the people so loyal and trusting who follow them.
      Track Records in Legal Issues do not always produce rehabilitation as has been recounted HERE several times regarding these MLM Wireless Wars. eVerge was one example and Zero01 is another. The list goes on and will not be finished in total until the courts say so.
      ASK WHY ( if you don't already know the answer ) and find out BEFORE you go THROWING STONES at others and their companies. Find out the DETAILS if you don't know them. DO some research and ASK others who might know more than you do. Do some Due Diligence always BEFORE joining any one company and business. Just because a "friend" says it's a great idea doesn't always make it so. People NEED to make their OWN decisions and NOT allow others to make them for them.
      Edmund Burke Wrote: __"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
      Time and again those who profess to be good seem to clearly outnumber those who are evil, yet those who are evil seem to prevail far too often. Seldom is it the numbers that determine the outcome, but whether those who claim to be good men are willing to stand up and fight for what they know to be right.
      We're always available and happy to meet new people in Marketing and Direct Sales and they don't need to be in our chosen business. Everything doesn't need to become a Battle or War of the fittest in Multi-Level-Marketing. We only need to watch out for and help each other. Success never happens overnight except in the lottery for those lucky people or an inheritance left behind at the loss of a loved one. The ONE thing we can all do as Distributors in ANY one company is to protect what we know and help others learn what success requires in doing it the RIGHT way with respect for each other and our businesses.
      Viktoria & Gary Affron
      Executive Team Concepts

        • Victoria are you cool with the fact that the owners of vonumental were creating the foundation for the company while at Panther?
          Just asking, Cause according to Troy they were doing this since Global Verge, Yet they were active in Billy Nash Downline at Panther, Its an Honest question can I get an answer.
          Also are you condoning other Panther Distributors start their own companies as well?

          • Chris,
            Your a little off on your timing. They started to formulate Vonumental before Panther. It was after GV launched, and during everyone else's frenzy to hype the next great thing.
            By the way, it's not the wireless that makes this company different.
            The issue should not the fact they were in Billy's downline, but what did they learn while active in any wireless company?
            This idea that people can't join a company to review what that company is doing right or wrong in some cases is strange.
            Where the issue comes is when a person or organization joins to harm the company before launching their own.
            It is standard business for competitors to join, use, and research each other.

          • Troy come on here. Really, so is that what Chris was doing research? So as long as it is someone you like or are cool with, they can join a company take their proprietary information and start their own company, I wonder what Global Verge would say right now about Vonumental building this while they were there.
            Not my words Troy yours.
            So cross recruiting is ok for Vonumental of Panther, Global Verge and TechSoft. Of course as long as it is only called research it is ok.
            Well isn't that convenient Troy

          • Stop it your killing me,
            Not sure exactly what you are referring. But let me answer your questions the best I can.
            1. I have no clue what you mean by "Chris Greco." What Chris did was unethical and I have called him out on it. I have also called out other leaders and companies which have taken propitiatory info to launch their company. Not sure why you think I believe it is unethical.
            2. As for anyone I like. If people conduct themselves in any unethical manner, then it is wrong and they should be called out on it.
            3. Vonumental to my knowledge was never building anything until a few months ago. However, they have been formulating their business plan for several months. And if you read exactly what I wrote, then you know I said it was before Panther and TechSoft and after GV had launched. I challenge you to find me someone who can provide written documentation that ANYONE from Vonumental tried to recruit them while they were at any other company. I would also challenge you to show we anything about vonumentals platform or compensation which is like any other companies.
            4. Explain cross-recruiting? To my knowledge Vonumental founders have never built a downline in another company. Although, they have personally sponsored some folks, and yes it is ethical and legal to talk to your personally sponsored frontline about any other company you may join. Please provide written documentation of any cross-sponsoring into Vonumental during which time a founder of Vonumental was active in any other company.
            Not sure I answered all your questions.

