For those who would have requested me 90 days in the past, if Harry Aston may pull Panther out of the ditch it was in, I’d have stated the next “provided that the distributors imagine in him, and are prepared to assist.” And lots of of you requested that very query. Nicely, from what we’ve got seen within the final couple of weeks, I need to say, the distributors at Panther actually love Aston and got here alongside aspect of him to create a tradition of WINNERS!

For sure Panther Cell nonetheless has an uphill struggle to turn into the usual of excellence within the MLM Wi-fi Area of interest, however with the help of their distributors, they’re now transferring in the best course. Commissions at the moment are being paid to the sector, the branded debit card has shipped to the sector, and the social advertising of the corporate shouldn’t be in full swing.
Take a second and evaluate among the movies I discovered on YouTube produced by Panther Company.


  1. Troy,
    Thanks for this blog report. As you know this one hits close to the heart with me as truly when I first got involved with Panther, I heard the passion and the desire that Harry Aston had to build this company . I joined that excitement only to find out that we all had to deal with an ex-partner that would have to look into the dictionary to see what the word Integrity means. We all know that partner and we can see his every move. Integrity will be the victor here.
    Harry and the Panther team have done a good job of turning this around. This blog has done a good job with exposing the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. The blogging on this company truly is a good example of fairness as when it appeared not in the distributors best interest , the alert when out with a warning and now we see with the hard work and all that has been learned, it appears turned in the right direction.
    Distributors are the strength of a company and any corrupt owner that does not know that, better start running towards the hills,as the Con runs out and your totally exposed. Troy, I only wished it was allowed to add a "CON" column next to your alert column. If I lobbied for that among distributors,my guess is I could get enough votes to get it passed.

  2. Distributors deserve to get what is right in a online business. My priority is and always will be our deserving network marketers. Troy I took that challenge you once made to this industry “the market is so big, is there anyone company out there that can get it right?” Keep watching Troy we are going to the moon with Panther Mobile! Thanks you for your beliefs, we may not of been here without them.