          • Chris,
            For someone who claims they're not into other people's business and are focusing on becoming a better person __you seem to at will "throw out" what you believe to be true or is it what you know to be true having "been there"?
            We don't owe you an answer on either of these silly questions. YOU are simply asking questions you ALREADY have the answer to because YOU also were part of alot of it. Learn to leave well enough alone Chris. Attempting to snare others out to JUSTIFY your ACTIONS won't help you. We had nothing to do with any of what you're referring to because WE were and STILL are focused on our business __NOT company politics which SHOULD at all times be left between Corporates and their Attorney's and NOT spread as a Cancer in the downlines as you AND others seem to enjoy doing.
            Troy is 100% CORRECT __"Where the issue comes is when a person or organization joins to harm the company before launching their own." and __
            To that extent we'll say only that it's NOT RIGHT for anyone to join one company with plans of starting their own IF they're going to USE people in that named company for their own benefit later on in ANOTHER company as obviously you and other PUPPETS have exercised "free will" to do and caused harm to others in doing such.
            IT's NOT RIGHT to coerce, deceive and use OTHER people in one company to form a seperate company AFTER the fact NOR is it right to form a company WHILE at another company and USE that companies and distributors money to do such. Moving downlines because one can do so and causing people monetary harm IS NOT right – Moving peoples personal and private information from one site to another IS NOT right either. That's not only unethical and dishonest BUT also ILLEGAL.
            We WILL say we WERE NOT actually there when this all happened but the facts are still the facts and THERE ARE people willing to say so if called upon and we'd be one of them because it was done to us! So don't go around thinking that others don't know what took place __there are too many of us who actually DO!
            So Chris, WHEN and IF you have time to go over those FACTS __maybe you can let everyone else know what YOU know already! Ooops, we forgot, YOU WERE actually THERE when all this and the forming of a new company was going on! But shhhh __ don't let anyone know that right?
            Don't just SCAN comments and replies CHRIS __GET your facts straight BEFORE you ATTACK other people and OTHER companies!

    • Thats Funny
      How bout some true disclosure while you are disclosing. (I was at PHP) Really?
      I know you have been everywhere, but not PHP.
      It appears you are none other than Mr Hyde (aka) Mr Greco using your cover of deception to deceive the wireless world yet again.
      Your recruting methods to bring others to your company are so easy to spot, (even a cave man could do it). SEE THE FOLLOWIN ALL GRECO STYLE STATEMENTS
      I couldn’t be happier, I got my 4G GSM phone the HTC LEO in 2 days, I also got paid every week for the last 5 weeks, no wonder people from PHP and others are coming over to TechSoft,
      I wish Vonumental luck but if they want to play they have to step their game up.
      Greco you want to play? Step up your integrity game, or as you say "GAME OVER" for you and techsoft.

  2. I would never get involved with a MLM telecom program. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The profits are just too slim to make it a viable business model. The only way to make any good money in this type of program is through CABs (customer acquisition bonuses). You must build a large "army" of loyal customers to make any decent kind of residual.
    Case in point: Global Verge. 'Nuff said there!
    The MLM category with the highest failure rate would have to be "telecom". Very low profit margins = no money for the little guy to make a decent residual income.

  3. That's Funny,
    You are obviously not in tune with the mobile phone business. First off, there is NO 4G phones offered by TechSoft Mobile. The only 4G Phone is the Evo 4G offered by Sprint which is a CDMA Phone and not GSM. There is NO GSM 4G Phones in existence because there are NO 4G GSM mobile phone sites anywhere. Only Sprint has 4G coverage and they will not sell their EVO 4G phones to any prepaid companies because they charge $10 additional for their 4G plans.
    You obviously don't know what you are talking about and just want to solicit TechSoft Mobile. TechSoft does not offer any great Prepaid Plans, all they have is Simple Mobile, Virgin and Boost type of plans which the consumer can get a better deal from a dealer. I know because I am a reseller for Simple Mobile.
    I would suggest that you learn about the mobile industry first before you start trying to pitch any company.

    • Hey Bill,
      After reading your wise words of advice, we congratulate you for bringing some common sense to all of this bogus chest beating that some individuals are provoking at TsM. This is none-the-less proof of unsavory and unethical activites on their part for which they will pay a high price when the hammer comes down on them as it has others before.
      Please keep educating the public and all distributors in all MLM Wireless Companies. The one thing ANY MLM Wireless Company needs to succeed is WISDOM in knowing what it is they're talking about as well as Distributors that are willing to LEARN the business of Wireless and Telecommunications. For those that are only looking for a pay check, they will soon find out that in getting that accompished they must ALL KNOW what they're talking about and not guessing at it!
      Thanks Again and God Bless!
      Viktoria & Gary Affron
      Executive Team Concepts

  4. Um sorry to disappoint but I have posted here in a while have Troy check my IP, Anyway.
    Let me address the 4G question for all these wireless geniuses out here.. Please go to T-Mobile and Please Google HSPA+, Then go to you tube and look up HSPA+, Guys your wrong we have 4G GSM and we are selling it faster than anything I have ever seen, Sorry thats what it is, Sorry thats why we are ranked so high, And Sorry I wont apologize for that, As for people from PHP coming over, That is true 100% No not the whole company but some key people.
    As for me being saddam hussien that doesn't work, I can't fix what I said or did in the Past just move forward, This is why I issued my apology to Ted Robbins on this very site, I made no bones about it, Hate me Love me, I personally don't care as long as the Distributors in this company get paid and are having their goals met, I personally DO NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS, Cause say what you want we are picking up hella steam, and we are doubling in size every 40 days, And ask the reps, Hell troy you ask them, Ask them all, Most Distributors who were paid last month have had that DOUBLE this month.
    So look I am not going anywhere, I am rooted into techsoft like CONCRETE, and sorry, illnesses, lawsuits, and people who don't like me will not keep me from helping these distributors realize their dreams…..
    As I said on the call there is Two great men I follow, MIKE COLLINS and MARTIN LUTHER KING
    Mike Collins was the leader of the IRA and started the FREEDOM of IRELAND, he was unconventional and a great leader, MARTIN LUTHER KING integrated the races here in the US, and did alot of good, Again unconventional, But both were slandered, both did things that needed to be done, was was peaceful the other a warrior, I am trying to be in the middle here, I am in no way COMPARING myself to these great men, They are only an example of what I am trying to be.
    Thank you Troy for giving me a Voice, I wish everyone the Best can't be here as much as usual we are too busy at TechSoft to be on these blogs.. Ooops you knew I had to be a jerk some where, Or it wouldn't be me.
    I wish you all the best God's Speed.
    Chris Greco
    TechSoft Mobile.

    • Coming from a man whose nose grows with every promise, I can remain confident of the long term viability of my choice. Key people in your company are coming to me, telling me they are "done with that HillBilly", complaining of the service issues that still exist (like that was ever going to change), and the loose cannon pissing off their key people on the calls. Now that is hearsay and rumor, and I have not confirmed those comments as true but then again, you have been known to throw out a rumor or two as well haven't you Pinocc ahh I mean Chris.
      Then because they believe they burned their bridges at GlobalPros they are prospecting me for their new gig. The reality is, most of the Global Pros distributors that followed your leadership would be able to return to their former position if they chose to do so. But they would have to act fast and get in touch with their Global Pros leadership.

      • Wow paul so are you saying that Global Pros is allowing cross recruiting? Wow that could get you slapped with a lawsuit. I bet you should check with your leadership on that one.
        Further do we need to continue to go here Paul, I tell you what I will call Sam again in a last ditch effort and then if that doesn't work Ill give Troy what I have and we will see who want to stay and or ever go to Global Pros.
        Paul I am trying to be above the BS. But if you really want to play, I will protect my distributors, and if that means helping you on the way down so be it.
        How is those alexa rankings treating you, Oh thats right you have fallen 60% in 30 days, Why is that, Oh again thats right traffic, thats because you lost people who didn't come here they just quit.
        And they didn't want to come here because they thought we wouldn't take them, WRONG, So anyway what happened to team united? What happened to some of your top leaders where did they go?
        And how is that service in Canada going paul, Oh thats right Global Pros has no plans in the near future for Canada, That must be hard to do huh?
        Also we have done what we said, We have launched OUR OWN MVNO Platform with Sprint, and Verizon, I don't see that there. Also people can come in and get TRUE unlimited VERIZON today for $125.00. That is $50.00 cheaper than if you have a contract at Verizon, Oh and it is NO CONTRACT. But hey maybe people are coming here for the HSPA+ 4G network.
        Paul I respect you but I also know when I have taken enough, I'll tell you what giant, If global pros is doing so good, Produce a Check, right here right now, I will grab ANY of the TOP 20 leaders in this company and I am willing to bet you money for a CHARITY CAUSE of course that any one of our top 20 distributors checks is at least 3 times bigger than yours.
        Want to know why, We actually are building here why you have stagnated, People don't want to hear the same ole same ole, And you can say what you want Paul, But facts are this, TechSoft will be here long after Global Pros is dead.
        So look, Like I said I consider Sam, Clint, and others in Ownership and Distributors my friends and they are secure no matter what happens with Global Pros.
        I wish you the best of luck.
        But when you lash out Paul, it tells me I am doing something right, So thank you.
        And I am willing to take you up on that bet anytime, Infact our distributors, and why dont you ask them here, Have had their checks double from last month.
        And with the launch of Verizon and Sprint, That will only get bigger and more than likely Tripple next month.
        I have done what I said, I told folks I would get them on top of a Team, DONE. I told Reps They would get paid more than any other company DONE.. I told reps that we would have products no one else would DONE..
        So why you can Try to stir the pot, Ill send the reps here today and let them tell you how they are doing and what they have done.
        And again I wish you the best of luck, I look forward to selling our nTelos product in canada as our Talk Text and 1GB of data has been a smash hit!