    Did someone mention a "NEW Company" ? This is FANTASTIC __although I must say that it hasn't been exactly easy going after the BIG SPLIT buth hey __LOOK WHERE WE ARE NOW! It took a lot of blood, frustration, sweat, tears and hard work but WE ALL STUCk TOGETHER and now we HAVE THAT NEW COMPANY that's a WINNING Leader in the industry. YES __it may go a little slower than many others but the quality of LEADERS, Distributors and LONG TERM Customers makes it worth EVERYTHING and ALL the HARD WORK put into preserving and protecting Panther Mobile, Inc. for the LONG TERM!
    TROY, let us say: YOU are so much appreciated in so many ways. We're not going to say that everything is so "peachy" always but YOU TROY are always here Monitoring, Reporting and Supporting MLM's TRUTH's. When you see something going awry YOU CALL IT OUT and ARE FAIR in ALL your opinions and evaluations of MLM Companies. We couldn't have been more grateful and thankful for this VERY TIMELY outstanding post today and appreciate your attention to detail on all fronts and the ongoing friendships you have with many, many leading companies in the industry that are appreciated by all those that KNOW the value and quality of GOOD BUSINESS __THANK YOU TROY!
    Re This Post __
    HARRY ASTON and the LEADERSHIP TEAM here @ the NEW Panther Mobile, Inc., ARE truly like "The Little Engine That Could" __the story used to teach children the "value of optimism", hard work and being able and willing to follow through even over difficult terrain to reach their goals and dreams. Those of us STILL LOYAL and STILL WITH Panther Mobile, Inc., wether we always agree or agree to disagree KNOW in our hearts that as Distributors OUR best interests and needs are a #1 PRIORITY.
    THIS IS IT __Congratulations NEW Panther Mobile, Inc.!
    OUR HATS are TIPPED and we send the BIGGESt CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to HARRY ASTON, THE Leadership Team and Loyal Distributors and Customers for the accomplishments MADE over the past 122 days! The NEW Panther Mobile, Inc., HAS ARRIVED! Through all the FLOODS, storms and mighty thunder that's been a part of the MLM Wireless industry wars this past year __HARRY ASTON has PROVEN his FAITH, BELIEF and STRENGTHS and REMINDS US of NOAH's ARK and the movie __ EVAN ALMIGHTY!
    See the EVAN ALMIGHTY Trailer Here and While You're Watching This Video __IMAGINE the ODDS and What the Production Company and Director Was Up Against in Creating and Building Something That Was Going to Attract a Particular Audience and Make TON's of Money.
    COMPARE in Your Mind __the odds HARRY ASTON, Panther Mobile and THE Team Leadership Were Challenged With ReStructuring and Making Work in a NEW MLM Wireless Company! And a MUST to recognize those loyal distributors and customers that have stayed with the company and continued to promote and build while the MAIN FRAME was being put into place. THIS IS HUGE and HARRY ASTON, CEO of Panther Mobile, Inc., PUT his HEART and SOUL into MAKING HAPPEN and now __THE NEW Panther Mobile, Inc., HAS EMERGED and BEAT the FLOOD's of misperceived and misplaced controversy!
    Visit: – – Also in Hispanic
    Visit: – – For the FULL Movie!
    TOM SHEDYAK (director) of the movie EVAN ALMIGHTY had an idea to CREATE SOMETHING BIG __something that PEOPLE WOULD REMEMBER and even possibly FIND TRUTH's related to THEIR OWN lives and aspirations.
    In an interview on "Good News" about EVAN ALMIGHTY Tom Shedyak stated __
    "WE ALL have this idea about changing the world, it's WHAT Everson calls this the" Idolatry of Magnatude".- – WE ALL THINK we have to do BIG things and everybody thinks we hav to have this BIGGER house, give away the most money etc., BUT __ change REALLY doesn't come from there at all. CHANGE COMES FROM the HEART – – When you TALK the TALK BUT __ you DON'T WALK the WALK – – the results are NEVER good. "
    "MOST of us are more SHOW than we say" – – IT's ABOUT God asking a lot of questions and doesn't always tell us a lot – – HE's WIAITING FOR US TO CATCH UP."
    HARRY ASTON, the LOYAL & DEVOTED LEADERS of PANTHER MOBILE, INC., distributors and customers alike who stuck it out for the long term, ARE CAUGHT UP and __WE'RE ALL READY TO__ ROCK-N-ROLL!
    THE STORY of PANTHER MOBILE, Inc., IS ABOUT CHANGE and Harry Aston's Belief, Strengths, Faith it COULD BE and __ WOULD BE ACCOMPLISHED! . Harry Aston instinctively and with the help of a GREAT Leadership Team __KNEW WHAT needed to be done as we ANTICIPATE the BIG FLOOD coming, we ALL went to work preparing for and building THE BIG ARK TOGETHER and __-WE HAVE SURVIVED!
    MAKE NO MISTAKE __we still have some uphill battles and hiccups as ALL MLM companies DO, but __WITH TIME, LOYAL SATISFIED Distributors, Customers and WINNING Marketing Tools and Business Practices __WE WILL SOAR LIKE ROCKET's on AUTO TO THE MOON!
    WITH TOTAL COMMITTMENT, Honor, Integrity, Honesty and Ethics and DETERMINED to survive __HARRY ASTON and our TOP LEADERSHIP TEAM @ Panther Mobile, Inc., HAVE CHOPPED WOOD, HAMMERED, NAILED & SHAPED a GREAT NEW COMPANY and Business Model __We're VERY PROUD to BE PART of IT ALL!
    PANTHER MOBILE, INC., HAS SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHED and LANDED STRONGLY in a SAFE HARBOR and BECOME the company it was originally MEANT TO BE __WE ARE YOUR #1 Source for SUCCESS in Wireless Products and Services, TOP Marketing Solutions and one SUPER SIZED Lucrative Business Opportunity!
    PANTHER MOBILE WELCOMES and OFFERS an INNOVATIVE, NEW & LUCRATVIE BUSINESS HOME with INTEGRITY, Honesty and Ethics. WE of course, ENCOURAGE former, current and future distributors and customers to VISIT the NEW Panther Mobile, Inc. WE KNOW YOU WON't BE disappointed – CHECK OUT the NEW COMP PLAN including LONG TERM RESIDUAL and a CAR ALLOWANCE to go with __HOW GREAT IS THAT?
    BUILD IT a BRICK @ A TIME __BUILD IT on a SOLID FOUNDATION__ YOU WILL HAVE A HOME that WILL weather ANY STORM, thunder, lighting strike and FLOOD and YOU WILL HAVE a business YOU CAN BE PROUD OF!
    TROY stated in his OUTSTANDING VIDEO POST (above) __THIS little company HAS and IS built on PURE HEART and LOTS of it. WE HAVE some of the TOP LEADERS in the industry and are SEEKING MORE TOP LEADERS that recognize and KNOW the POWER of what a company can accomplish WITH committed, dedicated, honest and ethical LEADERS . Doesn't matter what your choices before __if YOU are interested in a VIABLE company __
    Operates as FAMILY,
    HAS 100% Integrity
    Principled and Credible Leaders,
    Excellence in Motion
    TOP Industry Leaders
    SUPPORT When YOU Need it,
    TOP Notch Training,
    OUTSTANDING Compensation Plan
    SEEKING Top Leaders and Those Wanting to Become One!
    COME JOIN the NEW Panther Mobile, Inc., __WE WELCOME YOU!
    MAKE SURE YOU CHECK US OUT and GET WITH someone YOU KNOW already or CONTACT Panther Mobile, Inc. Customer / Distributor Services or Support Services at the number below. If you're interested in becoming part of this EXCITING NEW Company __ASK for assistance in being placed beneath a leader you already know or __ If you don't know any of our leaders personally, DON'T WORRY – – We WILL place you on one of our MANY GREAT TEAMS so you'll have all the support and assistance needed in getting started and building a great business in MLM Wireless!
    One more thing __BE SURE to tell them, EVAN ALMIGHTY sent you to become a new LEADER in BUILDING the BIGGEST MOST SOLID ARK in all of the MLML Wireless Industry!
    Semper Fi Troy
    Viktoria & Gary Affron
    Executive Team Concepts
    Panther Mobile, Inc.
    Panther Mobile, Inc.
    Customer Service
    Support Services