        • Back to the Future Chris!
          You're doing it again.
          There's an old saying " clean up your own backyard before you start telling other people how to clean up theirs." That's why you have problems with people and they have problems with you Chris. You're always trying to measure up and higher than anyone else. You think because YOU TALK that you can control others with threats and calling them down like you do. Truth be known Chris __ you are no Troy Dooly and you don't have a clue how to talk to people. You just yell and overtalk and you do the SAME when you type reponses or comments here. This does'nt get you any more respect Chris.
          WISE UP CHRIS __the road to success is a journey and a long one but FIRST one must have a clear destination in mind and from what we can tell with you moving from company to company and opinion to opinion __you still haven't found YOUR destination. When you do it may surprise you. Even for the greatest of the great never intended on ending up where they did and for some of those it wasn't exactly what they'd planned either.
          Don't forget Chris __YOU CAN'T outplan GOD!

      • Paul good buddy, I am sorry but your wrong. I was in your downline at Global Pros, I am from Dallas, Tx. Don't need to say who exactly you should know.
        Look you constantly try to piss on Chris, but I don't know all the detail between you two, But he has met every promise he has made me BAR NONE.
        I have watched my check double this month from last month Paul how about you.
        Why you are being pissy over a phone you are going down with yet another sinking ship. Anyone can see the Alexa rankings like Chris said and see your dying as a company.
        And when some of your Owners that I talk to are looking at other businesses out side of wireless because it isn't working at GP, you have a lot of balls to lie to the good distributors here and say otherwise.
        Paul I don't give two shits about what happened in the past, I like others have forgiven Chris for that because he came clean on GV, and everything else. And now he is helping me realize my dreams and making me financially independent. So stop pissing on my dreams Paul just because your company is pissing on yours.
        I am not a Top leader but I would love to compare my check to yours.
        You tell me this, Can you sponsor 1 rep and 1 customer and get paid 9 levels for a total of $29,523.00? huh? huh? I didn't think so.
        Lastly if you hate Chris so much, Why are you still using his Rogers service in Canada?
        Makes me wonder Paul.. I'll extend you the same offer paul, Also any leaders who now know that you bet on the wrong team or horse as Chris says, No shame, No apologies needed, Lets get back together and build this thing out. All I will say is Google Yahoo, Bing, and Alexa can't be wrong, Global Pros is dying.
        I just activated my Verizon Droid X yesterday by the way and I love it! $125.00 for Unlimited Everything. I am so excited, Just another product for me to build my business even larger.
        Good luck Paul I can assure you your going to need it, Oh and next time you post don't mention other leaders cause the next day they leave, I saw your post where you said me and Debbie are staying here, Well Debbie Holton a great woman I might add is awesome here, Then you mentioned, Bonnie Gipson was not leaving, Well she is here, And Walter, Well walter is not here yet but I have word that the team is working on him. Everyone you mention leaves, so is that why you stopped, We left, and I am glad we did.
        I don't know about you…. I am not in this for the practice paul, I am here to become financially independent. And guess what I am knocking on that door.
        Thank you Kevin Debbie and Chris for making this Great.
        Thank you Wayne Askew and Ricky Wright for having the gumption to bring us here.
        Good luck Paul you are going to need it.

        • Stop it your killing me,
          You wrote: " Well walter is not here yet but I have word that the team is working on him."
          You were in Global Pros obviously as were many others on your new team. HOW would you have felt then if someone else from another company was promoting to YOUR downline team members when you were @ Global Pros? This is the SAME EXACT thing Kevin Sipe and TsM members did to their former team members @ Panther Mobile and that was so wrong. Do you not think that had to have done damage to of some of our still existing really good distributors? Maybe you didn't mind so much since you're obviously over at TsM now. Which one of the people you knew at Global Pro's left and promoted you to Tsm?
          HOW is "this team working on Walter" NOT Cross-Promoting? It may seem okay by some to Cross Promote to people they actually personally sponsored __ however, under NO circumstance is it EVER okay to do such if a person is in another company and happy there,
          wether personally sponsored by you or not. Doing such is just plain wrong Business Ethics.
          and IS Cross-Promoting wether you choose to believe it or not and it's unprofessional.
          There are how many go-millions of marketers and direct sales people but instead people go for the ones they've known in previous companies? Is it any wonder why so many people fail by not gathering new people and putting them into their business? With all those available there is NO real excuse for Cross Promoting or Cross Sponsoring. Truth be known, in a real world business these type of shenanigans would NOT be tolerated and those involved would be fired on the spot.
          We can almost guarantee that when a company and teams are formed deceitfully and coerced to leave one company and go to another the same (in this case wireless) __it's a sure recipe for failure. Wouldn't be so quick to count on everyone promoted into TsM staying. There ARE and WILL be other up and coming Wireless companies with even MORE to offer than than some currently and they too will stand up and be counted. What will YOU do then?
          Veteran Marketers KNOW that for every person that can be swayed to join ANY business or company, there are 100's and thousands more. These types of people don't stay anywhere for long. They have other friends who talk to them also and they find other things they're interested in doing usually after the first 30 to 90 days and it's all over. Not every individual has the fortitude to stay with just one business and commit to it for a minimum of 12 months before changing and going elsewhere which is why the majority of people don't make it in this industry or any industry!
          Folks, if you're going to be a TRUE Professional Marketer or Direct Sales individual __ PLEASE find out what it requires to become such BEFORE you get into any one business! BE Kind to people, BE Honest and Ethical and above all BE PROFESSIONAL in all your dealings!
          * There are plenty of sites online that address the topic Business Ethics 101.

    • FYI, T-Mobile is using the 4G as a buzz word. Go to T-Mobiles site and they say tat the HSPA is 4G line speed. They do not have 4G service and many in the industry say that the HSPA which faster than 3G speeds is more like 3.5G. T-Mobile has the HSPA in 55 cities so it is not widely available everywhere similar to Sprints 4G service. There are many blogs that did write ups on it.
      I think if you want to legally market your HSPA service you should do what T-Mobile is doing by marketing their service as 4G like speeds and not mislead the consumer into thinking they have 4G

      • Sprint should do the same Bill, as Wimax is not 4G either, 4G is 21mbps or higher. And the EVO Only does 11 to 14 Mbps at best, The G2 which launches around September 15th with the HD3 aka the HD7 will both so 21mbps to 29mbps.
        That is 4G get your facts straight.
        I work for T-Mobile I should know

        • I don't think you work for T-Mobile but only a rep like Chris. Sprint has the legal 4G Service which is why they can legally call it a 4G Service as their partners Clear which uses the same 4G Network. If you work for T-Mobile then you should know that their employees cannot say they have 4G Service but can say they have 4G Like Service. Stop using 4G as as buzz word when you are not allowed to do so as a employee of T-Mobile……………..

          • Look. Sprint doesn't have that service.4g has to hit 20mbps or more.
            Right now only t-mobile has secured those speeds.
            We demonstrated that at the event this past Saturday with an Evo and Hd2
            So again nice try but wimax is not 4g hspa+ is.

    • Chris, you sound like a six year old little boy wanting to play the big boys game called MLM Marketing.You really can't play that game because your brain isn't big enough to take it.
      The real Saddam Hussien had a big mouth just like you. He said attack me, and it will be
      "the mother of all wars". If I recall that one lasted just a few days before he went in a hole to hide
      from the victors.
      You too will hide from the victors of your "mother of all wireless wars' very soon.
      Chris, this one won't last long for you and SoftTech. There is a BIG BigTrain coming toward you, and the rest of the mlm wireless industry. You guys don't have a clue. When you hear the Wooo! , Wooo! , Wooo! get out of the way. Game Over, Have a good day……..It will be a wrap as you say.