    • MLML = Multi Level Marketing Longevity!
      Sorry Troy and Readers: Sometimes my mind is on GO and creates for me things I say or type that turn out to BE NEW identities all on their own. MUST BE the power of GOD not always asking me questions or giving me answers __merely placing a thought outside my own in that part of our brain we don't often use but that comes through when we least expect it, LOL!
      AGAIN THANKS TROY __you're the best!
      And SPECIAL THANKS to Harry Aston, CEO, Kate Green, COO, Connie Bullock, Mktg & PR Director, Steve Presley, Director of Procurement, Paula Presley, Customer Service Director, KB, Director of Activations and MY DEAR HUSBAND GARY for ALL His Love & Support Which Without it I Could Not Function as Well as I Do Daily! For you Gals AND Guys Out Here : We All Have Needs and Let Me Tell You – Gary is a GREAT Cook and Takes Care of Everything Around the Home I Can't So I Can Focus on My Work and Our Business @ Panther Mobile, Inc.
      For You Gals with Husbands Involved in Marketing and Direct Sales – It's a Lot of Work, Effort, Time and Focus and You'd Be Surprised What a Romantic Meal with Candlelight Will Do for More of the Same and Added Focus on Your Needs as Well!
      Business IS BUSINESS – NEVER FORGET YOUR PASSION FOLKS! Never, EVER Forget Those You Help Along the Way Because They WILL BE There to Help You When You Most Need it!
      BIZ TIP #!: TRY Calling Your Friends and Business Associates – Ask Them These Questions:
      – Hey [name], it's [your name], How Are You Doing Today?
      (or use your usual greeting i.e., "What's Cookin' or What's Up?
      – Do You Have a Few Moments?
      – Could You Please Do Me a Favor?
      – Have You Got a Pen or Pencil Handy?
      – Write Down This Website.
      – If You Can Do This for Me __TRY THIS OUT! (doesn't matter what product or service)
      – Even IF You Only Try it Once – At Least You'll Know AND You'll Be Doing Me a Huge Favor!
      (If an explanation is requested – KNOW YOUR STUFF – go ahead and walk them thru the details)
      – Thanks Friend and One More Thing –
      – If You Know Anyone Else That May Be Interested in This, Please Tell Them About it.
      – Gotta Run Now But __Let's Chat Again Tomorrow or in a Few Days When You Have Time.
      – Tell the Family I / We Said Hello and Enjoy the Rest of Your Day / Evening / Weekend.
      Folks, That's Really ALL There is to it – a Few Friendly Kind Words and Asking a Favor. TAKES 3 to 5 Minutes of Your Time. Even IF You Aren't Successful on the 1st Go Around – Your Friend or Business Associate WILL Remember Your Kindness and Next Time WILL Either Go With it or at Least Recommend YOU and Your Business to Someone Else They Visit with in Their Day!
      Funny How the One Person YOU Think Won't Be Interested IS and __The One You Think WILL BE Interested Isn't – Goes to Show You Never Know – KEEP ON KEEPING ON!
      BIZ TIP #2: On Social Networking Sites – REALLY Get to Know People! Chat the 1st 2 or 3 Times __THEN ASK THEM for Their Contact Info and CALL Them or Ask Them to Call YOU! This Opens a DOOR for You to Find Out What Their Interests Are and to Talk About Your Business Too. Just Don't Light Right Into it – Listen MORE Than You Talk and Be Sure to Take Notes – You Never Know What You Have in Common that Will Strike Up a MORE Common Goal in Business!
      Don't Avoid Listening About THEIR Business – Find a Way to Steer the Conversation in Your Direction THEN __Give it Some Time to Sink In – Give Them Your Biz Info i.e., Website, Phone Number, eMail Address etc. FOLLOW UP Within at Least 48 Hours With Everyone You Speak to as is Possible. GET THEM TO A BIZ CALL 1st BEFORE Your Website if Possible.
      If You Keep Your Business a Secret – NO ONE WILL KNOW ABOUT IT!
      YES __We KNOW! These are BASIC's But Not Everyone Knows Them or Remembers to Use Them! Wishing You All a Fantastic Weekend and Upcoming New Week in Business!
      Viktoria & Gary Affron
      Executive Team Concepts

  4. well, I know this isn't a wow mobile thread but thought wow mobile reps would like to know this. Got some emails saying some reporter is doing a story on randy. the person gave me randys phone number and email address. called the number, voice mail box is full. emailed the email address I got and got a email back from his legal dept saying the they are in bankruptcy. I guess no one will be getting their refunds. And they want people to push libertyfreedomnetwork??? that's a laugh.