  5. CHRIS __
    FIRST of all, we DON'T see where the TOPIC of "Vonumental, Ignite 360, Beach Body and Waiora and other MLM News" has ANYTHING to do with Techsoft Mobile or YOU for that matter. What Troy is posting about has to do with the achievements of a few good men in OTHER companies and NOT ABOUT YOU posting all the stuff you do on how great YOU think things are going for Techsoft Mobile!
    FYI Chris __
    You posted a question: " are you cool with the fact that the owners of Vonumental were creating the foundation for the company while at Panther? "
    We'll follow that with an HONEST ANSWER for you CHRIS.
    Were you or were you not consulting with other wireless companies over a period of time between November 2009 and even after June 1st, 2010 ? What makes you think that what you were doing IS or was any different than what you are accusing others of doing or having done?
    Let us remind you of a few things:
    1) We are not here to be challenged nor are we here to challenge anyone.
    2) If you have done what you accuse others of doing __you have NO right to say even one thing about them or anyone else. Wether or not you feel you have a right to isn't relative.
    3) Do you not think that people recognize your writing and the way you put your words into comments and replies Chris? They do and have read many, many of your comments enough to know and recognize certain phrases you use consistently.
    It's KNOWLEDGE that is POWER Chris __NOT the other way around.
    Since you seem to have an affinity for the Great Martin Luther King, Jr. __I'll share that I in fact did my college Thesis on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X36 – I studied them both deeply and without judgement of either. They both did great things but it is in the manner in which they accomplished their goals that is to this day questioned although still impressive however right or wrong some consider them to be. Martin Luther King, Jr. once spoke these very important words
    "I am not interested in power for power's sake, but I'm interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good." – Martin Luther King, Jr.
    If a person wants to be like Martin Luther King, Jr., __they must FIRST and foremost be willing to sacrifice their old ways and IMPLIMENT new ways.. Ways that ARE honest, ethical, moral and above all RIGHT and good.
    Perhaps in having Heroes in life, we need to look deeper and further beyond what our own eyes can see. We need to STUDY those whom we admire and LEARN their thought processes as if they were our own. In doing such we need to memorize their ways and learn the REASONS why and how they came to their conclusions about life and it's rights and wrongs.
    LEARN that POWER comes WITH great responsibility and POWER DOES NOT give you the "right of passage" in this life anymore than LIFE gives you the "right of POWER" unearned and taken at the expense of others.
    POWER IS NOT given freely. We do NOT ACQUIRE POWER by simply thinking or saying it's so. Acquiring POWER requires a great deal of LEARNING in order to attain TRUE Knowledge. POWER is NOT peddled as something easy to acquire NOR is handed out like gifts for those who demand it.
    CHRIS YOU are more like FRIEDRICH NIETZCHE who disseminated ideas on the "will to power", which he saw as the DOMINATION of other humans as much as the exercise of control over one's environment.. YOU can NOT think that you are ALL powerful in the niche of MLM WIreless any more than you can think you CONTROL what happens or how other people choose what they want to do and with whom.
    CHRIS, WAKE UP and realize that when people are coerced, deceived and forced into something wrongly, it all comes back around. In the long run most end up wondering why and how it all happened, not acknowledging or being accountable for their own part in it. Pay attention to the flies on your own windshield of life and leave others alone to do what they do best __make their own (hopefully better informed) decisions.

    • Slight correction as typing can produce typo's, ha!
      " Malcolm X36" there is NO Malcolm X36. This was intended (minus the typo) to read "Malcolm X" only. My sincerest apologies and I had no intention of offending anyone who may be a Malcolm X fan. I too enjoyed studying about and learning the significance and meaning of Malcolm X's mission in life. He was truly an impressive character in our American History and for all the meaning and understanding he provided others we too are grateful.

      • Vicky, are you kidding, or have you lost touch.
        Chris has owned up to his ways, Unless you are totally ignorant he isnt trying to take over anything.
        He is helping WOW, ZRT, VM Wireless, and I hear Savings Society. So wake up and stop living in the past.
        Vicky I remember reading your posts here in defense of Chris Greco, Should I go get them?
        All I can say is I have seen it. And I am impressed. Oh and I got another weekly check today.