    • Hey Pat G.
      Truly not a fun situation. Any company worth it's salt-n-pepper SHOULD have notified it's distributors of ANY upcoming issues that would've prevented them from getting their refunds and / or commissions. THIS is exactly what all these wars have been somewhat about for sure. INTEGRITY in business IS the TOP Priority and when NOT exercised, it looks bad for everyone!
      On another note, would MAKE SURE your sources are REAL and not some prankster angry over some personal issue with the company. These things can and DO happen all the time with disgruntled distributors the SAME as they do in corporate America.
      DOUBLE CHECK your source and if need be DO YOUR OWN investigation and FIND OUT what is thruth and what's ISN'T. Not only DO you have the right to know the STATUS of the company you're with BUT __it's imperative and PRUDENT you find out BEFORE alerting all the other distributors and especially SAVING your own credibility IF this is bad information you've been sent.
      Just a FRIENDLY caution and we DO HOPE that everything's going to be alright for YOU and all the OTHER distributors in WOW Mobile! Never forget there ARE other options for you in MLM. It will be solely up to you and any others to make those INFORMED decisions with awareness of the going on's in other companies one way or another. We wish you all the best no matter what happens!
      Sincerely & God Bless,
      Viktoria & Gary Affron
      Executive Team Concepts

      • I forwarded the emails to Troy. The one saying they went bankrupt is from liberty. It's a response email from when I emailed Randys email address about the refund and the answer came back from their legal dept email address.

        • Hey Pat,
          This IS disturbing to say the least! We would definitely seek more answers i.e., are they going to give you your refund? If not why and __if so, when can you expect it? Try your best to look at this from all angles including why you haven't received your refund already? The most important thing to do in any business is keep good records. Documentation is important wether it's a business or your daily life.
          Most companies and even credit card or debit cards have a 30 to 60 day refund policy. If this is a product you ordered that you weren't satisfied with for some reason or it was the wrong one or damaged, then you have the right to request a refund within the time explained accordingly in the company's Refund Policy usually located within the Terms and Conditions or Policies and Procedures. Another method IF allowed – call your credit card or bank debit card company and look into what they can do to assist you.
          Would keep in touch with them and follow up. Ask them their intentions as far as your refund is concerned and if possible get their phone contact information and have a conversation with someone in charge of their billing department.
          These issues with MLM companies are quite different than with your traditional work place. In a traditional work place if you quit or get fired you still get your last check. As far as ordering products or services online – there's usually a refund policy that everyone should read and learn about before ordering from or joining a site. Unfortunately, NOT everyone takes the time to read the Policies & Procedures and / or Terms & Conditions. This is where people get into trouble money wise when requesting refunds or commissions owed and they haven't kept up their membership fees. We're fairly sure that if this is a product you've ordered that for some reason wasn't satisfactory, there should be some recourse but without knowing your details it's difficult to advise you.
          We're so sorry this is happening to you and anyone else. It's not fun when these things happen. Please know NOT every company is the same and some actually DO have integrity enough to do the right thing even IF they have financial or other difficulties, they make good on their promises and make their distributors their #1 priority. Would advise keep on asking until you get a reasonable answer.
          It's okay to feel disappointed and even angry, just don't verbally attack anyone because that dissolves your credibility and in fact only worsens the issue in the long run and lessens your chances of getting your refund __if you've not violated any company policies and they're considering owed refunds and commissions either during or after the bankruptcy decided, filed and finalized depending on which type of bankruptcy.
          I'm honest in saying I'm not too sure in business which one (chapter 7, 11 or 13) is mostly used as a means of resolving business debt or dissolving a company. Maybe Troy can answer that one for both of us!
          Sincerely & God Bless,
          Viktoria & Gary Affron
          Executive Team Concepts

          • I emailed them back a few times asking for all info I need to file a cllaim but so far no answer. I emailed them at the legal dept the repsonse came from saying they are going bankrupt. I doubt anyone will be getting any refunds. No info if they are going chapter 4, 11, or 13. They are no coughing up any info to any of the reps.
            That reporter called me and I talked to her. The newspaper is in Malbourn OH? She said I would be able to read the article online. I talked to her Mon eve and I think she said the article was going to be published for the next days newspaper. I forgot to ask her for the link to the papers site.