    • Hey Partners!
      You are right! These posting have nothing to do with Chris or Techsoft Mobile. It seems that Chris wants to put his two cents in every blog to get exposure. This blog like all other blogs with Chris creates a lot of hate and I wish Troy would monitor it and not allow his grandstanding to get free exposure for his companies.
      Let's just blog on the subjects that were intended and Troy please remove all of Chris's comments from future blogs that he has nothing to do with.
      As a final note, T-Mobiles HSPA is like 4G and NOT 4G so please stop misrepresenting T-Mobiles service , they don't so you folks should not as well!

    • Stop it your killing me.
      If a company is activating "Real Verizon" "Real Sprint" and "real T-Mobile" I would question them being an MVNO. This sounds like a reseller account to me. I am writing an article on this very subject, which I do hope will shed some light on all of these agreements.

      • No Troy it does not say VERIZON etc. It is the wholesale portal for these companies, like Sprint is MACC. You should ask Kevin or Chris to show you. I bet you anything no other company really has the MVNO's. Including ZOOM. They are using TelSpace. Look at the source code of their website by hitting control U on their page, You find TelSpace everywhere. That Troy is not an MVNO, That is only a white label agreement.
        Again I wish everyone the best. But like Real Source I will make sure that no one lies on my company. And if I find that something is not right I will say it here.

  6. Vicky sounds bitter, I was at Panther too babe. And let me tell you, you were on the bash gv train too.
    As for Panther why dont you come clean to everyone and tell them that GLOBAL VERGE now owns Panther. Thats right they made a dealy wheely with the Devil.
    If your a Panther Rep, Mark my words. You are now owned by Global Verge, You are the new Wireless Arm for Global Verge.
    Oh Troy call Brian Hardy to confirm.
    And for the ones that don't believe give it 10 days, And I told you so.
    Panther reps are in for a rude awakening.
    Welcome to the new Global Verge Vicky.

    • Stop it Your Killing Me __
      Welcome to Jeopardy!
      Click on the name in RED:
      Looks Like __
      Enroller: 1 – TechSoft Mobile
      Contact Info: – 941-225-4031
      TechSoft Mobile Affordable Wireless
      TechSoftMobile Corporate Headquarters:
      Phone: 941-225-4031
      5454 Lena Road Unit #104
      Bradenton, Florida 34211
      What is __
      Someone who's in fact fearful that someone may say something no one else is supposed to know?
      Someone who maybe did something no one was supposed to know about?
      Someone who has something to hide said in a private conversation and fearful may get out to the general public?
      Real reason for publicly attacking someone personally?
      AND __your answer is?
      Have something to say, please type in your real name and go ahead and say it .
      Tick, Tock, Tick Tock __Tick, Tock, Tick Tock __ da, ta, da, da, ta, da, ta!

      • LOL Vicky again you are one funny gal. You danced all around the question. Just answer it.
        Your company panther mobile is now OWNED by Global Verge that makes you a Global Verge Distributor. Did you know about the deal or not? And if not why would Harry Aston sell out his distributors?
        That is what it looks like. So much for that integrity and ethics huh vicky?
        Panther Mobile the new Wireless Division of Global Verge

        • Stop it your killing me __
          Does your train of thought have a caboose?
          Tell you what, I'll try being nicer, if you'll try being smarter.
          You can get started by exercising a few basic manners __my name is "Viktoria" and __ In the interest of showing your rudeness up front and personal the way you've shown yours to me and others publicly __
          From this day forward I will call you __WA'-do – (you figure it out).
          You make a big mistake by challenging a Cherokee National (UCN).
          YOU are asking for answers __WHERE ARE YOURS? TRY focusing on and EXPLAINING
          YOUR OWN actions past to present. SHOCK is an odd thing. It flows like a river but not necessarily in the same direction all the time. ENJOY what you have now __the moon rises and collides with the sun creating an eclipse. Close your eyes and your imagination will blind you.
          Thank you, I am not being rude __You are just insignificant in a world of better people and positive influence.

  7. I'm glad I found your blog. I'm brand new with Team Beachbody and I'm looking to network with as many coaches as possible.
    I found this site from my upline coach at guy who runs that site recruited over 100 coaches his first month. Him and his wife took the top spot with the chairmans challenge that Beachbody was putting on and Carl is flying to their home to interview them.
    He is allowing a few people outside of his team to use his system and it is awesome. I got the system and ad co-op and recruited 3 new coaches my first week. I also recruited my sister but I don't think she is going to do much.
    Talk with everyone later
    ♥ Linda in Cali ♥